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I first came across “Jimmy Boots” during my investigation of the Kennedy
Assassination. He had been working with Marita Lorenz on child prostitution cases
and was the Detective who arrested Frank Sturgis after he came to New York to
threaten Marita who was about to testify before the House Select Committee on
Assassinations. Frank sued NYPD for false arrest and NYPD gave me a desk to
work as a consultant and gather derogatory info on “Fat Frank.” About a year ago
I contacted Rosenstein about Marita’s story about the caravan from Miami to
Dallas and he gave me two conflicting statements. In one he said he visited the
gas station where the caravan had stopped for repairs and they remembered
Marita, in another he said he telephoned them. I dismissed him as a credible
source. When I googled him I discovered he was the first to put forth the theory
that the US Government was controlled by a Satanic cult of pedophiles.

When the New York Times did a piece on QAnon which stated that the
anonymous poster claimed the same thing I concluded there was a good chance
QAnon might be Rothstein. Look at these similarities and remember Rothstein put
forth this bullshit before QAnon did. It is also strange that he never mentions
QAnon in any of his recent speeches. You would think he would as it backs up his
crazy contentions.
“Trump was recruited by the military to run for office in order to break up a global
cabal of pedophiles.”

James Rothstein's work led directly to the most evil and brutal
practices used by the world’s most powerful in politics, religion, and
business to control and manipulate their rivals and to maintain
control and power. It is the story that reveals why the United States
is currently in complete chaos and why, even the most basic
problems, have not been solved in our country. Rothstein believes
that Trump is currently dismantling this network and soon big
announcements will be made that will take down the most evil
practices ever to exist in human history.

The QAnon conspiracy picked up where Pizzagate left off, alleging

that the liberal elite’s pedophile ring extends way beyond one
restaurant and that it is only a matter of time before Trump arrests
Podesta, Clinton, and other Democratic power brokers for their
crimes. All of this was fueled by an anonymous internet poster
dubbed Q, who claims to be a government insider.

Although Rothstein is often a Jewish name, he is a practicing Christian.

The vast majority of QAnon-inspired conspiracy theories have nothing to with
anti-Semitism,” according to the Anti-Defamation League’s 2017 “Anti-Semitism
Globally” report. However, the report said that QAnon followers, likely due to the
conspiracy’s flexible nature, often refer “to Israel, Jews, Zionists, or George Soros”
as boogeymen aligned with supposedly criminal Democrats in opposition of

Q, rather than the mysterious individual’s followers, has referenced

the Jewish philanthropist Soros as an ally of the criminal Democratic
cabal. For Q, Soros is an enemy. QAnon exists as a kind of parallel
history which a "deep state" took over decades ago. An all-
encompassing theory of the world, it's able to tie together and
explain everything from "Pizzagate" to ISIS to the prevalence of mass
shootings and the JFK assassination.

The reason Q’s post lack the usual Jew hatred was because he partner at
NYPD, Matty Rosenthal, who visited me at 6 Bleecker Street on at least one
occasion was Jewish.

Q's posts tend to be either vague or totally incomprehensible, but

QAnon fans are more than happy to try and decipher them. Last year,
for example, Q posted a photo of an unnamed island chain.

Rothstein lived on St. Martins which is part of an island chain
This is an article from Mar 13, 2016 that mirrors QAnon’s ideas
before he began posting. QAnon began in October 2017, when a
pseudonymous user of the online message board 4chan started
writing cryptic posts under the name Q Clearance Patriot. The person
claimed to be a high-ranking official privy to top-secret information
from Mr. Trump’s inner circle. Over two years and more than 3,500
posts, Q — whose identity has never been determined — has
unspooled a sprawling conspiracy narrative that claims, among other
things, that Mr. Trump was recruited by the military to run for office
in order to break up a global cabal of pedophiles, and that Special
Counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s investigation would end with
prominent Democrats being imprisoned at Guantánamo Bay.


On October 30, 2016, a Twitter account that posted white

supremacist material and presented itself as run by a New York
lawyer claimed that the New York City Police Department (NYPD) had
discovered a pedophilia ring linked to members of the Democratic
Party while searching through Anthony Weiner's emails. Throughout
October and November 2016, WikiLeaks had published John
Podesta's emails. Proponents of the theory read the emails and
alleged they contained code words for pedophilia and human
trafficking. Proponents also claimed Comet Ping Pong was a meeting
ground for Satanic ritual abuse.[14]

“The Watergate break-in was strictly based on one thing – the

pedophile records that were being kept at the Democratic National
Headquarters.” – Det. James Rothstein, NYPD, Retired stated. Not
how the NYPD is brought into the conspiracy.

Rothstein worked with James Fetzer who claimed Sandy Hook was staged and
harassed the parents of its victim who got a huge judgment against him. Fetzer
was big on Pizzagate.

QAnon claimed to be a high up in the Trump Administration which is what

Rothstein hopes to be:

Detective Rothstein also reiterates solutions, including his willingness

to run an anti trafficking federal task force if it was commissioned by
the Trump Administration. You can see his successfully implemented
anti trafficking legislation that your city could implement to end
human trafficking in your city @