Fuel Gas Conditioners

GasTech designs and manufactures a full range of fuel gas conditioners and fuel gas conditioning equipment. Components such as filter separators, coalescers, cyclone scrubbers, dewpoint heaters, performance heaters and start-up heaters are available separately or packaged as complete modules. Fuel forwarding skids with multiple pumps, viscosity improvement heaters and oil transfer skids are available for fuel oil applications.

Equipment for simple cycle or combined cycle applications can be packaged complete on one or more skids with all interconnecting piping, valves and instrumentation. Interface can be direct to the DCS via a local PLC or the end devices can be terminated in a junction box located on the skid.

Optional Items Available:
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Dual Element Filter-Separator/Coalescing Filter(s) Performance Heater-2 pass (IP Water Feed) Electric Start-Up Heater With SCR Control Cyclone Outlet Scrubber Drain Tank Vertical Inlet Coalescing Filters Gas Fired Pre-heaters CT Pressure Regulation Duct Burner Pressure Regulation Skid

Gas Siloxane. Hydrogen Sulfide Deposit and corrosion of hot section A basic fuel gas conditioning system will remove solid and liquid contamination utilizing ultra efficient coalescing filter element. After solid and liquid removal. gas turbine fuel gas treatment is required to meet the fuel requirement and warranty of the gas turbine. A well design fuel treatment system for combustion turbine should remove the offending contamination and provide the necessary superheating of the fuel gas. A few common contaminations are Contamination Example Effect Solid Rust. Lube Oil Missed Emission from upstream reciprocating compressor. Water. Condensed gas. Heavy Hydrocarbon. Following is a typical block diagram of a basic fuel gas conditioning system. Deposit on injector. liquid form. Fuel Gas System and Fuel Gas Filtration and Heating. solids.Fuel Gas Conditioning Skid For Gas Turbines Fuel Gas Conditioning System for treatment of turbine or combustion turbine fuel gas are also known as Fuel Gas Skid. the gas is superheated utilizing electric heater or other means of heating. . Mill Scale. The treatment of fuel gas is crucial to the performance and longevity of gas turbine. Contamination in fuel can be categorized into gas. In certain cases. Sand Erosion and deposit in the hot section Liquid Hot Spot in combustor.

We have seen many instance where the lube oil from these compressor making it way to the fuel system of gas turbine and causing problem. Once the gas is at the correct pressure. The formation of hydrate depends on the presence of free water.3 micron may be required whenever there are reciprocating compressor located upstream of the gas supply chain . When required. gas composition and amount of pressure drop across PCV-110. it goes though one of the two high efficiency filter coalescer F-200A/B.Untreated fuel gas enters pre-heater H-100. These are 2 x 100% rated filter coalescer that would enable the changing of the filter without disrupting the fuel supply to the gas turbine. At this point the gas is saturated since all free liquid have been removed by the filter coalescer (worst case scenario). By providing the necessary differential temperature rise across super heater H-300. H-110 will raise the temperature of the gas above its hydrate formation temperature as the gas is regulated through PCV-110. it is imperative that the fuel gas conditioning system is design with them in mind. we are assured that the gas has met the minimum superheat requirement of the gas turbine specification. A high efficiency coalescing element with an 99. This heater may be required to prevent the formation of hydrate due to pressure and temperature drop across pressure regulator PCV-110. Pressure regulator PCV-110 is employed to regulate the pressure of the gas when the supply pressure exceeds the requirement of the gas turbine fuel system.99% efficiency of 0. Thus. .

We also recommend EML Manufacturing electric heaters due to their instant on capability. the heater will be sized to provide 50 degrees temperature rise across it.Super heater H-300 is employed to provide the required superheating. For instance. . and reliability compared other types heating method. EML Manufacturing has extensive knowledge and experience in the design of fuel gas conditioning system for major gas turbine manufacturer's. no emission . if the gas turbine required 50 degrees superheat. Our approach is to provide all the super heating across this heater.