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Running head: Philosophy Statement

Philosophy Statement

Colleen M. Hall

University of Kansas
Philosophy Statement
Philosophy Statement

Assignment Purpose

This assignment tracks the evolution of my thought process pertaining to special

education, and the main purpose of the assignment is to develop a reason for entering this field.

As a whole, this collection of beliefs, purposes, and processes related to special education could

be a stepping stone for employment, conducting a training, or providing my district with a

written statement of the value I could bring to any special education team. In addition to the

philosophical impact this assignment fostered in me, it also allowed me to outline the key factors

necessary for a successful program.

Creating differentiated curriculum and a willingness to adapt to changes and barriers to

learning are key components of collaboration and they are also strengths of mine. The

assignment required me to explain how and why I collaborate and the importance my teamwork

skills could bring to a team. It also gave me the opportunity to explain the value of differentiated

instruction and my abilities to adapt the curriculum to make it understandable for all learners. Of

equal importance, the assignment provided the opportunity to reflect on my ability to adapt,

which is critical when working with many people to give optimal support to a student.


I have made a lot of revisions to my philosophy statement because I felt the original view

was narrow in scope. I also adhered to the advice my professor provided, which was to indent

my paragraphs, break up the content, and establish a solid conclusion paragraph. I highlighted

the changes my professor asked for, but I did not highlight my personal thoughts due to the vast

amount of detail I added.

Philosophy Statement
The reason for the many alterations in my philosophy statement stems from the additional

knowledge I acquired in this master’s program. In the original statement I honed in on the

significance of collaboration. However, I have become cognizant that additional topics merit the

same attention. Some of these aspects of note are self-determination, teacher training, and being

familiar with the processes that are fundamental to the special education department. All in all,

the statement I have manifested expresses my growth in understanding learners with disabilities

and how the special education department should assist them and their families.