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International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics

Volume 116 No. 20 2017, 171-177

ISSN: 1311-8080 (printed version); ISSN: 1314-3395 (on-line version)
Special Issue


S.Fabiyola Kavitha,2P.Dayakar,3Vivek Joshi
Associate Professor,2Professor,3Student
Department of Management Studies, BIST,BIHER,Bharath University, Chennai.

1. Introduction ● To search the market for the consumer by which the

customer can get the services easily from the company
Customers Perception:
● To identify the areas of concern where the company
Client recognition and Satisfaction can be characterized lack in promoting the customers perception
as providing or satisfying all needs or wishes, satisfying ● To find out the corrective measures taken up by the
conditions or fancies, or the condition of the mind company to enhance its business with respect to
anything that makes a client feel satisfied or mollified. customers perception[14-16].
The project is carried out on the customer’s perception of
the travel and tour company MakeMyTrip. Scope of the Study
1. It gives information to prospective customer.
Travels and tourism:
2. Help us gain independent knowledge about the
Indian tourism has inconceivable potential for creating customer perception of the complete travel online
business and procuring expansive totals of remote trade company.
other than giving a flip to the countrys general monetary 3. The studies help companies to get additional
and social advancement. Much has been accomplished by research information
method for expanding air situate limit, expanding trains 4. It facilities evaluation of brand names and customers
and railroad network to imperative vacationer goals, four- satisfaction
laning of streets associating vital visitor focuses and
3. Limitations
expanding accessibility of settlement by adding legacy
inns to the inn business and empowering paying visitor Follow set of limitations were encountered by research
convenience. Be that as it may, a great deal more stays to during the research process:-
be finished[1-8]. Since tourism is a multi-dimensional ➢ The research topic for the project is new and
movement, and fundamentally an administration therefore, secondary data was retied upon including the
industry, it would be vital that all wings of the Central data collected from the internet together a bird’s eye view
and State governments, private division and deliberate of the entire industry. The research process may have
associations end up noticeably dynamic accomplices in been biased of the content of the source is not
the attempt to accomplish economical development in authenticated, as it is generally perceived.
tourism if India is to end up plainly a world player in the ➢ The research has an objective of suggesting an
traveler business alternative marketing strategy to creatures to access the
2. Objective present market trends and position of radicalization in the
The objective of the study is to have a practical bright of
➢ However the primary data research process had little
the working of the organization, its decision, its brief
to offer on the current market operation of the company
historical background and its future prospects[9-13]. The
and thus the researcher has relied upon the secondary
following can be said to be the major objectives of the
data available for preparing questionnaire and to know
the industry.
1. Primary objective
➢ Research was confined to the city of Gurgaon only.
To identify the customer need and the perspective ➢ Response from customer may be a biased. One. So
requirement of the customer. as many as 100 respondents was surveyed.
2. Secondary objective
● To examine the customer need.

International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics Special Issue

Need of Study: The sampling procedure can be of two types:

● Probable sampling
I have chosen the subject “A study on customer’s
● Non-probable sampling
perceptions with reference to MakeMyTrip” in a need to
understand the following points:
In this survey expert judgments sampling method can
1. To understand the need of analyzing the customer’s
perceptions of various resource management be used.
organization. Collecting the Information
2. To assess the industry’s progress through the
customers perception point of view of company. The information was collected from customer by
3. To understand the assessment of the company based personally asking them question and filling the
on the survey customer. questionnaire.
4. To understand the psychology of market observers
behind the customers perceptions analysis of ● Analyzing The Information
MakeMyTrip. The information available is analyzed in the form
of questionnaire.
Research Approach ● Presentation of Findings
Presentation of research in the company is on the basis of
The various ways of research approaches are:- findings and suggestions
● Observation research
● Survey research Analysis
● Focus group research
● Experimental research Data Analysis And The Interpretation
In this project the approach used was survey approach
because the main objective of our survey was to find out The data analysis and the interpretation are on the basis
the customer’s perception towards the sales promotion of the finding of the attitude of the customers and the
strategy of MakeMyTrip. trend of travel company market on MakeMyTrip and the
brand on which the customer response depends. The data
Sample Plan
is collected on 100 respondents.
Sample unit: MakeMyTrip,
Sample size: 100 customers
Table 1. Q. 1 Are you interested in registering with the
Field Work Area: Gurgaon Region MakeMyTrip travel company
Sampling Procedure
Yes 75 75%

No 25 25%

TOTAL 100 100%

Chart 1


From the above table is clearly shown that 75% of the respondents prefer to register with MakeMyTrip, 25% of
respondents do not want to register with MakeMyTrip[17-22]

International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics Special Issue

Table 2. Q. 2 Which out of the following features attracted you to choose the MakeMyTrip Company


Performance 55 55%
Company’s reputation 20 20%
Service Provide 25 25%

TOTAL 100 100%

Chart 2

From the above table is clearly shown that 55% of the
respondents prefer Performance, 20% of respondents to
company reputation, 25 % of respondents to provides
easy access to agents service of MakeMyTrip

Table 3. Q. 3 In the given options which MakeMyTrip process is more expensive?


Internet 50 55%

CompanAgents 20 20%

Dealership 30 30%

TOTAL 100 100%

Chart 3

International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics Special Issue

From the above table is clearly shown that 50% of the respondents say Internet is more expensive, 20% of respondents
say company agent, 30 % of respondents to provides easy access through dealers service of MakeMyTrip

Table 4. Q. 4 Which Travelling Booking minimizes the time period and helps to process quickly.


Consultancy 55 55%

Internet 23 22%

Agent 22 23%

TOTAL 100 100%

Chart 4

From the above table is clearly shown that 55% of the respondents prefer Cnnsultancy, 23% of respondents to Internet,
22 % of respondents to agents service of MakeMyTrip .
Table 5.Q. 5 More organizations plan to increase the money spent on customer’s perception and satisfaction is good.

Yes 59 59%
No 41 41%
TOTAL 100 100%

Chart 5

International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics Special Issue

From the above table is clearly shown that 59% of the respondents prefer increase in plan, 41% of respondents do not
agree to increase plan[23-26].

4. Findings discount, etc., also the salesperson has to treat them as a
valuable asset by rendering proper service.
➢ Customers are satisfied with the various travel offers ● From the whole analysis this has been concluded
of MakeMyTrip, because it produces low cost and it that various people have car and most of the people use
produces offers for middle class people. to take cars from MakeMyTrip on line travel ompany.
➢ Television is important source for effective sales The people are satisfied with the availability of
promotion. products and also happy with the sales promotion
➢ Customers are using MakeMyTrip packages for strategy of MakeMyTrip on line travelcompany. The
traval features. perception of people is very much positive. So it is clear
➢ Customer generally buys offers for best package and that the customer’s perception towards the sales
cost. promotion strategy of MakeMyTrip on line travel
➢ Customers are satisfied with on line assistance of company is very much positive, and whatever
MakeMyTrip which related with post delivery. suggestions are provided by customers if dealer will
➢ Generally customers prefer to buy cars on the time implement than companies as well as dealer will get a
of occasion because at that time companies provide cash lot of profit.
discount and various offers. References
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International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics Special Issue

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