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LESSON ORGANISATION (based on Australian Curriculum: Health & Physical Education)

Year Level: 5/6 Time: 1400 Date: 7/6/2019 Students’ Prior Knowledge:
This is the last lesson in the 6-week cricket program.
Students have knowledge of most skills needed to successfully
Learning Area: Health & Physical Education play a game of cricket. They are also aware of the key laws of
the game

Strand: Movement and physical activity Focus Area: Cricket

Sub-strand: Moving our body

Understanding movement

Content Descriptor: Teacher’s Prior Preparation/Organisation:

• Practice specialised movement skills and apply them • Ensure equipment is serviceable and accessible
in a variety of movement sequences and situations • Check for any dangers on the oval
(ACPMP061) • Have equipment on the oval
• Propose and apply movement and concept
strategies with or without equipment (ACMPMP063) Equipment List
8 cricket bats, 16 cricket balls, 8 wickets, cones

General Capabilities (that may potentially be covered in the lesson)

Literacy Numeracy ICT Competence Critical and Ethical Personal and Social Intercultural
creative thinking behaviour competence understanding
Cross-curriculum priorities (may be addressed in the lesson)

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Asia and Australia’s engagement with Sustainability
histories and cultures Asia
Lesson Objectives (i.e. anticipated outcomes of this lesson, in point form beginning with an action verb)

As a result of this lesson, students will be able to:

• Demonstrate correct batting technique

• Demonstrate correct bowling technique
• Demonstrate correct fielding technique
• Demonstrate an understanding of the laws of cricket


Assessment of Lesson Objectives and Suggestions for Improvement::

• Were students able to perform the tasks asked of them?
• Were students able to show a variety of cricket techniques?
• Did students show ethical sportsmanship?

Teacher self-reflection and self-evaluation:

• How could I improve the lesson?
• Were students engaged?
• Were tasks and instructions clear?
HLTH2203 Jan 2019
Motivation and Introduction:
• Have equipment on the oval ready for use
1400 • Have cones in place for warm up
5min • Congratulate students on completing 6 week cricket program
• Introduce the last lesson (modified games)
• Number students 1-2 and get 1’s to get a ball
• Instruct student to line up for warm up

1405 Student Organisation Lesson Content Class Organisation Resources/Equipment

(Individual task structure, (Content & KTP)
• Bend down
• Fingers down
• Scoop the ball

• Number students 1-2

• Students jog around
square marked out
• 1’s start with the ball
• Have run for 30sec-
• Instruct students to Teacher to walk around middle of the square
Have 4 cones set out in a square put down ball and blowing whistle and instructing 1’s or 2’s
20m from each other. Have keep running Teacher should see
students spread out along the area • Call out either 1’s or
2’s • Participation
• Number called must • Correct fielding technique
. bend down, field ball,
run for 5meters and
put ball down

Bridging organization
• Have students with a ball put away,
have another student collect cones
• When back in number students 1-4 and
set up drill as diagram
• Once set up explain drill and KTP’s

HLTH2203 Jan 2019

1418 Drill 1 Front Foot Drive with sender Instructions
15min Students are in groups of 4. 1- • 1 batter
person batting, 1 person wicket
keeper, 1 person in the outfield • 1 fielder
and 1 person in the infield. The
student who is infield should be • Students take turns
10m from the batter. The to hit the ball from a
outfielder is behind them and the bowled delivery from
wicket keeper is behind the batter. the sender
This drill is identical to the one
performed in week 3 however now • Front foot drive
there is a sender who will bowl the
ball to simulate a real cricket • Partner fields the ball
situation and throws it back to • Teacher may walk around inside of the
the bowler circle to provide instructions on
correcting poor technique
• If missed the wicket • Teacher should be viewing
keeper collects and • Correct batting technique
returns to the bowler • Correct bowling technique
• Controlled ball along the ground
• Swap positions after
• Enthusiastic fielding
6 balls
• Safe practices

• Have bowler bowl


• If deemed out must

swap positions

• LBW can be used

HLTH2203 Jan 2019

Bridging organization
• Have 1 student from each group
3min collect all equipment and return to
• Re number students 1-2 as they have
probably forgotten their number
• 1’s to partner with a 2
• Have 2 games of pairs cricket set up
as diagram
• Have students go to their areas and
explain drill
• Begin drill

1436 Drill 2 Pairs cricket KTP’s

20min Step, shift, swing
High arms, follow
through, pull down
Pinkies together, thumbs
together, soft hand

• Players compete in
pairs against the
This is how 1 game of pairs cricket other pairs
is to be set up. 1 pair bats, 1 pair
sends and receives, other pairs • Batters can be out
field bowled caught or run
• Teacher may walk through both games
• If batters get out they to provide instructions on correcting
simply swap ends and poor technique
continue to bat • Teacher should be viewing
• Correct technique
• After two overs the • Controlled ball along the ground
batting pair retire • Enthusiastic fielding
and the next pair • Correct runs being counted
have their turn to bat
• Safe practices
• Each player bowls
one over of 6 balls
while their partner
wicket keeps

• After they have

completed their over
they swap

• The ball must be

bowled with a
straight arm

• If a pair is not batting

HLTH2203 Jan 2019
or bowling, they are
fielding, so that
everyone is involved

• You do not have to

run when you hit the
ball. 12.

• If the ball is missed,

batters may still run

Progression/ Regression.
As this is the cumulative
game no progression or
regression shall be used,
however you may use a
batting tee if the batter
misses the ball if you
want to.

1456 Lesson Closure: (Review lesson objectives with students)

4min • Have 2 pairs collect all equipment and return to area
• Students to gather around teacher
• Ask individual students KTP’s on all areas of cricket
• Ask students key Laws of the game
• Ask if there are any questions
• Congratulate students on completing the cricket course
• Lesson closed, students leave

Notify students of next week’s lesson (touch rugby)

Assessment: (Were the lesson objectives met? How will these be judged?)
Observational assessment

HLTH2203 Jan 2019