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KE e Eddie Favre County Administrator Government Annex 854 Higineay 90, Suite A Bay Se Lots, MS 39520 Telephone (228) 466-4736 Fras (225) 467-5193 April 3, 2019 Mr. Alan Moran, Manager Philip's Pest Control Mosquito Division 18516 Old Joe Moran Road Kiln, MS 39556 Mr. Moran, Please be advised that the Hancock County Board of Supervisors has received a letter of concern from the City of Waveland conceming an excessive amount of complaints regarding Mosquito Control Services. Inits letter, the City asks the County to ensure contract compliance for these services for the public health and safety of all of our residents and for a prompt investigation into this service. Please see attached letter for reference. In response to this letter of concern, { ask that the following information be provided by Friday, April 12, 2019, 4:00 pm, so that we can reach a conclusion as to your compliance with the terms of your existing contract with the County: 1) An inventory of vehicles used for this Contract and GPS data showing truck routes and dates when actually spraying on each route 2) Efficacy testing reports for the past two years 3) An explanation as to why only one species of mosquito is shown and not others 4) Identify State law that only requires trapping from March through October, especially since our eontract requires year round service 5) The location of each trap for testing 6) Documentation to ensure you have properly sampled mosquitos from each zone for West Nile for the last two years 7) Documentation that you have sent samples to MS Department of Health 8) Documentation of chemicals purchased to support miles sprayed, acreage treated and miles treated for standing water claims submitted on monthly reports consistent with contractual requirements 9) Any other information you feel would assist us in our investigation ‘Thanks for your assistance and cooperation in resolving this issue and should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call. #0 Kee Eddie Favre County Administrator