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Professor Norma Isabel Ojeda Self-evaluation

March, 2019 English Literature I





NAME: Laura Pilar Umbarila Pachón DATE: March 12th/2019

Evaluate yourself by answering the following questions

1. How has your conception of literature changed after this course?

The conception that I had about literature changed in two great aspects: The first change was
about the meaning of "literature" as a concept. For me, at the beginning of the course, the
concept of literature was limited to writing. However, during the course I understood that
literature is linked to other types of art such as music and painting and that it is connected not
only by the inspiration it generates for the realization of some pictorial works or musical
pieces, but also for the essential elements that make them up and how these similar elements
can be found in various parts of the works such as their structure, time and space.

The second aspect is related to the change in my way of viewing literature now as a deeper
and more complex art because my knowledge about text analysis was broadened. I learned
to use what the author gives me in the text in the form of fragments to understand the same
text as a whole that has a common meaning. Analyze a text is to identify where the author
takes us through the text and this is a process in which as readers, we have to identify the
clues in the text, connect them to each other and interpret them in their context to reach the
true meaning of the text avoiding recourse to interpretations based on "popular philosophy".

2. Describe your literature learning process in this course in terms of:

● your participation in class,
● your contribution to the course,
● reading the materials,
● work done outside of class.

The learning process during the literature course was very profitable for me. My strengths
were focused on using the materials from the course in the best way, I read most of them
several times and I discussed about them with my classmates both inside and outside the
classroom, especially the poems since their interpretation was difficult for me a little by having
Professor Norma Isabel Ojeda Self-evaluation
March, 2019 English Literature I

very abstract concepts that required further analysis.

Although my participation in class was limited, I consider that the occasions in which I talked, I
opined about relevant aspects that contributed to the debate and about personal ideas
different from those commented by my classmates that were important to highlight.
Honestly, I did my best to carry out the two essays, I worked on each of them at least two
weeks before their deadline. I searched for information on interpretation and analysis of texts
to complement what was seen in class with the purpose of clearing doubts about some
aspects of the thesis writing process or identification of arguments in the text.
My main purpose was always to find a thesis different from those that were very evident,
since I consider that the one of the aims of this course was to lead us towards a deeper and
more complex level. In the same way, I developed the argumentation of the thesis based on
textual evidence which was consistent and connected and that affirmed the thesis during
most of the text.

3. Do you have any additional comments about your performance?

Sometimes I felt the desire to cancel one of the three subjects I had registered on the SIA
because this semester I was studying two other subjects of high demand of time and work
(like English literature) such as the Practicum and the Teaching practice; however, in this
moment, I consider that I did a good job in each one of them and I was able to get ahead
despite the difficulties and obstacles in my last semester.

4. How would you grade yourself on the basis of you answers?

I grade myself with a 3.6