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UniSim® Design Suite

Release Bulletin
Honeywell unveiled UniSim® Design Suite R460, the latest major release of Honeywell’s process
simulation technology. UniSim Design Suite is part of Honeywell’s family of simulation software
and engineering solutions for process simulation, design, analysis, performance monitoring,
optimization and business planning for the oil and gas, refining, biofuels, petrochemical, chemical
and power generation industries.

Included in UniSim Design® Suite R460 are several products for general
process flowsheeting, physical properties, conceptual design, heat-exchanger
and safety system design, rating and simulation:

Oil & Gas process modelled with UniSim Dynamics.

UniSim® Design Suite provides an integrated steady-

state and dynamics environment. Steady-state models
built for feasibility studies, can be re-used and
enhanced for:

 detailed engineering

 HAZOP and safety system design studies

 control & safety system check-out

 operating procedure development

 operator training

 other advanced application development

UniSim Design Suite R460 – List of General Product Options.  process debottlenecking.


Easy-to-Use Tool Performing Technology Customer-Centric Increasing Efficiency Minim izes CAPEX
 Object-oriented, PFD- UniSim Design Suite Leveraging process, Through elimination of Through design
style, graphical user technology is: control and software manual data entry and optimization w ith:
interface. development expertise, we automation of:
 Robust.  Built-in optimizers.
bring to market features:
 Customizable process  Engineering w orkflow
 Scalable.  Incorporated industry
variable trends.  Developed w ith users. tools betw een products.
 Stable.
 Easy access to  For the users.  Scenario automation
 Equipment sizing and
controllers through  Accurate. capabilities.
 Adopting best practices rating calculations.
faceplates.  Fast. & w orkflows  Documentation
 Heat-Exchanger
 Scenario building and  Multi-purpose simulation recommended by the customization and
Netw ork optimization.
automation capabilities. on the next-generation users. generation features.
 Accuracy of prediction.
platform.  Short-cut key usage.
In addition, there are modules that are specific to built within the UniSim EO environment that The UniSim Refining
the O&G, Refining, and Power Generation industry represent generic, rigorous, kinetic refining Reactors are unit
verticals and those are listed below: reactors, and are suitable for simulation and operations, which
represent rigorous,
optimization. They help predict yields and assess
kinetic reactors. They
the impact of feed changes to the process and are easy to tune to
product pool. The following modules are currently engineering and real
available: plant data. They can
 UniSim Hydrocracker also generate LP
vectors to update
 UniSim Hydrotreater scheduling and planning
 UniSim Catalytic Reformer tools.

 UniSim Isomerization Reactor

 UniSim Alkylation Reactor
UniSim Design Suite R460 – Vertical-Specif ic Product Options.

The refining reactor modules can be easily

The new features and enhancements available in calibrated with few variables to any technology
this major release are the result of on-going input licensor’s process, using engineering data
from, and collaboration with UniSim Design users, (internal calibration) or real plant data (external
coupled with Honeywell’s commitment to calibration, leveraging the data reconciliation utility
simulation solutions. Summarized in this document in UniSim Design). Also, in conjunction with the LP
are some of the key new UniSim Design Suite vector generation utility, the refining reactors may
features and enhancements in this release. be used to generate LP vectors, for use in
scheduling and planning tools.
New Products
With UniSim Design Suite R460, Honeywell is
introducing the following new licensed options:

UniSim EO (Equation Oriented) – is the

flowsheeting environment under which equations
are solved simultaneously to reach solutions
faster, making it suitable for both design and
optimization applications. An integral part of the Hy drocracking Unit Modeling within the UniSim EO Env ironment
UniSim EvOlution platform, the UniSim EO
environment leverages Honeywell’s proprietary
The UniSim Refining Reactors have been
NOVA solver. This solver is well suited for solving
validated against publicly available and Honeywell
hundreds of thousands of equations with up to a
proprietary pilot plant data. They have been
thousand degrees of freedom, so it can be
designed and tested with the help of Honeywell
employed to simulate sizeable processes across
UOP refining experts .
all industries, for offline and online applications.
The UniSim EO environment currently supports
Re-branded Products
forty (40) unit operations.
The following two products have been re-branded:
UniSim Refining Capabilities – is the product
UniSim Optimize – was UniSim SQP Optimizer in
option which unlocks the crude assay
previous releases; it has been re-branded to
management import capabilities, allows refining
reflect the fact that does not only include the SQP
properties to be propagated and calculated
optimizer, but also the NOVA and MINTLP
across the flowsheet, and enables the equation
optimizers and the data reconciliation utility. These
oriented environment. This product option is
four tools are needed to carry out optimization
required for modeling refining processes (with or
without conversion units).
UniSim Case Linker – was USO Base Install in
UniSim Refining Reactors – are unit operations previous releases; it has been renamed to reflect

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UniSim EO is the its function (i.e. links dynamic cases which are  Distillation column (tray section, reboiler,
environment under distributed into separate models and/or CPUs and condenser, pump-around)
which the flowsheet gives basic simulation control functionality) and  Hydrocracker
objects are solved also to distinguish it from the USO Base Install
simultaneously and  Hydrotreater
product offered through the UniSim Competency
currently supports forty  Catalytic Reformer
unit operations. This is Suite, which is a different product and which
an integral part of the enables instructor scenario building capabilities.  Alkylation Reactor
UniSim EvOlution, the  Isomerization Reactor
high performance, next Thermodynamics
generation platform,
The Cubic Plus Association (CPA) method has
which enables process
simulation and been implemented as a new property package.
optimization under the This equation of state can represent a variety of
same environment. complex phase equilibria, including mixtures
containing alcohols, glycols, organic acids, water,
and hydrocarbons. It is applicable to flow
assurance, gas processing, and alcohol
separation modelling.

The binary interaction parameters (BIPs) for

light hydrocarbons and gases found in natural gas
(C1-C10, N2, H2, O2, CO, Ar, CO2, He, H 2S),
have been tuned to match recent literature, for the
PR and SRK equations of state. Distillation Column with internals under UniSim EO

The flash now includes VLL and LL options to

Other unit operations have been enhanced are:
handle separation cases where more than one
liquid phases may occur. As a result, the flash  2-phase separator
speed of convergence has improved.  3-phase separator

Extended the Jaubert’s Method for BIP  Heat exchanger

estimation (PPR78 mixing rule) to Hypothetical  Heater
Components in the Peng-Robinson fluid package
 Cooler
and greatly improved the speed of BIP estimation.

Derivatives of fugacity and interfacial tension The Pipe Segment unit operation has been
are now calculated and exposed for use by enhanced to include an option to calculate kinetic
extensions. energy or not. This option allows consistency of
results between steady-state simulation and safety
The Crude Manager has been integrated with
system design tools.
the Oil Environment, to improve user experience
with entering and managing crude assays and oil The Controller unit operation execution step can
characterization data. optionally be set to time units (seconds), instead of
multiples of execution rate. This enhancement
Unit Operations increases the flexibility of control system design, in
There are now forty unit operations supported conjunction with UniSim Dynamics.
under the UniSim EO environment. Unit
operations that are newly supported with the USD Safety System Design
R460 release include: Several enhancements and new features are
available with USD R460 for UniSim Flare. The
 Pump
following reflect new functionality:
 Compressor
 Cases are now saved in a compressed
 CSTR Reactor file format: .usf. This greatly reduces the
file size and allows to build plant-wide
 PFR Reactor
- PAGE 3 -
models (i.e. flare systems of entire transfer between UniSim Pressure Relief Safety System Design
refineries). System and UniSim Design, though OLE (excel tools include UniSim
 Acoustic fatigue in pipes is implemented interface file) with USD R460. Sizing information Flare, UniSim Pressure
per the API 521 industry standard. Relief System, and
can be easily transferred for multiple relief valves
UniSim Blowdown
The following items reflect GUI enhancements: and rupture disks at the same time from UniSim
 It is now possible to copy/paste unit PRS into UniSim Design. Development of these
operations on the PFD. tools, consistency of
The link between UniSim Design and Dortmund
calculations and
 The table views may be exported to excel Databank’s DDBSP product has been enhanced workflows between
with a user-defined name.
to be bi-directional and to transfer additional VLE them has been a focus
 From the Group Editor, it is possible to data. The data are communicated between the area for the USD R460
select multiple sources. program.
two tools, via OLE. When importing DDBSP VLE
 Tail pipes can be visually distinguished data, the data are imported directly into the
from other pipes (lighter grey color vs UniSim Regression Tool for parameter
darker grey color).
In addition, the ability to load older UniSim Flare
and Aspen Flare System Analyzer cases (.ufnw, The integration with Cost Engineering’s
.fnw, fnwx) continues to be supported. Cleopatra Enterprise has been progressing. It
has been enhanced to work with the latest
software releases and to communicate additional
I/Os. The link is bi-directional. The workflow

 UniSim Design sends sizing information

per unit operation to Cleopatra.

 Cleopatra uses the sizing information for

Tailpipe distinction f rom other pipes on the UniSim Flare PFD.
its cost engineering calculations.

For the UniSim Pressure Relief System (PRS)  Cleopatra reports back into UniSim
manufacturer databases have been expanded to Design the costing information per
include additional manufacturers’ models, for equipment.
rating. The Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) database  UniSim Design displays sizing
includes six (6) additional manufacturers’ models. information at the unit operation level and
The Rupture Disk (RD) database includes ten (10) in an equipment summary format; in
additional manufacturers’ models and is complete. addition, UniSim Design displays the total
In addition, datasheets generated by the tool are cost of the project and reports it in the
now customizable to incorporate the customer’s UniSim Design environment.
logo. Finally, the scenario summary generation is
enhanced to generate relief data, importable by Productivity Tools
UniSim Design. Thus, we have closed the loop of Preliminary Engineering Design (PED) sizing
relief valve & rupture disk data transfer between calculations are available in UniSim Design. It is
UniSim Design, UniSim PRS, and UniSim Flare. currently possible to size vessels (tanks,
separators, 3-phase separators), heat exchangers,
For the UniSim Blowdown Customize product,
pumps and compressors. Sizing data is visible at
event-base scheduling is now possible for
the unit operation level through the “Sizing and
blowdown scenarios. In addition to time-triggered
Cost” tab or as summaries through the Sizing
events which was possible with earlier releases,
Center for all supported equipment.
events may now be triggered when process
variables reach a specific value (i.e. start There is a new Production Allocation Utility
blowdown when the pressure vessel reaches available in UniSim Design. This utility helps track
ambient temperature). specific compounds from source to product(s). It
gives visibility about the contribution of each feed
Engineering Workflows to the overall production, thus it is particularly
We have closed the loop of pressure relief data
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Productivity Tools useful for process optimization exercises (i.e. Solvers
enable engineers to get make decisions on which oil wells to operate to Significant enhancements have been made to the
insights to the achieve specific oil & gas production rates). The Column Sparse Continuation Solver (CSCS).
processes they model utility supports mole, mass, and (Ideal) liquid The Sharp model has been implemented. This
and to carry out tedious
volume basis (absolute flow or %) production model improves convergence for multi-component,
tasks more efficiently,
without room for manual allocation. Multiple utilities may be configured to multi-stage columns as well as difficult cases with
entry errors. New in track multiple components, for multi-variable multiple 3-phase stages.
USD R460 are the optimization exercises.
Preliminary Engineering Reactor solvers are enhanced to handle cases
Design (PED) Sizing There have also been significant enhancements to
where reactors, in combination with the reactor
and the Production the Data Reconciliation Utility, which is licensed
Allocation Utility. PED feed conditions may cause singularities. For
under the UniSim Optimize option.
sizing, allows users to example, the solver can now handle and solve
easily derive preliminary  The new Nova SQP solver greatly correctly, a flowsheet containing an equilibrium
designs of their improves the performance & robustness reactor whose feed composition is zero for both
processes. The
of this utility. reactants and products. In addition to the
Production Allocation
robustness and numerical improvements of the
Utility allows to track  The user may select which datasets to
compounds across a solver, optimization of memory allocation/de-
use for the reconciliation.
process and optimize allocation is achieved and convergence speed is
production.  The datasets may optionally be pushed greatly improved.
to calculate derivatives and gradients by
perturbation. Finally, there have been a couple of improvements
to the Calculation Order Analysis Tool:
 It is possible to visualize on the graphical
user interface (GUI) the master and  the cumulative/total time for each object
runtime lists of fitting parameters, the is reported and
DCS tags, the data reconciliation streams
 the filter dialogue is improved.
and the data sets.

GUI Enhancements
The user is given the choice to use the original
fonts or the “truetype” fonts (which are larger)
in UniSim Design.

The option is settable through the user

preferences. This was a development that was
requested by a customer, concerned with ageing
workforce and impaired vision.

It is now possible to “pin” the PFD to the

background, so that other object windows appear
in front of it, but still get to see the PFD.

GUI Enhancements with USD R460 - “Pin” the PFD

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UniSim® Design Suite UniSim Design Suite Support Services
Giving users the power to determine process work flows, equipment This product comes with worldwide, premium
operation and implementation requirements, UniSim Design Suite products support services through our Benefits
help capture and share process knowledge, improve plant profitability and Guardianship Program (BGP). BGP is designed to
maximize returns on investments in simulation technology. UniSim Design help our customers improve and extend the usage
Suite offers: of their applications and the benefits they deliver,
ultimately maintaining and safeguarding their
 An integrated steady-state and dynamics environment to easily re- advanced applications.
use, update and transition the process models throughout a project
or plant asset lifecycle. Honeywell provides a complete portfolio of service
 A user-friendly interface which helps engineers to easily access offerings to extend the life of your plant and
and visualize the process information and identify trends. provide a cost-effective path forward to the latest
 Built-in industry standards that minimize the need for literature application technology. Honeywell services
search when sizing and rating equipment. include:
 Integration with 3 rd party specialty technologies which allow for the
 Standard and Customized Training
best technical solution for process simulation.
 Consulting
 Interfacing capabilities with process historians, DCS & safety
 Model Building
systems, and other advanced applications that maximize the
 Engineering Studies
benefits for green-field, brown-field and revamp projects.
 Custom Thermo/Unit Operations
Honeywell’s UniSim Design Suite, is also the core of a number online and
off-line process design, optimization, and operational monitoring and training
solutions, as follows:

 UniSim Competency Suite to plan, deploy and manage a structured

program to develop and maintain operator competency
 UniSim Optimization Suite to integrate Profit Suite, Honeywell’s
comprehensive advanced control and optimization technology, with
UniSim Design models for APC design and pre-tuning.
 Uniformance Sentinel to monitor processes and equipment in real-time;
enables industrial facilities to predict and prevent asset failures and poor
operational performance.
 Honeywell UOP CPS to monitor, predict, and improve plant performance;
this is a cloud-based service.

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