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Arranged to fulfill task of English for Nursing II

Lecturer: Ns. Nana Rochana S.Kep. MN





No Abbreviations Definition Sentence
1. HA Headache is the symptom of pain anywhere in Treatment of HA depends in the underlying cause, but
the region of the head or neck. It occurs in commonly involves pain medication.
migraines, tension-type headaches, and cluster
2. Hb Hemoglobin is a protein in red blood cells that Your Hb level will be tested early in pregnancy.
transports oxygen and carbon dioxide and gives
blood its red color
3. HD Hemodialysis is procedure that’s used to remove Mr. H has had chronic kidney disease since 2 years ago
toxic from the blood of patients with renal which required him to undergo HD routinely.
failure which uses dialysis principles.
4. HEENT Head, Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat is a usually the After check the vital sign, we can do physical examination
beginning of a physical exam. include HEENT (head, eye, ear, nose, and throat).
5. HS Hour of Sleep (at bedtime)is defined as hour of HS is one of the component to calculate quality of sleep
sleep frequently. with PSQI.
6. Hx Medical History (History) is a systematic reward Hx (medical history) is a part of patient’s assessment. The
of past events as they relate to a person and his doctor cannot give a diagnosis without knowing the full
medical background. medical history
7. IBD Inflammatory Bowel Disease is a group of The two types of IBD are Crotin’s Disease and Ulcerative
inflammatory conditions of the colon and small Colitis.
8. IDDM Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus is a Persons with IDDM can manage their condition with a
condition that’s characterized by high blood carbohydrate-controlled meal plan, exercise, and insulin.
glucose levels caused by a total lack of insulin.
9. IM Intramuscular I learned the IM injection procedure for the exam

10. IDM Infant of Diabetic Mother The IDM may have higher risks for serious problem during
pregnancy and at birth.
11. NKMA No Known Medication Allergies When patient say they don’t know they have an allergy to
medication, nurse writes NKMA on their medical record

12. NKA No Known Allergies I have a mysterious sign and swelling in my finger, but
NKA. Should I go to the doctor?

13. KUB Kidney, Ureter and Bladder Patient applauds pain when pee so the doctor requires
further examination to determine the diagnostic of the
patient then the doctor doing the examination of the KUB

14. NED No Evidence of Disease I had a breast cancer examination but the doctor said there
was NED

15. NIDDM Non Insulin Dependent Diabates Mellitus The symptoms of NIDDM include excessive thirst,
frequento urinatior and constant hunger

16. NTP Normal Temperature and Pressure My temperature is 36OC and my pressure 120/90 mmHg,
so nurse write NTP.

17. WBC White Blood Cells White blood cells is one of componen in our blood

18. AC Ante Ceonam This medicine must be chewed 30 minute ante coenam

19. BID Bis In Die The doctor gives paracetamol to drink bis in die after eat

20. CAP Capsule After go to maternal and health child service my sister got
vitamins in capsule type from the doctor

21. CC Centimeter Mrs. Caca need 3 cc injection every day

22. GT Gutta My sister always cats vitamin combined with cum cibos

23. HS Hora Somni The nurse set the infution15 gt/minute

24. IM Intramusculary The effective hora somi for adult is 6-8 hours per day

25. MCG Microgram The patient of DM type II gets the injection of insulins that
injected on intramuscular

26. CHF Congestive Heart Failure She passed away in early April after a series hospitalization
related to CHF

27. COPD Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease My Grandmotherfeel so breathless because she have
28. CP Cerebral Palsy Doctors thought she had a mild case of cerebral palsy
29. DAT Diet As Tolerated Yesterday Andy got a surgery so he have to Diet as
tolerated today

30. DNR Do Not Resusitation A nurse can’t help the patient when cardiac arrest come if
they have DNR status.
31. Dx Diagnosis Ilham was not happy with the results of her medical exam,
so he hoped the diagnosis would be disproven by another
32. EENT Eye Ear Nose Throat If it hurts your ears, you probably have an infection and
should consult an EENT specialist.

33. FDA Food and Drug Administration The vaccine has been licensed by the Indonesian Food and
Drug Administration
34. qh On a prescription od doctor’s hospital orders. qh I saw the words “qh” on the doctor’s prescription at the
“queque hora” (latin) is use to determine the frequency of drug use. hospital.
or each / every hour
35. qhs “quaque hora somni” (latin) or every night at I had diagnosis high cholesterol and my docter give me
bedtime qhs used in medical prescriptions. prescription zocor 10 mg, 1 po qhs.
36. qod / QOD “quaque oltera die” (latin) or every other day, On the JCAHO (Joint Commission on Accreditation of
instead. Health Care Organization) does not use QOD for daily, but
“every other day”
37. qs “quantum satis or quantum sufficit” Nutritionist said 100 mg of carbohydrate is enough for DM
patient to eat in the morning.
38. Rx Rx is a symbol of medical prescription in the When my mom was sick, the doctor wrote her a
dyas before manufactured drugs, pharmacist or prescription for spesial medication.
doctors would write out a formula for
medications, and the symbol will be placed in
front of the recipe.
39. S/S “signs and symptoms”. Medical sign is an People with GERD may have some of the following signs
objective indication of some medical fact. and symptomps like nausea and heartburn.
Symptomis a departure from normal function or
feeling which apparent to a patient, reflecting the
presence of a disease.
40. VS “Vital Signs”. Internal bodily signs (such as the Nurse usually examine VS twice a day for non-emergency
heart, lungs, and brain) that are essential to life patient.
41. w/c wheel-chair or wound care My patient get w/c everyday because of his gangrene on
the left foot
42. NV/ N &V Nausea and vomiting. Patient in room 2 hadtroated for 3 days and complained of
NV (Nausea and Vomiting) every morning.
43. NYD Not Yet Diagnosed The patient NXD (Not Yet Diagnosed) so it needs further
44. q quaque, latin for “every” I take 2 capsules of medicine q morning or after I had

45. q2h quaque 2 hora (every 2 hours) The nurse in ICU always checks out a patients actual
wellness status q2h (every 2 hours) and calculates the
average of fluids for fluids management intervention.

46. q3h quaque 3 hora (every 3 hours) The docter has an order to give his patient 1 tsp a drug q3h
(every 3 hours)

47. q4h quaque4 hora (every 4 hours) Electrolytes and venous blood gas of dangue fever patient
must be checked for every 4 hours / q4h

48. q.a.m / qam quaque ante meridiem (every morning) Drugs to reduce the pain the pain have been givenq.a.m

49. q.d. quaque die (one a day) Patient with dengue fever must be taken blood q.d (one
day) to check blood composition.

50. ml millitter Nurse Septiana gave 5 ml ceftriaxone injecction to Mr.

51. NPO nil per os (nothing by mouth) Mrs. Mawar is not allowed to drink, because she is npo.

52. PC post cibum (after meals) The doctor said that Mrs. Anky should take Amoxicilin pc.
53. PO per os (per oral) The doctor explains to the patient to take the medicine po.

54. PRN pro re nata (as needed) More common is “pro re nata” dosing, in which a drug is
used only if needed and only up to some maximum

55. QID, qid quarter in die (four times a day) This medicine is for treating your allergy. You have to take
it quarter in die (qid)

56. TID, tid ter in die (three times a day) Lusi received a prescription from the doctor to take
paracetamol tid (three times a day).

57. Ud ut dictum (as directed) Doctor Irmaya prescribes “prednisone 50 mg, one tab ud”
to a patient with asthma.
Branches of
No Definition Sentence
1. Ophthalmology Ophthalmology is the branch of medicine Four years ago, she finished her study at Jakarta Eye
concerned with the study and treatment of Center at Ophthalmology department.
disorders and disease of the eye.
2. Angiology Angiology is specialty of medical study which In my opinion, angiology is the most interesting subject of
studies about diseases of the circulatory system study in my department.
and of the lymphatic system.
3. Nutrition Nutrition is the branch of medicine that concern Today, I get study about nutrition from Mrs. Gemala who
about the process of taking food into the body is the one of lecturers in Nutrition Science Department at
and absorbing the nutrients in those food. Diponegoro University.
4. Rheumatology Rheumatology is a branch of medicine devoted My grandmother complained of pain in the joint of her
to the diagnosis and therapy of rheumatic disease legs for three days, I drove her to a general practitioner but
(including clinical problems in joints, soft the doctor suggested taking her to Rheumatology.
tissues, heritable connective tissue disorders,
vasculitis and autoimmune diseases).
5. Neonatology Neonatology is a subspeciality of pediatrics that Nursing students are discussing about neonatology to
consists of the medical care of newborn, prepare for clinical practice
especially the ill a premature nowborn.
6. Immunohematology Immunohematology is the study of the My favorite part of immunohematology is antibody
immunology and genetics of blood cell antigens, identification
blood groups and specific blood proteins (such
as complement) and antibodies.
7. Biochemistry Biochemistry is study chemical processes within Caca get offered some money to do a Biochemistry study
and relating to living organism

8. Virology Virology is study of viruses-submicroscopic, He has done extensive research in virology

parasite practicles of genetic material contained
in of protein coad-and virus-like agents
9. Myology Myology is study of the muscular system She has been a member of myology since last year
including the study of structure, fungtion and
disease of muscle.
10. Neurosurgery Neurosurgery is the branch of medicine dealing I would get the neurosurgery resident down here
with the surgery performed on the nervous
system especially the brain and spinal cord.
11. Allergology Allergology is the branch of medicine concerned My friend and I want to study about allergology in the
with allergy class this morning
12. Nephrology Nephrology is the branch of medicine dealing A doctor must complete a two year residency in internal
with diseases of the kidney medicine so he can be accepted into a nephrology program.
13. Encephalology Is a branch of the brain and its structure and Today, my friend and I learn about encephalology with
function Mrs. Nana
14. Cytogenetics Is a branch of genetics that is concerned with I learned cytogenetics in my third year of my college with
how the chromosomes relate to cell behavior, Prof. Merriam
particularly to their behavior during mitosis and
15. Stomatology The branch of medicine or dentistry concerned I have problem of oral cavity (stomatitis) within a month,
with structure, function and disease of the mouth Indri advise me to learn more about stomatology
16. Enzymology Enzymology is a branch of biochemistry that My brother said that he wants to learn about enzymology
deals with the properties, activity, and this year.
significance of enzymes

17. Osteology Osteology is the study of the structure and They will learn the osteology of skull in the class tomorrow
function of bones

18. Andrology Andrology is the medical speciality that deals Udin studies andrology in Hogwarts University.
with male health, particulary relating to the
problems of the male reproductive system and
urological problems that owned by men
19. Otology Otology is the branch of medicine that deals with Bayu goes to the otology department to check his ears.
the structure function and pathology of ear.

20. Periodentology Periodentology is the science that deals with the If you jaw had swallon, I suppose you to go to
supporting tissues around the teeth and gum periodentology department because you have problem on
disease and oral tisssues. your gum

21. Arthrology Arthrology is the study and treatment of the I go to arthrology clinic to treat my joint pain
22. Dentistry Dentistry : The branch of medicine that consist After studied dentistry for 4 years, Misra were capable to
of the study, diagnosis, prevention and treatment tret many kind of teeth and mouth problems.
of diseases, disorder and conditions of the oral
cavity, comonly dentition but also oral mucosa.

23. Venerology Venerology is the branch of medicine concerned The department of venerology has carried out diagnosis
with veneral disease and treatment of many complicated veneral diseases.

24. Occupational of Occupational of Medicine is the branch of Mr. Handika from Wijaya Company had to applied the
Medicine medicine which is concerned with the occupational of medicine fir prevention of disease and
maintenance of health in workplace. injuries in his company.