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1. The word “inclement” … stomy

2. The Word “roost” … settle
3. The Word “that”… indicators
4. It is stated in paragraph 2 … ants scurry around more frantically than usual
5. the word “emit” … send out
6. Look at the four squares …. 1
7. Which of the following is NoT a type of behavior ….gentle behavior from horses
8. Which of the sentences below best expresses…. Quite possibly there are scientific
9. Why does the author mention proverbs … to provide supporting information about
10. the phrase “erroneous notion” …. inaccurate idea
11. the “harbinger” in paragraph…. Forewarning
12. it can be inferred from the passage that …. are not actually very good weather predictors
13. Select summary (some animals that are sensitive to changes in air pressure exhibite)
(some animals that are sensitive to low frequency sounds) (some animals that seem to
exhibit behaviors well in advance of)
14. the word “gleaned ”… put together
15. what can be inferred from…. They were not ongoing journals
16. the word “prompted ”…. Activated
17. the word “it” in … this diary
18. the word “companion” ….faithful pet
19. The phrase in parentheses “in his opinion” … that the author might
20. What is stated in paragraph 2 …each gave details about business
21. Ehich of the sentences below …. Examples from the time show that
22. Look at the four squares …3
23. The word “cement ” … strengthen
24. Which of the following is not listed …developing newspapers
25. Situation diaries (provide insight into eighteen century life through a personal; Centered
around a single; were often quite) letters(provide insight into eighteen century life
through written comu; were often written in a European)
26. A “moderating”…serves to avoid extremes
27. According to paragraph 1…results in more consistent ocean temperatures
28. The word “that”, swing
29. The author mentions “a trip to the beach” … provide an example of a previously stated
30. Look at the four …2
31. Which of the sentences below best expresses ….sunlight penetrates thought
32. The phrase “at least in part”….wholly or partially
33. It can be inferred from paragraph 4…warmer water
34. the word “significantly”… to a great extent
35. which of the following is not mentioned in the para…. Freezing and melting at lower lat
36. the word “reverse”…. Turns around
37. the phrase “contribute to” …play a part in
38. Summary…water requires a considerable; light is able to; ocean changes from liquid to


1. Why is the student talking… To find out

2. What is true about …the mantle makes up
3. What is true about ….perhaps your grade should have been lower
4. What does the professor mean .. I am in absolute agreement
5. What conclusion can be drawn …he got a lot of the informa
6. what main topic … how an event hundreds of years ago
7. what unit is the class begin….commercial cheese production
8. What products discussed in the …. White cheese; English tea
9. Which of the following stat-….I would rather
10. Indicates whether the ideas below…YES; NO; NO; NO
11. In the talk, the professor describes…a tax on cheese by the; a decision ; the addition; the
12. How is the information …. Example pf each of the three
13. What is true about… he is not as well know
14. When did mark twain….while working on a steambo
15. Does the professor….yes; no; yes; yes
16. Drag the appropriate (the celebrated ----uses character to )(huckleberry---reflects real)(a
Connecticut----combines humor)
17. A conneticut yankee … the industrial revolution
18. Why is the student …..she would like to find work
19. What characteristics does the office ….The student must have computer; the student
needs to be responsible
20. When is the student… Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings; Tuesday and Thursday
21. How was the office worker momentarily…. he mistakenly thought
22. What is the most likely outcome of the conversation …the student will begin work
23. How is the information in the… A process is explained and applied to a well-known
24. Drag… (white dwarf- is a collapsed) (red giant—is a dying star)(supernova- is an exploded
large star)
25. What is true about our… it is middle aged; it formed from
26. What causes a star to die… its hydrogen
27. what will our sun probably… red giant, white dwarf
28. how does the professor seem to feel…they seem to frustrate the professor
29. how is the information… a general topic is followed by
30. which of the following …. Some of the mounds were used for burial; the mounds were
31. what is started ….has an egg as part ; quarter of a mile long
32. why does the professor…to show that scholar are not sure who
33. in which order did these culture…. The adena, the Hopewell
34. drag- (the Hopewell—has a mound with an)(the adena--- has the serpent)(the
mississipians--- has the eagle mound)


Response Essay

No one can ever deny the significance of promotion in workplace as

one of the most important aspect to improve an organization;
however, how to promote people is play an unavoidable role in that
situation. Therefore, promotion in an organization has many
advantages, but it is very important how to promote and encourage

On the one hand, employers prefer to encourage their employees

based on their seniority. In this position, people try to work honestly
for their work system because they know that they can improve their
position after few years. Furthermore, they try to work normally
because they know that they can be successful after constant year,
even they do not work hardly. They never try to use their ability
completely, and in my point of view, it has harmful effects and causes
bad problems to organization or company.

On the other hand, some organizations promote their people based

on their performance. In those companies, people, especially
newcomers, try to work hardly because they expect that their boss
improve their situation if they work hardly, if they help company, and
if they can be a useful person for their company. Not only do
newcomer try to work hardly, but all people in that company must
also work hardly for a better performance. I strongly believe that this
kind of promotions has many advantages to promote the rank of
company or organization between others. Finally, people try to
improve their ability, knowledge, and skills, and consequently, their
boss promotes their position based on their performance.

All in all, I hold the view that appropriate way to promote people in
one company plays an important role in the position of that
company. In spite the fact that old workers in one organization must
be promoted, I believe that it has many advantages if promotions are
based on performance.

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