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Study Plan for Master Program

国籍/Nationality: Pakistani 姓名/Name: Muniba Shakeel___

报考学院/School to apply: Master of Business Administration at Huazhong University of

Science and Technology

报考专业/Specialty: Masters of Business Administration (Finance)_______

Academic Background:
I have done my graduation in Business Administration (BBA-4Years). Throughout my all
semesters in National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad (NUML) I have done many
research projects with the collaboration of Group fellows. In all these projects, I was always
deputed as Team Leader. Our university has a strong emphasis in the research field in finance.

The topic that was under study by researchers “Value incongruence”, was selected by us. We
did research on value incongruence in which we designed a model showing problems faced by
the organizations due to difference between employee’s personal values and organization
values. These projects provided us opportunity to generate innovative ideas. I learned different
things through these projects like these projects helped me to understand different consumer
behaviors and market fluctuations. I participated in many seminars and conferences. I arranged
seminars at NUML with my group members. I also made a video about “Stress at workplace’’
with my two group members. I also put the stall at NUML during entrepreneur week with my
two group members. The name of stall was “Games Spot”. We designed its logo and banner
for advertising, during this project I learned to take right decisions in less time, as I have done
bachelor in Finance so, all financial transactions were controlled by me. I also did some other
projects such as SWOT analysis and operational management decisions of different companies
Because of abilities and interest in Finance, I have been awarded for six weeks’ internship in
the department of finance at Pakistan Telecommunication Limited PTCL. From this Internship
I gained quality level knowledge and experience which will help in my future work and
researches. I worked on the BNCC portal. During my internship period I have learned a lot of
knowledge to my field and working experience by my senior manager, which will help me in
my career. While working on the above projects, I found myself highly motivated and
enthusiastic towards graduate studies and research. That’s why I believe that master studies
would be a great step forward and improve my skills related to research and development.
My Personality:
I was an active somehow indulgent student among others during my undergraduate studies,
very often involved in many curricular and co-curricular activities. By fact, I am a socially
active person with a friendly nature, a good communicator indeed who is blessed with many
friends. I keep a keen view of the reality of life thus approach people with a positive mind and
attitude and always prove to be helpful with honest efforts and true dedication. Besides that, I
always feel very joyous and fortunate to meet and greet people belonging to different
backgrounds and cultures. I always try my level best to put my honest efforts and dedication
towards helping other people. To lead in a peaceful life, I develop other good habits like
reading, writing, listening to music, dancing etc. I tend to understand things quicker, always
weigh the pros and cons of a situation. I try to be modest and honest in my social circle. These
were different aspects of my personality. I believe these aspects will help me in achieving my
objectives in life and become a better person with each passing day.

Why I chose to study at Huazhong University University of Science and Technology?

I selected Huazhong University University of Science and Technology because its research
focused mainly on Finance. Additionally, I am attracted to the fact that the faculty of Finance
holds strong ties with organizations and the faculty provide substantial funding, advanced
facilities and suitable test environments for research, which indicate that experts with extensive
and pioneering knowledge will appropriately guide my research and use me for excellent

Study Plan in China:

I would like to do master degree from a reputable Huazhong University University of Science
and Technology By exposing different research projects and doing bachelor in Finance I came
to know about the practical applications of Financial Accounting, Cost Accounting,
Financial optimization, Financial risk Management, Capital Market, and Corporate
Finance that have caught my attentions and created a thirst of knowledge in me to move
forward in the field of studies. As I worked in finance department of (PTCL) I would like to
gain deeper theoretical and practical knowledge about finance. During my studies, with great
hidden abilities in myself I will try to come up with my best of everything. I am so much curious
about this subject to learn and research. In the meantime, I also want to help the university in
any kind of research work if they need me to do about this subject. I believe that master’s degree
from China will provide me with solid understandings of fundamental tools for the analysis of
financial ups and downs in the market. I hope that I can gain more experience in dealing with
situations, people, systems, markets and market fluctuations which will be of a great help in
my future career. I hope that after completion of my master’s degree from Huazhong University
University of Science and Technology, I will able to interpret and evaluate how economic
events affects the financial transactions and able to analyze financial conditions in different

Why I choose China:

Analyzing and observing the fast development of China, I am really impressed by the way these
individuals have proved themselves to be dedicated to their work and with true efforts they
have set China as a successful example for other third world or developed countries. The fast-
growing economy, technological advancement and the global ranking education institutes
of China with high reputation makes a great aspiration for the students and professionals for
the better career perspectives. Thus such kind of positivity has boosted my confidence further
and I am highly satisfied with the decision I have taken. Another reason for choosing China is
that students who have studied in Chinese Universities are very successful in finding job in top
level companies or even in setting up new business. The acquired skills and knowledge are also
useful in making their existing businesses flourish to a much greater level. A strong educational
background this study will help me in making a difference in my professional life. Chinese
education system has a very good reputation and assures quality education. The fast-growing
economy, China’s journey toward emerging super power, global ranking educational institutes
with good reputations provide students batter career perspectives. Moreover, China’s diverse
cultural norms and values, the famous gentle hospitality of its people friendly relations clarity
to make me feel China as my second homeland; also my family fully supports my choice for
China being my preference for university studies. All these reasons put together to make China
an ideal place for me to do my master’s degree.

My Plans after Graduation

After graduation, I plan to find a job as a Manager in Pakistan. I have lived in Rawalpindi
Pakistan for more than 10 years and finished my undergraduate studies in National University
of Modern Languages Islamabad, there are many good Organizations in Islamabad Pakistan.
So, that it might be easy for me to find a position there.

Thank you very much for considering my application and I am looking forward to hearing from

Muniba Shakeel.