Postgraduate Training Program in Infection Control

Learning Outcomes
Participants in this learning experience will be able to:

Training Program Overview
We will prepare you to lead infection prevention and control services and to be capable of developing, implementing, supervising and auditing a comprehensive infection prevention and control program in different healthcare facilities. Plus introducing the principles of practice and management of infection prevention and control, the emphasis would be on the development of a systematic approach to infection control practice in hospitals and clinics through a series of educational lectures supported by graphics, videos, animations, in addition to demo practical settings for practices related to infection control. The updated IC guidelines of U.S. centers for disease control and prevention (CDC) and the International Federation of Infection Control (IFIC) will be taken in consideration to ensure that the curriculum is most up-to date as related to practice standards.

1- Know concepts and definitions of infection control (IC). 2- Explain the organization of an IC committee and the responsibilities of the IC team. 3- Discuss surveillance and epidemiologic investigations. 4- Describe outbreak investigations and management. 5- Apply standard infection control guidelines and measures. 6- Apply Isolation policies and procedures. 7- Discuss Infection control measures for communicable diseases. 8- Plan Infection control strategies for antibiotic resistant organisms. 9- Differentiate Infection control measures in specific patient care settings.

We are so proud that ARTAC is the First Specialized Egyptian Company in Medical Training and Continuous Medical Education

Dr. 4 hours per Email info@artacegypt. Mansoura. For any Questions? Please Contact. Egypt. skills and professional experiences. Who Should Attend Participants in this dynamic program are the Healthcare professionals who wish to adapt their knowledge and skills to the constantly changing management field. . ARTAC Always Care by the Customers The training program will end with Practical Project in the field of trainees work. ARTAC Contact Information ARTAC for Training and Consultation 30 Khaled Ibn Alwaleed Street AlGammaa District. and share reactions. The training program followed by Final Exam and Practical Project Presentation. Practical Learning Format The main training method will be interactive learning with small group discussions and in-class exercises. once weekly. ARTAC Business Development Manager Mobile: +20116700220 Email: a.artacegypt.hamad@artacegypt. Phone +20502212101 Customer Service: +20116700290 +20116700280 Web www. All trainees will meet each morning to review readings. respond to content questions. Abd Alfatah Hamad The Training Program Duration The 40 hours program will be conducted in 10 days.WE ARE ARTAC … ARTAC is an Egyptian Corporate Company founded in September 2007 and since its beginning it adapts its clear mission to provide the Arab healthcare market by very high quality training and consultation programs to enhance the Arabian healthcare professionals and candidates by knowledge.

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