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Underground City XXI at the AVU gallery

for the Anemic Festival

“UC 3D/XXI project presentation”

The “UC 3D/XXI project presentation” is a presentation of documents developed or collected
by Libat and Prague College during the Underground City 3D XXI project since June 2009.
Public will discover photos of the different trip inside the Labin ex-coal mine; images of the
3D environments inspired by the Labin ex-coal mine created by Libat last months; pictures of
last events, workshops and multimedia art work, like the “Triangular propaganda - site
specific performance in the Army House of Culture” developed in collaboration with Jakub
Kopecky, the “Skutr” theater group and presented in the City festival of Legnica, Poland,
during the first phase of the UC project “Definition of the platform”; “Underground
Landscape", first interactive installation proposed by Libat for UCXXI, and created originally in
situ during the Gamerz # 5 Festival, in Aix en Provence, France; pictures of the 4 Workshops
organized by Libat and Prague College in Prague, in December 2009 about “technological
evaluation for UCXXI”, in April, July and august 2010 about “the creation of Underground
City 3D environments and Creation of mixed-media installations and performances”;
visual presentation of Interactive Installations results created collaboratively by artists,
interdisciplinary researchers and students like “Lamparna” or “Neurons”, and visual identities
created by Graphic design students of Prague College, etc.

Authors: Libat (FR), Prague College(CZ), Skutr(CZ), M2F créations(FR), NxGraphics(FR)
“Lamparna for Underground Landscape”

Participants can enter and navigate through Underground city 3D environments developed
collaboratively last months.

It’s an interactive audiovisual installation where users are immersed simultaneously in
multiple 3D cyber underground worlds projected in parallel. This is an inside partitioned
space, a sounding board for dissonances, fractures and wandering of beings immured in the
contemporary digital exhibition.

Equipped with a “Lamparna” (lantern)
and a hammer increased by motion
sensors, the new twenty-first century
minor may initiate his descent into
abyss. There, he can explore a network
of multimedia tunnels lined of
Pixelated shadows, virtual characters
glued to frantic loops, mechanical
rhythms and over-cadenced sounds, all
inspired by past industrial revolution.
Still under pressure and near to
explosion, the belly can let escape at
any moment an imperceptible lethal
information sheet.

The installation offers the user to multiply his influence, giving the opportunity by using a
computer network, to interact simultaneously with the contents of several interconnected
cyber tunnels. It is a schizophrenic installation-system, an organism sensitive to stimuli that
can react however contradictory to their translation, proposing a non-linear and chaotic
storytelling architecture that uses 3D gaming technologies for network to integrate and
manipulate videos, sounds or 3D objects, and allows the "free" exploration of the virtual
“Diptych” while multiplying viewpoints.
Projected in Underground City 3D environments, users can discover different types of cells
connected to the “Rhizome architecture” of the 3D Labin ex-coal mine tunnels reconstructed
last months by P.Silondi and J.Grosz from laser measurements. It’s a vision of the being
projected in abstraction, in architecture of messages and data structures. It’s a 3D multimedia
environment where to question identity when surrounded by digital autonomous agents and
emerging visions of contemporary network society and
interactive digital Cities.
The UC3D environments are the produce of
deep interdisciplinary collaboration and are
inspired by Stefano Cavagnetto and Bruce Gahir
papers about “The conception of the self in
multiple cyber worlds” where he is discussing
many issues about personal identity and he is
proposing a model of the Self in the Cyberspace
based on information theory, the “The Code of
Coal” or “Cellular Automata and the Game of
Life” about algorithms and representation, and
“Morality and Artificial Agents in Cyberspace”.

“Lamparna for Underground Landscape” is an
adaptation of Underground Landscape first
interactive installation taking part in the
European project "Underground City XXI" and
proposed by "Libat", and created originally in
situ for the Gamerz # 5 Festival and
“Lamparna”, installation developed collectively
during last Underground City workshops by
Libat and students of the Prague College.

Authors: Pascal (FR) and Marie Silondi (CZ), Jakub Grosz (CZ), Rajmond Berisha (Kosovo),
NxGraphics (FR), Stefano Cavagnetto (I), Bruce Gahir (UK), Tihana Valent (HR), Yevgeniya
Drovossekova (KZ)

Production: Libat (FR), Prague College (CZ), M2F créations (FR), NxGraphics (FR)

Those works were supported by European Cultural Foundation (ECF) and the culture program
of the European Commission