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Part no.: 158981


Shock absorber

Self-adjusting Please note the shock absorber selection tool in the

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Shock absorbers

- YSR: adjustable
- YSR-...-C: self-adjusting
- YSRW: with progressive characteristic curve
- YSRWJ: combination of cushioning with progressive
characteristics, end-position sensing and precision end-
position adjustment:

YSR shock absorber

With these hydraulic shock absorbers, impact energy is
dissipated by displacing oil via a pressure-controlled valve.
An integrated
compression spring returns the piston rod to its initial position.
Cushioning action can be infinitely adjusted by means of an
adjusting ring.
Adjustment can be performed during operation. The shock
absorbers can be used as end stops, subject to the specified
maximum impact

Shock absorber YSR- ... -C

In the case of this self-adjusting hydraulic shock absorber,
energy acting upon the piston rod has the effect of
displacing oil through a
combination of a pressure operated pressure relief valve and
a position dependent flow control valve. This ensures
automatic adaptation
to every possible cushioning requirement within permissible
energy limits. An integrated compression spring returns the
piston rod to its
initial position.

Shock absorber YSRW

Unlike the YSR-...-C shock absorber, these shock absorbers
have progressive characteristics. This allows for gradually
rising cushioning
force with a longer stroke. Vibration is thus significantly
reduced at handling systems. This allows for the realisation
of shorter cycle times.

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Part no.: 158981


Limit stop YSRWJ with shock absorber

These limit stops include three functions:
- Cushioning with self-adjusting, progressive hydraulic shock
absorber (YSRW)
- End-position sensing with type SME-/SMT-8-... proximity
- Precision end-position adjustment
Type YSRWJ limit stops can be used for a wide variety of
applications in the handling and assembly technology system.
- Sizes 5 to 32 mm
- Stroke lengths from 5 to 60 mm

- Cushioning work: 1 to 384 J

- Impact speeds of 0.05 to 3 m/s
- Stop force up to 6 kN

A broad range of accessories

- Mounting flange
- End stop limiters
- Buffers
- Oil gun for topping up

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Printed:09.10.2002 18:43:16 73734 Esslingen
YSR-5-5-C Data sheet
Shock absorber Part no.: 158981


Feature Data/description

Function shock absorber

Cushioning self-adjustable
Type of mounting Thread + lock nut
Mounting thread M 8x1
Piston, nominal size 5
Stroke 5 mm
Cushioning work per stroke 1J
Cushioning work per hour 8000 J
Impact speed max. 2 m/s
Impact force max. 200 N
Min. reset force, advanced position 0,7 N
Min. inward thrust, rear end position 5,5 N
Residual energy max. 0,01 J
Piston rod diameter 2,5 mm
Minimum ambient temperature -10 °C
Maximum ambient temperature 80 °C
Reset time, short term 0,2 s
Permissible tightening torque 2 Nm
Material of seals NBR, TPE-U(PU)
Material of piston rod High-alloy steel
Material of barrel/housing Steel:Brass
CT criterion Free of copper and teflon
Product weight 0,009 kg

Festo AG & Co.

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