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Friday | November 16, 2018

LCSD to borrow $2.5M to offset budget shortfall
District plans to use tax anticipation loan, pull from 16th ber Jane Kilgore told Hughes.
“Every time we were going over
Section funds to pay year-end expenses the budget, when we would ask
you if there was anything we
needed to know, you said, ‘No.
By Slim Smith tion loan to meet expenses for able to meet payroll at the end Everything’s fine.’ You know,
the final two months of the year. of the month without immedi-
you should have warned us
Information provided to the ate action.
The Lowndes County School board by district CFO Kenneth The district’s monthly pay- and told us that if we keep on
District Board of Trustees vot- Hughes showed the district roll is roughly $2.8 million. the trail that we’re on, there’s
Hughes Kilgore
ed in special session Thursday maintenance fund had dipped While board attorney Jeff going to be a shortfall. When
to secure $3.5 million through to just $340,761.28 as of Nov. Smith quickly put the payroll tioned Hughes as to why they we asked about taking (mon-
a $1 million withdrawal from its 9 as the board hastily called a fears to rest — teachers are paid were not alerted sooner to the ey) out of the fund balance, you
16th Section Interest Account special meeting amid rumors through state funds, he told the shortfall for other obligations. said, ‘Yes. Everything should
and $2.5 million tax anticipa- that the district would be un- board — board members ques- “I’m confused,” board mem- See LCSD, 3A

MSU architecture
students show Failing no more
possible Boys
and Girls Club
facility designs
Golden Triangle club
looking to build new
facilities in West Point,
By Alex Holloway

Boys and Girls
Club of the Golden
Triangle leadership
previewed design
plans for new facili-
ties in Starkville and
West Point on Thurs-
day evening.
Mississippi State Colom Mary Pollitz/Dispatch Staff
University students in the school’s Franklin Academy Principal Tawan Williams stands in the library at her school. Earlier this year, Williams an-
chapter of the National Organiza- nounced to her teachers Franklin Academy rose from an F to a C-rated school. Williams started as principal at
tion of Minority Architecture Stu- Franklin Academy for the 2015-16 school year.
dents (NOMAS) presented designs
for the facilities they’ve come up
with since engaging in a charette
— a brief period of design work —
How principals, teachers at two area schools led
with the Boys and Girls Club last
BGC Golden Triangle is look-
their campuses out of MDE’s ratings basement
ing to move to a bigger location in
Starkville and to build a new facility
Inside that meeting with them to say that
we were an F,” Williams said. “It
n OUR VIEW: Academic improvement
in West Point. Nadia Colom, BGC just took the air out of the room.
isn’t ‘one size fits all’ Page 6A
Golden Triangle CEO, said the In August, Franklin Academy (This year), there was laughter,
Starkville club has outgrown the Principal Tawan Williams walked there was clapping and there were
building it’s rented on Lynn Lane Municipal School District, was a
into the school library where her C-rated campus. some tears. It was a sense of relief,
for the past 15 or so years. The club teachers sat waiting. That moment, Williams said, was knowing that they worked hard and
serves up to 140 children daily, and With a sense of pride and opti- so much better than the same meet- it took everybody. That helped with
she said the waiting list has grown
mism, she delivered the long-await- ing in 2017, when she told teachers morale.”
as high as 100 children during this
ed news — Franklin, an elementary the school had slipped to an F. Williams, who took the helm at
past summer.
Colom said the new Starkville school in the struggling Columbus “I remember when I had to have See Principals, 2A
club is planned to be built in West-
See Boys and Girls Club, 3A

Good Thanksgiving fellowship
City holds 12th annual Thanksgiving her favorite
part of the
Ruthie Armistad
and her sister An-
luncheon at Trotter Convention Center Thanksgiv- nette Bradley eat
their Thanksgiving
ing tradi- meal together at
BY MARY POLLITZ trappings of a Thanksgiv- tion she has the Trotter Conven- ing meal. dutifully tion Center Thurs-
But in the meantime, and joyfully day afternoon.
Sitting at a table in Armistad talked with the p r a c t i c e d Smith Armistad has
Trotter Convention Cen- seven or eight people sit- for 12 years. been attending
ter Thursday, Ruthie Ar- ting with her — including the mayor’s senior
“Everything about it is
mistad patiently waited citizen Thanksgiv-
her sister, Annette Brad- good,” Armistad said. “I ing luncheon since
for her lunch plate. When ley, and friend, Wash- try to tell as many people its inception more
it came, right on time, ington Saffore. That, Ar- as I can about what a joy than a decade ago.
it was filled with all the mistad said, is perhaps See Luncheon, 8A Mary Pollitz/Dispatch Staff

Weather Five Questions Calendar Local Folks Public
1 What San Francisco bookstore Saturday meetings
was founded by beat poet Lawrence Nov. 20: Colum-
■ Holiday Farmers Market: Find crafts, baked
Ferlinghetti? bus City Council,
goods and holiday gifts at this annual market at the
2 What duo wrote the movies “Fargo,” 5 p.m. Municipal
“Raising Arizona” and “Blood Sim- Hitching Lot Farmers Market, 9 a.m.-noon at the
ple”? corner of Second Street and Second Avenue North,
Columbus. 662-328-6305. Nov. 20: Public
3 Who was the first female U.S.
Speaker of the House? Hearing, Lown-
London Johnson des Co. Sports
Fifth grade, Annunciation
4 What comic-strip character shares a
name with a muddy rock festival? Sunday Complex project,
■ Christmas Open House:
61 Low 35
5 What company was originally known 6 p.m. New Hope
as Minnesota Mining and Manufac- Downtown Starkville merchants host Christmas Open
High turing? House from 11 a.m.-3 p.m., plus Cookies with Santa
Community Center
Partly sunny Nov. 27: Public
from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. at Starkville Community Theatre. Hearing, Lown-
Full forecast on Answers, 7B
page 2A. des Co. Sports
Tuesday, Nov. 20 Complex project, 6
Inside ■ 58th Annual Country Store Bake Sale: This
event from 10 a.m.-noon at the S.D. Lee Home, 316
p.m. Trotter Center
Dec. 3: Lowndes
Classifieds 6B Obituaries 4A Seventh St. N., Columbus, offers homemade cakes, County super-
Comics 4B Opinions 6A cookies, pies, candies, breads and more; proceeds visors, 9 a.m.,
Crossword 7B Religion 5B help maintain the Lee Home. Email eulaliedavis@ Shad Jensen, 4, loves to County Court-
139th Year, No. 212 Dear Abby 4B ride his bicycle. house

2A Friday, November 16, 2018 The Dispatch •

Say What?
Did you hear? “He’s always had the ability, it’s the development and putting
him in the right position. Learn how put his body in position,
Senator spoke of ‘difficult’ and I expect that to continue to get better.”
MSU cornerbacks coach Terrell Buckley, talking about Cameron

voting for liberals in video Dantzler. Story, 1B.

The Associated Press
in a Nov. 27 runoff. The
winner gets the final two Principals
years of a six-year term. Continued from Page 1A
Republicans hold most
JACK- Franklin in 2015, and Ju- be addressed. We had to “I’m really excited to
statewide offices in Mis-
SON — A lie Fancher, second-year make those small steps have Mrs. Fancher in the
sissippi, and this is the
Republican principal at Henderson and know that if we were leadership role she’s in,”
state’s hardest-fought U.S.
U.S. sen- Ward Stewart Elementa- doing it the right way it Peasant said. “She’s been
Senate race in a genera-
ator from ry in Starkville, both led would lead to big gains. a really energetic leader
Mississippi schools the Mississippi And that’s what we did.” who has really created
Mississippi has a his- Department of Education Outside of the class-
is shown in a climate of excitement
tory of racially motivated rated as Fs in 2017 to C room, Williams recruited
a new vid- and a really awesome
eo talking Hyde-Smith lynchings. Civil rights ratings just a year later. other faculty members learning environment.”
about “liberal folks” and activists were also beat- MDE releases ac- who could help tutor stu- Fourth-grade teacher,
making it “just a little en and killed in the state countability scores each dents and alleviate the Tassie Rosamond, said
more difficult” for them as they pushed for Afri- year, which are based stress from classroom Fancher’s positivity and
to vote. can-Americans’ voting predominantly on stu- teachers, who identified support for her teachers
A campaign spokes- rights, particularly from dent performance on “struggling” students Mary Pollitz/Dispatch Staff
radiated from the princi-
the end of World War II state benchmark testing. who needed extra help in Principal Julie Fancher
woman for Sen. Cindy pal’s first day on the job.
until the 1960s. sits in her office at Hen-
Hyde-Smith criticized the When Franklin certain subject areas. “If she had to meet
White said the latest derson Ward Stewart Ele-
video, saying the senator slipped to an F in 2017, “We looked at their mentary. Fancher helped with kids, if they needed
was joking. The brief clip video was shot Nov. 3 Williams said it came as strengths. Like the phys- tutoring, she would work
boost the school’s
appeared on social media while Hyde-Smith cam- a shock to her and her ical education teacher, accountability rating from with them,” Rosamond
days after another vid- paigned in Starkville, staff. She said keeping we knew she was strong an F to a C-rated school said. “She was even
eo showed Hyde-Smith home of Mississippi State up staff and faculty mo- in math, so she worked in less than one year. ‘Fanchie the elf on the
praising someone at a University. rale was difficult, but on fluency in math,” Wil- shelf’ at Christmas time.
different event by saying: “And then they remind somehow the bad news liams said. “The librar- meting to an F — could Nobody in this school
“If he invited me to a pub- me, that there’s a lot of last year helped lead the ian did a lot of support again become successful had experienced that be-
lic hanging, I’d be on the liberal folks in those oth- school to a higher status in reading and reading again. fore. She would come in
front row.” er schools who that may- quickly. interventions. Everybody “I like to be a hum- the room and sit down,
Both videos were post- be we don’t want to vote. “Nobody likes being had a part.” ble person, but I wasn’t she would talk like an
ed Thursday on Facebook Maybe we want to make it on the bottom,” Williams Williams supporting overly nervous,” Fancher elf. I’ve never had an ad-
and Twitter by Lamar just a little more difficult. said. “To say we’re an F, her staff and faculty also said. “I had built relation- ministrator do that. She’s
White Jr., publisher of The And I think that’s a great that’s hard to say. That played a major part. ships with the teachers amazing.”
Bayou Brief, a liberal-lean- idea,” Hyde-Smith tells a hurts. That was a driving “Having that per- and I knew we had good Fancher’s hands-on
ing Louisiana news site. small group. factor. Most of us, we’re sonal relationship with teachers here. We were approach instilled teach-
He said he received them Hyde-Smith campaign competitive. We weren’t your boss is important,” an F and we were dev- ers with a sense the HWS
from a trusted source, spokeswoman Melissa competing against any- fourth grade teacher Ju- astated, but we were not faculty and staff were all
and that neither video was Scallan said of the new body else. We were com- lia McDill said. “It helps (really) an F school. I in the battle together, Ro-
edited to change Hyde- video Thursday: “Obvi- peting against ourselves. your own work ethic. She really felt like I knew the samond said.
Smith’s words. ously Sen. Hyde-Smith Because we knew we wants to build a good re- quality of teachers we “I always feel like she
Hyde-Smith, who is was making a joke and were better than that lationship with her teach- had here and they were is in my corner and has
white, faces Democrat clearly the video was se- and that the work teach- ers and to have a good dedicated. They were all my back,” Rosamond
Mike Espy, who is black, lectively edited.” ers were doing was more working environment. on board and they did not said. “She is willing to do
than F-worthy.” She’s always letting us want to be an F. I had the whatever possible to help
After examining stu- know that she appreci- utmost confidence in the me. I’ve never had an ad-
CONTACTING THE DISPATCH dent data from state ates the work that we do. teachers.” ministrator in 28 years of
assessments, Williams She’s our example and Where Williams fo- teaching that has given
Office hours: Main line: asked teachers to do she does a great job get- cused hard on student me their cell phone num-
n 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Mon-Fri n 662-328-2424 the same. In previous ting to know the students accountability, Fancher ber. She has been very
Email a letter to the editor? years, Williams said on a personal level and it zeroed in on school cul- transparent. She gets the
HOW DO I ... n
that’s where the process kind of helps us want to ture. Faculty morale, es- job done but she does it
Report a missing paper? stopped. Now, teachers the same.” pecially, had to change with a smile.”
n 662-328-2424 ext. 100 Report a sports score? are holding students ac- After growing expo- before students had any Since last year’s ELA
n Toll-free 877-328-2430 n 662-241-5000 countable for their state nentially last year, Wil- chance of tackling their goals were met, Fancher
n Operators are on duty until testing scores. She said liams said the work at scoring targets, she said. has pushed teachers to
Submit a calendar item? honing in on student
5 p.m. Mon.-Fri. Franklin Academy is far “Being an F, I hated focus on math in every
n Go to responsibility was the from complete. it so terribly bad for the aspect, even while the
Buy an ad? community biggest factor with the “Now, we have to im- teachers and the commu- students are playing in
n 662-328-2424 Submit a birth, wedding school’s improvement. prove on that,” Williams nity because I knew what P.E.
Report a news tip? or anniversary announce- “Once the teachers said. “It’s not enough to was going on here with “When we’re doing
n 662-328-2471 ment? knew where the students improve, you have to keep the teachers,” Fancher jumping jacks, we can
n n Download forms at www. were, they actually had improving and that’s the said. “It was what it was, count by 2s, 5s and 10s,” individual conferences scary part. We’re doing but we knew what we had Fancher said. “You can
with the students,” Wil- more of the same. We’re to do. We had to go for- do measuring in P.E.
Physical address: 516 Main St., Columbus, MS 39701 liams said. “Any time we still having those student ward.” We are implementing
did a benchmark (prac- conferences, and putting In order to improve all of those standards in
Mailing address: P.O. Box 511, Columbus, MS 39703-0511 tice) assessment, that a big focus on growth. student performance, our special classes and
was always the conver- Even in the hallway, I’m Fancher said she focused
Starkville Office: 101 S. Lafayette St. #16, Starkville, MS 39759 while the kids think it’s
sation. That was driving having conversations on English Language just fun, we’re measuring
the force, keeping it in with students about Arts, creating uninter- how far we can throw a
SUBSCRIPTIONS the forefront of the stu-
dents’ minds.”
where they’re scoring.” rupted reading blocks football or how fast they
for students and had in- run. They’re laying on
HOW TO SUBSCRIBE After ensuring stu- Fancher focuses terventionists focus on the gym floor and even
dents were aware of their
By phone................................. 662-328-2424 or 877-328-2430
success and shortcom- on school culture struggling students. As making angles.”
Online.......................................... Fancher took the helm a result, HWS students To Fancher, being a
ings, Williams said she
as interim principal at exceeded all of Fancher’s C is not good enough.
started to notice student
RATES growth. The teacher Henderson Ward Stewart set goals for the subject Although in the end, she
Daily home delivery + unlimited online access*..........$13.50/mo. Elementary in October on spring 2018 testing. added, the accountability
and student conferences
Sunday only delivery + unlimited online access*...........$8.50/mo. 2017 days after MDE “We teach our kids to ratings are important, it
continued throughout
Daily home delivery only*.................................................$12/mo. publicly announced the learn to read, because if isn’t what she’s working
the year, to make sure
Online access only*.......................................................$8.95/mo. school’s F rating. It soon they can read to learn, toward.
students knew what was
1 month daily home delivery................................................... $12 working and what wasn’t. became a permanent gig. it helps us with reading “We have already set
1 month Sunday only home delivery........................................ $7 “When you meet and To raise that rating, and math,” Fancher said. goals for next school
Mail Subscription Rates....................................................$20/mo. talk about data, look for Fancher immediately A key component for year. We’re not happy
* EZ Pay rate requires automatic processing of credit or debit card. the small successes,” posted on her office door Fancher was to ensure where we are,” Fanch-
Williams said. “A lot of proficiency goals and tar- each staff and faculty er said. “We know that
times you want to focus gets for state testing. member knew they had looking at our numbers,
The Commercial Dispatch (USPS 142-320)
on what’s not going right, She knew with her her support. we know that we can be
Published daily except Saturday. Entered at the post office at Columbus, Mississippi. SOCSD Superinten-
Periodicals postage paid at Columbus, MS but first, identify what previous experience as better. As long as we’re
POSTMASTER, Send address changes to: they’re making improve- the director of assess- dent Eddie Peasant said building positive relation-
The Commercial Dispatch, P.O. Box 511, Columbus, MS 39703
Published by Commercial Dispatch Publishing Company Inc., ments in, then attack ment and intervention the relationships Fancher ships with teachers and
516 Main St., Columbus, MS 39703 the skills that need to with Starkville-Oktibbe- made with her teachers students and communi-
ha Consolidated School and students was evident ty members and sustain
FIVE-DAY FORECAST FOR THE GOLDEN TRIANGLE District, HWS — rated by her success in such a growth and gains, then
a B in 2016 before plum- short amount of time. I’ll be happy.”

Clear and cold Sunny Partly sunny Low clouds and cooler Sunshine and patchy
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SOLUNAR TABLE Weather(W): s-sunny, pc-partly cloudy, c-cloudy, sh-showers, t-thunderstorms, r-rain, sf-snow flurries, sn-snow, i-ice.
The solunar period indicates peak feeding times for
fish and game.
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Boys and Girls Club
Continued from Page 1A
side Park. ence for all of us,” Jeffries bus-based Major Design
In West Point, she said. “In school, we kind Studio to design the new
said, the club is looking of get these hypothetical clubs.
to build a facility on Fifth clients — not an actual Major Andrews, an
Street to fill a gap in its client, but people they architect with the firm,
service area. propose to us. Working said he liked some of the
“That community was with an actual client, be- ideas that were present-
last on the national regis- ing able to make changes ed through the charrette
ter in 2001,” Colom said. they requested, getting process, including keep-
“That was before our feedback and giving in- ing younger kids sepa-
organization chartered. put — it’s a good conver- rated from teenagers and
We’ve always had these sation type of experience having a central court-
conversations about ful- that’s going to help us lat- yard area in the main
filling a need in the entire er on in life.” building.
Golden Triangle.” Isaac Johnson, a junior Andrews said the de-
Alexis Gregory, an architecture student, said sign process is still in the
associate architecture he is grateful for the op- very early stages, and no
professor, said she works portunity to present ideas specifics have yet been
with the BGC Golden for the new facilities. finalized.
Triangle on projects and “Being an architecture “It’s a good experience
thought the design cha- student — that’s the pay- for the students to have, to
rette, which began on off,” he said. “That’s a big have a real-world experi-
Nov. 7, would be a good deal, for them to come to ence,” he said. “They had
Alex Holloway/Dispatch Staff
opportunity for the NO-
MSU architecture student Isaac Johnson presents his design for a possible new us and let us help on this an actual client that they
MAS students.
Boys and Girls Club design for the Golden Triangle charter to use for new West Point project. It’s a great thing.” have to satisfy, so that
The students will and Starkville facilities. The club worked with MSU students for the past week to BGC Golden Triangle gives you some guide-
continue to work on bro- create designs for what the new clubs may look like. will work with the Colum- lines to design around.”
chures that BGC Golden
Triangle will incorporate Triangle laid out for what the kids to use,” she said. be downstairs.
into its 36 Reasons fund- it wants to do with each “Columbus has the best It further incorporated
raising campaign on Nov. facility. gym. We could do some- a central area, from which
22-27. Colom said the club thing unique in and build the rest of the club was ac-
hopes to have the same, on what the community cessible, and a four-lane
Facility goals or similar, shells for the has with flag football.” competitive swimming
Thursday’s event saw main buildings of both Colom also stressed pool and basketball court.
five presentations, for clubs, but with key differ- the club wants the build- Another presentation,
which students, working ences. The club is looking ings to have separate from junior architecture
individually or in groups, to incorporate an indoor spaces for its teenagers student Miles Jeffries,
gave their ideas for the swimming pool at the new and younger children. included an overhang for
new club. Each of the Starkville location and an One presentation, by its drop off space, with
ideas was different — outdoor playing field at senior architecture stu- administrative offices fo-
some students incorpo- West Point. The idea, she dent and NOMAS Vice cused around the central
rated overhangs for buses said, is to create different President Jordan Smith, area.
to drop off students, while focal points in each com- used a two-floor design After the presenta-
others incorporated mul- munity that can, in turn, to separate the younger tions, Jeffries said work-
tiple floors or open cen- serve all of the club’s stu- children from the teenag- ing with BGC Golden Tri-
tral courtyard areas for dents. ers. The teenagers would angle has been a “great
the club — but adhered to “We could put a pool be upstairs, while the experience.”
a set of goals BGC Golden in one facility for all of younger children would “It’s a learning experi-

Continued from Page 1A
be all right.’ You never drews said. “When I told $800,000 lost as a result pretty serious cuts.”
said anything prior to the them the value of a mill of the Mississippi Su- The district has not
last board meet about this had decreased by $35,000 preme Court’s ruling that asked for a tax increase
shortfall.” and that there was no way businesses located on since 1989, Smith said.
Hughes said he had the millage wouldn’t have airport properties were
told the board the final to go up with the number exempt from taxes —
budget approved by the they gave me, they asked as well as revenue from
district in August was me what it would take Steel Dynamics that will
$2.5 million short of what to keep the millage the come in $1.4 million low-
was needed to meet ex- same. I told them it would er than projected.
penses. be $18.2 million and that’s Even so, some board
In 2017, the board the budget (amount) they members said if they had
withdrew $900,000 from brought back to the su- known of the projected
its fund balance to make pervisors.” shortfall, they might have
the budget it submitted to By law, school districts asked for a millage in-
the county for approval. are required to have a crease in August, which
“I said at the time that fund balance of 7 percent would have added $2.5
you can do that for one by the end of the fiscal million to its budget.
year, but you cannot do year on June 30, which “I might have had a
it for two years,” Hughes would have been $4.1 whole different outlook
said. “I said in August the million based on the dis- on the last budget vote,”
only problem we might trict’s overall $59 million board member Wesley
have is when we get into budget. On July 13, the Barrett said. “I was under
November and December district has $5,705,090 the assumption we were
is there may be a cash- in its fund balance the able to able to adequate-
flow issue. I put that in beginning of July, but the ly eat the $2.5 million in
writing to (superinten- July balance had been the cushion I thought we
dent) Lynn Wright and adjusted to $4,488,371 in had.”
(board president) Brian Hughes’ November re- The board voted to
Clark back in August.” port. transfer $1 million from
Tax anticipation loans Board president Brian its 16th Section Inter-
are short-term, low-inter- Clark asked est account to cover No-
est and are paid by tax Hu ghe s vember expenses, then
revenue when it arrives in why those passed a resolution to
February. n u m - seek bids for a $2.5 mil-
bers had lion tax anticipation loan
changed. to cover December costs,
‘Short-term problem’ “I closed although Hughes said the
Mississippi school the books full amount might not be
districts are funded by in early Clark needed.
a combination of local, July with Tax anticipation loans
state and federal funds. the information we had,” are not uncommon. On
Local funds, which in- Hughes said. “After I Wednesday, the Lowndes
clude ad valorem and fee- had closed the books, we County Board of supervi-
in-lieu taxes, are collect- learned that we had $1.3 sors accepted a bid from
ed at the year’s end and million in furniture and Trustmark Bank for $2
distributed to the district equipment we purchased million to cover county
by mid-February. that had to be dispensed expenses until TVA and
Lowndes County tax in the previous fiscal tax revenue is dispersed.
collector year, so that’s why the “Overall, I think we’re
Greg An- numbers changed. Ev- going to be OK,” Clark
drews said erything we had up until said. “It’s a short-term
the district a week ago showed we problem.”
should re- had $3.4 million. It was Hughes, however, told
ceive $18.2 after that adjustment that the board the district fac-
million in ad the cash flow was impact- es tough choices going
valorem and ed.” into the next fiscal year.
other taxes Andrews Clark noted that the “Based on projections,
by Feb. 15. district’s budget had you’re going to be $4 mil-
“Originally, they been negatively impacted lion to $5 million short,”
brought a budget of $22.7 by a drop in the value of a Hughes said. “You’re ei-
million, but they didn’t mill, lower than projected ther going to have to raise
want to raise millage,” An- tax revenue — including revenue or make some

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COMMERCIAL DISPATCH Bowen siblings, Dolla Stewart Jessie Douglas Jackson. Funeral Home. West
OBITUARY POLICY officiating. of St. Louis, Missouri Ser- Memorial Funeral
Obituaries with basic informa- STARK VILLE —
Burial will and Aaron Jamison Jessie Levette Doug- vices will Home is in charge of
tion including visitation and
service times, are provided be at the of Kalamazoo, Mich- las, 40, died Nov. 6, be at 11 arrangements.
free of charge. Extended obit- church igan; 36 grandchil- 2018, in Flowood. a.m. Sat- She is survived by
uaries with a photograph, de- cemetery. dren; 49 great-grand- Services will be at urday at her daughters, Daisy
tailed biographical information Visita- children; and 15 2 p.m. Saturday at Mt. New Pros- Flowers Hawkins and
and other details families may tion will Jamison great-great-grandchil- Peiler M.B. Church. pect M.B. Smith Sarah Flowers Sykes;
wish to include, are available Church.
be from dren. Burial will follow at son, Tommie Flowers;
for a fee. Obituaries must be
noon-6 p.m. Friday at Pallbearers will be Mt. Peiler Cemetery Burial will follow at
submitted through funeral stepdaughter, Daisy
homes unless the deceased’s Carter’s Funeral Ser- Lamark Stepp, Travis II. Visitation will be Prairie Grove Ceme-
tery. Visitation will be Johnson; and brother,
body has been donated to vices. Carter’s Funeral Brewer, Alexander from 2-6 p.m. Friday
Services is in charge of from 3-6 p.m. Friday Jessie Moore.
science. If the deceased’s Brewer, Anthony at West Memorial
body was donated to science, arrangements. Jamison Jr., Antraveon Funeral Home. West at West Memorial See Obituaries, 5A
the family must provide official Mr. Jamison was Jamison and D’Antonio

Jonathan Fondren
proof of death. Please submit Memorial Funeral
all obituaries on the form pro-
born March 31, 1934, Deloach. Home is in charge of
vided by The Commercial Dis- in Noxubee County, to arrangements.
patch. Free notices must be the late Watson Jami- J.C. Jackson She is survived
submitted to the newspaper son and Sophia Ma- Jonathan Dean Fondren, 16,
K ANK AKEE, Ill. — by her mother, Cal- of Columbus, MS, passed away
no later than 3 p.m. the day con-Jamison. He was a J.C. Jackson, 64, died lie Douglas-James;
prior for publication Tuesday member of Christian Tuesday, November 13, 2018.
through Friday; no later than 4 Nov. 9, 2018, in Kanka- sisters, Jeanette Visitation will be Friday, No-
Hill M.B. Church. kee, Illinois. Hendrix, Annie Clark,
p.m. Saturday for the Sunday
In addition to his vember 16, 2018, from 6:00 PM
edition; and no later than 7:30 Services will be at 2 Lillie Doss, Marilyn – 8:00 PM at Lowndes Funeral
a.m. for the Monday edition. parents, he was preced- p.m. Wednesday at Mt. Doss, and Sabrina
ed in death by his son, Home, Columbus, MS. A fu-
Incomplete notices must be
Ary M.B. Church in Campbell; and broth- neral service will be Saturday,
received no later than 7:30 Joey Young; broth- Brooksville. Visitation ers, Tommie Doss and
a.m. for the Monday through ers, Willie Erie, S.L., November 17, 2018, at 11:00
Friday editions. Paid notices will be from noon-6 Christopher Dawson. AM at Fairview Baptist Church,
William and James p.m. Tuesday at Car-
must be finalized by 3 p.m. for Columbus, MS with Brad Lytle
Jamison; and sisters,
inclusion the next day Monday
Ora Lee Johnson and
ter’s Funeral Services Peach Smith officiating and Gary Perminter assisting. Inter-
through Thursday; and on of Macon. Carter’s COLUMBUS — ment will be at Memorial Gardens, Columbus,
Friday by 3 p.m. for Sunday Bertha Williams. Funeral Services is Peach Ella Walters MS with Lowndes Funeral Home directing.
and Monday publication. For He is survived in charge of arrange- Flowers Smith, 70, Jonathan was born September 17, 2002, in
more information, call 662- by his wife, Danella ments. died Nov. 9, 2018, in
328-2471. Amory, MS, to Jason and Amanda Fondren.
Young Jamison; chil-
He was known as “Gunny” by his cousins and

Roman Hudson
dren, Theodas Roby,
friends. Jonathan loved broadcast journalism
Wayne Jamison Sr. Dorphine Stewart, and photography, taking pictures with his drone,
MACON — Wayne Anthony Jamison and gaming tournaments, soccer, tennis and espe-
Jamison Sr., 84, died Linda Young, all of Richmond Roman Hudson, age 46, left this cially his dog – Timber. He had a servants heart
Nov. 7, 2018, at Bap- Macon, Glenda Per- earth too soon in Toronto, Canada on November 9, and loved helping in the children’s ministries at
tist Memorial Hospi- ry of Georgia, Caron 2018 to be with the Lord. He was born March 13, Mt. Vernon Church and First Baptist Church,
tal-Golden Triangle. Alexander of St. Louis, 1972 in Winston County, Louisville, Mississippi, West Point, MS.
Services will be at Missouri, Sharon and was the only son of Dr. and Mrs. Bobby Jonathan is survived by his parents, Jason and
noon Saturday at Chris- Little, Wayne Jamison James (Belinda Wright) Hudson. He resided in Amanda Jones Fondren, Columbus, MS; brother,
tian Hill M.B. Church Jr. and Tyrone Jami- Atlanta, Georgia and San Francisco, California. Morgan (Alyssa) Franks, Millport, AL; sister,
with the Rev. Bobby son, all of Columbus; He spent his childhood in Louisville, Raichel Franks, Columbus, MS; niece, Kinsleigh
Greenwood and Columbus, Mississippi and Franks; nephews, Tucker Franks and Sawyer
Tyler Hall graduated Valedictorian of Lee High School
in Columbus of 1990 and Mississippi State
University School of Architecture of 1996. He
Franks; grandparents, Robert and Lanita Jones,
Fayette, AL and Sam and Ellie Fondren, Co-
lumbus, MS; great-grandparents, Carrie Jones,
Darren Tyler Hall, 20, of Co- began his career in architecture firm in Atlanta. Sarepta, LA, Martha Parkerson, Sarepta, LA and
lumbus, MS, passed away Sun- Roman was so successful at his profession he Harold Dabbs, Mathiston, MS; aunts, Stephany
day, November 11, 2018, at Uni- opened his own firm for selective clients from (Kent) Watson and Heather (Ben) Lawley; and a
versity of Mississippi Medical the east to the west coast and was in the process host of cousins.
Center, Jackson, MS. of completing a magnificent home in Greenwich, Pallbearers will be Parker Sumrall, Mason
Visitation will be Sunday, Connecticut at his death. His homes have been Cline, Zander Chambers, Baker Watson, Bryan
November 18, 2018 from 1:00 published in magazines such as House Beautiful, Robert Watson, Kody Fondren, Dawson Fondren,
PM – 3:00 PM at Lowndes Fu- Renovation Style, and Kitchen and Bath. He Austin Pinkerton and Tyler Johnson. Honorary
neral Home, Columbus, MS. was a creative, talented designer and drew the pallbearers will be Jacob Parker, close cousins,
A memorial service will follow plans for many pieces of furniture for the interior soccer teammates and tennis teammates.
at 3:00 PM in the Lowndes Fu- spaces of the homes he designed. He loved Memorials may be made to the Mt. Vernon
neral Home chapel with Bro. Kenny Gardner of- antiques and architectural elements and often Church, Children’s Ministry, 200 Mt. Vernon
ficiating. Lowndes Funeral Home in charge of incorporated them in many of the houses he built Road, Columbus, MS 39702 or to the First Bap-
arrangements. for his clients. He was born to be an architect. tist Church, Children’s Ministry, Department 56,
Tyler was born May 8, 1998, to Darren and Di- Roman loved God first, He was a Christian. 134 E. Broad St., West Point, MS 39773.
ane Hall, in Columbus MS. He was a 2016 grad- He loved to sing; and sang in the choir at First
uate of New Hope High School, Columbus, MS. Compliments of
Tyler was employed with Darren Hall’s Painting
Baptist Church of Jackson, Mississippi, and St.
Marks Methodist Church, Atlanta, Georgia.
Lowndes Funeral Home
for the past 2 years. He was a member of Full He loved family and was always there to share
Gospel Church, Columbus, MS and a Black Belt

William “Bill” Bailey
special occasions. He never failed to plan
in Karate. adventures—trips to the Georgia mountains
Tyler was survived by his parents, Darren where he had discovered waterfalls while hiking
and Diane Munford Hall, Columbus, MS; sister, and kayaking, trips to little towns where he found
Victoria Lea (Joshua Duran) Dawkins; broth- William Andrew “Bill” Bailey, 65, passed away
architectural gems of houses and antiques, trips on Tuesday, November 13, 2018.
er, Michael “Mikey” Duncan; grandparents, to New York where he introduced family to new
Mary Frances Hall and William Earl Butler; Bill was born on May 29, 1953, in Weaver,
cultures and foods and trips just to hunt for just SD, to Jack Dempsey and Shirley Lou Blair
great grandparent, Shirley Spencer; aunts, Deb- the right antique. He never failed to remember
bie (James) Parker, Marie (Billy) Burnett, Rita Bailey and he was a graduate of the Balboa High
his mother or grandmothers on their special School in the Panama Canal Zone. The son of
(Don) Wells; uncles, Mike (Yvonne) Munford, days and if he could not be there in person, there
Stevie (Donna) Hall and Shane Butler; nieces, an Airman, he traveled all over as a child and
were always flowers, beautiful flowers. He loved upon graduating high school, he served in in the
Emma Grayce Dawkins, Ella Rose Dawkins; body building and staying fit, and was the muse
nephew, Evan Michael Dawkins; and numerous Navy on a tanker ship. Following his discharge,
for artists’ canvasses and portraits. He loved his Bill spent his working career in many different
cousins. Scot heritage and embraced this by wearing the
Memorials may be made to Columbus Chris- specialized jobs, such as a gas station owner,
traditional kilts and sporrans. He often attended carpenter, mechanic, a law enforcement officer
tian Center, P.O. Box 5123, Columbus, MS 39704. the Highland Scottish Games. He was generous
Compliments of and later retiring as a beloved stay at home
Lowndes Funeral Home and loving and gave to many charities and fund
raising events, especially Toys for Tots. He had
grandfather. Bill loved to spend time with his family, especially his children and grandchildren,
friends from the east coast to the west coast and who knew him as Paw, and he was an exceptional

James Roberson
internationally and made it his goal to make them cook. With his sense of humor, he loved to have a
feel welcome and trust in human kindness. Mere laugh and always found a way to make someone
words on a page cannot begin to express the smile. During ball season, he could be found
rareness and uniqueness of his life and its effect cheering on his grandchildren and their team
James Carroll Roberson, 76, passed away, on those whose lives he touched.
surrounded by his family on Wednesday, mates. Bill was a unique character and he made
He is survived by his parents; grandmother, a lasting impression on those he met and will be
November 14, 2018 at Jaquith Nursing Home. Mrs. Colleen Wright of Louisville, Mississippi;
Funeral Services are scheduled for 2:00 remembered as a devoted, loving family man.
his paternal father, Mr. Richmond Watkins (Mary Funeral services for Bill will be at 2 p.m. on
p.m. on Sunday, November 18th in the chapel Charles) of Sylacauga, Alabama; and half-sister,
of Chancellor Funeral Home in Florence, MS Friday, November 16, 2018 at Cleveland-Moffett
Ashley Watkins of Brandon, Mississippi; uncles, Funeral Home in Amory with Bro. Stanley
with visitation one-hour prior. The services Mr. Charles M. (Brenda) Wright and Mr. John
will conclude in the Garden of Memories with Blaylock and Bro. Roy McHenry officiating.
S. (Sylvia) Wright, all of Louisville, Mississippi; Burial will be in the Greenbrier Cemetery.
a graveside service immediately following the aunts, Mrs. Helen (Jerry) Webb of Noxapater,
funeral. Rev. Ted Weeks will officiate. Chancellor Survivors include his wife, Debbie Knight
Mississippi and Mrs. Beverly (Clarence) Kelley of Amory; two sons, Steven Bailey (Jeanette)
Funeral Home & Garden of Memories is in of Louisville; great-aunts, Mrs. Margie Hudson
charge of arrangements. of Nebraska City, NE and Billy Bailey (Debbie)
and Mrs. Grace Eaves, both of Louisville and of Wisconsin; stepson, Chris Pickle; three
Mr. Roberson was born in Eudora, Arkansas Mrs. Doris Steeds of Indianola, Mississippi;
on November 7, 1942, to the late Jessie James daughters, Roxanne Snider (Billy) of Columbus,
and aunt, Mrs. Glenda (Walter) Clemmons of Roberta Bailey and Julie Bailey both of Wisconsin;
Roberson and Elma Marie Howard. He lived Ridgeland, Mississippi; and uncle, Mr. Michael
most of his life in Columbus, MS before making two brothers, Blair Bailey (Stephanie) of Macon,
(Terry) Watkins of Philadelphia; and cousins, MS and Mike Bailey (Sherry) of MD; three
Richland his home almost 20 years ago, where whom he loved as brothers and sisters. He is also
he was a member of First Baptist Church of sisters, Carol Fudge (Ron) of Florida, Karen
survived by his dearest friend and soul mate, Mr. Godin (Gary) of NC and Lauren Vincent (Chuck)
Richland. He worked for United Technologies for Andy Clifford of Toronto, Canada.
over 30 years as an Inspector before retiring. Mr. of Lisbon, ME; 22 grandchildren; two great
He was preceded in death by his maternal grandchildren, a host of aunts, uncles, nieces,
Roberson served his country as a U.S. Marine, grandfather, Mr. John Wesley Wright; and
serving out of California. He adored his family nephews and cousins; and special friends, Dianne
paternal grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. James Munn, Kerri Jo and Tammy Sykes; and Dr. John
and enjoyed fishing, camping and going to flea (Maudie) Hudson, all of Louisville, and Mr.
markets. Stanback and staff.
Rufus Watkins (Lessie) and (Mildred) of He was preceded in death by his parents; aunt
Along with his parents, Mr. Roberson is also Columbus, Mississippi; and an aunt, Mrs. Jean
preceded in death by his brother, Jerry Wayne and uncle, Marion “Top” Bailey and Bernette
Whitt (Butch) of Louisville, Mississippi. Bailey; daughter, April Bailey; son, Robert
Roberson. Funeral services will 2 p.m. Saturday,
He is survived by his wife of 26 years, Dot Bailey; and brother, Rick Bailey.
November 17, 2018, in the Nowell Massey Funeral Pallbearers will be Daniel Clardy, Billy
Miles Parkman Roberson of Richland; daughters, Home Chapel with Dr. Shawn Parker officiating.
Becky Roberson of Columbus, Teresa Roberson Snider, Brad Crawley, Keith Parham, Kerri Jo
Visitation will be the day of the service from 12 Sykes, Chris Pickle and Mike Reeves. Honorary
Bawa (Mo) of Columbus, Lynn Anderson p.m. to service time at Nowell Massey Funeral
(Jimmy) of Madison and Vickey Parkman pallbearers will be Drew, Chance, Brody, Gavin,
Home in Louisville. Interment will follow in Camp Noah, CJ and Dr. John Stanback and staff.
Copeland of Brandon; son, Danny Miles (Elaine) Ground United Methodist Church Cemetery.
of Chapel Hill, NC; sister, Judy Beall of Columbus; Visitation was on Thursday evening from 5
In lieu of flowers memorials may be made until 8 p.m. at the funeral home.
25 grandchildren; and 12 great-grandchildren. to LeBonheur Children’s Hospital, 850 Poplar
Online guestbook may be signed at www. Condolences may be shared with the family at
Avenue, Memphis, TN 38105 or foundation@
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The Dispatch • Friday, November 16, 2018 5A

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Beatrice Kidd Columbus, to Dewanna Dorothy Baker ton officiating. Burial Bobby Miller tation will be from 4-7
COLUMBUS — Be- Tavet West and Wardell COLUMBUS — will follow at Sessums COLUMBUS — p.m. Sunday at Memori-
atrice Kidd, 87, died Perry. He was formerly Dorothy Atkinson Community Cemetery Robert Glenn “Bobby” al Gunter Peel Funeral
Nov. 9, 2018, in Tupelo. employed with Griffin Baker, 98, died Nov. in Sessums. Visitation Miller Sr., 90, died Nov. Home and Crematory,
Services Services. 16, 2018, at Trinity will be from 1-5 p.m. 15, 2018. College Street location.
will be at He was preceded in Healthcare. at Century Hairston Graveside services Memorials may be
11 a.m. death by his brother, Arrangements are Funeral Home. Cen- with military honors will made to the Palmer
Saturday Torrianno T. Perry. incomplete and will be tury Hairston Funeral be at 11 a.m. Monday at Home for Children, P.O.
at Stephen In addition to his announced by Memori- Home is in charge of Brooksville City Ceme- Box 746, Columbus, MS
Chapel parents, he is survived al Gunter Peel Funeral arrangements. tery with the Rev. Curtis 39703.
M.B. by his children, Ann- Ms. Watt was born Bray officiating. Visi- See Obituaries, 7A
Home and Crematory,
Church. coyia Perry, Branzoyia Nov. 25, 1985, to Sha-
College Street loca-
Burial will Kidd Perry, Anna Sheree ron Isaacs Watt and
follow at
Memorial Gardens.
Perry and Brandon
Perry Jr., all of Co-
Sandy Watt. She was
formerly employed in
Do your kids a favor.
Visitation will be from lumbus; and siblings, Attia Watt the retail industry. Make your funeral/cremations plans in advance.
1-6 p.m. Friday at Lee- Breshod West, Bryson STARKVILLE — In addition to her When Caring Counts...
Sykes Funeral Home. West, Ashley Lewis, Attia Ceyon Watt, 32, mother, she is sur-
Lee-Sykes Funeral Aysha Lewis, Khydeja died Nov. 10, 2018, in vived by her sisters,
Home is in charge of Perry, Shandrique Cobb County, Georgia. Qua Re Vae Watt
arrangements. Roby and Mahogany Services will be of Atlanta, Georgia & CREMATORY
Mrs. Kidd was Perry, all of Columbus at 11 a.m. Saturday and Chelsei Davis of 1131 N. Lehmberg Rd.
at Beth-el Church in Starkville; and broth- Columbus, MS 39702
born Sept. 28, 1931, in and Beyonce Darden of (662) 328-1808
Columbus, to the late Scooba. Starkville with the er, Jamadus Isaacs of
Junious “June” Cooper Rev. Jemario Washing- Starkville.
and Bessie McGregory Allen Delk
Cooper. She was for-
merly employed with
len Delk, 61, died Nov.
Is Estate or
Hostess Bakeries in
Schiller Park, Illinois.
15, 2018, at his resi- Long Term Care
In addition to her
parents, she was
Arrangements are Planning Necessary
incomplete and will be
preceded in death by announced by Lowndes to Protect Your
her son, Phillip A. Kid;
sisters, Allie Crawford,
Funeral Home. Family’s Future?
Louise Cooper and
Marietta Smith; and Earline Thomas • Do you have a Will, Power of Attorney, and Advanced Health Care
brothers, Julius Coo- COLUMBUS — Ear- Directive?
line Thomas, 103, died • Are you certain that your assets will be distributed according to your
per, Sterling Cooper, wishes at your death?
Johnny Frank Cooper Nov. 14, 2018, at her • Are you confused by the ever changing estate and gift tax laws?
and Peter Walker. residence. • Are you worried that one day you may not be able to care for yourself
She is survived by Arrangements are or make the necessary decisions to remain independent and in your
her husband, John H. incomplete and will be own home?
Kidd; daughters, Judith announced by Lee- At Dunn & Hemphill, we can create a plan tailored to fit you
A. Kidd and Tina M. Sykes Funeral Home. and your family’s needs. Contact us at (662) 327-4211 to
Kidd Jacas; sons, discuss your estate and long term care planning options.
Kenneth Kidd, John
B. Kidd and Tony D. Dunn & Hemphill, P.A.
Kidd; sisters, Corine 214 Fifth Street South | Columbus, Mississippi
Hicks and Lola Davis; 662.327.4211 |
three grandchildren; Offering Peace of Mind, One Client at a Time.
six great-grandchil- W. David Dunn | Christopher D. Hemphill
dren; and numerous you call to get a free 30 minute
great-great-grandchil- Estate or Long Term Care Planning Consultation!
*Background information available upon request.
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Steven Sprayberry
ven Neal Sprayberry,
45, died Nov. 13, 2018, Dot Corbell
at his residence. Services:
Services will be at Friday, Nov. 16 • 11 AM
New Prospect Baptist Church
11 a.m. Saturday at Burial
Tisdale-Lann Memo- New Prospect Baptist
Church Cemetery
rial Funeral Home in Memorial Gunter Peel
Aberdeen with Robert Funeral Home
Moore officiating. 2nd Ave. North Location
Visitation will be one
hour prior to services Bobby Miller
at the funeral home. Visitation:
Sunday, Nov. 18 • 4-7 PM
Tisdale-Lann Memo- Memorial Gunter Peel
rial Funeral Home is Funeral Home
College St. Location
in charge of arrange- Graveside Services
ments. with Military Honors:
Mr. Sprayberry was Monday, Nov. 19 • 11 AM
Brooksville City Cemetery
born March 30, 1973,
in Amory, to James
Dorothy Baker
William “JW” Spray- Incomplete
berry and Velma Jane Memorial Gunter Peel
“Beb” Jenkins Coggins. Funeral Home
College St. Location
He was formerly em-
ployed in the construc-
tion industry.
In addition to his
parents, he is survived
by his daughter, Laura
Sprayberry Hemphill
of Florence, Alabama;
son, Dustin Sprayberry
of Florence, Alabama;
sister, Kathie Burns of
Hamilton; and brother,
Shay Sprayberry of

Brandon Perry
Brandon Tyree “Crip”
Perry, 23, died Nov. 3,
2018, in
will be at 2
p.m. Satur-
day at Zion
Gate M.B.
with the
Rev. Leon-
ardo Dismuke officiat-
ing. Burial will follow
at Sandfield Cemetery.
Visitation will be from
noon-6 p.m. Friday at
Carter’s Funeral Ser-
vices. Carter’s Funeral
Services is in charge of
Mr. Perry was
born Nov. 21, 1994, in
6A Friday, November 16, 2018
BIRNEY IMES SR. Editor/Publisher 1922-1947
BIRNEY IMES JR. Editor/Publisher 1947-2003
BIRNEY IMES III Editor/Publisher 1998-2018

PETER BIRNEY IMES Editor/Publisher

ZACK PLAIR, Managing Editor
BETH PROFFITT Advertising Director
MICHAEL FLOYD Circulation/Production Manager

Our View
Academic improvement isn’t ‘one size fits all’
In his novel Anna Karenina, tendent may find their efforts Ward Stewart principal Julie the year. Students at Franklin success of that strategy is
Leo Tolstoy observed: “Happy frustrated. Fancher charted their own responded, as their rapid im- clearly reflected in student
families are all alike; every Because each school has courses in reviving their provement clearly indicates. achievement.
unhappy family in unhappy in its own obstacles, the answers schools. What worked at At Henderson, Fancher It is not always realistic
its own way.” are most often found not at the Franklin Academy may not focused much of her energy to expect that a school can
We believe the same is true district level, but within the have worked at Henderson. on her teachers, who she go from F to C or from C to
of schools. Successful schools confines of the school building. Likewise, Henderson’s recipe sensed had felt neglected and A overnight. Again, each
have many things in common, That certainly appears to for success is not quite the unimportant. Much of Fanch- school has its own dynamics.
but struggling schools have be the case at two area schools same as Franklin Academy’s. er’s work involved simple All fixes, perhaps even most,
unique challenges. where the principals have initi- At Franklin, one of the keys morale-building acts — daily aren’t quick fixes.
That is why there is no ated changes that have turned was engaging the students in conversations, small gestures, Even so, every struggling
blanket remedy for rescuing F schools into C schools in just an open, honest way, helping affirmation that the principal school should be encouraged
schools where performance a year. students understand where had the teachers’ backs, that by the story of these two
has fallen and why even a Columbus’ Franklin Acade- they were academically and she understood the challeng- schools.
school district with the best my principal Tawan Williams being sure to keep those con- es. With the right leadership,
school board and best superin- and Starkville Henderson versations going throughout As it was at Franklin, the real progress is possible.

Politics & Media

Truth and its enemies:
Making Acosta
a federal case
Editor’s note: On deadline this
morning a judge ruled Jim Acos-
ta’s White House press credentials
should be reinstated.
Question: What does CNN’s
Jim Acosta crave more than any-
If you said “attention,” go to the
head of the class. It’s a mystery
why the White House has given
Acosta way more than that. Acosta
had his “hard pass” yanked after
last week’s press conference. Mona Charen
(Don’t ask who was obnoxious,
because they ALL were.) Acosta has literally become a
federal case. CNN filed suit claiming that their reporter’s
First and Fifth amendment rights were violated. More than a
dozen news organizations, including Fox, have filed amicus
briefs supporting CNN. Even the Trump-friendly Fox News
judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano has opined that Acosta
has a strong case. Mr. Showboat is just where he wants to be State of the nation
— the center of attention — but thanks to President Donald
Trump’s gratuitous swipe, he is also a free-press martyr.
Acosta’s technique has been honed for many months —
asking questions not to receive answers but to shame. At
the Nov. 7 press conference, Acosta rose to “challenge” the
Psst! You wanna buy some grass?
Damn, I miss illegal The government ruined gambling, too. There
president on what he had said about the caravan during the
marijuana! used to be illegal craps games and a Mafia-run
closing days of the campaign: “As you know, Mr. President,
Weed used to be so numbers racket. Now convenience stores sell
the caravan was not an ‘invasion.’ It’s a group of migrants
cool. If you smoked it, lottery tickets, and you shoot dice at a casino
moving up from Central America towards the border with
you were hip, an outlaw, run by a tribe of quarter-blood damn-near-Indi-
the U.S.”
maybe even a little bit ans. The casino almost invariably has a cheesy
It’s not Acosta’s job to joust with the president over
dangerous. name like Living Tree Resort. Oh, sure, you can
interpretations of words. Leave that to commentators or
Now you turn on your still ruin your life there, but you don’t get to feel
politicians. He could have asked the president where he got
television and state Rep. dangerous on the way down. It’s like losing your
his information about Middle Eastern terrorists supposedly
Marylou Creamcheese rent money in the lobby of a Holiday Inn outside
infiltrating into the caravan, or what supporting evidence he
is droning on about “the Beloit, Wisconsin.
had to support his claim that there were many criminals in
revenue opportunities New York City got it right for a while with
its ranks. Acosta could have asked what purpose U.S. troops presented by legalization Marc Dion off-track betting parlors run by insultingly in-
would serve at the border in light of the Posse Comitatus of cannabis.” different civil servants and filled with bums and
Act. He could have asked whether the president thought any State Rep. Cream- twitchy-eyed compulsive gamblers. The OTB
of the migrants might have colorable asylum claims. Instead, cheese has two kids. She has a labradoodle. She parlors were filthy, littered with cigarette butts
he demanded, “Do you think you demonized immigrants?” drives a damn Buick. and dangerous, the true trifecta of hipness.
Frankly, if Acosta thinks the president demonized Jeez, how hip ISN’T that? The government turns everything it touches
immigrants, let him write an op-ed. A press conference is Snoop Dogg used to be the official spokes- into the Department of Motor Vehicles, a place
supposed to be about eliciting information. Acosta doesn’t man for the chronic, all droopy eyelids and that is about as hip as scrapbooking and a nice
practice journalism so much as performance art. soapy grin. Now the spokesman is some pinot.
The White House handled this mosquito in about the blue-suited dorkmeister from the Chamber of It’s getting more and more dangerous to be
worst possible way. The president could have declined to call Commerce in your town. dangerous. It used to be that a couple of joints
on him. Having called on him and been offended by his tone, What do you got to do to be cool these days? and a leather jacket would do it for you. Now
the president could have refused to take the bait, saying, Shoot heroin? you gotta join a gang and kill somebody to be
“You might want to run for office yourself. In the meantime, The answer to that is a chuckled “Yes!” You dangerous.
I’ll call on someone who wants to ask a question, not stage a still have to go to crappy neighborhoods to buy Wait until the government legalizes prosti-
debate.” really good heroin, and you still have to buy tution. My guess is that a trip to the legalized
Instead, in a fit of petulance, the White House revoked it from either a dying addict with abscessed brothel will cause a sudden deflation of desire in
Acosta’s press pass. This is Trump not understanding the needle tracks on her arms or a member of a even the hardiest of men.
import of the office he holds. When Trump the business- despised minority group who has killed several “All right, so you have your intercourse
man took swipes at press coverage he disliked, it was pique. people. request form, and I see you’ve filled out your
When the president of the United States does it, it smacks of Hell, THAT’S cool! sexual preferences form,” the clerk will say.
authoritarianism. Admittedly, the press corps are a high- So is meth, which is either muled into the “Proceed to window No. 3 for a tall blonde in a
strung bunch, but this White House flirts with intimidation, country by foreigners or cooked in a trailer Nazi uniform,” the clerk will continue, “and have
calling down contempt for them at rallies, deriding them as house by hillbillies. a nice day.” You will shuffle off to sin with the
the “enemy of the people,” (which is an echo of Stalin, wheth- To tell the truth, dorkiness always nibbled at lustful attitude of a man buying lawn fertilizer in
er Trump recognizes it or not), threatening to sic the Federal the edge of weed culture. People baked brown- a strip mall.
Trade Commission on the owner of The Washington Post ies with it, fahgawdsakes! Brownies! You don’t If you’re rich, nothing has ever really been
and elevating the likes of The Gateway Pundit. bake brownies with meth. It’s like the difference forbidden. If you’re not rich, nothing is forbidden
Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who cannot be much more between beer and tequila. You make bread with anymore, but sin has gotten a lot less exciting.
honest than her boss and hope to keep her job, issued a tweet beer. You drink tequila out of the bottle until you Marc Dion, a nationally syndicated columnist,
explaining that Acosta was exiled because he had apparently marry the waitress, who, by the way, is already is a reporter and columnist for The Herald News,
physically blocked the intern who attempted to remove the married to some guy they call “Red Hog.” He’ll the daily newspaper of his hometown, Fall River,
mic from his hands. “President Trump believes in a free probably get jacked up on meth and kill both of Massachusetts. For more on Dion, go to go to
press and expects and welcomes tough questions of him and you. Hell, that’s cool.
his Administration,” Sanders tweeted. “We will, however,
never tolerate a reporter placing his hands on a young wom-
an just trying to do her job as a White House intern....”
Anyone who had watched the exchange — or looked it up
on YouTube — knew that this was risible. Yet, Sanders said Letter to the editor
it anyway and even released a video that had been slightly
doctored (by speeding it up) to make it seem that Acosta had
been physically swatting at the intern.
Within a few days, Sanders changed her tune, claiming
Voice of the people
instead that the White House cannot run a smooth press Thinks Hyde-Smith meant the candidate “did not mean anything about what
conference if reporters hog the mic. But let’s pause to con- she said; it’s blown out of proportion.” I beg the
sider where this White House has settled. Covering up for an her statement difference. I wonder how they would feel if some-
intemperate retaliation against a journalist, the spokesman In my opinion, (Cindy Hyde-Smith) does not thing was said that was offensive to them. Until
for the president of the United States attempted to rewrite want to tell a lie. She is steadfast in what she all of those characters have died off, Mississippi
the history that we had all seen with our own eyes just days said. She is still living in a past which she and her will remain in the eyes of many as leading the
before. followers would like to return. I saw an interview country in racial disconnect. Wake up Mississip-
Sanders would be a great fit in the Ministry of Truth. on television where one of her followers was pi. I am voting for Mike Espy.
Mona Charen is a Senior Fellow at the Ethics and Public asked to comment on the statement that the can- Andrew Whitten
Policy Center. didate made about the lynching and she stated Columbus
The Dispatch • Friday, November 16, 2018 7A


Photo by Anita Brown Caldwell for Catfish Alley Magazine
Bobby Miller’s home was in Columbus, but his heart was on the water. Miller, a life-long Columbus resident and
1946 graduate of Lee High, died Thursday at age 90. While friends and family knew him in many ways, Miller was
best-known in the community for his love of barefoot water skiing, a sport he took up as a teen. His devotion to
the sport (he quickly acquired the nickname “River Rat”) led him to become a founding member of the Tombigbee
Stump Jumpers,helping inspire generations of skiers. Miller continued his barefoot skiing into his 80s, marking
his birthday each year with a barefoot ski run. He was and remains an inspiration not only to water skiing fans
but to all those who learned from him is that their is no age limit for your passions in life.

EPA official arrested on felony ethics charges in Alabama
Charges reported to be related to a scheme to help a coal before his appointment to
company avoid paying for a costly toxic waste cleanup In a statement provid-
ed by his lawyer, Glenn
By MICHAEL BIESECKER before being released on a lips worked for the coal denied the charges.
The Associated Press $30,000 bond. Glenn was company Drummond Co. “The charges against
appointed in August 2017 to build state and local me are totally unfounded,
WASHINGTON — and will be vigorously de-
to serve as chief of the En- opposition to a federal
The Trump administra- fended,” Glenn said. “I am
vironmental Protection Superfund cleanup in Bir-
tion’s top environmental
Agency’s regional office mingham that their client innocent and expect to be
official for the Southeast
in Atlanta, which over- would have had to help fully vindicated.”
was arrested Thursday on
sees operations in eight fund. The office of EPA
criminal ethics charges
states stretching from the Glenn resigned as di- Acting Administrator
in Alabama reported to
be related to a scheme to Carolinas to Mississippi. rector of the Alabama De- Andrew Wheeler has de-
help a coal company avoid A grand jury indict- partment of Environmen- clined to comment since
paying for a costly toxic ed Glenn and his former tal Management in 2009 Glenn’s indictment was
waste cleanup. business partner Scott following an earlier ethics first reported by local me-
Trey Glenn, 47, was Phillips earlier this week. scandal in which he was dia in Alabama on Tues-
briefly booked into a Prior to Glenn’s appoint- not charged. He worked day.
county jail in Birmingham ment at EPA, he and Phil- as an industry lobbyist

Continued from Page 5A

Vicki Williams
AMORY — Vicki
Leigh Williams, 60, died
Nov. 14, 2018, at her
Services will be at 1
p.m. Saturday at Mead-
owood Baptist Church
with Lloyd Sweatt offici-
ating. Burial will follow
at Haughton Memorial
Park. Visitation will be
from 5-7 p.m. Friday
and one hour prior to
services at the church.
Cleveland-Moffett Funer-
al Home is in charge of
Ms. Williams was
born Feb. 8, 1958, in
Amory, to Yvonne Crosby
Williams and the late
Richard “Dick” Franklin.
She was a 1976 graduate
of Amory High School
and a 1983 graduate of
Blue Mountain College.
She was formerly em-
ployed as a teacher in
Clarksdale and as Chief
Supervisor with North
Mississippi Medical Cen-
ter Billing Services. She
was also formerly em-
ployed with Tupelo Ser-
vice Finance and founder
of Persuaded. She was a
member of Meadowood
Baptist Church.
In addition to her
mother, she is survived
by her brothers, Rick
Williams of Eutaw,
Alabama and David
Williams of Petal; sister,
Marsha Nash of Amory;
stepbrother, Keith Ha-
thcock of Brandon; and
stepsisters, Nita Jackson
of Amory, Cheryl Looney
of Florida and Rhonda
Fullerton of Ohio.
Pallbearers will be
Bravvin Mora, Kelsie
Williams, Steven En-
glund, Addison Englund,
Rick Williams, David
Williams and Mark
8A Friday, November 16, 2018 The Dispatch •

Continued from Page 1A
it is. I try to bring some- tions, Smith said he hosts tions were preparing lic response, he said he I was right back here ing together at the lun-
one new every year. It’s the luncheon every year plates to serve at 11. has no choice but to con- when they had it.” cheon for the past seven
closeness and it’s real- to show appreciation to Smith said the meal tinue the city’s tradition. Bradley joined Ar- years. Though they both
ly just good fellowship. the community — espe- preparation started ear- “One year we missed mistad her for the agree the food is good, it’s
There are some people I cially senior citizens — lier this week and was doing it, and they had a fit Thanksgiving meal two not why they return year
see here and I won’t get to and bring people together cooked by school cafe- about it,” Smith said. “So years ago and has attend- after year.
see them until next year’s as a kickoff to the holiday teria staffs at Columbus we know they look for- ed ever since. “It’s a good place to
meal. So I keep coming season. Municipal School Dis- ward to it. Some of their “Everybody just comes fellowship,” Webber said.
back.” “It’s an opportunity trict. In order for every- friends they haven’t seen together to be thankful,” “Good food and nice at-
Armistad was among where we can bring the thing to come together, he since the luncheon last Bradley said. mosphere. ... I have good
the estimated 1,200 to senior citizens together said, it took a large group year.” Friends Josephine memories every year and
attend Mayor Robert among each other where of volunteers. Wednesday The only year the Webber and Willie Cov- it’s great seeing people I
Smith’s 12th Annual Se- they can fellowship with morning volunteers Tja- Thanksgiving luncheon ington, have been meet- haven’t seen.”
nior Citizens Thanksgiv- family and friends,” Smith juan Boswell and Doris was canceled was when
ing luncheon. Though said. “They can just have Ebner spent all day trans- the Trotter was undergo-
“senior citizens” is in the a great time over a nice forming the first floor of ing renovations in 2014.
name, Smith said anyone Thanksgiving meal.” the Trotter, decorating That year was the only
was welcome to come As diners began filter- each table with fruit and meal Armistad missed.
and eat a tray of turkey, ing into the Trotter at 9:30 flower arrangements. “I’ve been here every
dressing, green beans, a.m., volunteers from Co- Smith said the senior year, except one,” Ar-
cranberry sauce and a lumbus Air Force Base, citizens show up each mistad said. “When they
dessert. Columbus High School, year en masse, with num- canceled it and I was so
Funded by roughly the Mayor’s Youth Coun- bers sometimes even top- disappointed. Just so dis-
$10,000 in private dona- cil and other organiza- ping 1,500. With the pub- appointed. The next year,

Former employee of Lowndes health clinic charged with embezzlement
Defendant worked as office manager, T h e
press re-
funds of any type, but
taking money from public
is accused of stealing $4,000 in cash lease said
internal au-
health is particularly gall-
ing. Those thinking about
By ISABELLE ALTMAN Welch worked as an of- ditors with stealing money from the fice manager for the clin- SAO discov- public coffers should see
ic, where she is accused of ered “ques- this case as proof we are
A former employee of altering payment records tionable watching.”
Lowndes County Health to note bogus deductions accounting Welch Welch could face up to
Department has been in- from cash payments from practices” and reported
dicted for embezzlement. five years in prison and
patients, according to the to the Auditor’s Office for
The State Auditor’s $5,000 in fines, the press
press release. further investigation.
Office has charged Phyl- release said.
The indictment said “This is an example
lis Welch, 55, of 570 the embezzlement oc- of someone taking mon- Welch’s next court date
Spurline Road, with em- curred in August 2017. ey that should have been is scheduled for Feb. 2,
bezzlement, according to Welch worked at the clin- spent on health services 2019. If Welch is convict-
Lowndes County Circuit ic from March 2000 to for the public, and we ed, she could face up to
five years in prison and
Court documents and a December 2017, a SAO cannot afford to have that
$5,000 in fines.
Send in your News About Town event.
SAO press release. Welch spokesperson said. money stolen,” State Audi-
was issued a demand for The clinic is run by the tor Shad White said. “My Welch has been re- email:
$4,102.68, the press re- Mississippi State Depart- office has a zero tolerance leased from custody on Subject: NATS
lease said. ment of Health. policy for theft of public $5,000 bond.
Adam Minichino

662-241-5000 B



Alabama Dantzler adjusts
suffers to play key role in
first loss MSU’s secondary
of season By Brett Hudson

STARKVILLE — Cameron Dantzler made a
From Special Reports name for himself in as an offensive threat.
At schools as small as St. Thomas Aquinas in
CHARLESTON, S.C. Hammond, Louisiana, athletes of
— Preseason Colonial Dantzler’s ability almost always
Athletic Association Play- find their way to the offensive
er of the Year Vasa Pusica side of the ball. As quarterback,
had 20 points, five assists, Dantzler rushed for 1,901 yards
and three steals Thurs- and 26 touchdowns and threw for
day afternoon to lead the 1,381 yards and 11 touchdowns
Northeastern men’s bas- to lead the Falcons to the state
ketball team to a 68-52 vic- Dantzler
semifinals for the first time.
tory against Alabama in
MSU opted to use Dantzler’s
the opening round of the
skills at cornerback, but he still needed a red-
Charleston Classic at TD
shirt year to begin his career in Starkville.
Arena on the campus of
When MSU cornerbacks coach Terrell Buckley
the College of Charleston. Blake Williams/Mississippi State Athletic Media Relations
Sophomore John Petty Anriel Howard had 24 points and 13 rebounds Thursday night in the No. 6 Mississippi thought Dantzler’s time was coming, it turned
Jr. led Alabama (2-1) with State women’s basketball team’s 104-53 victory against Lamar. out he needed another year of seasoning.
Now, the No. 25 Mississippi State football

Howard, BIBBY continue
17 points.
team is seeing the results Dantzler can deliver
Roundup The Crimson with athleticism and experience. Dantzler is first
Tide trailed
33-22 at half- on the team and tied for fifth in the Southeast-
time and never came clos- ern Conference with 10 passes defended (eight

er than seven points in the breakups, two interceptions). He will look to add
second half. Northeastern to those totals at 11 a.m. Saturday (ESPN) when
(2-1) led by as many as 17 MSU (6-4, 2-4 Southeastern Conference, No. 21
late in game. College Football Playoff) plays host to Arkansas
Alabama shot 37.3 per- (2-8, 0-6) at Davis Wade Stadium.
cent (19-for-51) from the By Adam Minichino
Inside See DANTZLER, 3B
field and 15.8 percent (3- n Coppin State, 2 p.m. Sunday
for-19) from beyond the STARKVILLE — Vic Schaefer ac- (SEC Network +; WKBB-FM 100.9). Game 11
arc. Northeastern shot n Arkansas, 11 a.m. Saturday (ESPN;
knowledges the identity of the 2018-19
52.4 percent (22-for-42) WKBB-FM 100.9, WJEC-FM 106.5, WFCA-FM 107.9).
Mississippi State women’s basketball sible for our team and, obviously, I didn’t
from the field and 52.9
team remains unclear. have them ready to play. I thought they
percent (9-for-17) from
There’s no doubt senior center Teaira made some great adjustments at half-
3-point range.
McCowan will be a key ingredient in the time. They came out in the second half Follow MSU on podcast
“You have to take your
Bulldogs’ final product. and scored 42 points (in the third quar- n The Dispatch and WCBI have come together to
hat off to Northeastern,” launch the Straight Sippin’ podcast. The Dispatch’s
But Anriel Howard, Chloe Bibby, and ter), which is really good. We just turned
Alabama coach Avery Brett Hudson will join Tom Eble and Courtney Robb
Johnson said. “They the rest of the Bulldogs offered a glimpse it over too much. Twenty turnovers is way
twice a week during football season, Wednesday and
played a balanced game of what coach Vic Schaefer’s team can too big a number, and we have to learn to
Sunday, to preview and to recap Mississippi State and
on both ends of the floor. become in a three-plus minute stretch in take care of the ball better.” Ole Miss football. Follow Brett Hudson on Twitter,
I thought they did a good the third quarter Thursday night. The 42-point third quarter is a record @Brett_Hudson, to get the latest episode. The podcast
job of mixing up their de- Bibby had nine points in an 18-0 run, for MSU. The Bulldogs were 12-for-17 will be on iTunes and Google Play soon.
fenses and shot the ball and Howard led the way with 24 points (70.6 percent) from the field and used
extremely well. We didn’t
have our best day on ei-
as part of her first double-double as a
Bulldogs in No. 6 MSU’s 104-53 victory
against Lamar before a crowd of 7,107 at
the 27-point difference in those 10 min-
utes to blow the game open after they led
35-28 at halftime.
DE Jones has been
ther end of the floor. We
knew what their strengths
were on their team and
Humphrey Coliseum.
Jordan Danberry (career-high 15
MSU’s 18-0 run stretched for 3 min-
utes, 20 seconds. The Bulldogs held the
productive for MSU
they played to them and points), Bibby (11), McCowan (11 points, Cardinals (3-1) without a field goal for By Brett Hudson
did it extremely well.” 16 rebounds, five blocked shots), and Jes- 6:29 and turned up the pressure with
Northeastern, which sika Carter (10 points, eight rebounds, a full-court defense that changed the
returns five starters and four blocks) also scored in double fig- tempo and played a role in the Cardinals STARKVILLE — Mississippi State defensive
was picked as the favor- ures to help MSU improve to 3-0. committing 20 turnovers. coordinator Bob Shoop’s mind
ite in the CAA, scored “I’m very pleased with the second Bibby was in position and ready to was in a lot of places in April when
the first eight points and half,” Schaefer said. “I’m extremely disap- shoot during the run. She took a pass he was learning personnel and
hit seven of their first 10 pointed with the first half. You don’t have from Danberry to kick off the run with installing his system.
shots from the field to set to look any further than me. I’m respon- See IDENTITY, 2B Shoop hasn’t been able to shake
the tone. Alabama missed his first impression of defensive

Freshman Carter learning how
nine of its first 10 shots. end Kobe Jones.
Junior Dazon Ingram “I think of the spring game, the
had nine points and five fact we divided the teams and he Jones
rebounds off the bench,
while sophomore Herbert to be bigger defensive presence wanted to be on the other team, to
play against the starters and did
really, really well,” Shoop said.
Jones added eight points
and three rebounds. By Adam Minichino The game offered a glimpse of the former
Alabama will face Ball Starkville High School standout’s potential.
State at 12:30 p.m. Friday With 18 tackles, five for a loss, and two quarter-
(ESPNU) in its second STARKVILLE — back hurries, Jones has shown he can continue
game at the Charleston Jessika Carter is still ad- the dominance of teammates Jeffery Simmons
Classic. justing to the spotlight. and Montez Sweat. He will look to build his rep-
n Southern The Mississippi State utation at 11 a.m. Saturday (ESPN) when No. 25
Mississippi 81, Troy 66: freshman will have to MSU (6-4, 2-4 Southeastern Conference, No. 21
At Troy, Alabama, Cortez get used to answering College Football Playoff) plays host to Arkansas
Edwards had 26 points questions more regular- (2-8, 0-6) at Davis Wade Stadium.
Thursday night to eclipse ly if she keeps delivering See JONES, 3B
1,000 points for his career performances like she did
Thursday night.

Vanderbilt, Ole Miss
and to lead the Golden Ea-
gles to a 3-0 start. Carter had her most
Edwards became the
37th player in program
Notebook productive
effort as
history to surpass 1,000
points. He added six re-
bounds and five assists.
a Bulldog
with 10 points and eight
rebounds in No. 6 MSU’s
104-53 victory against
want to finish strong
Southern Miss led 42-
26 at halftime and by as Lamar before a crowd of
The Associated Press
many as 25 in the second 7,107 at Humphrey Coli-
half. seum.
NASHVILLE, Tenn. — The Vanderbilt Com-
“Cortez is one of those In her first post-game
modores have no time left to lament the four
players who everyone appearance in front of Blake Williams/Mississippi State Athletic Media Relations
games that have slipped through their grasp be-
questioned when he came the media, Carter admit- Myah Taylor had seven points and two assists (six
cause they couldn’t make the play to finish off a
in here,” Southern Miss ted she didn’t know MSU turnovers) in 14 minutes Thursday night in the No. 6
coach Vic Schaefer’s Mississippi State women’s basketball team’s 104-53 victory.
coach Doc Sadler said.
“He has constantly im- routine of circling items victory against Lamar. With two games remaining, the Commodores
proved his game and he is on the final stat sheet he must win out if they want to play in a bowl for the
the most important thing: liked and squaring ones from the free-throw line, 5 minutes, 6 seconds left second time in three seasons.
a winner. He makes our he didn’t like. The num- but I didn’t do that. Jess is in the third quarter. Car- “It’s win or go home,” Vanderbilt coach Derek
team better. He’s reached ber that caught Schaefer’s going to be in here more ter was noticeably active Mason said.
1,000 points, and he’s eye on this night was Car- often than tonight.” in defending shots and Junior receiver Kalija Lipscomb says it’s a bit
done a tremendous job. ter’s four blocked shots in Carter, a 6-foot-5 cen- going strong to the rim. frustrating that the Commodores (4-6, 1-4 South-
We’re gonna miss him 18 minutes. ter from Waverly Hall, She said she needs “to be eastern Conference) have had issues playing a
when he’s gone, but we “I have got her (four Georgia, saw her most consistent” to help raise full 60 minutes each game. But Lipscomb says
sure will enjoy the next 30 blocks) circled about five minutes due in part to her confidence level. The they know they’re close and almost beat three
or so games we have with times,” Schaefer said. senior center Teaira Mc- brief answer was typical Top 15 teams. Instead, they’ve lost four of their
him.” “The only thing I would Cowan getting whistled of some freshmen who last five.
See ROUNDUP, 2B block her on is 2-for-4 for her fourth foul with See NOTEBOOK, 2B See OLE MISS, 3B
2B Friday, November 16, 2018 The Dispatch •

Notebook Roundup
Continued from Page 1B Continued from Page 1B
aren’t used to the glare of the some great adjustments at halftime.” n Mississippi State will play host
MSU committed an uncharacteristic five turn- to Long Beach State: At Starkville,
post-game media attention. Later
overs on inbounds plays. The Bulldogs also lacked
in the 16-plus minute interview, an edge in the first half that the Cardinals capitalized the No. 17 Mississippi State men’s bas-
Carter opened up a little more — on. Senior guard Chastadie Barrs, who was named ketball team (2-0) will wrap up its sea-
thanks to a little prompting from to the watch list for the Lieberman Award (nation’s son-opening homestand at 8 p.m. Fri-
Schaefer — and said Schaefer has top point guard), had 13 points and three of her day (SEC Network) when it lays host
team’s 10 steals in the first half. The Cardinals had
been asking her to “play hard, to Long Beach State (1-2) at Humphrey
14 steals for the game, but they shot only 25.7 per-
jump, block shots and be active in cent from the field (19-for-74). Barrs finished with 16 Coliseum.
practice so she will emerge as a points on 7-for-25 shooting from the field. The Bulldogs have won 16 consecu-
bigger defensive presence. Turnover issues tive non-conference home games dating
“I have been trying to get her Schaefer wasn’t pleased that Anriel Howard back to the 2016-17 season. Six of the last
to do that,” Schaefer said. “She (five) and Chloe Bibby (four) combined for nine turn- seven and 10 of the 16 victories during
was really special. ... She’s been overs at forward. the streak have come by double digits.
Backup point guard Myah Taylor also committed Women
practicing really well. This is a
six turnovers in 14 points. Schaefer said the Bulldogs
kid that’s been in practice the last were “loose” with the ball and accepted the blame for
n Alabama 62, SMU 61, OT: At
couple of weeks just getting bet- his team’s performance. Dallas, Senior Shaquera Wade scored
ter.” “I was disappointed with our attention to detail, five-straight points in the extra session
Schaefer is confident Carter especially in the first half. I think a lot of our turn- to help the Crimson Tide (2-1) edge the
overs were, simply, that we were loose with the ball,” Mustangs (2-1) at Moody Coliseum.
has it in her to be dominant force Schaefer said. “We really had a lack of focus, again,
in the paint. my fault. I am the head coach. If they’re not focused
Wade helped the Crimson Tide erase
“She is going to be a monster,” and ready to play, then that’s on me. I’ve got to do a a 58-57 deficit with 2:35 remaining in
Schaefer said. “The good thing better job of getting them focused and getting them overtime.
for her is she has some veterans ready to play.” Jasmine Walker had 10 points and 10
at four (power forward) and five rebounds for her third consecutive dou-
(center) she can learn from right This and that ble-double. Ariyah Copeland and Allie
now.” Senior guard Jordan Danberry had a career-high Craig Cruce had nine points apiece.
15 points on 6-for-10 shooting from the field. The 10 Alabama led 46-34 with 3:09 left in
Tale of two halves attempts matched the high mark in a game as a Bull-
the third quarter, but SMU cut the defi-
Schaefer wasn’t pleased with his team’s first 20 dog she set last season in a 98-50 victory against
minutes. Florida on Feb. 8, 2018. ... MSU will play host to Cop- cit to 47-40 at the end of the quarter.
The Bulldogs committed 12 of their 20 turnovers pin State at 2 p.m. Sunday. The Bulldogs will unveil The Mustangs held the Crimson Tide
and shot 37.8 percent (14-for-37) in the first half in their national runner-up banner prior to the game. ... to eight points in the final 10 minutes.
building a 35-28 halftime lead.
“I’m extremely disappointed with the first half,”
Last week, MSU changed the start time for its game
against Furman on Wednesday. The game will kick
The teams were tied three times in the Know a good cook? Drop us a line.
Schaefer said. “You don’t have to look any further off at 2 p.m. at Humphrey Coliseum. fourth quarter. SMU had a chance to
than me. I’m responsible for our team and, obviously, Follow Dispatch sports editor Adam Minichino win the game, but Mackenzie Ellis’ shot
I didn’t have them ready to play. I thought they made on Twitter @ctsportseditor went in just after the buzzer.

Continued from Page 1B
a 3-pointer. She took an- She didn’t return. On this
other pass from Jazzmun night, the Bulldogs didn’t
Holmes (nine points, nine need her thanks to a bal-
assists, five rebounds) anced scoring effort and
later in the run, and then an energized third quar-
showed good poise to use ter.
a shot fake to entice the Lamar coach Robin Har-
defender to leave her feet mony said Howard, who
and then calmly drained a also had 13 rebounds and
trey to cap the run. three assists in 25 minutes,
“If it’s open, I’m going gives the Bulldogs a valu-
to take the shot,” Bibby able dimension.
said. “My teammates “She’s a smart basket-
have faith in me that I’m ball player. She doesn’t
going to knock it down make mistakes, and she
with (Howard), Jessika, or can score on the bounce,”
McCowan out there to get Harmony said. “She can
that rebound. We are just hit the three. She can take
so big down there, (so) I it to the rack. It’s that type
have no hesitation to pull of player that makes a big
that. Everyone has faith difference for your team,
in me to do that. We need especially if you get your
shooters on this team be- bigs in foul trouble.”
cause we are huge, still The 3-pointer Har-
getting in the gym and mony referenced came
still have to be better.” at the 3-minute, 27-sec-
Howard is showing she ond mark of the second
wants to add her name to quarter. Howard, a grad-
the list of “shooters” on uate transfer from Texas
the team. Her 3-pointer A&M, showed good form
wasn’t a part of the run, in draining the trey from
but she did have a layup the top of the key to push
off an inbounds pass that MSU’s lead to 31-24. It
she turned into a 3-point was her first 3-pointer as
play. The basket was part a Bulldog. Connecticut
of a 9-for-15 effort from transfer Andra Espino-
the field (5-for-5 from the za-Hunter (seven points in
free-throw line) that near- 19 minutes) also had her
ly helped her match her first 3-pointer as a Bull-
career-high of 26 points dog at the Hump. It was
that she set in her final her first game as a Bull-
game as a member of the dog in Starkville since
Texas A&M women’s bas- she learned last week the
ketball program in a 90- NCAA declared her im-
84 loss to Notre Dame in mediately eligible.
the Spokane Regional on Even though MSU re-
March 24, 2018. mains a work in progress,
“In the first quarter, I Howard feels the Bulldogs
didn’t come out as aggres- are learning what roles
sive as I should have,” How- they will play to make the
ard said. “The second half, team successful.
we all did much better as “I have to knock down
a team, but individually I a lot of mid-range shots so
attacked a little more after they won’t be doubling off
coach told me to. With (Mc- of me,” Howard said. “That
Cowan) not being there, I will help (McCowan), too.
felt that I had to help out a If they respect me, that will
little more.” make her job easier.”
McCowan picked up Follow Dispatch sports
her fourth foul at the 5:06 editor Adam Minichino on
mark of the third quarter. Twitter @ctsportseditor
The Dispatch • Friday, November 16, 2018 3B

briefly Dantzler Basketball
Local Continued from Page 1B Wednesday’s Games
Orlando 111, Philadelphia 106
Washington 119, Cleveland 95
MSMS soccer teams beat West Point “He’s always had the abil- point. and use my technique, I feel Boston 111, Chicago 82
Detroit 106, Toronto 104
The Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science girls and ity, it’s the development and “It takes a little time. It like I’m unstoppable.” Miami 120, Brooklyn 107
boys soccer teams beat West Point on Thursday night in their season putting him in the right po- takes time to perfect your This season’s results vali- Memphis 116, Milwaukee 113
Minnesota 107, New Orleans 100
openers at the Downtown Columbus Soccer Complex.
The MSMS girls won 8-1 and the boys won 5-2.
sition,” Buckley said. “Learn craft in anything you do,” Dan- date why former MSU coach Oklahoma City 128, New York 103
Dallas 118, Utah 68
Senior Erin Williams led scorers with four goals and an assist. how put his body in position, tzler said. “It’s the little things Dan Mullen’s staff viewed Phoenix 116, San Antonio 96
L.A. Lakers 126, Portland 117
Senior Arin Kelly scored a goal. Junior Tierah Macon added two goals, and I expect that to continue he told me to do, working on Dantzler as a cornerback and Thursday’s Games
Houston 107, Golden State 86
and junior Niya Troup scored a goal. Senior Mia Riddley had an assist. to get better.” my technique in the summer, why Buckley never questioned Denver 138, Atlanta 93
“It was a good opening night, but we have a lot of work to do Dantzler is making an im- work the things we worked on that evaluation. The success
L.A. Clippers 116, San Antonio 111
Today’s Games
improving our passing, possession, defending, and scoring,” MSMS
coach Chuck Yarborough said. “We’re not where we want to be, but pact when MSU needs it most. in spring ball and come back has helped Dantzler enjoy Brooklyn at Washington, 6 p.m.
Miami at Indiana, 6 p.m.
then nobody is where they want to be when they play their first match. He broke up three passes in in the fall to get better on that. playing defense even more. Toronto at Boston, 6 p.m.
Utah at Philadelphia, 6 p.m.
Growth individually and as a team is what we’ll be looking for after the the victory against Auburn. “I’m just more confident in “I always liked defense. New York at New Orleans, 7 p.m.
Portland at Minnesota, 7 p.m.
Thanksgiving break.” His interceptions came in a my game, being more patient I liked covering people and Sacramento at Memphis, 7 p.m.
In the boys match, junior Boatner Calhoun scored three goals. Chicago at Milwaukee, 8:30 p.m.
Morgan Empokpae and Britton Phillips also had goals.
loss to Florida and in a loss to at the line of scrimmage, and making plays,” Dantzler said. Thursday’s Men’s Major
“It felt good to finally get on the pitch and start the season,” MSMS LSU. really studying film a lot.” “Defense wins champion- College Scores
coach Morri Mims said. “We started well, and we’ll look to build on this According to CFB Film For Dantzler, his film study ships, so I always felt like I EAST
Delaware 73, Cornell 56
game and continue working for a successful season.” Room, Dantzler has defensed has taken a different empha- wanted to be a defensive play- Hartford 68, Quinnipiac 54
MSMS will play host to Nettleton on Nov. 27. 38.9 percent of the passes sis. er at the next level. It’s some- Northeastern 68, Alabama 52
Pittsburgh 97, Cent. Arkansas 71
n In prep basketball action, the Starkville High School girls and
boys swept West Point. The girls team won 63-43, while the boys team 10 yards or more downfield “Looking at me in the film thing I was looking forward to UConn 83, Syracuse 76
West Virginia 71, Monmouth (NJ) 53
won 82-28. against him, which is second study, looking at the little doing.” SOUTH
Belmont 87, Lipscomb 83
n Mary Peyton Passons had 29 points Thursday night to lead the in the conference. things that I mess up on and Follow Dispatch sports writ- Bethune-Cookman 97, Johnson (FL) 47
Elon 98, Milligan 71
Starkville Academy girls basketball team to a 53-35 victory against Oak Dantzler said he had to correct them in practice,” er Brett Hudson on Twitter @ Furman 107, North Greenville 67
Hill Academy. Presbyterian 102, Boyce College 49
Mari Laci Archer added 11 for the Lady Volunteers. Reagan
trust the process to get to this Dantzler said. “If I stay square Brett_Hudson Purdue 92, Appalachian St. 70

Saint Joseph’s 89, Wake Forest 69
Freeman had 14 for Oak Hill Academy. Southern Miss. 81, Troy 66
Tennessee St. 92, Carver 57
In the boys game, Tylor Latham and Trey Tyler had 14 points, but Virginia Tech 73, Ball St. 64
Oak Hill Academy edged Starkville Academy 52-49. W. Kentucky 83, Valparaiso 71
Continued from Page 1B Bowling Green 75, NC Central 60
Mississippi State “I think Kobe’s a guy that standout career at Starkville “When teams try to bow
Cent. Michigan 67, CS Bakersfield 55
Davidson 57, Wichita St. 53
DePaul 72, Penn St. 70, OT
Stuedeman adds eight to softball team (defensive line coach Brian) High saw him earn four-star up and be aggressive with us,
Evansville 92, Kentucky Wesleyan 72
Ill.-Chicago 100, William & Mary 95, OT
STARKVILLE — Mississippi State softball coach Vann Stuedeman
announced the addition of eight players Thursday in one of the nation’s Baker and the defensive staff status from 247 Sports and be- that’s an opportunity to show Iowa 77, Oregon 69
Ohio St. 69, Creighton 60
top recruiting classes during the early signing period. are really excited about,” MSU come one of the state of Mis- our strength,” Jones said. SOUTHWEST
TCU 77, Fresno St. 69
FloSoftball ranks the class as high as seventh in the country. Of coach Joe Moorhead said. sissippi’s top 10 prospects in A mind-set like that one is FAR WEST
Abilene Christian 67, Denver 61
the eight signees, FloSoftball ranks three among the top 100 recruits in “Not only does he possess his class. similar to the one Shoop saw BYU 85, Oral Roberts 65
the country. The signing class has combined for 10 high school state Gonzaga 94, Texas A&M 71
championships, one high school national championship and four travel
the physical tools that are re- “It has its positives, but at prior to the spring game. It has Pacific 83, Idaho St. 76
San Diego 95, San Diego Christian 47
ball national championships. quired to be successful in this the end of the day I’m not used Shoop excited for the future. UC Irvine 61, Santa Clara 49
FloSoftball ranks Aspen Wesley, a pitcher from top-ranked conference, but he’s a student to being in this kind of role,” “You’re not supposed to UCF 68, Cal St.-Fullerton 52
Utah 98, MVSU 63
Neshoba Central High School, the 86th player in the country. Wesley is of the game: high IQ, knows Jones said. “These couple of play favorites, but he always Weber St. 85, San Jose St. 77
a three-time Mississippi Gatorade Player of the Year and was crowned the fundamentals, knows the years, I’ve had to adapt to be- has a great demeanor going Northeastern 68,
an All-American by MaxPreps over the last three seasons. She also has Alabama 52
helped Neshoba Central to five consecutive 5A State Championships. technique, and always does it ing behind the scenes. into meetings and going to NORTHEASTERN (2-1): Murphy 2-3 0-0
Ranked No. 88 in FloSoftball’s Top 100, Kiki Edwards (Wood- the way coach Baker instructs “I feel like I kind of instill practice,” Shoop said. “He’s 5, Green 4-7 0-0 8, Brace 3-5 3-3 11, Gresham
2-6 0-1 6, Pusica 6-10 4-5 20, Miller 4-6 3-3 11,
bridge, Virginia) is an elite outfielder from Osbourn Park High. Edwards him to do so. He very rarely the personality of the defense. got a positive attitude, got a Roland 1-4 3-3 5, Franklin 0-0 0-0 0, Walters
0-1 2-2 2. Totals 22-42 15-17 68.
led Osbourn Park to the 2016 6A State Championship as a freshman finds himself in the wrong po- I’m the guy that keeps every- great work ethic, and is very ALABAMA (2-1): Hall 0-1 0-0 0, Smith 1-3
and has won back-to-back All-Region honors. 0-0 2, Jones 2-6 4-5 8, Lewis 3-10 0-0 7, Petty
Rounding out MSU’s ranked recruits is Paige Cooke (Cornelia,
sition.” body going, thinking positive, competitive. 6-12 3-4 17, Reese 0-2 0-0 0, Giddens 0-0 0-0

Georgia), who signs as the No. 44 player in the country, according Jones’ spot in the rotation reminding people of who we “He recognizes Chauncey 0, A.Johnson 1-4 0-0 2, B.Johnson 0-0 0-0 0,
Ingram 3-5 3-4 9, Mack 3-8 1-2 7. Totals 19-51
to Extra Innings Softball and the No. 68 recruit in the country by solidified after Marquiss are, our identity. I feel like and Montez get a little more 11-15 52.
Halftime—Northeastern 33-22. 3-Point
FloSoftball. The third baseman/utility player from Habersham Central Spencer’s season-ending inju- it’s my job to exemplify that recognition than him, but per Goals—Northeastern 9-17 (Pusica 4-4, Brace
2-3, Gresham 2-5, Murphy 1-1, Miller 0-1,
High was named a GADC All-State honoree. Cooke has also brought ry, but he is still behind Sweat all times: always be the one snap, he might be as produc- Roland 0-3), Alabama 3-19 (Petty 2-6, Lewis
home a 16U IDT Championship and 18U Triple Crown Nationals over 1-6, Jones 0-1, Reese 0-2, Mack 0-4). Re-
her travel ball tenure. and Gerri Green on the first going the hardest, being the tive a player as we have. Be- bounds—Northeastern 23 (Roland 6), Alabama
24 (Ingram, Petty 5). Assists—Northeastern 14
Kenley Hawk (Palestine, Arkansas) is a two-way player who saw team. Chauncey Rivers is pro- toughest, and taking the lead fore it’s all said and done, he’s (Pusica 5), Alabama 10 (Hall, Ingram, Petty 2).
time in the outfield and in the pitching circle for Palestine-Wheatley High ducing the most on the second sometimes.” going to have a great career A—2,648 (5,100).
School. unit. Jones said he feels that here.” Southern Mississippi 81,
Brylie St. Clair (Sand Rock, Alabama) is a three-time All-State
Jones is fourth among MSU need most when a team is Follow Dispatch sports writ- Troy 66
outfielder out of Sand Rock High. St. Clair led the Wildcats to three con- SOUTHERN MISSISSIPPI (3-0): Harp-
secutive championship games, winning the title over the 2016 season. defensive linemen in tackles, challenging the Bulldogs with er Brett Hudson on Twitter @ er-Baker 5-7 0-1 10, Rowe 3-4 0-0 7, Griffin
4-11 0-0 10, Edwards 11-16 0-0 26, Holland
Aquana Brownlee, from Houston High, is a staple in the infield and but he still is adapting after a the run. Brett_Hudson 2-5 0-0 6, Jacdonmi 2-2 0-0 4, Watson 1-4 0-0

Ole Miss
3, Magee 3-6 2-4 9, Draine 2-7 0-0 6. Totals
outfield. She helped lead the Hilltoppers to the 2018 Mississippi 3A 33-62 2-5 81.
State Championship at Nusz Park earlier this spring. TROY (1-3): Johnson 2-9 2-2 6, Hicks
6-12 0-1 13, Varnado 3-14 3-6 9, Miller 5-10 0-0
Madisyn Kennedy (Montgomery, Alabama), a shortstop/third 11, Adams 2-6 0-0 6, Foster 1-3 0-0 3, Williams
baseman, has led Macon East Academy to three state championships 0-1 0-0 0, Norman 5-7 1-2 16, Simon 1-2 0-0 2,
over her tenure. Kennedy has held a batting average over .460 over her Continued from Page 1B Rodgers 0-1 0-0 0. Totals 25-65 6-11 66.
Halftime—Southern Miss. 42-26. 3-Point
last three seasons. Goals—Southern Miss. 13-29 (Edwards 4-6,
“We have to put four com- Ole Miss coach Matt Luke fourth quarter. We’re going to Griffin 2-5, Draine 2-5, Holland 2-5, Rowe 1-2,
Shortstop Desiree Lewis (Mocksville, North Carolina) is one of the Magee 1-2, Watson 1-3, Harper-Baker 0-1),
top recruits from the Tar Heel State. Lewis held a .309 average with 25 plete quarters together, and and his Rebels face a quick pour everything in to these Troy 10-30 (Norman 5-6, Adams 2-5, Miller
RBIs and six home runs as a sophomore. She will return to the field hopefully we do that this turnaround, too, playing the last 10 days to keep these guys 1-1, Hicks 1-2, Foster 1-3, Simon 0-1, Rodgers
0-1, Williams 0-1, Varnado 0-4, Johnson 0-6).
for her senior campaign after being sidelined with injury over the 2018 week,” Lipscomb said. Egg Bowl on Thanksgiving. fighting and competing and Fouled Out—None. Rebounds—Southern
Miss. 34 (Harper-Baker 8), Troy 34 (Varnado
season. Vanderbilt will play host Luke has a similar message as find a way to win this thing in 10). Assists—Southern Miss. 22 (Griffin 9),
n Men’s tennis team’s Borges earns victory: At Pensacola, Troy 14 (Varnado 4). A—3,007 (5,200).
to another team disappointed Mason’s, pushing his Rebels the fourth quarter.”
Florida, Senior All-American Nuno Borges defeated Chenhe Li (ATP Thursday’s Women’s
1218) 6-3, 6-1 in a first-round match at the Pensacola Futures at the with its record in Ole Miss (5- to finish games. Luke said junior college
Major College Scores
Roger Scott Tennis Center. 5, 1-5) on Saturday night. Van- “They keep getting up off transfer Scottie Phillips, who EAST
Boston College 89, Holy Cross 63
derbilt beat Ole Miss when the the mat to keep battling,” Luke has run for 927 yards and Brown 76, New Hampshire 70
Corrections Rebels visited two years ago said. “The object of the game an SEC-leading 12 rushing Drexel 64, Bucknell 42
Duke 66, Maine 63
n The West Point High School football team will play host to as part of Vandy’s push for Ma- is to win, and that’s what those touchdowns will be a game- Penn 65, Saint Joseph’s 45
Quinnipiac 48, Providence 44
Lafayette at 7 p.m. Friday in the second round of the Mississippi High son’s first bowl game as a head guys want. They’re coming up time decision. He had just 4 Vermont 78, Norwich 28
School Activities Association (MHSAA) Class 5A playoffs. The location West Virginia 94, Bryant 48
of the game was incorrect in Thursday’s edition.
coach. Now the Rebels have short, they’re disappointed, yards rushing against Texas SOUTH
Appalachian St. 68, UNC-Greensboro 65
n Mississippi University for Women’s Brandy Harris was incorrect- lost three-straight games, in- frustrated, but we have 10 A&M last weekend after suf- Campbell 66, Coll. of Charleston 65
Florida St. 79, Jacksonville 46
ly identified in a cutline in Tuesday’s edition. cluding a 38-24 loss to Texas more days left to pour into it to fering a sprained ankle in the Georgia Southern 82, Savannah St. 71
— From Special Reports A&M last week. find a way to get that win in the first quarter. Kentucky 63, Virginia 51
Lipscomb 62, Alabama A&M 58
Louisiana-Monroe 93, LSU-Alexandria 62
Mercer 92, Florida 82
Miami 63, Marquette 55

on the air CALENDAR Mississippi St. 104, Lamar 53
NC State 74, Vanderbilt 54
Radford 79, ETSU 64
SE Louisiana 77, Alcorn St. 59
Today Saturday Prep Football Samford 60, Alabama St. 51
South Carolina 69, Clemson 57
AUTO RACING AUTO RACING Today’s Games South Florida 88, Bethune-Cookman 39
Tulane 56, LSU 54
Noon — Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series, prac- 1:30 p.m. — Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series, Mississippi High School Activities Association UAB 85, Memphis 54

tice, at Homestead, Florida, NBC Sports Network practice, at Homestead, Florida, NBC Sports Class 6A Playoffs — Second Round MIDWEST
Belmont 79, Wright St. 63
Network Starkville at Horn Lake, 7 p.m. Cleveland St. 79, Lake Erie 49
1:30 p.m. — NASCAR Xfinity Series, practice, at Drake 76, South Dakota 64
2:30 p.m. — NASCAR Xfinity Series, qualifying, at Class 5A Playoffs — Second Round E. Illinois 72, Purdue Fort Wayne 63
Homestead, Florida, NBC Sports Network Michigan 79, W. Michigan 42
Homestead, Florida, NBC Sports Network Lafayette at West Point, 7 p.m. Northwestern 87, Ill.-Chicago 44
2:30 p.m. — NASCAR Camping World Truck 4 p.m. — Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series, Ohio 86, Binghamton 49
Series, qualifying, at Homestead, Florida, FS1 final practice, at Homestead, Florida, NBC Sports Prep Basketball Purdue 81, W. Illinois 60
S. Dakota St. 74, Creighton 48
4 p.m. — NASCAR Xfinity Series, final practice, at Network Today’s Games SOUTHWEST
Abilene Christian 98, Howard Payne 43
Homestead, Florida, NBC Sports Network 5:30 p.m. — NASCAR Xfinity Series, race, at Columbus girls at Osmond Jordan Classic (Forest Alabama 62, SMU 61
5 p.m. — Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series, qual- Homestead, Florida, NBC Sports Network Hill) Baylor 94, Southern U. 49
Oklahoma 93, Northwestern St. 56
ifying, at Homestead, Florida, NBC Sports Network COLLEGE BASKETBALL Caledonia at Columbus Christian Oklahoma St. 70, Prairie View 50
Texas 96, McNeese St. 40
4 p.m. — Furman at Villanova, FS2 Hebron Christian at Starkville Academy FAR WEST
5 p.m. — NASCAR Camping World Truck Series,
7 p.m. — Houston Baptist at Wisconsin, Big Ten Saturday’s Games San Diego St. 83, Cal St.-Fullerton 72
race, at Homestead, Florida, FS1 Southern Cal 82, UC Santa Barbara 39
Network Starkville at Neshoba Central Classic Stanford 96, San Francisco 62
COLLEGE BASKETBALL UC Riverside 56, S. Utah 50

10 a.m. — Charleston Classic, semifinal game,
7 p.m. — Saint Louis at Seton Hall, FS2
Men’s College Basketball No. 6 Mississippi St. 104,
Charleston, South Carolina, ESPN2 Today’s Games Lamar 53
11 a.m. — Ohio State at Maryland, WKDH-WTVA Ole Miss at Butler, 7 p.m. LAMAR (3-1): Crump 1-4 6-8 9, Laidler
10 a.m. — Myrtle Beach Invitational, consolation 11 a.m. — Penn State at Rutgers OR Northwestern 0-0 2-2 2, Barrs 7-24 2-4 16, Kinard 3-16 0-0 7,
game, Conway, South Carolina, ESPNU Long Beach State at Mississippi State, 8 p.m. Pimentel 3-13 0-3 7, Cowart 2-3 0-0 4, Collins
at Minnesota, Big Ten Network Alabama vs. Northeastern (Charleston, South
0-2 0-0 0, Hastings 2-6 0-0 6, Miles 0-0 0-0 0,
Pierson 1-6 0-0 2, Totals 19-74 10-17 53.
10:30 a.m. — Austin Peay vs Central 11 a.m. — Colgate at Army, CBS Sports Network MISSISSIPPI STATE (3-0): Bibby 4-7 0-0
Carolina) 11, Howard 9-15 5-5 24, McCowan 5-8 1-2 11,
Connecticut, CBS Sports Network 11 a.m. — Arkansas at Mississippi State, ESPN Sunday’s Games Danberry 6-10 3-5 15, Holmes 1-4 7-8 9, Carter
12:30 p.m. — Charleston Classic, semifinal game, 11 a.m. — Harvard at Yale, ESPN2 Wiley College at Mississippi University for
4-7 2-4 10, Campbell 0-0 0-0 0, Espinoza-Hunter
3-10 0-0 7, Scott 0-1 2-2 2, Taylor 2-5 3-4 7, Wig-
Charleston, South Carolina, ESPN2 11 a.m. — Idaho at Florida, ESPNU Women, 4 p.m. gins 3-8 1-1 8, Totals 37-75 24-31 104.
Lamar 15 13 15 10 —53
12:30 p.m. — Charleston Classic, consolation 11 a.m. — South Florida at Temple, ESPNEWS Alabama vs. Opponent TBD (Charleston, South Mississippi St. 20 15 42 27 —104
game, Charleston, South Carolina, ESPNU 11 a.m. — Michigan State at Nebraska, WLOV 3-Point Goals—Lamar 5-18 (Crump 1-2,
Carolina), time TBD Barrs 0-1, Kinard 1-8, Pimentel 1-3, Hastings
11 a.m. — TCU at Baylor, FS1 2-4), Mississippi St. 6-19 (Bibby 3-5, Howard
1 p.m. — Florida A&M vs Campbell, CBS Sports
11 a.m. — Pittsburgh at Wake Forest, Fox Sports South Women’s College Basketball 1-3, Espinoza-Hunter 1-6, Taylor 0-2, Wiggins
1-3). Assists—Lamar 5 (Kinard 2), Mississippi
11 a.m. — The Citadel at Alabama, SEC Network Saturday’s Game St. 22 (Holmes 9). Fouled Out—Lamar Crump,
3:30 p.m. — Ohio vs South Florida, CBS Sports 1:30 p.m. — Syracuse vs Notre Dame, WTVA
Rebounds—Lamar 32 (Kinard 5), Mississippi
LSU-Shreveport at Mississippi University for St. 64 (McCowan 16). A—7,107.
Network 2:30 p.m. — West Virginia at Oklahoma State, Women, 3 p.m. Alabama 62, SMU 61
5:30 p.m. — 2K Classic, championship, New York, WKDH-WTVA Sunday’s Games ALABAMA (2-1): Benjamin 0-6 2-2 2,
Walker 3-9 4-6 10, Johnson 3-12 2-4 8, Lew-
New York, ESPN2 2:30 p.m. — Iowa at Illinois OR Wisconsin at Coppin State at Mississippi State, 2 p.m. is 1-4 1-1 3, Wade 3-10 0-0 8, Copeland 4-7
1-2 9, Craig Cruce 3-4 1-2 9, Knight 4-7 0-3
6 p.m. — Loyola Marymount vs Georgetown, CBS Purdue, Big Ten Network Western Michigan at Ole Miss, 2 p.m. 8, Abrams 0-2 0-0 0, Barber 1-2 2-2 5, Totals
Sports Network 2:30 p.m. — Missouri at Tennessee, WCBI Samford at Southern Mississippi, 2 p.m.
22-63 13-22 62.
SMU (2-1): Froling 6-12 7-13 19, Tollie 0-1
6 p.m. — Charleston Classic, semifinal game, 2:30 p.m. — Tulsa at Navy, CBS Sports Network 0-2 0, Bacon 4-9 6-6 14, White 4-16 3-6 12,

Charleston, South Carolina, ESPNU 2:30 p.m. — Miami at Virginia Tech, ESPN College Football Whitfield 3-11 1-2 7, Bayliss 1-2 0-0 2, Cash 0-2
0-0 0, Ellis 1-4 2-2 5, Olson 0-0 2-2 2, Smith 0-0
7 p.m. — Ole Miss at Butler, FS2 2:30 p.m. — Boston College at Florida State, Saturday’s Games 0-2 0, Totals 19-57 21-35 61.
Alabama 9 19 19 8 7 —62
ESPN2 Arkansas at Mississippi State, 11 a.m. SMU 13 11 16 15 6 —61
7 p.m. — Alcorn State at Vanderbilt, SEC Network 3-Point Goals—Alabama 5-24 (Benjamin
2:30 p.m. — Texas Tech at Kansas State, ESPNU The Citadel at Alabama, 11 a.m. 0-3, Walker 0-2, Johnson 0-4, Lewis 0-3, Wade
8 p.m. — Myrtle Beach Invitational, semifinal game, 2:30 p.m. — Southern California at UCLA, WLOV Louisiana Tech at Southern Miss, 2:30 p.m. 2-6, Craig Cruce 2-3, Abrams 0-1, Barber 1-2),
Conway, South Carolina, ESPNU SMU 2-20 (Tollie 0-1, White 1-11, Whitfield 0-4,
2:30 p.m. — Indiana at Michigan, FS1 Ole Miss at Vanderbilt, 6:30 p.m. Ellis 1-4). Assists—Alabama 13 (Wade 5), SMU
9 p.m. — Arizona State at San Francisco, Pac-12 3 p.m. — Air Force at Wyoming, ESPNEWS 8 (Whitfield 3). Fouled Out—Alabama Wade,

Network 3 p.m. — Massachusetts at Georgia, SEC Network College Swimming and Diving Rebounds—Alabama 47 (Walker 10), SMU 39
(Froling 13). A—596.
Today’s Meet
10 p.m. — Little Rock at Nevada, ESPNU
10 p.m. — St. Francis (PA) at UCLA, Pac-12 Network
6:30 p.m. — Rice at LSU, ESPNU
6:30 p.m. — Ole Miss at Vanderbilt, SEC Network Alabama at Georgia Tech Invitational
7 p.m. — Cincinnati at UCF, WKDH-WTVA NFL
COLLEGE FOOTBALL Saturday’s Meet Thursday’s Game
8 p.m. — Boise State at New Mexico, CBS Sports 9:15 p.m. — New Mexico State at BYU, ESPN Alabama at Georgia Tech Invitational Seattle 27, Green Bay 24
Sunday’s Games
Network 9:30 p.m. — San Diego State at Fresno State, CBS Houston at Washington, Noon

8 p.m. — Memphis at SMU, ESPN2
Sports Network College Volleyball Pittsburgh at Jacksonville, Noon
Tampa Bay at N.Y. Giants, Noon
GOLF Today’s Matches Dallas at Atlanta, Noon
GOLF 5 a.m. — European Tour Golf, DP World Ole Miss at South Carolina, 6 p.m.
Cincinnati at Baltimore, Noon
Carolina at Detroit, Noon
3:30 p.m. — PGA Tour, RSM Classic, second round, Championship, third round, Jumeirah Golf Estates, Alabama at Mississippi State, 7 p.m. Tennessee at Indianapolis, Noon
Denver at L.A. Chargers, 3:05 p.m.
Sea Island Resort, Georgia, TGC Dubai, TGC Sunday’s Matches Oakland at Arizona, 3:05 p.m.
Philadelphia at New Orleans, 3:25 p.m.
10 p.m. — PGA Tour, Emirates Australian Open, 3:30 p.m. — PGA Tour, RSM Classic, third round, Texas A&M at Mississippi State, 1 p.m. Minnesota at Chicago, 7:20 p.m.
Open: Buffalo, San Francisco, Miami,
third round, at The Lake GC, Sydney, TGC Sea Island Resort, Georgia, TGC Alabama at Ole Miss, 3 p.m. New England, Cleveland, N.Y. Jets
NBA 10 p.m. — PGA Tour, Emirates Australian Open, final
6 p.m. — Toronto at Boston, ESPN round, at The Lake GC, Sydney, TGC Junior College Rodeo College Scores
Thursday’s Games
8:30 p.m. — Chicago at Milwaukee, ESPN EMCC at Murray State
Nicholls 44, SE Louisiana 0
SOCCER 9 p.m. — UFC: Magny vs Ponzinbbio, FS1 MIDWEST

NBA Saturday’s Meet Toledo 56, Kent St. 34
1:45 p.m. — Wales vs Denmark, ESPNEWS EMCC at Murray State Northwestern St. 35, Stephen F. Austin 23
6:30 p.m. — Utah at Boston, NBA TV North Alabama at Incarnate Word, ppd.
Houston 48, Tulane 17
4B Friday, November 16, 2018 The Dispatch •

No. 1 Alabama still running — just not as dominant doing it
By JOHN ZENOR offense is more diverse this Damien Harris, the versatile be more physical.”
The Associated Press
Game 11 season, but the tailbacks have Josh Jacobs and the defender
n The Citadel, 11 a.m. Saturday Damien Harris is trying to
(SEC Network; WJEC-FM 106.5). heard the criticism about a run- hurdling highlight-reel runner become the first Alabama play-
MONTGOMERY, Ala. — ning game that’s been the of- Najee Harris.
The No. 1 Alabama football er to rush for 1,000 yards in
fensive staple under coach Nick Only Jacobs was anything
team’s offense can still try to Saban. less than a five-star recruit. three seasons, but ranks 14th in
play the neighborhood bully at 18 Mississippi State to build The Crimson Tide hasn’t But Alabama opened against the Southeastern Conference
times, just not quite so effec- and hold onto a lead. really run the ball much less Mississippi State with two with a modest 595 yards. Na-
tively as in recent seasons. “At the end of that game and than last season. The yards just run-heavy touchdown drives, jee Harris has run for 588 and
Tua Tagovailoa and the top- at the end of the LSU game and aren’t coming in quite such big totaling 16 rushes and just six Jacobs has 381 yards and nine
ranked Crimson Tide’s offense a couple others this year, it’s chunks. passes. The Tide closed with 10
were not as high-flying as they one of the things we’ve gotten touchdowns while also return-
Even without a dangerous straight runs, the first six from
had been when they ran up better at, being able to run the runner like Jalen Hurts at quar- Jacobs and the last four from ing kicks.
against two of the Southeastern ball when they know you’re run- terback, Alabama has only run Damien Harris. Jacobs insists he doesn’t
Conference’s top defenses. But ning it,” Alabama left tackle Jo- 37 fewer times than through Like Williams, Jacobs relish- mind that much of the attention
Alabama has proven it can still nah Williams said. “So I think the first 10 games last season. es those kind of drives. has gone to Tagovailoa and the
overpower with force even if the being able to do that, we end But the Tide produced 33 touch- “You know that we’re going receivers.
running game hasn’t been near- the game with it in our control.” downs and averaged 6.0 yards to run the ball and you know “When our name is called,
ly as dominant this season. It used to be a foregone con- per carry during that span a they’re going to try to stop the
The Crimson Tide, which clusion that defenses would we execute,” he said. “Maybe
year ago, compared to 25 touch- run, so they’re going to over-
hosts The Citadel on Saturday, load up against Alabama’s downs and 5.2 ypc in 2018. load the box,” Jacobs said. “And we haven’t had as many oppor-
turned to the running game ground game. Alabama still has a typically it’s just manpower. Me versus tunities but now we take advan-
early and late against then-No. There’s no doubt Alabama’s talented backfield : The veteran you. That’s what we try to do, tage of those opportunities.”

Comics & Puzzles
Dear Abby
EAR ABBY: her life with. — years ago. It’s far more graph-
I must take WANTS A BET- ic and less woman-friendly.
issue with TER WORLD FOR You are right that “Tired”
your response MY DAUGHTER will not change her fiancé.
to “Tired of DEAR WANTS: That’s why she should leave
Behinds” (Sept. Most, but not now and avoid the future
5), who was all, of the many heartbreak that could be wait-
upset that her women — and ing. There’s always a victim
fiancé is part of men — who com- when it comes to porn. Just
a men’s group mented on that because the sharing is within
chat that includes letter agree with a closed group doesn’t mean
the sending and you. Read on: some women weren’t victim-
ZITS receiving of por- DEAR ABBY: ized. Or that some men won’t
nographic female Your response become addicted. — SAD
images. supported the ABOUT THIS IN THE WEST
While “boys idea that for DEAR ABBY: Speaking as
will be boys” has men to bond and a man who has been part of
been the reigning
Dear Abby feel like “real multiple “men’s groups,” as
excuse for male men,” they need well as happily married for
misbehavior for years — nay, to advertise to each other many years, I find “Tired’s”
centuries! — times are chang- their sexual interest in women fiancé’s chat group to be
ing. “Tired” has every right to other than their spouses, inappropriate, just as she
demand that her fiancé behave and women need to tolerate does — particularly the group
respectfully toward women, it. The practice is hurtful and icon picture. I respect women
both publicly and in private. He disrespectful. How can a as people, not physical/sexual
may not be able to change his woman feel like her fiancé’s objects. He should speak up
friends’ behavior, but he has friends care about her welfare out of respect for women. Do-
GARFIELD control over his own and could if they’re sending naked pho- ing so could influence one or
demonstrate that he’s not a tos of other women to him? It more of his friends to rethink
boy, but a man who respects seems women’s feelings don’t their position. — WILLIAM IN
women for who they are, not matter at all in this bonding OREGON
their looks or perceived sexual ritual. Furthermore, the men DEAR ABBY: These are
value. Would he want others to don’t have to touch these private conversations between
look at his sister, his mother, other women to have a “sexual adult men. Sexuality makes
his daughter or her that way? experience” with them. — the world go ‘round. Yes, wom-
I doubt it. TIRED OF “BOYS” IN TUCSON en deserve respect and not
Excusing “boys” for their DEAR ABBY: I do not agree to be sexually harassed. But
misogyny only perpetuates our with you that what these men we shouldn’t have to totally
sexual assault culture. “Tired” are doing is the equivalent of remove sexuality from the
should take a long look at her “old-time barbershop talk.” equation. Women chat about
fiance’s behavior and decide What’s being shared digitally men and look at images just
whether or not he is the kind today isn’t at all like the mag- like we do. It’s just less talked
CANDORVILLE of man she wants to share azines and chat from even 20 about. — MR. B. IN HOUSTON

TODAY’S BIRTHDAY (Oct. It turns out that a few of your response will be correct. Set
16). You’ll gain greater control tangents were unnecessary, limits.
over your own mental state this but no regrets. Your story is LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). Your
solar return and often be able to better for journey, even though, lion heart will lead you around
change it to suit the opportunity as Glinda the Good Witch once today. You’ll give generously of
at hand. Other exciting events said, “You’ve always had the yourself. Also notable is your ac-
include attending a party that power.” cess to excellent teachers. Take
will be legendary, the cele- GEMINI (May 21-June 21). advantage of the opportunity
bration of your growing family When everyone does the as- to learn.
and being entrusted with an signed job, things go smoothly. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22).
honorable responsibility. Aries The trouble occurs when jobs Explore the nature of a problem,
BABY BLUES and Aquarius adore you. Your haven’t been assigned. Who goal or objective. Analyze
lucky numbers are: 5, 50, 14, isn’t working and could be a what has been tried, what
20 and 11. great asset to the cause? Put worked and what didn’t. Take a
ARIES (March 21-April 19). everyone to work. straight-forward, scientific ap-
Melodramatic people will avoid CANCER (June 22-July proach to making things better
you (they thrive on theatrics and 22). While you’d love to help and you’ll succeed.
therefore don’t want problems everyone who asks, some of LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23).
to end), freeing your time for the requests you’ll get are out When you concern yourself with
maximum positive productivity. of your jurisdiction or just don’t getting to higher levels of rap-
TAURUS (April 20-May 20). feel right to you. Your intuitive port and trust with the people
around you, you’ll skip over a lot
of other kinds of problems that
could arise to engage with what
really matters.
SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov.
BEETLE BAILEY 21). You have a holistic view
that allows you to see the
entirety of people to whatever
extent is actually possible.
You’ll be appreciated for your
clear, honest feedback.
21). You’re sensitive to a wide
range of social styles, and you
will match your approach ac-
cordingly as a gesture of good-
will. This also happens to be an
excellent way to build rapport
that will serve you well later.
CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan.
MALLARD FILLMORE 19). Don’t get snared into the
myth of confidence. Any fool
can be confident, and many are,
while the wiser and smarter
may be riddled with doubt. Take
confidence out of the equation.
Strive to do what’s right.
AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb.
18). People will support what
they create, not necessarily
what they are paid to support,
and of course not what’s been
forced upon them. Co-creations
will be much easier to float than
solitary plans.
20). To form the bonds of
loyalty, humans need to connect
on many levels including the
emotional, intellectual and phys-
ical. Usually that is complicated,
but today it will seem to happen
naturally and effortlessly.

Under a cloud
The Dispatch • Friday, November 16, 2018 5B

Religious briefs
Perfecting the Saints Broad-
Holiday Kitchen Anniversary/CD Worship Services cast, Wednesdays 8:30 a.m.
Wesley U.M. Church,
511 Airline Road, hosts its
Release Program Open Doors M.B. Church
invites the public to Sunday
first Holiday Kitchen from
Annie & the Caldwells host
their Anniversary/CD Release Morning Worship Services Women Prayer,
8 a.m.-noon Nov. 17 at the Program at 5 p.m. Nov. 25 at from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. every 1st, Worship Service
Christian Life Center. Frozen the West Point Civic Center, 2nd & 3rd Sunday of each Church of the Eternal
soups, casseroles, baked 130 6th St. in West Point. month at the Travis Outlaw Word, 106 22nd St. S., holds
goods & treats available Doors open at 4 p.m. Children Sportsplex Center, 405 Lynn a prayer and worship service
for sale. All proceeds fund 6-12, $5 & Adults, $15. Spe- Lane in Starkville. Sunday every Thursday from 5-6 p.m.
missions and youth group cial guests will be Doc McK- School is from 10-10:30 a.m. Call Marie Nabors, 662-549-
projects. The public is enzie & the Hi-Lites, Pastor For more information, call 4322 or 662-329-1234, for
invited to attend. For more Mondo Adams & Redemption, 662-263-7102. prayer requests.
information, call 662-328- Tirvarrus & God’s Project, The
8644. Tim Frierson Project & more. Grief Support Group Prayer Ministry
For more information, call The Oil of Joy for Grief New Beginning Everlasting
Church Anniversary/ Annie Caldwell, 662-275-8180 and Mourning offers a grief Outreach Ministry invites the
Homecoming or 662-295-6103. support group at 6 p.m. every public to call in with their
Truevine Baptist Church, second Thursday of the month prayer requests at 662-327-
1471 Artesia Road in Arte- Affirmation Celebration at United Christian Baptist
Church, 232 Yorkville Road
sia, hosts its 103rd Church The Affirmation Celebra-
Anniversary/Homecoming tion of Flice Williams will East. “Making your grieving Praise and Worship
journey easier.” For more in-
Program at 11 a.m. Nov.
18. Guest speaker will be
be at 4 p.m. Dec. 1 at the
formation, call 662-327-0604
Courtyard Marriott Conference Sulfur Springs MB Church
Pastor Terry Franklin of RBG Room, 1995 6th St. N. Guest or e-mail unitedchristian@
holds a praise and worship
Ministries in Brooksville. The speaker will be Pastor Bobbie
service the last Friday of each
public is invited to attend. L. Sanders of Zion Hill Church. month at 7 p.m. For informa-
For more information, call The public is invited to attend. After School Meal tion, call Pastor Henry Mosley,
662-617-3508. For more information, call
662-364-6946 or 662-687-
Program 662-328-1035.
Project Southside, Inc. and
Church Anniversary 4381. the Dept. of Education will Prayer Service
Pleasant Grove Pools have a At Risk After School Church of the Eternal
M.B. Church, 3000 Waverly Pastor Anniversary Meal Program from 3:30- Word, 106 22nd. St. S., Co-
Road in West Point, hosts its
129th Church Anniversary
Program 5:45 p.m. Monday-Friday at
Southside Church Gym, 100
lumbus, holds prayer service
Miracle Temple Church of Thursday nights 5-6 p.m.
Program at 2:30 p.m. Nov. God in Christ, 5429 Hwy. 45 Nashville Ferry Road East. For Contact Marie Nabors, 662-
18. Guest speaker will be N., hosts its 35th Year Pastor more information, call 662- 549-4322. Church service
the Rev. Randolph Hamilton Anniversary of Pastor Robert 328-0356. times: Sunday school 10
Sr. of mt. Wade Baptist & First Lady Shirley Brown at a.m.; Sunday worship 11:15
Church in Brookhaven. The
public is invited to attend.
2 p.m. Nov. 25. Guest speak- Fellowship Dinner, a.m.; Tuesday Bible study 7

For more information, call
er will be Pastor David Lewis
of the Rose of Sherron Church
Youth Service p.m. For information, call Pas-
tor District Elder Lou Nabors,
662-494-8652. Pleasant Ridge Faith
of Amory. Dinner will follow. Center, 923 Ridge Road, 662-329-1234.
The public is invited to attend. Columbus, hosts a fellowship
Women’s Day Program dinner and youth service every Fitness
New Bell Zion U.M.
Church, 3743 Hwy25 South
Pastor Appreciation third Sunday. Transformations
in Starkville, hosts its Annu- Program The Transformational
al Women’s Day Program at Piney Grove Baptist Prayer for Youth Church, 2301 Jess Lyons
Church, 545 Robinson Road, Every second and third Road, hosts boxing lessons
3 p.m. Nov. 18. Guest speak-
hosts its 20th Pastor’s Ap- Saturday, Pleasant Ridge Faith Mondays and Wednesday
er will be Min. Eve Priester
preciation Program at 11 a.m. Center hosts a prayer for the from 5-7 p.m., weight-loss
of St. James U.M. Church
Dec. 2 with special guest Dr. youth from 2-3 p.m. boot camp Tuesdays and
of Columbus. The public is
Larnzy Carpenter & at 2:30 Thursdays 5-7 p.m. and both
invited to attend. For more
information, call Sis. Susan p.m. with special guest Dr.
Nathaniel Houston of Miller’s
Celebrate Recovery on Saturdays 9-11 a.m.
Gandy, 662-324-0019. Calvary Church, 514 Lehm-
Chapel in Macon. The public berg Road, and Meadowview Youth Fellowship
is invited to attend.
Surviving the Holidays Church, 300 Linden Circle
in Starkville, host Celebrate
The Transformational
Church, 2301 Jess Lyons
The DivorceCare: Sur-
viving the Holidays Seminar Pastoral Installation Recovery at 6 p.m. every Sun- Road, hosts Youth Fellowship
will be from 3-5 p.m. Nov. Program day at Calvary and at 6 p.m.
every Tuesday at Meadowview
from 7-8:30 p.m. every Tues-
day. Games, prayer, service,
18 at Meadowood Baptist Sand Creek Chapel M.B.
Church, 3818 Rockhill Road Church. Get help, healing and food, & more. Transportation
Church, 1512 Hatley Road in
in Starkville hosts its Pastoral support for any habit, hurt or available. For information, call
Amory. Free event. Child care
Installation Program for Pastor hang-up using the Christ-cen- Iris Roberson, 662-295-7456.
available. For more informa-
tion, call Meadowood Baptist Elect Abdural Lee at 3 p.m. tered 12 steps.
Church, 662-256-5616 or Dec. 2. Special guest will be
e-mail, meadowoodamory@ the Rev. Dr. Charlie F. Barnes Prayer, Free Coffee of New Beginning Fellowship Mount Zion Missionary
Ministries, Inc. the public is Baptist Church, 2221 14th
Missionary Breakfast invited to attend. Ave. N., hosts free coffee and
a prayer community outreach
Truevine M.B. Church,
1471 Artesia Road in Arte- Keyboard Musician service from 8-9 a.m. every
fifth Saturday. For information,
sia, hosts its Missionary Union Hopewell Church
Breakfast at 9 a.m. Nov. 24. Family, 150 Spurlock Road, contact Jesse Slater, 662-
Guest speaker will be Evan- is seeking an experienced 328-4979.
gelist Kristy Franklin of RBG keyboard player with a reason-
Ministries in Brooksville. The able rate and who loves the Radio Program
public is invited to attend. Lord. If interested, call Pastor Apostles Patrick Perkins
For more information, call Carlton Jones, 662-386-8789 invites the public to tune in
662-418-6854. or 662-242-6974. to WTWG, radio 1050 AM for

Farm animals may soon get new
features through gene editing
Company first needs to born hornless as expected, and are being
raised at the University of California,
convince regulators that Davis. Once the female offspring starts
lactating, its milk will be tested for any
gene-edited animals abnormalities.
Another Recombinetics project: cas-
are no different than tration-free pigs.
When male piglets go through puber-
conventionally bred ones ty, their meat can take on an unpleasant
odor, something known as “boar taint.”
To combat it, farmers castrate pigs, a
AP Food and Health Writer
procedure animal welfare advocates say
is commonly performed without painkill-
OAKFIELD, N.Y. — Cows that can
ers. Editing genes so that pigs never go
withstand hotter temperatures. Cows
through puberty would make castration
born without pesky horns. Pigs that nev-
er reach puberty.
Also in development are dairy cows
A company wants to alter farm animals
that could withstand higher tempera-
by adding and subtracting genetic traits
tures, so the animals don’t suffer in hot-
in a lab. It sounds like science fiction, but
ter climates.
Recombinetics sees opportunity for its Recombinetics and others say
technology in the livestock industry. gene-editing techniques do what tradi-
But first, it needs to convince regu- tional breeding has always done, except
lators that gene-edited animals are no much faster and with the precision of
different than conventionally bred ones. “molecular scissors.” They are waiting
To make the technology appealing and for clarity from government officials, but
to ease any fears that it may be creating say meat and milk from gene-edited ani-
Franken-animals, Recombinetics isn’t mals shouldn’t be subject to special reg-
starting with productivity. Instead, it’s ulations.
introducing gene-edited traits as a way to Most U.S. dairy cows already are bred
ease animal suffering. through artificial insemination from “se-
“It’s a better story to tell,” said Tam- men straws,” which are priced for a bull’s
my Lee, CEO of the St. Paul, Minneso- pedigree and traits developed through
ta-based company. years of traditional breeding. Gene-edit-
For instance, animal welfare advo- ed traits would just be higher-priced ex-
cates have long criticized the way farm- tras, Recombinetics says. For example,
ers use caustic paste or hot irons to de- the hornless trait could add $3 to $5 to
horn dairy cows so the animals don’t the price of a semen straw that could cost
harm each other. Recombinetics snips around $15.
out the gene for growing horns so the Once gene-editing is accepted by the
procedure is unnecessary. public, farmers will be more interested
Last year, a bull gene-edited by Re- in traits that step up productivity, Lee
combinetics to have the dominant horn- predicted. As an example, she cited pigs
less trait sired several offspring. All were edited to have bigger litters.
The Dispatch
of the project area prior work does not in any
6B FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 2018 •
to bidding. way limit the responsib-
ility of the Contractor to
Bidders must be quali- perform all work and fur-
fied under Mississippi nish all labor, equip-

Law and show a current ment and materials re-
Certificate of Respons- quired by the specifica-
ibility issued by the Mis- tions and/or the draw-
ings referred to therein.
sissippi Board of Public
Contractors establish-
ing classification as to
Phone: 662.328.2424
the value and type of
construction work on
contractor submitting a
which he is authorized
to bid. Contractors must
bid in excess of
$50,000.00 must show

P.O. Box 511 • 516 Main Street
be qualified under Mis- on his bid and on the
sissippi Law and be re- face of the envelope
containing the bid, his
gistered with the State
of Mississippi and as a
licensed general con-
Columbus, MS 39701
Certificate of Respons-
ibility Number, as re-
tractor capable of per- quired by Section 31-3-
21 and 21-3-15, Missis-

forming the required
work. sippi Code of 1972. If

(Deadlines subject to change.) REGULAR RATES
Awarding public con- SUPER SAVER RATES the bid does not ex-
ceed $50,000.00, a
notation so stating
4 Lines/6 Daystracts
................... $19.20
to non-resident 6 Days ...................................... $12.00 4 Lines/1 Day..................$9.20
Bidders will be on the must appear on the
4 Lines/12 Days ................. $31.20 12 Days....................................
face of the envelope. $18.00 IN THE CHANCERY
4 Lines/3 Days..............$18.00
For Placing/Canceling Classified Line Ads: same basis as the non- COURT
Over 6 lines is $1 per additional line. COUNTY, MISSISSIPPI
Sunday Paper Deadline is Thursday 3:00 P.M. 4 Lines/26 Days .................
resident bidder’s$46.80
EVIDENCE: No bid will Price includes 2 FREE Garage Sale
awards contracts to Six lines or less,beconsecutive days.
Rate applies to commercial operations opened, considered signs. RAIN GUARANTEE: If it
Monday Paper Deadline is Friday 12:00 P.M. Mississippi Contractors Rate applies to private orparty ads of non-commer- EDGEWOOD, LLC
and merchandise
biddingover $1,000.
under similar cir- accepted unless the PLAINTIFF
rains the day of your sale, we will re-
Tuesday Paper Deadline is Monday 12:00 P.M. cumstances. In order to cial nature for merchandise
above under $1,000.isMust
information giv-
Wednesday Paper Deadline is Tuesday 12:00 P.M. Call 328-2424 forthat
ensure rates on en 1asITEM
include price in ad. PER AD.
specified. VS. run you ad the next week FREE!
additional lines. Golden
Mississippi’s No pets, firewood, You must call to request free re-run.
Thursday Paper Deadline is Wednesday 12:00 P.M. Rule is followed, state Proposalsetc.

Friday Paper Deadline is Thursday 12:00 P.M. law requires a non-resid- sealed and deposited LINDA C. PATTMAN;
ent bidder to attach to with the Columbus Light BUSINESS LOAN CEN-
LEGAL NOTICES must be submitted 3 business days his bid, a copy of and Water Department TER, LLC;
prior to first publication date his/her resident state’s prior to the hour and STATE OF MISSISSIPPI;
current laws pertaining date herein before des- LOWNDES COUNTY,
to such state’s treat- ignated. No bidder may MISSISSIPPI;
• Please read your ad on the first day of publication. We accept ment of non-resident withdraw his bid within DISTRICT ATTORNEY IN THE CHANCERY
responsibility only for the first incorrect insertion. 0 Legals contractors.
1780 Sitting with Elderly/Sick 4000 Merchandise ninety (90) days after 5000 Pets FOR&LOWNDES
Livestock 8000COURTReal Estate
• The Publisher assumes no financial responsibility for errors nor for 1790 Stump Removal 4030 Air the
Conditioners actual date of the
5100 Free Pets
COUNTY, MISSISSIPPI; 8050 Commercial Property
1000 Service The Contract 1800 Swimming
Docu- Pools 4060 Antiques opening thereof. Elec- 5150 Pets CITY OF COLUMBUS, 8100 Farms & Timberland
omission of copy. Liability shall not exceed the cost of that portion of 1030 Air Conditioning & Heating tronic bids shall be ac-
space occupied by such error. ments (drawings, 1830 Taxspe-
Service 4090 Appliancescepted, if received prior MISSISSIPPI; AND ALL 8150LONG
5200 Horses/Cattle/Livestock Houses -LAND
1060 Appliance Repair cifications, proposal OTHER PERSONS,
• All questions regarding classified ads currently running should be 1860 Tree Service 4120 Auctions to the bid date and 5250 Pet Boarding/Grooming 8200MENTS,
Houses - East INC. PLAINTIFF
1070 Asphalt & Paving forms, general 1890condi-
directed to the Classified Department. tions, etc.) may be ex- 4150 Baby Articles
time. 5300 Supplies/Accessories
Houses - New Hope
1090 Automotive Services 1910 Welding
• All ads are subject to the approval of this paper. The Commercial 4180 Bargain Column 5350 Veterinarians
CLAIMING ANY LEGAL 8300 Houses - South
1120 Building & Remodelingamined at the following
Dispatch reserves the right to reject, revise, classify or cancel any locations: 2000 Announcements 4210 Bicycles Awarding public con-5400 Wanted ORToEQUITABLE
Houses - WestB. PATTMAN;
1150 Carpeting/Flooring tracts to non-resident TEREST IN AND TO THE 8450LINDA
advertising at any time. 4240 Building Materials Houses -C. PATTMAN;
1180 Childcare FAA, Airports2050 Card of Thanks
District Of- Bidders will be on the
4250 Burial Plotssame basis as the non-
6000 Financial
FOLLOWING DE- 8500 Houses - Other LOAN CEN-
1210 Chimney Cleaning fice, 100 West 2100 Cross
Fraternal & Lodge 6050 Business OpportunityLAND SOLD
Advertisements must be Street, Suite2150 B, Good
Jack- Things To Eat 4270 Business Furniture
resident& bidder’s state FOR TAXES ON AUGUST8520STATE Hunting Land
1240 Contractors 6100 Business Opportunity Wanted
Equipmentawards contracts to 2010, PARCEL NO. 8550LOWNDES Investment Property
1250 Computer Services son International Air-
2200 In Memorial 6120 Check 30,Cashing COUNTY,
paid for in advance. NORTH AND SOUTH AP- port, Jackson, Mississippi
4300 Camera Equipment Contractors 63W090000701, PPIN 8600MISSISSIPPI; Lots & Acreage
Instruction & School bidding under similar6150 cir-Insurance
RON TIE 1270 DOWNElectrical
RE- sippi 39208 4330 Clothing cumstances. In order to 20797, IN THE NW 1/4 DISTRICT
8650 Mobile Homes ATTORNEY
PLACEMENT 1300 Excavating 2300 Lost & Found 6200 LoansOF SW 1/4 OF SEC-
4360 Coins & Jewelry 8700FOR
Home Spaces
You may cancel at any time during regular business hours 1320 Fitness Training 2350 Personals
Office of Aeronautics,
4390 Computer
ensure that
6250 Mortgages
8750 ResortOFProperty
Mississippi’s Golden
and receive a refund for days not published. COLUMBUS-LOWNDES
1330 Furniture Repair & Refinishing 2400 Special Notices
Mississippi Department
4420 Farm Equipment
followed, state
6300 StocksSOUTH,
& Bonds RANGE 17 CITY
River Property AND ALL
COUNTY1360 General Services of Transportation,
2600 Travel/Entertainment 6350 WEST,
Business for LOWNDES
COLUMBUS, MS North West Street, Jack- 4450 Firewood law requires a non-resid- COUNTY, MISSISSIPPI; 8850OTHER Wanted to PERSONS,

STATE OF MISSISSIPPI 1380 Housecleaning
COUNTY OF LOWNDES son, Mississippi 3000 39201
Employment 4460 Flea Marketsent bidder to attach 7000 to RentalsAND DOES 1-75, IN- 8900FIRMS
WaterfrontAND CORPORA-
Sealed bids 1390 Insulation
for “North 3050 Clerical & Office his bid, a copy of CLUSIVE DEFENDANTS TIONS HAVING OR
4480 Furniture his/her resident state’s 7050 Apartments
NOTICE OF SALE 1400 Insurance
and South Apron Tie Neel-Schaffer, 3100Inc.,
Data Processing/ Computer 4510 Garage Sales 7100 Commercial Property
9000 Transportation
1410 Interior Decorators 2310 Martin3150
Down Replacement, Luther current laws pertaining CAUSE NO. 2018-0688 9050OR AutoEQUITABLE
Bargain Column WHEREAS,Ad follow-fit in 4 lines (approximatelyMM-0019-0519”
ing tenants entered in- received1470 by Lawn
will be
1440 Jewelry/Watch Repair
the Care/Landscaping
City of
MS 39705
Jr. Dr.,
Domestic Help
to such state’s treat-7150 Houses
4540 General Merchandise
4570 Household Goods of non-resident 7180 Hunting Land
Auto RentalsIN& Leasing
Autos for Sale
20 characters per line) to and
leases will
with run for 3 days. For items $100 or Columbus, Mississippi 3200 General Help Wanted contractors.
4630 Lawn & Garden 7190 Land for Rent/Lease SCRIBED LAND SOLD
1500 Locksmiths 9200 Aviation
less ONLY. More than one item
FRIENDLY CITYmayMINI-be in same ad, but prices at the Columbus- Bid documents 3250 are
be- Positions 4660 Merchandise Rentals
Each Bidder must de- 7200 MobileTHEHomesSTATE OF MISSIS- FOR TAXES ON AUGUST
& Marine PARCEL NO.
WAREHOUSES for stor- Lowndes1530 Machinery
County Repair ing made available
Airport via
3300 Medical/Dental SIPPI
may not total over $100, no relists.
age space in which to 1560 Mobile
(368 Fabritek Home Servicesoriginal paper
Drive, copy. Plan
4690 Musical Instruments
posit with his proposal, 7250 Mobile Home Spaces
9300 Camper/R.V.’s
63W090000788, PPIN
3350 Opportunity Information 4700 Satellites a Bid Bond or 7300
Certified Office Spaces
& Storage holders are required to TO: THE UNKNOWN DE- 935030777, Golf Carts IN THE NW 1/4
Free Pets
store personal property Columbus, 1590MS
Moving39702) 3400 Part-Time 4720 Sporting Check
Goods in an amount 7350 Resort Rentals
Up toand
4 lines, runs for 6 days. until 2:00 1620p.m. & Papering register for an
Painting account
equal to five percent7400 RiverPERSONS,
Time) on the 20th day 3450 Positions Wanted
at www.neel-schaffer- 4750 Stereos & TV’s Property FIRMS AND TION 18, TOWNSHIP 18
Lost & Found WHEREAS, default has
Up to 6 lines, ad will run for 6 days.
been made in the pay-
of December,
which time
1650 Pest2018
Control at
place to3500
order Bid Documents.
view and
3550 Restaurant/Hotel
(5%) of $50,000.00,
4780 Wanted Topayable
Buy to the Colum- 7450 Rooms
ING& Garages
Trucks, Vans
& Buses

ment of rent and the bids 1710willPrinting
be publicly All plan holders are re- bus Light and Water De- LEGAL OR EQUITABLE 9550COUNTY, Wanted to BuyMISSISSIPPI;
3600 Sales/Marketing
These ads are taken by fax, e-mail or in person at
opened and
Bids received after
Guttering quired to have
read &aloud.
1740 Roofing
this email address
a valid
for regis-
partment, as bid secur-
ity. The successful bid-
7520 Vacation
7550 WantedTHE
Rentals IN AND TO
to Rent
AND DOES 1-75, IN-
our office. Ads will not be take by telephone.
ant to said Leases is
1770 Saws & Lawn Mowers
time will not be accep- 3700Truck Driving
tration. Bid documents der will be required to
furnish a Payment
7600 Waterfront
authorized to sell the ted and will be returned are non-refundable and FOR TAXES ON AUGUST CAUSE NO. 2018-0690
personal property to sat- unopened. must be purchased and Performance Bond 30, 2010, PARCEL NO.
through the0010
website. each in the amount of 63W090000701,
Legal Notices 0010 isfy
Legalthe past
Notices due and
0010 Legal Notices 0010 Legal Notices 0010 Legal Notices Legal Notices 0010 Legal Notices 0010
$50,000.00. Legal Notices 0010 PPIN SUMMONS Legal Notices 0010
any other charges owed The work is generally Electronic bids shall be 20797, IN THE NW ¼
THE FOLLOWING to it by the following ten- STATE OF MISSISSIPPI described as follows: submitted through ADVERTISEMENT FOR OF SW ¼ OF SECTION THE STATE OF MISSIS-
VEHICLES HAVE BEEN ants. COUNTY OF LOWNDES Removal of parallel www.neel- BIDS Bid documents are be- 18, TOWNSHIP 18 SIPPI
ABANDONED AT COREY steel cable tie down ing made available via SOUTH, RANGE 17
HERRING AUTOMOTIVE, NOW THEREFORE, no- NOTICE OF SALE system, and replace- Please contact Plan COLUMBUS LIGHT AND original paper copy. Plan WEST, LOWNDES TO: THE UNKNOWN DE-
1230 GARDNER BLVD, tice is hereby given that ment with new anchors House Printing at (662) WATER DEPARTMENT holders are required to COUNTY, MISSISSIPPI FENDANTS, ALL OTHER
COLUMBUS, MS. FRIENDLY CITY MINI- WHEREAS, the follow- for aircraft tie downs. 407-0193 with ques- register for an account PERSONS, FIRMS AND
WAREHOUSES will offer ing tenants entered in- tions regarding website ANNUAL CONTRACT FOR at www.neel-schaffer- You have been made a CORPORATIONS HAV-
2006 CHEV COBALT for sale, and will sell at to leases with The Contract time is 30 registration, electronic WATER AND SEWER to view and Defendant in the suit ING OR CLAIMING ANY
VIN# auction to the highest FRIENDLY CITY MINI- consecutive calendar bidding, and online or- SYSTEM REPAIR WORK order Bid Documents. filed in this Court by LEGAL OR EQUITABLE
1G1AK55F267649526 bidder for cash all per- WAREHOUSES for stor- days. Liquidated dam- ders. All plan holders are re- Edgewood, LLC, INTEREST IN AND TO
sonal property in stor- age space in which to ages in the amount of PART B – CURED IN quired to have a valid Plaintiff, seeking the THE FOLLOWING DE-
2006 DODGE CHARGER age units leased by the store personal property $200 will be assessed Bidder’s attention is in- PLACE PIPE (CIPP) IN- email address for regis- Court to confirm the tax SCRIBED LAND, SOLD
VIN# following tenants at and for each consecutive vited to the Instructions STALLATION tration. Bid documents title of property in FOR TAXES ON AUGUST
2B3KA43RX6H504732 FRIENDLY CITY MINI- calendar day thereafter. to Bidders relative to are non-refundable and Lowndes County, Mis- 30, 2010, PARCEL NO.
WAREHOUSES 903 WHEREAS, default has pre-award, equal em- PART D – MANHOLE RE- must be purchased sissippi (the 63W090000788, PPIN
2012 CHEV IMPALA Alabama St. Columbus, been made in the pay- Any questions that bid- ployment opportunity re- HABILITATION through the website. For “Property”). Defend- 30777, IN THE NW ¼
VIN# MS, at 8:30 am on the ment of rent and ders might have should quirements, and non-se- COLUMBUS, MISSIS- questions regarding ants other than you in OF SW ¼ OF SECTION
2G1WG5E3XC1269789 7th day of December, FRIENDLY CITY MINI- be directed to Neel- gregated facilities. SIPPI website registration and this action are Charles 18, TOWNSHIP 18
A.D. 2018. All auctions WAREHOUSES pursu- Schaffer, Inc., 2310 online orders, please B. Pattman; Linda C. SOUTH, RANGE 17
IF THESE VEHICLES ARE are with reserve and ant to said Leases is Martin Luther King Jr. Bids must be submit- Sealed bids will be re- contact Plan House Pattman; Business Loan WEST, LOWNDES
NOT CLAIMED THEY therefore all units can authorized to sell the Drive, Columbus, MS, ted on the standard ceived by the Columbus Printing at (662) 407- Center, LLC; State of COUNTY, MISSISSIPPI
WILL BE PUT UP FOR be withdrawn from the personal property to sat- 39705, 662-328-4547 form of bid proposal Light and Water Depart- 0193. Mississippi; Lowndes
PUBLIC SALE ON THE sale at any time by the isfy the past due and (phone), 662-328-8552 and must include a Bid ment, Columbus, Mis- County, Mississippi; You have been made a
3RD DAY OF DECEM- auctioneer/manager. any other charges owed (fax) to the attention of Bond in the amount of sissippi in the second The Columbus Light and District Attorney for Defendant in the suit
BER, 2018, AT 10:00 to it by the following ten- Zach Foster. 5% of the Bid. The suc- floor conference room Water Department Lowndes County, Mis- filed in this Court by
AM AT COREY HERRING Title to the personal ants. cessful bidder will be re- at the Columbus Light hereby notifies all Bid- sissippi; and, City of Long Land Investments,
AUTOMOTIVE, 1230 property to be sold is All proposals that are quired to execute the and Water Department, ders that it will affirmat- Columbus, Mississippi . Inc., Plaintiff, seeking
GARDNER BLVD, believed to be good, but NOW THEREFORE, no- mailed shall be sent to standard form of Con- 420 4th Avenue South, ively insure that in any the Court to confirm the
COLUMBUS, MS, at such sale, FRIENDLY tice is hereby given that the Columbus-Lowndes tract and Agreement, to- Columbus, MS 39703, contract entered into You are required to mail tax title of property in
39702. CITY MINI-WARE- FRIENDLY CITY MINI- County Airport, 368 Fab- gether with a 100% Per- until 10:00 A.M., Local pursuant to this advert- or hand deliver a writ- Lowndes County, Mis-
HOUSES will convey WAREHOUSES will offer ritek Drive, Columbus, formance Bond and a Time, on December 18, isement, disadvant- ten response to the sissippi (the
Publish: 11/9, 11/16 & only such title as is ves- for sale, and will sell at MS 39702. 100% Payment Bond, 2018, for supplying all aged and women’s busi- Complaint filed against “Property”). Defend-
11/23/2018 ted in it pursuant to its auction to the highest within 10 days after labor and materials (as ness enterprises will be you in this action to An- ants other than you in
lease with the following bidder for cash all per- A pre-bid conference for formal award of the con- specified) necessary for afforded the full oppor- drew Hammond, Attor- this action are Charles
IN THE CHANCERY and its allowed under sonal property in stor- this project will be tract. the Annual Contract for tunity to submit bids in ney for Plaintiff, whose B. Pattman; Linda C.
COURT OF LOWNDES Mississippi Code Annot- age units leased by the scheduled for Decem- Water and Sewer Sys- response to this invita- address is Young Wells Pattman; Business Loan
COUNTY, MISSISSIPPI ated Section 85-7-121 following tenants at ber 13, 2018 at 2:00 The bidder shall guaran- tem Repair Part B tion and will not be dis- Williams P.A., Post Of- Center, LLC; State of
et seq (Supp 1988). FRIENDLY CITY MINI- pm at the Columbus- tee to hold his bid good –Cured In Place Pipe criminated against on fice Box 6005, Ridge- Mississippi; Lowndes
IN THE MATTER OF THE WAREHOUSES 308 Lowndes County Airport and may not withdraw (CIPP) Installation, Part the grounds of race, col- land, Mississippi 39158 County, Mississippi;
ESTATE OF RICHARD H. Alton Bey Shoney Drive Columbus, to discuss the work. his bid for a period of D –Manhole Rehabilita- or, or national origin in or 141 Township Aven- District Attorney for
LANE, DECEASED E287 MS, immediately follow- Prospective bidders are 90 calendar days after tion. consideration for an ue, Suite 300, Ridge- Lowndes County, Mis-
ing sale on Alabama encouraged to attend the scheduled closing award. land, Mississippi sissippi; and, City of
NO. 2018-0125-B Anthony Brewer Street on the 7th day of the pre-bid conference time for receiving bids. The above general out- 39157. Columbus, Mississippi.
E207 December A.D. 2018. and perform a site visit line of features of the The Engineer is Neel- You are required to mail
ALLYSON C. LANE, AD- All auctions are with re- of the project area prior The award, if made, will work does not in any Schaffer, Inc., P. O. Box YOUR RESPONSE MUST or hand deliver a writ-
MINISTRATOR Jerry Stockman serve and therefore all to bidding. be made to the party way limit the responsib- 2100, (2310 Martin BE MAILED OR DE- ten response to the
E246 units can be withdrawn submitting the bid ility of the Contractor to Luther King Jr. Drive), LIVERED NOT LATER Complaint filed against
RULE 81 SUMMONS BY from the sale at any Bidders must be quali- deemed most favorable perform all work and fur- Columbus, Mississippi, THAN THIRTY (30) DAYS you in this action to An-
PUBLICATION Kalisha Lanier time by the auctioneer/ fied under Mississippi to the City of Columbus nish all labor, equip- 39704, (39705) Phone AFTER THE 16TH DAY drew Hammond, Attor-
E2 manager. Law and show a current at the time the condi- ment and materials re- No. (662)328-4460, Fax OF NOVEMBER, 2018, ney for Plaintiff, whose
THE STATE OF MISSIS- Certificate of Respons- tions are stipulated. The quired by the specifica- No. (662)328-8552. WHICH IS THE DATE OF address is Young Wells
SIPPI Katherine Gilbert Title to the personal ibility issued by the Mis- City of Columbus re- tions and/or the draw- THE FIRST PUBLICA- Williams P.A., Post Of-
E268 property to be sold is sissippi Board of Public serves the right to re- ings referred to therein. The Columbus Light and TION OF THIS SUM- fice Box 6005, Ridge-
TO: THE UNKNOWN believed to be good, but Contractors establish- ject any and all bids for Water Department re- MONS. IF YOUR RE- land, Mississippi 39158
HEIRS OF RICHARD H. Michael Baggett at such sale, FRIENDLY ing classification as to any reason and to waive CERTIFICATE OF RE- serves the right to re- SPONSE IS NOT SO or 141 Township Aven-
LANE, DECEASED E347 CITY MINI-WARE- the value and type of any informalities or ir- SPONSIBILITY: Each ject any and all bids and MAILED OR DELIVERED, ue, Suite 300, Ridge-
HOUSES will convey construction work on regularities in the bids contractor submitting a to waive any informalit- A JUDGEMENT BY DE- land, Mississippi
NOTICE TO Ramona Frierson only such title as is ves- which he is authorized received. bid in excess of ies or irregularities FAULT WILL BE 39157.
DEFENDANT(S) E43 ted in it pursuant to its to bid. Contractors must $50,000.00 must show therein. ENTERED AGAINST YOU
lease with the following be qualified under Mis- BY: /s/ Robert E. on his bid and on the FOR THE MONEY OR YOUR RESPONSE MUST
You have been made a Sherri Howard and its allowed under sissippi Law and be re- Smith, Sr. face of the envelope BY: /s/ Todd Gale OTHER RELIEF DEMAN- BE MAILED OR DE-
Defendant in the suit E58 Mississippi Code Annot- gistered with the State Mayor containing the bid, his Todd Gale, General DED IN THE COM- LIVERED NOT LATER
filed in this Court by ated Section 85-7-121 of Mississippi and as a Certificate of Respons- Manager PLAINT. THAN THIRTY (30) DAYS
Allyson C. Lane, Peti- WITNESS MY SIGNA- et seq (Supp 1988). licensed general con- FOR: City of Columbus, ibility Number, as re- Columbus Light and Wa- AFTER THE 16TH DAY
tioner, seeking to de- TURE on this the 7th tractor capable of per- MS quired by Section 31-3- ter Department You must also file the OF NOVEMBER, 2018,
termine the heirs-at-law day of November, A.D. Brittani Valentine forming the required 21 and 21-3-15, Missis- original of your Re- WHICH IS THE DATE OF
of Richard H. Lane, De- 2018. N139 work. ADVERTISING DATES: sippi Code of 1972. If DATES OF PUBLICA- sponse with the Clerk of THE FIRST PUBLICA-
ceased. You are hereby November 16, 2018 the bid does not ex- TION: this Court within a reas- TION OF THIS SUM-
summoned to appear FRIENDLY CITY Cassandra Thomas Awarding public con- November 23, 2018 ceed $50,000.00, a November 16, 2018 onable time afterward. MONS. IF YOUR RE-
and defend against the MINI-WAREHOUSES N127 tracts to non-resident notation so stating November 21, 2018 SPONSE IS NOT SO
Petition for Determina- By: L.O. Bidders will be on the BID OPENING: must appear on the Issued under my hand MAILED OR DELIVERED,
tion of Unknown Heirs IN THE CHANCERY
Claudia Keating same basis as the non- December 20, 2018 face of the envelope. COURT OF LOWNDES and seal of said Court, A JUDGEMENT BY DE-
of Richard H. Lane filed Publish: 11/9, 11/16, N138 resident bidder’s state this 25th day of Octo- FAULT WILL BE
in this action at 9:00 COUNTY, MISSISSIPPI
& 11/23/2018 awards contracts to PUBLISH: 11/16 & EVIDENCE: No bid will ber 2018. ENTERED AGAINST YOU
o’clock a.m. on the Deanna Carter Mississippi Contractors 11/23/2018 be opened, considered EDGEWOOD, LLC FOR THE MONEY OR
11th day of December, N226 bidding under similar cir- or accepted unless the PLAINTIFF LISA YOUNGER NEESE, OTHER RELIEF DEMAN-
2018, in the Chancery cumstances. In order to above information is giv- CHANCERY CLERK DED IN THE COM-
Courtroom of the Oktib- Debra Holloway ensure that en as specified. LOWNDES COUNTY, PLAINT.
beha County Court- VS.
N113, N114 Mississippi’s Golden MISSISSIPPI
house in Starkville, Mis- Rule is followed, state Proposals shall be You must also file the
sissippi, and in case of CHARLES B. PATTMAN;
Rhonda Fortune law requires a non-resid- sealed and deposited LINDA C. PATTMAN; BY: Shantrell W. original of your Re-
your failure to appear N115 ent bidder to attach to Granderson, D.C sponse with the Clerk of
and defend, a judgment IN THE CHANCERY NOTICE TO CREDITORS with the Columbus Light BUSINESS LOAN CEN-
his bid, a copy of and Water Department this Court within a reas-
or order may be entered COURT OF LOWNDES Shanina Scott his/her resident state’s prior to the hour and
PUBLISH: 11/16, onable time afterward.
N251 current laws pertaining LOWNDES COUNTY date herein before des- LOWNDES COUNTY, 11/23, & 11/30/2018
relief requested in the to such state’s treat- ignated. No bidder may MISSISSIPPI; Issued under my hand
ESTATE OF JACKIE V. Sonja Jackson ment of non-resident Letters Testamentary withdraw his bid within DISTRICT ATTORNEY IN THE CHANCERY and seal of said Court,
N25 contractors. have been granted and ninety (90) days after this 26th day of Octo-
You are not required to HARPER the actual date of the
ber 2018.
file an answer or other issued to the under- COUNTY, MISSISSIPPI; COUNTY, MISSISSIPPI
WITNESS MY SIGNA- The Contract Docu- signed upon the Estate opening thereof. Elec-
pleading but you may do CAUSE NO. 2018-0226- TURE on this the 7th ments (drawings, spe-
so if you desire. B of RICHARD ZENTZ, de- tronic bids shall be ac- MISSISSIPPI; AND ALL LONG LAND INVEST-
day of November, A.D. cifications, proposal ceased, by the Chan- cepted, if received prior OTHER PERSONS, MENTS, INC. PLAINTIFF CHANCERY CLERK
VICKY HARPER PETI- 2018. forms, general condi- cery Court of Lowndes to the bid date and FIRMS AND CORPORA- LOWNDES COUNTY,
Issued under my hand tions, etc.) may be ex- time. MISSISSIPPI
and the seal of said TIONER County, Mississippi in TIONS HAVING OR VS.
FRIENDLY CITY amined at the following Cause No. 2018-0205 CLAIMING ANY LEGAL
Court, this the 7th day locations:
of November, 2018. NOTICE TO CREDITORS MINI-WAREHOUSES on the 17th day of Awarding public con- OR EQUITABLE IN- CHARLES B. PATTMAN; BY: Shantrell W.
By: L.O. September, 2018. This tracts to non-resident TEREST IN AND TO THE LINDA C. PATTMAN; Granderson, D.C.
STATE OF MISSISSIPPI FAA, Airports District Of- is to give notice to all Bidders will be on the FOLLOWING DE- BUSINESS LOAN CEN-
CHANCERY CLERK, fice, 100 West Cross PUBLISH: 11/16,
LOWNDES COUNTY, COUNTY OF OKTIBBEHA Publish: 11/9, 11/16, persons having claim same basis as the non- SCRIBED LAND SOLD TER, LLC;
&11/23/2018 Street, Suite B, Jack- against said estate to resident bidder’s state FOR TAXES ON AUGUST STATE OF MISSISSIPPI; 11/23, & 11/30/2018
MISSISSIPPI son International Air-
Letters Testamentary probate and register the awards contracts to 30, 2010, PARCEL NO. LOWNDES COUNTY,
BY: /s/ Tina Fisher have been granted and NORTH AND SOUTH AP- port, Jackson, Missis- same with the Chan- Mississippi Contractors 63W090000701, PPIN MISSISSIPPI;
Building & Remodeling 1120
issued to the under- RON TIE DOWN RE- sippi 39208 cery Clerk of Lowndes bidding under similar cir- 20797, IN THE NW 1/4 DISTRICT ATTORNEY
D. C. cumstances. In order to OF SW 1/4 OF SEC-
signed upon the Estate PLACEMENT County, Mississippi FOR LOWNDES CJ'S ROOFING & HOME
Office of Aeronautics, ensure that
PUBLISH: 11/9, 11/16, of Jackie V. Harper, De- within ninety (90) days
Mississippi Department from the first date of Mississippi’s Golden
& 11/23/2018 ceased, by the Chan- COLUMBUS-LOWNDES SOUTH, RANGE 17 CITY OF COLUMBUS, (Shingles or Metal) &
cery Court of Lowndes COUNTY AIRPORT of Transportation, 401 publication. A failure to Rule is followed, state WEST, LOWNDES MISSISSIPPI; AND ALL
North West Street, Jack- so probate and register law requires a non-resid- COUNTY, MISSISSIPPI; OTHER PERSONS, Roof Repairs, Concrete
STATE OF MISSISSIPPI County, Mississippi, on COLUMBUS, MS Pressure Washing, Car-
COUNTY OF LOWNDES the 30th day of October, son, Mississippi 39201 said claim with forever ent bidder to attach to AND DOES 1-75, IN- FIRMS AND CORPORA- pentry & Handyman
2018. This is to give no- Sealed bids for “North bar the same. his bid, a copy of CLUSIVE DEFENDANTS TIONS HAVING OR Work. Veteran & Senior
NOTICE OF SALE tice to all persons hav- and South Apron Tie Neel-Schaffer, Inc., his/her resident state’s CLAIMING ANY LEGAL
2310 Martin Luther Discounts! 662-397-
ing claims against said Down Replacement, This the 5th day of current laws pertaining CAUSE NO. 2018-0688 OR EQUITABLE IN- 0800, FREE ESTIMATE.
WHEREAS, the follow- Estate to Probate and MM-0019-0519” will be King Jr. Dr., Columbus, November, 2018. to such state’s treat- TEREST IN AND TO THE
ing tenants entered in- Register same with the received by the City of MS 39705 ment of non-resident SUMMONS FOLLOWING DE-
to leases with Chancery Clerk of Columbus, Mississippi Linda G. Wade, Exec- contractors. SCRIBED LAND SOLD HOME REPAIRS & CON-
FRIENDLY CITY MINI- Lowndes County, Mis- at the Columbus- Bid documents are be- utrix THE STATE OF MISSIS- FOR TAXES ON AUGUST STRUCTION WORK
WAREHOUSES for stor- sissippi, within ninety Lowndes County Airport ing made available via Each Bidder must de- SIPPI 30, 2010, PARCEL NO. WANTED. Carpentry,
age space in which to (90) days from this (368 Fabritek Drive, original paper copy. Plan By: /s/ Hal H. H. McCla- posit with his proposal, 63W090000788, PPIN small concrete jobs,
store personal property date. A failure to so Pro- Columbus, MS 39702) holders are required to nahan, III a Bid Bond or Certified TO: THE UNKNOWN DE- 30777, IN THE NW 1/4 electrical, plumbing,
and bate and Register said until 2:00 p.m. (Central register for an account Hal H. H. McClanahan, Check in an amount FENDANTS, ALL OTHER OF SW 1/4 OF SEC- roof repairs, pressure
claim will forever bar the Time) on the 20th day at www.neel-schaffer- III, Attorney-in-fact equal to five percent PERSONS, FIRMS AND TION 18, TOWNSHIP 18 washing and mobile
WHEREAS, default has same. of December, 2018 at to view and (5%) of $50,000.00, CORPORATIONS HAV- SOUTH, RANGE 17
order Bid Documents. home roof coating and
been made in the pay- which time and place Hal H. H. McClanahan, payable to the Colum- ING OR CLAIMING ANY WEST, LOWNDES underpinning. No job
ment of rent and This the 31st day of Oc- the bids will be publicly All plan holders are re- III bus Light and Water De- LEGAL OR EQUITABLE COUNTY, MISSISSIPPI; too small. 549-7031.
FRIENDLY CITY MINI- tober, 2018. opened and read aloud. quired to have a valid Attorney at Law partment, as bid secur- INTEREST IN AND TO AND DOES 1-75, IN-
WAREHOUSES pursu- Bids received after this email address for regis- P.O. Box 1091 ity. The successful bid- THE FOLLOWING DE- CLUSIVE DEFENDANTS
ant to said Leases is VICKIE HARPER time will not be accep- tration. Bid documents Columbus, MS 39703 der will be required to SCRIBED LAND, SOLD SUGGS CONSTRUCTION
authorized to sell the EXECUTRIX ted and will be returned are non-refundable and (662) 327-3154 furnish a Payment Bond FOR TAXES ON AUGUST CAUSE NO. 2018-0690 Building, remodeling,
personal property to sat- unopened. must be purchased and Performance Bond 30, 2010, PARCEL NO. metal roofing, painting
isfy the past due and PUBLISH: 11/2, 11/9, through the website. PUBLISH: 11/9, 11/16 each in the amount of 63W090000701, PPIN SUMMONS & all home repairs.
any other charges owed & 11/16/2018 The work is generally Electronic bids shall be & 11/23/2018 $50,000.00. 20797, IN THE NW ¼ 662-242-3471
to it by the following ten- described as follows: submitted through OF SW ¼ OF SECTION THE STATE OF MISSIS-
The Dispatch • FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 2018 7B

Building & Remodeling 1120 General Help Wanted 3200 General Merchandise 4600 Apts For Rent: Other 7080
Custom Construction, patch is seeking a sleigh bed, dresser w/RENT FREE! 1 & 2 Bed-
Restoration, Remodel- mechanically-minded in- room Apts/Townhomes.
mirror, chest, & night-
ing, Repair, Insurance dividual to work in its stand. $700. Cash Stove & refrigerator.
claims. 662-364-1769. pressroom. Applicants only! 662-570-4341. $335-$600 Monthly.
Licensed & Bonded must be comfortable Leave message. Credit check & deposit.
working around heavy Coleman Realty,
Excavating 1300 machinery, adhering to FLOORMATS FOR Toyota 662-329-2323.
tight deadlines and Camry, Two sets. $85.
Clay gravel, fill clay, & must have an eye for Cash only! 662-570-
top soil for sale! Easy
access off 82 East.
detail & quality. Flexible
hours are a must. Email
4341. Leave msg.
FULL SIZE mattress set,
Can load and deliver. resume to RENTALS
Stokes Excavation: new, still in plastic. TOWNHOUSES & APARTMENTS
662-689-0089 or drop resumes off at $250. Cash Only! 662-
516 Main St, 570-4341. Leave msg. 1 BEDROOM
General Services 1360 Columbus, MS 39701. STARKVILLE HABITAT 2 BEDROOMS
No phone calls please. for Humanity ReStore is
MUSIC THEORY LES- Noweta's Green Thumb open Saturday, Novem- 3 BEDROOMS
SONS is accepting applica- ber 17, 8-11 AM. Loc-

© The Dispatch
$25 per hour tions for 2 positions: ated at 1632 Rockhill
Chords, Scales, Modes delivery personnel & Road in Starkville.
& more! Call Jimbo @ general help. Driver Come by for bargains on DEPOSIT
If no answer leave
must know the area & furniture, appliances, AND
have good driving his- building materials, and
voicemail or text. tory. Apply in person @ more. CREDIT CHECK
M-F, 3-5 & SAT, 9-1. Sporting Goods 4720
Personal Assistant for
hire! SKILLS: Home De- No phone calls. 662-329-2323
cor; Staging; Shopping; ED SANDERS Gunsmith
Antiques 4060 Open for season! 9-5,
Driver; Childcare, etc.

Find Sudoku
Dependable, Punctual, Tues-Fri & 9-12, Sat. 2411 HWY 45 N YESTERDAY’S
& Discreet. Please call CHRISTMAS OPEN Over 50 years experi-
COLUMBUS, MS Sudoku is a number-
662-352-4460. HOUSE ence! Repairs, cleaning,
placing puzzle based on
Sudoku is a number-
8 6 2 1 3 5 4 9 7
RETAINER WALL, drive- Magnolia Antique Mall refinishing, scopes
Sat., Nov. 17, 2018 mounted & zeroed,
What agiven
9x9 grid with several
placing puzzle based on 5 9 7 4 8 2 6 1 3

2018 Conceptis Puzzles, Dist. by King Features Syndicate, Inc.
way, foundation, con- Commercial Property For
10am-5pm handmade knives.
crete, masonry restora-
302 Alabama St. Located: Hwy 45 Alt, Rent 7100 a 9x9 grid with several
numbers. The object 4 3 1 9 6 7 8 5 2
tion, remodeling, base-
ment foundation, re-
pairs, small dump truck
hauling (5-6 yd) load &
Bargain Column 4180
North of West Point,
turn right on Yokahama
Blvd, 8mi & turn left on
Spaces starting @
You’re 1 to 9 in the empty spaces
given numbers. The object
is to place the numbers
is to place the numbers
1 to 9 in the empty spaces
Looking column and each 3x3 box
demolition/lot cleaning. BUTANE SHOP heater. Darracott Rd, will see
$285/mo. Downtown & so that each row, each
Burr Masonry Used only once. sign, 2.5mi ahead shop
East Columbus loca- so that each row, each 6 8 9 7 4 1 3 2 5
30,000-60,000 BTU. on left. 662-494-6218.
662-242-0259. tions. 662-435-4188. column and each 3x3 box
contains the same number 9 2 8 3 1 4 5 7 6
$65 Call 662-327-
WORK WANTED: 9279. Business Opportunity 6050 contains the same number
only once. The difficulty
Licensed & Bonded-car- OFFICE SPACE: 2,000 only once. The difficulty 3 4 6 5 7 9 2 8 1
HISTORIC DOWNTOWN square feet. 294 level increases from
pentry, painting, & de- SHOTGUN/RIFLE carry-
Columbus: 411 Main Chubby Dr. Flexible leas- level increases from 7 1 5 6 2 8 9 3 4
molition. Landscaping, ing case, has pockets Monday to Sunday.
gutters cleaned, bush for ammo, etc. Never St. Office, Retail, Res- ing terms. Available Monday to Sunday. Difficulty Level 11/15

hogging, clean-up work, used $15. Call 662- taurant Space available. now. 662-328-8254.
pressure washing, mov- 244-5861. Call 423-333-1124.
ing help & furniture HISTORIC DOWNTOWN
repair. 662-242-3608 WICKER BASSINET w/ Apts For Rent: Northside 7010
Columbus Office, Retail,
Lawn Care / Landscaping
casters & folding legs,
$8. Pictionary Game,
Restaurant Space avail-
2BR/1BA, renovated w/ able. Call 662-328- CLASSIFIEDS
$4. Two PC copiers, one Central heat and air, 8655 or 662-574-7879.
1470 new appliances, floor-
never used, $20 for
both. 662-244-5861. ing, etc. Available soon.
JESSE & BEVERLY'S Taking applications Houses For Rent: Northside Houses For Sale: Northside
LAWN SERVICE. Mow- now. $450/Mth. 7110
ing, cleanup, landscap- Clothing 4330 8150
NO HUD. Call Long &
ing, sodding, & tree cut- Long, 662-328-0770. BLUECUTT ESTATES:
ting. 356-6525. WOMEN DRESSES & 1706 RIDGE Rd. Like
3BR/2BA, ch/a, double new, 3BR/2BA. New ap-
women suits for sale, FOX RUN COMPANY LLC garage, chain link
Painting & Papering 1620 sizes 12 & 14. $5.00 pl, 22 ac w/ pond,
1 & 2 BR near hospital. fenced backyard, newly woods & wildlife. Close
each. 662-889-6162. $595-645/mo. Military remodeled, $115,000.
SULLIVAN'S PAINT to CAFB. Frontage on 2
discount offered, pet 662-352-4776. roads. $249,000.
SERVICE Computer Equipment 4390 area, pet friendly, and
Certified in lead 662-418-8077.
furnished corporate 3BR/2BA. Fresh paint,
removal. Offering spe- APPLE IMAC, 2.0 GHz apartments available.
cial prices on interior & Core Duo computer. new carpet, ch/a,
ON SITE SECURITY. fenced yard & appl furn. 2622 CANTERBURY-
exterior painting, pres- Built-in monitor. 2GB ON SITE MAINTENANCE. Quiet settled neighbor-
sure washing & sheet RAM, Keyboard, mouse, ON SITE MANAGEMENT. 662-251-9696. hood just minutes from
rock repairs. printer incl. Great cond. 24-HOUR CAMERA everything. 3 beds/2
Free Estimates $325. 205-246-8704. Houses For Rent: East 7120
Call 435-6528 SURVEILLANCE. baths, many updates.
Benji @ 662-386-4446 Very spacious on
Farm Equipment & Supplies Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm. 3BR/2BA 910 Ruffin grounds to be envied.
Stump Removal 1790 4420 Sat/Sun by appt only. Rd. .5 acre lot, window Minutes from hospital.
unit a.c. and electric REDUCED to $135,000.
2016 JOHN Deere 1, 2, 3 BEDROOM apart- wall heaters. Fridge/ Call Long & Long @
5100E Tractor, 210 ments & townhouses. stove/dishwasher. Front 662-328-0770, 662-
hours. $46,500. Call for more info. porch. 24x30 shop. 574-3903.
Also, 2016 15ft 662-328-8254. $650/month, $650 de-
Kubota Bush hog avail. posit. No HUD, no in-
STUDIO APT for rent. side pets. Contact: Lots & Acreage 8600
Newly remodeled. 2519708 or 3292917. 2.28 +/- Acre Lot.
ALLSTUMP GRINDING WANTED TO BUY! 3000, $400/mth rent & dep 149 Tanyia Lane. Off of
SERVICE req. Convenient to town Houses For Rent: New Hope Lake Lowndes Road.
3600, 3910, or 3930 & CAFB. No hud. No
GET 'ER DONE! Ford with factory p/s 7130 Has asphalt drive &
We can grind all your pets. 662-328-2340. parking, 1200 ft. shop
that looks/runs good,
stumps. Hard to reach and a drawbar pulled GREAT LOCATION to w/ living area, septic
places, blown over roll-a-bar type hay rake. Apts For Rent: South 7040 school, clean, 2BR/ tank & water meter. No
roots, hillsides, back- 662-328-5248. 1BA, a/c, gas heat, w/d trailers. $45,000. Call
yards, pastures. Free DOWNTOWN 1BR - This hook up. No pets, no 662-574-0345.
estimates. You find it, large 1 bedroom apart-
HAY FOR Sale. Bermud- ment has been recently HUD. 662-327-2798. Lv
we'll grind it! message, available for
agrass sq. Bales, $5, renovated. It features 3.5 Acre Lot. 3 estab-
662-361-8379 5'x6' rolls, $50. Limed great natural light, hard- showing 11/16/18. lished trailer lots. Play-
& fertilized per soil wood floors, tall ceil- ground. Located on
Tree Services 1860 sample. 662-435-7889. ings and access to a Houses For Rent: South 7140 Morgan Lane. Off of
A&T Tree Service shared laundry room. Harris Road. Caledonia
Bucket truck & stump Firewood / Fuel 4450 $750 rent and $750 de- 2BR/2BA, 2300 sqft, Schools. $25,000.
removal. Free est. posit. Utilities included. very nice w/ 2 car gar- 662-574-0345.
FIREWOOD FOR Sale. No pets please. Call age, lg back yard. Pets
Serving Columbus
since 1987. Senior Various lengths. Peter, 662-574-1561. need approval. $1,050
662-295-2274 per mo + dep. 662-574- FALL SPECIAL
citizen disc. Call Alvin @ 1.95 acre lots.
242-0324/241-4447 Apts For Rent: West 7050 7879 or 662-328-8655.
Good/bad credit.
"We'll go out on a limb Furniture 4480 10% down, as low as
for you!" FOR LEASE: 2BR/1BA, Houses For Rent: Starkville
CORINTHIAN LEATHER Prairie Waters, $299/mo. Eaton Land.
VICKERS TREE sofas with dual re- $700/mo, $700 dep.
7170 662-361-7711
SERVICE, LLC cliners, new, burgundy, Call 662-328-5556.
2BR/1BA house w/ 2
Tree trimming and re- oxblood. Barely used! Mobile Homes for Sale 8650

Purchase price was acres in county. 3 miles
moval. Fully insured. from Strk, 5 miles from
Free estimates. $2400. Will sell both for BANK REPOS Whole

MSU South Entrance, Sale to the Public!
Call Curt 662-418-0889 $1800 or $900/$1000 W/D, carport. SMALL
or 662-549-2902 sep. Serious inquires 16x80 Single Wide,
dogs ok w/ deposit. $9900. Cash Only.
“A cut above the rest” only. H 662-798-4375
or C 662-574-0369. Apartments Great for grad student
or professor. Non-
Does need some re-
pairs. Cash Only!! Call
Good Things To Eat 2150
Estate Sales 4490 & Houses smoking. $700/mo. 662-419-9762.
Utilities not included.
2-FAM. Estate Sale,
1 Bedrooms 662-617-5601.
6149 Oktoc, Stk. Fri, 2 Bedroooms DOUBLE WIDE, 28x64.
2001 3+2. Living room
Sat, Sun, 9-5. Antiques 3 Bedrooms Houses For Rent: Other 7180
w/ separate den,
& vintage furn., dishes, $29,900 includes deliv- 1 Aspirations
silver, framed art, cook- 1 ROOM/1BA, Utilities
books, exercise equip., Furnished & Included. $450/mo. ery and set up! Cash 6 Esau’s twin
Only! Must Go! Call
collectibles, Christmas Unfurnished One person only. Refs
req. Contact/leave a 662-401-1093. 11 Counting every-
decor. Cash Only.
1, 2, & 3 Baths message for more info: thing
662-328-8655. NO CREDIT Check! 4
Garage Sales: Southside 4505 Lease, Deposit Bedroom, 16x80 Single
12 Superior to
INSIDE, OUTSIDE sale. & Credit Check SMALL COTTAGE: Wide. $5000 down and 13 Polynesian
808 4th Ave. S. Sat. 6a- 1BR/1BA, all appl. incl. $500 month! Only have nation
12p. Old windows, de- Water, trash, lawn incl. one! Call 662-266-
signer hand bags, cos-
tume jewelry, vintage 327-8555 in lease. Near Stark-
ville, Columbus & West
2288. 14 Indy entrant
15 Scout’s base
bike, chairs, Xmas de- Point. No pets. Autos For Sale 9150
cor, clothes, baby items Apts For Rent: Other 7080 $500/mo. $400 dep. 17 Drawn out
& much more! App/refs/lease req. 2002 VOLVO S80 T6, 4 18 Fruit tree
1BR/1BA in Historic 662-242-2923. door sedan. Good condi-
Garage Sales: East 4510 Downtown Columbus. tion, Michelin radials. 20 Press
$550/mo. No pets.
Mobile Homes for Rent 7250 $3950. CASH ONLY! 22 “That’s gross!”
MS. MINNIE's Last 662-328-8655. 662-889-8914.
Sale! 3485 Hwy 50 E.- 23 Low wages,
1BR/1BA Loft in Histor- 3BR/2BA Trailer, New
Home of the late Mrs.
ic Downtown Columbus. Hope school dist.
Minnie Henson. Fri.
10/16 1p-6p & Sat. Available 12/1. $650 $500/mo & $500 dep. 26 Pancake’s kin
per month. 662-328- Call between 10a-7p.
10/17 7a-1p. Rain or
8655. 662-386-4292. 28 Paris subway
Shine! Decorative
items, dishes, cook-
NO TEXT MESSAGES. 29 Rents from a DOWN 21 Los Angeles
DOWNTOWN - 522 11th
GREENS: MUSTARD, ware, bed & bath items, Street North - Renov- RENT A fully equipped
2015 CHEVROLET Equi- renter 1 Popular song team
turnips, & collards! All linens, outdoor fur- nox, tan, 1 owner, 89k
you want! 662-356- niture, cement statues,
ated and ready soon; camper w/utilities & mi, mostly highway. 31 Frank holder 2 Music’s Yoko 23 Gaze
now taking applications. cable from $145/wk -
6569, 662-251-100, or bird bath, clothing, etc. 2 beds, 1 bath, Central $535/month. Colum- Bluetooth, backup cam- 32 Mystique 3 Breakfast mix 24 Loyal
662-304-7993. era, cloth seats, 25.8
H&A, Updated. bus & County School MPG average of life of 33 Club cost 4 “Enigma Varia- 25 Some heirs
754 Pecan Drive H/h, bedding, throw pil- Must have good refer-
locations. 662-242- vehicle. Clean & excel- 34 Peach parts tions” composer 27 Invitee’s guest
lows, pic frames, winter 7653 or 601-940-1397. lent condition.
Starkville, MS
Custom cracking, wear & misc galore!
ences. Call Long &
Asking $12,195. 36 Cruise stop 5 Bridge feat 30 Phone bug
Long, 662-328-0770.
shelling, & blowing your Rooms For Rent 7450 662-574-7481. 38 Victorious 6 Mayo buy 33 O’Neill forte
pecans. We also sell 54 PINECREST Circle. DOWNTOWN: 2BR/1BA, 40 Bottled buy
shelled, halved, & Sat. 6a-11a. Ceiling CH&A, 1 story, W/D, WEST POINT:
7 Marine mollusk 34 Swanky
pieces! 662-574-1660. fans, floor tile, vanities, historic district, 1 block Room - $120/wk.
Sale: 2005 Ford 150
43 Extended oper- 8 Fat used in soaps 35 Cuzco native
clothes-all sizes, h/h. from downtown, $625/ Large Room (priv entr) - atic solo
mo. + $625 dep. NO $150/wk. All furnished Econo Van. 102k miles. 9 Kitchen fixture 37 Is in the red
General Help Wanted 3200 White. $4,300.
HUGE INDOOR, 8 family PETS. 662-574-8789. w/ furn, appl, utils &
44 Abrasive powder 10 Ice chunk 39 Grier of “Jackie
Accountant Position - sale. 11/17. 7a-1p. Peaceful & Quiet area. cable. 662-295-4701. 45 Women’s
Columbus 1120 Hwy 69 S. 3rd 16 Bakery buy Brown”
Responsibilities include building down from Dol- Apts For Rent: Other 7080 2013 LEXUS GX460. quarters 18 Snaps 41 Work unit
A/R, A/P, Payroll, Sales lar General. Crystal, jew- 55,700 mi. Exc cond. 46 Private’s boss
Tax, Journal Entries, Re- lery, h/h items, & more. Black exterior, tan interi- 19 Pale tan 42 Reuben base
conciliations, Month/ or. Sun roof, heated
Year end Closing for Garage Sales: North 4520 leather seats. New tires
multiple companies. At- & brakes. $29,900.
tention to detail and ac- MOVING SALE. 16 N. 662-574-1697.
curacy are required. Chestnut Dr. (Oakdale
Send resumes to Park) Sat. 11/17 7a-1p. Campers & RVs 9300
jobs@ Furniture, dishes, decor- ations, linens, h/h TOMBIGBEE RV Park,
goods & much more. located on Wilkins Wise
seeks FT candidate w/ INSIDE SALE. 632 31st Hookups available.
bookkeeping, payroll ex- Ave. N. Apt. 74. Thurs. $300/mo. 662-328-
perience. Accounting de- Fri. 5p-7p. Sat.10a-12p 8655 or 662-574-7879.
gree required, Quick- Clothes, shoes 10-11,
Books & payroll expert-
ise, Ind. tax prep experi-
toys, computer, dining
room set, security sys.
Five Questions:
ence preferred & ability
to work well w/ a vari-
ety of people. Please
send resumes to: dar Dr. Sat. 6a-1p. 1 City Lights
Blind Box 659 c/o Furn., misc., odds &
Commercial Dispatch ends, clothing, & Christ-
mas decor.
PO Box 511
Columbus, MS 39703
YARD/BAKE Sale. 14th
2 The Coen
Wells Cleaners) Sat. 7a-
experienced carpenter
with lots of experience. until. Items $1 to $5.

3 Nancy
Please call:
662-570-9464 for info. Garage Sales: Caledonia 4540
8610 HWY. 12 E. Past
Alan Jones' car lot. Fri.
ANICAL KNOWLEDGE, & Sat. 7a- until. Christ-
LIFTING & DELIVERY OF mas decor, Under Ar-
mor clothes, NorthFace
jackets, coats, sweat-
4 Woodstock
MAN RENTALS, INC. ON ers, lots of clothes & WHATZIT ANSWER
HWY. 82 WEST, STARK- misc., furn., & h/h
VILLE. items. 5 3M Log cabin
8B Friday, November 16, 2018 The Dispatch •