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(Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Blocks)

About Us
Sahyadri Industries Limited, the flagship company of the Pune The company has state of the art manufacturing facilities and a
based Patel Group having diverse interests in the building material nationwide distribution network to service the needs of builders and
industry for the last three decades, manufacture and sell ‘Swastik’ customers monitored by highly professional and experienced teams
brand fiber cement sheets and accessories, ‘Cemply’ flat sheets to provide both manufacturing and marketing support
and ‘Entasafe Doors’, India’s First Anti-theft Door. These products
have been accepted well in different regions of the peninsula. To
meet the rising demands of the construction industry in India, the
company has introduced world’s one of the most accepted
product, the AAC blocks with the brand name ‘ECOLITE’ under its
associate banner,

ECOLITE, Autoclave Aerated Concrete (AAC) blocks make an ECOLITE blocks consist of Quartz (Silica & PFA) which is the
excellent building material because of its outstanding thermal largest of the dry material involved. The Silica along with the cement
properties, superior fire resistance and excellent acoustical and lime mixture reacts with the aluminium to form the millions of
absorbing abilities. ECOLITE Blocks are lightweight, easy to work tiny air cells that give ECOLITE block its unique properties.
with, versatile in nature and extremely durable.
Savings due to Light Weight

ECOLITE blocks are ideal for the entire building structure and
possess high structural integrity. The Product’s light weight and
easy work ability means that it is very quick to install on site,
thereby saving in steel, cement, mortar and plastering costs.
Customers enjoy an additional carpet area, by using a 150 mm
block instead of 200 mm block without compromising on its
inherent qualities. The additional carpet area gained is more
than the cost of blocks.

Since ECOLITE blocks are uniform in size and shape and are
factory made, wastage during transportation, loading and
unloading are eliminated.

Fire Resistant
Most residential fires do not exceed 1200°C, ECOLITE blocks do
not begin to break down until well over 3000°C. This allows it to
maintain its structural integrity even after a fire. ECOLITE blocks
are totally inorganic and incombustible. The product is especially
suited for fire-rated applications.

The fire resistance of ECOLITE blocks has proven its outstanding

fire ratings. A 100 mm AAC wall has a 4-hour rating. 1-hour per inch
fire rating can be awarded to AAC. Underwriters Laboratories as
well as many other testing institutions have tested AAC for the

Energy Efficient

ECOLITE blocks provide superior thermal insulation by offering an

array of benefits such as thermal mass, thermal inertia, whole wall
coverage and low air infiltration. These combine and translate into
energy savings which do not degrade and continue to appreciate
over time. It has better thermal and sound insulation due to less
joints. This results in saving energy costs of air-conditioning.

Building material with high thermal mass hold their temperature for
a long period of time. Thermal inertia is a resistance to change in
temperature. ECOLITE blocks has both thermal mass and thermal
inertia causing it to maintain constant temperatures. In this test a
250 mm thick AAC wall was painted black with one side facing the
furnace heat, the temperature was monitored on the outside and
inside of the wall for 24 hours to examine the effects of thermal
mass and inertia. The results were a wide fluctuation of
temperatures outside, while the inside remained a comfortable
15.57°C and only fluctuated by plus or minus 2°C.
Weather & Earthquake Resistant

The AAC house is a survivor of the 1995 earthquake in Kobe,

Japan. In this earthquake 5,348 people were killed, 34,568 people
were injured and 106,763 buildings were damaged. Of the 5,578
houses made from AAC none were completely or even partially
destroyed. 43 of them received some damage from neighbouring
houses falling against them. The earthquake started innumerable
fires and at the same time damaged water supplies to over 800,000
homes, a lethal combination. Not only did the AAC homes resist the
fires, they actually helped to stop them from spreading in some
areas by serving as a firebreak where several home were situated
close enough to form a barrier.

Long Lasting
The ancient Romans developed a highly sophisticated type of
concrete that has withstood the test of time for nearly two thousand
years. They used the volcanic ash pozzolan for its chemical
reactivity. The silica bases in today’s ECOLITE blocks closely
emulate their techniques.

ECOLITE blocks are not vulnerable to water damage as many other

building products are. This means it will not rot or deteriorate over
time, thus giving you increased value for your investment. It can
withstand harsh climatic conditions and will not degrade under
normal atmospheric conditions.

Acoustically Absorbent

ECOLITE blocks provide excellent sound absorption with an STC

(Sound Transmission Class) rating of 44, because of its tiny air cell
structure, it provides superior sound insulation, hence these blocks
are preferred in construction of flat systems, hotels, IT offices,
recording studios, multiplexes, etc.
Environmentally Sound

ECOLITE blocks provide excellent thermal insulation and reduces

energy consumption. It serves as insulating structure and fire
protection barrier, thereby eliminating the need for different layers
of materials and their accompanied energy consumption and
wastes. The work ability of ECOLITE blocks help to eliminate waste
on the job site.

It is manufactured with abundant recycled raw materials and

produces no waste products or pollution. Its manufacturing requires
little energy as compared to other materials. The use of ECOLITE
blocks avoid usage of topsoil. Traditional blocks are made of
precious topsoil. It is a vital reserve that takes thousands of years
to form and ensures sustainable food supply for the future. With the
boom in construction industry, farmers especially in the vicinity of
the cities find it very lucrative to sell the topsoil to the brick
manufacturers than utilizing it for growing crops. As a result
farmlands that were once fertile have become wastelands.

Once bricks are moulded & dried they go in for the elaborate firing
process. The firing process is inefficient and polluting. It then leads
to a high loss of energy, incomplete & unequal firing further result in
poor quality bricks and a high percentage of SPM ( Solid Particulate
Matter) which is released into the atmosphere and attributes to
environmental issues like Global Warming and Ozone Depletion.

Since ECOLITE blocks consist of approximately 80% air, the

finished product is up to 5 times the volume of the raw materials
used, making it even more resource efficient

Pest Resistant
With solid wall construction and finishes which bond to the wall
there are fewer cavities for insects or rodents to dwell in. Termites
and ants do not eat or nest in ECOLITE blocks.

Easy To Use
ECOLITE blocks can be cut and drilled easily with any ordinary
wood working tools. It actually cuts much faster than wood. It can be
sawn, drilled, nailed and machined using off the shelf tools.


Almost any design can be achieved by using ECOLITE blocks. It

can also be sculpted well. ECOLITE blocks and panels can be used
for all applications including walls, roofs, floors and balconies, in
both load-bearing and non-load-bearing applications.
Create Earth-friendly Landmarks
Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) is well known as an environmentally
friendly construction material. Ecolite is manufactured from common and
abundant natural raw materials. It is extemr ely resource-efficient and
environment friendly. The energy consumed in the production process emits no
pollutants and creates no byproducts or toxic waste products.

Ecolite products are available in load bearing and non-load bearng

i blocks,
which also provide thermal and sound insulations as well as fire protection,
thereby eliminating the need form any different layers of materials. The work
abilityof A AC helps to eliminate waste on the jobsite.

The use of ECOLITE blocks can reduce indoor air pollutants. ECOLITE blocks
are completely inert and does not emit toxic gases, even when exposed to fire.

Size mm 625 x 240 x Thickness

Thickness mm 75,100,125,150,200.300
Compressive Strength N/mm² >3
Normal Dry Density Kg/m³ 550-650
Thermal Conductivity w/m°k 0.16
Sound Absorption Db upto 42
Fire Resistant Hr 4*
Thermal Conductivity ‘K’ w/m°k 0.16
Thermal Resistant M2 - °k/w 0.46

Heat Transmission
w/m²- °k 2.13
Coefficient ‘u’
Drying Shrinkage %
(of the length of block)

(Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Blocks)

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