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Khokha, curfew timings

Jawad Warraich relives the painful memories of GIKI’s embarrassing loss to LUMS Restrictions in the sports meet last GIKI: The GIKI administration has semester claimed that all restrictions imPage 4 posed on students are for their own betterment, as their safety GIKI academia: and well being is the administration’s responsibility. This statealas! Platonic questions the wis- ment was made by Director Addom of the institute’s aca- ministration Col (r) Ghalib Sultan in an interview. demic policies Page 7 “Sitting at the khokha (Campus Hotel) is a waste of time. They GIK school for in- (the students) should be in their rooms studying,” he said. The fants Hasan Iqbal and Zain Kazmi director was speaking with referlament suffocation of indi- ence to a policy enforced by the vidual freedom in face of administration three years ago administrative restrictions whereby the khokha was ordered closed at midnight. Earlier, the Page 6 khokha used to remain open until

‘Admin determined for student betterment’
curb immoral activity, claims director admin
By Hasan Iqbal the wee hours of the morning. Col Ghalib claimed that if culinary spots were allowed to remain open all night, they would cause “academic disorder”. “We need to nip the evil in the bud,” he said, calling the khokha remaining open until late night evil. “If students don’t sleep at night and sit idle at the khokha, they don’t attend classes in the morning,” demanded Col Ghalib “Consequently, their attendance falls short of the set requirement, and they are not allowed to sit in the final examination. This (early closure of khokha) is for the students’ own good.” Continued on Page 3

Bhatti’s Clinic
Our very own Prof Hameed A Bhatti advises students regarding various problems in life and academia. Page 5

GIKI bus ticket collection

Fare-collection without receipt illegal: Incharge transport section
Students urged to approach authorities with transport problems
By Fahd Faiyaz GIKI: It was recently discovered by GIKI Uncovered that the longestablished practice of collecting bus fare on the GIKI bus without providing a receipt in return is a clear violation of the institute rules. These revelations were made by Incharge Transport Section Dr Fazal Khalid in an interview. “Students must stop the practice of paying cash to the bus driver or any other official without receiving a receipt, as it is a clear violation of the rules,” he said. Without a receipt, the students could not be sure of how much, if any, of their money really went to the administration. Frequent passengers of the weekend GIKI

The woes of our academic system Stretching our resources Page 2

Survey on cheating

Editor: Saad Anis

Majority of gikians cheat
By Hasan Iqbal and Uzair Shahid GIKI: Cheating in examinations is as old as education itself. Wherever there has been some kind of an exam, man has tried to get around it the easy way, with ‘some’ help. In GIKI, cheating in academics is more or less Continued on Page 3

buses to Peshawar, Rawalpindi and Islamabad would be aware of the bus officials’ practice of demanding fare without providing receipt for it. Another serious issue is shortage of transport vehicles for Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The single bus allocated to each city is clearly inadequate, and results in around 50 students having to spend the entire journey standing. Calling this a violation of traffic safety laws, Dr Fazal Khalid said that it was the responsibility of the administration to provide necessary transport facilities to ensure comfortable travel for students. However, he blamed Continued on Page 3

in spite of the stigma of low GPAs. Last year.00 for job applicants. to cater to their needs. While blindly handing out high GPAs is unjustified. Moreover. ICI. GIKI graduates have suffered due low GPAs in job applications. and reflects the extent to which he has succeeded in mastering his area of expertise. Some of the best students from all over Pakistan attend GIKI. especially in cases requiring expeditious judgement. the faculties intentionally award lower grades to students. GIKI was never meant to cater to the quantitative demands of the industry. Since then. due to which a majority of students lost out. is to follow the system of relative marking. A similar trend has been observed in case of i n fake standards. from labs to the ever-crowded cafeteria. a low GPA is indicative of mediocrity. Perhaps even more importantly. The solution. while that of institutes all over the country is well above 3. It is the measure of his skill. GIKI is indeed a reputable name in the industry. of which GPA is one of the more significant. the standard of assessment of GPA is universal. The average GPA of a GIKI undergraduate is roughly 2. lies at the other end of the spectrum. while the majority of universities in Pakistan hand out perfect CGPAs indiscriminately.00. Internship aspirants are picked out on basis of a similar consideration. for higher studies as well as the professional industry. Despite this. shortlist job candidates based on GPA. t h e administration m i g h t also argue that GIKI graduates have done exceptionally well in the job market. we an only arrive at the latter. with a handful of jobs available. and does not augur well for an individual’s future. How increasing the size of the new class is even conceivable under such embarrassing resource constraints. Furthermore. most companies have no better criterion than the GPA to shortlist or even select candidates for jobs. sources say that a greater intake of students is on the cards in the next academic year in accompaniment with the inauguration of one of the wings of the new hostels. universities and IT institutes have cropped up in every nook and cranny of the country. Adequate living facilities are not the sole pre-requisite of an augmented batch. It seems that the administration has realised the plight of students stuffed in the parents’ lodge. cutthroat competition is the order of the day. simply. but there is no certainty of a company overlooking the objective statistic of GPA in all instances to hire employees based on the mere repute of their alma mater. especially multinationals. Resultantly on numerous occasions. Shell. while universities worldwide admit students for graduate school on a handful of criteria. A majority of companies. GIKI UNCOVERED — January 11 . A number of instances come to mind. on the other hand. While it may not be the ideal measure of academic ability. The rationale behind such a grading policy could be perhaps to prevent complacency from setting in among the students. What the proponents of such a line of argument do not realise is that there is a lot more competition in the market today than a decade ago when GIKI was formed. Despite being better than the other applicant. whose graduates were vying for employment in a market in need of engineers. the GIKI graduate loses out through no fault of his own. and Engro Chemicals set GPA requirements for internship aspirants. and would logically prefer the latter if he has a GPA of 3. Until now. With rising unemployment. or GPA. If these claims are true. most universities are excessively magnanimous in granting GPAs.2 The grade point average. They exercise laxity in their grading policy for the convenience of their students.6. is of considerable import in a student’s academic life. Unilever. to the unfair extent of handing out exceptionally good GPAs even to poor students. Under such circumstances. Moreover. A foreign university scrutinising admission applications would make no distinction between a graduate of GIKI and one of Preston University Peshawar. No student has ever graduated GIKI with a CGPA of 4.00. Techlogix and TPS set a minimum GPA requirement of 3. it is either because they are not competent enough or the system is not being implemented properly. even though a relative grading system is in place. 2005 The woes of our grading system Apparently. Stretching our resources It is indeed heartening to observe swift progress in the construction of two new hostels on campus. L IA R TO I ED ternships. is beyond comprehension. As the former is a conclusion too unreasonable to draw for so large a body of students over so long a period of time. despite being more qualified for the job. FCSE and FEE do not have sufficient instructors to offer a respectable number of electives for its final year students. and many will argue that it is not. the GPA is the single most important standard of gauging individual academic ability the world over. all faculties of the institute observe stringency in grading.5. Gone are the days when it was one of a handful of institutes.5 over the former with one of 2. Increasing intake without drastically expanding resources would be catastrophic. prey to an unreasonable grading policy. Enough damage has been done. and bringing in more students without hiring more teachers will only aid the malady. it is about time that the administration washed off her sins. Conversely. Last year. advertently lowering grades under the pretext of maintaining “standards” is equally unethical. Given this emphasis on it. In accord with a tacitly sanctioned grading policy. the overflow of student body into these buildings had thwarted their utilisation for purposes intended. Ample evidence of such a policy exists. and most match their potential with performance. but to provide fewer quality engineers to the market. the average GPA awarded to a student here is lamentably low. with a large percentage of students scoring high GPAs. A greater number of students would require an improvement in numerous facilities. server rooms and the medical center. However. Consequently.February 6. Let that purpose not be forgotten for the sake of financial incentives. it is nonetheless the best one available. this stringent grading policy adversely affects students’ chances for admission to prestigious graduate schools abroad. The relative grading system is in vogue in educational institutes all over the world. Such implied parsimony in grading is harming the students’ future. They hence draw the conclusion that GPAs are not really important. the administration must think twice. faculties are already understaffed. GIKI. If the students of GIKI are a low-scoring exception. A high GPA is thus taken to be the mark of academic and professional excellence. and grade on the curve rather than continue with the practice of withholding grades for maintenance of . bringing about a saturation of employment aspirants in the market.

he had an odd meal in the mess. Extra messing is another enigma in the mess bill. "Hitler killed blacks because they are athletic. but the students had refused. but cite passenger fluctuation as the main hindrance to this measure.” Most of those polled argued that cheating was so common that those not cheating paid the price for their honesty with low grades. and what not can happen at night!” GCC tapeball tournament starts GIKI: The 16th Intra-GIKI Tapeball Tournament. as a favour. a large percentage of students admitted to cheating in one test or another. while there is no surcharge during summer vacations. he/she is charged for every subsequent day until he/she again signs out the mess register. on condition of anonymity. A student. According to the new rule. milk and other beverages. 1. A 10 per cent surcharge is added to the arrear. finals and even internship exams. wild boars and snakes abound on campus at night. sources said. Recently. and was charged for every ensuing day without being informed. 6. mess officials revealed that this policy had been implemented in view of efficient financial management of the mess. They said that if a student is messed out and takes a meal in the mess without signing in. Shockingly. commenced from February 1. “Parton-in-Chief” GIKI Uncovered. A total of 14 teams are participating in the competition. Common area damages. According to him. is quite complicated in function. from copying assignments to cheating in quizzes. despite being already messed out. deeming cheating an important tool for this purpose. students cannot even have breakfast on the mess slip if they are signed out of the mess. Students of different hostels claimed that in the event of a student taking a meal in mess without signing in. and people of the other kind! Good evening. Sources also said that plans were underway to acquire new buses. and a tender had been recently floated. 3 Majority of gikians cheat Continued from Page 1 rampant." 2.February 6. It prohibits students from having meals or eatables on mess slips. Eighty per cent of the students polled said that they resorted to cheating when they felt threatened in studies or found themselves on the verge of academic probation. The authorities have also taken into consideration the hiring of extra buses. The final decision was yet to be taken. Interestingly. It also includes charges for individual repairs in rooms. they must step up. claimed that while being messed out. the practice in hostels was found to be quite different. he said. midterms.for the day he/she takes the meal and for By Syed Zeeshan the next day as well. Staff Report New mess policy adopted GIKI: The new policy adopted by the Mess Office. guests’ meals. they are not charged further. “If the khokha is open all night. A mess supervisor stated that extra messing includes breakfast. Ninety-five percent said that they were not proud of cheating. are incorporated as breakages in the mess bill. girls would also get opportunity to roam around at odd hours. that he signed out again. they said. “I have never had a single complaint from any student related to overcrowding in buses. “Hearties congratulations to the above-listed candidates” CDES induction results ‘Admin determined for student betterment’ Continued from Page 1 Furthermore. such as those in the mess and common room. and used to win the Olympics every year. Citing the example of a couple recently caught in the woods. The rest thought that cheating is justified if the instructor is incompetent. That it happens is an open secret. Earlier. 11-A are the favourites for the competition. The bold among them defined cheating as their style of taking exams. This is because students taking meals on any day without signing in are counted while ordering ingredients for the next day. he/she is charged for two whole days’ meals . "Gentlemen. explained the situation to him.” Sources in the Transport Section claimed that they had on numerous occasions. and students would be safer indoors. a survey was conducted on cheating in order to gain an insight into this perplexing issue. Inter-GIKI Tapeball Cricket GCC publicity 3 CDES induction conitues CDES induction A4 Overheard at a debate 5. It was only when a mess waiter. Editor’s Note: Since our correspondent approached Dr Fazal Khalid. asked students left standing in buses to alight and use alternative transport arrangements provided by them. with the consent of hostel supervisors.” he said “If they have a problem. However. the director said that the decision had been taken in view of increased nocturnal security risks. Thus they found cheating necessary to maintain respectable grades. Some students with exemplary academic records said that they would do anything to climb the GPA ladder. but it has apparently never been needed. there has been a marked improvement in the provision of receipts to students while collecting fare on the GIKI bus. We have transport available to facilitate extra students. remarked one interviewee wryly “while the other two per cent lie. If they do not take any meal on the next day. but had to do it as a matter of survival. On inquiry. upon investigation. the students could have breakfast on the mess slip even if they were messed out. 2005 Fare-collection without receipt illegal Continued from Page 1 students for not approaching the authorities with this problem. he said that closure of the khokha would bring about a decrease in ‘immoral activity’ on campus." Overheard at another debate . everyone interviewed in the survey said that more than 90 per cent of their acquaintances cheat routinely. Group matches will be followed by knockouts . “98 per cent of students cheat”. Issue I The walls of GIKI 4.GIKI UNCOVERED — January 11 .

In a short while. By the time the football was lost. It was due to Of winning the Volleyball ball match. Finally. The home side won Badminton 3-2. Nonetheless. which led to the selection of a side whose opening last event.first sport. However. and a simultaneously. The GIKI team then be beaten by a side holding its nerve longer.“knowledge of the game” and “ability to the curse was broken. It was now 1-0 for LUMS in where we would start well in to all that while the football team had the overall fixture. in the rest of the matches. out attack. at bay by a combination of some out.looking strike from LUMS. which and tennis going 1-0 for them . the contest. How. but signs of fatigue began entire game. the surprise on match day. The story of the second half was We were soon quashed by a three sets to one of complete domination by LUMS over lineup left many a jaws wide open with zero score line. to prevent LUMS from mounting a string of Other than that. whose players were ridifinishing. about it. We squandered a almost every sport but perhaps suffered from over-planning. then England with its football fa. Moreover. and it was all finally over. and and from our side. Now this football match started. was clearly insufficient.the score line stood at 7 – 0. The first of Ramadan was the The second day started with new hope By Jawad Warraich auspicious date when sporting and a promise of revival. but all this failed very controversial leg-before decision. the GIKI cricket team had fallen prey to good start to a side better prepared. but ungraciously lost heart Outclassed and outplayed. the captain top-scored The fixture started with promising signs for attacks at the GIKI goal. to last the culed for “hitting their own feet with closely competed. At this critical juncture of However. something hockey match from a goal by Zeeshan second half started. had levelled tennis 1-1. chased back by the strikers. It was now 7 – 1. It was at this moment of who got to play at all”. whatever start the top order had pronullifying whatever advantage we had in This would prove to be the vided.February 6. an exhausted GIKI side. defence somehow held on. GIKI had lost the first of A demoralised and disheartened GIKI side could have been expected with the level three tennis matches in a very closely conceded a third goal to an impossible of effort put into it. an eagerly fought keeper because he hardly got to play at all. this article is concerned with the cheers got louder. Chins dropped. Skill is something innate. but to follow up those strate. instead of the prelude to it. one needs to have players with ability. and the supportpractice that the players had had prior to ture in the fixture . there was never much hope.that the for the agony to be done with. This would prove to be the theme for would then be beaten by a a lack of strategy. ability hockeys” ‑ came good and won the to appear in our players well before the is skill acquired with hard work. when they did.table tennis competition was also lost. defend with the ball. wingers. were revived after an unfortunate pause. actual fixture. or produced at least one player of the A whitewash loomed on the not-sowell because they were the only players calibre of Pele or Diego Maradona. Balls highly controversial decisions in favour of resolve this issue are commendable. coupled with the news that GIKI events were cricket and squash. as we quickly took the lead in Bad. it became painfully clear outplayed us. The only hardball fought doubles’ match. Hasan on an assist by Hassan Illyas. The score line thus stood at 4-0 at the end of a day which most would have liked to forget.and dandy. The first two ties between GIKI and LUMS This goal. Jehangir played a fine ever. 2005 along the way. except for the goal English Premier League and talking endlessly squash. one that produced with 29 runs in a somewhat tamed innings. their players completely theme for the entire fixture. We 8 1 scored. goal. The first half was somewhat not to mention the stamina. they teria for selection in a team. LUMS was kept khokha with teacups as players is all fine which had faced blatant external meddling. Cricket had been neglected. our right back (Bilal naticism would have dominated world foot. I am distant horizon. was questioned. summed up in the following quote by a but he does know that if football could Somewhere along the cricket match. GIKI. we GIKI supporter at LUMS: “Every LUMS have been learned merely by watching the received news of the shock defeat in player played well. served as a boost of the GIKI team batted first. GIKI had earned its field eventually gave up on returning to motivate on the field” are not primary cri. Riaz) and goalkeeper (Hassan Abbas) played ball.were chased with more vigour and crowd the home side. Consequently. also aware that making strategies at the utter despair that the hockey team ‑ Despite relentless attacks.4 GIKI UNCOVERED — January 11 . general trend. shoulders drooped. where we would start well in almost every sport but would side holding its nerve longer. In cricket. The match can be scribe does not know much about football. thus to a side better prepared. The score line We soon got the news of our loss in tennis The final score line of the fixture was: was still 0-0 and was to remain so until the as well. The players were just going through the motions. rather timid surrender was the best that match started. and the mid. There was a sense of knock before becoming the victim of a coordination in the team.whose shirt number assigning procedure standing keeping and defending. LUMS now led the fixture 3-0. thanks to poor marking by GIKI in started well again in conformity with the allowing the striker an open shot on goal. Nowhere during the entire innings was there any sign of an the entire fixture. but their inThe efforts put in by the Student Affairs energy and the GIKI strike force looked nings was marred by some dubious and Office and the GIKI Sports Society (GSS) to alive for the first time in the match.1-0 in LUMS’s favour ers started to pray for the time to run out. It was at this junc. but humbled? Definitely not! 8-1 . attack. as the GIKI team took to the field to bowl. Fewer balls were found lacking in our side.a defensive blunder and resulted in an ownand got out before he could mount an all minton by winning the first of five games. the home side had correctly We squandered a good start the game. BasLUMS GIKI last 10 minutes of the match when LUMS ketball was the last event of the day. and poor gies. the fixture was in the form of nets. the were completely outpaced by the luminite this complete disregard of merit. some irresponsible batting anticipated our strategy and had pitted a resulted in GIKI’s failure to capitalise on mediocre player against our best. overall seemed to lack the energy that was required to make a match of it at that Tennis and football were being held almost and it was there and then that the fixture point.

I have often thought of killing myself. Prof Hameed A Bhatti will suggest solutions to all your nagging psychological dilemmas. who is here in GIKI to study. I am a student of the freshman batch. All societies are engaged in some constructive endeavours. ethnicity. I have a teacher who discriminates among his students on basis of class. modesty and dignity of girls and righteousness and chivalry of its boys. I was regarded as a prodigy by peers and teachers. how is a young. Ethically Concerned Your concern is misplaced due to your misperception. His grading favours girls. chastity. but I have no recollection. in your view. You will see the sincere results. Please make the pain go away. I don’t want to flatter him to get a grade. I love my cat. is the best and which one should never have been conceived? Wannabe Socialite I would recommend you to join societies like Project Topi or some other public welfare society so as to alleviate the pains and sufferings of the underprivileged and also to educate the children of poor employees of GIKI. Students who doubt their teachers should instead spend their valuable time on their study. Dear Prof Bhatti. Why do I have these urges? Please help. and confused about the prestige of societies in GIKI. not cheating. Which society. The great and prestigious universities do not select faculty that lacks moral integrity and intellectual probity. Dear Prof Bhatti. but she claims to love me and has even threatened to approach my parents. but of late. What should a decent girl like me do in such a situation? Victimised The story seems to be a concocted one and has a sleazy purpose behind it. studying. I am being hounded by a girl. How can I overcome this psychological abnormality? Confused Wanderer It is not a serious or dangerous problem. Any good psychologist can cure you of this aberration. 2005 5 We all have problems that we are reluctant to discuss even with close friends and relatives. Why do they harass me when my intentions are sincere? Guard Dog Your sincere intentions are utterly misaligned. Whiskers. an expert’s advice on problems of the GIKI student body. Dear Prof Bhatti. I sleep at one place and wake up at another. I have told her that I am here to study and utilise my parents’ hardearned money. Even making a story like this tantamounts to slander.February 6. People tell me that I walk in my sleep and even have conversations. and students who establish a rapport with him. supposed to react? Goody-Two-Shoes After doing your graduation you are very likely to rush to one of the Western university campuses which are a thousand times more flirtatious and seductive and at times lewd and lecherous. sex and family background. This might sound strange. Because of this. decent student. We bring to you. Dear Prof Bhatti. There is no need of losing heart. cheating. Prof Bhatti’s Psycho-clinic . Suicidal Probationer You might have been an excellent survivor in streams and brooks of your home town but GIKI is the tumultuous Atlantic Ocean whose depths you unfortunately could not foresee. She follows me around campus. Dear Prof Bhatti. calls me on my mobile at odd hours of the night and sends me emails and messages that I dare not mention here. GIKI campus is appreciated even beyond the borders of Pakistan for the piety. I have tried everything. but sometimes I want to hurt it. Nothing seems to help. Because of this. Cat Lover You are suffering from love-hate relationship tendency. So please send in your problems to horizon@giki. Dear Prof Bhatti. all the boys call me names. just continue slow paddling your dingy along the coast so as to reach your destination safely though belatedly. However. especially the increasing female population and thus incidences of girls getting caught with boys indulging in immoral acts. If it is true then the victimised should see any psychologist for devictimisation and also for refitting her hinged Both belong to families who are imbued with Islamic traditions and values. Students irrespective of their background are treated like children by their teachers without any discrimination. chastity and decency of character on campus.GIKI UNCOVERED — January 11 . The social environment in GIKI is changing. Please advise. Students who lag behind in academics usually develop anti-teacher perceptions. How you would concentrate on your studies in such campuses? I have been to many universities of Pakistan and can vouchsafe that the rate of character lapses in GIKI is lowest in Pakistan. but am too afraid of the pain. I have a cat. academics and countless other issues perplex us daily and are a cause of great anxiety. yet will suffer if I do not. Students reflecting such a mark of IQ are normally found in Montessori and KG classes of an average village school. Dear Prof Bhatti. not studying. Before coming to GIKI. please realign them along with the sincere intentions and high hopes of your sincere parents. No society is useless. I am very friendly with the girls of my batch. If you still persist in your intentions then consult any qualified psychologist. Dear Prof Bhatti. I have been a consistent probationer here. Under such circumstances. They suffer like careless chicks who do not rush to come under the wings of their mother-hen after she squeaks for safety at the sight of a swooping killer-bird. Boys have equal responsibility of upholding piety. Psychologically speaking it is called masochistic sadistic behaviour showing an IQ of 20.

they are adults and should be given privileges that adults have. The students fail to realise for themselves The Literary Corner By Hasan Iqbal and Zain Kazmi the importance of a specific activity. to a languid effort to escape what otherwise may result in administrational reprimand. not everyone has a class at eight o’clock in the morning. solitude. more importantly. closing these places to “ensure” that all students are tucked safely in bed by midnight really doesn’t make sense. tion of anxiety.all horribly delicate. the very purpose of a university is partially defeated when the extent to which the students can exercise their freedom of thought and choice is restricted. By Dr Aurenz Littleman gles. and microwaves are not allowed in hostels. the administration should refocus its attention on improving academic standards. tagonal valley She said it is a pattern for us to walk in trianwhich is a universe within . kettles. Skipping classes does not tantamount to breaking a rule. bordered the web. This would enable the purpose of the institute to go beyond provision of mere academic courses. If one chooses to skip class and risk suffering academically. does the midnight closure of the khokha actually cause an improvement in attendance? Students at GIKI have different timetables. wax-covered plastic conversations. this step has not brought about the drastic increase of attendance in morning classes that was expected by the paternal administration. a hindrance is posed to the individual’s capability of developing a distinction between good and bad. that is one’s choice. Therefore. The administration has issued orders to shut down the khokha at midnight. wilderness and pain. skin making them look horrible and sick.February 6. strangers of the hills running through each other with their shadows forming connections lines of communication Storm of silence and the immense genera. it fails to make the individual realise his priorities and soaks out the essence of the activity itself. and so undermine the purpose of the entire exercise. crowded streets. According to rules. An example of this deprivation of choice is the early closure of the campus hotel. the time at which students should sleep or the classes that they should attend. popularly referred to as the “khokha”. and thus prevent them from attending morning classes. so making one’s own food in hostels is not possible. Solitude and love between the colours Lost in the errors of the races. Apart from being afforded the finest academic education in their field of study. even indirectly. is ensuring that all students attend classes the administration’s responsibility? Shouldn’t attending classes be a choice resting with the student rather than be forced upon him/her by the administration? University students are not children. Now. A couple of questions arise at this point. which had a huge population Lots of people strolling around in the penof crows. The reason for their involvement therein sadly degrades from a desire to acquire any good that the activity may serve. The fire worshipper girl took me for a one-time ride to the land of a yellow and red sun. Consequently. For all we know. It provides a platform for a transition from teenage to adulthood. and extend to playing a role in students’ personality development. The dilemma is that these strictly imposed regulations compel students to comply out of fear of the punishment. When rules and regulations infringing upon individual freedom are promulgated by the authorities. students cannot eat anywhere on campus after midnight. students at GIKI ought to be provided with opportunities to make decisions on their own and. Instead of imposing unnecessary restrictions to get students to attend classes. and creates an environment wherein one can form one’s own decisions. arguing that keeping it open after that would cause students to waste time at night instead of ‘sleeping on time’. GIKI is not a school. We saw the festivals. In any case. We ate our sandwiches under an oak tree But nobody sees it.6 GIKI UNCOVERED — January 11 . attending classes just for the sake of attendance does not serve the real purpose of education. but an institute where students are adults. so that they learn its exercise and consequences. One great thing you can experience the hour of greatest contempt the hour in which even your happiness grows loathsome and your reason and your virtue also The veins in my arms have come out of the and people swinging in rhyme. Will the administration now impose “lights out” and “curfew” rules to curb these activities to ensure attendance? Where does it all stop? Where do we draw the line between administrative interference and individual freedom on issues as petty as these? Secondly. ovens. This provides the atmosphere for a perfect breeding ground for the individual. Freedom of choice should rest with students in matters such as these. The khokha used to be a popular eatery in the later hours of the night. The assertions made above are directly related to the environment that ought to be provided by an institute of excellent academic repute for an all on-campus student body. Firstly. Consequently. use the freedom of choice and action to their own benefit. 2005 The GIK institute for infants The essence of university education lies in the notion that it polishes an individual’s capability of realising his/her responsibilities and priorities in life ahead. Moreover. It must realise that it cannot prescribe. students who previously sat in common rooms after midnight now probably stay awake in their rooms or visit a friend instead of sleeping. Seclusion.

and students here cent mandatory attendance. grading ments. conveniently over.were graded on the 42-hour lab. he told them that they had not velop a uniform and fair system of evaluation. a been rude and indifferent student getting a respectable to their responsibilities. only around 15 per cent of policies set by instructors for individual assignments. In Spring 2004. In the 15th week. with special con. GIKI academia: alas! 7 .Architecture lab was that sideration given to critique checked by same profes. is recommended for all ing policy of the Computer only marks recounted faculties. The list comprised 17 pay a substantial amount of money in the instructors at GIKI may be free to form students. The course instructor announced from the outset that he would allow up to 15 absences in his course. stufaculties. Almost the entire class submitted all of notice.tor decided to relax the limit to 13 absences. a professor of FES adopted weightage of assignments from five to ten mere viva. in correspondence with the UET Lahore No Rs 300 ber of occasions. and tutes of Pakistan. looking courses and labs and vice versa. However. It is an open sepoor method of teaching cuss with professors. sor for Rs 2000 puter) worked was given an Another issue that stands out is GIKI’s stringent rechecking policy. If a student Karachi No Rs 50 under their supervision.unless remedied soon. cret that in a recent course. but Final Recheck(TAs) play a pivotal role in Name of Final Rechecking the remaining five were not students’ education and Sr Shown ing Fee allowed to sit in the final. and increased the while the rest were judged on the basis of a Spring 2003. an instructor of FEE made a A straight away. while those whose SAP was which defies all logic. the quality of education handed out cater to similar relief measures to accom. The given table com. In fact. GIKI carry weight. Upon negotiations. Among these. the tenure professor also have the same in the lab. The vivas solely decided their grades. University Pattern evaluation. the reason for the student’s absence. Many of them cannot be Student submits objection had a B. the professor found in their offices dur5 FAST Lahore Yes Rs 200 changed his/her lab grade ing office hours. In according to whim. There are discusses problem. is substandard at best. under the excuse that he or not the least significance was given to circuitry stands out as unreasonably harsh in this his TA did not have time to check them. and hardware on which they had toiled for an That gave an ideal opportunity to our noble entire semester. In GIKI.any group whose SAP (Simple As Possible comby students. causing The standards of education at GIKI are falling Moreover. All this. 12 out of the 17 students were modate emergencies. the most important one is academia. Thus. to 3 NED University an assertion with no logical be utilised in preparation No Rs 400 feet to stand on. Similarly. While the ma# The grading policy of FEE jority of them do a fine Students are given a time labs is another issue that job.policy whereby only the submission of an not completely functional had a 15-20-minute pares rechecking policies of leading insti.GIKI UNCOVERED — January 11 . the teacher assigned marks operational .February 6.4 University theory but falter in practice. in a course of. Consequently. fered by FME. making it a point to include those marked low on assignments approached the such inconsistency in policies implemented by in which the student had scored naught or instructor and reminded him of his submit. the lab TA did not regard. and forbade them tutes of the country. de. they must was at stake. the instrucever. and professor in the course. and strive to dehad missed. notwithstanding the validity of only policy. While the from sitting in the final. from B. In his view. they have 2 course grade. the attendance status was demanded by By Platonic higher officials. including some whose graduation hope of acquiring good education. One is well for their GMAT/GRE exFinal shown to student. a few are known for limit to go through final of needs the administration’s LUMS Yes Nil their lack of knowledge.those whose SAP was perfectly courses are often incongruous and serve were put up. They short-listed all students GIKI is one of the most expensive instirespite to students in the form of a 75 per with over 12 absences. and will soon leave us at the ebb the deduction of half a mark. here is a paid holiday.instructors at their caprice. spite the fact that even the PEC allows Another incident in 2003. the policy of considering three quizzes out per cent. aware of the multitude of Sir Syed ams and graduate applicastudents who do well in recounted in front of him tions. to victimise a number of students. and partial attitude toRecounted. rechecked in front of him thus the fine performance University of their TAs. Gikians to freely indulge in copying assign. teaching assistants given the green signal. such as A. When the student who had been The institute must wake up and take notice of of five. final searched the professor graded the lab wards students. Final recounted by external grade in the course should For these few. each absence was penalised by sharply. As is evident. further marred the credibility of instructors. the effective gradNot shown to angry outburst.even consider the implemented SAPs worthy Apart from institutional the lab and an A in writing. 6 of a distorted coherence. On a numfor unmarked questions. 2005 The prestige of a university can be assessed based on numerous standards. even submitted their assignments.7 Rs 2000 GIKI No for Rs 500 and final re. Howtheir own attendance policies. when the pre-finals the students . 1 previous quarter and disattention. dents faring well in the lab which have formal evaluabut not the course had their tion of their TAs at the Final shown to student and grades lowered for the sake No Rs 1000 Punjab end of every semester. This strategy Last year.assignment and not its substance would viva.

Mohaa. Job fair in GIKI 3. The paper will be recycled and the proceeds will go to educating children. It may be just an old register to us. 2005 Project Topi: the virtue of charity GIKI: Human nature is strange. GIKI terminology for “extreme” 13. Barbecue spot 8. Its primary purpose is to provide education to the poor and underprivileged children of Topi. Indeed! Charity is difficult. Project Topi is a non-profit organisation and generates funds from student donations and various sponsors. The things which are hardest to do are usually ones which make us feel best. registers etc are welcome. Project Topi is a student organisation established by Batch seven. The joy that the children express on seeing them there cannot be explained in words. a chance they would never have had otherwise. What Batch 13 is gearing up for 7. However. because these kids aren’t looking for a hand out. It is not difficult. Most popular studying technique 12. but just need a hand up. Charity is one such thing. if we could help those people while still not having to give up anything ourselves. Assignments at GIKI 10. But while that smile may well be worth it. It will provide them with education. all nighters 9. very few. we all feel for the poor in Topi. Latest technology in GIKI 6. for someone else. but now you can help while in your room studying. We must remember that even a small amount of paper represents a large number of trees.8 Advertorial GIKI UNCOVERED — January 11 . This is one of the many reasons that we find charity hard. Biggest luxury in GIKI rooms is your very own __ ACROSS 1. Nothing compares to seeing a poor child smile when you hand him even a small piece of candy. But how can you help Project Topi? The apparent solution is to join them in going and teaching the children. it is difficult to give up what one cherishes. wouldn’t it be easy? And it would be even easier if we were saving ourselves from wastefulness at the same time. Crossword DOWN 2. Members go to Topi to teach basic mathematics. if any. but the amount of joy it will bring to children on the other side of the fence will be immense. All used papers. notes. Books and dates 4.February 6. which took decades to grow and are swiftly decreasing in number. It is a simple and easy way to gain the virtue of charity. In the same way. What FCSE is famous for 11. Nonetheless. So lets all pitch in. English and science to school-going children. and doesn’t require giving up anything. Largest GIKI all Pak event 5. Project Topi has started a paper drive. GIKI terminology for “good” . Need for Speed. of us would hand over our expensive jackets and sweaters to a child shivering on the street.

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