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In the Mist of Waking Up

Sometimes in the mist of waking up – coming out of the sleep world – things are
confusing. It’s in those moments between the ethereal and the tangible worlds that I realize my
spirit body is still trapped inside this earthly body. Sometimes, it feels like I’m looking through
from the inside, from somewhere else, and somebody is turning the Time dial backwards or
forwards, one click at a time, except that no one ever turns it backwards – “Click; click; click,” –
only forwards. So, here we go, again, one more hour. Add the hour to hour, and you have a day.
From day to day, the hours matter, and a lifetime is formed. No matter how far we run from our
destiny, we will still curve back to meet it. I hope that the curve I follow takes me to the point in
the arc that matters most. I want my efforts and energies to match that which is important – that
which is best. At this point, since I’m still between worlds, do I have to wake up, or can I go
back to sleep?

Marty J. Reep, 2010

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