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Study Skills/Social Skills Syllabus

Mrs. Jessica Fitzgibbon, M.Ed. Council Rock High

School North
(215) 944-1358 62 Swamp
Newtown, PA 18940

Course Description: This course is offered as an alternate day course. It is designed to give
students individual attention in order to meet the goals of the IEP in the content areas as well as
promote the acquisition of skills in such areas as test-taking, report writing, reading strategies, time
management, use of resources, and self-advocacy.

The success of this course is based on the communication and collaboration among the students, the
teachers, and the parents. Teachers are asked to communicate with the study skills teachers when
assignments are missing or incomplete. Any incomplete tests or quizzes may also be sent to study
skills. While teachers are encouraged to send assignments, it is optional to do so. Some teachers
prefer to meet with the student personally. When assignments are not being completed or the student
is unproductive during class, the study skills teacher will contact the parents.

Weekly, the students are graded on a six-point scale referred to as Student Summaries:
(2) Points for appropriate socialization and interaction with peers/adults.
(2) Points for having an assignment book or calendar with assignments written down.
(2) Points for productivity and cooperation throughout the class.
Additional in-class assignments and/or homework will be given periodically to address different areas
of study skills, organization, communication skills, and social skills.

There will not be a final exam.

Daily Routines
Each day the students are expected to come into class and sit at their desks. Student folders are on
the desks when the students enter the class. There will be a Warm Up activity daily. Warm Ups are
quick brainstorm activities for the students to come in and work on. These activities will often reflect
the previous class’s lesson and can sometimes include brainteasers, social activities, etc.
The teacher will conference with students one-on-one; the student reviews what is being done in
each class (i.e. homework assignments, class assignments, projects, upcoming tests or quizzes.)
Pre-teaching and Re-teaching concepts learned in core classes.

Students should have a folder, or section in a binder, to keep handouts and information for class. All
students should also report to class with their agenda book and a writing utensil on a daily basis.

*Evaluating behaviors and consequences
*Setting goals
*Developing Plans/Making decisions
*Social Skills: direct instruction, role play, modeling
*Psychoeducational counseling sessions

I am available Tuesdays and Thursdays for Clinic. Please do not hesitate to ask for extra help if you
have major concerns about or are struggling with any concepts or assignments in this course.

Classroom Expectations
See Classroom Code of Conduct
All of the school rules in your student handbook apply in the classroom.

School Website
All information, assignments, upcoming projects, tests dates, etc. are posted daily on my website. To
access my teacher website, find the north homepage and click on faculty. The faculty names are
alphabetized (see Fitzgibbon, Jessica). Please look on the left hand side of my page for
corresponding Study/Social Skills class. This website should be updated daily; however, please be
patient when district is experiencing internet problems.
Social Skills/Study Skills – 8164
Mrs. Fitzgibbon

“I understand the above syllabus requirements, expectations, and grading procedures.”

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