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Ethics EDUC-600

Jessica Williams
“This I Believe” Essay-Teacher Perspective

I believe in LOVE. I believe that love is the answer to making our world a
better place. Love has the potential to hold everyone together. It starts
with loving my teaching career, even though teaching isn’t easy.
Challenges help me grow. Love is contagious. I believe it is necessary to
get to know my students and to find something to love about every single
one of them, even if they can sometimes be unlikeable. They know when
they are loved and they all need love, just some of them appear to need
more love than others. I believe it is important to love what I am teaching,
and if not, I must make modifications so it is at least enjoyable and fun for
my students. I believe I must learn to love my co-workers even if we seem
to be nothing alike. We are all in this together and know it is not for the
money. I believe in learning to love people for the differences they bring to
our world. This includes different cultures, beliefs, and even opinions.
After all, everyone does have a say. It is okay to disagree and still love
people. I believe that almost everyone initially has good intentions and
those without love run astray. I believe it is of great value to love learning
and to continue to gain knowledge no matter how old I am. I have learned
to love reading and enjoy sharing the passion with my young learners. It is
pertinent to learn more about humans culturally and socially. Love our
children and teach them how to be productive members of society. Have
hope for them; they are our future. Love life and appreciate every single
My second grade teacher loved me and is the reason I became a teacher.
She was an inspiration to me and I wanted to be an inspiration for other
young learners. She cared about all of us and had a passion for teaching.
I can still visualize her contagious smile. She listened to all of us and
appreciated us as individuals. She was there for me when I had difficult
times in my life. She listened and helped me through all of it. I strive to
make a positive impact on all of my students.
My own children also taught me to love as I love them unconditionally,
including their teenage years. I believe that they need my love and I am
blessed to be their mom. My own mom is not a part of my life and it has
been a difficult situation for me and my children. I wish they had loving
grandparents in their lives, but they don’t. I truly wish it were different. I
am thankful for all of the experiences I have had, both good and
challenging. I appreciate the many amazing connections I have made with
others. My “children” know I love them and I know they will make a
positive difference in our world. I believe in LOVE and know our world
would be a better place if more people also believed in love.