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By way of brief introduction: Twin Peaks is one of those works, like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s
Sherlock Holmes series (perhaps not coincidentally a favorite of both Mark Frost and Dale
Cooper), that frequently mentions specific dates in order to add a sense of authenticity, but which
proves notoriously resistant to attempts to actually fit those dates together into a workable timeline
(a polite way of saying, “It’s a bit of a mess,” albeit a very intriguing one). The original series and
film actually hold together surprisingly well overall, but as early as late Season 1 (which is set in
February-March 1989 but aired in 1990), 1990 dates began to creep onto props seen onscreen. The
books muddied the waters further, beginning with The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer, which has
undated entries written after October 31, 1989, well past Laura’s February 24, 1989 date of death.
My initial goal with this timeline was a relatively simple one: catalogue every date mentioned in
the Twin Peaks canon consecutively, without any attempt to retcon dates to fit better or make more
sense. I thought it might be interesting to see how things lined up, to be able to see where Dale
Cooper and Laura Palmer were on the same given day in 1985, or how Windom Earle’s Blue Book
timeline fit with Douglas Milford’s. This modest goal quickly spiraled out of control into the
massive work you see before you, which is essentially a chronological, color-coded (and often
overly-detailed) recap of the entire Twin Peaks canon, with editorial commentary interspersed
throughout pointing out any inconsistencies regarding dates and events.

When I first began this project, the latest “limited event series” season had not yet aired; if I had
had any inclination how maddening it would be to attempt to structure a workable timeline for that
series’ events, I very likely never would have embarked upon this journey. However, the fallacy
of sunken costs demanded that I forge on given the work I had already done (it helped that the new
season happens to be eminently rewatchable), and after much equivocating and cutting-and-
pasting (and a whopping 47 drafts preserved on my hard drive to allow me to move back and forth
between varying approaches), I finally came to a sequencing that, today, I believe to be as good as
it can possibly be. (Ask me how I feel tomorrow.) You may look forward to reading plenty more
about my approach to dating the limited event series later on, when we get there.

As I said above, my approach leads to some funky results, such as Laura continuing to write diary
entries for months after her death. The entire point of this project was to see how the various dates
line up, letting the chips fall where they may. Hopefully some fans will find this approach as
interesting as I have; and those who don’t are welcome to build on my work and adapt this timeline
as they see fit.

With that out of the way…

Let’s rock!

Bold text = filmed material (TV show or film—Episode/Part number appears as
capitalized heading above the Episode/Part’s events, or cited in parentheses for
individual standalone bullet points)
Italicized bold text = deleted scenes
[Bracketed black text] = material from scripts, or in some cases real-world trivia, which is not
necessarily canon but may be instructive
Underlined text = indicates events that take place in the alternate timeline

Color coding for printed/audio materials:

The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer
“Diane…”: The Twin Peaks Tapes of Agent Cooper
The Autobiography of F.B.I. Special Agent Dale Cooper: My Life, My Tapes
[Bracketed timestamps indicate that Dale recorded the tape at this time, but was chronicling
events that took place earlier]
Welcome to Twin Peaks: Access Guide to the Town
Trading cards
The Secret History of Twin Peaks
Twin Peaks: The Final Dossier

• ~1,000,000,000 B.C.—Current-day Twin Peaks (specifically the current day location of
Big Ed’s Gas Farm) is the western coast of Pangaea.
• ~200,000,000 B.C.—The Macro continent Pangaea splits. North America & South
America move west. The then-western coast shoves the Pacific floor, creating granitic
magma, some of which erupts.
• ~100,000,000 B.C.—The Okanagan subcontinent slams into North America, creating
volcanic activity & likely elevating White Tail & Blue Pine Mtns.
• ~3,000,000-2,000,000 B.C.—Glaciation begins.
• ~1,000,000-500,000 B.C.—Northern Wa. covered by sheets of ice as thick as a mile. (The
current-day location of Twin Peaks is buried about 530 ft.)
• ~23,000 B.C.—The Sibers (1st humans in the American northwest) likely migrate from
Asia during the final stages of the Quaternary Glacial Epoch over land bridge caused by
dropping sea levels. A natural corridor formed by the receding Laurentian Ice Shield
funnels them into Alberta, British Columbia, Washington, Idaho & Oregon. (Some head to
the Pacific Ocean, Phoenix & Palm Springs.)
• 3,000 B.C. (or earlier; per Preston, “This dates back to @ least 3000 B.C.”)—The
Sumerians begin using the name “Joudy” to refer to a species of wandering demon, also
known as an utukku, that had “escaped from the underworld” & roamed freely throughout
the earth, where they feast on human flesh & allegedly rip the souls from their victims for
more meaningful nourishment. They particularly thrive while feeding “on human
suffering.” “Joudy” indicates the female form & Ba’al is the male. The ancient texts claim
that if a male & female ever unite while on the earth, the resulting “marriage” would create
the end of the world as we know it. [Note: In reality, while the description of utukku here
is accurate to the real-world ancient Sumerian religion, nothing else appears to be. “Ba’al,”
meaning lord or master, was a name used for various Mesopotamian gods—w/ the 1st
recorded sources around 3,000 B.C., as stated—but the name was not used for a demon as
described here. Ba’al only became demonized when the Hebrew texts, beginning w/ the
Book of Kings in the 7th-6th centuries B.C., and especially Christians and Muslims
subsequently, used the term to condemn gods from other earlier religions. “Joudy” appears
to be a fabrication of the Twin Peaks creators.]
• ~500s B.C.—In what is now modern-day Iraq, Ezekiel sees four four-headed brightly-
burning animal-men which might actually be the exterior of a spacecraft.
• ?? A.D.—Ba’al becomes better known in both Christian & Islamic sources as “Beelzebub,”
a false god, & eventually more generally as the devil. (Note: Preston says this was “a few
centuries later”—a few centuries from what? The context seems to mean a few centuries
after “Joudy”’s 1st appearance in Sumerian mythology in 3,000 B.C., but this is impossible.
3,000 B.C. was not “a few centuries,” but rather several millennia before the birth of
Christianity, let alone Islam!)
• 173—Yr. of the water ox; some historians place “them” (the Happy Generations?) in
this yr. (Coop to Albert, Episode 9)
• 213—Water snake yr.; some historians place “them” (the Happy Generations?) in
this yr. (Coop to Albert, Episode 9)
• 400s—Buddhist tradition 1st comes to “the land of snow.” King Ha-tho-thori Gnyan-
btsan is the 1st Tibetan king to be touched by the Dharma. He & succeeding kings are
collectively known as the Happy Generations. (Coop to Albert, Episode 9)
• 1100s—Welsh prince Madog ab Owain Gynedd (“Madoc”) allegedly sails to America &
follows the Mississippi north, founding settlements, one of which might have become the
Dakota “white Indian” Mandan tribe.
• ~1200s—In Japan, the samurai are stripped of their weaponry, but they discover that
the aged & treated bamboo of their Shaku hachi flutes makes an excellent cudgel.
(Earle to Leo, Episode 22)
• 1400s—Freemasonry founded as a regulatory organization, setting industry standards &
acting as intermediary w/ clients & authorities. It evolves over the centuries into a secret
society involved in statecraft & the founding of nations.
• 1500s—Rabelais writes a satirical novel making Greek word “Thelema” (will/intention)
the centerpiece of an anti-Christian religion (later appropriated unironically by A.
• 1542—Spaniard Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, 1st European of record to land on northwest coast
of modern-day North America, pulls into Puget Sound.
• ~early 1570s—Francis Drake claims Puget Sound area for Queen Elizabeth, names it Nova
• 1670—King of England grants Royal Charter to Hudson Bay Co., permitting them to
exploit virtually the entire North American continent.
• Early 1700s—(the turn of the 18th century) Holland is occupied by Napoleonic France for
a short period. The French institute the country’s 1st comprehensive census. Many Dutch
subjects invent ridiculous names, which they are stuck w/ after Napoleon meets his
Waterloo. (Note: This dating may be an error on Preston’s part. In reality, Napoleon
occupied Holland from 1806-1813, which was the early 19th century, ending well before
Napoleon’s loss @ Waterloo in 1815. And Preston claims to be a history major!)
• 1700s—Spanish explorer Gaspar de Portola names the Arroyo Seco (“dry river”) canyon
near modern-day Pasadena, Ca.
• 1741—Russians Vitus Behring & Peter Cherikof arrive in the northwest.
• 8/18/1774—Meriwether Lewis born. (Lewis’s grandfather is a business associate of
Thomas Jefferson’s father; Lewis grows up not far from Jefferson’s Va. Estate, & later
serves as Jefferson’s secretary for 2 yrs., living in the White House & becoming one of
Jefferson’s most trusted confidants.)
• 1775—Dominick Renault born.
• 1787—
o American General James Wilkinson begins serving as double agent for Spain.
o According to one source (female, name withheld by request), Snoqualmie/Cayuse
legends believe trappers herded more than 50 moose onto a marsh & exterminated
them, leaving one survivor, drained of the blood of his brothers & sisters, to appear
to people in times of despair as the White Moose @ the foot of a lone 85-ft.
Ponderosa past Owl Cave. (Many yrs. later, Dominick Renault writes in his diary
of seeing the White Moose.)
o 5/1787—French trapper & pedophile Gaston Leroux writes diary entry about
carrying moss in his backpack to tell him where he’s going (apparently, he talks to
it). Leroux’s bones were later found “not far” from Owl Cave.
• 1791—Titanium discovered.
• 1793—First white man of record to reach northwest overland is Alexander MacKenzie.
• 1795—Ivan Pritkoff ends Chinook attacks on Russians w/ Treaty of Vladivostok
(permitting Chinook to refer to icy northern winds as “Chinook wind” as compensation for
their objection to the naming of the Bering Strait).
• 19th Century—Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky writes extensively about the
summoning of tulpas by dark magicians or sorcerers through the practice of ancient &
corrupt forms of esoteric magic: necromancy, demons & devil worship. Blavatsky refers
to this sect as “the Brothers of the Shadow.”
• ~8/10/1803—Dominick Renault, having set out from Montreal a yr. earlier to discover the
Northwest Passage & ended up in Chilliwack, flees south in a state of depression and sets
up a trading post on Black Lake half a mile above White Tail Falls.
• 1804—
o Meriwether Lewis & William Clark’s expedition sets out. (Freemason) Pres.
Jefferson chooses (Freemason) Lewis to head the Corps of Discovery. Lewis selects
as co-commander his former commanding officer, Clark. The expedition is kept
secret, as the Louisiana Purchase is not yet finalized, & 3 European powers (the
French, Spanish & English) are all targeting the area for colonization. Jefferson
gives Lewis a secondary objective: to gain any insight he can into the
spiritual/shamanistic traditions of the tribal people, due to Jefferson & Lewis’s
mutual study of vols. @ the American Philosophical Society Library in
Philadelphia (founded by Freemason Ben Franklin, & also containing vols. on
alchemy & “transmutation”) which suggested “anomalous & peculiar geological
arcana” in the uncharted lands of Oregon Country.
o The Bell Club of Twin Peaks is established (apparently devoted to the “delicious
life-giving essences” of “life’s existential algae”; they refer to themselves as
• 1805—
o The plot of Jefferson’s former VP Aaron Burr—who had fled west after killing
former Treasury secretary Alexander Hamilton in a duel in the NJ Palisades—to
seize land in Tx., Mexico & create a new republic is exposed to Pres. Jefferson
by commander in chief (& later governor of the upper La. Territories) Gen. James
Wilkinson—who had in fact been a principal in the traitorous cabal & exposed Burr
to save himself. (Burr & Wilkinson, as well as Benedict Arnold, were likely
Illuminati.) Wilkinson also betrays Jefferson’s confidence & reveals the Corps of
Discovery to his Spanish handlers, & attempts to stop them 3 times w/ grps. of
Spanish assassins (over 200 in number), once missing them by the Platte River by
less than 2 days.
o 4/1805—Lewis’s letters to Jefferson become less regular as he moves deeper into
the Louisiana Territory.
o 6/13/1805—Lewis writes of “two mountains of a singular appearance…” (Note:
While this is a reality journal entry, in reality, Lewis was writing about mtns. in
Mo.) (This date also contradicts L&C reaching the Twin Peaks area later, in Sept.,
as seen below.)
o 9/20/1805—Clark’s 1st encounter w/ Chute-pa-lu (Nez Perce) (Lewis had split to
search for provisions a few days earlier). The great chief left for war 3 days earlier,
is expected back in 15-18 days. Most of the men are gone.
o 9/21/1805—The natives lead Clark downriver to the camp of Chief Twisted Hair,
who draws Clark a map to White Tail Falls, which Clark’s Shoshone guide tells
him is related to their spirits. Clark sends Reubin Fields w/ a tribal guide to direct
Lewis to the village.
o ~9/22/1805—Lewis meets up w/ Clark. Twisted Hair tells Lewis “white people”
live near the falls, shows Lewis 3 objects they gave him (including the jade ring).
o Late Sept. 1805—Several days later, Lewis sets out for the Falls w/ a small grp.
Twisted Hair gives him the ring to take along (emphasizing that it should never be
taken from its pouch & worn). Lewis reaches the Falls several days later & sees
lights from sky, silvery spheres, hears music, sees fire that burns but doesn’t
consume, colors unseen or unimagined flowing from all things, “gold, all gold,” the
secret deep within the color red, classical statuary, black lines, electricity (“the
mysterious force B. Franklin had stumbled upon”), & an uncanny encounter w/ a
silent man. In his letter to Jefferson, he writes: “I should have heeded his warning.”
Lewis destroys the map & all records of his passage north (except the letter to
o 10/03/1805—Lewis reunites w/ Clark. Lewis keeps the ring. None of the other men
who had been w/ him seems to recollect any part of what happened; even to Lewis,
it sometimes seems “like a silvery glimpse of fish in a river.”
o Oct.-Nov. 1805—Lewis & Clark set out several days later, make swift passage to
the Columbia River in a matter of days, then reach Pacific Ocean within wks.
(Jefferson receives this dispatch many mos. after the previous one; the next dispatch
from Lewis does not come until nearly a yr. after this one.)
• 1807—
o Lewis & Clark return to Washington, D.C. 2.5 yrs. after departure, accompanied by
Mandan chief Sheheke-shote. Jefferson appoints Lewis governor of Upper
Louisiana Territory, Lewis moves to St. Louis, Mo. After an absence of 2 yrs.,
Sheheke is returned to his people, who don’t believe the stories of the civilization
he saw in D.C. He loses standing w/ the tribe & dies a few yrs. later in a Sioux raid.
o Aaron Burr is arrested & tried for treason.
• 9/21/1808—Charter granted for founding of Lodge 111, 1st St. Louis Masonic lodge, w/
Lewis as 1st Master (announced in The Missouri Gazette, which was founded by Lewis).
Shortly thereafter, Lewis initiates Clark. Clark later founds Mo. Lodge 12.
• 1809—
o 10/10/1809—Lewis, en route to D.C. (to protest denials of reimbursements, to
deliver the Expedition of Discovery journals to a Philadelphia publisher, & to
present evidence to Jefferson & Pres. Madison of a conspiracy being waged by Gen.
Wilkinson & other enemies in the Louisiana Territory), having abandoned his
original route (downriver from New Orleans—where Wilkinson is commanding
officer—to D.C.) & abandoned the river @ Fort Pickering (near present-day
Memphis) & ridden on horseback into the wild, stops for the nt. @ Grinder’s Stand
Inn on Natchez Trace in Tn. 75 mi. SW of Nashville. (John Grinder is away on
business; his wife Priscilla admits Lewis.) Lewis’s guide & protector from Fort
Pickering has been Maj. James Neely—who had recently been appointed agent in
charge of relations w/ the Choctaw Indian Nation in western Tn. by Wilkinson.
After eating little dinner, Lewis paces back & forth in front of the cabin smoking a
pipe & talking about his enemies while worrying a leather pouch around his neck
(the ring).
o 10/11/1809—3am. Lewis is shot in the back of the head & abdomen & slashed in
the throat & arms. He dies shortly after 1st light. His escort, Neely, arrives before
noon to claim Lewis’s possessions & bury him. Neely claims Lewis had left him
behind to find 2 stray horses, but gives no explanation why he arrived 12 hrs. after
Lewis’s other servants who had been charged w/ the same task.
o 10/18/1809—Neely sends letter from Nashville alerting Jefferson to Lewis’s
“suicide.” Neely sends Lewis’s trunks on to Monticello.
o End of 11/1809—Lewis’s trunks arrive @ Monticello, conveyed to his estate by
Thomas Freeman, who had long worked under Wilkinson. The inventory by
Jefferson’s secretary Isaac Coles makes no mention of several of Lewis’s items,
including the ring. Also likely missing are many pages of Expedition notes, which
had been rifled through. Neely is seen in public w/ many of these items, but slips
out of history a few mos. after Lewis’s death. A murder charge is brought against
the Grinders & parties unknown in a Tn. county inquest, but dropped out of “fear
of retribution.” The Grinders later disappear from Tn. after coming into a
substantial sum of money.
• ~1811—2 yrs. after Lewis’s death, Wilkinson is court martialed for his role in the Burr
conspiracy (charges ultimately dismissed for lack of evidence). Wilkinson sends a forged
letter from Lewis’s friend & Fort Pickering commander Major Gilbert Russell to Jefferson
about Lewis’s state of derangement shortly before death, detailing multiple suicide
attempts (this contradicts a letter the real Russell sent shortly after Lewis’s death wherein
Russell refers to Lewis’s death as a murder).
• 1814—Definitive edition of the Lewis & Clark journals published.
• 1817—Angus MacDowell writes diary entry about the Nootka potshatl ceremony (which
apparently involved the host giving guests pieces of his own body), expressing disgust @
how wasteful it is.
• 1818—The Poison Ivy Epidemic of 1818 takes the lives of two dozen pioneers & trappers
before the elk & caribou populations close ranks & the dread rash fades away.
• 1824—John Jeremiah “Liver-Eating” Johnson born.
• 1825—Wilkinson dies, his traitorous acts come to light.
• ~1840—
o In-Mut-Too-Yah-Lat-Lat (Chief Joseph) born (“thirty-eight winters ago” in 1/1879;
64 @ death in 1904).
o The Martells, French trappers, work the Twin Peaks area’s beaver population. (This
and subsequent Martell family history, related by Robert Jacoby in Oh, What a
Tangled Web…, contradict the Access Guide.)
• 1848—Congressional investigation into Lewis’s death—exhumation & building of a
monument @ the gravesite. (A dr. says he almost certainly died @ the hands of an
• 1855—Dominick Renault dies. No one knows what became of him. (It is postulated that
he ran off to mate w/ owls due to his apparent delusions that he had been talking to
• ~1860s—Bohemian Gove “secret society” founded. (Note: Preston says the society is 150
yrs. old in 2016. In reality, the society was founded in 1872.) They have an annual 2-wk.
summer retreat @ their rural San Jose, Ca., compound, begun by a huge bonfire presided
over by a giant wooden owl. Their membership eventually includes former presidents,
statesmen, military leaders & industrial tycoons.
• 1868—Rudolph Martell born.
• 1870s—Gold discovered in Wallowa Valley (now Wa.). General Oliver Howard is
dispatched to remove the Wal-am-wat-kin band of Nez Perce from the land & escort them
to a reservation. Chief Joseph refuses to leave. Hostilities escalate.
• ~early 1870s—Twin Peaks founded (described in 1902 as “nascent rural community”
“barely three decades old”)
• 1870—Thomas Randolph Jefferson (Jefferson’s oldest son) finds Jefferson’s “lost”
writings involving Freemasonry & Illuminati and fascination w/ Native American culture;
gives them to State Dep’t.
• 1871—A fort is built which yrs. later is converted into Washington Psychiatric mental
• ~1872—Aleister Crowley born (72 @ death ~1944; note: Crowley was actually born in
• 1877—
o Summer 1877—Chief Joseph visits the place known to his ancestors, “seldom
visited, the place of smoke by the great falls and twin mounts,” to speak to the Great
Spirit Chief. Upon his return, he leads the Nez Perce on a great tactical retreat
toward Canada despite his lack of military knowledge/experience.
o 8/1877—Gen. Oliver writes to Col. Nelson Miles @ Fort Keogh recounting
Joseph’s escape through a mysteriously inactive river channel/tunnel near Hart
Mtn. into the Clark Basin. Asks Miles to cut the Nez Perce off.
o ~9/30/1877—W/ the help of Liver-Eating Johnson, Miles surrounds the Nez Perce
11 wks. after their flight.
o 10/05/1877—After 5 days of battle, Joseph surrenders. The tribe is taken to camp
as POWs by Howard’s adjutant Capt. Charles Erskine Wood. That nt., Chief White
Bird w/ his family & a few of his band escape to join Sitting Bull in Canada. Gen.
Howard maintains that this was violation of the surrender & the U.S. no longer has
to honor its agreement to return Joseph’s tribe to its land. Wood does not approve
of this breaking of faith. Johnson tells Wood that the white man had awoken
powerful medicine, & anyone who settles on the stolen land will one day face a
reckoning. Joseph & his tribe are moved to POW camp in Fort Leavenworth, Ks.
• 1878—
o Unguin (last name unknown) born. (Note that this date would make her only 11-12
when she moves to Twin Peaks in 1890, already married to James Packard!).
o Summer 1878—8 mos. after being moved to Ks., the Nez Perce are moved to a
reservation in Ok.
• ~1875-1879 (per dating of journal paper & ink)—“Lowlife drifter” Wayne Chance &
Denver Bob Hobbes make camp six days north of Spokane. Spend more than a wk.
searching for a cave w/ a gold mine (based on a map they got in Yakima). They find Owl
Cave. Rocks are piled over the cave entrance which take most of the day to move. Their
compass needle spins @ this spot. Once inside, they encounter the cave drawings. They
are chased from the cave by an owl. That nt., they move camp towards a river because of
whistling (which sounds like moaning). DB disappears during the night w/o the Spencer
rifle he always had with him, & is never seen again. Chance resolves to head back to
Spokane, is never seen again.
• 1879—
o Loggers find Wayne Chance’s journal (and DB’s rifle which Chance was going to
keep) in a saddlebag on the dessicated corpse of a starved mule.
o 1/14/1879—Capt. Erskine Wood, having quit the army & practicing law in
Portland, has fought to get the Nez Perce’s plight before Congress & finally raises
money to bring Joseph to D.C. to speak for himself. Chief Joseph speaks @ Lincoln
Hall, Washington, D.C., delivering a plea for peace & equality to congressmen &
cabinet members.
• 1882—
o Twin Peaks Old Opera House is built. (Sarah Bernhardt in Camille is the opening
show. Ms. Bernhardt damaged her wooden leg while enacting her Paean to Aurora
on the shore of Black Lake. James Packard made her a new one. [Note that in
reality, Bernhardt didn’t lose leg until 1915.]) (The Opera House timeline is
contradicted in Oh, What a Tangled Web…)
o Gen. George MacDowell (a bemedaled officer of the Army of the Potomac in the
Civil War) is buried in a 12-ft grave astride his horse Prancer, in Black Lake
• ~1883-1884—Einer Jennings born (63 in 1947).
• ~1885—6 yrs. after Joseph’s speech, the Nez Perce are moved to a reservation in northeast
Wa., shared w/ the remnants of 11 other tribes.
• ~1887—The Martells found a modest lumber mill (3 yrs. before Packard arrives.
Confusingly, the same source says James Packard was the first of the three founding
families to arrive.)
• 1888—Twin Peaks is an untidy collections of refugees, trappers & thieves living in shacks
on Black Lake serviced by the Wakahannawawak Trading Post (later renamed Thor’s).
• 1889—
o Knute Rockne born (date printed on Bobo Hobson’s tombstone; in reality, Rockne
was born in 1888).
o 12/19/1889—The Great Blizzard of 1889 hits Twin Peaks. Rev. Isaiah Hurly’s
efforts to visit ailing Bartholomew Beaufort are thwarted when his horse insists on
turning back. The Annual Candlelighting & Christmas Tree Ceremony on
Meadowlark Hill is unexpectedly hit by the storm sometime after 3pm (time that
Millicent Revere writes her diary entry). Feverish Cynthia Sithe saw the clouds
approaching above the 2,000 oblivious revelers from her window. Knut
Zimmerman observed Pete Lindstrom die when a fierce wind drove a candle into
the back of his head. 43 people perished in the first ten minutes of the Blizzard.
Another three dozen got lost in the storm & died. (Among the dead is Elsie Spaeth
Miller, leaving a husband, son & daughter.) Spanish trappers Edwardo Delegato &
(former prison inmate) José “Shorteyes” Manuela sheltered in Owl Cave during the
Blizzard (ostensibly the first white people to find the Cave; however, we know that
Wayne Chance & Denver Bob predated them).
o 12/21/1889—James Packard’s secretary Katy Mullen writes of coffins piled head-
high in the Opera House. (She also references Packard, already apparently w/ an
office & established in the community [contradicting the date for his arrival given
elsewhere], asking the stuffed Great Horned Owl in his office why it hadn’t warned
the town.)
• ~1888-1889—Jack Parsons’s mother Ruth born (63 in 1952).
• 1890s—
o Orville Horne & wife Brulitha (a poetess who later wrote the epic poem O Twin
Peaks, My Land, My Home) leave the Horne family’s mercantile empire in Mn.,
travel to Twin Peaks & open Horne’s General Store. (They compete w/ Thor’s until
a mysterious fire @ Thor’s gives them a monopoly.) (The Hornes’ timeline is
contradicted by Oh, What a Tangled Web…, with the events moved to later dates,
although the narrative is pretty much the same.) (Both versions seem to contradict
Audrey’s line in Episode 3 about Horne’s Department Store: “He [Ben] named
it after himself,” implying that Ben opened the store.)
o The Victorian home Irene Littlehorse shows Coop (on Chataugua Ln.) is built.
(file seen in Episode 19)
• Spring 1890—Harvard and Yale-educated James Packard (eldest son of a shipping
magnate in Boston) & wife Unguin arrive in Twin Peaks (James was roommates w/ one of
the Weyerhauser boys, who told him about the wealth of resources out west). He opens the
Packard Saw Mill thereafter (solving skirmishes w/ the Kwakiutl by trading cough drops
for the land). (Preston elsewhere says the Packard Mill was founded in the late 1880s.)
Unguin (who dabbled in the mystic arts & was institutionalized when she announced her
true home was somewhere beyond the solar system in the Land of Bloon) founds Those of
Bloon, an informal meeting club.
• 1891—
o Rudolph Martell (whose father died in a trolley accident & mother died of a virulent
form of scabies) & wife Pixie (daughter of a circus aerialist who quit after causing
an accident in St. Louis) leave St. Louis after a mysterious fire destroys their home.
They head for San Francisco, but their mules die & they settle in Twin Peaks. They
open the Martell Mill thereafter. (Note that Oh, What a Tangled Web… contradicts
all the Martell family history in the Access Guide, including the names.)
o 7/04/1891—Mayor John Hanford (first mayor of Twin Peaks) invents the Little
Scottie cocktail @ what is now the Roadhouse.
• 1892—
o Mark Twain gets bad vibes from the woods & owls around Twin Peaks, cancels
scheduled reading of Huckleberry Finn @ the Old Opera House.
o Ladoux Tannery opens on the banks of Rattail River south of Twin Peaks.
• ~1891-1892—James Forrestal born (57 @ death in 1949).
• 7/19/1893—Agnes Turnquist’s diary entry concluding that Ladoux Tannery smells like
shit. (Apparently she was a girl still living w/ her parents & seems to have a brother name
named Arvid.)
• 1894—Daisy Packard born to James & Unguin. (They also had three other daughters—
Addy, Roslyn & Mavis—and one son, Ezekial.) (This is contradicted in Oh, What a
Tangled Web…, where the only child mentioned is James’s oldest son Thomas.)
• 1896—
o The Terrible Fire of 1896 destroys the Opera House.
o Wagon Wheel Bakery established (according to an ad in a 1986 newspaper; note:
the date is very tiny and difficult to read, but it appears to be 1896).
• 12/19/18??—9-ft. “giant” skeleton exhumed from mound in Maple Creek, Wi.
• ~early 1900s—
o The Yacoit Burn (of “not so distant memory” circa 1902), a carelessly started fire
that destroyed 200,000 acres, took 38 lives & destroyed 12 billion board feet of
o (“Near the turn of the century”)—Rudolph Martell dies of gangrene (elsewhere he
is said to die in 1931). Pixie joins a Native American tribe in the southwest. Son
Nealith Martell & his mail order bride Bessie Spoon take over the Martell Mill.
(Nealith later turns down inventor Crosby Truman’s patent on the V-shaped plume.
Ezekial Packard buys the patent & eventually the Martells are forced to sell the
Martell Mill to the Packards.)
• 1900—
o Northern Pacific Railroad sells German-born lumber baron Friederich Weyerhauser
1 million acres of forest. He organizes the Weyerhauser Syndicate, a confederation
of lumber cos., including Packard.
o Liver-Eating Johnson dies in army vets’ home in Santa Monica, Ca.
o Those of Bloon disband after one of Unguin’s frequent institutionalizations.
• 1902—
o Oscar Wilde takes a detour from his planned itinerary, traveling from San Francisco
to Seattle by steamer, & comes to Twin Peaks by mule. [Note that in reality, Oscar
Wilde died in 1900.]
o 2/24/1902—Night of the Burning River: the 2-wk.-old 7-mi. logjam created by the
Packard & Martell mills erupts into flame (likely caused by dry lightning), causing
a fire that lasts 7 days, causes 8 deaths & destroys more than half the wooden
structures in Twin Peaks.
• 1903—Edward Curtis takes a photo of Chief Joseph in Seattle.
• 1904—
o Chief Joseph dies of a broken heart in Wa.
o The Grange is built by architect Winston Sanford White (located to the north
between present-day Hwy. J & the old railroad spur). It houses the sheriff’s office,
county seat, chamber of commerce, voting hall, Patrons of Husbandry and Pierre’s
Smoke & News Arcade.
• 1905—
o Orville Horne (son of Danville Horne, whose mercantile co. in San Francisco
banked its 1st million during the Ca. Gold Rush) arrives in Twin Peaks & opens a
general store & dry good business. He eclipses his competitors, one of which
suspiciously burns down. (As noted above, the events of the Horne family timeline
in Oh, What a Tangled Web… are similar to those presented in the Access Guide,
but take place several yrs. later.)
o The Smallish Earthquake of 1905 damages Horne’s General Store. Horne rebuilds
into what becomes Horne’s Department Store. The Earthquake also apparently
causes a fire that devastates thousands of acres of woods. The Grange is the only
building to remain undamaged in the quake.
• ~1905-06—Dwayne Milford born (21 in 1927, per Gazette article). In his 1991 intro to the
Access Guide, Milford says he has spent 80 yrs. in Twin Peaks. [In the original Pilot script,
he was said to be 86, placing his b’day ~1902-03.]
• 1906—Twin Peaks Savings & Loan founded by Delbert Mibbler’s grandfather & other
founding partner(s). (per 3/28/89 Post article)
• ~1906-07—
o Richard Sharpe Shaver born (68 in 1975).
o Timber Wars. More & more workers pour into the Twin Peaks area to compete for
employment @ the two mills; spirits run high, fueled by Unionists & Anarchists.
Fistfights break out @ Grange meetings.
• 1908—James Packard’s famous speech against anarchy (and likely unions), in response to
the Timber Wars.
• 8/11/1909—Douglas James Milford born (per enlistment paperwork; he gives his middle
name during the Roswell debriefing). This date is contradicted later: the Post article on his
death in 3/1989 says he was 80. The same article gives him a different middle name,
• ~1909-10—Delbert Mibbler born (79 @ death in bank explosion, per Post).
• 1910—James Packard est. the Packard Timber Games (held annually in August; elsewhere
contradictorily said to be held annually on Labor Day weekend).
• ~1911—
o Andrew Packard born to Thomas Packard (16 in 1927, per Gazette photo caption;
75 in 1987 @ time of “death”—note however that that the former is April & the
latter is September, so Andrew’s age seems to be off by a yr. in one of them. It
could be b/w 1910-11 in the former or 1911-12 in the latter). Briggs says Andrew
was age 70 when he married Josie in 1983, which would place his birth ~1912-
1913 (it is possible that Briggs was rounding). (All of this contradicts the 1926
birthdate in the Access Guide).
o Lafayette Ronald Hubbard born (38 in 1949; he was in actuality born in 1911).
• 1913—Vanity Press (Ashtabula) publ. Some Pretty Good Speeches I Have Heard by A.P.
• ~1913—Marty Lindstrom begins working for the Union Pacific Railroad (25 yrs. before
founding the Double R).
• Prior to 1914—Joshua Palmer brings his family to Twin Peaks. (Harry to Sternwood:
more than 75 yrs. ago—Episode 12)
• 1914—
o José Raúl Capablanca & Lasker play a chess match in St. Petersburg. (Pete to
Coop, Episode 23)
o Morgan (Emil Jennings’s uncle) falls down drunk in a Spokane street after a 3-day
bender & is killed by a beer truck.
o 10/1914—Outside Grange Hall during the annual Lumber Days Festival, Ersel
Martell (2nd son of patriarch Zebulon) & Canadian Jean Jacques Renault accost
Thomas Packard (James’s oldest). A knife fight “behind the barn” ensues; Renault
stabs Thomas. Renault flees back north & his fugitive status leads him to become
head of the Renault Gang, rising to prominence in the Prohibition era. Ersel stands
trial as an accessory & spends 3 yrs. in Washington State Penitentiary in Walla
Walla. Thomas recovers & marries Minnie Drixel (who was possibly the subject of
the dispute). (Interestingly, given info elsewhere in the dossier, Thomas had
apparently fathered Andrew several yrs. earlier. It’s unclear whether Andrew’s
mother was Minnie or someone else.)
• ~1914—Marvel John Whiteside “Jack” Parsons born (31 in 1945, 37 in 1952; born in 1914
in reality).
• 1915—Enrico Caruso refuses to play Twin Peaks, dismissing it as a backwater venue.
• ~1915—Kenneth Arnold born (32 in 1947; born in 1915 in reality).
• 1916—New Opera House built. Enrico Caruso gets lost on way to inaugural concert, never
shows. (Different version presented in Oh, What a Tangled Web…)
• 1917—Paris and London: The Overseas Press publ. E. Targaski’s French Explorers:
Enigmas in Fur (referencing Dominick Renault).
• 1918—
o Enrico Caruso plays the new Opera House (accompanied by Mavis Packard).
o The Packards & Hornes become principal investors in the Bijou Opera House.
Enrico Caruso plays the opening. (Later, Paderewski also plays there, as do
Orpheum Circuit Vaudeville legends the Marx Bros. and juggler William Claude
Dukenfield, later W. C. Fields. It also acts as the town’s 1st movie theater.) (This
contradicts the Access Guide history of the Opera House.)
o Twin Peaks’s one-rm. schoolhouse is displaced by the town’s first official school
system. The old schoolhouse becomes a lending library and, eventually, the
• ~1918—Paul Lantz born (29 @ death in 1/1948).
• ~1919—
o Fred Lee Crisman born (56 @ death in 1975; in reality, he was born in 1919).
o Wood Mistress Helga (last name unknown, later married surname is Brogger) born
(rumored to be 72 ~1991. She only admits to being over 50).
• 1920s—
o Dead Dog Farm is built. Also, the cabin in the woods Irene Littlehorse shows
Coop is built. (files seen in Episode 19)
o Horne’s general store has grown to Horne’s Department Store.
o Owl Cave was a favorite wooing spot in this era (flappers & ukuleles abounded).
• 1920—As the city of Pasadena grows, a dam is built @ the Devil’s Gate to contain seasonal
• ~1919-1920—“Sparks” born (49 in 1969).
• 1922—
o Twin Peaks Gazette begins publishing.
o Ezekial razes the original 2-acre Packard mill, builds a new mill covering 25 acres.
• 1923—
o Aleister Crowley publishes Moonchild, about a battle b/w two lodges of black &
white magicians over an unborn child who may be the Antichrist.
o Great Circus Tragedies publ. by Odler Press.
• 1924—Packard Mill now employs more than 100 people, compared to the original 8 in
• 1925—
o Dr. Dan Hayward founds medical practice.
o Twin Peaks is incorporated (note: this date is on a Calhoun Hospital form. The date
might be referring to the hospital’s incorporation date).
o Titanium 1st isolated & extracted from its common ore into its pure, usable form.
o Twin Peaks Opera House becomes movie theater. Opening show: double bill of
The Gold Rush and Battleship Potemkin.
• 1926—
o Andrew Packard born to Ezekial. (Birthdate contradicted by 1927 Gazette article
and 1987 Post article—see above. His father is Thomas Packard in Oh, What a
Tangled Web…)
o ~10/1926—Douglas Milford sees a giant & a walking owl as tall as a man on a
scout trip near Glastonbury Grove (6 mos. before Andrew’s encounter). He
presumably gets the three-triangle tattoo on his inner forearm during this encounter
(he shows it to Briggs in 1985; however, his 1941 Air Force paperwork notes that
he has no distinguishing marks). It seems that more happened during this encounter
which Milford may not fully remember.
o ~11/1926—The month after his encounter, Douglas punches Dwayne @ a Regional
Scoutmaster Council in Spokane because no one believes in his encounter; he is
expelled from the scouts. His life subsequently spirals.
• 1927—
o Ben Horne Sr. (son of Orville) breaks ground on the Great Northern Hotel. (This
seems to contradict Episode 18, which shows 16mm footage of the
groundbreaking for the Great Northern with Ben & Jerry in attendance as
children, implying a 1950s date.) A week before the Great Northern opens, its
biggest competitor, Gus & Hetty Tidrow’s Sawmill River Lodge (one of the oldest
establishments in town), burns down on a Tuesday night.
o ~4/1927—Douglas is managing a pool hall down by the river flats on the wrong
side of town where he is shacked up w/ Pauline Cuyo, the estranged daughter of the
Gazette’s owner Dayton Cuyo. He descends into alcoholism.
o 4/29/1927—Boy Scout Troop 79 (incl. Scoutmaster Dwayne Milford and Scouts
Andrew Packard, Rusty, Theo & Sherm) sets out in the early morning for a camping
trip (2 wks. ago on a Friday, per 5/14 Gazette article). They reach Big Pearl Lake
@ 3pm. Dwayne, Andrew, Rusty & Theo explore & encounter Glastonbury Grove.
A huge storm suddenly hits & they head back. They hear a peculiar whistling from
the woods. Rejoining main camp @ 5pm, they weather the storm. Around 7pm,
Andrew goes out to retrieve sodas from the lake & sees a 7’ tall man calmly
standing. The Giant turns & walks into the woods. Around 10pm, they sleep &
Andrew hears a “deep rhythmic thudding,” like someone beating a distant drum
that seems to faintly shake the rocks beneath them.
o 4/30/1927—@ 6am, Dwayne and Andrew find giant (barefoot) footprints in the dirt
near their fire pit, leading to the woods.
o 5/14/1927—Gazette publ. Andrew’s account of the camping experience.
o 6/21/1927—Andrew writes a diary entry about the Gazette leaving out part of his
• 1928—Bobo Hobson begins coaching the Twin Peaks H.S. Lumberjacks (40 yrs. in 1968).
• ~1928—Sara Elizabeth “Betty” Northrup born (17 in 1945).
• 1929—
o The Bijou is the 1st theater in the area to be fitted for sound. The town’s last civil
war veteran succumbs to a fatal rictus @ a screening of The Jazz Singer.
o 5/25/1929—William Hayward born.
• ~1929—Douglas leaves Twin Peaks following the stock market crash, spends the ’30s
riding the rails and drifting from city to city.
• Early 1930s—
o Pa. welder and former hobo (and frequent mental institution in-patient) Richard
Sharpe Shaver begins to believe he hears the thoughts of his coworkers due to a
peculiar frequency emanating from his welding gun. Soon thereafter, he starts
“downloading” sinister transcripts of dialogue from the Lemurians, a progenitor
race living in vast underground cities accessible only by caves & lava tubes such as
Mt. Rainier & Mt. Shasta—a cruel, cold-blooded race in possession of incredibly
advanced technologies who observe, torture, manipulate telepathically, &
sometimes dine on humans. The “teros,” a race of peaceful aliens hailing from the
distant Pleiades constellation (and human-like enough to blend in among us),
oppose the Lemurians.
o (“Dating back to the early 1930s”) Horace “the Dutchman” Vandersant builds,
owns & operates the Dutchman’s Lodge in rural western Mt. (directly b/w Missoula
& Twin Peaks), a motel known not only as a “gateway to a sportsman’s paradise,”
but as a mob-and-gangster-friendly establishment (rumor has it that John Dillinger
later spends a wk. there while on the lam).
• ~1930s—
o (During the Depression) Ed Hurley Sr. (who has a “bum wheel” from a mishap @
the Packard Mill when he was a teenager) & his wife open a roadside stand selling
eggs, fruits & vegetables from the family farm.
o Vivian Smith born to 2 high school teachers (she is “thirty-something” in the late
’60s/early ’70s).
• ~1930—Samson “Sam” Lanterman born (a decade older than Margaret Coulson), the
eldest of 5 brothers, a 3rd-generation woodsman whose family has been in the industry since
it began.
• ~1930-31—Charles Dahl born (16 in 1947).
o Dell Mibbler begins working @ the Twin Peaks Savings & Loan (58 yrs. @ death
in 1989, Post).
• 1931—
o Rudolph Martell dies. (Of gangrene; contradictorily, his death is elsewhere said to
have occurred “not long after the turn of the century”).
o 5/08/1931—Robert Jacoby born to Richard & Esther Jacoby.
• 1932—TP Press publishes T. Billings’s The Function of Neuroses in Snoqualmie Culture,
about the Native tribe’s paranoia/secretiveness/morbidity.
• 1933—
o The Martells harvest the last of the old-growth timber on their land.
o Spring 1933—The Phelan Gang (led by Milo Phelan) rob a bank in Twin Peaks,
hide in or near Owl Cave. They surrender @ night after building a fire out of fear.
• 1934—
o 1/30/1934—Lawrence Jacoby born to Richard & Esther Jacoby. This birthdate is
roughly consistent w/ The Final Dossier saying Jacoby launched The Dr. Amp Blast
in 2006, “just after he turned 70,” and also w/ Preston saying Jacoby is “over 80
yrs. old now” as of 9/06/2017.
o Spring 1934—Zebulon Martell signs the family’s acreage to Thomas Packard while
on his deathbed—then dies pen in hand and scowl on face.
o 6/28/1934—Pete Martell born to Nealith & Bessie. In Oh, What a Tangled Web…,
Pete is said to be the eldest son of Ersel Martell, and according to the Post is 52 in
1989, placing his birth 1936-37. Both dates seem inconsistent w/ Pete’s 1959 H.S.
yearbook, seen in Episode 7.
• Summer 1935—A labor dispute shuts down the Packard Mill (the only time it shut down
before the 1989 fire).
• ~1936-37—Pete Martell born to Ersel Martell (52 @ death in bank explosion per the Post).
(This date contradicts the 1934 date in the Access Guide and trading cards and also seems
inconsistent w/ Pete’s 1959 yearbook in Episode 7.)
• 1937—
o It is rumored that the Nazis recover a crashed flying saucer this yr., & that the
technology is the basis for their later “fixed wing” aircraft design.
o Boot: Formidable or Fake publ. by Iambic Press (about the Twin Peaks region’s
poet laureate Hugo Boot).
o Knute Rockne dies (date printed on Bobo Hobson’s tombstone; in reality, Rockne
died in 1931).
• 1938—
o The year on the penny the young girl finds walking home in 1956 NM. (Part
o Railroad employee Marty Lindstrom retires & opens the “Marty’s Railroad Café,”
serving Northern Pacific dining car fare & his wife Ilsa’s Swedish pie recipes.
People simply refer to the diner as “the Double R.” Jolene is one of the original
o Bernie Welch tosses a sheaf (a 15 lb. bundle of spruce/pine boughs) 30 ft. into the
air @ the Packard Timber Games, but his pitchfork goes w/ it & pins a spectator’s
beret to his head.
o 1/03/1938—Garland Briggs born to two Bohemian Catholics, his father a concert
violinist & his mother a Parisian-born Montessori schoolteacher (this date
contradicts Albert in Part 9 saying Garland would be 72 ~2014, as well as The
Final Dossier saying he was 45 @ his “death”).
o 2/06/1938—Phillip Michael Gerard born.
• ~1938—Marvel John Whiteside “Jack” Parsons (scion of a wealthy Pasadena family which
lost its fortune in the Depression, a self-taught chemist who briefly attended classes @
three top universities) talks his way into a grant from Ca. Institute of Technology. (In 1945,
Hubbard says Parsons is “seven years downstream from that investment.”) This leads to
Parsons & his “Suicide Squad” team inventing rocket fuel & ultimately his cofounding Jet
Propulsion Laboratories (JPL).
• 1939—
o Thomas Packard closes & tears down the Martell Mill.
o Army officer Richard Jacoby & wife Esther Jacoby (w/ sons Robert & Lawrence)
move from Twin Peaks to Pearl Harbor, where Richard is stationed.
o Jack Parsons 1st comes into contact w/ Thelema (invented by Parsons’s soon-to-be
friend & mentor Aleister Crowley after a series of mystical, possibly drug-
influenced, experiences in Egypt; Crowley was also the 1st westerner to study w/
the lamas in Tibet). Thelema is centered on the powers of will (“Do what thou wilt
shall be the whole of the law”), but tempered by eros & agape—love & sex—& on
the notion that by rejecting God, we come to realize that every man is God. Parsons
believes that rockets & magick are one—both about transcending the boundaries of
space & time which keep us from reaching our true potential, & that alchemy is
about turning the base metal of primitive man into the gold of an enlightened soul.
• ~1939—
o The Dwayne/Dougie Milford “running feud” starts over “something about an
old flame and a rumble seat” (per Will; 50 yrs., per Pete, Episode 17). (The
Secret History/dossier version of the Milford history seems to contradict this in a
variety of ways, not least of which is the fact that Dougie had apparently left Twin
Peaks well before this date.)
o Carl Rodd begins smoking every day (“been smoking for 75 yrs., every fuckin’
day,” Carl to Mickey, Part 6)
o In 1989, Cooper says the large remains of a Douglas fir (the log @ the spot where
Laura’s body washed ashore) was the victim of a storm or other calamity some 50
yrs. ago.
o Nealith takes Pete fishing for the first time (when Pete was 5).
• ~1939-40—Dorothy Doak born (49 @ bank explosion, per Post article).
• 1940s—
o Thomas Jefferson’s “lost” writings are moved to a section of the Library of
Congress requiring maximum security clearance.
o Numerous UFO sightings over Los Angeles, Ca.
• 1940—
o Richard & Esther Jacoby divorce.
o 4/01/1940—Jean Renault born to Jean Jacques Renault.
o 8/04/1940—Benjamin Joseph Horne Jr. born to Ben Horne Sr. (Access Guide,
Jacoby’s Calhoun Hospital patient file; his middle name appears on the Mill land
sale contract.) (Note: No source outside the Access Guide has said that Ben is a
o 10/10/40—Margaret Coulson born. (She is an only child, & her parents die when
she is young.)
o 11/04/1940—Catherine Packard born to Ezekial Packard. In Oh, What a Tangled
Web…, she is contradictorily said to be the youngest daughter of Thomas Packard.
(This DOB is contradicted by the trading cards.)
o 11/20/1940—Catherine Packard born. (This DOB is contradicted by the Access
• 1941—
o The 49th Parallel premieres @ the Bijou. Sheriff Frederick Truman is inspired to
form a volunteer watch, the Citizens Brigade, to protect the border against
infiltrating Nazis. They eventually evolve into the Bookhouse Boys, named after
their meeting place.
o Richard Jacoby is reassigned to the air base in Spokane, & returns to Twin Peaks
w/ Robert. Esther remains in Hi. w/ Lawrence, changes her name to Leilani.
o 12/08/1941—Douglas Milford enlists in the army (the day after Pearl Harbor). He
spends the war in a quartermaster’s brigade in the Army Air Corps in the Pacific.
• ~1941—
o UFOs crash in Tx. and Mo. (6 yrs. before Roswell).
o Windom Earle is born (he saw the 1951 film I Was a Communist for the F.B.I. @
age 10, although Preston does not explicitly say he saw it the yr. it was released).
• 1942—
o 1942—Albatross begins to manufacture jerky for sale (“since 1942,” per
packages, Part 12).
o The Twin Peaks Post begins publishing (per prop seen on set in the A Very Lovely
Dream documentary—note that this contradicts The Secret History stating that the
Gazette began publishing in 1922 and the name was changed to the Post in 1970).
o U.S. gov’t seizes land in Hanford, Wa., relocating 1500 people from two local
farming communities, & three Native American tribes (incl. the Nez Perce). Gov’t
builds the Hanford Ordnance Works which produces most of the weapons-grade
plutonium used in the Nagasaki atom bomb & the nuclear weapons the U.S.
stockpiles during the Cold War. Henry Hill & his wife, full-blooded Nez Pierce,
abandon their reservation “just before the Hanford nuclear site c[o]me[s] online.”
o Fairchild Air Force Base est. 15 mi. west of Spokane as a repair depot for damaged
planes from the Pacific Theater.
o Jack Parsons becomes the leader of the west coast Thelema lodge. (Crowley later
writes to him about a place in the desert near Pasadena the Tongva tribe calls the
“Hell Gate,” which they believe is a passage to the underworld. Crowley says he
has researched the Hell Gate & believes it is one of seven gateways on Earth to hell,
& encourages Parsons to “make use of it.” Parsons performs explosion tests to
attempt to open the gate, as well as enacting the Thelema ritual @ the Gate,
attempting to summon into human form the goddess Babalon, Mother of
o Winter 1942—An unidentified man is caught trying to swim the rapids beneath
Whitetail Falls. He is rescued by the sheriff’s dept. & treated for frostbite @
Calhoun Memorial.
• ~1942—
o Garland Briggs born (would be 72, per Albert, Part 9). (Note that this date
contradicts the 1/03/1938 birthdate on the trading cards, as well as The Final
Dossier saying he was 45).
o Management of the Packard Mill passes to Daisy for the duration of WWII. She
introduces innovative new technologies: mechanical barkers, skyhook cable cars &
a wigwam burner to dispose of debris.
• 1942-43—
o Shelly McCauley’s mother is born (47 @ death in 1990).
o Sarah Judith Novack born in Bellevue, Wa. to a Defense Dept. employee (Summer
1943 is said to be mos. after her birth). (Contradictorily, Jacoby’s report says she
was 44 in 1989.)
• 1943—
o Parsons uses the money he received for cofounding JPL to buy a mansion on
Orange Grove Rd. in Pasadena, “the Parsonage” (which was built by lumber baron
Arthur Fleming, an early benefactor of CalTech, using proceeds from lumber
imported from the Twin Peaks area). The Parsonage is used it to host Thelema
o Summer 1943—Sarah Novack’s father is transferred to work in a small
subcontractor role on the Manhattan Project; the family moves to a new suburb
built on the edge of the desert outside Los Alamos, NM.
• ~1943-44—Garland Briggs born (45 @ time of disappearance; note that this date
contradicts the trading cards, as well as Albert in Part 9 saying he would be 72 ~2014).
• ~1944—
o Kenneth Arnold begins flying (3 yrs. in 1947).
o Aleister Crowley dies (“just last year” in 1945; note that in reality, Crowley died in
o 2/26/1944—Leland Palmer born. Jacoby’s case notes say Leland is 45 @ Laura’s
death; this birthdate would technically make him 2 days shy of 45 @ Laura’s death,
but Jacoby could be rounding up or simply using Leland’s current age as of the date
of his report.
o 11/1944—In Guam, Sgt. Douglas Milford is brought up on charges of black market
trafficking of army property (primarily liquor & cigarettes). He avoids court-
marshal by “volunteering” into a special detachment stateside. (He later tells Briggs
that his superior officer appreciated Milford’s gift for dissembling, developed
during his time as a drifter, & rather than sending Milford to the brig, this officer
put him into intelligence work.)
• ~1944-45—Sarah Judith Novack born (44 per Jacoby’s 1989 report). (Contradictorily,
Tammy says Sarah’s family moved to NM in summer 1943, mos. after her birth.)
• Early-to-mid 1940s—
o Fred Lee Crisman works in OSS—the precursor to the CIA—as liaison to the
British Air Force (& possibly also acts as deep cover operative from WWII up
through the 1970s).
o L. Ron Hubbard is a Navy Intelligence lt., commands two anti-submarine vessels
in the Pacific Theater. He is discharged after the war for medical reasons.
• 1945—
o Douglas is now a buck pvt. @ the White Sands Missile Range in Alamogordo, NM.
o Jack Parsons leaves his wife Helen for her sister Sara Elizabeth “Betty” Northrup.
o 1/1945—Sighting of UFO over Hanford facility (two more later follow).
o 5/26/1945—Crisman flies his last combat mission, a top-secret mission in Burma.
After being shot down over Bassein, he & Capt. [redacted] ditch their plane off
Cheduba Island, & run to Rudok, through the Kesa Pass to the northern foothills of
the Korakoram. “[They] knew what [they] were searching for.” They have to fight
their way out a cave w/ submachine guns, apparently against Lemurians, leaving
both men w/ permanent scars.
o 7/16/1945 (Part 8)—
§ 5:29am (MWT). White Sands, NM. A nuclear bomb is set off in the
desert (this is the 1st successful nuclear bomb test—code name “Trinity”).
§ @ a convenience store, a mysterious group of Woodsmen appears,
walking in & out of the convenience store w/ their fists balled as time
skips strangely. They then circle stacks of cans inside the store.
§ Inside a vortex…
§ Judy floats in a smoky black void. She vomits a long trail of a clear
viscous substance, containing many small eggs, as well as an orb
containing Bob’s face. An egg separates from the stream & floats off.
§ Inside the nuclear blast, a molten amorphous golden orb floats into
§ In the Home by the Sea, Señorita Dido sits listening to the phonograph.
A machine in the rm. suddenly gives off an alarm. The Fireman enters,
looking concerned. He presses a button on the machine & the alarm
stops. He leaves the rm. & goes upstairs, entering a theater w/ a movie
screen (the theater contains 2 more machines resembling the one that
gave off the alarm). He raises his hand & the screen shows the Trinity
atom bomb detonation, then the Woodsmen wandering in front of the
convenience store, then Judy vomiting eggs. The screen freezes on the
Bob orb. The Fireman levitates as Señorita Dido enters. As a golden
glimmering stream begins emanating from the Fireman’s head, the
image on the screen changes to moving stars. The golden stream births
a golden orb containing Laura Palmer’s homecoming photo. Señorita
Dido kisses the orb, then releases it. The orb floats upward into some
sort of tube rig. The orb shoots out the other end & enters the screen,
which now contains an image of planet Earth. The orb enters the
screen, floating down toward America.
o 8/1945—L. Ron Hubbard, pursuing a career as writer in L.A., is introduced through
acquaintances to Jack Parsons’s circle (possibly through Hubbard’s own
machinations; in his “top secret” “field report,” on letterhead from Pt. Mugu, Ca.
Naval Air Station, Hubbard mentions “making contact w/ the subject of [his]
inquiry.” He later claims he was on undercover assignment from military
intelligence, but Maj. Briggs says this is bullshit).
§ Shortly thereafter, Parsons invites Hubbard to move into the Parsonage.
Hubbard records a private conversation w/ Parsons (during a Thelema
gathering on a Thurs. night), during which Parsons is worrying the jade ring
on his finger, mutters “the magician longs to see…” while looking @ his
statute of Pan, & says he’s often felt there were spirits in the wood of the
wall. W/i wks. of Hubbard’s arrival, Parsons’s girlfriend Betty leaves
Parsons for Hubbard. Hubbard relentlessly learns about Thelema & works
w/ Parsons @ Jornada del Muerto (in the NM desert) for the next 2 yrs. on
“the Working of Babalon,” a ritual that Crowley had attempted in Europe
to call forth “the Elemental” & summon forth the “messengers of the gods”
(i.e., the Zeta Reticulans/grays & the “more benign” “Nordic types” from
Sirius). Parsons tells a colleague (to whom Douglas later speaks on
condition of anonymity) that Jornada del Muerto wai a 2nd gate, & that this
ritual involves attempting to bring across “the Moonchild.”
o ~8/1945—Less than a month after the Trinity test, atomic bombs are dropped on
Hiroshima & Nagasaki, & the war w/ Japan is over. (In reality, this occurs 8/06 and
8/09/1945, respectively.)
o 12/04/1945—Jerry Horne born.
• ~1945—
o Walter & Reimar Horten develop the jet-powered flying-wing Horten Ho 229
aircraft for the Nazis (too late for the craft to see active service w/ the Luftwaffe).
(After the War, the Hortens refuse U.S. overtures, & one escapes to Argentina.)
o @ 15, Sam Lanterman, the youngest lumberjack in the history of the Packard Mill,
begins competing in lumberjack competitions.
• Mid-1940s—Right after WWII, Crisman is involved in Project Paperclip, the covert effort
to bring over key Nazi scientists to the U.S. (e.g., Wernher von Braun). Many become
involved in the U.S. rocket & space program @ White Sands Missile Range in NM.
• ~mid-to-late 1940s—Dwayne Milford’s father dies, Dwayne takes over as owner &
pharmacist @ the town pharmacy his family founded (“shortly after” WWII).
• Late 1940s—Jim Garrison works for the FBI in the Pacific Northwest.
• ~Late 1940s—(After WWII) When rationing ends & motorists start driving again, Ed
Hurley Sr. adds some gas pumps to the roadside stand & lucks into a viable business.
• 1946—
o Chicago publisher Ray Palmer’s pulp magazine Amazing Stories reaches its highest
circulation w/ “The Shaver Mystery,” Richard Sharpe Shaver’s recounting of his
Lemurian experiences. Crisman writes to the magazine advising them to “drop the
whole thing” because they are “playing with dynamite.”
o Over 200 UFO sightings over Northern Europe, then Greece, Portugal, Spain &
Italy. Also a “wave” of reports of sightings in Russia around this time.
o 3/03/1946—Sarah Judith Novack born. (Jacoby’s report contradicts this date,
saying she was 44 in 1989, & Tammy’s dossier contradicts both by placing her birth
in 1943.)
o 12/1946—U.S. Marine transport plane disappears in heavy weather over Mt.
Rainier, Wa.
• ~1946—
o Garland Briggs’ 1st contact w/ aviation (age of 8), when he flies a twin engine plane
• 1947—
o Fairchild Air Force Base turned over to Strategic Air Command. Becomes home to
B-29 Superfortress bomber & is rumored to have ICBM missile silos.
o Will Hayward attends 1st yr. of medical school @ Washington U. in St. Louis. (This
contradicts his 1929 birthdate given in the Access Guide and the trading cards,
which would make him only 18 this yr.)
• 5/19/1947—12:15pm. Manitou, Springs, Co.: Three railroad employees see UFO.
• 5/22/1947—Oklahoma City, Ok.: Businessman-pilot sees UFO (from ground). (Details
redacted. Apparently not fully analyzed @ time of 1st Project Sign meeting; notably, only
3 other entries of the 18 included are said to require further investigation: the Kenneth
Arnold sighting & the two Twin Peaks sightings.)
• 6/21/1947—@ 11am in Puget Sound Harbor, Wa., near Maury Island, marine scavenger
Harold Dahl & his son Charles observe six unidentified aircraft hovering. One appears to
be in distress; part of it explodes, raining a thin white metal & a hot black lava-like rock
which kills Dahl’s dog & grazes Charles’s arm. One of the ships touches the distressed ship
in a “jump start” maneuver & they all fly off. Dahl takes photos & collects debris, which
he turns over to his superior, Fred Lee Crisman. Crisman gives the story to Tacoma Times
police beat reporter Paul Lantz, and also calls Ray Palmer, editor of Amazing Stories. Ted
Morello, a local stringer for the United Press, also puts it on the UPI newswire where the
story gains nat’l traction.
• 6/22/1947—
o Tacoma Times publ. Lantz’s article.
o 11:30am in Greenfield, Ma.: An individual sees a UFO
• 6/24/47—Prominent Id. Businessman Kenneth Arnold, working w/ Boise fire control, flies
Mt. Rainier searching for the missing Marine plane wreckage; @ 3pm, he spots nine pie-
plate-shaped objects flying like saucers skipping across water. (An FBI report states this
occurred on 6/25).
• 6/25/1947—En route to Boise, Arnold stops in Pendleton, Or., the next morning & meets
a man from Ukiah (Ca.) who also saw the objects. The Pendleton East Oregonian publishes
his story. It soon makes nat’l & int’l news (misquoting Arnold as saying the objects were
o (Sometime thereafter, Edward R. Murrow interviews Arnold on CBS, at which
point Arnold claims to have seen the objects two subsequent times.)
• 6/28/1947—9:20pm: Maxwell Air Force Base, Al.: 3 capts. & a 1st lt. see zig-zagging star-
like light in sky.
• ~6/27-29/1947—Parsons & Hubbard conduct the Thelema ritual @ Jornada del Muerte
(the weekend before Roswell incident).
• 6/29/1947—1:30pm. Near White Sands, NM: Admin assistant in the Rocket Sonde Sect.
of NRL & two other employees as well as an employee’s wife observe a UFO.
• 7/01/1947—Bakersfield, Ca.: Civilian pilot spots UFO from ground. (Oddly, this entry is
redacted in Project Sign report, along w/ 2 of the sightings which are said to require further
• 7/05/1947—
o An alien craft crashes in Roswell, NM (apparently because radar from the military
base fouled up its systems). Douglas is now a corporal working in the Roswell, NM
base PX (cantina). (He later claims to Briggs that he was sent in undercover on
intelligence work, after the news of the disturbing UFO sightings in the area, where
the Manhattan Project was a security priority.) An hr. before dawn, a major shuts
down the cantina. Based on rumors of a crashed top-secret test craft, Douglas,
curious, sneaks off base & follows the convoy heading to the crash site, on a sheep
ranch about 35 mi. outside base. He sees the crashed craft & “things” being loaded
into ambulances & bags, and Gen. Nathan F. Twining (Commander of Air Material
Command) barking orders. Douglas is knocked out & taken to the brig.
o Veteran United Airlines pilot Emil J. Smith, flying from Boise to Seattle, observes
nine silvery disks & monitors them for ten minutes (along w/ copilot & stewardess)
(the date on Project Sign’s report of this sighting is contradictorily 7/04 @ 8:15pm).
• 7/06/1947—
o 1:45pm. Clay Center, Ks.: Air Force major spots a UFO in the air.
o An Air Force capt. sees a UFO in Fairfield-Suisun, Ca.
• 7/07/1947—
o 11:45am. Koshkonog, Wi.: CAP instructor & student see a UFO in the air.
o 2:30pm. East Troy, Wi. A CAP pilot & passenger observe UFO from the air.
(Interestingly, the Project Sign report is extremely vague as to this incident, but the
description of the ship shape is redacted.)
• 7/08/1947—
o A lieutenant interviews Douglas about what he saw. Douglas asks to speak to the
lt.’s superior officer, claiming that he has seen something like this before. A
meeting in the office of Chief of Air Force Intelligence results in a memorandum
ordering that saucer reports be investigated by more qualified observers of flying
o 3:50pm. Near Mt. Baldy, Ca., an ACCNG 1st lt. sees a UFO in the air.
• 7/09/1947—11:30am. Grand Falls, Newfoundland: Constable sees UFOs.
• 7/10/1947—4pm. Harmon Field, Newfoundland: TWA rep. & PAA see UFO.
• Early July 1947—Within days, initial reports of a “large metallic disc” and unknown
bodies @ Roswell are walked back & the official story becomes a “top secret air balloon”
crash. Internal Air Force documents show fear that the craft was a Soviet spy plane of
advanced technological nature.
• 7/12/1947—
o Douglas (now Special Agent for Continental Air Force Command) & FBI Special
Agent Frederic Nathan interview Kenneth Arnold in Boise. Determine that he
appears to be credible.
o 6:30pm. Elmendorf Field, Al.: an Air Force major sees a UFO.
• 7/14/47—Doug Milford buys a new 1947 Buick Roadmaster from Bob J. Hart’s dealership
in Seattle, Wa.
• 7/30/1947—@ Ray Palmer’s urging, Kenneth Arnold flies to Tacoma & that evening meets
w/ Fred Crisman & Harold Dahl in the Winthrop Hotel, Rm. 502. Arnold suggests that they
talk to his friend Emil Smith, as well as Douglas Milford & Special Agent Nathan.
• 7/31/1947—
o Dahl is visited by a man claiming to be from the gov’t (implied to be Douglas per
the Buick sedan) who threatens Dahl’s family unless Dahl says he made the whole
story up. Dahl’s son Charles disappears while this conversation occurs.
o Arnold picks up Smith from Seattle & flies him to Tacoma. Capt. Davidson & Lt.
Brown from Military Intelligence are notified by Douglas & Nathan and fly up from
Hamilton Field, San Francisco. The four meet w/ Crisman that night.
• 8/01/1947—
o 12:30am. After Crisman has left, Paul Lantz calls Arnold’s hotel rm. & says an
anonymous caller just told him exactly what their discussion had been about up to
the time after Crisman left. (Tamara Preston later theorizes the anonymous caller is
Crisman, based on multiple reports that he had a car phone long before they were
common.) Davidson & Brown take a corn flake box containing the metal fragments
& depart to return to Hamilton Field, where the next day a ceremony is scheduled
officially transferring the U.S. Army Air Force into its own service branch.
o ~1:30am. Davidson & Brown’s 1am B-25 flt. from McChord field catches fire after
the engine bursts into flames a half-hour after take-off. The other two people on
board (the crew chief & a sergeant on leave catching a ride home) parachute to
safety, but Davidson & Brown die in the crash near Kelso, Wa. Crisman gets a call
from Lantz detailing a second anonymous call saying that the flt. was sabotaged or
shot down, & that the Mt. Rainier Marine transport plane was also shot down.
o Early morning. Crisman goes to the Winthrop, Lantz joins them. Ted Morello calls
the hotel saying he also received an anonymous call that the flt. was shot down &
to tell Arnold & Smith that the same thing could happen to them. Crisman flees the
hotel in fear. About an hr. after Crisman leaves, the Local 61 Cooks, Waiters &
Bartenders Union goes on strike—Arnold & Smith are barricaded into the nearly
empty hotel.
o Afternoon. Arnold leaves to get the Tacoma Times (Lantz’s article on the
anonymous call is published).
o 5:30pm. Ted Morello calls—he got another call from the informant. Arnold &
Smith meet him @ KMO radio station—an informant told him Crisman was taken
into custody by US military & sent to Alaska (Smith’s contact @ McChord verifies
a flt. left for Alaska w/i the hr.). They try the address Dahl gave them—it’s been
abandoned for mos. They go to McChord (a Buick—implied to be Douglas’s—
follows them) where they meet w/ an Army Intelligence major who confiscates
their last remaining samples of the Maury Island rocks. Arnold flies Smith to
Seattle, then takes off for the 4-hr. flt. home to Boise (in his biography, he says he
needed to make it home before dark since he didn’t have a battery for his navigation
lts.—this is cutting it impossibly close if the Ted Morello call was @ 5:30). Arnold
stops in Pendleton for fuel—& upon takeoff, apparently shuts off his fuel valve (he
believes due to mind control), causing him to crash from 50 ft. in the air, damaging
his plane. (He later makes it home safely after his plane is repaired.)
• Early 8/1947—A few days after the B-25 crash, a black-suited individual (Milford?) shows
up @ Ray Palmer’s office asking about Lemurians & Maury Island. Heees the Maury
Island metal & rocks Crisman sent Palmer. The next day, Palmer’s office is burgled & the
metal/rocks are stolen.
• ~8/05/1947—Charles Dahl, 5 days after disappearing, calls Harold collect from Missoula,
Mt. Charles returns to Tacoma safely.
• 8/08/1947—Tacoma Times publ. Lantz’s article on a Puget Sound College prof.’s findings,
re: the samples of metal & rock Dahl sent to Morello shortly after the crash—rock is
common slag, but metal can’t be duplicated. Mystery ingredients are calcium (@ high
concentration which would protect from radiation) & titanium.
• Fall 1947—On a Sun., Lantz is visited @ home after church by two men in black who
angrily try to convince him to “stop.” He refuses to be intimidated & they leave.
• 9/1947—Project Sign, Air Force program dedicated to the investigation of UFOs, is
formed. Gen. Twining, one of the most decorated officers of WWII, is closely involved,
following his report on the Roswell data.
• 9/04/1947—Fighter pilot Lt. Dan Luhrman (from Fairchild Air Force Base) spots a UFO,
pursues it for 20 minutes, evasive actions taken. Retired mill worker Einer Jennings
witnesses part of this pursuit while walking his dog Rover. (Project Sign report indicates
an Air Force capt. saw the UFO @ 7:30pm.
• 9/06/1947—Gazette publ. Robert Jacoby’s article on Einer Jennings’s experience.
• 9/07/1947—Douglas Milford travels to Twin Peaks for the 1st time since leaving after the
stock market crash to convince Einer Jennings that talking about UFOs can lead to trouble.
• 9/08/1947—
o After he returns from his mysterious Alaska trip (it’s implied that he was on a brig
for “off-the-grid” questioning by military), Crisman’s Air Force reserve status is
revoked. (“A few months” after his return, Crisman writes a letter to Amazing
Stories claiming he discovered a 2nd Lemurian frozen cave during his time in
Alaska, & his associate, a soldier named Dick, was killed by a ray gun.)
o Douglas Milford checks the area where Einer Jennings had his sighting. Doug
suddenly has a mental image of the location near Owl Cave (where he had seen the
Giant). He goes to the location (feeling like he’s not in control of his actions) & has
repressed memories return (Preston later speculates Douglas had had his own close
o 2:30pm. Douglas sees a 100’ round object w/ lights take Margaret Coulson, Carl
Rodd & Alan Traherne (all 3rd grade students @ Warren G. Harding Elementary
School on a school outing/nature hike) from the clearing. (In his 1986 profile on
Margaret, Robert Jacoby, presumably mistaken about the time of day, says the
abduction occurred “[o]ne night in 1947.”) Margaret later says that when she
was seven (note that the Secret History timeline puts her just shy of 7), she went
walking in the woods, & when she got back was told she’d been missing for a
day. All she recalls is a flash of light & the call of an owl…and, upon returning,
she has the symbol tattooed on her leg. (Margaret to Coop, Episode 24)
• 9/09/1947—After an all-night search, the three children are located just before noon by
Andrew Packard’s Eagle Scout troop. The children seem to think they were only gone for
an hr. Dr. Dan Hayward checks Margaret @ Calhoun—she is fine except minor abrasions
on the elbows & knees, & “recently raised or abraded” skin on the back of her rt. knee w/
a symbol. Carl apparently has the same symbol in the same location. Margaret asks if the
owl is coming back.
• 9/12/1947—Gazette publ. Robert Jacoby’s chronicle of the children’s rescue.
• 12/09/1947—1st official meeting of Project Sign @ Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in
Dayton, Oh., 8am. Present: Gen. Hoyt Vandenberg, Gen. Nathan Twining, Gen. Charles
Cabell, Col. Howard McCoy, Col. Robert Taylor, Lt. Col. George Garrett, Maj. Aaron J.
Boggs, Maj. Douglas Milford (he’s one of the “Analysis Officers”), Maj. Dewey Fournet,
& FBI liaison Special Agent F.W. Reynolds. Lt. Col. Garrett presents a detailed breakdown
on 18 of the most credible UFO reports. Garrett’s conclusion is that the discs exist, & may
be some sort of secret domestic project given the lack of topside inquiry.
• Late 1947—Project Sign delivers “An Estimate of the Situation,” w/ working hypothesis
that UFOs are extraterrestrial. (Contradictorily, Briggs in the same sentence says this was
“a few months after” the 1st Sign meeting.)
• ~1947— After a ritual @ the Hell Gate, Parsons comes back from his desert trip to find
Marjorie Cameron waiting @ his front door. Shortly after Parsons meets Marjorie
Cameron, Hubbard cons Parsons out of his $20,000 life savings, & runs off to Miami, Fl.
w/ Betty, marrying her before divorcing his 1st wife & using Parsons’s money to buy a
yacht. Parsons, meanwhile, is accused of selling secrets to a foreign power (& ultimately
acquitted), leading JPL to terminate its relationship w/ him. He sells the Parsonage & sues
Hubbard for his money (Hubbard in turn threatens to expose that Betty was 17 when
Parsons 1st got involved w/ her). Parsons consults on a military missile program.
(According to Parsons’s anonymous colleague, Hubbard ran off w/i a yr. of meeting
Parsons; this timeline is contradictory to Parsons saying Hubbard worked w/ him for 2 yrs.,
& the date of the Roswell incident.)
• 1948—
o Pres. Harry Truman appoints James Forrestal as 1st Secretary of Defense.
o Gen. Vandenberg orders all copies of “An Estimate of the Situation” destroyed &
shuts down Project Sign, replacing it w/ Project Grudge—essentially the same
personnel, but now tasked largely w/ spreading misinformation & debunking all
sightings. @ the direction of Pres. Truman, Gen Twining sets up Majestic 12 (MJ-
12, a.k.a. the Wise Men), a small insider grp. w/ the highest security in U.S. military
history. The CIA is involved from the start, as is James Forrestal.
o Andrew takes over management of the Packard Mill.
o Pres. Harry S. Truman speaks on the steps of the Grange on the campaign trail;
afterward, millworker Boyd Truman shakes his hand. Pres. Truman also visits Owl
Cave during this stop & is made an honorary Flathead. Shortly thereafter, the
Circulars (a secretive, possibly cannibalistic, lodge in town) take control of the
Cave for the duration of Truman’s Presidency & call it Elk Cave. (Note that in some
passages, Truman is referred to as “future President”; in reality, Truman assumed
office in 1945 & was running for reelection.) (In The Secret History, Sheriff Harry
Truman’s father is Sheriff Frederick Truman, rather than being a millworker named
o 1/10/1948—Paul Lantz dies suddenly & w/o warning. Contemporary accounts cite
a “short unspecified illness” that puzzled drs.; death certificate lists meningitis.
o Spring 1948—Kenneth Arnold’s account of his Tacoma experience is published in
the debut issue of Fate, a new Ray Palmer magazine.
• ~1948—W/i 3 yrs. of his 1st lumberjack competition, Sam Lanterman holds every record.
• [~1948-49—Emory Battis born (40 yrs old according to Episode 5 script).]
• 1949—
o Hanford facility releases massive amounts of raw, irradiated uranium into the
surrounding environment. Thyroid disease & cancer rates soar in the local Native
American tribes over the next few yrs.
o A second UFO crash occurs.
o James Forrestal attempts to blow the whistle on the Wise Men, uncomfortable with
where the CIA is taking things. Shortly thereafter, he resigns as Secretary of
Defense. Soon after, although no longer in the military, he is confined to the
psychiatric ward of Bethesda Naval Hospital for “nervous exhaustion” in a “VIP
suite” on the 6th floor. 6 wks. later, his body is found, apparently having committed
suicide by jumping out a window (but w/ severe abrasions around the throat &
broken glass in the rm. suggesting a struggle).
o 10/17/1949—Hubbard speaks to Congressman Richard M. Nixon in Nixon’s
Washington office about Jack Parsons’s sanity (right around the time that Parsons’s
nat’l security clearance is up for renewal).
o 11/12/1949—Congressman Nixon writes to Gen. Twining asking him to investigate
the Jack Parsons allegations.
o 12/03/1949—Douglas Milford, posing as a left-wing journalist, meets w/ Jack
Parsons in Manhattan Beach, Pasadena. The meeting is broken up prematurely by
the arrival of Parsons’s new wife. Douglas then meets w/ a former colleague from
Parsons’s “Suicide Squad.” While Milford considers Parsons more troubled than
“evil,” he concludes that Parsons’s security clearance should not be renewed.
(Based on Milford’s recommendation, & Parsons’s membership in the American
Civil Liberties Union, his security clearance is terminated & all associations b/w
entities associated w/ the U.S. gov’t & Parsons are ended. Parsons turns to work as
a mechanic & hospital orderly, & eventually uses bootleg explosives to become a
pyrotechnic consultant on war movies.)
o Architrave Press in Tacoma publishes Redemption in Wood and Marble: The Twin
Peaks Grange by N. Mailer.
• ~1949—
o Franklin “Frank” Truman born (he is a senior when Harry is a junior).
o Edward Condon, a Manhattan Project nuclear scientist w/ high security clearance,
is a person of interest to (& extremely hostile witness before) the House Un-
American Activities Committee, starting a lifelong animosity between Condon &
Nixon. (20 yrs. earlier, as of 1969)
• Late 1940s—
o (“After the war yrs.”) Marty Lindstrom yields to popular opinion & puts up the
“RR” on the Double R’s sign. (This seems inconsistent w/ Norma’s statement in
Part 13 saying “it’s been the Double R Diner for more than 50 yrs.,” which
would be a pretty conservative count ca. 2014!)
o Unguin Air Force Base is built 15 mi. south of Twin Peaks. As of 1991, it continues
to serve as a one-strip airport for privately chartered planes, known as Old Unguin’s
o 1949 or later—Bob begins inhabiting Leland (Episode 13, Mike to Coop & co.:
When Coop asks if Bob is “near [them] now,” Mike responds, “For nearly 40
§ Bob lives next door to Leland’s grandfather’s summer home when
Leland is a boy (per Leland, Episode 9). When Leland was a boy he saw
Bob in dreams. Bob said he wanted to play. Leland: “He opened me
and I invited him and he came inside me. … When he was inside, I
didn’t know and when he was gone I couldn’t remember. He made me
do things, terrible things. He said he wanted lives, he wanted others.
Others that they could use like they used me.” (per Leland, Episode 16)
• Early 1950s—
o Andrew introduces chainsaw cutting of logs to the Mill.
o Emma Thrimble opens her roomy if drafty Lower Town home to visitors as the 5-
unit Mrs. Thrimble’s Bed & Breakfast, still operating ~1991.
o Crisman is recalled to active duty as a fighter pilot in the Korean War for 2.5 yrs.
(Cover for espionage activities in the region, incl. Japan).
• 1950s—
o Ben comes through Iceland (Episode 5: Ben tells the Icelanders he came
through their country “somewhere in the ’50s”)
o The FBI comes to Hap’s Diner (while Hap is still in charge). (Fire Walk with
o The U.S. highway system makes lumber transport by truck more economical than
railroad. The old trains are eventually relegated to the Train Graveyard, @ the end
of the old railroad spur across the Wa./Or. border.
• 1950—
o Communist China invades Tibet, seizing the entire country while leaving the
Dalai Lama (the centuries-old title for the spiritual leader) only nominally in
charge. (per Coop, Episode 2)
o Crisman writes a letter to Fate magazine denying that the Maury Island incident
was a hoax.
o L. Ron Hubbard publishes Dianetics, the founding text of his new religion,
Scientology, stealing ideas from Thelema as well as Shaver’s Lemurian stories (he
calls the underground aliens living in volcanic cave cities Thetans).
o 1/25/1950—Nadine Gertz born. (Per the trading cards and Jacoby’s 1987 Calhoun
Hospital psych evaluation. Note: This seems to contradict Nadine being a “couple
yrs.” behind Hawk & Ed in school, according to Hawk—in fact, this makes her
older than them and all of their classmates by several mos.! Perhaps she was left
back due to her psychological issues? Also contradicts her being 35 in Episode
17, per Asst. Principal Greege, and per Nadine in Episode 29; the series also
has her last name as Butler, not Gertz.) Her mother is later diagnosed manic-
depressive, & her father is an undiagnosed alcoholic. The family has some money
because her father invented an industrial flame retardant.
o 4/18/1950—Daryl Lodwick born (D.A. ID, Episode 11).
o 5/13/1950—Harry Truman born to Boyd Truman (a millworker) (Access Guide).
In The Secret History, his father is instead Sheriff Frederick Truman.
o 9/16/1950—Thomas “Tommy” Hill born to a Zuni shaman. Contradictorily, in The
Secret History Hawk says his father is Henry Hill, a 35-yr. career logger who
worked as a tree-topper (the most dangerous job in the world) for the Packard Mill,
& Preston says Hawk is full-blooded Nez Pierce).
o 9/30/1950—Norma Lindstrom born to Marty & Ilsa Lindstrom.
o 10/26/1950—Ed Hurley Jr. (Big Ed) born to Ed Hurley Sr. (This is supported by
Preston saying Big Ed is “pushing 70” ~2016.)
§ (The Hurleys have been Packard Sawmill employees for two generations—
Big Ed’s uncle lost his finger there. Big Ed’s brother Ernest also eventually
works for the mill, according to Cooper. Hawk talks about Big Ed’s brother
Billy working for the mill—unclear if Ernest & Billy are the same person.)
o ~11/22/1950—Jack Parsons testifies before Nixon @ the House Un-American
Activities Committee hearing (FBI report is dated 11/22 & was made in Cincinnati,
Oh.—unclear if this is where the testimony actually occurred). He names his former
closest colleague among other names, & explains his religious beliefs. FBI
ultimately decides not to prosecute him.
o 12/01/50—Copy of Jack Parsons’s HUAC testimony entered in FBI files in
Cincinnati & Los Angeles.
• ~1950—
o The U.S. Air Force begins Project Blue Book to investigate UFOs (“their 20
yr. investigation into UFOs,” shut down in 1970, per Albert, Part 12). (It is
possible that Albert is simply ballparking, since he never names a specific yr.,
and The Secret History places the start of Blue Book in 1952.)
o Hank Jennings born to Emil Jennings (a ne’er-do-well souse who owed everyone
money) & his wife, Double R waitress Jolene. (It is heavily implied that Hank is in
the same yr. in school as Truman, Ed, Hawk & Norma, so he is presumably born
the same yr.)
• 1951—
o 3 yrs. after its founding, Project Grudge releases its official public summation: UFO
encounters are @ best a form of mass hysteria, @ worst psychopathology &
o The film I Was a Communist for the F.B.I. is released; it is the pivotal inspiration
for Windom Earle’s law enforcement career.
• 1952—
o Will Hayward completes postgraduate work @ U. of Washington in Seattle, takes
over his father’s medical practice. (Again, this seems to contradict the 1929
birthdate for Will in the Access Guide and the trading cards, which would make
him 23 this yr.) (This also contradicts Earle, posing as Dr. Gerald Craig, telling
Donna that Will graduated med school “30 yrs. ago this month” in Episode 24,
placing Will’s med school graduation in 1959.)
o Kenneth Arnold publ. book The Coming of the Saucers, breaking his relative
silence on his experiences since his near-crash.
o A smaller grp. in the gov’t (many alleged members of Majestic 12) shut down
Grudge, replace it w/ Project Blue Book. Gen. Charles Cabell demands an end to
the lies & an answer. Douglas Milford is present @ the 1st meeting.
o 6/15/1952—Due to a perceived threat posed by Parsons (presumably an accusation
that he may sell secrets to foreign powers), Douglas Milford visits Parsons, now
living in a carriage house on the Cruikshank estate on Orange Grove Blvd. in
Pasadena & still wearing the jade ring. Parsons says he & his wife are planning a
trip to Mexico. Milford concludes that Parsons’s extensive knowledge, continued
dabbling in explosives, erratic personality & desperate financial situation make him
an espionage risk & thinks he may be planning to move to Mexico permanently.
Suggests house arrest.
o 6/17/1952—@ 5:08pm, an explosion @ Parsons’s home kills him (likely due to a
dropped coffee can containing fulminate of mercury). His boarders (an actor & a
grad student) hide hypodermic needles & later paint over a devil portrait in another
room. His mother Ruth, immediately after learning the news, overdoses on pills &
dies. Marjorie flees to Mexico. There is speculation that a bomb was planted in the
crawlspace under the floorboard, triggering a larger explosion of the chemicals
o 6/18/52—Los Angeles Times article on Parsons’s death.
• 1953—
o Gleem is set up by the Wise Men to investigate the UFO cases that seem most
promising, leaving mostly horseshit for Blue Book. One goal of Gleem/the Wise
Men is to reverse-engineer the aliens’ technology.
o Gen. Twining named chief of staff of the Air Force & chairman of the Joint Chiefs
of Staff.
o 2/1953—Andrew Packard est. the annual Twin Peaks Chess Tournament.
§ (Vladimir Nabokov is once a challenger; Anatoly Karpov sends his regrets,
but the letter is later lost.)
o 12/01/1953—During a snowstorm, the Grange burns to ashes. Later determined to
be arson. A witch hunt ensues, pitting neighbor against neighbor, but the arsonist
is never identified. (In The Secret History, Grange Hall is still standing in 1986—
Margaret flicks the lts. on & off before meetings, implying that this is the location
of the town hall meeting in the Pilot.)
• ~1953-54—
o Nadine Butler born (35 in Episode 17, per Asst. Principal Greege, and in
Episode 29 per Nadine to Ed).
o Lewis Nordine born (13 in 1967).
o Marie Schlurman born (14 in early 1968).
o Hed Steele opens Headers by Hed, specializing in repairing antler impact to autos
(open “since the Grange fire”).
• 4/19/1954—Dale Bartholomew Cooper born (he later refers to Philadelphia as the place
where he grew up; unclear if he was born there). Per a deleted scene from the Pilot, Cooper
is “from Philadelphia.”
• 1955—
o Pres. Eisenhower disappears from public view for 42 hrs. for a quail-hunting trip to
Ga. Apparently he actually goes to Holloman Air Force Base in NM & meets w/
“Nordic type” aliens who fly in. A confidential memo refers to the aliens giving
Eisenhower “the Yellow Book,” an advanced technological viewer displaying
pictures of objects in deep space. According to one “source,” Eisenhower rejects
these aliens’ offer for access to their technology in exchange for U.S. giving up
nukes. Another meeting (time & place unspecified) later occurs w/ the “grays,” who
offer their tech in exchange for access to “genetic materials.” This offer is accepted.
o Sean Ladoux sets the record @ the Packard Timber Games by sawing through a 6.5
ft. trunk in 37 minutes. He also cuts off his right toe & has it bronzed for the County
• ~1955—
o Sam Lanterman retires from lumberjack competitions (after 10 yrs.).
o Windom Earle becomes a chess grandmaster (@ 14 y.o.).
• ~mid-1950s—H.S.-aged Margaret Coulson & Robert Jacoby (who have been friends since
the 3rd grade) go on a few dates (note: This contradicts Robert Jacoby’s 1931 birthdate
given on his memorial service program. See below for further confusion regarding Robert’s
timeline). Margaret is deeply affected by Invaders from Mars & they spend hrs. discussing
what she calls “life from other places,” & what interest they might have in us. (In reality,
Invaders from Mars was released in 1953.) This is the last time Robert sees Margaret for
awhile: he misses graduation to spend the summer in Hi. w/ his mom & Lawrence.
(Confusingly, Robert says: “We [meaning his mother and brother] didn’t see each other
during the war, but once it ended I rejoined them in Honolulu for the last semester of my
senior year…” Given the timeline Robert has just recited—of Margaret’s 1947 abduction
occurring while Robert was in grade school—his visit must be quite a while after the end
of the war.) He then returns to Wa. to attend Gonzaga college for journalism, & by the time
he returns to Twin Peaks, 5 yrs. have gone by.
• 1956—
o 8/05/1956 (Part 8)—
§ A creature that resembles a cross b/w a moth & a frog (w/ a beak like
the Jumping Man’s) hatches from one of Judy’s vomited-up eggs in the
New Mexico desert.
§ A young boy walks a young girl (Sarah Novack) home. The girl finds a
penny heads up & believes it is good luck.
§ A Woodsman descends from above into the NM desert; another
§ On a road, a couple finds its car blocked by 3 Woodsmen, one of whom
repeatedly asks, “Got a light?” The horrified couple swerves around
them & drives off.
§ The girl & boy continue their walk. The girl says she thought the boy
was going w/ Mary; he says that’s over. The girl lets him kiss her
goodnight on the cheek before she goes inside her house.
§ 10:16pm (clock on radio station wall). The Woodsman walks toward
the KPJK AM radio station as the DJ plays “My Prayer” by the
Platters. The Woodsman enters & crushes the receptionist’s skull, then
clutches the DJ’s head while broadcasting a poem over & over: “This
is the water, and this is the well. Drink full and descend. The horse is
the white of the eyes, & dark within.” A car mechanic, a waitress @
Pop’s Diner, & the girl all pass out listening to the poem. The frog-moth
flies into the girl’s bedroom window. It flutters its wings & the girl
seems to open her mouth in response. The frog-moth crawls inside the
girl’s mouth & disappears within. The Woodsman finishes reciting his
poem & cracks the DJ’s skull. The Woodsman wanders back out into
the desert, a horse whinnying in the distance as he disappears into the
§ “More than a few people” report hearing strange “electrical or mechanical
word sounds” coming over their radios for about 6 minutes. Many local
residents report severe disturbances among their pets or livestock during
this period. A number of others—although only a few are named in the
subsequent reporting—claim that members of their families black out when
they hear these transmissions. One of these people is Sarah—her parents
find her unconscious & unresponsive in her upstairs bedroom—& a second
affected person lives in Sarah’s neighborhood. When the sounds stop & the
station returns to dead air, all of these people immediately regain
consciousness w/ no memory of the event. Sarah comes to in the backseat
as her parents rush her to the hospital. The police, unable to raise anyone @
the station, head over. Emergency rm. drs. are unable to find anything
wrong w/ Sarah or the “close to a dozen” others brought in. Over the next
few days, ½ a dozen sightings of strange solitary figures are reported in the
area that nt. on the rd.
o 9/02/1956—Li Chun Fung (“Upright Autumn Bird”; later known as Josie Packard)
born in Guangzhou province. Her father is a high-ranking “Red Pole” enforcer in
the Siu-wong triad; her mother a legendarily beautiful prostitute known as the
“Lace Butterfly” who dies shortly after Li’s birth from a heroin overdose. During
Li’s childhood, her father rises to become “Deputy Mountain Master,” or 2nd in
command, for the largest triad in the region. Her father trains her in criminality.
o 9/13/1956—Albert Rosenfield born.
• ~1947-~1957—Four children go missing in the Arroyo Seco in the decade after Parsons
performs his rituals. Two are murdered by a construction worker who helped build a nearby
freeway; he claims voices told him to do it & later takes his own life in prison [note: this
refers to the real-world disappearances of Donald Lee Baker & Brenda Jo Howell on
8/06/1956, likely murdered by Mack Ray Edwards per his confession; the timing with the
Woodsman’s 8/05/1956 radio broadcast is likely not a coincidence]. The other two children
simply disappear.
• ~1957—
o The Renaults come into ownership of the Roadhouse (57 yrs., Jean-Michel
Renault on the phone, Part 7).
o Earle is admitted to the U. of Penn. (@ age 16).
• 1958—
o Pete marries Catherine, after he (as Lumberjack of the Year) chooses her for his
dance partner @ the Lumberjack Days square dance. (Note: This seems
inconsistent w/ the 1959 date on Pete’s H.S. yearbook in Episode 7.) In Episode
7, Catherine refers to their relationship beginning as “a summer’s
indiscretion” when Pete was a lumberjack who could scamper up a tree like a
§ (Catherine begins an affair w/ Ben “only a few yrs. in” to the marriage
according to Briggs; Briggs also says Ben was married w/ children @ the
o Margaret, Carl, & Alan Traherne graduate Twin Peaks H.S. Margaret studies
forestry @ Wa. State & hopes to work for the U.S. Forest Service. Carl joins the
Coast Guard & eventually achieves the rank of boatswain’s mate. Alan attends 2
yrs. of community college in Spokane.
o Tuesday. Vice Pres. Nixon tells Douglas Milford even Pres. Eisenhower may not
know what the “Wise Men” are up to. Although they were started by a Mason (Pres.
Truman), they now follow “the other path” (likely Illuminati). Douglas is trying to
research the 1955 Holloman incident & track down video, per Nixon’s tip.
o A third UFO crash occurs, w/ a survivor, who is eventually held @ Homestead Air
Force Base in Fl.
• ~1955-58—(depending which birthdate is being used) Sarah gets her 1st period (when she
was 12).
• 1959—
o Following a Tibetan uprising against the Chinese, the Dalai Lama is forced to
flee to India for his life. He has lived in exile ever since (as of 1989). (Episode
o Pete is in high school (1959 Logroller yearbook seen, Episode 7).
o Elks’ Club Fire; the last time Twin Peaks has this much action in one night
until 3/02/1989 (Will in Episode 8).
o 3/1959—William Hayward graduates medical school (this date assumes Earle
did his homework—Windom Earle while posing as “Dr. Gerald Craig” to
Donna, Episode 24—“30 yrs. ago this month”)
• ~1959—
o Earle graduates college (@ 18).
• Early 1960s—Margaret & Robert Jacoby have coffee @ the Double R. Margaret convinces
Robert that the greatest danger facing Earth is not nuclear war, but man’s threat to our own
environment. Margaret turns down the Forest Service, who only offer women secretarial
work,. She restores an old Ford, & works in the town library while raising money for the
Sierra Club.
• ~Early 1960s—Earle gets his master’s in criminal justice, then applies & is accepted to the
FBI. He completes training w/ historically high marks.
• 1960—
o Daisy Packard dies.
o 2/27/1960—Andrew Brennan born.
o 3/23/1960—Richard “Dick” Tremayne born. He was delivered by Will Hayward
(Will, Episode 21).
• ~1960—Alan Traherne moves to Los Angeles, where he works as a sound tech on movies
& TV for many yrs. (after 2 yrs. of community college).
• 1961—DC Comics honors Ray Palmer by naming the Atom’s alter ego after him.
• ~1961—
o Lasers are invented (15 yrs. after Shaver described similar weapons used by the
o Ben Horne & Sylvia (maiden name unknown) marry (“30-yr. union” as of their
• ~1961-62—Johnny Horne born (27 in Episode 1, per Audrey & per Jacoby).
(Contradictorily, The Final Dossier says Johnny is “now” in his early 40s, as of 9/06/2017,
placing his birth in the mid-’70s, which is clearly inconsistent with his stated age and his
appearance on the original series.)
• 1962—
o Dwayne 1st runs for mayor. He runs unopposed; Dougie writes an editorial
coming out against him (Will, Episode 17). (Dougie writing the editorial is clearly
inconsistent w/ the timeline in The Secret History, but the book does confirm that
Dwayne began serving as mayor in 1962.
o Kenneth Arnold runs unsuccessfully for lt. gov. of Id.
o The Northwest Pacific spur ceases passenger operations out of Seattle.
o Horace “the Dutchman” Vandersant dies; the Dutchman’s Lodge is shut down not
long after.
o 5/27/1962--Lucy Moran born.
o 9/02/1962—Josie’s fake birthday once she marries Andrew Packard & moves to
Twin Peaks. (Oddly, Cooper says their marriage license says she was 19 when they
married in 1983, but then later correctly states that she claimed to be 21 @ the
• 1960-63—Crisman flies back & forth from Tacoma to New Orleans to Dallas 84 times in
3 yrs. (while undercover throughout the 1950s & 1960s as teacher, school administrator,
freelance writer, political speechwriter, &, for 2 yrs. in the early 1960s, Boeing employee—
& also hosting a right-wing radio show in Puyallup, Wa. as “Jon Gold”).
• ~1962-63—
o Josh, Rick & Tim born (all 22 in 10/1985, per Laura). (Donna in Episode 12 says
they were “about 20.”)
o Leo Abel Johnson born (Shelly is 21 a yr. after Leo’s death; Leo is 6 yrs. Shelly’s
senior). (This contradicts his birthday given on the trading cards.)
o William Hayward and Eileen (maiden name unknown) marry (they were together
for 26 yrs. as of divorce in 1989).
• 1963—
o Early 11/1963—Ray Palmer writes editorial tying Crisman to the assassination of
South Vietnam pres. Ngo Dinh Diem 3 wks. before the JFK assassination.
o 11/22/1963—Pres. John F. Kennedy assassinated. Following the death of JFK (who
took strong interest in the UFO phenomenon), Project Blue Book turns back toward
the “debunking” mission of Project Grudge.
• ~1963-64—Lana Budding’s actual birth date (Briggs says she claimed to be 19, but a “later,
more diligent vetting of her available records put the actual number six integers north of
• Early-to-mid 1960s—Carl Rodd serves on patrol boat under heavy combat during early
yrs. of Vietnam War.
• Pre-1964—The Double R Diner becomes known by its current name (“it’s been the
Double R Diner for more than 50 yrs.,” Norma in Part 13).
• 1964—
o Emil Jennings (son of Einer, father of Hank) passes out drunk in the steel tub of his
basement beer-brewing apparatus; dies.
o Carl Rodd reported missing while on duty off the Alaskan coast during an
Anchorage earthquake & tsunami. He is rescued by Aleuts, with whom he lives for
5 mos. as he recovers. He adopts their deist/animist form of shamanism & marries
an Aleut woman.
• ~1964-65—Josh, Rick & Tim born (“about 20” when Donna was 13/14, per Donna,
Episode 12). (This estimate contradicts Laura saying the boys were 22 in The Secret
• 1965—
o The FBI loans Windom Earle out to the Air Force for a 2-yr. hitch. He works
on Project Blue Book. (Cole to Coop, Episode 25)
§ Preston later elaborates that this was Earle’s 1st field assignment (she places
it more generally in the “mid-sixties”), & says he acted as “a liaison &
security officer b/w the Bureau & Blue Book.”
o Carl’s wife & baby die in childbirth. Carl leaves the Aleuts & travels the trackless
wilds of the Yukon, British Columbia & the Northwest Territories. He eventually
settles in Yellowknife (Canada), acting as a tracker for hunting expeditions &
singing his own folk compositions in local cafes. He also does occasional stunt
work for films shooting in the area.
• ~1965—
o Ed & Norma start dating (were together 4 yrs. before Norma “ran off” w/
Hank—Ed to Coop, Episode 8).
o Briggs begins his military career (20 yrs. in the service in 1985).
o The Twin Peaks movie theater (formerly the Opera House) closes (40 yrs. after
• ~ Mid-to-late 1960s—(Nadine is a “couple years” behind Ed & Hawk in school, according
to Hawk) When Nadine Gertz is in 7th grade, her family moves from Id. to Twin Peaks.
• 1966—
o Douglas Milford promoted to Lt. Col.
o Dozens of unexplained high-profile UFO sightings. Congress commissions
physicist Edward Condon @ U. of Co. to convene Condon Committee & determine
if further gov’t investigation of the phenomenon is warranted.
o Gleem is renamed Aquarius.
o Leland graduates summa cum laude from U. of Wa. (presumably law school: the
Law Review is mentioned in the same sentence, although Leland’s age indicates
college) (per Jacoby’s case notes).
o Nadine is a Twin Peaks H.S. cheerleader. (This contradicts Nadine being a “couple
yrs.” behind Ed & Hawk in school, per Hawk, although is more consistent w/
Nadine’s b’day stated on the trading cards and in The Secret History.)
• ~1965-67—@ some point during Earle’s hitch w/ Blue Book, he crosses paths w/ Doug
Milford. Also @ some point during this 2 yrs., the Project’s attention turns from outer
space to the woods around Twin Peaks; Earle becomes obsessive & ultimately violent,
and is removed from the Project. (Garland to Coop after perusing the Blue Book files
on Earle, Episode 27) At some point, a video is recorded of Earle trying to tell someone
about evil sorcerers called dugpas, & their ardent devotion to darkness & evil which
allows them to access a place of power, the Black Lodge, which furthers evil’s power.
(Episode 27)
• 1967—
o New Orleans D.A. Jim Garrison arrests local businessman Clay Shaw for allegedly
conspiring in the JFK assassination. Crisman (w/ whom Shaw allegedly served in
the OSS in WWII) is apparently Shaw’s 1st phone call. Crisman is subpoenaed. No
charges are brought against Crisman, & Shaw is acquitted.
o The Dutchman’s Lodge is demolished.
o 12/24/1967—Philadelphia, Pa. Dale Cooper’s dad has the family walk around the
spruce tree in the front yard because the churches have stolen Christmas.
o 12/25/1967—
§ Cooper is given a Norelco B2000 reel-to-reel tape recorder by his parents.
His dad then reads a page from The Grapes of Wrath & Christmas is over.
§ @ 2pm, Cooper ventures out of the house to interview Lewis Nordine;
Lewis’s brother Jim shoots @ him w/ a BB gun.
• (As an adult, Lewis joins the USAF.)
§ @9pm, Cooper resolves to get a battery pack
o 12/26/1967—
§ 3pm. Cooper gets 3 batteries from Simms’ (sic) Hardware so he can operate
the recorder w/o an extension cord.
§ @ 10pm, Cooper decides he must have a plan for his life now that he has
the recorder, but doesn’t know what it will be.
o 12/27/1967—3am. Cooper has an asthma attack, closes his eyes & pretends to be
dead while his mother rubs VapoRub on his chest. His mother tells him a dream
she had about being alone in a field when thousands of birds filled the sky &
blocked out all light.
• ~1967-68—Leland Palmer marries Sarah Novack (21 yrs., per Jacoby’s report).
• 1968—
o Gordon Cole & Phillip Jeffries graduate Quantico as the top two agents in their
o Jerry Horne graduates Gonzaga undergrad (“class of ’68”).
§ Tammy contradictorily says Jerry drove cross-country in his Airstream
traveler to attend Woodstock “as a college student” (& appears briefly in
the Oscar-winning documentary!). In reality, Woodstock was held in
August 1969, meaning Jerry would have been out of college.
• 1/01/1968—
o 10am. Cooper takes the case of the theft of his best friend Bradley Schlurman’s
new Stingray bike by the 24th St. Gang.
o @ 1pm, Cooper follows two members of the gang w/ the recorder buried under
potatoes in his backpack. The gang members steal the recorder.
• 1/03/1968—8pm. Cooper gets his recorder back. It was recovered by police when the gang
tried to steal a car outside the Band Box Theater.
• 1/10/1968—7pm. Cooper writes to Efrem Zimbalist for advice on pursuing an FBI career
(having eliminated other inspiration sources Hawaii Five-O and The Wild Wild West.
• 1/12/1968—
o 7am. Cooper notes that only asparagus seems to make his urine smell different. His
mother is very quiet & may have had another bird dream.
o @ 1pm, Cooper says his Quaker school is giving sanctuary to a draft dodger.
Cooper is conflicted because the law is supposed to always be right.
• 1/14/1968—
o 7:30pm. Cooper sees Bradley’s sister Marie dancing in her bedroom; she smiles @
him. He feels strange & frightened.
o @ 8:15pm, Cooper follows the 24th Street Gang to an alley near Fairmount Park
where they set a trash can on fire & dance around it.
• 1/20/1968—4pm. Cooper reaches the final conclusion in his urine study. Only fishsticks
& potatoes w/ chili from Duva’s Café give some smell. Asparagus as prepared by his
mother is like no other food.
• 1/24/1968—5pm. Cooper recounts that the FBI arrested the draft dodger.
• 1/29/1968—Cooper watches Marie dance through the window; she takes off her shirt
exposing her bra. Cooper gets his 1st erection.
• 1/30/1968—9:30pm. Cooper looks up “testosterone” in the school library.
• 1/31/1968—
o 7:05pm. Cooper takes a pledge to become a full Tenderfoot, becoming a member
of the Boy Scouts of America.
o 8pm. Cooper plans to become a full Eagle Scout w/i 2 yrs.
• 2/08/1968—[9:05pm] Marie’s new baby brother is brought home; all the neighborhood
kids line up to meet him. Marie takes Cooper to her room, asks what he knows about
• 2/16/1968—5pm. Tom Johnson’s brother Will was killed in Vietnam. Cooper finds Tom
@ Fairmount Park w/ his hand bloody from hitting a rock. Tom runs off swinging a stick
@ bushes like they did as kids when they were “killing Japs.”
• 2/23/1968—Tom Johnson gets a letter from his brother containing a still-green exotic leaf
that looks like a map.
• 2/24/1968—2:30pm. Efrem Zimbalist sends Cooper a photo autographed, “To Dale, Good
luck.” Cooper charges a dime a head to see it until his dad says Mr. Zimbalist would be
disappointed in him.
• 2/25/1968—1pm. Cooper attends William Johnson’s funeral.
• 3/02/1968—2pm. Cooper gets his 1st merit badge, for knot tying. (Marie let him practice
on her in her room.)
• 3/08/1968—[10pm] Morning. Cooper’s grandmother, who was visiting them this wk., has
a stroke in the kitchen & dies while making cherry pie. This is the 1st dead body Cooper
has seen. He’s not afraid.
3/20/1968—1:30am. Cooper sees Mr. Botnick (who lives across the st.) come running out
of his house naked yelling that “they” are climbing all over him.
• 3/30/1968—7pm. Cooper finishes The Hound of the Baskervilles & resolves to do good by
imitating Sherlock Holmes.
• 4/02/1968—
o 8am. Cooper resolves to solve his 1st case: learn what goes on in girls’ health class
in Rm. 11.
o @8:25am, he enters the air vent in the janitor’s closet & proceeds over Mr.
Barstow’s history class.
o @ 8:30am, he successfully observes & records Mrs. Winslow’s sex ed class. Mr.
Brumley, the janitor, catches him exiting the vent in the closet. Cooper runs.
• 4/03/1968—[5:30pm] Cooper is called into the headmaster’s office. He surrenders the tape,
& the recorder is banned from school for the rest of the yr.
• 4/04/1968—[8pm] Martin Luther King Jr. is assassinated in Memphis, Tn. Cooper is in the
car w/ his father when the news breaks. Cooper hears his father say “shit” for the 1st time.
They return home & watch reports of riots.
• 4/19/1968—4pm. Cooper’s parents give him a Timex for his 14th b’day (he submerges it
for 15 minutes & it still works). Cooper’s mother tells him his brother Emmet went to
Canada to be a lumberjack & won’t be back until all the trees are gone (Cooper believes
this is because Emmet’s draft # is 3).
• 4/20/1968—[9pm] Cooper IDs all local poisonous plants & becomes 2nd class Scout,
performs Heimlich maneuver on scoutmaster Tooley when he chokes on a dandelion
during “eating in the wilds” demonstration.
• 4/25/1968—Leo Johnson born. (This does not gel w/ the timeline in The Final Dossier,
which says Shelly was 21 a yr. after Leo’s death & that Leo is 6 yrs. Shelly’s senior—
placing Leo’s birth closer to ~1962-63.)
• 5/02/1968—10pm. Marie tells Cooper she can’t talk to him until he’s older. He follows her
& sees her kissing Daren Seedler outside Duva’s Café.
• 5/12/1968—[7:30pm] Cooper invites Marie to a party; she doesn’t want to come. Her
shades are always closed. Cooper feels stupid talking into a machine.
• 6/06/1968—
o 3:30am. Cooper’s father wakes him to say Bobby Kennedy was shot in Los
Angeles. His father sits up watching the news. Marie’s lights are on (she had been
wearing a Kennedy button every day).
o @5am, Bobby Kennedy dies. Cooper’s father goes to the print shop. Cooper sees
Marie stand naked by window in darkness for a minute.
• 6/08/1968—[9pm] The train carrying Bobby Kennedy comes through Philadelphia. After
it passes, Marie takes Dale by the hand, walks him to a corner, & French kisses him, then
runs away in tears.
• 6/14/1968—[4pm] Bradley is sent to camp in Me. to learn French. Marie & her parents
depart on a tour of U.S. nat’l parks (Cooper hasn’t spoken to her since the kiss—he called
her house once, but her mother answered & he hung up).
• 6/20/1968—1pm. Cooper decides to become an FBI agent, writes to J. Edgar Hoover.
• 6/22/1968—Madeleine Ferguson born to Beth. This is consistent with her being 16 in
7/1984 in The Secret Diary. [This is also consistent w/ the script for Episode 3 saying she
is 20. However, in the Episode 4 script, Maddy tells James Laura was a month older than
• 7/03/1968—[8pm] Cooper receives a reply from Hoover inviting him to tour the Bureau.
• 7/15/1968—Cooper & his father catch the 10:20am express train to Washington, D.C.
Cooper gets a photo w/ Hoover, tours the FBI bldg., fires on the gun range (despite his lack
of previous experience, he is soon already giving shooting tips to a special agent). @ 7pm,
on the train home. His father is very quiet, & tells him a story about France in WWII when
he & a grp. of soldiers killed a farmer whom the locals told them was a German
collaborator. He says he’s proud of Cooper, but Cooper needs to make up his own mind
about things in the world. They’re home @ 11:30pm.
• 8/10/1968—6pm. Marie is home. She paints yellow flowers on her face. When she hears
about Cooper’s meeting w/ Hoover, she calls him an establishment pig & says he’ll never
reach nirvana.
• 9/01/1968—3pm. @ Simms’ Hardware, a colored bird flies in. It flees onto Cooper’s head
& Mr. Simms smacks Cooper in the face w/ a broom. The bird flies into an air duct & is
chopped up by a fan. Cooper does not like birds.
• 9/09/1968—[8pm] Cooper starts 9th grade, joins stage crew.
• 9/20/1968—6pm—Cooper finds an earring, sandals, & other objects while walking home
though Fairmount Park; he invents an explanation.
• 9/28/1968—Uncle Al (Cooper’s father’s irresponsible magician brother) visits—they
haven’t seen him since they caught his magic show during a trip to the Poconos. He teaches
Cooper to count cards, then takes him to a “men’s social club,” where they are soon asked
to leave. Al flees that night, allegedly to sell Bibles in Fl.
• 9/30/1968—11pm. Cooper recounts the weekend w/ Uncle Al.
• 10/06/1968—10:30pm. Cooper sees a boy named Howard sneak into Marie’s while her
parents are @ Mr. Steak.
• 10/07/1968—[7pm] Marie tries to kill herself by overdosing on pills @ school; she is taken
to the hospital.
• 10/10/1968—9pm. Cooper claims to be Marie’s brother to visit her in the hospital. She
offers sexual favors if he’ll help her escape, then bites his arm & demands drugs when he
• 11/1968—The Twin Peaks H.S. Steeplejacks go undefeated (w/ one tie) & are named
Champions of the Northwest Nine Conference & State Champs.
o Team members include:
§ QB: Harry Truman (#10)
§ Halfback: Tommy “Hawk” Hill (#74)
§ Wide receiver: Big Ed Hurley (#60)
§ “The Lonesome End” (caption on photo)/“the Lonesome Halfback” (in
description of Game 3): Hank Jennings (#81)
§ Defensive Back: Thadilonius “Toad” Barker (#12)
§ Coach: Bobo Hobson
o The 10th & final game of the season is played against the Kettle Falls Cougars. After
they are tied @ 3-3 for most of the game, Truman puts together a drive that puts
them on the 4-yd. line. Hawk, who was hit in the head, misquotes Hamlet; Truman
thinks Hawk is being deep, & is inspired to throw Hawk the ball. Hawk panics &
runs the wrong way. On the Steeplejacks’ 5-yd. line, Hawk turns around. The
Cougars, so strung out from chasing Hawk up & down the field, cannot catch him
& he scores a touchdown, winning the game at 9-3. (See below for a different
account of this season in Robert Jacoby’s Oh, What a Tangled Web…, Robert
Jacoby’s 11/14/68 Gazette article, and Cooper’s “The Andrew Packard Case.”)
• 11/02/1968—9:30pm. Cooper gets a letter from Marie, who is in a clinic. She has
befriended a poet/professor who jumped off a bridge last yr. Marie has shaved her head.
• 11/06/1968—1am. Richard Milhous Nixon is elected President. Cooper is not sure what
this means.
• 11/09/1968—12:25pm. In Twin Peaks, a head-on crash of 2 go-carts on Trail 6F near
Parker Rd. leaves 1 dead & 2 critically injured. (“Saturday night” as of Thurs., 11/14—
which seems @ odds w/ the 12:25pm report time stated in the same article.)
• ~11/13/1968—(The article, publ. 11/14, does not state how long ago the game was.) The
Twin Peaks Lumberjacks H.S. football team, having gone undefeated in the regular season
for the 1st time, loses the Wa. State Championship game 9-6 to the Kettle Falls Cougars
when Hank fumbles the ball @ the 1-yd. line.
o Starting roster:
§ Team Captain: Frank Truman
§ QB: Harry Truman
§ Tight End: Ed Hurley
§ Runningback: Tommy “Hawk” Hill
§ Fullback: Hank Jennings
§ Offensive Lineman: Thad “Toad” Barker
§ Placekicker, Punter & Return Specialist: Jerry Horne (according to R.
Jacoby, all of the players are Bookhouse Boys, implying that Jerry was @
one point a Bookhouse Boy!)
§ Coach: Bobo Hobson
§ Student Mgr.: Ben Horne
§ Number One Booster: Pete Martell
o Jean Renault (eldest son of Jean Jacques Renault) bet on underdog Kettle Falls &
fixed the game (a few yrs. later, the truth comes out when Jean tells people over
poker @ One Eyed Jack’s, explaining that he did it “Because I can”). Frank Truman
seems to suspect foul play right away, saying it was “almost a crime what happened
out there,” but everyone else accepts the fumble as an accident. It is believed by
some @ the time that this will be Bobo Hobson’s final yr. coaching. (The Access
Guide tells a different version of this season; see above.)
• 11/14/68—Gazette publ. Robert Jacoby’s article “From the Jaws of Victory” about the
Lumberjacks’ loss (as well as an article about the go-cart crash).
• 11/28/1968—6pm. Cooper’s father invites a Native American he met on the bus, Michael
Bishop Tree, to Thanksgiving dinner. Tree doesn’t say a word but chuckles periodically.
• 12/18/1968—[7am] Cooper is up all night w/ asthma. He dreams about a man he’s never
seen (implied to be Bob) trying to break into his room, calling Cooper’s name & saying he
wants him. Cooper’s mother says she knows about “him” & Cooper must never let him in
his room.
• Late 1968/early 1969—(“After Christmas.”) Hank Jennings is driving a brand-new tricked-
out pickup (which he claims he bought w/ saved earnings from cooking short-order @ the
Double R over the holidays).
• ~1968-69—
o Hank briefly dates Norma (during junior yr.).
o Shelly McCauley born (she is 21 1 yr. after Leo Johnson’s 1989 death) to a Twin
Peaks couple (Preston describes Shelly’s parents’ union as a “local marriage”).
§ (This date contradicts her birthday given on the trading cards.)
§ (Per Preston, Shelly married Leo her junior yr. & was w/ him nearly 2 yrs.
before his death in 1989. Based on typical American grade attendance ages,
this would place her birth presumably closer to ~1970-71, but it is possible
that she had to repeat a grade or two.)
§ Shelly’s parents’ marriage eventually ends in divorce due to alcoholism &
spousal abuse. Her father flees the st. & disappears.
• 1969—
o Ben writes Eileen love letters. (Ben says she’s had them for 20 yrs., Episode
o Gordon Cole begins suffering hearing loss. (Cole to Shelly, Episode 25: for 20
yrs. he’s been asking people to speak up)
o Bill Raum starts @ the FBI (10 yrs. in 1979).
o The Guess Who play the Opera House. They cause a tumult; rock concerts are
thereafter banned in Twin Peaks unless performers sign an assurance to behave
o Norma is Miss Twin Peaks. (Note: If 1989 is the 20th annual ceremony, per the
flyer in Episode 24, then the first MTP ceremony would be in 1970, not 1969,
unless a yr. was skipped somewhere.)
o Preston (likely with a great degree of conjecture) claims that Jerry has been
perpetually high since this approx. yr.
• ~1969—
o The Bookhouse Boys begin getting together @ the Bookhouse (“going on 20
yrs. now,” Harry to Coop, Episode 3). (Given the info in The Secret History
about Frederick Truman founding the grp. ~1941, it is possible Harry is
referring only to the current iteration of the grp. He does say in the preceding
scene that “we” have “always” been here to fight the evil in the woods—“men
before us, men before them”).
o Chris Roe born (8 in early 1978).
• Early-to-mid 1969—(A few mos. after Hank starts driving his new truck.) Harry confronts
Hank about his “fumble” & a vicious fight ensues @ the Bookhouse; Ed & Frank have to
stop Harry from killing Hank. Harry & Hank are no longer friends (& Hank is presumably
thrown out of the Bookhouse Boys @ this point).
• 1/1969—The Air Force rushes the Condon Committee report (concluding that gov’t
research into UFOs should be discontinued) into publication for the public before Nixon
takes office.
• 1/19/1969—Cooper has been sick for a month; the infection spread through his lungs. He
has had the dream of “the Man” several more times but didn’t let him in the door. Marie
visits him in a cheerleader uniform, says Jesus is now her personal savior, & that her poet
friend hung himself.
• 1/20/1969—8pm. Cooper recounts Marie’s visit.
• 2/10/1969—3pm. On the corner of Chelton & Greene, Cooper sees a crime scene w/ a dead
man (in a green jacket) who was stabbed in the neck. [8pm] Cooper throws up, then informs
police he recognizes the man as a card player from the social club Uncle Al took him to.
• 2/14/1969—4pm. Cooper gets a Valentine: a drawing of Marie in a cheerleader uniform
holding baby Jesus.
• 2/24/1969—Nixon holds a secure briefing in the Oval Office w/ Col. Milford (the 1st time
Milford meets Nixon in person) & Dr. J. Allen Hynek (astronomer & physics prof. @ Ohio
State; longtime scientific consultant of Projects Sign, Grudge & Blue Book). Nixon
dismisses Hynek & speaks privately to Milford, saying that Blue Book will be shut down
because of Condon, but once Nixon carves out some operating room, he’ll contact Milford
to start a private interagency task force (leaving the CIA out) to find out what the “Skull &
Bones” Wise Men have been hiding. (Oddly, Milford’s “official” journal account of this
meeting is on Task Force MJ-12 letterhead!) Project Blue Book disbands in 1969.
(Garland to Cooper, Episode 20) (Albert contradicts this in Part 12, saying it was shut
down in 1970). Nixon later learns and tells Douglas that the Wise Men shut down Blue
Book because they have already made contact w/ the aliens.
• 2/28/1969—7am. Cooper is frequently waking up w/ erections. He finds he can suppress
them by thinking of Disneyland.
• 3/11/1969—4pm. Cooper meets a new girl @ school, Anne Sweeny, who has just moved
from Mn. He is smitten. Soon thereafter, Anne begins dating a 10th grade peacenik field
hockey goaltender, Nancy Nordstrom. Cooper starts wearing a Nixon button.
• 4/1969—
o “One bad weekend,” Norma runs off with Hank, but doesn’t sleep with him
(note on dating: in 3/1989 Hank & Norma have been together 20 yrs. “next
month,” per Hank to Norma, Episode 7; Hank again reiterates the 20 yrs. to
Norma in Episode 22). Ed & Nadine drive all night, & end up in a little town
in Mt. out past Great Falls. “Half joking, half drunk, half crazy,” Ed marries
Nadine. Ed & Nadine honeymoon in Ed’s dad’s old cabin in Eagle Pass. Ed is
already hoping for a divorce/annulment, but Nadine is happy. They go
hunting; a piece of Ed’s buckshot skips off a rock & takes out Nadine’s eye.
(Ed to Coop, Episode 8)
o Norma begins working @ the Double R (20 yrs. “this April,” Episode 14)
• 4/17/1969—Norma sends her parents a postcard from her honeymoon w/ Hank in
Hollywood (per the postal stamp; this contradicts Hawk’s account of the timeline which
would place this postcard in 1970 or 1971; see below. The moon landing stamp is also
anachronistic to this date This dating also contradicts the chronology Ed relates to
Cooper in Episode 8, which places Hank & Norma’s marriage ~6/1969).
• 4/19/1969—5pm. Dale, now 15, is distraught over Anne. He pontificates on the signs of
heart attack.
• 5/12/1969—7 pm. Mother’s Day. Cooper’s mom is worried about him. He formulates plans
to get better. (In reality, Mother’s Day 1969 was 5/11. It is possible Cooper simply recorded
this entry on 5/12 and was referring to the prior day.)
• 5/20/1969—9pm. Cooper blows up Nancy Nordstrom’s mailbox, feels better, is ready for
the long climb to Eagle Scout & responsible citizen.
• ~6/1969—“A couple mos.” after Ed married Nadine, Norma marries Hank. (Ed to
Coop, Episode 8)
• 6/10/1969—6pm. Anne is moving back to the Great Plains, where her father bought a feed
store. Cooper sees her for the last time in a bookstore.
• 6/30/1969—George, a pressman @ Cooper’s dad’s shop, gets his hand caught in the press.
It’s chopped off & flattened. Cooper applies pressure to the arterial bleeding & retrieves
the hand. @7pm, Cooper still feels like he’s injected w/ electricity from the experience.
• Summer 1969—Hank begins making runs across the border for Jean Renault.
• 7/08/1969—Jacoby is @ the Kahala Hilton. Drink umbrella: “Men on the moon.”
(Unclear what this refers to; in the real world, Apollo 11 took off 7/16 and landed
7/20. Note that when James reads it out loud, he only says “July 1969,” presumably
to avoid bringing attention to a prop error.) (Episode 7)
• 7/16/1969—
o 10:50am. Cooper watches Apollo 11 take off.
o @1pm, Marie comes over to tell Cooper she expects they’ll meet God on the moon
& he’ll tell them to go back where they belong.
• 7/20/1969—
o 3:08pm. Bradley Schlurman & his parents come to watch the moon landing w/ the
Coopers. Marie to join later.
o @4:17pm, the Eagle has landed.
o @ 10:56pm, Neil Armstrong & Buzz Aldrin become 1st men on the moon. Marie
(presumably) says, “God will not forgive us.” Shortly thereafter, Marie brings
Cooper & a bean bag chair into the backyard, & holds Cooper’s hand for 2 hrs.
while she prays.
• 7/21/1969—
o Bradley & his folks leave @1am; Cooper recounts the bewildering experience to
his recorder @ 2am.
o [1pm] Cooper leaves for a scout jamboree.
o @5pm, he arrives.
o [11pm] “Nazi” troop from Pittsburgh attacks Cooper’s troop’s camp shortly after
sunset; 1 member of Coop’s troop is hospitalized.
• 7/25/1969—3pm. Cooper shoots a crow. He at 1st feels exhilarated, then feels alone.
• 7/29/1969—Cooper (impliedly) poisons the “Nazis,” causing them to vomit all night.
• 7/30/1969—
o 8am. Cooper forgoes the bus ride home, decides to travel 176 mi. overland on his
o @10am, he has traveled 6 mi. on foot.
o @noon, it’s raining.
o @2:30pm, he stops @ the Post & Beam restaurant on Rt. 487. He has cherry pie,
& his first ever two cups of coffee.
o @4pm, he gets a ride from a pill-taking early-20s couple, Star & April, on their
way to chain themselves to the Pentagon, in a VW bus.
o @6pm, April kisses Cooper & they let him drive for the 1st time in his life while
Star & April make love.
o @11pm, they make camp in a tepee. April runs off naked to chase fireflies, Cooper
drinks 3 cups of raspberry brandy & gets sick, cries.
• 7/31/1969—
o 9am. Cooper parts ways w/ Star & April. April gives him a tiny pyramid to increase
the electric field while making love, & kisses him goodbye.
o @3pm, he interviews Allen K. Boyle, a purveyor of men’s hairpieces, who picks
him up outside Bloomsburg, Pa. Boyle believes the sun is dying, time as we know
it is coming to an end & we need to learn to live w/o our bodies.
o @8pm, camped outside Reading, Cooper interviews a man named Sparks who was
once a Boy Scout, “got sunk” on two boats in WWII, & had a wife who threw him
• Late July 1969—Douglas Milford returns to Twin Peaks, says he’s retired from the military
& plans to take up fly-fishing & oil painting (“the week after” the moon landing).
• 8/01/1969—[9pm] Cooper arrives home in the afternoon. He’s grounded for a wk. His dad
has a plan to print maps of the moon. Cooper glues the pyramid over his bed.
• ~8/1969-9/1969—“Within wks.” of Douglas’s return to Twin Peaks, Gazette
editor/publisher Robert Jacoby dies. Pauline Cuyo sells Douglas a controlling interest in
the paper. (Note: This contradicts Jacoby writing a 1970 article mentioning the
controversial Lumberjacks game, writing Oh, What a Tangled Web… in 1984 & writing a
piece on Margaret in 1986. It is possible there are two Robert Jacobys; see below.)
• 10/31/1969—Cooper’s mother has another dream; she says the man almost got in the door.
• 11/01/1969—7pm. Cooper worries about his mother.
• 11/14/1969—11:30pm. Cooper’s mother gets up for water & aspirin.
• 11/15/1969—
o Midnight. Cooper’s father wakes him up to take his mom to St. Joseph’s Hospital.
She’s unconscious & has had a brain aneurysm.
o 5am. The drs. have operated to relieve pressure, Cooper & dad wait.
o 6am. Dale says a brain aneurysm “isn’t that bad.”
o 7am. Cooper’s mother begins to bleed in her brain. The doctors operate again, but
she loses consciousness @7:30am.
o 8:20am. Cooper’s mother is gone.
§ (Note: Tamara Preston, writing many yrs. later in 2017, refers to Cooper’s
“troubled” relationship w/ his mother, calling her a “fragile woman who
suffered through a sizable portion of Cooper’s teenage yrs. in varying
degrees of mental & physical suffering—the product of her own turbulent
marriage.” While this is partially consistent w/ the mental torment she
suffered seemingly at least in part due to Bob, Preston’s words seem to
imply that there was more going on @ home than Dale put down in his
tapes, which portray Cooper’s father as quirky and strong-willed, but do not
paint a picture of a “turbulent” marriage. Preston says Dale spent a lot of
time tending to his mother before she eventually “straightened herself out,”
but her tragic end as depicted in Cooper’s tapes gives no indication that she
ever did overcome her difficulties.)
• 11/16/1969—3pm. Cooper’s Uncle Al comes to help out.
• 11/17/1969—[10pm] A Unitarian service is held for Cooper’s mother. Cooper’s dad talks
to Emmet on the phone.
• 11/18/1969—[6pm] Cooper & his father throw his mom’s ashes in a small river north of
Philadelphia where she & his dad went before Cooper was born. Her ashes flow toward the
• ~1950s-1960s—
o 6/18 (Tues.)— 7:30pm. Bushnell “Battling” Bud Mullins fights 4 rounds @ the
Civic Auditorium (and presumably wins, since Bushnell displays the poster
yrs. later). (Poster seen in Parts 5, &c.)
§ (Unknown yr.; estimate based on Bushnell’s appearance/apparent age;
note that 6/18 fell on a Tues. in 1946, 1957, 1963, 1968, 1974…)
• ~1969-70—
o During senior yr., Ed Hurley (who through H.S. works as chief mechanic @ the
garage his father added to what people are now calling “Ed’s Gas Farm”) & Norma
Lindstrom (head of the cheerleading squad & homecoming queen) begin dating.
(Note on the subsequent Hank/Ed/Norma dates from Cooper’s “The Andrew
Packard Case”: Ed & Norma graduate the same yr. as one another. It seems likely
that Harry, Ed, Hank, Norma & Hawk are all the same school yr. since they are
close friends, & are all born the same yr. [except, possibly, Hank]. Harry is a junior
in the fall of 1968, so we can assume Ed & Norma are too. [Note also that the 1950
birthdates from the Access Guide and trading cards should really put them all as
freshmen in college in fall 1968, or at least as seniors in H.S.; however, Harry
cannot be a senior since his older brother Frank is still in H.S. playing for the
football team.] It is possible that Ed & Norma are a yr. ahead of Harry, which would
move all the Ed/Hank/Norma dates back a yr.)
o Bobby Briggs born to Garland & Betty Briggs (he 12 in mid-1982). (This
contradicts the birthday on the trading card, as well as Bobby still being in H.S.
in 1989 during the series.)
o Lana Budding’s claimed birth date (she says she’s 19 in 1989, but she’s actually 6
yrs. older).
• Late 1960s—Marty Lindstrom purchases the Weary Traveler, a vintage roadside motel on
Hwy. 24 east of Yakima, out of bankruptcy. Vivian Smith (a failed Seattle-area actress &
singer) manages it for him.
• 1960s-1970s—Dr. Jacoby conducts over a decade of anthropological fieldwork w/
aboriginal tribes all over the South Pacific & South America, participating in tribal rituals
involving drugs such as peyote, ayahuasca & rare frog venoms & a short-lived marriage to
a chief’s daughter. In one instance, he takes ayahascua & sees a dimension that underlies
or coexists w/ ours. There are tall, humanoid beings whose interest in Jacoby feels “cold,
reptilian, neutral but shading toward malevolence, lacking all compassion.” He then sees a
shining sphere-like figure which gives off a blinding violet light. The other figures retreat;
Jacoby describes the being as “‘god’ energy.” Jacoby publishes a series of research articles
& then a book, The Eye of God: Sacred Psychology in the Aboriginal Mind. (The book
includes back cover quotes by Timothy Leary, Jerry Garcia & Meher Bab, the latter of
whom died in 1969 in reality. The back cover states that Jacoby has established active
practices in both Hi. & Wa.) The book becomes a cult success.
• Post-1969—Eileen is in a car accident that confines her to a wheelchair (“nearly two
decades” prior to 1989).
• 1970s—
o The Corona Super G typewriter is 1st produced.
o Author/“fraudulent hack” Erich von Däniken links UFO sightings back to the
earliest sources on record, incl. biblical times, the Dark Ages & the Renaissance.
• ~1970s—Margaret (“on the wrong side of 30”) Margaret is building her 1st cabin &
concentrating on volunteer work. She meets Samson “Sam” Lanterman @ Haw’s
Lumberyard. (A couple of paragraphs earlier in the same article, Robert Jacoby
contradictorily claims they met @ the Sierra Club.) They immediately fall in love, & get
engaged a yr. to the day after meeting, & set a wedding date a yr. to the day after that. (Sam
proposes @ a special place in the woods above Pearl Lake near Glastonbury Grove—
Margaret calls it “the Heart of the Forest,” & Preston believes this to be the spot of
Margaret’s abduction.) Sam brings oil back one night just before he dies & says, “This
oil is an opening to a gateway.” (Episode 29) The wedding occurs @ the Chapel-in-the-
Woods; they plan to drive up to Lake Louise for a honeymoon @ the grand hotel. During
the reception, however, a lightning strike starts a fire that sweeps down the hill toward Blue
Pine. Volunteer fire chief Sam, his father & bros. head toward the blaze. Margaret works
all nt. @ the Grange Hall in her wedding dress, helping evacuated people w/ food & shelter.
The next day she gets word that Sam was swept off the ridge into a burning ravine, killing
him. Margaret later says that right before her husband died, she saw the same flash
of light & call of an owl as the night she was taken @ age 7. (Margaret to Coop,
Episode 24) The fire subsides the following day when another storm comes in, w/ Sam as
the only casualty. Two days later, Margaret buries him behind the house up the mtn. they
had been building together for 6 mos. The following day, she returns to the Heart of the
Forest (where the circle of sycamores is still standing despite dozens of acres burning
around it), & cuts a log from a fallen old-growth Douglas fir. She later says the tree told
her exactly which part to take. (Note: a contradictory account in the Access Guide says
Margaret’s husband gave the log to her on their wedding nt.)
o In Episode 5, Margaret confirms that her husband was a “logging man” &
implies that he died in a fire. Hawk says her husband died “the nt. after the
wedding,” seemingly contradicting Robert Jacoby’s account, wherein Sam
dies the same nt. as the wedding.
§ In the deuterocanonical Log Lady Introduction for Episode 20,
Margaret confirms that her husband died in a fire, & elaborates, “This
was not a friendly fire. This was not a forest fire. It was a fire in the
woods. This is all I am permitted to say.”
o According to the 1991 trading cards, the log is 8-9 yrs. old. If this refers to when it
was cut, Sam’s death would be ~1982-83.
o (Sarah tells Laura that Margaret’s husband tripped on a root fighting a fire & fell,
burning face first.)
• Early 1970s—When Nadine is a H.S. sophomore, her mother is diagnosed manic-
depressive @ Calhoun Memorial. Her father signs papers putting her mother into state
psychiatric care @ Western Psychiatric. Approx. 2 mos. after her mother is admitted,
Nadine has a nervous breakdown, freezing one day @ her locker. She is admitted for
depression treatment @ a private institution, & takes the spring semester off. (Andy
Brennan is in her class.) She receives 6 wks. of treatment involving “sleep & art therapy”
& Thorazine, then has another 6 wks. of @-home supervised care w/ her father. Her mother
comes home around this time. (Oddly, Dr. Jacoby says this happened “about ten yrs. ago”
in his 1987 evaluation of Nadine—presumably, he is rounding liberally. Even more
strangely, Preston refers to Nadine’s “30-odd yrs.” of therapeutic treatment ca. 2015-16,
seemingly placing the start of her treatment in the mid-1980s.) Nadine comes back to
school claiming she had been a foreign exchange student in France.
• 1970—
o First Miss Twin Peaks contest held (1989 is 20th Annual, per flyer, Episode 24).
Norma wins (Shelly to Norma, 20th anniversary of Norma winning, Episode
28—note that 1989 would technically be the 19th anniversary, not the 20th—
perhaps supporting the Access Guide placing the 1st MTP in 1969, perhaps with a
yr. skipped somewhere in the pageant’s history).
o The U.S. Air Force shuts down Project Blue Book, concluding that no credible
evidence about UFOs exists & therefore they pose no threat to nat’l security
(“In other words, a massive coverup”—per Albert, Part 12). (This contradicts
Garland saying Blue Book shut down in 1969 in Episode 20.)
o Douglas changes Twin Peaks Gazette’s name to Twin Peaks Post. (Note: The local
newspaper was still known as the Gazette in 1989 throughout the TV series in
dialogue, although at least one prop newspaper appeared onscreen w/ the Twin
Peaks Post banner title.)
o Robert Jacoby writes an article in the Post making a cryptic reference to the fact
that the 1968 football Championship Game wasn’t kosher.
• 2/25/1970—8pm. Cooper records for the 1st time in 3 mos. His dad is spending all his time
on mapping the moon.
• 4/19/1970—7pm. Cooper’s 16th birthday. Marie gives him a card.
• 4/20/1970—Cooper’s father discovers a new crater on the moon, visible on the edge of the
dark side’s shadow; he names it Cooper’s Crater.
• 4/21/1970—[4pm] Cooper’s English teacher Mrs. Peale introduces student teacher April
Larken. She tells Cooper she & Star had a fight @ the Pentagon & haven’t seen each other
• 4/23/1970—[8pm] April reads D. H. Lawrence’s “Gloire de Dijon” to the class. Cooper
has an erection through Mr. Hord’s Early American History class.
• 5/02/1970—11pm. Cooper writes his 1st poem for class.
• 5/03/1970—[4pm] April discourages Cooper from writing further poems.
• 5/17/1970—[6pm] April gives Cooper a D on the midterm.
• 5/25/1970—
o 3am. Cooper dreams about his mother, but she is younger, barely a woman. She
tries to tell him something, but he can’t hear. He wakes up holding a gold ring.
o 7am Cooper locks the ring in his drawer
• 5/26/1970—9pm. Cooper finds a photo of his mother wearing the gold ring. His dad says
it was her father’s & she got it when he died. She stopped wearing it when she married
Cooper’s dad & he doesn’t know what happened to it.
• 6/03/1970—
o 5pm. Cooper tells April something is troubling him & she invites him to her apt.
Cooper drinks 7 cups of coffee beforehand.
o 5:30pm. Cooper drinks 3 more cups of coffee.
o [11:30pm] Cooper arrives @ April’s & tells her about the ring & the dream. Mr.
Hord is in the kitchen. Cooper rambles about Mrs. Laudner tripping on a sidewalk
crack & flattening her nose against her cheek, then leaves.
• 6/10/1970—5pm. April gives Cooper a C in English. April & Mr. Hord go to a commune
in Co. for the summer. Cooper’s dad is still busy w/ moon maps. Cooper resolves to
accelerate his education & graduate early.
• ~Mid 1970—(“After graduation.”) Ed enlists in the army, heads to Fort Dix for basic
• 7/01/1970—11am. Cooper learns that his father has made plans to go to the Poconos w/
the Schlurmans.
• 7/04/1970—
o 3pm. The Coopers & Schlurmans have arrived @ Promised Land Lake.
o 4pm. Marie is on a float reading a waterproof Bible.
o 7pm. The Cooper/Schlurman cookout is complete.
o 9pm. Everyone but Cooper & Marie cast off to watch the fireworks. Cooper follows
Marie into the woods, where she strips & starts to fellate him. A firework lands
nearby & a fire ensues. Marie runs off & Cooper spends most of an hour fighting
off the fire w/ their clothes before returning to his father naked.
• 7/05/1970—
o 1am. Cooper recounts his experience on tape.
o 11am. Cooper says goodbye to Marie, returns to the city.
• 7/11/1970—Teresa Mary Banks born in Tacoma, Wa., to Ellen & Tony Banks. This is
consistent w/ Teresa being 17 in Feb. 1988, per Fire Walk with Me.
• 7/12/1970—9pm. Cooper gives a speech on fire safety & prevention, the last requirement
for Eagle Scout status.
• 7/14/1970—11pm. Cooper learns that Marie hit her head while diving off the Promised
Land Lake swimming platform & drowned that morning. (The last thing she said to Cooper
was, “Thanks for saving my sneakers.” The last thing he said to her was, “Sure thing.”)
• 7/17/1970—[10pm] Marie is buried.
• 7/20/1970—1am. Cooper says he doesn’t see the meaning of it.
• 8/02/1970—4am. Cooper can’t sleep.
• 8/15/1970—3am. Cooper & his father talk for much of the night. They agree that Cooper
needs a change. His dad confesses that the French farmer his troop killed in WWII wasn’t
actually a German collaborator—the people who told them that owed the farmer money.
• 8/24/1970—Audrey Horne born to Benjamin & Sylvia Horne (18 as of last 8/24,
according to Coop). This is consistent w/ her stated age being 18 in Episode 5 and again
in Episode 23. The Post article on the bank explosion also lists her as 18, as does Preston
in The Final Dossier. The trading cards give an 8/15/1972 birthdate which contradicts her
stated age in all other sources.
• 9/10/1970—Cooper tests out of the remaining requirements for graduation. That night, he
awakens to find his mother’s ring back on his finger & decides to leave it there.
• 9/11/1970—9am. Cooper sets off to find “something to believe in.” His dad gives him
$1000, tells him to watch out for bad water & snakes, then goes off to print moon maps.
Cooper leaves the tape recorder behind; he stops @ Marie’s grave to leave a note & the
pyramid April gave him. Cooper steps onto the bus on Germantown Rd. & is not seen for
3 yrs.
• Fall 1970—
o Dwayne Milford wins 5th term as mayor; Douglas writes front-page editorial
endorsing him. (Briggs’s confusing wording seems to imply 1969, but could mean
1970, which makes more sense numerically.) (Further confusion: Preston at one
point says Dwayne was serving his 6th term as mayor in 1983, which is wildly
inconsistent w/ all other info.)
• ~Fall 1970—
o In the fall, Ed ships out for a 2-yr. hitch in the Command HQ motor pool in Saigon.
Norma begins attending Twin Peaks Community College (w/ the intention of
becoming a nurse) & working weekends @ the Double R. Hank (who has known
Norma all his life due to Jolene) commiserates w/ Norma over their shared grief
that Ed is gone; they begin having lunches, then occasional dinners.
• Mid-October 1970—Hank begins making sure Norma does not get the letters Ed sends her
@ the Double R. (@ Thanksgiving, Norma has not heard from Ed for 6 wks. despite him
sending letters.)
• 11/1970—Norma has Hank to the house for Thanksgiving.
• 12/1970—@ the annual tree-lighting ceremony in Twin Peaks town square, Hank proposes
to Norma & she accepts.
• ~12/1970-1/1971—Ed receives Norma’s letter about the engagement 3 wks. after the
• ~1970-71—
o (Thanksgiving morning when Johnny was 9) The Hornes are getting ready to go
when Audrey comes running up & pushes Johnny down the stairs—he hits his
head. Sylvia Horne blames this moment for his subsequent unresponsive mental
state (although Jacoby discredits her theory). (Episode 6—note that Audrey
would have been no more than 15 mos. old when this occurred).
§ In 1989, Ben says he has been waiting 20 yrs. for some sign of intelligent
life from Johnny, roughly confirming this date. (Episode 3)
o William Hastings born (he tells Tammy he is 43 in Part 9). This contradicts
the 8/15/1973 birthdate on his operator’s license.
o Randy born (19 in 1980).
• 1971—Northport H.S. is thrown out of the Northwest Nine athletics conference for hiring
grown men to play.
• ~1971—Laura Palmer born to Leland & Sarah Palmer (17 @ death—Leland in
Pilot). (This is contradicted by the 7/22/1972 date on her tombstone in Episode 10, as
well as The Secret Diary and the trading cards. Showtime’s promotion for the 2017
limited series changed her DOB to 7/22/1971.) Jacoby’s case notes contradict all other
sources, saying Laura was 18 @ her death.
• 1/01/1971—Cooper writes to his father. Water bad, has seen no snakes. Moon very bright.
Craving good chocolate.
• ~April 1971—Hank & Norma wed @ the Chapel-in-the-Woods, then honeymoon in San
Francisco & drive down the coast to Los Angeles to see a Tonight Show taping (w/ Sammy
Davis Jr. & Victor Buono as guests). (Note: Norma sends a postcard stamped 4/17/1969 to
her parents from Hollywood. As noted above, the Hank/Norma events could possibly be
shifted back a yr., if Harry is a yr. behind them in school, w/ the marriage & honeymoon
taking place in 1970, but a 1969 date is inconsistent w/ the 11/1968 date of the football
game. Norma & Ed would still be in school in spring 1969, & Ed would not have joined
the army yet, let alone given Norma & Hank time to court & marry. Note also the glaringly
anachronistic “First Man on the Moon” stamp, which would make sense in 1970 or 1971.)
• 1972—
o Nixon is reelected over George McGovern—the biggest landslide in American
presidential history.
o Jeremiah Johnson is released (starring Robert Redford, based on the life of Liver-
Eating Johnson—Preston considers it excellent).
o Andrew Packard computerizes the Mill’s machinery, increasing productivity by
o The last barbecue to date (as of 1991) to reward Packard Mill employees for an
accident-free quarter is held.
• 1/01/1972—Cooper writes to his father. Snakes very bad, water good. Saw some nice
rocks. Needs a good ship.
• 2/1971-2/1972—The greatest yearly snowfall in recorded North American history occurs
@ Rainer (sic) Paradise Ranger Station in Wa. During that same time frame, Twin Peaks
has 984 ft. (with 74.5” in the first 5 hrs.).
• 5/30/1972—Shelly McCauley born. (Note: This birth yr. seems @ odds w/ Shelly
dropping out in 11th grade to marry Leo—per Bobby in Episode 5—& having been
w/ him for some length of time as of 1989.) (Preston says Shelly was 21 w/i a yr. after
Leo’s death, placing her birth ~1968-69.)
• 6/1972—Black ops E. Howard Hunt (a friend of Crisman) & Frank Sturgis burglarize the
headquarters of the Democratic party @ the Watergate.
• 7/22/1972—Laura Palmer born to Leland & Sarah Palmer. (tombstone, Episode 10)
(Delivered by Dr. Will Hayward; presumably in the afternoon—Laura writes in her diary
in 1984 that she turned 12 “three short minutes ago” after having had “such a good day,”
but it is still early enough in the day that Leland takes her to the stables to give her a pony.)
(Note: The Secret Diary places Laura’s murder in 1990, whereas the Pilot and Fire Walk
with Me take place in Feb. 1989 and state Laura as being 17 at the time of her death.
Therefore, in the series/film timeline, Laura was likely born in 1971, and the other events
of The Secret Diary likely also take place a yr. earlier.)
• 8/15/1972—Audrey Horne born to Benjamin Horne & Sylvia Horne. (Note: This
contradicts Audrey telling Coop she’s 18 in Episode 5—she would be 16 with this
birthdate! It also contradicts Coop saying Audrey turned 18 this past 8/24 on the Diane…
• 9/02/1972—Donna Marie Hayward born to Will & Eileen Hayward @ Calhoun. (The
birth certificate in Episode 27 confirms the 9/02 date from the trading card, but the
yr. is not shown) (Impliedly, per Episode 25, her genetic father is actually Ben, with
whom Eileen was having an affair.)
o (Although Donna tells Harold in Episode 12 that Will delivered her, the
“certificate of birth returned by” section lists Dr. R. Robinson.)
o (Preston in The Final Dossier contradicts all other sources by saying Donna had
just turned 18 in 1992. This would make her about 15 in the series, which seems
very unlikely.)
• 12/10/1972—Robert “Bobby” Briggs born to Garland & Betty Briggs. (Contradicted by
the Post article on the Briggses’ arrival, which says Bobby is 12 in 1982.)
• ~1969-73—Douglas Milford travels extensively to the east coast—primarily Philadelphia
& D.C.
• ~1972-73—Li Chun Fung, now 16, attends an exclusive private boarding school in
Shanghai & runs a drug & prostitution ring which she uses to entrap faculty &
administration & blackmail them.
• 1973—
o Annie Smith born to Vivian Smith & Marty Lindstrom. Marty begins taking 2-3
day railroad trips @ least 2ce a month & @ least 2 annual weeklong trips, all to the
Yakima area (via his lifetime rail pass). (Preston says he had been taking these trips
“since @ least the early 1970s,” and elsewhere says their onset lines up perfectly
w/ Annie’s birth.) Annie is told that Marty is her uncle.
§ (Note: This birth yr. would make Annie 16 in 1989 during the events of the
TV series, which seems extremely unlikely. Both the show and the book
reference Annie finishing H.S. before entering the convent. The book’s
timeline says Annie is 12 in 1985—consistent w/ this birth yr.—then details
events over several yrs. forward from that point, seemingly placing Annie’s
arrival in Twin Peaks in the mid-1990s! The book also says Annie is in her
early 20s when she arrives in Twin Peaks, which seems consistent w/ the
show but not with this birth yr.)
§ (Note also that the book’s storyline seems to contradict Annie talking
about growing up in Twin Peaks in Episode 26, swimming in the lake
at Easter Park every summer, and referring to Twin Peaks as “where
it all went wrong” for her.)
o Earle serves as a Bureau investigator in the Watergate hearing. He meets Caroline
Wickam, a law student on Chief Prosecutor Samuel Dash’s staff.
• ~1973—
o (“At least 5 yrs. prior to 1978”) Ilsa learns of Marty’s double life.
o Cooper’s “Andrew Packard Case” document later oddly mischaracterizes this
development as Marty being “diagnosed w/ heart disease.” (Preston’s theory is that
either Cooper or Briggs—upon adding the document to his dossier—inserted this
misinformation as an act of discretion [an odd theory given the arguably insensitive
candor Cooper employs in the rest of the document toward his close friends’
personal matters]. Preston also alludes to a “high-level security issue” that could
have motivated Coop or Briggs to misdirect readers of the document & says she’ll
elaborate later, but she never does.) According to Cooper’s document, Ilsa leaves
the Double R to take care of Marty. (It’s not clear why, or even if, Ilsa or Marty left
the Double R in the “real” version of events.) Jolene takes ill w/ lung cancer. Norma
takes over the Double R & cares for Jolene (it is implied that she drops out of
school), while Hank spends most of his time on the rd. for Jean Renault. Norma
opens a bakery next door, eventually selling her mother’s pies by mail-order, &
introduces the aqua waitress uniforms.
• 1/01/1973—
o James Hurley born to a musician & an alcoholic writer (per James, Episode 5).
[His mother’s name was Colleen in a scripted scene for Episode 4.] In The Secret
History, James has a different backstory from the series, & his parents are named
Billy & Susan.
§ A January birthdate seems inconsistent w/ James having a birthday in
Part 14, which apparently takes place 9/30.
§ (This birth yr. is consistent w/ Preston saying James had “edged past 30”
ca. 2006.)
o Cooper writes to his father: “Stopped looking.”
• 2/12/1973—Douglas Milford arrives @ his Fort Lauderdale condominium for his
customary monthlong vacation for fishing & spring training.
• 2/19/1973—
o Afternoon: Douglas’s “old friend” Crisman calls, says his friend White House
Chief of Staff H. R. “Bob” Haldeman requests Douglas @ “the Florida White
House” in Key Biscayne, Fl.
o @8pm, Douglas arrives; Nixon & Jackie Gleason are there. During a day of golf &
drinking, Gleason has been trying to convince Nixon to go public w/ what the gov’t
knows about UFOs. Nixon now wears the green ring.
o “Well after” 9pm, Nixon calls Luis for a car. A half hr. later, they arrive @
Homestead Air Force Base where Gen. [redacted] (whom Douglas had met on a
few occasions & who was rumored to be part of Majestic 12) leads them to an area
under a hangar where they see what may be the reconstructed shape of a crashed
UFO. They also see a gray (which appears able to phase in & out of view w/o
moving, & gives Douglas a visceral feeling of uncanny malevolence in the most
primitive parts of his brain). When they go back outside, Douglas’s car is there &
they part ways. Gleason is in a serious, disorienting depression for wks. after.
• ~3/1973—
o Douglas next hears from Nixon (“over three weeks”).
o Nixon’s attempts to cover up the Watergate burglary become public (“within a
month” of the Homestead visit). Despite his legal troubles, Nixon manages to
earmark an untraceable carve-out for Douglas to continue his independent UFO
investigation w/ a small number of individuals he trusts from various gov’t
• Spring 1973—Cooper returns to Philadelphia. Bradley sees him wearing a black suit. All
Cooper says about the trip is, “Damn good.”
• 4/19/1973—9pm. Cooper’s dad’s moon map business has taken a downward turn. J. Edgar
Hoover has died while Cooper was away (note: Cooper implies that he didn’t hear about
this until he got back. In reality, Hoover died 5/02/1972, implying Cooper didn’t have much
or any contact w/ “civilization” during his trip). All Cooper will say about his travels is the
whole universe is one bright pearl & there’s no need to understand it.
o Cooper later elaborates a bit more on the trip on various occasions. He now
meditates & learned concentration techniques—implied to be Zen—& says he’s
not considering FBI employment because his experience of the last few yrs. doesn’t
lend itself to the belief that good can or will defeat evil. The list of skills he compiles
for his job search has a couple of further clues as to his whereabouts during this
time: in addition to typical Eagle Scout skills, he lists chanting, breath control,
juggling, rice planting & sitting in small dark rooms. He also says he has
“experienced a number of mind-altering fungi and natural fauna used by what we
refer to as primitive cultures.” (He presumably means “flora,” not “fauna,” unless
he is referring to hallucinogenic toads.) He walked barefoot across a bed of burning
embers in a very faraway & distant culture. He also implies that he has experienced
the mind-clearing abilities of a Tibetan prayer wheel & says he saw people suffering
from a form of curse. Going forward, Cooper is interested in the circus, puzzles &
• 5/07/1973—[7pm] Cooper takes the SAT in case he goes to college instead of the circus.
• 5/20/1973—7pm. Cooper gets his SAT results—800 in both English & math.
• 5/30/1973—11pm. Cooper compiles a list of his skills in order to seek summer
• 6/10/1973—[9pm] Cooper starts a job digging holes to plant trees. His digging partner is
Jim, a Southern black man w/ a prison tattoo.
• 6/12/1973—[8pm] Cooper loses several dollars to Jim in a knife-throwing contest, missing
on the 10th throw & splitting the tow of his boot.
• 6/17/1973—[6/18 @ 1am] Cooper accompanies Jim to his rm. in a rundown section of
downtown. It’s filled w/ boxes containing the “remembrances” Jim has been writing the
past 20 yrs. He says Cooper is the only person who has seen it—he wanted someone who
would remember. On the bus home, Cooper realizes what this meant, & returns too late.
Jim’s rm. and those adjacent are burned down. Cooper sees a shadowy figure laughing in
a nearby alley. By the time Cooper gets to the spot, all he finds is a freshly sharpened
• 7/01/1973—7pm. Cooper receives a rejection from a traveling circus he applied to, accepts
an offer to attend Haverford College, just outside Philadelphia.
• 7/06/1973—8am. Cooper’s father wakes up & decides they’re taking a trip before Cooper
goes to college. Cooper quits his job as hole digger, they head to Mt. Rushmore.
• 7/09/1973—
o 1pm. Cooper & his father are @ Mt. Rushmore. Cooper later finds his father w/ a
“Give It Back to the Sioux” sign, nearly getting into a fight w/ an elderly In. couple.
Cooper convinces him to stop protesting & they compromise by sawing a secluded
“Stop” sign in half.
o @10pm, Cooper & his dad are camped in Custer Park & Cooper’s father has turned
• 7/15/1973—11pm. Cooper & his father arrive home. His father finds an order @ the shop
to print calendars for the Nat’l Park Service.
• 8/15/1973—William Hastings is born (per SD operator’s license, Part 1). This
seemingly contradicts him telling Tammy he is 43 ~2014 (Part 9).
o This date is also listed—likely incorrectly—as Dale Cooper’s DOB on his
arrest form (which also lists his place of birth as Buckhorn, SD; see Parts 4,
5). This date would make Cooper 15 in the Pilot!
• 8/21/1973—[11pm] Cooper goes to Haverford (skipping orientation to suggest curriculum
changes to the president), accepts an R.A. position.
• Fall 1973—Hawk (who was talked into a recruitment center by Hank @ some point, & is
a gunner’s mate on a PBR patrolling the Saigon River) meets up w/ Ed during shore leave.
Ed gets drunk & pines over Norma, Hawk tries to snap him out of it. Hawk finally leaves
when a Frankie Valli song comes on the jukebox & Ed says, “That was our song.” Hawk
& Ed exchange a few letters over the next couple of yrs.
• 9/12/1973—10am. Cooper heads for Haverford. His dad gives him a new tape recorder the
size of a notebook that uses cassettes.
• 9/15/1973—
o [6am] Cooper, exasperated w/ the knucklehead 18-yr.-olds on his floor, retreats to
his rm. & reads the writings of a monk who lived on a mountaintop alone for 37
yrs. in search of a deeper understanding of the world, concluded that you can see
very far from a mountaintop unless it’s cloudy, & was imprisoned for his radical
ideas & died in jail.
o That evening, Cooper makes contact w/ several Bryn Mawr philosophy students @
the student union, drinks heavily.
• 9/16/1973—[9am] Cooper vaguely remembers taking a liking to a junior who he’s pretty
sure actually exists. He has the worst hangover of his life.
• 9/25/1973—9pm. Cooper tests out of all his classes, arranges to study independently. He
is still searching for the Bryn Mawr girl. He talks to his father on the phone & plans to have
lunch w/ him on the weekend (his dad is doing well selling “imprison Nixon” posters).
• 9/26/1973—3am. Cooper has a dream about being in a darkened room hearing a
conversation outside the door between someone he thinks is death & a person he first
believes to be his mother but then determines to be Marie. Marie tries to get into the room,
then distantly says, “I’m not ready,” as her voice fades. Cooper doesn’t believe Marie is at
• 10/20/1973—[5pm] Cooper returns to Bryn Mawr, sits for more than an hr. in the student
union looking for the girl. While leaving, he’s hit in the head w/ a field hockey ball (&
briefly seems to be a sign painter in a small Mexican village whose paint is spilled by a
dog). The woman who hit him, Andy, gets him ice & they talk for a bit. They plan to meet
@ the homecoming bonfire the next night.
• 10/21/1973—8pm. Cooper waits for Andy @ the bonfire. Andy arrives, they speak very
briefly, then rush into the darkness to have sex, ending up in a small body of water. Andy
informs Cooper she is leaving to meet her husband @ the airport, where she will depart on
a 6-month trip to Holland to study dike construction. She tells Cooper she’ll look him up
when she’s back.
• 10/22/1973—5:30am. The sun rises. Sunrise & sunset are all that seem certain to Cooper.
• 11/02/1973—[7pm] A chemistry student from Cooper’s dorm (who had previously tried to
restructure the dorm into Communist cells that would strike out against imperialism across
campus) walks into the president’s office w/ a homemade bomb threatening to blow the
president up unless Nixon is prosecuted & the student’s failing grade in semantics is
changed to an incomplete. The president summons members of the psychology dept.,
Cooper & a prominent member of the Quaker community. 2 psychology profs. wrestle the
student to the ground as the bomb accidentally goes off, sending them & the student to the
• 11/05/1973—[11pm] Cooper receives a postcard from Holland. Cooper misses Andy &
feels a loneliness he hasn’t felt since Marie’s death. Alcohol relieves it, but he realizes
that’s not an answer.
• 11/07/1973—
o [8pm] Cooper goes home to see his father & finds him w/ Charlotte, a much
younger woman who is a potter. Cooper is happy for his father but goes into a dark
depression because he realizes he has been a loner for most of his life & will likely
remain one.
o @10pm, a geology student from down the hall, Howard Teller, forces Cooper to go
out to try to get laid.
o @11:30pm, Howard leaves the bar w/ a woman. Cooper spots an individual whose
movements seem to be those of a predator & Cooper follows this individual, then
loses him/her. Cooper searches for the individual until approx. 11:45, when he
decides to head home—& comes across a dead woman, multiple stab wounds to
her torso & face badly beaten. Later, Cooper says he is certain that the killer was
still there & could have killed Cooper when he found the body.
• 11/08/1973—5am. Cooper reexamines his memory of the scene reluctantly, hoping to find
something of use to the authorities. (The killer is ultimately never caught).
• 11/20/1973—1am. Cooper sees Marie sitting on the corner of his bed. She mouths the
word, “stop.” He asks her to help him; she shakes her head no & disappears. At some
unspecified time afterward, he makes a tape recording referencing falling, the ground,
Marie, & “don’t touch her.” Some time later, Howard finds Cooper in his bed screaming,
& he is taken to the school infirmary, where he is delirious w/ fever.
• 11/22/1973—3pm. Cooper wakes up in the school infirmary after nearly two days of
delirium. @7pm, Cooper considers the gentle face of his nurse as sure a remedy as
• 11/23/1973—5pm. Despite his 103 degree fever, Cooper believes that it wasn’t merely an
infection that attacked him, but the evil that killed the young woman, & the battle in his
body was a struggle for his soul.
• ~12/08/1973—Miss Twin Peaks is electrocuted during the ceremonial switching-on of the
downtown lights @ the Candlelighting & Christmas Tree Ceremony (second Sat. of Dec.).
• 12/15/1973—[9pm] Cooper says he has for the 1st time since arriving @ Haverford found
someone he can call his teacher. She’s a poet, scholar & archer. She suggests that he find
a physical equivalent to his mental exercises, & that he think less about death & focus more
on life.
• 12/25/1973—5pm. Cooper returns home for Christmas w/ his dad & Charlotte.
• 12/27/1973—11pm. Cooper decides to use his time home to test certain limitations in the
human body he finds troubling. Apparently having been up since midnight, he resolves to
determine the amt. of time that humans can function effectively w/o sleep (w/o the aid of
coffee). He makes hourly updates on his tape recorder.
• 12/28/1973—
o Around 11am-noon, Cooper believes he hears a man in his closet, which he
determines to have been an echo of him chanting while doing headstands.
o Around 2pm, he attempts to tie a bowline around a watermelon & hang it from the
ceiling light, & the knot slips & the watermelon impales itself on the bedpost.
o @3pm, his sex drive is still functioning, as he gets an erection after 17 seconds of
viewing Miss December.
o @4pm, he resolves to drop out of college & become a goat shepherd.
o @5pm, he has the strange feeling that the last hr. of his life was borrowed by
someone in the animal husbandry business.
o @6pm, he checks all the closets to make sure the little people aren’t hiding in them.
o @7pm, he “discovers” the watermelon on his bedpost. His dad is worried.
o @8pm, he says he never liked the name Dale, & always wanted to be an Apache
named Ten Sticks.
• 12/29/1973—@midnight, content that he has proven sleep unnecessary by going 48 hrs.,
Cooper signs off after stating that he has determined Lee Harvey Oswald was assisted by
a man by the grassy knoll w/ a gun disguised as an umbrella, & that Marilyn Monroe’s
death was not unrelated to JFK’s. After giving in to sleep, Cooper has the most
extraordinary & vivid dreams he has ever experienced. Upon awakening, the watermelon
is eaten & the seeds are inside his pillow.
• 12/30/1973—3pm. Cooper listens to his tapes from the preceding days, determines he
became a public health threat @ the 44-hr. mark.
• ~1973-74—
o Donna Hayward born to Will & Eileen Hayward (just turned 18 in 1992); note: this
birthday seems to contradict Donna being in the same grade as 17-yr-old Laura in
1989, as well as the birthdate on the trading cards.
• 1974—
o Jerry Horne graduates last in his (presumably law school) class of 142 from
Gonzaga U. (Coop to Jerry, Episode 15)
o Liver-Eating Johnson’s body moved to Cody, Wy. for reburial & monument.
o Unguin Packard dies.
o Sarah & Leland Palmer organize the Twin Peaks Timber Players. (One of their
productions over the subsequent yrs. is ’Tis a Pity She’s a Whore, a controversial
17th-century tragedy involving incest. They also stage something called The
Paranormal Review, along with the more conventional selections Brigadoon,
There’s a Girl in My Soup, The Mousetrap and Ask Any Girl.)
• 1/08/1974—[1am] Cooper signs up for the school winter sports weekend trip to the
Poconos, seeking a test of the mind & its effect on physical activity.
• 1/10/1974—
o 11am. @ Fernwood ski area, Cooper completes an hr. training jumping off a
soapbox w/ Lars, the ski instructor, then heads to perform the 10-meter ski jump.
o 11:15am. Cooper jumps—his skis cross @ the end of the chute & he bounces @
least 3 times upon landing.
o @3pm, Cooper resolves to restrict further investigations to the ground.
• 1/15/1974—6pm. Andy is back from Holland.
• 1/17/1974—9pm. Andy tells Cooper her husband fell in love w/ Holland & stayed to build
more dikes. She gives Cooper the Kama Sutra.
• 1/20/1974—7pm. Cooper & Andy take a small hotel room just outside town to conduct
another study of body & mind.
• 1/21/1974—1am. The score is 9-5 Andy. They order Chinese (Cooper gets lemon chicken).
@3am, the score is 12-9. @4am, 14-13. [6am] Cooper ties it up @ 5:01 am.
• 1/30/1974—7pm. Although scout law doesn’t approve of sex before marriage, Cooper
pontificates upon the necessity of exploring human sexuality as one would a trout-filled
• 2/10/1974—[8am] Cooper caught “a record trout” last night.
• 2/13/1974—11pm. Andy receives word that her husband, Tim, was injured when a dike
broke. She returns to Holland to nurse him back to health & tells Cooper love wasn’t a
variable in their relationship.
• 2/15/1974—1am. Heavy rain in Holland. Cooper hopes it will be difficult for Tim to swim.
• 2/17/1974—10pm. Cooper decides the attraction of academics pales in comparison to sex
when you’re not getting any.
• 2/28/1974—3am. Cooper decides to get a degree in anthropology, prelaw & psychology.
He also may take art classes @ Bryn Mawr because Haverford doesn’t allow nude models.
• 3/10/1974—
o 11am. Cooper takes the train to NYC to test his hypothesis that societal breakdown
is the result of people living on vertical rather than horizontal planes.
o @3pm, he decides to begin @ Central Park, “a place of the past.”
o The sun begins setting @ 5pm.
o @6pm, he is chased out of the Park by marauding lunatics w/ clubs & pipes and
takes shelter in a building.
o @7pm, he moves south & decides the City is much more orderly than the primitive
chaos of nature.
o @9pm, he is attacked after buying a hot dog; he suffers a head wound & loses his
wallet. He is convinced that the assailants are still following him.
o @11pm, he takes shelter in the loft of a female artist.
• 3/11/1974—
o @midnight, the artist’s lover comes home & chases Cooper out.
o @1:30am, Cooper stumbles into a protest (which he thinks is a celebration) & is
locked up w/ many protesters.
o @2am, Cooper sits in a cell w/ the protesters, who regard him as an informer due
to his black suit. Eventually, they all sing protest songs, practice yoga & plot the
overthrow of a constitutional gov’t (a move Cooper argues is extreme since they
just failed to overthrow a coffeehouse in Chelsea).
o @7am, Cooper sees the judge, who suggests that he go back to Philadelphia & stay
the hell out of NY.
• 3/15/1974—7pm. Cooper is excited to begin work the following day on a study @ the
hospital of average people who have gone mad.
• 3/16/1974—
o 10am. Before entering the hospital, Cooper is flooded w/ memories of his mother’s
o @noon, Cooper meets Dr. Perkins. They meet their 1st patient, “Allen,” a mailman
who believed his bag was full of disembodied voices & was found under a bridge
stuffing mud in his ears.
o @2pm, Cooper concludes an hr. w/ Allen, who seemed normal other than banging
his head against the table to silence the voices when someone mentioned zip codes.
o @4pm, Cooper meets “Betty,” a 19-yr.-old who believes she is possessed by the
• 3/17/1974—
o 10am. Cooper determines to gain Betty’s trust.
o @ noon, Cooper concludes 2 hrs. w/ Betty. She showed him her scars & spoke of
how the world is going to burn. She accepts Cooper but believes he is an avenging
angel sent to destroy her.
o @1pm, Cooper has a quiet lunch of Jell-O w/ Betty.
o @3pm, Cooper concludes his day w/ Betty.
• 3/18/1974—
o 1am. Dr. Perkins calls Cooper (asking him “to meet her at the hospital,” although
Perkins is earlier described as “a serious man”). Betty has gotten hold of a knife &
has it @ the throat of an orderly, asking to see Cooper. Armed police are @ the
o @1:10am, shots fired.
o @1:20am, Betty is wheeled out w/ injuries, saying, “I’m free.” The orderly is
o @2pm, Betty has died & Cooper speculates that she may have been tormented by
the same presence/beast he sensed the night he found the murdered woman.
• 3/29/1974—4pm. Cooper speculates that the nature of the illness affecting Betty may be
the greatest puzzle he will ever face. (Margaret Hastings, his professor in several
psychology courses, later says she believes Cooper could have become a brilliant
psychologist & academic if the Betty incident hadn’t forever changed his life.) Howard
gets Cooper to go to his 1st rock concert. Cooper believes Nixon is conspiring in a cover-
up & his path must lead to impeachment.
• 3/30/1974—3am. Cooper has temporarily lost the ability to hear after the concert.
• 4/04/1974—1pm. Cooper decides the existences of good & evil are the two most important
questions in his life. He says he seems to have no trouble engaging evil, but good is more
• 4/06/1974—2pm. Cooper is enormously horny, but more interested in finding true love
than sexual gratification.
• 4/15/1974—11pm. Cooper lets Howard use his rooms for liaisons w/ an accounting major
from Bryn Mawr. Cooper drinks enormous amts. of coffee & reads up on average people
going insane.
• 4/30/1974—[5/01/1974 @midnight] Cooper dances naked @ a Bryn Mawr May Day
celebration, has several women write their numbers on his thigh until campus police break
up the celebration.
• 5/18/1974—
o 9am. Cooper gets the opportunity to attend an autopsy @ a local med school.
o 11am. Cooper watches the autopsy of a 30-yr.-old male.
o @11:32am, the doctor opens the head. Cooper is fascinated by the mysteries of the
• 5/19/1974—Job day on campus. Cooper picks up brochures for the Peace Corps & FBI.
Cooper’s father is to marry Charlotte in Las Vegas, asks Cooper to be his best man.
• 5/20/1974—
o 3am. Cooper sees a man painted blue outside looking up @ Cooper’s window.
o 3:30am. A thorough search outside produces no evidence that the blue man was
• 6/12/1974—10pm. In Las Vegas. Cooper’s dad & Charlotte take in “Nudes on Ice.” Cooper
decides to gamble.
• 6/13/1974—
o 1am. The casino mgrs. tell Cooper never to come back due to his card-counting. He
decides to give the $2K he won as a wedding present.
o The wedding takes place @ the little red chapel @ 1pm, presided over by an elderly
man named L. B. Johnson. Cooper’s dad & Charlotte take off to Reno.
o 3pm. Cooper looks out over Hoover Dam.
• 6/14/1974—Cooper sees the blue man outside his window again @ night.
• 6/15/1974—11pm. Cooper is back @ Haverford, undertaking projects over the summer
that will allow him to graduate early.
• 7/01/1974—3am. Cooper wakes up w/ a terrible sense of loss, possibly related to Charlotte
converting his childhood bedroom into a pottery studio.
• 7/05/1974—[Midnight] Cooper’s sense of isolation is overwhelming. Fireworks remind
him of Marie. Not even pie & coffee @ the Lunch Pail restaurant can cheer him.
• 7/09/1974—5pm. Cooper arrives @ a small cave overlooking a small river in the northern
portion of Pa. He sits alone not moving, lost in mind-clearing meditation for 12 hrs.
• 7/10/1974—5am. Cooper says he believes he was previously in the cave wearing animal
skins cooking a small goat. A large bat has been watching him for hrs.
• 7/12/1974—7am. Cooper flees the bat back to civilization.
• 7/24/1974—8:30pm. Nixon calls Douglas in Twin Peaks from a secure line in the Oval
Office. The Supreme Court has shot down his argument of executive privilege (of the 3
Justices Nixon appointed, only Rehnquist recused himself)—Nixon’s tapes will be released
in addition to the 1200 pages of transcripts he already turned over. Nixon claims this is
because he went after the secrets of the Wise Men (a.k.a. the Study
Group/Gleem/Aquarius) who have already made contact w/ the aliens & don’t answer to
anyone. Nixon says there may be as many as 6 species of aliens & he has heard rumors that
the Wise Men built vast underground complexes in Ne., Wa., Dulce NM, & @ least one in
the Australian outback called Pine Gap. He says all this is part of “something even bigger,
something old & dug in, & it’s been here all along,” watching & manipulating us. He tells
Douglas to proceed slowly because they’re probably watching him: the only person he can
trust is the man @ the FBI whose info Nixon gave Douglas (Gordon Cole). He tells Douglas
to wait awhile, then set a face-to-face meeting. He says all the people @ the top of Aquarius
have bird codenames—the Caretaker (the man @ the top) is Raven. Someone comes to the
door & Nixon abruptly hangs up, saying they’ll never speak again.
• 7/27/1974—Congress passes the 1st of three articles of impeachment against Nixon for 9
counts of obstruction of justice.
• 8/01/1974—2pm. Cooper mails all his Nixon buttons back to the White House.
• 8/09/1974—
o Jacoby first lays eyes on Mimsy. (umbrella, Episode 7)
o Nixon resigns in disgrace as President (“less than 2 wks.” after the 1st articles of
impeachment, and the day before the Earles’ wedding.). Howard & his girlfriend
make a tape of themselves making love while Nixon gives his resignation speech.
(Subsequently, Nixon retreats into deep seclusion in San Clemente, Ca., from which
he rarely emerges. VP Gerald Ford becomes Pres. Ford. Yrs. earlier, Ford, as a Mi.
congressman, had tried to expand UFO investigation. Ford turns that task over to
chief of staff Richard Cheney & Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.)
• 8/10/1974—Windom Earle & Caroline Wickam marry in Washington, D.C.
• ~8/10/1974—Twin Peaks Post publishes editor Doug Milford’s article “Nixon Hounded
from Office.” Dwayne, a dyed-in-the-wool Roosevelt Democrat, never forgives him for
this piece & their public feud escalates.
• 8/15/1974—9am. Given the lack of honesty in gov’t, Cooper decides to work in the private
sector—but has no idea who to talk to about doing that.
• 8/30/1974—2pm. Cooper’s father tells Cooper he is going to have a little brother or sister.
• 9/10/1974—9pm. Cooper’s father says he has become sterile; Charlotte ran off w/ the
father of her baby, a photographer. The couple plan to name the baby after Cooper’s dad.
• 9/11/1974—Cooper & his dad start drinking around noon. By 10pm, Dad is passed out &
Cooper is sure he’s about to throw up.
• Mid-to-late 1970s—After graduation, Li Chun Fung works as a runway model & climbs
to the top of the Hong Kong fashion industry, founding her own label, which is a cover for
a cocaine empire that spreads through the emerging entertainment industry in the country.
• ~1974-75—Hawk comes home from Vietnam (6 mos. before Ed does) (after he gets VC
shrapnel in his butt when a new lieutenant orders his platoon up the wrong fork of the river
& nearly gets them killed).
• 1975—
o Gordon Cole & Phillip Jeffries, 2 young field agents, investigate a murder in
Olympia, Wa. They arrive at a motel to arrest a suspect named Lois Duffy.
They hear a gunshot & kick the door in. Inside, they find Lois Duffy dying of
a gunshot wound to the abdomen. Another woman holds a gun, which she
drops as they enter. The dying Lois says, “I’m like the Blue Rose.” She smiles,
then dies. They now notice that the woman screaming in the corner is also Lois
Duffy (who did not have a twin sister). (Albert to Tammy, Part 14)
o Fred Lee Crisman dies of kidney failure @ Seattle Veterans Hospital. An autopsy
is ordered (unclear why).
o Richard Sharpe Shaver dies.
o Carl does stunts for Rancho Deluxe (shot in Mt.).
o Ford pardons Nixon.
o After waiting more than a yr., Douglas Milford carefully goes to work—compiling
the strange early history of the Twin Peaks region that makes up his early Dossier
chapters, incl. accounts of his own Pearl Lakes experience. Nixon’s promised
funding comes through, from untraceable Cayman Islands accounts.
• 3/1975—Cooper has five days of melancholia due to his failure to find the one person he
wants to make a life with.
• ~Mid-1975—Ed abandons his plan to sign up for another hitch & go career army mechanic
when his sister-in-law Susan writes. Ed’s brother Billy is in a wheelchair & on disability
after a stack of logs fell off a truck & crushed one of his legs @ the Packard Mill. He has
been drinking & Susan begs Ed to read Billy the riot act & help w/ James (Hawk claims
James was “still in elementary school”; however, according to his birthdate in the Access
Guide, not to mention his apparent age on the series, he should be 2 yrs. old in 1975). @
some point thereafter, Frank Truman attempts to recruit Ed as a deputy; Ed turns him down
after considering it for a month. Frank then asks Hawk, who is resentful toward Frank for
giving him the “Tommy Hawk” nickname in H.S. & is planning to take a job on a deep-
sea fishing trawler in Alaska. He sees a VA shrink who calls Hawk fucking nuts, so Hawk
takes the deputy job.
o Note on dating: Hawk says Ed returned “a few mos. after Saigon fell in 1975”—in
reality, Saigon fell on 4/30/1975. Hawk later contradictorily says he walked into
the Bookhouse & saw Ed was back “2 wks. after the last chopper got out,”
presumably referring to the helicopter evacuation signaling the end of U.S.
involvement in Vietnam from 4/29-30. The chopper evacuation went hand-in-hand
w/ the Fall of Saigon, placing Ed’s return in mid-May.
• 6/09/1975—8am. Cooper recounts the past 9 mos. (the tapes for this period were lost in a
fire started by an electric blanket). Charlotte gave birth to a boy the day the divorce papers
came through.
• 6/20/1975—
o 9am. Cooper decides to determine how long an individual can function normally
w/o urinating while consuming a normal amt. of liquid (for Cooper, 6 oz. of coffee
per hr.).
o @12pm, Cooper detects a slight sense of fullness during Medieval Epics class.
o @1pm, Cooper has a great deal of trouble concentrating in Psych Stress & Bodily
Disease class. He passes on drinking more liquid until he has another coffee @ 4pm
& a large glass of milk @ 7pm.
o @7:08pm, Cooper says he has a problem.
o @7:10pm, Cooper says his 2 minutes of urination were the most satisfying of his
• 7/01/1975—[6pm] Cooper meets & goes for coffee w/ Lena Fraser, a Bryn Mawr student
who knows more about coffee than anyone he’s ever met.
• 7/02/1975—[9pm] Cooper meets Lena after her class; they get coffee & go for a long walk.
Lena tells him she is sworn to celibacy until she comes to terms w/ her mother.
• 7/19/1975—1am. Cooper can’t sleep, wants to make love to Lena.
• 7/24/1975—[11pm] Lena has a breakthrough—but it’s about her father, not her mother.
• 8/03/1975—[9pm] Lena makes a model of her mother hanging laundry & runs it over w/
her VW. She gets briefly passionate w/ Cooper, then renews her vow of celibacy.
• 8/15/1975—5pm. Cooper finishes summer session, agrees to accompany Lena on a visit to
her parents in Hershey.
• 8/16/1975—
o 6am. Cooper & Lena depart. Upon arrival, Cooper is enchanted w/ Lena’s dad Bill
& especially her mother Joan.
o 11pm. Cooper is assigned a hideaway couch in Lena’s brother Todd’s rm. Lena
warns Cooper not to get up to go to the bathroom because the only other time Lena
brought a boyfriend home, her mom slept w/ him.
• 8/17/1975—
o 2am. Cooper hears steps in the hall like someone trying to reach a decision.
o @2:02am, Joan comes in & tells Cooper they should talk. @ that moment, a fire
erupts in the garage, destroying many of Joan’s best clothes. The fire is out in 3
minutes (implying that the Frasers are equipped for this sort of thing because it’s
happened before).
o 4am. Cooper decides to spend the rest of the night in the car.
o After breakfast, Cooper & Lena head back. Shortly after leaving Hershey, Cooper
realizes Lena’s dress smells like gasoline, & Lena decides she is ready to have sex.
Cooper apparently has sex w/ her in the car despite the realization that she is an
arsonist, & the parking break slips. Lena orgasms as they plunge into a field of
o They return to Haverford @9pm.
• 8/20/1975—[2am] Joan calls to tell Cooper Lena voluntarily checked into the hospital for
psychiatric evaluation.
• 8/22/1975—4pm. Cooper visits Lena in the hospital. She does not remember who he is.
• 9/01/1975—5pm. Lena is released from the hospital. Cooper briefly sees her as she gets
into her parents; car. She now thinks he is her brother Todd.
• 9/15/1975—3am. Cooper determines that there is a curse on him as an explanation for his
string of disastrous relationships.
• 10/01/1975—[8pm] Cooper talks to a Catholic priest about healing his curse.
• 10/09/1975—[7pm] Cooper talks to the Protestants.
• 10/14/1975—[10/15/1975 1am] Cooper talks to an Islamic holy man.
• 10/30/1975—[4am] Cooper spends most of night w/ a Sioux holy man. The holy man says
Cooper reminds him of a horse his brother had as a child who was so afraid of walking into
gopher holes, it only walked on roads & ultimately was hit by a truck. Cooper feels better,
but isn’t sure why.
• 12/05/1975—[6pm] In the morning, three severed fingers are found in the biology bldg.
Cooper examines them before the police arrive.
• 12/17/1975—[12/18/1975 2am] Cooper & Howard go to a job fair @ the civic center.
Cooper spend over an hr. talking to Special Agent Windom Earle @ the FBI booth; his
interest in the FBI is rekindled. Howard is on acid & inadvertently signs up for the Army
due to their radar screens; he wakes up the next day in a church. (Note: Howard believes
this happened on a Sat., due to his waking up in church. Cooper’s entry implies—but
doesn’t explicitly state—that it happened the day before his recording, on 12/17, which
was a Weds. It is possible that Howard’s acid trip caused him to lose several days, although
the next entry places Howard w/ Cooper @ school on 12/20, which was the Sat.)
• 12/20/1975—7pm. Howard tells his parents he enlisted & they cut off his expenses.
Howard is depressed.
• 12/21/1975—Cooper heads home for a quiet Christmas w/ his dad.
• 12/25/1975—11pm. Cooper has received a letter from Lena. She married her H.S.
sweetheart in Hershey & says the drs. have her dosages right now. Cooper resolves to track
down members of the old 24th Street Gang to track their development.
• 12/26/1975—4pm. Cooper meets w/ Ted, a member of the old 24th Street Gang, outside
Don & Jim’s Body Shop. [6pm] Ted has spent many of the past 7 yrs. in prison for a
manslaughter charge, being raped & stabbed. The sight of snowflakes out the window one
day apparently turned his life around, & he is now married w/ two jobs.
• 12/27/1975—8am. Cooper meets w/ another gang member—who is still very active. He
hits Cooper on the head & the rest of the day is a blur for Cooper. A knife fight breaks out
b/w 2 gang members, & a Latin woman takes Cooper into another room where she dances
in a circle & kicks him w/ a gold high-heeled shoe. Cooper knocks her out w/ a punch to
the jaw. A wounded gang member comes in & Cooper knocks him out w/ a round object.
@ this moment, Cooper decides a career in law enforcement might be very rewarding, &
flees out the window. He somehow ends up in the hospital by 11pm.
• 12/28/1975—11pm. Cooper comes home. He tries to call Earle for FBI application papers,
but Earle is back in the field & unreachable.
• 1975 or later—
o (“a few yrs. later” after Blue Book is shut down; also presumably after the
Lois Duffy arrest)—The military & FBI form a top-secret task force “to
explore the troubling abstractions raised by cases Blue Book failed to resolve.”
They name it “Blue Rose” after Duffy’s utterance, “which suggested these
answers could not be reached except by an alternate path” which Blue Rose
travels thereafter. Gordon suggests Phillip Jeffries to head the squad. “He”
(unclear if this is Cole or Jeffries) soon recruits 3 others: Albert Rosenfield,
Chet Desmond & Dale Cooper. (Albert to Tammy, Part 12)
§ Per Preston, writing in 2017, Earle is a “founding member” of Blue Rose.
(Tammy elsewhere says Gordon & Jeffries founded the Blue Rose Task
Force together, & elsewhere also says Gordon called Jeffries the “guiding
inspiration” of the Blue Rose Task Force. Tammy says Gordon knew
Jeffries better than anyone else & confirmed to Tammy that Jeffries was
“deeply & openly interested in a variety of esoteric & occult subjects.”
Gordon at some point wrote a comment in a profile of Jeffries: “This world
wasn’t enough for him.”)
o While awaiting trial for a murder she swears she did not commit, Lois Duffy
hangs herself. (Albert to Tammy, Part 14)
• Second half of the 1970s—Li is a person of interest in several “accidental” overdoses
which eliminate many of her dealer rivals & a fashion designer with whom she had a public
feud. She is initiated into her father’s triad by blood oath (unprecedented for a female). By
this time, she is fluent in 6 languages, has ½ a dozen aliases in different countries, & her
net worth is in excess of $15 million.
• 1976—The Viking lander lands on Mars.
• ~1976—
o After being back for a yr., Ed goes into the Double R & makes small talk w/ Norma;
Hawk is there. Ed subsequently begins & ends every day w/ coffee @ the Double
R & usually also has lunch there.
o Ed begins owning & operating the Gas Farm (15 yrs., ca. 1991). (This information
contradicts Hawk writing that Big Ed took it over after his father’s death in 1983.)
• 1/01/1976—
o 1:30am. Cooper’s father is bankrupt. He chooses the print shop over the house after
2 bottles of champagne.
o @3pm, Cooper decides which possessions he will keep: inter alia, the Hoover letter
& photo, the Efrem Zimbalist photo, several small round rocks, a photo of his mom
& dad, his scout manual, a Duke Snyder baseball card, his suits, a copy of Moby
Dick, & a small photo of Marie.
• 1/30/1976—1pm. Cooper has moved his dad into a small apt. above the print shop. His dad
only kept the awning from their house, which he hangs above his bed. Cooper has nowhere
to go & feels oddly liberated.
• 2/10/1976—2am. Cooper completes his final tests for early graduation. His FBI application
is ready to go, but he is 1 yr. shy of the eligibility age.
o Over the next yr., he makes only 2 recordings, & his whereabouts during this period
are unknown.
• 8/1976—Cooper is not sure of the day. He wishes he had brought along a pair of rubber
• ~1976-77—Randy runs away from his Mn. home (@ age 16; Cooper later suspects this is
due to abuse).
• 1977—
o The House Investigation into the JFK assassination. A key witness IDs Crisman as
one of the “three tramps” behind the grassy knoll. (Other possible “tramps” alleged
@ various times are former undercover operatives/Watergate burglars E. Howard
Hunt & Frank Sturgis, & career criminal/alleged mob hitman/father of Woody
Harrelson Charles Harrelson, who confessed to killing JFK before dying in prison.)
Crisman’s colleagues from Rainier, Or. H.S., where he was then teaching, give him
a posthumous alibi.
o Ray Palmer dies.
o Steven Spielberg’s Close Encounters of the Third Kind is released, w/ a final
sequence allegedly inspired by the rumored 1955 Holloman incident. (Prof. Hynek
was scientific consultant on film; Preston thinks it’s a classic.)
• 2/1977—Cooper makes a recording simply stating, “Evil does have a face.”
• 6/10/1977—7pm. Cooper is back in Philadelphia.
• 6/11/1977—[4pm] Cooper takes the written test for acceptance to the FBI in record time.
• 6/20/1977—[5pm] Cooper is interviewed by two special agents.
• 7/10/1977—[7pm] Cooper is accepted to the FBI. He uses the time before he starts on 9/01
to go into the Poconos to renew himself in body & spirit.
• 7/20/1977—1am. Cooper spends evening listening to a very bad Jewish comedian to
toughen himself mentally. He plans to head into the wilderness the next day w/ two
matches, a knife, a length of string & a paperclip.
• 7/30/1977—9pm. Cooper is in the wild. He eats mushrooms, greens & trout caught on the
paperclip, & sleeps under a blanket of pine needles.
• 8/01/1977—9pm. Cooper craves pie.
• 8/15/1977—3pm. Cooper spends a few days w/ his dad before shipping off. The print shop
is on the rebound since dad sold the remaining stock of moon maps to National
Geographic. Cooper gets a letter from Emmet saying Cooper is a tool of the establishment
& will rot in hell (Cooper is happy to hear from him).
• 9/01/1977—[10pm] Cooper is sworn in @ Quantico, Va. & begins 14 wks. of the academy.
His roommate is Kentuckian John Lewis.
• 9/10/1977—[11pm] Lewis & the instructor almost outpoint Cooper @ firearms practice,
until he corrects for a defect in the barrel.
• 9/12/1977—9pm. Cooper pontificates on crimes of passion, crimes for gain & crimes of
insanity. “There is no more focused mind than the one that has created its own reality. …
There is no gray area in madness. It is an absolute form of twisted truth.”
• 9/14/1977—[11:30pm] Cooper & his classmates investigate their 1st simulated crime
scene, a hotel rm. where a hostage was supposed to be. Cooper deducts (in Holmes-like
fashion) that she was murdered.
• 9/15/1977—9am. The class is informed that Cooper’s deductions were right on the button.
• 9/20/1977—[9pm] Cooper fires a machine gun. It is a sobering experience.
• 9/22/1977—[10pm] Cooper studies the case history of Eugene L. Motts, an extortionist
who would have gotten away w/ $3 million, except that that he bought his wife flowers.
Thinking he was cheating, she hired a P.I. to follow him. Coop concludes that no change
in behavior, no matter how small, can be overlooked when investigating a crime.
• 9/25/1977—[7pm] Cooper spends the afternoon in Defensive Tactics & Physical Training
getting thrown against the wall by the instructor. [11pm] Cooper expresses his admiration
for the one woman in the class, Agent Robin.
• 9/26/1977—11am. Agent Robin “dies” during a simulated raid on a hostage situation due
to Cooper’s attraction to her clouding his judgment.
• 9/27/1977—Midnight. Cooper spends several hrs. sitting alone in the memorial for fallen
agents, then realizes Robin is there too. Their attraction is mutual, but it is not the right
time or place.
• 11/25/1977—1am. Cooper is disappointed by Thanksgiving dinner @ Quantico.
• 12/11/1977—3pm. Special Agent Dale Cooper graduates Quantico. His dad gives him a
new pocket-sized tape recorder for graduation. Robin is valedictorian (the 1st woman to
achieve that honor); she narrowly nudges Cooper out due to her marksmanship.
• 12/12/1977—10am. Cooper learns he is assigned to the Pittsburgh field office, violent
crimes task force. Robin is going to San Francisco to work in drug interdiction. They each
fire six rounds, call it a draw & kiss goodbye.
• 12/18/1977—8pm. Cooper is in Pittsburgh. He rents a small apt. over a bakery.
• 12/19/1977—[9pm] Cooper reports to work & is assigned Diane (“an interesting cross
between a saint & a cabaret singer”) as his secretary.
• 1978—Marty Lindstrom leaves Twin Peaks, his business & his family for good, setting up
house w/ Vivian Smith @ the Weary Traveler (as common law spouses, since Ilsa refuses
to give him a divorce).
o Again, Cooper’s “Andrew Packard Case” document mischaracterizes these events,
simply stating that “Norma lost her dad in 1978.” Ilsa comes back to work @ the
Double R.
• 1/10/1978—
o 11am. Cooper gets his 1st case: the kidnapping of an 8-yr.-old girl, Chris Roe, in
o 1pm. Cooper is on scene. He begins the habit of addressing his tapes to Diane.
Cooper follows two sets of footprints to car tracks, finds a cigarette butt.
o 5pm. Cooper finds a mustache hair.
o 11pm. Cooper waits @ the Roe house for a ransom phone call.
• 1/11/1978—
o 9:30am. There is still no word from Chris Roe’s kidnappers.
o 11am. Cooper receives word the tobacco in the cigarette is of unusual origin.
o 1pm. Cooper is outside Petrini Smoke & Book Shop, sends tobacco from the shop
to the lab.
o 3pm. The tobacco is a match. Cooper has Steven Petrini’s phone tapped. His
accomplice is a beekeeper named Tess who has visited the store four times in the
past hr.
o 6pm. The kidnappers ask for $100K.
o 7pm. Cooper is waiting.
o 7:15pm. Shots fired @ the tobacco shop, all units moving.
o [11pm] Cooper finds the girl chained to a tree, physically unharmed other than
exposure. The kidnappers are captured. Upon completion of his 1st case, Cooper
feels empty.
• 1/20/1978—3pm. Cooper asks Diane to make a note to procurements complaining about
the coffee blend.
• 2/04/1978—10am. Cooper is in the basement of a tenement bldg. The dirt floor contains
fresh graves, one w/ a female hand sticking out.
o 11am. Forensics arrives, including Albert Rosenfield. Cooper asks Diane what she
knows about Albert Rosenfelt (sic) & why he is so angry. [8pm] The bodies are tree
females, age 16-30.
• 2/05/1978—1am. Cooper believes the force @ work in this case is the same one he
encountered @ Haverford, but doesn’t express this to anyone—FBI policy does not admit
evil is a force outside our understanding of life. (The files on this case are still active ~1991,
& Cooper’s further tapes about it are withheld.)
• 4/03/1978—10pm. Cooper anticipates the arrival tomorrow of Windom Earle to head the
Pittsburgh office.
• 4/04/1978—2pm. Earle tells Cooper he has been following his progress since his 1st day
@ academy.
• 4/16/1978—7am. Mr. Baldini, the owner of the bakery downstairs, has taken to leaving a
bearclaw @ Cooper’s door every morning.
• 5/01/1978—
o 2pm. Cooper responds to a hostage situation @ Eastern Savings & Loan. When a
hostage is killed, Cooper & Earle are the only agents to make a successful entry.
Cooper shoots the killer to death; the other suspect surrenders. (Oddly, Cooper says,
“My written report states that he [the killer] was ordered to freeze and drop his
weapon. He did not.” He seems to make a point of not saying that this is actually
what happened, only that it is what his report says.)
o Earle invites Cooper for dinner & chess the next night. Cooper calls his father, who
sounds sad. Cooper wishes he were in a high meadow in the Himalayas.
o Cooper sleeps very badly; he feels the kick of the shotgun in his shoulder all night.
• 5/02/1978—
o 9am. Diane sends Cooper flowers, Mr. Baldini brings an assortment of a half dozen
o [11pm] Earle beats Cooper in seven moves. Caroline, in a private moment, tells
Cooper she hopes he won’t let taking a life affect his life the way it did the 1st time
Earle used his weapon.
• 5/12/1978—3pm. Cooper talks to an FBI psychiatrist. Cooper tells the psychiatrist to
reconcile w/ his father & stop blaming his mother for his attraction to men.
• 5/15/1978—11am. Cooper is stuck on desk duty
• 6/10/1978—1pm. Cooper wonders how they get the snowflakes into paperweights.
• 7/02/1978—3am. Cooper has a dream about a man w/ no legs laughing @ him & telling
Cooper he can’t run, that “It” is right behind him, & “It” is sure to kill.
• 7/15/1978—9am. Earle releases Cooper from desk duty. Earle takes Cooper on as his
partner. (The Final Dossier contradicts this by saying they became partners in the early
o Cooper recounts that his psychiatrist stuck his head in the oven & turned it on, is
now in intensive care. Cooper is still spooked by the legless man dream.
• 7/28/1978—5pm. Cooper investigates the body of a ~30-yr.-old man, shot in the back of
the head, wrists tied behind his back w/ his hands gone, teeth smashed & face destroyed.
• 8/01/1978—
o 7pm. Someone calls Earle. He leaves the house.
o 9pm. Earle calls Cooper, tells him to meet him in an area frequented by crime
figures (in violation of FBI procedure).
o 11pm. Cooper finds Earle’s car. He goes into an abandoned bldg. & finds Earle’s
wallet & ID @ the top of the stairs.
o 11:10pm. Behind a door marked w/ a chalk X, Cooper finds a room containing only
two severed hands.
• 8/02/1978—
o 3am. Cooper leaves Earle’s house after a long talk w/ Caroline.
o 8am. Another body is found in the same condition as that found on 7/28. Lab reports
show the hands Cooper found belonged to Louis Dante, a minor figure in Pittsburgh
organized crime w/ convictions for extortion & attempted murder.
o 9pm. Cooper gets a call to go to an abandoned barge in the Ohio River.
o 11pm. On a half-submerged barge in the river, Cooper finds two more hands—one
holding a black square of cardboard, the other a white square.
• 8/03/1978—
o 10am. Gordon Cole, deputy director of the Criminal Investigation Division, arrives
in Pittsburgh to oversee the investigation. He hears what they’re doing, gives the
thumbs-up & blows back to Washington.
o 3:58pm. Caroline gets a call from Earle. He only says, “I’m sinking, I’m sinking.”
o 4pm. Caroline calls Cooper & he heads over. The call was too short to trace (Cooper
put a tap on the phone w/o Caroline’s knowledge).
o 7pm The second victim is ID’ed as Jimmy Lester, a minor petty thief w/ a long list
of arrests.
• 8/04/1978—
o 9:30am. Earle walks into the office & collapses.
o 10pm. Earle is in Central Medical.
• 8/05/1978—
o 7:30am. Cooper records a conversation w/ Earle. When Cooper asks where he was,
he laughs & says, “Cracks in the door.” When asked what he saw, he says, “Dale
Cooper,” & when asked again, says, “The abyss.” When Cooper asks what he found
there, Earle says, “Wonderful things.”
o 9pm. Earle cannot remember where he was or what happened to him, & has also
forgotten his morning conversation w/ Cooper. Cooper wonders if his dream of the
legless man is connected to all this. (Follow-up investigations over the next 4 mos.
all lead to dead ends.)
• ~1978-1979—A poor immigrant chambermaid @ the Great Northern is assaulted in
a back alley by a man who flees across the border. She never reports it; a child is
conceived, & when she begins to show, she tells Dr. Will Hayward. (Will in Episode
• 1979—
o Brothers Sid & Moses, the last remaining members of the Millhouse family of Mine
Hollow (who had claimed—w/o support—that fur baron John Jacob Astor had been
a great uncle several times removed) kill each other in an ax duel.
o TP Press publ. J. Potter’s Fear and Loathing in Early Black Lake Tribes.
• 1/02/1979—Jack Parsons’s HUAC testimony is unclassified.
• 1/20/1979—9am. The book-keeping people tell Cooper he’s accumulated ten days’
vacation. Earle gives him the name of a small island south of the border. Cooper plans to
use the time to study hostage-rescue techniques.
• 1/25/1979—
o 5pm. Cooper arrives @ La Casa el Corazon (sic), where Earle & Caroline spent
their honeymoon. Cooper spots an old man playing chess in the courtyard & recalls
that Earle told Cooper an old man there taught Earle everything he knew about the
game. Cooper says the man must be 100 yrs. old if he is the same man. (The last
bit is rather an odd statement. Per Tammy in The Final Dossier, Earle & Caroline
married less than 5 yrs. before this, & in any event, Caroline appears fairly young
on the show, so the marriage couldn’t have been that long ago.)
o 11pm. After dinner, Cooper sits down across from the man & says he heard the man
was a very good teacher. The man says there is death in Cooper’s face & he can
teach him nothing. When Cooper asks how he knows this, the man says this is the
wrong question & disappears into the night.
• 1/26/1979—
o 8am. Cooper finds a bloody chicken carcass nailed to his door & resolves to find
the old man.
o 7pm. Cooper stands at the door to a shack & finds the old man hanging from a rope
tied to a rafter, dead for 10-12 hrs., w/ a note: “Forgive. I was just a stupid old man.
May God stop him.”
• 1/27/1979—~
o 1am (20 hrs. as of 9pm). Cooper is drugged. 1500 miles away, as Windom &
Caroline Earle sit down to a meal, the lights go out, three well-armed men burst
into the house, knock Windom out & kidnap Caroline (Cooper says this happened
the same time he was falling under the influence of the drug). @ an undetermined
point, Cooper makes a recording about a monkey’s hand & having to get off the
o 9pm. Cooper says he has spent the past 20 hrs. under the influence of a powerful
narcotic & he doesn’t know how it was given to him. It produced profound
dislocation & confusion and opened terrifying windows into his subconscious. He
is certain something terrible is happening in Pittsburgh, but there are no phones on
the island.
• 1/28/1979—
o 10am. Cooper is on a boat back to the mainland.
o @11pm, Cooper has been informed of Caroline’s kidnapping.
• 1/29/1979—
o 3am. Cooper tells Earle about the old man. Earle expresses interest in the old man’s
final words to Cooper.
o 7am. Cooper & Earle have stayed up all night playing chess. Earle wins three
straight games.
o 9am. A vagrant is picked up wearing the sweater Caroline had on when kidnapped.
Cooper & Earle go to interrogate him.
o 10am. The vagrant says he was given the sweater by God, that God laughed & was
accompanied by an angel w/ a face red w/ blood, like Christ’s. God hurt the angel,
& told the vagrant to carry his message: “God is everywhere.” Cooper takes this as
a sadistic message from the kidnappers.
• 1/31/1979—11pm. Cooper speculates that “God is everywhere” might imply a mole in the
• 2/02/1979—11am. FBI HQ receives a message on a secure phone line: “She loves him, she
loves him not. She is not dead, but her love is. Caroline, Carol, Ca, C, gone.”
• 2/03/1979—11pm. Cooper tells Earle his fear that the person they seek may be within the
FBI. Earle says to be cautious & speak of this to no one.
• 2/05/1979—9pm. Earle concludes 2 hrs. under hypnosis by Cooper, believing his
disappearance may be related to Caroline’s kidnapping. Earle says that where he “is” (the
location of his kidnapping), “There is much light, and it is very dark.” Cooper asks what
he sees, & he responds, “Truth…ha ha ha.” Earle says he was not taken, he was chosen…to
be a good scout. He was released to do his work. Cooper asks what work, & he says, “You
can’t see it, can you? […] Caroline saw it.” She saw “love…and evil.” Earle can’t take
Cooper there because “you can’t get there from here.” Cooper feels this exchange offers
little help.
• 4/10/1979—
o 11am. A report comes in that a woman matching Caroline’s description was
arrested in Lower Manhattan during a sweep of prostitutes. Cooper & Earle go to
the airport.
o 1pm. Cooper & Earle arrive too late. The mug shot is Caroline, but she made bail
an hr. ago. NYPD puts out an APB & Cooper goes out to search.
• 4/11/1979—
o 3am. Cooper calls it a night.
o 1pm. Caroline is found.
o 2pm. Caroline is handcuffed in an interrogation rm. She is suffering from heroin
addiction. She is moved to Bellevue to stabilize her condition.
o 9pm. Earle steps out of the hospital rm. Caroline shows the 1st signs of withdrawal.
o 11pm. Caroline’s screams echo through the hallways.
• 4/12/1979—
o 5am. Caroline’s screams stop.
o 6am. Caroline’s blood tests show high levels of heroin, lower levels of a drug the
drs. can’t ID.
o 7pm. The unidentified drug is exotic, dangerous & unlike any compound the drs.
have ever seen.
• 4/13/1979—
o 5am. After nearly 24 hrs. w/o a change, the drs. fear that if Caroline doesn’t regain
consciousness soon, she never will.
o 8am. Caroline regains consciousness. Cooper takes her hand & says she’s safe.
Earle enters & strokes her forehead.
o 4pm. Caroline still hasn’t spoken but seems to know who Cooper is. The drs. have
given permission to take her to Pittsburgh tomorrow. Earle assigns Cooper to
protect her. Earle gives Cooper permission to try techniques beyond the Western
understanding of medicine, involving using the mind as a healing agent.
• 4/14/1979—3pm. Caroline, in the hospital (presumably in Pittsburgh), calls Cooper by his
name. She knows Earle, yet “something seems to be holding her back”—her reaction to
him is confused. They plan to move her to a safe house the next day.
• 4/15/1979—
o 2am. A nurse changes Caroline’s IV & Cooper notices a slight change in color. The
IV contains enough of the mystery drug to kill 20 people. Earle questions the staff
o 4am. Cooper, Caroline & Earle are in the safe house.
o 6pm. Caroline smiles & holds Cooper’s hand. Earle seems pleased.
• 4/16/1979—
o 2am. Caroline screams. Cooper runs in to find Earle talking gently to her. She says
she saw the face of “the man,” he is still coming after her & she is going to die.
Earle talks her back to sleep.
o 3pm. Convinced that Caroline’s subconscious is keeping her from IDing her
kidnapper, Cooper hypnotizes her. She remembers being injected w/ a needle. The
only face she recalls is a “helper” who was decapitated in front of her & his head
placed in her lap. She says “they wouldn’t let” her remember the other faces.
Cooper holds her after the session until she falls asleep.
• 4/17/1979—9pm. Caroline & Earle seem to be having difficulty picking up the pieces.
Cooper struggles to remain an outsider as his attraction to Caroline grows.
• 4/20/1979—
o 9pm. Believing his presence is impeding Caroline’s progress, Earle leaves the safe
house. He tells Cooper he believes Caroline’s ordeal is connected to his own
abduction, & says he believes evil exists as an independent life force & that it will
eventually conquer good because of guile.
o [4/21/1979—7am] Upon arriving home, Earle is attacked as he reenters his house;
he suffers superficial stab wounds. Now he can’t return to the safe house until
they’re sure he is not under surveillance.
• 4/30/1979—
o [7pm] While on a walk, Caroline tells Cooper she has loved him since the 1st day
they met. They make love under a bright spring sun.
o @ some point during the night, Caroline leaves Cooper a message on his tape
recorder: “I love you, Dale Cooper.”
o 11:30pm. Caroline awakes, says she has seen the face of the man who had taken
her & is sure she knows him. They vow to try another hypnosis session in the
• 5/01/1979—
o 1am. Cooper detects movement outside the house. Leaving Caroline asleep, he
checks the inside & the perimeter of the house. He returns to the bedroom & is
stabbed, slicing his left lung. He loses consciousness. Caroline is stabbed to death
& her corpse is dragged into the living room & placed in Cooper’s arms. Cooper
briefly wakes up @ some point during the night & finds Caroline’s dead body in
his arms.
o @9am, a 911 call is placed from the safe house, presumably by Earle. The FBI is
notified & Special Agent Bill Raum (w/ others) arrives about a minute after local
PD. Earle is in a corner of the kitchen on the phone, beyond the ability of anyone
to reach him. (Note that this contradicts Episode 21, wherein Coop claims the
attack took place 4 yrs. ago, i.e. around 1985.)
• 5/05/1979—Caroline Earle is buried.
• 5/15/1979—Cooper is in a hospital rm. He wishes he had died instead of Caroline.
• 5/20/1979—
o 7am. Cooper does his best to reconstruct the events of the night of the attack for
Diane. Cooper’s father & Gordon Cole are in the rm. & have hit it off.
o 3pm. Gordon tells Cooper that Earle’s mind has been “unreachable” & he is in the
psychiatric ward of the same hospital as Cooper. Cooper feels guilty & vows to go
to Earle as soon as he is able.
• 5/24/1979—An undetected slow hemorrhage ruptures, causing Cooper massive blood loss.
He is dead for two minutes, & experiences a sensation of peacefully drifting in a stream
current. The drs. save him.
• 5/25/1979—4pm. Cooper recounts his near-death experience. He wishes they had let him
• 5/31/1979—@ night, Cooper has a dream of lying on the floor of the safe house as Earle
laughs. It disturbs him a great deal.
• 6/01/1979—2pm. Cooper sits up in a wheelchair for the 1st time.
• 6/02/1979—4pm. Cooper visits Earle, who sits unmoving in a corner of a room. After
staring unblinkingly @ Cooper for perhaps minutes, Earle laughs & says, “Chess, anyone?”
As Cooper is wheeled out, Earle says, “Your move,” & laughs again.
• 6/07/1979—10am. Cooper is discharged from the hospital.
• 6/10/1979—4pm. Cooper visits Caroline’s gravesite.
• 7/14/1979—9pm. Cooper’s wounds have healed, but he has decided to ask Gordon for a
leave of absence after his medical leave expires to heal his spirit.
• 7/20/1979—Cooper makes a recording: “I take full responsibility. I have failed.” (Cooper’s
whereabouts over the next 6 mos. are unknown. He makes only two recordings. In one, he
reflects that he does not know who he is, & that we search & search but always end up
looking @ the same reflection in the mirror hoping we will see something different. In the
other, he repeats the word “heal” over and over, finally ending w/ the word “please.”)
• 8/1979—Garland Briggs sights a UFO while on a routine recon mission over western Mt.
as copilot of an F4 Phantom. His pilot advises that they not report it—too much paperwork
& it puts you on “their” radar. Briggs complies, but makes an anonymous report to
MUFON—the Mutual Unidentified Flying Object Network—an amateur grp. This puts
Briggs on Milford’s radar, & Doug is later responsible for Briggs’s transfer to Fairchild
(mistyped in Briggs’s transcript as “Fairfield”) Air Force Base (near Twin Peaks).
• Late 1970s—Douglas Milford makes contact w/ Gordon Cole.
• ~1979-1980—Nicholas (later Needleman—unknown if this was his birthname. Also
later known as “Little Nicky”) is born to the poor immigrant chambermaid; she dies
in childbirth. The mother is buried in Potter’s Field; Nicky is sent to the orphanage,
then shuttled from one state home to another until a young, childless couple takes him
in. (Will, Episode 21; per Lucy, Nicky is 9 in 1989)
• ~Late 1970s-early 1980s—Windom Earle introduces Caroline to Dale Cooper @ a Bureau
Christmas party in Philadelphia. (This said to occur the previous yr. before Coop’s arrival
in Pittsburgh in the early 1980s…see below for contradictions with other sources.)
• Early 1980s—
o Carl Rodd returns to his hometown for the 1st time in nearly 30 yrs. & takes up
residence outside Twin Peaks in a brand-new trailer park. He eventually becomes
mgr. & part owner. (Note: This contradicts all info in the original series/movie
placing Deer Meadow and the Fat Trout in southern Wa. whereas Twin Peaks is in
northern Wa.)
o Cooper arrives @ the Pittsburgh Bureau office for his 1st field assignment,
investigating a murder by a potential serial killer (a series of killings for which in
retrospect there is “strong reason” to suspect Earle was responsible, according to
Preston in 2017). Earle spearheads the investigation. (Contradictorily, Preston two
paragraphs earlier says Cooper joins the Philadelphia office—not Pittsburgh—and
Earle continuously works @ the Philadelphia office, commuting from Pittsburgh,
where Caroline works for a corporate law firm.) Earle, suspecting an attraction b/w
Coop & Caroline, makes frequent excuses to leave town (ostensibly related to the
investigation), but remains in town undercover following them, & even luring them
both anonymously to the same locations for chance meetings. Coop eventually
concludes that Earle is the serial killer he is seeking, & Caroline also comes to this
conclusion. Coop & Caroline compare notes. (Coop & Caroline suspecting that
Earle was responsible for the crime contradicts the show and My Life, My Tapes,
both of which indicate that Cooper only came to suspect Earle after Caroline’s
death.) Coop & Caroline spend “one ill-fated weekend” as lovers (curiously, this
version of events skips over the “witness protection” element referenced in both the
show and My Life, My Tapes). Earle kills Caroline & wounds Coop, staging it as a
crime of passion, ostensibly to prevent their revealing his guilt for the serial
murders (contradictorily, Preston also notes that Earle “didn’t count on” Cooper
knowing that Earle was the serial killer). Preston implies that the FBI came to know
of Earle’s guilt, but the “crime of passion” nature of Caroline’s murder became a
“convenient cover” to avoid a trial, & Earle was confined in a mental institution
(this seems to imply a public acknowledgement by the Bureau that Earle killed
Caroline, in contradiction of the show and My Life, My Tapes, where it is portrayed
as merely Coop’s suspicion). “This tragedy […] became the means” through which
Gordon met Cooper (this is arguably consistent w/ My Life, My Tapes, wherein
Cooper seems to meet Gordon for the 1st time during the investigation of the serial
murders committed by Earle, albeit before Caroline’s death).
§ Notes on dating: Preston twice refers to this period generally as the early
’80s, but also says Earle & Caroline had been married for 10 yrs., implying
a date of roughly 1984 (they were married the day after Nixon’s
resignation). However, Preston also says Earle spends nearly 10 yrs. in
solitary lockdown @ a federal max-security facility before his escape,
placing Caroline’s death closer to 1979. The latter is consistent w/ My Life,
My Tapes. The former is inconsistent w/ My Life, My Tapes placing the start
of Cooper’s career in 1977, and the start of Coop & Earle’s partnership in
1978, but is closer to the series timeline, in which the two began playing
chess every day ~1982, & presumably became partners around the same
time. However, Preston says Coop spends “months” in Pittsburgh on the
case, which seems inconsistent w/ Coop on the series saying he & Earle
played chess every day for 3 yrs., implying a longer partnership before
Caroline’s murder.
• ~Early 1980s—Tamara “Tammy” Preston born (Denise says she is “barely 30” in Part
• 1980s—Alan Traherne attends a survivors’ support grp. of abductees.
• 1980—
o During an escalating inter-triad gang war, Li’s father is gunned down inside his
Guangzhou nightclub. Rumors arise that Li either carried out or arranged the hit to
inherit her father’s operations. The triad’s senior council issues a contract on Li’s
life. Li then vanishes from Hong Kong.
o Cooper sees a dentist. He does not go again for 7 yrs.
• ~1980—Ben becomes owner of One-Eyed Jack’s (11 yrs. according to 1991 trading card;
contradicted by Episode 14—Ben says he’s owned it for 5 yrs.).
• 2/01/1980—Noon. Cooper asks Gordon to return him to active status. Cooper is now sure
(though unable to prove) that Earle was behind Caroline’s kidnapping & murder, & that he
was playing w/ them & allowed them to fall in love just to destroy it. Cooper believes
Earle’s abduction was one of the spirit, not a physical one.
• 2/10/1980—10am. Gordon calls the drs. & gets Cooper a meeting w/ Earle. Cooper has
told no one his suspicion,
• 2/11/1980—3pm. Cooper visits Earle (who is in a straitjacket). Earle says that Windom
“left.” Earle is mocking and evasive; upon repeated questioning as to why he stabbed
Cooper, he says to heal all the sick little children of the world. He says that during his
kidnapping, he was taken to “a rest stop, w/ the biggest goddamn bathrooms you’ve ever
seen.” He says the right question is not what evil looks like but what evil does not look
like, & says the old man on the island taught Earle “everything.” Cooper plays a recording
of the conversation for Gordon & tells him his suspicions. They agree that the tape proves
nothing, but Earle should spend the rest of his life in the hospital.
• 3/01/1980—11pm. Cooper finishes back paperwork. He expects to get his new assignment
tomorrow, as he & Gordon have agreed he shouldn’t stay in Pittsburgh.
• 3/12/1980—9am. “Diane, pack your bags, we’re going to San Francisco.”
• 5/01/1980—
o 6am. Cooper has the car & trailer packed for a road trip. He is to pick his dad up @
the airport in 2 hrs.
o 11am. Cooper makes one of many rest stops in Terre Haute, In. so his father can
urinate. The next day holds St. Louis, Kansas City & the Great Plains.
• 5/02/1980—
o 2pm. Cooper & his father cross the Mississippi & swing up to Hannibal to see
Samuel Clemens’s home.
o 10pm. Cooper says he was born 100 yrs. too late; it’s too late for all the Toms and
• 5/03/1980—
o 5pm. Cooper approaches the Rocky Mtns.
o 9pm—Cooper is unhappy to be parked next to a NJ family in a large silver trailer.
• 5/05/1980—2pm. Cooper is @ the Great Salt Lake.
• 5/06/1980—
o 11pm—Reno, Ne. Cooper last saw his father with a scantily-clad blonde.
• 5/07/1980—
o 6am. Cooper’s father marries the blonde, Shamrock, a Bryn Mawr grad w/ a degree
in Germanic languages.
o 9am. Cooper locates his father @ dawn. His dad & Shamrock plan to honeymoon
in a little hut w/ a sauna on the Continental Divide. Cooper finishes the trip alone.
• 5/10/1980—4pm. Cooper checks in @ the Bureau office in San Francisco & heads to locate
• 5/11/1980—3pm. Cooper finds an apt. w/ a view of the Golden Gate Bridge w/i walking
distance of a Chinese bakery that makes tiny donuts. Cooper is due to check in @ work in
two days.
• 5/12/1980—
o 11am. Cooper drives through a redwood.
o 2pm. Cooper visits Alcatraz, laments that our future is dim if these are the
monuments we’re leaving behind.
• 5/15/1980—
o 7am. Cooper heads in to work.
o 11pm. The Pittsburgh “incident” has followed Cooper reputationally; he believes
he will have to prove himself to his new coworkers.
• 5/20/1980—[10pm] Agent Robin Masters (from the academy) is now in the San Francisco
white collar crimes division. She & Cooper fire off a round @ the range for old times’ sake.
• 6/14/1980—@ nt., a man named Bush picks up Randy, a 19-yr.-old speed-addicted
prostitute. Bush takes Randy to Bush’s house, touches him, ties him up & shoots him.
• 6/15/1980—
o 2pm. Cooper gets a case.
o 4pm. Cooper stands over a young dead man, bound & gagged and shot several
times, w/ evidence of sexual abuse. Cooper expects that the man was a prostitute &
that the murderer might be a serial killer. He has Diane start looking into similar
unsolved murders.
• 6/23/1980—4pm. The murder victim is ID’ed as Randy. A man named Spider (likely
another prostitute) saw Randy get into a car the night of the murder. There are two unsolved
murders of male prostitutes over the past 8 mos. & two male prostitutes missing in the
Mission District.
• 6/28/1980—
o 11am. If Cooper’s hunch is correct, the killer has killed eight male prostitutes in a
straight line from Il. to Ca. & will kill again in the next several wks. Six of the
victims were last seen in gay bars. Cooper decides to go undercover.
o 10pm. Cooper says he finds leather on the skin surprisingly sensual.
o 10:10pm. Cooper enters the Club Y.
• 6/29/1980—
o 3am. Cooper meets three former Eagle Scouts on the dance floor & is invited to
spend 6 days sailing to Hawaii on a yacht.
o 9pm. Cooper has gotten the cooperation of the FBI & local PD to add 6 more people
in the field. Gordon cables Cooper to watch his backside.
o 11pm. Cooper is back @ Club Y. He has been propositioned 5 times in the past hr.;
he is doing much better than in college.
• 6/30/1980—
o 2am. Bush circles the club in a light blue Ford. Cooper, suspicious, goes out to
make contact.
o 2:15am. Bush drives Cooper’s way.
o 2:30am. Cooper determines that Bush—claiming to be a married salesman from
Mill Valley—is not the killer & suggests that he return home to discuss this w/ his
o 2:38am. Cooper pursues a Dodge Dart, the driver of which tried to run over a male
prostitute after a payment dispute. [4am] Cooper experiences brake trouble & runs
into a half block of shrubbery. The man is apprehended but is not the killer.
o 10am. The lab IDs a piece of fiber from Randy’s toenail. It is from the floor of a
car—possibly a Ford, but other makes use the same manufacturer. Cooper heads to
get a warrant for the Mill Valley salesman, whom Cooper now knows to be named
Bush—he is unmarried & his last known residence was Chicago 1 yr. ago.
o 1pm. Cooper waits inside Bush’s house, w/ 3 units outside. He sees a severed penis
in a jar & four pictures of naked men tied up (including Randy’s corpse).
o 6pm. Bush arrives home.
o 7pm. Bush gives a confession, seeming calm & sometimes happy that the killing is
over. He says he strangled one victim, & shot the others. When Cooper asks why,
Bush replies, “They asked me.” Cooper decides to get out of violent crimes for
awhile & perhaps work in embezzlement or espionage.
• 7/30/1980—11am. Through some effort, Cooper gets reassigned to the counterintelligence
task force. No tapes for this period are acknowledged by the FBI.
• ~1980-81—Audrey Horne dresses as Heidi in the Great Northern dining rm. John
Justice Wheeler was there & has a photo of it. (Audrey says she was 10, Episode 23)
(Note: This date estimate uses Audrey’s stated age of 18 on the series, not her 1972
birthday from the trading cards which doesn’t gel w/ the series.)
• 1981—
o Twin Peaks Sheriff Franklin Truman (who had assumed the job from his father
after returning from Vietnam, where he was a Green Beret) takes a law enforcement
job in western Wa. (where his wife hails from). Frank’s brother, Deputy Harry
Truman, becomes sheriff. (This is contradicted by the trading cards saying Harry
took over as sheriff 6 yrs. ago as of ~1991.)
o Leilani dies; Dr. Jacoby leaves Oahu, Hi., & returns to Twin Peaks to care for
Robert, who has been diagnosed w/ multiple sclerosis, & to continue his studies w/
Native American tribes in the region. He establishes a private practice & a
consulting residency @ Calhoun Hospital.
o Leland becomes chief counsel to the Horne Corp., moves his family to Twin Peaks.
(per Jacoby’s case notes) (this contradicts Harry in Episode 12 saying Leland’s
grandfather brought the family to town 75 yrs. ago)
o Dr. Jost Poepjes founds the Zonderkop (“Born without a Head”) Institute in
Amsterdam, dedicated to finding alternative ways of raising human consciousness
to prevent destruction. It is directly upstairs from a hashish bar owned by the doctor.
o Maddy gets her 1st period (3 yrs. ago in 1984).
• ~1981 or earlier—Andrew Packard & Thomas Eckhardt are business partners. Per
Andrew in Episode 21: “I knew lumber, he knew Hong Kong. We made a lot of
money, had some fun. Then I got the better of him in a piece of business and he tried
to stab me in the back.”
• ~1981—
o Eckhardt begins planning Andrew’s death. (Catherine to Pete, Episode 21:
Eckhardt planned Andrew’s death for 6 yrs.)
§ Eckhardt’s version of the story: he & Andrew were friends, but “men
of business often find their personal lives disrupted by the larger
portraits they paint.” However, Eckhardt disputes that the reason he
tried to kill Andrew was a business deal, saying he wouldn’t kill for art
or money—these are “commodities easily lost & just as easily
gained”—but he might find reason to kill for love (implying a dispute
over Josie’s affections). (Episode 22) (Andrew in Episode 18 calls Josie
Eckhardt’s “one true love,” seemingly lending credence to the fact that
Eckhardt had genuine feelings for Josie) (see below under 1983 for
more on the Andrew/Eckhardt/Josie triangle)
o Ben & Sylvia Horne begin living “separate lives” (for more than a decade @ their
time of divorce).
o ~7/04/1981—Toad wins the frog jumping contest @ the 4th of July
celebration…and proceeds to win for the next 9 yrs. as well (for the past 10 yrs., as
of 1991).
• 1982—
o Harold Dahl dies (having left Tacoma & never spoken about the Maury Island
experience after his son’s kidnapping).
o Maj. Garland Briggs is restationed from Fairchild Air Force Base in Spokane to
special assignment in Twin Peaks—officially, to improve the runways,
communications & security @ Unguin Field to transform it into a regional airport.
This work progresses slowly, while Briggs & Milford filter off personnel to build
a top-secret facility on a 25-acre piece of land the military acquired through eminent
domain, deep in Ghostwood Nat’l Forest on Blue Pine Mtn. (Briggs speculates that
Milford began this track based on a tip from the FBI or his Air Force contacts.)
Throughout construction, even Briggs believes the facility to be related to Pres.
Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative. Milford “train[s] Briggs to succeed him by
dropping an occasional startling remark” & leaving documents where Briggs was
sure to find them, to see how he would react.
o Ben Horne restores the theater/Opera House to its original design, & it reopens as
a movie theater.
• ~1982—
o Coop & Windom Earle (his 1st partner) begin playing chess every day for 3
yrs. (Coop to Harry, Episode 21—3 yrs. before Caroline’s death, which was 4
yrs. before the events of the series)
o Nadine’s mother dies (“about 5 yrs. ago” in 1987, according to Dr. Jacoby).
• 7/15/1982—Doug Milford publishes an article welcoming Briggs & family to Twin Peaks
in the Post (the article makes it sound like Briggs has already been there for a bit).
• ~1982-1983—Ellen & Tony Banks are killed in a car accident; Teresa becomes a ward of
the st. (When she was 12.)
• 1983—
o Andrew Packard goes to Hong Kong on a 2-wk. state-sponsored trade mission to
sell hardwood to emerging Eastern markets, & meets Li Chun Fung, now posing as
Josette Mai Wong (a.k.a. Jocelyn/“Josie”) @ a black-tie mixer @ the Hong Kong
Trade Center. She claims to be an art & design student from a local university hired
to work as a hostess for the evening, & further claims to be 21 (stated elsewhere as
19), & to be from the slums of Taiwan but to have been raised in an orphanage in a
provincial region of mainland China. She also feigns an inability to speak English.
In actuality, Josie has bought protection from a South African émigré & Hong Kong
import-export man, Thomas Eckhardt, using herself as collateral. Eckhardt makes
a successful play to become Packard’s Hong Kong contact, while Packard falls in
love w/ Josie & proposes to her. She refuses the proposal as too impulsive, but
shows up on Packard’s doorstep in Twin Peaks 3 wks. later & accepts (apparently
having fled Eckhardt w/o his knowledge, but Coop later suspects it was part of a
comprehensive scheme she & Eckhardt devised).
o The Pilot says that Andrew brought Josie back from Hong Kong in 1983
(Harry to Coop, 6 yrs. ago; stated again, Jonathan to Josie, Episode 11).
§ However, as noted above, in Episode 21, Catherine says Eckhardt was
planning Andrew’s death for 6 yrs. (a plan Eckhardt executed in 1987),
implying that Andrew & Eckhardt’s falling-out occurred in 1981, pre-
dating Andrew meeting Josie.
§ Josie tells Andrew in Episode 23 that Eckhardt persuaded her to help
kill Andrew by telling her Andrew didn’t love her & just married her
to get back @ Eckhardt (it’s unclear exactly what Andrew would have
been getting back @ Eckhardt for, if Andrew was the one who bested
Eckhardt in the deal).
§ Ultimately, the timeline remains murky, and it’s not clear whether
Eckhardt decided to kill Andrew after being bested in a business deal
(the Andrew/Catherine version of the story), as a crime of love after
Andrew stole Josie (Eckhardt’s version), or whether Eckhardt & Josie
always planned to con & possibly kill Andrew from the moment they
met him (Cooper’s suspicion), or some more subtle combination of the
above possibilities.
§ Note: The Secret Diary reaffirms this date (Josie arrived 6 yrs. ago in 1989),
but Laura believes that Josie was a dancer & a prostitute before Andrew
“saved her life,” information that Harry doesn’t appear to know in the show
until her INTERPOL file comes through. (It is possible that Josie confessed
these elements of her life to Laura in private during their English lessons.)
o Ed Hurley Sr. passes away. Big Ed takes over the Gas Farm. He designs & builds
a new neon sign w/ a glowing egg (in tribute to the old farm stand) & a mallard (for
his father’s love of hunting). James works weekends pumping gas. (per Hawk)
(This contradicts the trading cards saying Ed has owned & operated the Gas Farm
for 15 yrs.)
o Shamrock has an accident leaving her w/ only three toes. Cooper sends a tape to his
father offering the name of a Chinese cobbler who long ago custom made shoes for
women whose feet had been bound. Cooper has met a very nice Russian dancer
who also has problems w/ her feet.
• ~1983—
o James Hurley’s father leaves (possibly; James originally says in Episode 1 that
his dad died when he was 10, then later says in Episode 5 that he was lying &
his dad ran out on them, but doesn’t specify that he was 10 when it happened).
(This date also assumes that James’s b’day in the Access Guide is accurate),
o Laura has a dream where she fails a weird test involving transporting a certain
number of people across a river. Laura just wants to swim, so “they” send someone
to touch her in “bad, mean ways.” Laura feels like she is still in this dream the next
day @ school & cannot work, & jumps every time Donna says her name or touches
her. (In 1984, Laura says this was “last yr.”)
o Maddy tongue kisses for the 1st time.
• 1/10/1983—Pierre Tremond born. (The canonicity of this is questionable. The trading
cards seem to have taken a less ethereal/supernatural approach to this character than Lynch
ultimately did in FWWM. The name “Pierre” was presumably taken from The Secret
Diary, which is the only other place it ever appeared. The trading card also says Pierre later
attends Twin Peaks Elementary School.)
• 5/09/1983—The Twin Peaks Post publishes an open letter to Mayor Milford (when Doug
Milford is out of town on business) from Carl Rodd, complaining about the construction
going on on Blue Pine Mtn. (& the armed guards indicating it as military action). He
speculates that the Knight of Columbus, the Knights Templar, the Illuminati, the Tri-
Lateral Commission & the Bohemian Grove are all the same bunch in different costumes.
Dwayne orders an investigation into the matter. When Doug returns, he fires the asst. editor
responsible for publishing the article, then visits Dwayne, offering to help w/ the
investigation & call the FBI personally.
• ~5/21/1983—Regional Director Gordon Cole & Special Agent Phillip Jeffries show up in
Twin Peaks. (They are there for a wk. as of 5/28.)
• 5/28/1983—Cole & Jeffries submit a confidential report to Mayor Milford stating that their
3 days in the field (speaking to Briggs & his superiors @ Fairchild & the Pentagon) yielded
them the following info: the construction project is a state-of-the-art radar & weather
forecasting facility directly related to Pres. Reagan’s recently-announced Strategic Defense
Initiative, is top secret & there will be no further info forthcoming. Dwayne buys this
explanation & ends his inquiry.
• ~post-7/1983—Bob begins “having” Laura (since she was 12; Laura to Harold in
FWWM. This calculation is assuming that the 7/22 birthdate in The Secret Diary and
the trading cards is correct, but her birth yr. should be moved back from 1972 to 1971
to conform w/ series continuity [Showtime did this in promo material for pre-season
3 repeats.]) (Note: The Secret Diary contradicts this, as the book starts on Laura’s 12th
b’day & strongly implies that Bob has been abusing Laura before the start of the book.)
• 11/1983—The Blue Pine facility, SETI Array 7-1 (better known to insiders as Listening
Post Alpha, or LPA), goes live. It is the most advanced deep-space, multispectrum search-
and-receiving station ever constructed, & operates w/o any official gov’t or military
oversight. Briggs, the only officer on site & now aware of its true purpose, performs his
methodical & extremely technical search for intelligent life for the next several yrs. (This
would appear to be the same facility referred to in the Access Guide as Unguin Field
Observatory. The location in the Blue Pine Mtns. contradicts the U.F.O. location shown on
the map in the Access Guide.)
• 1984—
o Kenneth Arnold dies.
o Ilsa Lindstrom makes “@ least a partial” deathbed confession to Norma about
Marty’s double life. Ilsa passes away suddenly in her sleep. (Hank is out of the
country & misses the funeral.)
• ~1984—
o Ben becomes the owner of OEJ. (5 yrs., Ben to Audrey, Episode 14)
o Annie Blackburn enters the convent (possibly—in Episode 27, she makes an
oblique comment to Coop saying she spent 5 yrs. trying to comprehend “it.”
Oddly, they’re talking about attraction prior to her comment…but Coop
responds with, “Faith.” The Episode 25 script had explicit dialogue stating
that Annie spent 5 yrs. in the convent).
• 5/21/1984—The FBI/AF interview w/ Kenneth Arnold is systematically reviewed, Top
Secret classification is continued.
• 6/1984—Laura has a fever. She walks into her parents’ bedroom & sees them having sex.
(“Last month” as of July.)
• 7/22/1984—Laura celebrates her 12th birthday. Someone (presumably her parents) gives
her a diary. Then Leland takes Laura & Sarah to the Broken Circle Stables & surprises
them both w/ a pony for Laura, whom she names Troy (after the horse in “Mrs. Larkin’s
photo book”). He will be old enough to ride in 2 mos. Laura hopes BOB won’t come
tonight. (Clues from Laura’s subconscious: She says Leland loves the woods as much as
she does, & she once had a dream where Leland moved the family to a house deep in the
• 7/23/1984—
o Early morning. Laura has nightmares. One involves walking by the Pearl Lakes in
a hot wind. There is a long-haired bearded man w/ calloused hands & black thumb
tips (which he wiggles in circles). Laura keeps walking toward him even though
she doesn’t want to. He says he has her cat Jupiter, & Jupiter runs off into the
woods. The man raises his hands & makes the wind stop, but Laura then feels
a heat between her legs & she is forced to spread them to cool. The man sings
“Waltzin’ Matilda” in Sarah’s voice. He says, “Laura, you are home,” & she
wakes up. After writing the dream down in her diary, Laura decides it’s not
so scary, and thinks she might write all of her dreams down from now on. (This
section is glimpsed in Episode 15 when Coop flips through Laura’s diary for
Ben.) Later, Laura sleeps w/o anymore dreams, but Laura calls out for Sarah in her
sleep, then hoots like an owl.
o Madeline arrives on the train to visit for a wk.
• 7/27/1984—Laura, Donna & Maddy visit Troy, then camp out back of the Palmer house
in a fort they built w/ Leland. All three write in their diaries. Maddy tells them about tongue
kissing her boyfriend & they discuss Laura seeing her parents’ “quickie.” When Donna
leaves to pee, Maddy tells Laura she has been having bad dreams too—one involving Laura
in the woods. Laura pressures Donna into smoking even though she promised not to. (Note:
The Haywards call to tell Donna she doesn’t have to go to church in the morning, but 7/27
was a Fri. in 1984 [and a Weds. in 1983, if the Secret Diary’s events were moved back a
yr. to match the series dating of Laura’s death.].)
• 7/29/1984—Laura writes a poem about a man outside her window who takes her out to
play in the forest, & how he seems to be w/ her even when she knows he can’t be.
• 7/30/1984—Maddy (possibly sensing that Laura is depressed) lets Laura try on all of her
(more adult) clothes. Maddy says Laura looks like Audrey Horne (Laura writes about how
Ben has been “very attentive” to Laura her whole life while ignoring his own daughter—
@ gatherings @ the Great Northern, Ben takes Laura on his knee & sings softly in her ear,
& sometimes Audrey runs out of the rm.). Laura & Maddy take a walk in Easter Park & sit
in the gazebo. Laura internally resolves to think less about “what is happening to” her &
rid herself of the things that trouble her so—“things [she] still cannot even describe other
than in bits and pieces.” Later, she writes a poem about her blooming womanhood & her
dreams of dying.
• 7/30/1984—Maddy leaves (three days before 8/02).
• 8/01/1984--@ night, Laura has an orgasm in her sleep, then has a fantasy that a boy is in
her room, opening her up…and crawling inside, causing her to be pregnant w/ him.
• 8/02/1984—Laura is frightened about something she doesn’t understand.
• 8/07/1984—Laura spends the afternoon w/ Troy. Later, in her rm. before dinner, she thinks
about death & the possibilities of meeting Jesus & Satan in the afterlife. She tries to see
Donna, but the Haywards are having a family night. Laura has 4 of Maddy’s cigarettes
stowed in a hole in her bedpost where she also puts notes from school she doesn’t want
Sarah to find. She tapes the diary to the wall behind her bulletin board.
• 8/11/1984—
o Laura takes her diary, a flashlight & a cigarette into the woods 1 mi. from home
just before dark. She sits @ the foot of her & Donna’s favorite Douglas fir. She
writes about Bobby saying, “The world wipes its butt w/ T.P.” & pulling the girls’
hair & burping in their faces. Laura says she’d never date Bobby. She wonders if
all penises look like Leland’s—pink & raw. (Clues from Laura’s subconscious: She
indicates here that the only penis she has seen is Leland’s, specifically on the nt.
she walked in on her parents. However, her 7/22 entry implied, in rather more
worldly tones, that she had had experiences with male privates that Sarah was
unaware of.) An owl watching Laura disturbs her. She writes a poem about
something inside of her that tells her she will never grow older if she reveals its
name, & she can’t tell if it is real or a dream because when it comes she drifts off.
She then decides, “It is too dark. This is not a nice place to me right now,” & heads
o The Twin Peaks town council issues Robert Jacoby $150 to write Oh, What a
Tangled Web…, a history of the community’s beginnings.
• 8/16/1984—5:30am. Laura has just returned from being in the woods again, led by a very
bad person. She resolves to be good & not think about sex, hoping that will make him stop
• 8/16-8/30/1984—Laura spends these 2 wks. trying to be good & to be around people all
the time.
• 8/31/1984— Laura gets out of bed & discovers she has gotten her period. Sarah
immediately tells Leland. Laura spends the day in bed thinking strange thoughts of life and
“…other things.” Sometimes she thinks someone is inside of her: it is another, stranger part
of Laura. Sometimes she sees her in the mirror.
• 9/01/1984—Sarah rubs Laura’s stomach & lets Laura fall asleep on her. For the 1st time in
awhile, Laura feels like they are close.
• 9/09/1984—Laura has discovered masturbation. She is overjoyed, but hopes it is
something all girls do & that she will not be punished.
• 9/15/1984—Someone has read Laura’s diary. She writes an entry angrily saying that she
will not write again for a long time.
• Late 1984—Nadine Gertz, after working as a seamstress in Spokane for awhile, is staying
in Twin Peaks w/ her dad & thinking of moving back to Twin Peaks full time to open a
shop. (Dr. Jacoby later says in his evaluation of Nadine that she returned home when she
“felt herself sliding.”) She takes the mower to Big Ed’s Gas Farm on a Sat., & Ed
accidentally backs his tow truck into her as she pulls up. She is uninjured. Nadine has had
a crush on Ed since H.S. & soon the attraction becomes mutual; she kisses him. James &
Hawk (who was filling up) are present. 3 wks. later, Ed & Nadine are married @ the
Chapel-in-the-Woods w/ a reception @ the Grange Hall. Andy Brennan (who was just
brought on as deputy) tells Hawk about Nadine’s institutionalization in H.S. Shortly
thereafter, Nadine starts becoming erratic, confronting Ed about Norma &
following/watching Ed. (Note: this timeline and version of events from Hawk flatly
contradicts the backstory Ed tells Coop in Episode 8.)
• ~mid-to-late 1984—“About two yrs. ago, maybe more” as of 10/1986. Laura & Ronnette
Pulaski are in an assembly together. They are the only two costume changes in the middle
of the show, & see each other naked. Laura is attracted to the way Ronnette’s eyes seem
“sad, but cold,” & she likes Ronnette’s body. They smile @ one another.
• 1985—
o Mrs. Howard’s doughnuts win a blue ribbon @ the bake-off @ the 1985 Wa. state
fair (according to some, this kicks off Twin Peaks’s current doughnut-eating craze).
o Norma reaches out to Marty, whom she’d barely spoken to & only seen once in the
preceding 6 yrs. Marty is in severely reduced physical & mental condition. Vivian
has persuaded Marty to marry her, & has changed her last name to Smythe. Norma
learns that she has a 12-yr.-old half-sister. Norma forms a connection w/ Annie &
therefore also tries to maintain a civil relationship w/ Vivian subsequently, but
keeps Annie’s existence secret from both Hank & Ed. (Note that Norma meeting
Annie for the first time in 1985 contradicts the series, where both Norma, in
Episode 23, and Annie, in Episode 26, say that they grew up together.)
o Marty Lindstrom dies, less than a yr. after learning of Ilsa’s death. He leaves the
Weary Traveler to Vivian. Less than 6 wks. after Marty’s death, Vivian marries
Roland Blackburn, the owner of a successful beer distribution co. from the Yakima
area. (Preston says there is “more than ample reason” to suspect Vivian & Roland
were together while Marty was alive.) A few wks. after Vivian moves to Roland’s
estate, Roland adopts Annie. A few days after the adoption, they send Annie to a
Catholic boarding school in Kennewick, Wa. Norma is the only relative who visits
Annie during her 1st yr. @ the school.
§ (Note: Measuring time forward from this stated 1985 date leads to the
absurd result that Annie’s Final Dossier timeline would spill into the mid-
1990s before she even arrives in Twin Peaks! Since this can’t possibly be
correct, I will simply recount the remaining impossible-to-place events at
this point, with the timestamps of approx. when the events would take place
if counting forward from this date.)
• ~12/1988—(3 yrs. after Annie enters school—which was only wks.
after Marty’s 1985 death) During Annie’s senior yr., she visits home
for Christmas. During a holiday party, something happens b/w her
& Roland (Preston believes it is an attempted sexual assault after a
nt. of heavy drinking, & that Vivian either discovers or interrupts
it). Roland storms out & w/i 15 minutes drives his Cadillac Deville
off a bridge into Yakima River, killing himself. (There is also some
evidence that his brake might have been tampered with.) The next
nt., Annie takes a bottle of tranquilizers & slits her wrists w/ a box
cutter. (Note: This version of Annie’s suicide attempt seems
oddly inconsistent w/ her telling Cooper in Episode 26 that the
suicide attempt was because of a boyfriend.) Vivian rushes her to
the hospital. They stabilize her, but she remains unresponsive &
borderline catatonic. She is confined in a psychiatric hospital in
western Wa. (the same one where Nadine & her mother were treated
yrs. earlier). The only family member who regularly visits is Norma.
The insurance co. later pays out on Roland’s policy to Vivian.
• ~12/1988 - mid-1989—(During the mos. Annie was confined) Ernie
Niles shows up @ the Weary Traveler offering his services as
handyman, & w/i a few wks. is Vivian’s domestic partner @ the
Blackburn manse. (Note: This contradicts Ernie telling Hank in
Episode 15 that he met Vivian @ a Republican fund raiser.)
• ~Mid-1989—Annie is released from the psychiatric hospital (after
6 mos.). She returns home. “Shortly” afterward, Vivian marries
Ernie. The wk. after the wedding, Annie returns to her school in
Kennewick. Vivian & Ernie settle in Seattle & Vivian invests in an
area restaurant, which quickly fails. (Note: This timing contradicts
the series, where Vivian & Ernie’s union is implied to be very new—
they are honeymooning, & Hank implies that Ernie only got out of
jail 6 mos. before Hank. In the book, they appear to have been
married for several yrs. before Vivian comes to Twin Peaks, all
throughout Annie’s time in the convent and some time before.)
• ~Spring 1990—Annie graduates from her Kennewick Catholic
school w/ honors (“the following spring” after Ernie & Vivian’s
wedding). Instead of college, Annie decides to enter the convent
adjacent to her school.
• ~1985—
o Jeffrey Marsh 1st beats his wife Evelyn. (4 yrs. ago, Malcolm to James, Episode
19: Malcolm’s story is suspect, however, since he lies to James about being
Evelyn’s brother, & is scheming to murder Jeffrey. It’s ultimately not clear
whether Jeffrey actually ever did beat Evelyn.)
o Coop & Windom Earle draw the assignment of protecting Earle’s wife
Caroline, “a material witness in a federal crime.” Coop & Caroline fall in love;
one nt., an attack is made. Coop is wounded. He comes to w/ Caroline dead in
his arms from a stab wound, 1” below the sternum, penetrating upwards,
severing the aorta. Earle goes mad. (Coop later comes to believe that Earle
committed both Caroline’s murder & the crime she witnessed, & feigned
insanity). (4 yrs. ago, Coop to Harry, Episode 21) (Note that this contradicts My
Life, My Tapes, which has the attack occur in 1979.)
§ Briggs’s account contradicts both, dates, saying Earle went mad “shortly”
after Jeffries vanished (which was 1989 according to Briggs), or possibly
shortly after Desmond vanished (it’s not grammatically clear which he is
referring to). Briggs also states that Earle shot Coop, contradicting all other
sources, which say Coop was stabbed—as well as Coop in Episode 8
saying he has never been shot before.
o Harry Truman becomes sheriff (6 yrs.—presumably as of the release of the cards
in 1991—per Truman’s welcome on the title card). (This is contradicted by The
Secret History saying he took over in 1981.)
• 3/28/1985—Andrew Packard arrives in Hong Kong under the assumed name Anton David
Walbrook. He is permitted to remain through 6/28/1985 (passport stamps).
• 3/31/1985—Andrew departs Hong Kong (passport stamps).
• 5/17/1985—Doug Milford & Briggs have cigars & Bordeaux on LPA’s patio overlooking
Pearl Lakes. (W/o Briggs’s knowledge, Doug records this conversation). Milford reveals
why he picked Garland, & they debate the value of mysteries. Milford says he is late for a
very important date, & Briggs is to replace him as the Watcher in the Woods. As day turns
to night, Milford tells Briggs of his own experiences in the woods, shows Briggs raw data
of his military experiences, incl. Roswell & Nixon, & turns over his dossier on the history
of the town to Briggs, saying that it is Briggs’s job now. (Briggs says that he later inserts
many of Milford’s own experiences into the middle & later sections of the dossier,
accompanied by Briggs’s own attempts at interpretation, while Milford & Briggs
contribute sections about the people of Twin Peaks together.) Milford says he believes their
mission is to monitor not only deep space but their surroundings on Earth for nonhuman
intelligent life, discern its purposes & watch for signs of imminent attack.
• 10/03/1985—Laura begins writing in her diary again. Laura says she understands Johnny
Horne more than she does most people. She was visiting Johnny one day when she
overheard Audrey yelling @ Ben, & learned that Ben actually gave Troy to Laura. Now
Laura feels indebted to (& intrigued by) Ben, & views Leland as dishonest. She thinks that
Dr. Hayward has been the most loving person in her life, & says she sometimes imagines
the warmth of his holding her as a frightened newborn. After dinner, she continues
recounting the past yr.: Relatively recently, Jupiter was hit by a car (it is recent enough that
Sarah made a favorite dinner for Laura tonight to console her). Laura says that while she
is well-liked, no one knows her at all. Donna is the closest, but Laura is afraid to tell
Donna her fantasies & nightmares because sometimes Donna giggles. Laura fears that
Donna wouldn’t be around @ all if she knew Laura’s “black & dark” insides, “soaked
w/ dreams of big, big men & different ways they might hold [her] & take [her] into
their control” (Harold reads this passage to Donna in Episode 11).
• Shortly before 10/12/1985—(“The other night” on 10/12/1985) Laura & Donna’s parents
go to the Great Northern for a party Ben is throwing, and Laura & Donna ride their bikes
to the Book House. After a half hr., three 22-yr.-old Canadian boys (Josh, Tim & Rick)
approach them. Laura & Donna identify themselves as Bernice & Trisha, tourists whose
Round About the Woods bus leaves in an hr. They all go out back & smoke marijuana.
They postulate that the world is a speck of linen on a giant’s sweater & that time moves
differently for the giant, & talk about ways the giant might end the world (flicking us off,
washing machine). They imagine people from other lint balls/universes. Laura & Donna
get junk food @ the Cash & Carry on the way back to Donna’s (Dr. Hayward calls to say
they’ll be late—Ben is showing slides). Laura & Donna eat & dance & laugh & are asleep
when everyone gets home.
• 10/18/1985 (“last Fri. nt.,” “the day before yesterday” as of 10/20)—
o 4pm. Laura & Donna return to the Book House (which Laura describes as a coffee
house full of books) in short, tight dresses. Only Big Jake Morrissey, who runs the
place, is there. Eventually the boys return & tease the girls for lying to them last
o Around 5:30pm. The boys take Laura & Donna in their truck across Lucky Hwy.
21 to the woods behind Low Town. They build a fire; Laura & Donna get drunk on
gin. (This is Laura & Donna’s 1st experience w/ alcohol aside from a glass of
champagne @ Dr. Hayward’s b’day). Donna & Tim get close.
o Around 8:30pm (w/ an hr. before they have to leave for home), Laura dances, then
they all skinny dip @ Donna’s suggestion. Laura “play[s]” with Josh & Rick in the
water, making clear that she & Donna will not go all the way. Tim touches Donna’s
breasts briefly, but the two return to the shore, dress & talk. Donna & Tim exchange
numbers, & Laura & Donna induce vomiting (@ Tim’s suggestion) to sober up.
The boys drive them home & Josh says he will never forget Laura. They find the
Haywards asleep on the couch; Laura & Donna fix their hair & hug silently upstairs
(Laura thinks this means that it’s their secret & they’re still friends, & later calls
this one of the nicest parts of the nt.) before waking the Haywards. Laura calls
home: Sarah was engrossed in a book & didn’t notice the hr., & Leland is asleep.
o Donna recounts the above story to Harold in Episode 12; she doesn’t specify a
date, but says she was 13-14, placing this in 1985-87, going by the birthdate on
her trading card. Per Donna: She & Laura put on tight short dresses & go to
the Roadhouse (not the Bookhouse, contradicting The Secret Diary) to meet the
boys, who are “about 20.” They get in Rick’s truck & go to the stream, building
a fire. Laura starts to dance. Rick claps, Tim watches. That makes Donna
angry so she suggests skinny dipping. They undress. Laura starts to kiss Josh
& Rich in the stream. Donna swims away. Tim swims to her; he kisses her
hand, then her. (This seemingly contradicts Laura talking about Tim touching
Donna’s breasts.)
o After this nt., Donna never sees Tim again. (Donna in Episode 12)
• 10/20/1985—Laura speculates on whether pain can ever be a friend: “Pain as a shadow
companion. I wonder if that’s possible…” Laura recounts the events of Friday, saying it
was an incredible solution to her need to forget things. (Oddly, she @ ont point says “each
time I think about tonight,” when she earlier said she was recounting events from Friday.)
• 11/09/1985—Laura sleeps through the nt. for the 1st time in ages, & can’t remember her
• 11/10/1985—Donna has not called Laura all day. Laura is brushing Troy @ the stables
when she suddenly gets an image in her head of a place she had dreamed of: 1400 River
Road. She gets directions from Zippy & rides Troy out, finding an abandoned gas station.
There, she meets Margaret, & realizes that she also saw Margaret in her dream. Margaret
says a dream told her to come here so they could spend time together—“I dream like other
people sometimes. It just happens.” They sit on the grass, & Margaret says she knows a lot
about Laura—special things. As they talk, the log speaks to Margaret, & sometimes she
answers that she will not hear of “that” now—now is not the time. The last time this
happens, she looks fearful that they are not alone. Margaret says things that Laura does not
understand: the woods are sometimes a place to learn about things & about oneself, but
other times they are a place for “creatures” & not for us. Sometimes people go camping &
learn things they shouldn’t. “Children are prey sometimes.” Margaret says she will be
watching, & someday people will find out that she sees things & remembers them. She
says, “Owls are sometimes big” Margaret hums a song that Laura has never heard (& later
cannot remember). The song & the parts of Margaret’s talk that Laura understands make
Laura feel good inside. Laura tells Margaret something (& does not know where it comes
from): sometimes things happen in the woods in the dark that no one knows about.
Sometimes she is not sure these things are real, while other times she thinks they are more
real than the sunrise. They frighten her very much. Margaret looks away & holds her log
as if upset, then says Laura is a very beautiful girl & many people will love her in her life.
• 11/13/1985—BOB comes at night. Later, Laura writes the poem, “Listening to the Wood,”
proposing that every tree has a soul & their rustling may be them trying to convey things
that they see which no one else has. She says that the world should follow the maps of
footsteps & sometimes stains that will lead the world to “the one who made / The hole” in
the little girl. Laura thinks the Log Lady must have been talking about a different Laura
• 11/20/1985—Laura has a dream about sitting in an empty rm. & feeling guilty. Eventually,
a giant rat appears & Laura knows it wants to eat her foot as punishment. Laura decides to
bite her own foot off to hurt herself before the rat can. When she awakens, she vows to stop
doing things that older girls should do (she thinks the night w/ the boys might have caused
this dream), & to hurt herself first—“I know the places that are the most delicate. I’ll do
the hurting from now on, as long as all of this stops!!!!”
• 12/16/1985—Laura has a dream while waiting for the sunrise. She sees her diary appearing
& disappearing in people’s laps, on diner seats when people go to the jukebox, on car hoods
while driving. It keeps sliding away before she can recover it. The people who read it turn
into rats & want to “take [her] out the way BOB does.” She decides to stop “speaking” to
the diary until she understands more. “If this doesn’t make the nightmares and the fire and
the ropes and the little silver blades go away,” maybe Laura should give in & stop fighting
it, & then they will go away.
• ~mid-1980s—The curator of the County Museum misplaces Sean Ladoux’s bronzed toe.
• ~1985-1986—
o On an icy hwy., Nicky’s parents are in a car crash. Nicky tries to pull them
from the blazing car, but it is too late. (Will, Episode 21; Nicky was 6, per Will
and Andy, and is now 9, per Lucy)
o The “real” Mrs. Tremond’s mother dies (3 yrs. ago, Mrs. Tremond to Donna,
Episode 16)
o Teresa Banks runs away from a st. facility & is not heard from again. (When she
was 15.)
o Shelly leaves home for good (@ 17).
• 1986—
o Special Agent Phillip Jeffries is sent on an extended & highly classified Blue Rose
assignment that involves a long-term posting working undercover in Buenos Aires,
Argentina to investigate what appears to be an int’l criminal enterprise. W/i his 1st
month, he identifies a shadowy suspect, “someone he believe[s] could be the central
person of interest in charge of this entire operation.” All he has @ first is a name,
Judy. @ some point, he deeply & hurriedly carves the word “Joudy” into the wall
of his hotel rm., seemingly w/ a pocketknife, near the phone—as if he’d heard
something on a call.
o Unspecified date 1986 or earlier (“A long time ago,” Gordon to Albert in Part
17)—Jeffries tells Gordon that Jeffries is “on to this entity [Jowday/Judy]”
before Jeffries disappears. (Gordon having knowledge of Jowday’s existence @
this point seems to contradict Tammy saying that, when Jeffries reappears in 1989
& rambles about Judy, everyone on the task force merely assumes Jeffries is talking
about “someone named Judy.”)
o Special Agent Phillip Jeffries goes missing (“damn near” 2 yrs. ago as of Feb.
1988, FWWM). (Contradicted by Preston saying he went missing in 1987, and
both are contradicted by Preston elsewhere saying he spent only 6 mos. off the
Bureau’s radar; the former is explained by the fact that The Missing Pieces, The
Secret History, and Part 15 all contradict Fire Walk with Me by placing Jeffries’s
reappearance in 1989, as it was originally scripted and shot for FWWM before
being altered in editing.) @ some point, he witnesses “one of their meetings”
above a convenience store. He later recounts the experience (heard in
fragments—out of their scripted order—in the film): “Oh, believe me, I
followed!” (This line is not in The Missing Pieces; a similar line is, later in the
dialogue.) “It was a dream. We live inside a dream.” “I found something in
Seattle at Judy’s. Then there they were! They sat quietly for hrs. I followed! The
ring…the ring.” Jeffries is not actually seen at the meeting itself, which is
attended by the Man from Another Place, Bob, two Woodsmen, the
Electrician, the Tremonds, and the Jumping Man (w/ MfAP and Bob sitting
@ a table w/ a bowl of garmonbozia between them).
§ MfAP: “The chrome reflects our image.”
§ Monkey’s mouth: “Electricity.” (In the film edit, this line/shot occurs
later, after MfAP’s “With this ring…” line.)
§ MfAP: “From pure air. We have descended from pure air. Going up and
down. Intercourse between the two worlds.”
§ The Electrician: “Animal life.”
§ MfAP: “Garmonbozia. This is a Formica table. Green is its color.”
§ Bob: “I have the fury of my own momentum.”
§ Grandson: “Fell a victim.”
§ MfAP: “With this ring, I thee wed. Fire walk with me.”
§ Bob then seems to conjure fire, & Bob & MfAP walk into the Red Room
laughing diabolically. The ring is seen on its pedestal, & Laura’s face is
superimposed over the red curtains. The Grandson puts on the Jumping
Man’s mask, & when he takes it off, he is the monkey (note: this shot is
not present in The Missing Pieces and may have originally been shot to
appear elsewhere in the film.) (The italicized portions are from the
extended scene in The Missing Pieces.)
o Cooper’s father & Shamrock are on a macrobiotic diet which forbids using
refrigeration. Cooper sends a tape thanking his father for a Christmas present (black
socks) & saying that he has applied for a transfer because Gordon wants him back
on the streets. He says Gordon thanks Cooper’s dad for the tip regarding eardrops.
• ~1986—Cooper has a dream (“3 yrs. ago” as of 1989). He becomes deeply moved by
the plight of the Tibetan people & becomes filled with the desire to help them. He
awakes from the same dream realizing he has subconsciously gained knowledge of a
deductive technique, involving mind-body coordination operating hand-in-hand w/
the deepest level of intuition. (Episode 2)
• 4/1986—Leo is ticketed for an illegal U turn. (Episode 3)
• 4/22/1986—@ night, Laura has a dream where she plans to dig a hole in the backyard to
help the family with water, & Sarah loves the idea, but later Sarah realizes Laura is trying
to bury herself in the hole to kill herself. Laura says she does not want to wake up in the
middle of the night in the woods w/ leaves all over her anymore, & she wants to be a tree
so she can listen for trouble in the woods. Sarah is brought in by Laura’s screaming &
assumes Laura’s dreams are the result of a changing body. She explains the birds & the
bees & birth control for an hr. to Laura’s horror.
• 4/23/1986—Laura is trying to be good & has even resolved not to masturbate. Donna &
Laura have been fighting because Laura will not talk about how she feels. Leland has been
spending all his time working w/ Ben. Laura is trying to stay busy but has no schoolwork
left to do, has completed 2 extra credit projects, and has made the honor roll & junior debate
team. She prays all the time but has never felt worse in her life. She resolves to go see
Donna today & talk as best she can.
• 4/24/1986—Laura writes a poem about something that just came to her—a memory of
skipping hand in hand with “him,” before he told her to lie down, before he told her that
they had a secret & opening her mouth was bad, before he began to turn her inside out &
before she sat on the “tiny hill.” Laura says she has forgotten so much, & she cannot decide
if she is better off knowing or not knowing the things she has forgotten that suddenly come
to her. She says she thinks it is real, & says maybe she will tell her diary what she is
remembering after she sees Donna.
• 6/20/1986—Laura spends the day w/ Donna. @ first Donna will not say anything, & Laura
runs out of the Hayward house in tears. Donna follows, crying. They clear the air about the
nt. @ the stream: Laura was worried Donna thought Laura deserved to be punished, Donna
worried that Laura hated her for not going as far w/ the guys. Donna makes Laura feel
weird by asking if she has been secretly seeing a boy since she was immediately so good
at it. Donna confidentially describes her own very innocent fantasies & Laura feels terrible.
• 6/21/1986—Laura recounts her talk w/ Donna the previous day. She says that while she &
Donna are still friends & she loves Donna, she can no longer think the way Donna does, or
even pretend to.
• 6/22/1986—4:12am. Laura wakes up & decides to write in her diary w/o thinking so she
can maybe remember more. She doesn’t remember when it started, but BOB has always
had long hair & known everything about her. He started out playing hide & seek w/ her.
She recounts him violating her w/ her fingers, saying degrading things, & strangulating
her. She says he gives her small cuts b/w the legs & inside her mouth, & sometimes she
sits up all night in the bathroom w/ a flashlight until the bleeding stops so her parents will
not find out. Laura says she always puts on clean panties before bed because she is so afraid
of being dirty. She is close to going to her parents for help, but is afraid of what would
happen. She thinks maybe he will get tired of her if she stops fighting him & being
frightened. She says she has never thought about him like this before. She thinks maybe
BOB knows God, & God sent BOB to test her, so that she will not be afraid of being dirty.
• 7/21/1986—@ the kitchen table, Laura tells Sarah she wants to spend her birthday alone,
riding Troy, because she is confused about her life & wants to come home on her b’day w/
everything sorted out.
• 7/22/1986—Laura goes into the woods, & finds a piece of rope near BOB’s favorite tree.
She smokes a marijuana cigarette Bobby got her, & masturbates, trying to recreate a male
fantasy in her mind sniffing a pair of her own panties. (She later says she pictures putting
her face between a girl’s legs & tasting her—she uses Ronnette in the fantasy because
Ronnette is the only girl Laura has ever seen naked besides Donna.) She repeatedly yells
out that she is not afraid; she thinks BOB is there, but hiding. She has the most intense
orgasm she has ever experience, digging her nails into the tree. She says she “won this
one”—he didn’t show up; she showed him she was not afraid & made him the fool. On the
way home, an owl swoops down & nearly kills her. Laura spends the rest of the day @ the
stables w/ Troy, & comes home feeling strong.
• 7/25/1986—Laura writes in her diary that she has been seeing Bobby. In a later entry, she
says he swaggered up to her & asked if she would be his.
• 8/02/1986—Laura decides Bobby has waited long enough to have sex. (“Yesterday” on
8/03/1986; this entry initially makes it sound like 8/02 is the date that they 1st have sex, but
in a later 8/03 entry she says it is 10pm “on the evening of the disaster w/ Bobby Briggs.”)
• 8/03/1986—
o Leland & Sarah go out all afternoon. Laura has a date w/ Bobby in an abandoned
barn in Low Town. Bobby believes it is Laura’s 1st time. They have vodka & a
marijuana cigarette. After hrs. of sex, Bobby expresses his love for her & she laughs
@ him because she cannot afford to show any vulnerability.
o @9:45pm (15 minutes ago as of 10pm diary entry), Bobby calls & gives a rehearsed
apology for expressing his love too quickly, although he says he did mean it.
• 8/04/1986—3:30 am. Laura resolves to use the bit of light remaining inside her as the
strength it always should have been as she joins BOB for battle.
• 8/06/1986—4:47am. Laura cannot sleep because she wants to see BOB & be ready when
he comes through the window. She believes that when he takes her, either she or BOB will
die. Laura believes BOB watches her all day & senses her every doubt. She often dreams
that her remains will be found. She curses “the two people who allowed [her] birth” and
Nature for cradling BOB when he performs blood-letting “[s]urgery of a strange &
indescribable nature.” She says there is never a noise that stirs her parents sleeping in the
next rm.
• 9/10/1986—Laura: “Enclosed please find my mind & its memory.” Laura concludes she is
either dreaming BOB to life & slowly killing herself, or BOB has arranged w/ her parents
to permit the visits in return for their safety—she can think of no other explanation for her
parents not hearing BOB leading her out. She says BOB treats her “like an experiment.”
• 9/11/1986—2:20am. Laura is upset that she is no threat to BOB; he has not shown, & she
fears he is waiting for her to tire of her all-night writing sessions. She makes reference to
light sometimes pouring from BOB’s lips & eyes—the light stolen from within Laura. Ever
since Laura can remember, she has made an effort to tolerate BOB & keep him secret. She
hopes to call him to the window soon, & plans to beg for more incisions, insertions, insults
& threats, in the hope that his insatiable appetite will grow smaller. She plans to get through
the pain by remembering that home awaits her as it always has. She says sometimes BOB
mocks her by pretending to ring the doorbell when he drops her home, & watches her feel
unworthy to enter the house where she took her 1st steps. Although she has chanted for his
arrival, almost religiously, he has not shown. She seemingly has not slept in days.
• 10/01/1986—As Laura is undressing for bed, Bobby appears outside her window. He
invites her to a party @ the end of Sparkwood, thrown by Leo (of whom Laura has heard
“in the air of gossip that [she] often hunt[s] down”). Bobby has a “new treat” to help w/
her sleep deprivation—cocaine (she calls it “Go Fast”). Laura hides her diary (in the
process thinking that BOB’s name is a warning in & of itself: “Beware. Of. Bob.”). Laura
says the people @ the party will be 6-10 yrs. older than she. Knowing she likely will not
be home until after sunrise, she leaves a note for Sarah saying that it is 5am & she cannot
sleep, so she is going ride Troy to the clearing & enjoy a Nancy Drew book. (Oddly, this
was a Weds. night in 1986—Laura would presumably have school in the morning.) Bobby
drives them there in his uncle’s truck. He warns Laura not to fuck Leo because he is into
“some weird shit.” This intrigues Laura, & when Bobby goes to get her a beer, Laura meets
Leo. Laura: “it was there, right away. Both of us knew it…” (Leo notes that the last time
he saw Laura, “Old Dwayne Milford” was giving her a plaque for “Finest
Performance/Five Consecutive Years.”) The three snort coke in a bedroom & are joined by
Ronnette Pulaski (who has lost a great deal of wt. due to cocaine use & & seems to have a
regular arrangement w/ Leo). Later, Laura takes a woman @ the party up on her offer of
$100 for anyone who can get her off (she says she hasn’t been able to orgasm in 2 yrs.).
Laura succeeds & all the men are turned on by the performance Leo says Laura made his
• 10/02/1986—Laura finally returns home @ 6pm. Her parents do not gripe & Sarah
apparently believes Laura’s note.
• 10/03/1986—Laura has been up for 3 days & 4 nts., & is crossing into intense sleep
deprivation. She writes a diary entry about the party, doing a couple of lines because she
is “coming down.” She vows to visit Leo & “see how many of [her] thoughts strike him.
• 10/28/1986—Robert Jacoby authors the front page Twin Peaks Post article “If These
Woods Could Speak, and, Trust Me, Sometimes They Do,” a profile meant to “set the
record straight” on his dear friend of 40 yrs. Margaret Lanterman, as well as to announce
that this will be his last article as he is facing death. (Note: He says he 1st met Margaret in
Mrs. Hawthorne’s 3rd grade class @ Warren G. Harding Elementary. This contradicts the
1931 birthdate on Robert Jacoby’s memorial service program, as well as him being
Lawrence’s older brother—Lawrence was born in 1934, whereas being Margaret’s
contemporary would place Robert’s birth ~1940, also contradicting the Jacobys’s WWII
timeline. This also blatantly contradicts Robert authoring 1947 articles on Einer Jennings’s
UFO sighting and Margaret’s abduction! Perhaps the 1947 articles can be explained away:
it is possible that there are two Robert Jacobys—perhaps the writer of the 1947 articles was
an uncle to Robert & Lawrence—and Preston is mistaken/confused when she says that the
Robert who wrote the 1947 articles is Lawrence’s brother. However, Robert also says near
the end of this article that it has been this privilege to chronicle the lives & stories of the
people of Twin Peaks for “nearly fifty yrs.,” placing him as a journalist in the late ’30s,
making even the earlier 1931 b’day seemingly unfeasible!)
• 11/19/1986—Robert Jacoby dies of complications resulting from multiple sclerosis. (Note
that this is Robert Jacoby’s “second” death—Briggs had earlier said that Robert died
“within wks.” of Doug Milford’s 1969 return to Twin Peaks. As mentioned above, it is
possible that another Robert Jacoby, perhaps an uncle, worked on the Gazette in the 1940s
and may be the person who passed.)
• 11/22/1986—11am. Dr. Jacoby presides over his brother’s memorial service @ the Chapel-
in-the-Woods, scattering Robert’s ashes on Pearl Lake. Nearly 200 people assemble (incl.
Briggs). Margaret speaks of how, although “now” will never be again, we come from the
elemental & return to it: “There is change, but nothing is lost.” She says dark times will
always come as night follows day, & a dark age will test them all, but says to trust in the
face of the unknown: it will not be unknown for long.
• 12/13/1986—Laura has sex w/ Leo; he ties her up. Later, she dreams about BOB saying
Laura’s behavior w/ Leo is exactly what BOB taught her to do; he slut shames her. Laura
wakes up, feeling guilty & imagines BOB @ the foot of her bed. He reminds her that he
knows & sees everything, and can go anywhere. He says Laura let her guard down by
giving him “a little vacation from her stench,” but then she had to call him back. (Clues
from Laura’s subconscious: BOB says he will make her love him like she used to. “I
remember that…soon you will too?”)
• 12/14/1986—Laura recounts her dream from last night. She says she wants to die.
• 1987—
o Jackie Gleason dies; his library on UFOs & other occult subjects in his Peekskill
house is donated to U. of Miami.
o Special Agent Phillip Jeffries disappears w/o a trace while on assignment in Buenos
Aires, Argentina. (Contradicted by Fire Walk with Me, which says Jeffries
disappeared 2 yrs. ago as of Feb. 1988, and by The Final Dossier, which says
Jeffries was off the Bureau’s radar for 6 mos. before his 2/16/1989 reappearance.
However, it is consistent w/ Part 15 and The Missing Pieces placing Jeffries’s
reappearance in 1989, as originally scripted & shot for FWWM, before it was
changed in editing.
o Photo of Hawk taken (p. 194).
o Norma is Twin Peaks Chamber of Commerce Small Business Owner of the Yr.
• 1/10/1987—Laura writes in her diary about Leland & Sarah refusing to speak to Laura @
breakfast when she tries to talk about her suicidal dreams. Then Leland takes off all his
clothes & shouts, “It’s a dream…Fucking relax, will you?...So your mother saw photos of
you licking the little privates of other women. It appeared in these photos that you were
enjoying yourself. Is this true?” Laura suddenly realizes that she was sleeping when she
was writing the diary entry…then wonders whether she was sleeping. She wonders if BOB
was here inside her. She says she has never been more afraid than in this moment.
• 2/03/1987—Laura is out of cocaine. BOB is now stepping onto the diary page, making
Laura write his words. He says no one will believe her if she tells them about him, because
he is too careful, & she never argues or screams for help when he takes her away. Laura
offers to trade BOB anything the family owns that he would take in exchange for his
permanent absence. BOB agrees to a trade; Laura asks, “Who?” Bob then says he may
change his mind. Laura says, “I thought so.”
• ~Post-3/1987—(Leo & Shelly’s marriage lasted nearly 2 yrs., per Preston.) Shelly realizes
that Bobby is two-timing her w/ Laura & confronts him @ junior prom, then storms out &
goes to the Roadhouse. Leo buys her some drinks, “one thing [leads] to another,” & 3 wks.
later Leo & Shelly are married. (Note: The fact that Bobby & Shelly’s relationship predated
both Bobby’s relationship w/ Laura and Shelly’s marriage to Leo does not have support in
any other text, & seems unlikely, given dialogue and events in the TV series and The Secret
• ~4/1987—Lucy & Andy begin dating (they dated for 1.5 yrs., Lucy to Coop, Episode
11. This date is calculated by working backwards from the time Lucy met Dick during
Lucy & Andy’s “break.” However, it’s unclear how immediately she met Dick after
the break started, so it is possible they started dating @ an earlier date).
• 4/02/1987—Laura says she needs cocaine & has to reach Bobby. She again talks about
trading someone else to BOB, & says she would find the person and tell them to beware.
BOB says that if Laura takes him back he will not cause an accident for someone later.
Laura decides to walk to Leo’s (w/ her diary) to get some coke. Leo has a woman over. As
Leo answers, Laura realizes she has no money. Leo gives her the rest of his coke (aside
from his personal stash); it is unclear if he fronted it to her willingly (later in the entry, she
says, “Leo needs to see me about money…I hope this transaction goes smoothly,
painlessly, and silently” & also later says that she has been fucking people for drugs). Soon
Laura is high & BOB is gone. She says she misses the days when she could barely
remember a thing: she only knew that she came home some nts. crying & hid behind the
bathroom door. She remembers that @ some point when she was very young, BOB cut her
several times & told her she was in big trouble, that she was not a child of God because
good girls do not bleed down their legs. She tells Leo that she needs to hear from Bobby
right away if he shows up: she & Bobby need to find another dealer for the night. She has
been days w/o sleep because it is too dangerous with “this fuckin’ BOB deal.” BOB chimes
in that he is still here. (Oddly, he says, “And what, Laura Palmer, it’s been two, three days
since you first snorted…” even though Laura first did coke 6 mos. earlier in Oct.)
• 6/24/1987—Late @ nt. Laura, despairing at the loss of her innocence, says she let Troy
go—she says she does not deserve him & he did not deserve to be owned. She is afraid that
anything she touches runs the risk of contact w/ BOB. “I’ll be investigating death…don’t
worry. I can feel you deciding how and when. You bastard.”
• 8/24/1987—9am. Cooper has spent 3 days w/ the DEA on a joint drug interdiction
program. He decides to have the DEA folk evaluate a new investigative technique he has
been developing based on the teachings of a Tibetan monk named Gumm.
• 8/26/1987—11pm. Based on Cooper’s 1st test of Gumm’s technique, Lee Harvey Oswald
did not act alone, & Jack Ruby is alive & well in Peru. Cooper believes more work is
• ~9/1987—Dennis Bryson sees a dentist (2 mos. ago as of Nov.).
• 9/02/1987—
o W/ the cooperation of Mexican federal police, Cooper & DEA agent Dennis Bryson
are to head to the border town of Tijuana & pose as two Midwest insurance
salesmen, the buyers for a large shipment of coke. They are to leave for San Diego
tonight, where they will pick up a car.
§ (A note on Bryson: @ an unspecified time prior, he worked for Gordon
Cole @ the FBI. Cole sends him to work undercover @ the DEA.
Dennis is a “confused & wild thing sometimes,” generating scandalous
“dirt.”) (Gordon in Part 4)
o 11:30pm. In San Diego, Cooper asks Diane to remind him to bring water
purification tablets, a good compass & a wide-brimmed hat next time he goes south
of the border.
• 9/04/1987—
o 9am. Cooper ruminates on the fact that once they cross the border, there will be no
one to call for backup & they will have no badges.
o 10am. Cooper bribes the border police $5 to expedite their crossing. They are being
followed by a tan pickup truck w/ two Mexican males, which Cooper takes as a bad
sign since only 2 officials of the federal police know they are there.
o 11am. Cooper reflects on the sinful nature of border towns.
o 12:30pm. @ the Casa de Vista motel, Cooper reflects on the consistency of lousy
hotel views & lack of truth in advertising.
o 1:30pm. Cooper is pleased by his lunch of reptile meat cooked in chilis & cactus
meat. The tan truck is still parked across the st.
o 2pm. Cooper & Bryson get the call to meet the supplier by the cotton candy stand
outside the bull ring. The supplier will find them; he knows what they look like.
This does not sit well w/ Cooper & Bryson.
o 3pm. Cooper & Bryson lose their trackers in the market. Bryson waits by the cotton
candy stand while Cooper holds back. A supplier arrives & refuses to deal w/ both
men; Bryson makes the decision to go on alone w/ them in a grey Mercedes truck,
w/ the promise that they will call Cooper’s hotel rm. in 4 hrs.
o 7:03pm. The 4-hr deadline having passed, Cooper opens the false bottom of
Bryson’s suitcase as he was instructed; he finds a submachine gun & Israeli hand
• 9/09/1987—
o 7:50pm. Cooper has located the two followers in the tan pickup &, by sticking a
hand grenade down their shorts, has gotten Bryson’s location (& the use of their
pickup truck). He leaves them tied up w/ a bowline & heads to the large ranch
outside town where Dennis is being held.
o 10pm. Cooper scouts the ranch.
• 9/10/1987—
o midnight. Cooper plans to fling a grenade to the door of the bunkhouse where
Bryson is being held & a smoke bomb into the center of the compound, creating
confusion allowing him to sneak in & take out the guard.
o 2am. Cooper has rescued Bryson. Cooper & Bryson are apparently deported for
Cooper’s hand grenade use. The San Diego Mirror reports that a gunfight broke out
last nt. on a ranch 10 mi. outside Tijuana @ a prayer service, when an argument
about interpretations of the Book of Job devolved into automatic weapon & hand
grenade use.
• 9/26/1987—
o 7am (2 hrs. before Andrew’s “death”). Hank Jennings is arrested on suspicion of a
vehicular homicide hit & run involving Hank’s truck on a hwy. near the border.
Hank gives more details @ his parole hearing: “A car, in perfect condition,
goes out of control. A vagrant nobody knows is killed while sleeping by the
roadside.” This provides him cover for…
o 9am. Josie & her accomplice Hank make an attempt on Andrew Packard’s life
(presumably by creating a leak in the fuel line near the ignition of Andrew’s yacht);
Andrew catches on & fakes his own death in the explosion. Shortly after 9am,
Andrew goes to the boathouse to start up the Josie, his rechristened yacht, while
Josie stays in w/ a headache. The yacht explodes, leveling the boathouse & leaving
unidentifiable human remains—Coop speculates this was a vagrant Andrew either
drugged or killed. (Preston later suggests that the plot—both Josie’s & Andrew’s—
might have been inspired by Body Heat, which came out a few yrs. earlier.) (The
date of Andrew’s “death” is originally from the Access Guide, & was also adopted
by The Secret History. However, the Access Guide also once states the yr. as 1988).
(Truman tells Cooper Andrew died a yr. & a half ago in Episode 1, consistent
w/ this date; contradictorily, Truman tells Cooper in the Pilot that Andrew
died in a boating accident “last yr.,” placing it in 1988. In Episode 7, Hank says
he spent 18 mos. in jail, consistent w/ the 9/87 date.) (In a deleted scene from
Episode 1, Harry says no body was found; this is seemingly contradicted by the
unidentifiable human remains mentioned in Coop’s document in The Secret
• 9/27/1987—Post article “Tragedy at Black Lake” by Cyril Pons is published.
• After 9/26/1987—
o Andrew goes into hiding. Josie gets Andrew’s 7-figure life insurance payout & all
his businesses. When the insurance cos. begin looking more closely @ Josie, she
begins secretly dating Harry for protection & tries to point Harry toward Hank.
o Hank, meanwhile, gets a lawyer way out of his price range & pleads to vehicular
manslaughter, w/ a 5-yr. sentence, knowing that the money Josie paid him is
waiting upon his release. Consistent w/ this, Norma says Hank is doing 3-5 for
manslaughter. (Episode 3)
o Andrew travels to Hong Kong under a new identity (notably, he has been doing this
since 1985 according to his fake Anton David Walbrook passport, implying that he
knew of Josie’s treachery well in advance & was laying the groundwork for his
response). In Hong Kong, Andrew uncovers Josie’s backstory & the fact that
Eckhardt was her accomplice (apparently w/ the goal of stealing Andrew’s fortune).
Andrew bides his time until Hank is out of jail so all the parties will be “gathered
on stage.” (Oddly, we never see Andrew or Catherine pursue any sort of vengeance
against Hank on the show.)
• 11/1987—
o Leo is arrested for drunk & disorderly. (Episode 3)
o 4am. Ed & Harry go duck hunting 15 mi. out in the woods; Nadine stalks them &
hides. She startles a bunch of ducks & the guys fire. A pellet takes out Nadine’s
eye. She subsequently becomes increasingly unstable, & obsessed w/ inventing
something like her dad did, to save Ed from his life of drudgery @ the Gas Farm
(which is actually the only life he wants). (This is said to occur 2 mos. after Andrew
Packard’s “death”; Hawk confusingly also seems to imply that it was the fall after
Ed & Nadine’s late 1984 wedding, but this appears to just be confusing phrasing).
(Again, this version of Ed & Nadine’s backstory completely contradicts the
story Ed told Coop in Episode 8, in terms of both timeline and the actual events
that occurred.)
• 11/09/1987—4pm. Cooper gets his next & last case w/ the DEA: make an appointment w/
a dentist in Oakland whose practice is moving a large amt. of cocaine, & arrange a buy.
There are two things Cooper fears so much he cannot conquer his fear: a small burrowing
beetle crawling into his ear & heading for his brain, & a dentist crawling inside his mouth
w/ a high-speed drill.
• 11/12/1987—
o Bobby & Leo come to get Laura @ the stables because she can barely walk another
step (unclear why she was @ the stables since she already let Troy go). She changes
into a dress Bobby borrowed from Donna (who is worried about Laura). Laura,
afraid of BOB, wants to stay in one place all nt. long & is even willing to skip the
coke, but Bobby & Leo laugh @ her. They drive past Mill Town further into Low
Town. They have thousands in cash to buy cocaine, & Bobby brought Garland’s
pistol. When they get out of the truck, someone strangles Laura into
unconsciousness. She wakes up inside a house w/ Leo & Bobby and 4 men who all
point guns @ her. Realizing the deal is bogus, Laura sneaks a kilo of coke into her
skirt & goes back out to the truck. After 40 minutes, Bobby & Leo come out (w/
the drug dealers cheerfully telling them the dealers will remove their genitalia an
inch @ a time if “the bimbo” has their coke)—and a gunfight breaks out, w/
everyone so high they are firing in all directions. Bobby gets into the truck, Leo
climbs into the truck bed, & Laura drives off. One of the men also gets into the bed
& is beating Leo as they drive. Bobby shoots the guy, & the force of the shot sends
the guy flying from the truck.
o @ Leo’s house, Laura, Bobby & Leo snort the coke. Laura drives Leo’s truck the
2 blocks to the Cash & Carry & is distracted by a Fleshworld Magazine on the
floor, causing her to hit a cat. A little girl, Danielle, awakened by the sound, runs
out. When Danielle sees how upset Laura is, she comforts & forgives her.
Afterwards, Laura writes in her diary (presumably in the truck). She resolves to
return Leo’s truck & walk home to Sarah. However, Leo insists that tonight is to be
a nt. for new & unusual things. She agrees to go, partly to spite Bobby (who says
he misses “Laura”), & partly because she hopes the woods will see what she has
become & tell BOB his job w/ her is done. Bobby says he knows tonight is about
Laura & Leo & leaves, saying maybe he will call her in a few days. Leo walks
Laura into the woods blindfolded, telling her not to speak. @ a certain spot, he stops
& tells her a secret: sometimes in this spot he hears voices. He says he does not
know the voices, but he hears them talking about him, and if you were to try to see
them, they would disappear. (Laura takes this to mean that a busload of truckers are
coming.) Leo seats Laura in a very comfortable chair & she hears music—strange
sounds of water, something she cannot place & a low drum. For 5 hrs., the music
continues, & at least 3 women & 4 men (incl. Leo) perform every fantasy (“w/ the
exception of farm animals”) “on, with, or for” Laura while she is bound to the chair
w/ rope. She believes this grp. comes into the woods for orgies to forget their names
& histories, & to use only their most basic wishes to be held, touched & accepted
completely. (She later learns that the orgies occur outside Jacques’s cabin.)
• 11/13/1987—Leo removes the blindfold when he drops Laura off @ home just before
sunrise. He says he is leaving, & his wife Shelley is coming home soon, so they will have
to be careful about meeting. He gives her a backpack of things Laura will need while he is
away. Inside the house, Laura sees her rm. door open. BOB emerges & pulls her inside the
rm. She does not scream because she does not want her parents to know she was out. BOB
says he heard from an owl about the orgy. Laura convinces herself that BOB is an
imaginary construct of her little girl fear of the woods, but BOB again interjects himself
into Laura’s diary: “WATCH THE WINDOW, LAURA PALMER.”
• 11/14/1987—All nt. long, Cooper has vivid dreams of his mother pouring him bowl after
bowl of cereal w/ mounds of sugar.
• 11/15/1987—10am. Cooper has an appointment w/ the dentist. He suffers delusions that
all his teeth are in severe decay.
• 11/18/1987—1pm. Cooper sees the dentist. He has 6 cavities. He believes he will be able
to arrange a drug buy.
• 11/23/1987—3pm. Cooper says the dentist has drilled his last tooth (i.e., Cooper’s),
presumably meaning that he is in federal custody.
• 11/29/1987—4:30pm. Dr. Jacoby evaluates Nadine @ Calhoun Memorial. (He says the
shooting accident happened a “couple of wks. ago.”) (Note that, at this point, Nadine is
already obsessed w/ her silent drape runners, & Jacoby is working on his red-and-blue
glasses “optical integration system,” which slightly suppresses activity in both hemispheres
of the brain thereby increasing activity w/i the corpus callosum & encouraging the two
sides to work together.)
• 12/15/1987—
o Laura updates her diary on her life: The last time she was @ the Great Northern,
she made a deal w/ the Hornes to “tutor” Johnny 3x a wk. (reading to him & talking,
and watching him shoot his arrows) for $50 /wk. She likes being around Johnny
because, unlike everyone else, he does not take anything from her—but she still has
to do a lot of lines to be around Johnny. One day, she lost patience w/ Johnny &
acted cruelly in an imitation of BOB; it was the ugliest she has ever felt. Laura says
she can only think when she is high, & breaks off the entry to do a couple of lines
before Sarah makes her do chores. After Laura does dishes, she & Sarah have a 4-
hr. talk. Leland joins them for 45 minutes when he gets home, but then goes to bed
early. He is working on some new “plan” for Ben.
o Laura says that Leo & Laura have convinced Bobby to sell coke around town for
Leo, while Leo continues selling across the Canadian border. In exchange, Laura
has agreed to date Bobby. Laura keeps Bobby’s coke money in her safety deposit
box @ the bank. She is regularly attending orgies w/ Leo & Jacques Renault, where
she is (consensually) tied up & beaten. Donna is now dating Bobby’s friend Mike
Nelson. (Laura thinks Mike is a pig & an asshole.) Laura says “the other day,” on
the way to get money from the safety deposit box, Bobby told Laura he is thinking
about having Mike help him sell. Laura made Bobby promise that Donna will never
find out. (Note: This entry indicates that they are already using an empty
football as a dropoff, & that the football was Bobby’s idea and Leo mocks it,
calling Bobby “the football hero.” This seems to contradict Episode 2, where
Bobby derisively says Leo was supposed to leave the drugs in “this stupid
football,” & it seems to be a new development.)
o Cooper leaves the DEA/FBI joint task force.
• 12/16/1987—Laura writes about her conversation w/ Sarah the prior nt., & says she senses
that Sarah would understand some of Laura’s experiences, but Sarah comes from a family
& a generation that does not like to discuss things that make them uncomfortable. “Maybe
BOB makes her feel uncomfortable. Maybe Dad knows BOB, too, but Mom won’t let us
talk about him because it makes everyone…so upset…? I don’t know.”
• 12/20/1987—11pm. Cooper tells Diane he is glad to be back on “terra firma”—he does not
fit in w/ the DEA’s “cowboy esprit de corps,” but had some damn good fun & a free dental
• 12/21/1987—Laura is looking for another job for coke money. Leo & Jacques gave her
some Fleshworld issues; Laura recounts a fantasy of making love w/ a person in front of a
crowd & making the crowd feel attracted to her partner. Leo & Jacques encourage Laura
to send her fantasies to the magazine & if one gets printed, they will recreate it for her
exactly as she wrote it.
• ~12/21/1987—Teresa Banks begins working @ the Cross River Café (she worked there
“no more than 3 wks.”). She is living in one of the cabins that tourists rent along the river.
(This timeline is slightly off from the account in Fire Walk with Me, as is the name of
the café where she works.)
• ~12/22/1987—(“About” 3 days before Christmas) On a slow nt. @ the Double R, as the
1st big snowstorm of the season is just starting up, Ed & Norma reconnect. Ed reveals all
the letters he sent from Vietnam that never got to Norma. They realize that they have never
been out of love, but do not take any action beyond forming a new emotional bond. (Hawk,
grabbing a bite after his shift, watches from a back booth.)
• 12/23/1987—
o Laura has bought Bobby his favorite boots for Christmas w/ her Johnny Horne
money (which she feels bad using for cocaine; Leo & Jacques are keeping her high
anyway). She had Dr. Hayward sneak Donna’s blue-jean jacket to Laura, & Laura
has spent the past several nts. decorating it w/ beads, patches & embroidery-thread
colors (Donna had been meaning to do this for ages). She hopes this will take
Donna’s mind off of worrying about how much trouble she thinks Laura is in.
Jacques is now regularly calling Laura, & if Sarah answers he says it is about a job
Laura applied for. Right before writing this entry, Laura has a dream about the nt.
Bobby shot the man in Low Town. In the dream, the man gets back up & says death
gave him 60 seconds to tell their futures. He says that those who die this way
memorize the face of their killers & tell Death about the face. He says Death will
take Bobby’s family or a friend, & says someone “down there” is saving Laura a
seat. When she wakes up, Laura realizes she has been lying to herself & telling
herself that Bobby shooting the guy was a dream, but now she confronts the fact
that Bobby probably killed him. She calls Bobby to talk about that nt., & he cries.
She tells Bobby about the dream & he says he has to go.
o @4:20am, Laura is finished w/ Donna’s jacket & cannot sleep. She thinks of
walking to Leo’s or Jacques’s to get some marijuana or a Valium. She calls
Jacques’s & gets Leo. He says Shelley is back from her aunt’s funeral, but the
inheritance Leo thought she was getting has not come through; she may need to go
back in a wk. Leo puts Jacques on & he says he was prepared for this: he left one
of Laura’s Christmas presents in the bra she wore the other nt. Jacques then gets off
the phone because Shelley is expecting a call from Leo (he told her he would call
from a truck stop in another st.). Laura checks the fabric padding of the bra & finds
4 Valium, 2 joints, ¼ gram of cocaine, & a silver wand (a concerned Sarah comes
running @ Laura’s squeal of excitement). Laura ingests 2 Valium, a line of coke &
½ a joint & looks @ a Fleshworld until sunrise.
• 12/24/1987—Sarah plays Christmas carols endlessly & bakes. Laura’s head hurts & she
tries to leave, but Leland stops her & asks for a dance w/ his favorite little girl. A tear forms
in Leland’s eye & he holds Laura tight, as if afraid of something. Laura heads to the gazebo
& writes in her diary, then goes to the Double R for hot coffee. There she sees an old lady
@ the counter engrossed by a book called Shroud of Innocence. Laura sits in a booth @
the back & feels competitive w/ Shelley due to Leo. When Shelley helps the old woman
exit & Norma makes a comment about how many older people in Twin Peaks need care,
Laura has an idea to best Shelley by helping all the old people in town. She leaves Norma
a note. She then hitches a ride to the Great Northern w/ Big Ed to see Johnny. @ the Great
Northern, she hears Ben talking (possibly to Sheriff Truman). Ben tells Laura Hank killed
a man on the hwy. late last nt., coming back on the Lucky 21 from the border. (After
recounting this, Laura adds, “I think. Anyway, he’s going to do time now for vehicular
manslaughter.” (Note: This date contradicts the 9/26 date given in Cooper’s “The Andrew
Packard Case,” as well as the 9/26 date of Packard’s “death” in the Post article and the
Access Guide. It is possible that Laura misunderstood what Ben told her, since she seems
uncertain. Perhaps the news on 12/24 was simply that Hank had pled to vehicular
manslaughter—which makes more sense than people already being certain of a
manslaughter conviction on the same day the accident occurred.) (Also note that, while this
ties in w/ the 1987 date for Andrew’s “death” in other sources, it contradicts the theory that
The Secret Diary timeline could be moved back a yr. to tie in w/ the series. Under that
theory, Andrew’s death in The Secret Diary should occur in 1986.)
• 12/31/1987—From 8:30pm-11:30pm, Laura & Bobby sit on a blanket on the golf course
w/ many other couples. They drink & smoke a joint. They have an honest talk about their
relationship & Laura’s cocaine problem, & Laura admits that she has a “problem” which
she takes coke to forget, but she can’t tell Bobby or anyone about it. They make love, “w/o
ego or control games,” & Laura returns home to ring in the New Year w/ her parents.
• 1988—
o Alan Traherne dies of cancer.
o The Packard Mill reaches its peak production to date (as of 1991).
o The estimated per capita doughnut consumption in Twin Peaks is 306.
o The Sheriff’s station gets a fax machine.
o Lucy Moran is Employee of the Year (despite losing an important file).
o Leo Johnson saves enough from his paper route & “various other capital ventures”
to buy his own 16-wheel rig (by the time he’s 20).
• ~1988—
o Something @ Mr. Blodgett’s barn makes Andy cry (“last yr.” per Harry in
o (“last yr.,” Episode 18, Denise to Coop) DEA Agent Dennis Bryson is working
undercover suburban surveillance & the seller/target will only sell to
transvestites. Bryson & his partner shack up, Bryson plays the part of the
buyer. He finds that wearing women’s clothes relaxes him & he begins wearing
them into the night. “It was a very confusing 2 wks.”
§ When Dennis subsequently begins wearing women’s clothes full-time
& becomes Denise Bryson, Gordon tells Denise’s joking colleagues to
“fix their hearts or die.” (Gordon, Part 4)
o ~2:46pm (Teresa’s watch.) Leland sees Teresa’s photo in Flesh World, & calls
her (because she looks just like “his Laura”). She says to meet her @ the Red
Diamond City Motel in Rm. 123. After the tryst, Leland says on his next
“business trip,” he wants to party w/ the girlfriends Teresa told him about. On
a later date, Leland again arrives @ the Red Diamond City Motel—& sees
Laura & Ronette in the rm. He leaves—running into Teresa & paying her,
claiming he chickened out. Mrs. Tremond’s Grandson leaps around the
parking lot as Leland walks away, wearing the Jumping Man’s mask &
holding Jumping Man’ stick, as “The Black Dogs Runs at Night” plays on the
soundtrack…then the Grandson disappears. Teresa joins Laura & Ronette for
a “just us girls” kind of time. Later the same day (Teresa wears the same outfit),
Teresa calls Jacques @ the Roadhouse asking what Ronette & Laura’s fathers
look like. When she determines that her John is Leland, she calls him: “Hey
handsome. It’s your little party girl.” (FWWM)
• 1/03/1988—Laura recounts how Leland had taken 3 days off to spend the New Year w/ his
family. BOB steps onto the page, saying he saw Laura’s light on 6 nts. in a row. He says
he has a message from a dead man: a seat is being saved for Laura. Laura tries to convince
herself that BOB cannot be real since no one knew the contents of her dream.
• 1/07/1988—
o Laura writes a poem, “In the Eyes of the Visitor.”
o Cooper receives a tape from Windom Earle w/ two poems: one about an agent from
Dover being shot by an arrow, the other about 2 dead agents fighting.
• 1/08/1988—10am. Cooper forwards Earle’s tape to Gordon in Washington, but says there
is nothing to be done—Earle will spend the rest of his life in the hospital.
• ~1/11/1988—Teresa Banks last shows up to work (she had not shown up for work for the
last 5 days before her murder).
• ~Mid-1/1988—Teresa moves into the Fat Trout Trailer Park & begins working nt.
shifts @ Hap’s Diner in Deer Meadow (1 month before her death). (FWWM)
• 1/17/1988—
o 9am. Cooper is assigned to investigate the murder of Teresa Banks in Deer
Meadow, Wa. Teresa was found lying in a drainage ditch on the outskirts of town,
her naked body wrapped in plastic & secured w/ duct tape. She has numerous
contusions to the head, & a blow to the rt. temple appears to have caused the brain
damage that killed her. She had had sex w/i the final 12 hrs. of her life. There are
also strangulation marks & scratches on her knees w/ dirt ground in, but no
indications that she was bound. The FBI is involved because st. authorities believe
kidnapping was involved, & Cooper is assigned because Gordon has a hunch that
this is a serial event & none of the local agents has experience. (The dates of
Teresa’s death & the ensuing investigation—and Cooper being the initial
investigator into the murder—conflict w/ Fire Walk with Me.)
o Cooper catches the 11am flt. to Portland.
o 11:50am. Cooper is displeased w/ the in-flt. coffee & salmon crepes.
o @1:20pm, Cooper has picked up his car @ the Portland district office & drives the
hr. north to meet the local officials @ the county morgue.
o 3pm. Cooper meets the only local authority, an ex-marine named Cable (“the
Chief”), who is displeased to have the feds on his turf.
o @ 3:10pm, Cooper examines Teresa’s body & finds the typed letter “T” under her
ring finger nail, giving credence to Gordon’s belief that this is a serial murder.
o 6pm. A local has recognized Teresa as a waitress @ the Cross River Café 10 mi.
outside town; Cooper heads there.
o 7:30pm. Cooper talks to the owner of the café, & checks out Teresa’s cabin: all her
belongings are gone & there is no indication that anything out of the ordinary
happened there.
o 11pm. Cooper is staying @ the Loggers Inn. He believes he has hit a dead end &
there is little reason for him to stay in Wa. He believes there is something @ work
here—an evil, “a sensation of something old & very dangerous” that he has come
into contact w/ three times before: once in a small mtn. village when he was
traveling, once in college (presumably when he found the murdered woman), &
when Caroline was killed.
• 1/18/1988—9am. A storm blew up in the nt. Cooper has a little more information about
Teresa’s life.
• 1/19/1988—Johnny Horne is seen by a specialist, so Ben asks Laura to skip her regular Fri.
w/ Johnny & come the next day (she typically sees Johnny Mon., Weds. & Fri.). (Note:
1/19 and 1/20 were actually a Tues. and Weds. in 1988, but Laura’s diary says they are Fri.
& Sat.) Leland & Sarah are @ a convention until 6pm. Laura skips school for only the 2nd
time ever & rearranges her furniture, and puts a chain lock on the door. She looks through
recent issues of Fleshworld & discovers a one-time “Fantasy of the Month” contest w/ a
$200 prize.
• 1/20/1988—~
o 11am. Laura sees Johnny. Laura & Johnny lie in the grass facing one another as she
tells him about the happiest & saddest times in her life. Sylvia calls them in for
lunch @ 2:30pm (almost 3.5 hrs. have gone by; Laura says she is surprised to see
Sylvia w/o a shopping bag under each arm & a plane ticket in her mouth). Johnny
takes Laura’s hands & says his 1st sentence: “I love you, Laura Palmer.” She writes
that it is the highest compliment she has ever been given. After lunch, she goes to
the bank to open a P.O. box (she gets free use of one for 6 wks. w/ her safety deposit
box), because the Fleshworld contest requires a mailing address. (Confusingly, she
writes earlier in the entry that she will “get over there later today and take care of
it,” despite having apparently already done so.)
o 11am. Cooper has attended Teresa’s funeral (buried in an unmarked grave @
county expense) along w/ a pastor, a county official & 2 gravediggers. He has the
last of the lab reports on his desk & has learned that the paper was an expensive
type of acid-free paper, & the typewriter was a Smith-Corona Model 99. Cooper is
returning to San Francisco to move on to another assignment.
• ~2/1988—Shortly “before her time,” Teresa Palmer’s left arm goes dead/numb for 3
days (Irene, FWWM).
• 2/01/1988—
o Laura decides it is important to write down the initials of everyone she has had sex
with. A list of 40 initials follows (w/ the added mention of “several unseen
unknowns—out by the cabin”). Included are B. (BOB), B.B. (Bobby Briggs), L.J.
(Leo Johnson), R.P. (Ronette Pulaski), and J.H. (twice; one is presumably meant to
be J.R. for Jacques Renault, likely the J.H. that appears next to the mention of the
§ (Somewhat creepily given the context, several initials seem to be
metatextual in-jokes by the book’s author: J.C.L. [Secret Diary author
Jennifer Chambers Lynch], D.L. [series cocreator David Lynch], M.F.
[series cocreator Mark Frost], D.D. [series director Duwayne Dunham],
M.V.L. [Margaret Vosburgh Lentz—Jennifer Lynch’s mother], H.P. [series
writer Harley Peyton], B.E. [series writer Bob Engels].)
o Cooper has a strange dream @ nt., where he is dancing w/ a tiny little man & a very
beautiful young woman.
• 2/02/1988—10am. While Cooper finds arresting bank robbers a satisfying pastime, his
mind keeps turning to Teresa’s unmarked grave.
• 2/05/1988—Laura’s “public diary: “[…]aw movie today.” (Pilot; also seen in Episode
1, possibly retconned to 2/04—see note below under 2/06/1989. This page is blank in
Fire Walk with Me)
• 2/06/1988—Laura’s “public” diary: “Ran three miles today. Am I exhausted! Kitty
got new collar.” (Pilot, Fire Walk with Me)
• 2/08/1988—
o Laura’s “public” diary: “Felt a little on the cheery side. Got a few extra $
today.” (Pilot)
o Laura sneaks out @ nt. to see Leo, Jacques & Ronnette @ the cabin. Feeling
impatient, she hitches a ride on Hwy. 21. 4 drunk, drugged-up truckers pick her up
& take her past the Twin Peaks to Rm. 207 of a seedy motel. Laura tries to take
control by putting on a show, & after 40 minutes puts a Valium in each of their
beers. 3 of the 4 guys pass out. Laura knocks the last guy out w/ a beer bottle, then
runs to Jacques’s cabin & bursts in the door covered in blood & crying. Ronnette
helps Laura onto the couch; the next thing Laura remembers is waking up in her
own rm. w/ a note from Ronnette clenched in her fist saying that Ronnette does not
think anyone heard “us” coming in.
• 2/09/1988—
o (Teresa is murdered this date, per Coop & Albert in Episode 8). Leland
bludgeons Teresa Banks to death w/ a pipe (in a trailer which appears not to
be her own [apparently, production documents named it as the Chalfonts’
trailer]). Her body is found wrapped in plastic floating down Wind River. The
murder is flagged as one of Gordon Cole’s Blue Rose cases. (FWWM) (Cooper
says in the Pilot, on 2/24/1989, that Teresa’s murder occurred “one yr. ago,
almost to the day.”)
o Leo Johnson is in jail in Hungry Horse, Mt. on assault charges. (Episode 8)
o Laura recounts the experience w/ the truckers in her diary.
• ~2/12/1988 (FWWM)—
o (The FBI learns that Desmond disappeared on 2/16/88, which was a Tues.;
Desmond’s story starts on a school day, per the school bus bust, & he spends
a nt. in Deer Meadow, so his story had to begin @ least the preceding Fri.)
Chet Desmond is in Fargo, ND, apparently busting a prostitution ring run by
a school bus driver. Gordon Cole calls Desmond from his Portland, Or. office
to tell Desmond to meet Cole @ the private Portland airport to investigate the
Banks murder. Desmond flies in & meets Cole and Sam Stanley (from
o Desmond & Stanley drive to Deer Meadow, Wa.; they arrive @ the sheriff’s
dept. & speak to Sheriff Cable ca. 4:30pm (per Cable). They perform an
autopsy on Teresa @ 4:30 (clock).
• ~2/13/1988 (FWWM)—
o 3:30am (per Stanley). Desmond & Stanley finish the autopsy. They head to
Hap’s Diner & question Jack & Irene. (A man who looks like a woodsman is
sitting in Jack’s office while an electrician works on a lamp; the woodsman
and electrician enter the main dining area shortly after Desmond & Stanley
and lurk at a booth in the background.) The agents decide to “watch the
sunrise” at Fat Trout Trailer Park—although the sun seems to be up when they
leave the Diner.
o They arrive @ Fat Trout before 9am & look over Teresa’s trailer. @10:06 am
(wall clock), a Curious Woman w/ an ice pack peers in. There is then an
ominous shot of an electrical pole. Carl: “I’ve already gone places. I just want
to stay where I am.”
o Desmond & Stanley then head back to the sheriff’s station to transport
Teresa’s body. Sheriff Cable & his crew put up resistance, & Desmond & Cable
take it out back. Desmond tells Stanley to go back to Portland in the van, while
Desmond returns to Fat Trout @ dusk. He seems to look upward @ the electric
pole, then seems to become attracted to the Chalfonts’ trailer. He finds the ring
under the Chalfonts’ trailer on a mound & vanishes.
• 2/16/1988—(Cooper states the month and date; Cole’s desk calendar also shows the
date as the 16th.) (FWWM)
o In the Philadelphia FBI offices, Cooper has his weekly Thurs. challenge, trying
to discover what Diane changed in her office. (Cooper notes that she moved a
clock 12” to the left; as a result, Diane must get fresh ground coffee from Sally
& make a new pot of coffee.) (Note: 2/16/1988 was a Tues.; Cooper saying it is
Thurs. in this scene is consistent w/ the scene taking place in 1989 in The
Missing Pieces, Part 15 and the original script—see below)
o 10:10am (per Cooper). Cooper tells Regional Bureau Chief Cole he has been
worrying about today because of his dream.
o Jeffries checks into the Palm Deluxe hotel in Buenos Aires (around 2:20pm, per
counter clock), asking the head clerk if a Ms. Judy is staying there; the clerk
responds by giving Jeffries a message from the “young lady.” The bellhop escorts
him toward his rm., 612.
o ~10:16am (Cole’s wall clock; also mentioned by Preston as “shortly after 10:15
a.m.”) A security footage anomaly occurs & Jeffries walks out of the elevator
on the 7th floor of the Philadelphia FBI regional office wearing the same
clothing as in the hotel, not talking about Judy & accusatorily pointing @
Cooper and asking who Cole thinks Cooper is. He states that we live in a
dream. He recounts fragments of his experience w/ the meeting above the
convenience store to Cole, Cooper & Albert, but quickly disappears, & Cole
gets a call that Desmond has disappeared. (Note: The full Jeffries scene as seen
in The Missing Pieces takes place on 2/16/1989, & includes Jeffries making a
specific reference to the date & yr. The scene was moved in the edited film to
occur a yr. earlier in 1988, w/ added ADR from Albert & Cole about Desmond
disappearing. Part 15, as well as The Secret History and The Final Dossier, have
Jeffries reappear in 1989, as in the script and The Missing Pieces)
o Following a shot of the monkey laughing diabolically, Jeffries returns to a
staircase in the Palm Deluxe in a strange flaming entrance, screaming & leaving
burn marks on the wall. The maid, figuratively, and the bellhop, literally, are
scared shitless by his vanishing & subsequent frightening return. Not long
afterwards, Jeffries vanishes altogether.
§ A note on the timing of the Buenos Aires sequence: It appears that only
minutes—perhaps seconds—pass between Jeffries’s disappearance &
reappearance in the hotel; his bag is still on the floor near the same
bellhop. It is unclear whether the Buenos Aires scenes are meant to take
place concurrent w/ the Philadelphia scenes (1988 in the film, 1989 in the
script/The Missing Pieces) or 2 yrs. earlier (the date of Jeffries’s
disappearance). Logically, it seems that they take place 2 yrs. earlier, since
Jeffries in the script and The Missing Pieces is shocked to learn that it is
1989 when he appears in Philadelphia. However, the script says Jeffries
appears in the Philadelphia office even though he “moments ago was in
Buenos Aires.” Likewise, in The Final Dossier, Tammy says Jeffries had
been seen by multiple witnesses in the lobby of his hotel @ roughly the
same time as his Philadelphia appearance wearing the same suit, & also says
Jeffries disappeared from Philadelphia almost exactly when he reappeared
back in his Buenos Aires hotel, before vanishing altogether not long
afterwards. (Contradictorily, Preston elsewhere says Jeffries was never seen
or heard from again after vanishing from Philadelphia, including in Buenos
Aires.) Given this information, it seems likely that, before arriving in the
Buenos Aires hotel in 1989, Jeffries had already been missing for awhile,
skipping around in time & becoming disoriented, explaining his temporal
confusion in Philadelphia.
§ (Note: In The Missing Pieces, the “convenience store” scene occurs
between Jeffries’s disappearance in Buenos Aires and his appearance in
Philadelphia, perhaps implying that Jeffries experiences the convenience
store in between the two scenes. The script instead presents the
“convenience store” as a flashback recounted by Jeffries: it occurs after his
line, “Then there they were. They sat quietly for hours…” and before his
line, “I followed”—perhaps implying that, after the meeting, he followed
Bob & MfAP into the Red Room! He then cries quietly & says, “The
ring…the ring…”)
o (Presumably the same day:) Cooper talks to Stanley [in his Spokane apartment]
about Desmond’s disappearance; Stanley shows Cooper the “T” they recovered
from under Teresa’s fingernail.
• On or after 2/16/1988—
o 4:20pm. Cooper, having searched the trailer park & found the Chalfonts’ spot
abandoned and “Let’s Rock” written on Desmond’s car windshield, stands @
Wind River reflecting on where & when the killer will strike again. (FWWM)
o After returning to Philadelphia, Stanley suffers “some sort of unspecified
breakdown—perhaps related to alcoholism” & is placed on administrative leave.
There is no record of him returning to active duty. (per Briggs, confirmed by
Preston in 2016) (Unclear why Stanley would have returned to Philadelphia,
since Gordon in FWWM says Stanley came from Spokane.)
• Early March 1988—Laura begins working @ the perfume counter @ Horne’s Department
Store w/ Ronnette (she has been there “over a month” as of 4/10/1988). She gets the job
after meeting w/ Ben in his office. (Laura implies that she hoped to sleep with Ben: “the
size of his couch, and…aha…”; but, “no such luck”).
• 3/03/1988—Laura spends the whole day w/ Donna & realizes she has nothing in common
w/ her anymore. Donna whispers to Laura that she & Mike are going to go all the way
• 3/04/1988—Laura writes in her diary about her talk w/ Donna.
• 3/10/1988—Bobby has not spoken to Laura since she told him about the truckers. Ben calls
to tell Laura that Troy was found by the tracks near the border, malnourished w/ a broken
leg. Ben says he watched the border police shoot Troy 2ce to the head, & vows to find the
awful person who let Troy out.
• 4/07/1988—Laura & Bobby are dating again, but more as a matter of convenience than
love. Bobby pays attention to Shelley @ Leo’s. Laura assumes they will have an affair or
are having one already. Laura is sleeping w/ Leo more often than Bobby.
• 4/10/1988—Laura goes to her introductory meeting @ Horne’s, despite having worked
there for over a month. Donna stops by & talks about Mike, & her trip out of town next
wk. to look @ colleges. Laura tells her diary that she & Donna are not even friends
• 4/21/1988—Laura & Ronnette drive up to party @ the cabin w/ Leo & Jacques; Laura tries
to convince Ronnette to send pictures w/ Laura anonymously to Fleshworld, to make an ad
saying she will send naughty tapes, panties & pictures for a fee. After drinking for awhile,
Laura poses w/ the red curtains, & Ronnette “decides perhaps it [is] a good idea after all.”
• 6/1988—Two patients whom Earle has befriended are found hanging in their cells. Both
had reportedly been in good spirits & were due for release in less than 2 wks. Shortly
thereafter, Earle briefly escapes & is apprehended. Several days later, Cooper receives a
tape from Earle saying that it is time for the game to commence, & that Earle will move
1st, @ the worst possible time. He gives two riddles, & asks if Cooper has met any nice
girls lately.
• 6/10/1988—
o 1pm. Cooper fears that evil is a string that winds around the globe, & all the threads
end in Earle’s cell. Cooper asks Diane out to dinner @ 8pm, so long as this does
not cross a line they have long ago set for their relationship.
o ~8pm. Cooper & Diane get Chinese, & Diane later describes the Peking duck in
terms implying that they had sex afterward (“Without a doubt the most delicious
skin I’ve ever eaten, firm and at the same time delicate. And the meat itself takes
on a flavor when slid into the mouth…Well, I couldn’t get enough of it”). [June 11
7am] Cooper states that he realized in the middle of “a very fine duck” that he does
not know Diane’s last name.
• 7/02/1988—9pm. Cooper is again faced w/ the terrible prospect of vacation time.
• 7/20/1988—3pm. Cooper is in Medicine Hat, Alberta.
• 7/22/1988—Laura reflects on her old daydreams of being “sweet 16,” & all the ways her
life differs from what she dreamt it would be. She says she & Bobby are taking a “breather.”
Laura borrows the car to go to the clinic & verifies that she is 7.5 wks. pregnant. She has
not done a line of coke since last nt. She has no idea who the father of the baby is, &
resolves not to tell anyone but her diary.
• ~7/23/1988—Jacoby says Laura came to him the day after her 18th b’day (The Secret
History contradicts all other sources by saying that Laura was 18 @ her death instead of
17). If this continuity keeps the 7/22 b’day, Laura would have come to Jacoby on this date.
(He says he treated her for 6 mos., which would make this date about right.)
• 7/24/1988—4pm. Cooper had hoped to find Emmet north of the border, but Emmet is now
in South America.
• ~8/1988—
o Laura gets a safety deposit box (the flighty Alice Jackson says it was about 6
mos. ago; she goes to check records to make sure). (Pilot)
o Truman & the Bookhouse Boys begin trying to set up a top-to-bottom bust to
get those responsible for smuggling drugs across the border into Twin Peaks
(“6 mos.,” Truman to Coop, Episode 3)
o Laura begins seeing Dr. Jacoby (6 mos., Jacoby to Truman, Episode 4)
o Phillip Jeffries disappears (he reappears 2/16/1989 after spending 6 mos. off the
Bureau’s radar). (Note: This contradicts his disappearance being “damn near”
2 yrs. ago as of 2/16/1988 in FWWM, as well as his disappearance being in 1987
in The Secret History of Twin Peaks.)
• 8/02/1988—BOB has not come to Laura in an entire wk.
• B/w 8/02 & 8/10/1988—
o Following the prior entry, two pages of Laura’s diary are ripped out. There is then
an undated, one-sentence entry in which Laura says she often thinks of death these
days as a companion she longs to meet.
o There follows another ripped-out page, then another undated entry: a conversation
b/w Laura & BOB. Laura says she is going insane & begs BOB to kill her. Laura
says she is an experiment; BOB agrees & notes that Laura said that once before.
Laura says she does not want to hear about fire; BOB says then she does not want
the answer. She asks BOB what he is, & he says he is what she fears he could be.
(Note: In the second line of this entry, Laura does not write “Bob” in all capitals,
which happens only one other time in the Secret Diary, on 8/07/1984.)
• 8/05/1988—9pm. Cooper has returned from his adventure. He recommends the strawberry
mousse pie @ the Florida Café in Flin Flon.
• ~8/08/1988—(“a couple of days ago” as of 8/10) Norma calls Laura, & they are to meet
8/11 to discuss Laura’s plan to help the elderly of Twin Peaks.
• 8/10/1988—As of 1am, Laura is 19 days sober. Laura gets an abortion. @ home, Sarah
says Maddy called for her, & Laura believes Maddy had heard Laura calling to her
psychically. Laura feels Sarah’s stare of “pure jealousy” at her back as she climbs the stairs.
(It is unclear what this means. Is Sarah jealous because Maddy called for Laura and not
Sarah? Or is it perhaps a hint that Sarah knows @ BOB/Leland’s true nature?)
• ~8/11/1988—Laura’s meeting w/ Norma (which presumably takes place 8/11 as planned).
Laura proposes a program she calls Meals on Wheels. Norma provides hot meals, Laura
does deliveries to the elderly 2 deliveries a day, 4x a wk., & they divide the profits 50/50.
• 8/16/1988—3:15am. Laura, still sober, is more paranoid than she has ever been. She &
Ronnette are not as close, & Laura is no longer notified of parties @ the cabin. She calls
Bobby, but he never calls Laura. She fears her sobriety will make her end up alone. “Even
my new friend Harold Smith,” she writes before the entry cuts off abruptly, as the next
page is ripped out. (Note: In Fire Walk with Me, Laura says Harold made her “write it
all down,” potentially creating a discrepancy w/ earlier diary entries before Laura
met Harold. This could be explained away, as “it all” is fairly vague. A bigger
discrepancy might be created when Laura tells Harold in Fire Walk with Me that Bob
does not know about Harold; this seems unlikely if Laura wrote about Harold in her
diary in this and subsequent entries.)
• 8/20/1988—
o 5:20am. Laura has a dream that everyone in the world is doing drugs, but Laura
stops and consequently “br[eaks] up into empty space” & floats around Twin Peaks,
invisible. Presumably after waking up (it’s not entirely clear), Laura sees BOB
outside the window. She is unable to sleep until sunrise & writes in her diary.
o Later in the day, @ work, Battis asks Laura to meet him in his office @ 5:30pm.
Laura leaves the perfume counter @ 5:15. Amory Battis offers her a position as a
“hostess…with room to grow.” He says to meet him here next Sat., & they (along
w/ Ronnette) will go to a place across the border called One-Eyed Jack’s. Laura
decides sobriety is not for her & takes Ronnette’s bullet to the storage rm. After
takes her hits, Laura sees BOB crouching victoriously in the corner. Laura signs off
this diary entry: “New game, Laura.”
• 8/23/1988—Laura feels so much better w/ cocaine back in her life. She goes to pick up her
Meals on Wheels deliveries @ the Double R & Josie comes in. Josie tells Norma how
embarrassed she is about getting hassled for her English @ the mill. Norma calls Laura
over & Laura agrees to give Josie paid English lessons, w/ the 1st lesson next Mon. Laura
does her Meals on Wheels run, w/ 45 minutes to do both deliveries & get to Johnny. She
leaves a tray @ Mrs. Tremond’s door, then goes to handsome agoraphobic former botanist
Harold Smith’s house. Harold invites Laura in, but she is running late & takes a rain check.
She gets to the Great Northern just as the Hornes are leaving. Laura convinces Bobby to
drop some coke off for her, & she & Johnny spend the evening reading storybooks & eating
ice cream.
o The next two pages of the diary are ripped out. Based on the next entry, these pages
included an 8/30 entry that seemingly recounted Laura’s experiences getting paid
for sex @ One-Eyed Jack’s.
• 8/30/1988—Laura has a dream about being outside Jacques’s cabin. BOB is inside &
crushes Jacques’s bird Waldo. Laura attempts to run, but everywhere she goes she sees the
cabin, w/ BOB closer & closer to climbing out the window. She falls to her knees.
Everything goes silent, & when she looks up she sees a gigantic owl. She is unsure if he is
a friend or an enemy. They stare @ one another for a long time. Laura feels the owl wants
to tell her something, but does not. Laura wakes up.
• 8/31/1988—Laura is embarrassed rereading her entry about OEJ from the day before; she
has made a mockery of the girl who received the diary as a 12-yr.-old. She says she is now
a cocaine addict who fucks her father’s employers (implying that she is now sleeping w/
Ben), “not to mention half the fucking town,” & the only difference from last wk. is that
now she is getting paid for it. The owl from last nt.’s dream causes her to think of her
conversation w/ the Log Lady. She also decides that she will need to begin keeping a 2nd
diary to ensure privacy. She wonders if life is something she can still make up, in order to
fill its pages.
• 9/1988—Leo arrested for aggravated assault; charges later dropped. (Episode 3)
• ~9/1988—
o Ernie “The Professor” Niles (a loan shark who also robbed a Savings & Loan)
gets out of prison in Wa. State Penitentiary (he was doing time for fraud). (Hank
implies that Ernie got out 6 mos. before Hank, Hank to Ernie, Episode 15)
Ernie subsequently meets Vivian Smythe @ a Republican fundraiser. He
starts going to “meetings” & to church. (Ernie to Hank, Episode 15)
o Mountie King begins his “sting” operation to nail Jean Renault. (King to Coop,
Episode 17) In actuality, King is working w/ Renault & the “sting” is a cover.
• 9/18/1988—Andrew Packard arrives in Hong Kong under the assumed name Anton David
Walbrook. He is permitted to remain for 30 days (passport stamps).
• 9/23/1988—Andrew departs Hong Kong (passport stamps).
• 9/24/1988—4pm. Cooper’s father is ill due to a faulty heart valve. Cooper heads to
• 9/25/1988—Although Cooper’s father was frighteningly close to death, he has recovered.
In the afternoon, Cooper’s father says that when he is discharged from the hospital, he &
Shamrock will sell the print shop, leave Philadelphia & look for a boat. Cooper sits in his
old school meeting hall for several hrs. in the afternoon. The headmaster tells him that Mr.
Brumley the janitor won $50K in Atlantic City & retired.
• 9/26/1988—1am. Cooper has spent several hrs. wandering the streets where he grew up.
Duva’s is closed, the Band Box Theater was lost to a fire. Old man Simms died yrs. ago,
& his son sold the hardware store shortly thereafter. The 24th St. Gang now carries guns.
The Coopers’ old house has been torn down to build a parking lot for a fried chicken
restaurant (w/ only the concrete steps that led to the front door & a couple pieces of the
awning left). Cooper resolves to visit the stream where they placed his mother’s ashes
tomorrow, then thinks he will not return to this part of the country again, as there is nothing
for him here anymore.
• 9/27/1988—2pm. Cooper finds the quiet stream where they scattered his mother’s ashes
has become an “algae-infested slew” because of a dam. He calls the Civil Corps of
Engineers a menace to the spiritual life of the country & (using his strongest language in
the tapes aside from quoting others) calls them bastards.
• ~Mid-10/1988—Lucy and Dick begin going out every Thurs. (every Thurs. for 3 mos.,
Episode 10)
• 11/11/1988—10pm. Cooper hears from his father, who is out of the hospital & has the print
shop on the market. He sent a picture of a for-sale tugboat in Fl.
• 11/13/1988—After meeting Dr. Jacoby @ the Hornes’ (he is one of Johnny’s doctors),
Laura has been seeing him secretly @ his office. She is enticed by the fact that Jacoby is
attracted to her for the very reason she feels cursed—the idea of the “two Lauras.”
• 11/20/1988—11pm. Cooper has had a slow wk.: a bank robbery, an extortion & an
attempted kidnapping. He gave a talk @ the Rotary on white collar crime in the workplace.
He is bored, & finds Holmes’s alternative of cocaine unacceptable. “What I need, what any
detective needs, is a good case. Something to test oneself to the absolute limit. To walk to
the edge of the fire & risk it all. Are there any great cases anymore, Diane? Is there a
Lindbergh kidnapping, a Brinks robbery, a John Dillinger, a Professor Moriarty? If I was
to say that in my heart I hoped there was, then I should hang up my badge & gun and
• 11/24/1988—Andrew Packard arrives in Hong Kong under the assumed name Anton
David Walbrook. He is permitted to remain for 30 days (passport stamps).
• 11/28/1988—Andrew departs Hong Kong (passport stamps).
• ~Late 12/1988—Laura begins seeing James. (Episode 1: Donna tells Eileen they had
been seeing each other for the last 2 mos.) Laura wants it to be secret. (per James,
Episode 1) When they start dating, she is still on drugs. One night, they are in the
woods & she recites a “scary poem” about fire over & over. Then she asks, “Would
you like to play with fire, little boy? Would you like to play with Bob?” (James to
Harry, Episode 8) James tells Cooper he tried to get Laura to stop using & she did
for awhile. (Episode 1)
• Christmas 1988—Norma buys Ed a turquoise & onyx bolo tie. She goes to his house
to give it to him but can’t go in; she just stands outside & watches him through the
window. (Norma to Ed, Episode 22)
• 1989—
o Someone (likely Briggs) conducts an “inquiry” into the death of Meriwether Lewis
(by obtaining Lewis’s Masonic apron from the lodge in Helena, Mt. & doing a DNA
comparison w/ descendants, proving the blood is not Lewis’s).
• 5/17/1985-early 1989—"Over the subsequent 5 yrs.” (a liberal estimate—it’s not quite 4)
after assuming full responsibility for LPA, Briggs begins to despair as the data gathered is
routine, & even Milford seems to lose interest, visiting LPA less & less frequently. Briggs
overcompensates by burying himself in meaningless routine, slaving late into the night up
the mountain while becoming distant from his son when Bobby needed him most.
• 1/13/1989—Jacoby gave Laura a hot pink tape recorder for Christmas; she talks into it then
sends the tapes to Jacoby. She has not been writing much because of all her work & her
other diary, which she must keep “pleasantly updated.” (Note: In The Missing Pieces,
Laura says she has only ever sent Jacoby 2 tapes as of the nt. before her death, & may
send him a 3rd tomorrow.)
• ~Mid-1/1989—Truman & Josie begin seeing each other (“6 wks.,” Truman to Cooper,
Episode 1)
• ~1/19/1989—Dick & Lucy go to Pancake Plantation (in lieu of a promised trip to the
Space Needle), then have 2 bottles of champagne & have sex on a display bed in
Horne’s home furnishings. Lucy then does not hear from Dick for 6 wks. (Episode 10:
this date is a Thurs. in 1989, since they went out “every Thurs.”)
• 2/05/1989—
o Laura’s public diary: “[…] isn’t any snow […] this morning.” (Pilot; also seen
in Episode 1, possibly retconned to 2/04—see note below under 2/06. This page
is blank in Fire Walk with Me)
o In Episode 1, Cooper implies that this 2/05 is “DAY ONE!” (see 2/06).
o Laura asks James to guess why she is so happy today; it’s because she really
believes that he loves her. She says her heart belongs to him, & breaks the
heart necklace. (Flashback, Episode 1) (In the deleted scene, James specifies the
date as Sun., 2/05, which reflects the 1989 calendar.)
• 2/06/1989—Laura’s public diary: “DAY ONE!” (this is the page w/ the safety deposit
key & the coke taped to it). (Pilot, Fire Walk with Me) In Episode 1, it appears that
“DAY ONE!” was retconned to 2/05, per Cooper’s dialogue; the date is rather
sloppily whited out so the page simply says “February” (although the heading 2 pages
later still blatantly says Feb. 8, as in the Pilot), and Cooper asks James what happened
on 2/05.
• 2/08/1989—Laura’s public diary: “Day three. Saw the gang at the park today –
walked to […] …afe.” (Pilot)
• After 2/09/1989—(less than 2 wks. before Laura’s death, Episode 14)—Laura writes
in her diary, “Someday I’m going to tell the world about Ben Horne. I’m going to tell
them who Ben Horne really is.” (A very similar entry in the Jennifer Lynch book is dated
10/04/1989, and worded slightly differently.)
• 2/12/1989—Laura, Donna & James have a picnic (and film part of it) (Episode 1: “2
Sundays ago,” James to Coop).
• ~mid-2/1989—Bobby has a big fight w/ Laura. (Pilot—per Cooper’s interrogation:
“last wk.”)
• 2/16/1989—Jeffries appears in FBI headquarters in Philadelphia to Gordon, Albert
& Cooper (The full date is mentioned in The Missing Pieces & The Final Dossier, with
the yr. also corroborated by DoppelCoop in Part 15 and by Preston in The Secret
History—contradicting Fire Walk with Me, wherein Jeffries’s appearance occurs a yr.
earlier, on 2/16/1988.) @ 10:15am, Jeffries disappears in front of their eyes & also on
security tape—almost exactly when Jeffries reappears back in his Buenos Aires hotel,
before vanishing altogether not long afterwards. (Possibly contradictorily, Preston
elsewhere says Jeffries was never seen or heard from again “as near as [she] can tell”
anywhere, incl. Philadelphia or Buenos Aires, where Jeffries had been seen by multiple
witnesses in the lobby of his hotel that same morning wearing the same suit.)
o While researching the dossier, Preston finds a “vague reference” to this in a Bureau
station log from this period. The incident is chronicled in “Cooper’s files,” but
Tammy (investigating in 2017) can’t find any corroboration in other Bureau
records: she asks Gordon if he had them erased. Cooper references Jeffries’s horror
after asking & being told what the date is (which harkens to The Missing Pieces
version of the scene, although Jeffries did not actually ask nor was he told the date,
but rather looked at a calendar), and says Jeffries was confused & troubled by
Cooper’s presence (Tammy claims he said “something like: “Who do you think this
is there?!’” again referencing the Missing Pieces version of the dialogue), believing
him not to be who he appeared to be. Later, in a tape to Diane from this period,
Cooper recounts “the only part of this conversation […] he could exactly recall”:
the 1st words out of Jeffries’s mouth, regarding not talking about Judy. Everyone
on the task force assumes Jeffries is talking about “someone named Judy,”
indicating that they were not yet aware of the supernatural entity Joudy/Jowday
(contradicting Gordon in Part 17 saying Jeffries told Gordon he was on to
Jowday before he disappeared).
• 2/16/1989—(Note: While the dates in Fire Walk with Me can be roughly inferred by
counting backwards from Laura’s death, the script provides a helpful guide; the
original plan was to have chyrons counting down the days to Laura’s death and also
stating the day of the wk. Laura’s portion of the film starts on “Thursday – Seven
Days Before.”)
o Mike chides Bobby over the fact the half the coke is missing from the football;
they owe Leo $5K. Laura & Donna walk to school (passing Bobby & Mike:
“Mike is the man!”). James catches Laura on the stairs before class. Laura
snorts up in the bathroom as the bell rings. Bobby arrives late & smooches
Laura’s photo in the trophy case.
o @2:30pm, Laura & James rendezvous in a custodian’s rm. (Laura wearing a
towel). Later, Bobby confronts Laura in front of the school: he has been
looking for her for an hr. She sweet-talks her way out, then she & Donna hang
out at the Haywards’.
o Laura goes home to write in her diary & finds pages torn out. Horrified, she
runs—bumping into Sarah coming home w/ groceries. Sarah gives Laura the car
keys, allegedly to get textbooks she forgot. Laura drives to Harold’s & asks him
to keep the diary (Bob briefly seems to take over Laura). (Note: Although
Laura says she’s not sure if she will ever return, she appears to write three, or
possibly four, more entries in the secret diary after this point, which later turn
up as torn-out pages in Episode 16 and Part 7—see below.)
o Laura returns home after sunset & Sarah yells at her for lying—Sarah was
looking for her blue sweater & found it balled in Laura’s closet—& she also
found the textbooks Laura claimed she was getting. Laura says she saw Bobby &
did not want to worry Sarah.
o @ dinner, Leland does his “ax” shtick & teaches Sarah & Laura how to introduce
themselves in Norwegian in anticipation of Ben’s investors.
o [11:30pm] Laura rendezvouses w/ a trucker (who knows her as a friend of
Leo’s—“the Power and the Glory”—& pays her @ least partially in coke).
o Laura stares @ the ceiling fan, seemingly entranced & aroused, as Bob says
he wants to taste through her mouth; the scene fades to the red curtains. (This
could occur on 2/16 or the following day given its placement in the film; it is
actually a scene that was scripted & shot to play later in the film, & was moved
in the edit—see below—and therefore Laura’s clothes do not match what she
was wearing on either of these days. However, since she dresses up to see the
trucker, it makes sense that she then comes home & changes into this outfit.)
• 2/17/1989—(this is a Fri., per Leland, confirming the script date)
o Around sunrise: Dell Mibbler & Josie (worried about court involvement)
approach Pete about a 2x4 Dell bought from the Mill that is actually 1 9/16” x 3
9/16”; Pete schools Dell in the ways of the world.
o In the Philadelphia FBI office, Cooper tells Albert of his premonition that
Teresa’s killer will strike again. Cooper knows a few things about the victim:
she is blonde, in H.S., sexually active, on drugs & calling out for help. Cooper
also knows that she is right now preparing a great abundance of food…
o …which Laura is, at the Double R, loading up for her Meals on Wheels run.
(Heidi has a bloody nose.) Ed & Nadine happily run in, but when Nadine sees
Norma, she storms off. Ed follows. While Laura is loading her car, the
Tremonds approach (the Grandson wears the Jumping Man’s mask). Mrs.
Tremond gives Laura a painting of a room that “would look nice on [her]
wall.” The Grandson tells Laura the “man behind the mask” is looking for the
book w/ the pages torn out. Laura runs off, leaving her car & leaving Shelly to
do the Meals on Wheels. Norma sits down & cries (“kind of quiet,” says Toad
the cook). Ed comes back to apologize & he & Norma plan to get together later
if they can.
o Laura returns home & finds Bob in her rm. looking behind the dresser;
terrified, she runs down the street & has a panic attack. She sees Leland exit
the house, & tells herself it can’t be him. She then shows up @ Donna’s in a
panic. Donna says she is thinking about doing it w/ Mike. Doc Hayward has a
magic trick fail (apparently it just worked at the light @ Sparkwood & 21). he
reluctantly lets Laura smoke despite not allowing smoking in his house; Eileen
makes muffins. Will is unable to read a piece of paper; Donna @ first tells him it
is a prescription, but then whispers in Will’s ear; he says it is not a prescription,
but a secret message for Laura: “The angels will return. And when you see the
one that is meant to help you, you will weep with joy.” Leland calls Laura to come
home. (Laura has her car outside Donna’s; presumably, Shelly dropped it off
after finishing the Meals on Wheels run.) Will & Eileen seem to sense something
is up @ the Palmer house.
o Before dinner, Leland asks Laura if the heart necklace is from a new “lover”
& goes on a disturbing tirade about Laura not having washed her hands
(focusing on dirt beneath her ring fingernail); Laura is frightened, Sarah
weakly protests.
o 10:35pm (Laura’s clock [the script also specifies the time]). Leland cries, then
goes into Laura’s rm. to tell her he loves her. Later, in bed, Laura remembers
the Tremonds’ painting which she left outside. She gets it & puts it on the
wall—then has a dream about being in the painting, being beckoned on by the
Tremonds. After going through two doors, the dream fades to the Red Room
(Laura is not in the scene herself). Next to the ring pedestal, the MfAP asks
Cooper, “Is it future or is it past?” and tells Cooper that MfAP is “the arm” and
he sounds like this (making a stereotypical Native American “whooping”
noise). MfAP then holds the ring up. Cooper tells Laura not to take it. Laura
wakes up w/ her left arm dead & a bloodied Annie Blackburn in bed next to
her (wearing Caroline’s murder dress). Annie tells Laura that she has been w/
Dale & Laura; the good Dale is in the Lodge & he can’t leave. She tells Laura
to write it in her diary, then disappears. Laura’s left arm regains feeling & she
finds she is holding the ring. Laura opens the door to her rm.—then looks back
to see herself in the painting @ the door. She then finds that she is in the
painting, watching herself sleep.
• 2/18/1989—
o Morning. Laura wakes up. The ring is no longer in her hand. She takes the
painting down.
o @ some point, Laura writes an entry in her secret diary chronicling last nt.’s
dream: “They’ve never listened to my cries and I didn’t want them to anyway.
But there’s this—this came to me in a dream last night… ‘My name is Annie.
I’ve been with Dale and Laura (me??!!!). The good Dale is in the lodge and he
can’t leave. Write it in your diary.’ That’s what she said to me. What does it
mean I wonder? What is it that Annie is trying to tell me exactly? I keep going
over it in my head trying to understand. Is Annie [last word
indistinguishable]?” (page later torn out; seen in Part 7)
o ~9:02am (living rm. clock). Laura goes upstairs, Bob speaks to her through the
fan (“See what we can do? I want to taste through your mouth”). Sarah is again
looking for her blue sweater—which she is wearing. She fears that it is
“happening again” (the script makes clearer that Sarah is afraid she is going to
have “another breakdown”). (Note: Based on its placement in The Missing
Pieces, this scene seems to be either Sat. 2/18 or Sun. 2/19 [in the script, it’s Sat.].
The 1st half, w/ Laura & the fan, is an extended version of the scene in the film,
which was moved in editing to take place on Thurs. nt. in the feature cut.)
o 9pm. Cooper receives a letter from Earle, apologizing for not being himself the last
few yrs. & wanting to make up for lost time b/w them w/ a last game. He will make
the 1st move.
• 2/19/1989—
o (Although the following events were scripted to take place on Saturday, The
Missing Pieces has a shot of a Methodist Church congregation exiting before the
extended version of the Shelly/Leo scene, & that scene is titled “Sunday @ the
Johnsons’” [the church shot is in the script, but was originally intended to occur
@ the beginning of the following day’s events]. The switch to Sun. is consistent w/
the fact that, in the film, Jacques tells Bobby to meet Cliff in two days, & they
meet him on Tues. nt. [per the script’s dating, & the fact that Laura & Bobby are
in school before meeting Cliff, so it can’t be Mon. which was Presidents’ Day;
the script doesn’t have this continuity issue because Jacques never specifies a
timeframe/date for the meeting]). Lynch seems to have retconned the script’s Sat.
& Sun. events to take place a day later either during filming/editing, or during
the editing of The Missing Pieces.)
o Leo gives Shelly a cleaning lesson @ home. Bobby calls Leo for coke; Leo is
pissed that Bobby called him @ home & says Bobby owes him $5K (Shelly
takes note). Bobby calls Jacques, who sets him up w/ a guy who has the best
stuff—he says to meet the guy in 2 days @ midnight “near the sound of sawing
wood” (the Mill) w/ $10K.
o @ nt., Norma & Ed park out in the woods; Ed gets drunk & they sit kissing &
listening to music.
o Donna comes to Laura’s house; Leland & Sarah are out dancing & Laura
heads to the Roadhouse. Before Laura enters, Margaret puts her hand on
Laura’s head & talks about the tender boughs of innocence burning in a fire
that is difficult to put out. Inside, Jacques sets Laura up w/ Buck & Tommy
(who pay w/ coke & cash). Donna joins & they head to the Power & the Glory,
a sleazy back room of a bar in Canada. Jacques is already there. Laura watches
as Buck drugs Donna’s beer; Laura dances topless w/ Buck. Ronette shows up
(Laura says she hasn’t seen Ronette since Laura got thrown out of One Eyed
Jack’s). Ronette says Teresa was killed a yr. ago & that she was going to get
rich blackmailing someone; Jacques says she asked about their fathers (this
freaks Laura out briefly). Jacques tells them to come to the cabin Thurs.
Laura & Ronette have Buck go down on them (Ronette says it’s like being
back @ OEJ, implying that she is no longer working there either). When
Laura sees Donna topless w/ Tommy on her (wearing Laura’s abandoned shirt
around her waist), Laura has Jacques pick Donna up & they leave (w/ Laura
screaming @ Donna not to wear her stuff).
• 2/20/1989—
o 3am. Cooper sits up all nt. looking @ San Francisco Bay. He wonders, if a person
is chosen to live in a particular time for one specific reason, what moment in history
his life is meant to intersect w/—has it already happened?
o (See above. These events were scripted to be Sun., but Lynch seems to have moved
them to Mon., which was Presidents’ Day. In the script, Mon. was skipped over
o Mike sits shirtless on the floor of a seedy motel room unlighting candles &
chanting, “Fire walk with me,” in Red Room-speak. (The scene is scripted as the
same morning Mike confronts Leland & Laura. As depicted in The Missing
Pieces, it looks like night, but Mike might have simply closed out all daylight from
the rm.)
o Laura is @ the Haywards’; Donna can’t remember how she got into bed.
Leland comes to bring Laura to meet Sarah for breakfast (seeing Donna &
Laura together, he has a brief flash of Laura & Ronette in bed @ the Red
Diamond Motel). Mike wildly chases Leland’s car; when they stop @ a light
(@ Meadowbrook Ave.), Mike (apparently smelling of burning oil) pulls up
alongside & screams, “You stole the corn! I had it canned over the store! And
Miss, the look on her face when it was opened. There was a stillness!”A black
dog barks continuously in the street. “Like the Formica tabletop! The thread
will be torn, Mr. Palmer! The thread will be torn! It’s him! It’s your father!”
Mike drives off & a panicked Leland pulls into the Mo’s Motor lot. Leland has
flashbacks to his rendezvouses w/ Teresa. Laura says Mike seems familiar &
asks if she’s met him; Leland says she hasn’t, then asks if she has; Laura says
no. Laura, frightened, asks if Leland came home last wk. He says no, but when
she persists, he said he came home Fri. for some aspirin.
o 8pm (Laura’s room clock). Laura, in her rm., thinks about the morning &
realizes that Mike was wearing the same ring (on his pinky) that MfAP held
in the dream & Teresa wore in the motel. Downstairs, Leland paces the living
rm. & recalls murdering Teresa.
• 2/21/1989—
o As Laura & Sarah silently eat breakfast, Leland bursts in to remind them that
Johnny Horne’s b’day is today.
o Laura snorts the last of the coke hidden in her diary. @ school, she tells Bobby
she’s out; he tells her they’re going to make maybe their biggest score tonight.
He tells Laura to meet him 2 doors down from her house @ 11pm.
o @ the sheriff’s station, Hawk informs Truman that Joey just called in; “Bernie
the Mule” (Bernard Renault) left Canada about an hr. ago (on foot). Truman
says to stop watching Jacques & set a trap for Bernie.
o Near the Mill that nt. (around midnight, per the meet-up time), Laura &
Bobby wait for the dealer in the woods, drinking. Laura is a drunken, coked-
up giggly mess. The dealer, Cliff Howard, arrives. He taunts Laura w/ the giant
bag of coke, then whips out a gun (unclear why he does this). Bobby shoots
Cliff to death. Laura alternates between giggly & coldly manipulative,
repeatedly telling Bobby that he killed Mike. After a very half-hearted attempt
at burying Cliff, Bobby carries the hysterical Laura away from the scene.
• 2/22/1989—
o Laura has a strange dream (“last night,” recounted in her 2/22 secret diary
entry): she’s in the Red Room w/ MfAP & an “old man.” She tries to tell the
old man who Bob is because she thinks he can help her, but her words come
out slow & odd. It’s frustrating trying to talk. She gets up & whispers the
secret in his ear. In recounting the dream in her diary, Laura notes that Bob
once told her he’s only afraid of one man, named Mike. She wonders if the old
man in the dream was Mike, & hopes he heard her, even if it was just a dream.
No one in the real world would believe her. (read by Donna, Episode 16;
interestingly, this date, specifically mentioned, is seemingly before Laura
actually gains conscious knowledge of Bob’s true identity, per FWWM)
o Morning. James pulls up to Laura’s asking where she was last nt.: they were
supposed to get together. He asks when he’ll see her again; Laura sees Leland
on the steps. Seeming frightened or uncomfortable, she simply says she needs
to go. (This scene was scripted to take place Sat. morning. Laura’s wardrobe
matches the “taste through your mouth” fan scene (which is now set on Thurs. nt.
in the feature edit) and the extended version of the fan scene in The Missing Pieces
[which is sequenced as being either Sat. or Sun.].)
o @ school, Bobby gives Laura the $10K they were supposed to use in the buy to
put in her safety deposit box. She again giggles that Bobby killed Mike; Bobby
angrily emphasizes that he killed someone, & it seems to finally sink in for Laura.
o Bobby drives out to the woods to divvy up the coke—and discovers that it is baby
laxative. He angrily spreads it all over the woods.
o Laura keeps her regular tutoring appointment w/ Johnny & reads him Sleeping
Beauty (rather than his usual favorite, Peter Pan). Jacoby sits in. (per Jacoby,
Episode 1)
o ~11:42pm (Laura’s clock). Laura snorts coke in her bed. Dr. Jacoby calls to
complain that Laura didn’t come to see him yesterday; she says it was Johnny
Horne’s b’day, & she told Jacoby not to call her here. He says he’s willing to put
w/ a little trouble from Laura’s parents. Laura says she isn’t. He asks her to send
him a tape; she says she already made him two, but maybe she will send one
tomorrow. He asks her to send him a kiss & she makes a disgusted face & hangs
up. (Note: This conversation seems a bit odd if Laura saw Jacoby earlier in the
day @ the Great Northern as indicated in Episode 1, but perhaps Jacoby felt
like he couldn’t speak openly there.)
o Leland gives Sarah milk & she passes out reading How to Speak German by
Malone. She briefly sees the white horse. Leland turns on the fan. Bob creeps
in Laura’s window & has sex w/ her; she finally sees Leland’s face & realizes
that Leland & Bob are one.
• Prior to 2/23/1989—@ some point, @ Doug Milford’s direction, the LPA intelligence-
gathering equipment is also pointed inward @ Twin Peaks, &, “almost to the day,” a series
of tragic events unfolds.
• 2/23/1989—
o Secret Diary entry (read by Donna, Episode 16, date specifically mentioned):
“Tonight is the night that I die. I know because it’s the only way to keep Bob
away from me. The only way to tear him out from inside. I know he wants me,
I can feel his fire. But if I die, he can’t hurt me anymore.” (Part of the longer
version of this entry from the script can be glimpsed on the page Donna is
holding, appearing after the section that Donna reads aloud: the words “miss
Donna” in particular are visible.)
o 1:30am. Laura, having learned the actual identity of her abuser, writes an
entry in her secret diary: “the moon has been high in the sky for hours now I
can’t sleep! It’s 1:30 A.M. I’m crying so hard I can hardly breath [sic]. NOW
I KNOW IT ISN’T BOB. I KNOW WHO IT IS.” (later torn out; diary entry
viewed in Part 7)
§ (Note: Although no date is specifically mentioned, based on the events
of FWWM, it seems that this entry has to have been written on 2/23.
Laura writing this entry @ 1:30am seems to contradict her having left
the secret diary @ Harold’s days earlier, unless she snuck out & went
to Harold’s. It also would appear that, despite being written very early
in the morning, this entry comes after the 2/23 entry Donna read in
Episode 16, which is on the flipside of a 2/22 entry. It is possible that
this is a continuation of the same entry…however, the flipside of this
page is seen to be the ending of the undated, penultimate entry from the
book The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer, which in the book was
apparently not torn out—and was also seen intact as part of the diary
in Fire Walk with Me just before Laura drops it off @ Harold’s!)
o Maddy has a feeling that Laura is in trouble (“the day before she died,” Maddy
to James & Donna, Episode 5).
o The Palmers have a very uncomfortable breakfast. Laura tells Leland to stay
away from her.
o @ school, Laura seems to border on a breakdown, watching the world move
around her in a blur—the clock hands fly from 10:15am to 2:40pm, when class
is dismissed & Laura leaves, crying, after everyone else.
o Neither of Ronette Pulaski’s parents see her after school; as far as they know,
she went to her job @ the perfume counter of Horne’s Dept. Store. (Episode
o Laura records & mails her last tape to Jacoby: She says she’s in kind of a
weird mood: James is sweet, but he’s so dumb. She says she should have met
Jacoby a long time ago because right now she can take just so much of sweet.
“I just know I’m going to get lost in those woods again tonight.” She alludes to
a “mystery man” she has told Jacoby about… (Episode 1)
o 5pm. Laura gives Josie her English lesson, ending @ 6pm: Laura tells Josie,
“I think now I understand how you felt about your husband’s death.” (Episode
o Laura writes the last entry in her “public diary”: “Asparagus for dinner again.
I hate asparagus. Does this mean I’ll never grow up? Nervous about meeting
J tonight.” (Pilot—read out loud by Cooper)
o Sarah & Laura eat (asparagus); Ben asked Leland to stay late to plan for the
Norwegians. Laura goes to “do homework” @ Bobby’s; Sarah says to be home
by 9pm.
o While Betty Briggs knits, Garland Briggs reads aloud from Revelation 11:3-5;
Laura interrupts & Betty lets her in. Garland picks up w/ 11:7. Bobby tells Laura
the “stuff from last nt.” was baby laxative (note: it was actually 2 nts. ago) & he
needs the $10K back; she says she can’t get it until after school tomorrow. Bobby
tries to get Laura to have sex, but she wants to go home to her bed—she begs
for coke to hold her over. Sad, Bobby gives her coke & pills. As Laura leaves,
Garland is reading Revelation 14:19-20, 15:1 (w/ some reused filler from the
earlier sections as b.g. noise in between while Laura & Bobby talk).
o @ some point this nt., Bobby sees Leo & gives him $10K (per Episode 1, Bobby
to Mike: this is half the money Mike & Bobby owe Leo. Per Episode 2, this
$20K debt appears to be for coke that they haven’t yet received [and may also
cover the $5K Bobby already owed Leo]. Mike later says he believes they were
supposed to pay Leo the full $20K on 2/25, but Bobby says the $10K was
burning a hole in his pocket).
o As Truman & Andy sit in the interrogation rm. @ the sheriff’s station waiting for
a radio call, Lucy says Josie called about a possible prowler. Truman heads over
& Lucy rambles about thinking it is raccoons. She is surprised to see Truman—
to whom she thought she was still speaking over the intercom—and screams,
causing Andy to run up—frightening both of them.
o 9pm (per Sarah in Pilot—contradictorily, Bobby agrees w/ Cooper that Laura
was studying @ his house until about 9:30). Laura comes home & says,
“Goodnight,” to Sarah; Sarah responds, “Goodnight, sweetheart.” This is the
last time they will ever talk.
o @ some point, Leland calls Laura from Ben’s office (Episode 15: Leland,
framing Ben, tells Coop & Harry that Ben called someone around 10pm &
mentioned a “dairy”…Episode 16: Harry finds Ben’s phone records & sees
Laura’s number was called from Ben’s office that nt. [time not specified]; later
in Episode 16, Coop surmises it was Leland who called Laura from Ben’s
office, although it’s unlikely that it occurred at 10pm—since Laura left the
house @ 9:30 & Leland was just arriving home, & presumably then followed
o ~9:15pm (James says Laura snuck out of her house @ 9:30 in Episode 1).
Laura snorts coke & drinks Jack Daniel’s while dressing for a planned cabin
rendezvous, but James calls & she agrees to meet him in front of her house in
15 minutes. In the painting on her wall, she sees the angel who was feeding the
children disappear. Leland comes home as Laura climbs out her window & she
hides in the bushes; James comes moments after Leland goes inside, & Leland
watches through the curtains as they speed off. They pull into a clearing in the
woods. (A time traveling Dale Cooper phases in & watches from a distance—
Part 17). Laura is alternately mocking of James & desperately longing for love
(“Let’s get lost together”). She suddenly worries that “he” (Bob) will kill James
if he finds out, & seems to see something behind James (in the approximate
spot where Cooper is standing; he ducks in fear—Part 17). Laura then tells
James Bobby killed a man & asks if James wants to see. She says not even
Donna knows her; she tells James that his Laura disappeared. She gives him
the finger; he forces her to kiss him & she becomes very cold, telling him to
take her home.
o Ben is w/ Catherine this night. (Ben to Jerry, Episode 15)
• 2/24/1989—
o “Around” minight. Leo calls Shelly “from Butte.” (Pilot)
o 12:30am (James to Cooper, Episode 1; Coop also states this time, Episode 8).
@ Sparkwood & 21, Laura tumbles off James’s bike. She screams that she
loves him and embraces him, then runs off into the woods…
o James rides around the rest of the nt. (Pilot, James to Donna)
o Laura meets Leo, Jacques & Ronette by Leo’s Corvette.
§ In the altered or alternate timeline, Laura encounters the time-
traveling Cooper in the woods before reaching Leo, Jacques & Ronette.
She remembers seeing him in a dream. Laura takes Cooper’s hand.
• (The following morning, Laura’s corpse phases out of existence
on the shore of Black Lake.)
§ The scene goes to color. Laura asks where they are going. Cooper:
“We’re going home.”
• (The following morning, Pete fishes, having never encountered
Laura’s corpse.)
• (Seemingly ~2014, Sarah angrily stabs Laura’s homecoming
photo w/ a broken bottle.)
§ Cooper leads Laura toward the golden pool in the woods. The
phonograph sound is heard once, & Laura is gone, Cooper’s hand
holding empty air. Laura’s scream then sounds through the woods.
(Part 17) Cooper stares into the empty woods, then hears a sound to his
left. He turns, a red light/refraction illuminating his face… (Part 18)
(for continuation, see below, under “Unknown time/date” following
Day 13 in 9/2014)
• In this second timeline (per Ronette), Laura wanders off into the
woods before Ronette, Leo & Jacques enter the train car (this is
arguably inconsistent w/ Part 17, where Ronette never even sees
Laura that nt. & has no way of knowing she even left her house, let
alone wandered off into the woods. It is also odd that Leo & Jacques
take Ronette to the train car rather than the cabin). Laura disappears
w/o a trace (per the Twin Peaks Post & police records). Ronette is
“taken captive” (unclear by whom…Leo & Jacques, since they
apparently take her to the train car, a location they had no apparent
ties to in the original timeline? Leland, who was still seen watching
Laura ride off from the Palmer house & presumably followed her?).
o ~1am (Coop, Episode 8). Laura, Leo, Jacques & Ronette arrive @ the cabin.
@ the cabin, they all drink, snort coke & smoke pot. Jacques ties Laura up
despite her begging him not to tie her up tonight. Leland watches from outside
the window. When Jacques stumbles outside w/ a bottle of bourbon, Leland
trips him, repeatedly kicks him & breaks the bottle on his head. Leo stumbles
out, sees the unconscious Jacques, & runs in to grab his stuff (leaving the girls
tied up) & drives off in his Corvette. The Log Lady, @ her cabin, hears distant
screams & is disturbed.
o Leland marches the girls from the cabin; Mike races up the path to the cabin,
but arrives too late. Leland takes them to an abandoned train car. Leland
transitions back & forth from Leland to Bob. Leland binds Laura’s arms
behind her w/ twine & forces her to look in the mirror & she sees herself
transform into Bob. In the Red Room, the MfAP grins insanely & screams.
Bob/Leland uses a blunt object—presumably the blue-green hammer—to
knock Ronette unconscious, but she later regains consciousness (per
Coop/Albert, Episode 8). Leland holds up Laura’s torn diary pages & says he
always thought she knew it was him; Bob comes from the other side of her &
says he never knew Laura knew it was him. (Note: This contradicts large portions
of The Secret Diary.) Ronette sees her angel. Suddenly, Ronette’s hands are no
longer tied behind her back. Mike arrives & yells to let him in. Ronette starts
to slide the door open. Leland seems to throw Ronette outside, & Mike uses
the opening to throw the ring inside the car. Laura slips on the ring. Leland,
wearing surgical gloves, yells, “Don’t make me do this!” Leland & Bob
alternate murdering Laura w/ a knife (not a hammer, as seen in the Pilot; no
reference is ever made in the TV series to Laura being stabbed). The MfAP,
in the Red Room, silently screams. Leland takes Laura’s half-heart necklace
& wraps Laura’s corpse in plastic. Mike, seemingly gleeful, steps over
Ronette’s unconscious form & leaves. Leland exits the train, kicks Ronette’s
form & stumbles off w/ Laura over his shoulder, a flashlight showing the way.
He drops Laura in the river, then goes to Glastonbury Grove & (after briefly
turning white-faced) goes through the curtains to the Red Room, where Mike
& MfAP confront him. They 1st seem to manipulate his posture w/ their head
movements, moving in unison, then Leland (floating) separates from Bob.
Mike & MfAP (speaking in unison, MfAP grasping where Mike’s left arm
would be) demand all their garmonbozia (pain & sorrow), & Bob pulls the
blood from Leland’s shirt & throws it to the floor. MfAP is seen eating
creamed corn. The monkey in darkness whispers, “Judy.”
o In the Red Room, after her body washes up in the outside world, Laura finds
herself seated w/ Cooper’s hand on her shoulder, & she sees her angel flying
high above. She cries w/ joy.
o (Dating: Cooper states the date as 2/24; 1989 fiscal calendar seen in Pete’s
office [which has the wks. up to 2/13-2/19 crossed out]; Cooper says Laura’s
last diary entry was dated 2/23, other entries from this month are seen to be
from 1989; the autopsy report in Episode 1 specifically lists the date of death
as 2/24/89; Laura’s last tape to Jacoby, heard in Episode 1, was Thurs. 2/23,
corresponding w/ the 1989 calendar)
o 5am. Bobby leaves as he does every morning to go running before football
practice (Pilot, per Betty).
o 6am. Cooper hears about a young woman’s body being found, wrapped in plastic.
He heads to Twin Peaks. (This contradicts the Pilot, where FBI involvement
would not have happened until much later in the morning, when Ronette was
o Just after dawn (per Truman to Bobby) (in reality, sunrise 2/24 would have
been around 6:40am). Pete Martell leaves the Blue Pine Lodge to go fishing &
finds a dead body wrapped in plastic. He calls Sheriff Harry Truman who
responds w/ Deputy Andy Brennan & Dr. Will Hayward. They recognize
Laura Palmer.
§ In the altered or alternate timeline, Laura’s corpse is nowhere to be
found, & Pete goes about his day fishing. (Part 17)
o @ home, Sarah is worried that Laura’s bed was not slept in. She calls Betty
Briggs, then Bobby’s football coach Max Hartman—who says Bobby isn’t
there and has been late for the past 2 wks.—maybe even the wk. before.
o Audrey gets in the car w/ a driver.
o Leland is @ an early meeting w/ Ben; they confer before Ben does a breakfast
pitch for the Ghostwood Country Club & Estates to Sven & the Norwegian
investors (Leland worries that they don’t yet have the Packard land & aren’t
telling the Norwegians, but Ben has it on good information the Packard Mill
will go belly-up w/i a yr.). During the presentation, desk clerk Julie Duvic pulls
Leland aside—Sarah called “again” & says it’s urgent. As Leland speaks to
Sarah on the phone, Truman arrives & gives him the news.
o [Act 2] @ the Double R, Heidi relieves Shelly late. Bobby, having breakfast
after his run, offers Shelly a ride home. They drive past a police cruiser going
the opposite way, siren on. Bobby & Shelly’s planned quickie is aborted when
they see Leo’s truck by her house.
o Leland IDs Laura’s body @ the morgue.
o 8am—Seattle, Wa. Cooper has wrapped up the Fiber-Sample Procedure Seminar
he came to conduct. He has purchased a new Micro-Mac Pocket Tape Recorder
(“the big little recorder”) @ Wally’s Rent-to-Own. He has 2 stops to make: Wo’s
House of Cloth (a new black suit, upping his total to 5 suits) & the regional Bureau
office to pick up some files. Instead of heading back to Philadelphia as planned, he
is heading east on a new case. (Cooper being based out of Philadelphia contradicts
My Life, My Tapes, where he is in San Francisco @ this point—but seems to have
support in Fire Walk with Me, where Cooper is in the Philadelphia office, as
well as the arrest form in Part 4, which lists Cooper’s employer address in
Philadelphia. This timestamp contradicts the Pilot; it appears that Ronette’s
reappearance, which precipitates FBI involvement, happens a bit later in the
o 8:30am (Audrey’s watch). Donna, James & Audrey filter into school. Bobby
comes in late & Mrs. Jackson summons him to the principal’s office.
o 8:45am (Audrey’s watch). In homeroom, 2 state troopers look for Bobby—
they accidentally come to Margaret Honeycutt’s rm. (106), & tell her the news.
Hawk & Andy question Bobby in the library; Truman arrives & breaks the
news. Principal George Wolchezk makes his announcement & closes the
school for the day.
o [Act 3] Will gives Sarah a sedative as Janice Hogan comforts her. Truman
questions Sarah—she last saw Laura when she came home from Bobby’s @
9pm last nt., she recounts their last exchange & says she heard Laura’s phone
ring once. Upstairs, Hawk collects Laura’s belongings as Leland sadly
watches. Lucy calls (Andy answers): Janek Pulaski says Ronette didn’t come
home last nt. & isn’t @ school.
o As a hwy. patrolman escorts a weeping Janek away, Josie closes down the Mill
for the day over Catherine’s objection.
o A railway switchman, working alone, sees Ronette Pulaski stumbling across a
bridge (down the RR tracks off the mtn., per Cooper), bloody & stunned, her
clothes in tatters & ropes on her wrists. Apparently, this was over the st. ln.,
leading to the FBI being called in.
§ In the altered or alternate timeline, Ronette is still found wandering along a
railroad trestle after escaping (unclear from whom), ending up in the
o 9am. Cooper prepares to board Flt. 210, arriving in Spokane @ 10:15am. The case
no. is 11219. Cooper has been scanning active files for the region & notes a possible
correlation to the murder of Teresa Banks in the SW corner of st. (this implies that
Cooper wasn’t involved in the Banks investigation, contradicting both My Life, My
Tapes and Fire Walk with Me).
o ~9:45am (half hr. from landing time)—Cooper’s plane passes through a storm.
o James rides by the Gas Farm & leaves a letter w/ Ed in case Donna comes by.
Nadine yells @ Ed to get the drapes, which will be ready by 10am; she wants
them up by nightfall. He goes to pick them up in his pickup.
o 10:30am—Cooper picks up a Bureau car to head out on Hwy. 2 due east. He plans
2 hrs. of driving w/ lunch, 1 pit stop & 2 cups of coffee.
o 11:30am (Cooper to Diane). Cooper enters Twin Peaks after stopping @ the
Lamplighter Inn near Lewis Fork on Hwy. 2. (It’s 54 degrees out.)
§ In the altered or alternate timeline, Agent Cooper still comes to town to
investigate Laura’s disappearance (it is not explicitly stated that he still
comes on 2/24/1989). Those who were known to be the last to see Laura are
questioned (Jacques Renault, Leo Johnson, Bobby Briggs, James Hurley
[even though the former two suspects seemingly never actually saw Laura
that nt., per Part 17]). Laura is never found & no one is arrested.
o 3:10pm. Cooper, walking out of the elevator on the second fl. of Calhoun Memorial
Hospital, sees Sheriff Harry S. Truman approaching him. (Note: This seems to
indicate a large unexplained delay between Cooper’s arrival time in Twin Peaks &
getting to the Hospital. While the Pilot script seems to corroborate this—having
Cooper tell Diane it’s 3:27pm in the morgue when finding the letter under Laura’s
fingernail—the final edit of the Pilot eliminates this line, & clocks glimpsed
throughout the Pilot contradict this timeline.)
o 12:44pm (clock on receptionists’ desk). Cooper meets Truman @ Calhoun
Memorial. Dr. Shelvy tells him Ronette is in shock, suffering from exposure.
She was raped & may have neurological damage, but they’re not equipped to
do a CAT scan. Truman says that, aside from attending the same H.S., it
appears that Laura & Ronette hardly knew each other. As Cooper looks under
Ronette’s left hand fingernails (& is disappointed), Ronette says, “Don’t go
o 1:30pm (Cooper to Mike in “closed ending”: says he was in an elevator @ the
hospital @ 1:30). Cooper & Truman head down the elevator. The One-Armed
Man (Phillip Michael Gerard) gets off on the 3rd fl. Dr. Lawrence Jacoby
(wearing earplugs) spots Truman & Cooper & rushes downstairs to meet
them. He introduces himself as Laura’s psychiatrist, asks to come to the
morgue w/ them (Cooper shuts him down) & creepily notes that Laura’s
parents didn’t know she was seeing him.
o In the morgue, Cooper finds “the same thing. Diane, I told you we’d see this
again”—a letter “R” under Laura’s left ring finger. (He tells Diane to give it
to Albert & his team, as Albert seems to have more on the ball than Sam.)
o [Act 4] Donna is looking for James; after trying the Roadhouse, she waits @
Big Ed’s. Ed pulls up & gives her a note from James saying to meet him @ the
Roadhouse after 9:30. Mike pulls in & demands that Donna come to the
sheriff’s station to support him so he can support Bobby; he drives off.
o In the sheriff’s station conference rm., Cooper & Truman look over the
evidence from Laura’s rm. Cooper breaks open the diary. They latch onto the
mention of “J” (“one out of 26”). Cooper finds the safety deposit key & cocaine
residue. Andy calls Lucy: the search dogs have traced the murder site to the
train car.
o 2:30pm (wall clock). Cooper & Truman interrogate Bobby (w/ lawyer Gilman
White present). Cooper shows him the picnic video recovered from the camera
in Laura’s bedroom, pointing out that someone who wasn’t Bobby filmed it,
& feeding him the initial “J” (they also ask him about coke use). Cooper tells
Harry, via his Dial Master, “He did not do it”.
o [Act 5] 3:45pm (wall clock). Great Northern employee Bob tells concierge Julie
to make sure the Norwegians don’t learn about Laura’s murder until Ben
returns & they sign the contract @ 4pm. Audrey coyly blows the deal.
o (Near dusk—in reality, sunset was ~5:26pm. Note that it is still daylight in
subsequent scenes.) Donna & Mike argue in the sheriff’s station hall. Cooper
approaches and says he & Donna are going to have a little talk about a picnic.
Bobby reunites w/ Mike; they storm out of the sheriff’s station seeking revenge
on “some freakin’ biker.” Cooper questions Donna: she says a hiker shot the
picnic video.
o James sits forlornly on a mountainside w/ his half heart.
o The Norwegians leave.
o 4:10pm (Cooper to Diane). Cooper & Truman explore the train car & find a
bloody rag, a bloody hammer & the mound of dirt w/ the half heart & the
“Fire Walk with Me” note. (Note that this tape is inexplicably left off the Diane…
o @ some point on this day, Leo calls Mike about the other half of the money
Bobby & Mike owe him. Mike is confused because he thought he & Bobby
were supposed to give Leo all the money they owed him on Sat. (Episode 1,
Mike to Bobby—Leo called his parents’ house “yesterday”)
o [Act 6] Sylvia & Audrey have awkward tea while Johnny bangs his head
upstairs because Laura isn’t coming over this afternoon.
o Cooper & Truman go to the bank and find $10K & Flesh World in Laura’s
safety deposit box. They see Ronette’s ad inside (but do not notice a photo of
Leo’s truck & house).
o 4:45pm. Dr. Joe Fielding discusses Laura’s autopsy w/ Dr. Hayward (per
autopsy report paperwork, Episode 1; note that Hayward’s 1st name is
incorrectly typed as “John”).
o ~5:05pm (wall clock). Shelly watches a news report by Cyril Pons about law
enforcement converging on the train car (this reflects the scene’s original
position on the script; it was moved later in the edit). Leo makes her turn it off
& yells @ her to smoke one brand of cigarettes (presumably having found
some of Bobby’s).
o After dark. Norma calls Ed; they agree to meet @ the Roadhouse around 9:30.
Nadine is testing her drape runners.
o Cooper & Truman walk through the city square on the way to a town hall
meeting; Cooper marvels over everything. (Truman is already calling him
“Cooper old buddy”).
o @ the town hall meeting (attended by community leaders such as Josie,
Catherine, Pete, Ben &…the Log Lady), Dwayne has trouble w/ the mic, then
gives a speech about grief & fear. Truman hands the mic to Cooper. He tells
the townspeople about Teresa Palmer & advises that they institute an 8pm
curfew since the crimes happened at nt.
o A lonely traffic light turns from green to yellow to red.
o 9:30pm. Cooper has just finished addressing the local citizenry. He hopes to have
James in custody w/i the hr., but believes James will be released shortly thereafter
(“Serial killers don’t kill their girlfriends; they prefer the company of strangers”).
(This contradicts the Pilot, where Cooper did not yet know James existed at
this point.) (This timestamp appears to contradict the Pilot—Donna & James
were scheduled to meet @ 9:30 [as were Ed & Norma], and when Donna
arrives, Cooper & Truman are already staked out @ the Roadhouse.).
o [Act 7] ~9:10pm (Harriet’s watch). Donna overhears Will telling Eileen about
the heart necklace; breaking curfew, she borrows Harriet’s bike to meet James
& warn him. Mike & Bobby arrive @ the Haywards’, driving while drinking,
& Will discovers Donna is missing. He calls Lucy, who patches him through to
o Cooper & Truman are posted outside the Roadhouse. Coopers asks Truman
the story behind the Bookhouse. Truman says Jake Morrissey owns the
Bookhouse and the Roadhouse. Cooper asks if the motorcycles parked out front
are a gang. Truman says, “Not really exactly a gang, more… We go way back.”
Cooper, intrigued, says, “You’re part of the Bookhouse.” (Truman: “Why don’t
you whittle on that for awhile?”).
o ~9:30pm (per the meet-up times stated). (Confusingly, an establishing shot of
the Bookhouse precedes the subsequent Roadhouse interior scenes.) Ed &
Norma rendezvous in the Roadhouse (Ed is also staking out Jacques Renault,
per Episode 1). The Roadhouse singer (Julee Cruise) sings “Falling.” Norma
pushes for them to leave their respective spouses (Ed asks: before or after
Hank is paroled?). The singer sings “The Nightingale.” Bobby & Mike arrive.
Donna arrives. “Truman radios for 2 backup cars. Mike grabs Donna; Ed gets
up to defend her & Bobby knocks Ed out. A brawl breaks out b/w Mike &
Bobby and the bikers. The backup arrives to break up the fight. Joey takes
Donna to meet James (his bike is parked in front of the Bookhouse). Truman
seems strangely ready to suspect a Bookhouse Boy of murder: he voices that
“J” could be “Joey.” Cooper, however, knows that Joey is merely taking
Donna to someone else. Cooper & Truman pursue, but Joey loses them by
turning down an old logging rd. whose only access is near the Packard Mill.
o Jacoby follows Leo’s red Corvette (hoping to solve Laura’s murder Laura had
talked about Leo to Jacoby). Jacoby loses Leo @ the Old Sawmill Rd. (Episode
4, Jacoby to Truman: “the night after Laura died”). A motorcycle goes by
followed by a police cruiser; Jacoby follows on foot. (Jacoby to Coop, Episode
o [Act 8] Cooper hears Joey’s motorcycle below in the distance—Truman says
the only entrance to the logging rd. is 5 mi. back. Joey drops Donna off w/
James in the woods. Jacoby spies on them but can’t hear them (Episode 8).
James says he’s going to turn himself in, but he doesn’t have an alibi: he was
w/ Laura last nt. It was like a nightmare, she was like a different person. He
says Bobby told Laura he killed a guy. James & Donna kiss. They bury the
gold heart necklace & drive off.
o Cooper & Truman are waiting at the logging rd. entrance & pull James over.
Cooper is somewhat smug that Donna isn’t w/ Joey (“Told you so”) & quietly
says Donna is “probably right” when she says James didn’t do anything.
o @ the sheriff’s station, Truman releases Donna to Will but wants her back for
questioning 1st thing in the morning. Hawk & Andy lodge James in a holding
cell—Bobby & Mike are also in cells. Will & Donna go to retrieve Harriet’s
bike before heading home.
• 2/24/1989 or later—
o @ some point just after Laura’s death, Jacoby conducts an intake eval w/ Leland.
Sarah begins a steady decline into alcoholism & prescription drug abuse.
o Around this time (their courtship lasts no more than 3 wks.), Lana Budding & Doug
Milford meet. Lana is a new arrival in town: her license says Ga. She works @ the
Twin Peaks Savings & Loan—they meet when a mix-up w/ keys (impliedly
planned by Lana) leads to them being locked in the safe deposit box vault for an hr.
o @ some point after Coop’s arrival, Douglas Milford confides in Garland Briggs
that Coop’s presence—and his associations w/ secret allies of Doug (presumably
Gordon Cole)—signals a raising in the ante in their stated mission. Per Briggs in
the dossier: “Our zone had gone hot; the data I was monitoring went from zero to
sixty. Strange phenomena—of the sort frequently encountered by the colonel
throughout his life—cropped up w/ regularity, registering seismically on my
instrumentation (this seems to contradict Briggs’s attitude in Episode 9, which
indicates the “Cooper” transmission was very much an anomaly). From the
start, Cooper experiences turbulent phenomena: sightings in the woods [unclear
what Briggs is referring to, unless it’s his own abduction], mysterious
encounters, troubling dreams.” Briggs finds newfound purpose, believing the
answers they seek might be within reach. Briggs says he & Coop befriend one
another w/o realizing the covert connections they share.
• 2/25/1989—
o Bob Lydecker is assaulted outside a bar in Lowtown (“3 days ago,” Truman,
Episode 4).
o 12:28am (Cooper to Diane). Cooper & Truman settle down to a policeman’s
dream. Truman agrees to get Cooper a good rate @ Great Northern. Lucy,
eavesdropping on the intercom, says she’ll make the arrangements. Cooper
heads out, recording a message to Diane. (Diane… has a rerecorded version of
this audio—rather than fading off into the distance as in the Pilot, Cooper gloats
that he was right about James—he’s in custody & will be out by morning—&
receives directions to the Great Northern from Lucy as he exits.) Lucy tells Truman
on the intercom that Mrs. Packard called about a possible prowler @ the Lodge;
Truman says it’s probably raccoons, but goes to investigate.. (Note: The Diane…
tape and the alternate take of this scene contradict one another, since Lucy would
have to be speaking to Cooper & Truman at the same time saying different things.)
o In the cells, Bobby & Mike bark @ James, then Bobby howls/screams.
o Truman & Josie rendezvous outside Blue Pine Lodge. Catherine calls Ben to
tell him; Ben suggests they get together & talk about it. Truman says it must
have happened just about this time 24 hrs. ago.
o The traffic light is red.
o Sarah, on the couch, looks up the stairs @ the fan. She closes her eyes &
seemingly sees something which is happening simultaneously in the woods: a
hand (Jacoby’s—Episode 1) digs up & takes the heart necklace. There is an
image of Bob reflected in the mirror behind Sarah (unclear if she sees him,
consciously or unconsciously). She sits up & screams.
o Donna wakes Eileen & Will crying in her sleep (Eileen to Donna).
o 4am. Ed is in Intensive Care for his head wound; Nadine comes up w/ her idea
for silent drape runners using cotton balls (Nadine to Norma).
o 6:18am (Cooper to Diane; note that two bedside clocks, side-by-side,
erroneously read 3:31). Cooper hangs upside down on gravity boots in Rm.
315 @ the Great Northern. He praises the rm. to Diane, alludes to a story Diane
has heard many times about a lumpy mattress in El Paso, & pontificates upon
Marilyn Monroe, the Kennedys & the JFK assassination. He says he’ll get
back to Diane about the hotel coffee within the half hr.
o In the dining rm., Audrey approaches, flirts & tells Cooper about Laura
tutoring Johnny 3x a wk.
o Lucy & Andy order donuts @ the Wagon Wheel. Lucy alludes to her aunt w/ the
raccoon problem (the raccoon shtick was inspired by Kimmy Robertson’s aunt
who had a raccoon problem & was written by Lynch, shot & cut on three separate
occasions, from the Pilot, Episode 1 and Fire Walk with Me!).
o In the sheriff station conference rm., Will briefs Cooper & Truman on Laura’s
autopsy report (performed by Joe Fielding from Fairvale, because Will
couldn’t bring himself to do it). Time of death estimated b/w midnight and
4am, caused by loss of blood from numerous shallow wounds. W/i the last 12
hrs. she had had sex w/ at least 3 men.
o Shelly finds a bloody shirt in Leo’s laundry from the truck & hides it; Norma
picks her up for work. Norma tells Shelly about the fight last nt., & Bobby giving
Ed a concussion.
o Coop & Truman question James. He says he last saw Laura from 9:30-12:30
the nt. of her death. Something happened “a couple of days ago” that caused
Laura to start using again & to refuse to see James—he thinks something
scared her. (Based on the timeline in Fire Walk with Me, Laura was already
using more than a wk. before her death, presumably w/o James’s knowledge.
He is presumably referring to Weds. morning when he comes by her house
after she ditched him the nt. before & sees that she’s on something.) Cooper
asks him what happened 2/05 & who has the other half of the locket; he says
he doesn’t know.
o Leo searches for his shirt & can’t find it.
o [Act 2] Leland calls to make funeral arrangements, & breaks down; Ben has a
secretary shuttle Leland out, picks up the phone, says he’s picking up the tab &
they’d better start thinking lead coffin.
o In the holding cells, Mike & Bobby argue about Leo calling Mike’s house, &
Bobby paying half the money back w/o telling Mike. The other half is in
Laura’s safety deposit box: she was supposed to give it to Bobby today. Hawk
brings James back in; glaring ensues.
o A strange ethereal cut to the picnic video: Laura says, “Help me.”
o 10:30am. Donna wakes up late. Eileen (coloring a poster…per a production
document, she’s making a “Stop Ghostwood Now” poster) says the sheriff’s
station called & said her interrogation could wait until tomorrow. Donna
confesses about James & Laura, and confides that she & James realized that
all this time they’re the ones who were falling in love. She says it’s like she’s
having the most beautiful dream & the most terrible nightmare all @ once.
o Cooper meets Ed; Ed explains that James’s mother is out of town & Ed looks
after him when she’s away. Coop says they’re not charging James & can
release him to Ed’s custody. Cooper gets a long-distance call from Albert
Rosenfield. Ed & Truman speak confidentially while Cooper is distracted.
Truman jokes that he assumed Ed got his wound because Nadine found out
about Norma. Ed says Jacques Renault was tending bar, & Ed believes Ed’s
beer was drugged. He doesn’t remember anything after he stood up, & doesn’t
even recall Bobby hitting him. Cooper tells Albert he can have Laura’s body
all day tomorrow, but they’re putting her in the ground on Mon.
o 11am. Cooper tells Diane he has just released James into Ed’s custody & mentions
the large group of Norwegians checking out of the Great Northern yesterday.
o Norma, delivering food to the Twin Peaks General Store, runs into Nadine,
who is buying a shopping bag full of cotton balls, & confrontationally tells
Norma about her silent drape runner idea.
o Hawk releases James to Ed (Hawk & Ed exchange the Bookhouse Boys secret
sign). James says he’s going to need the Bookhouse Boys to get his back; Ed
says he’s already got it covered.
o In the interrogation rm., Truman sits w/ Bobby & Mike. Cooper enters & lets
them go—but tells them to pray for the health & safety of James Hurley.
o [Act 3] “Just barely morning” (per Pete). Cooper & Truman interview Josie
@ the Lodge. Laura gave her English lessons 2ce a wk.; she last saw Laura
Thurs. Pete serves coffee. Catherine calls Josie from Timber Falls Motel to
chide Josie for losing the Mill $87K over her “shenanigans.” Coop guesses that
Truman is seeing Josie. There’s a fish in the percolator. Coop asks Harry about
Andrew’s death. Coop is suspicious that they never found the body; Harry gets
defensive & says Andrew was like a father to him. Coop says Harry is so far above
suspicion he can’t even see him through the clouds.
o @ Timber Falls Motel, Ben & Catherine (having spent over an hr. together
having sex & scheming) hatch a plan to accelerate their machinations by
burning down the Mill.
o 11:17am. Cooper stands on the shore where Laura’s body washed up. He recounts
meeting Josie & her affair w/ Truman. “These appear to be random events unrelated
@ this time, so naturally they bear watching.” (Note: This and the preceding
Diane… timestamps seem way too close together.)
o Cooper & Truman talk to Jacoby (seen for the 1st time wearing his red & blue
glasses) @ the Great Northern while Johnny hunts buffalo: Laura was tutoring
Johnny Mon. Weds. & Fri.—the same days Jacoby came to see Johnny. She was
there this past Weds.
o Donna visits Sarah (as Leland sedates Sarah). Sarah sees Laura’s face
superimposed over Donna’s, then has a vision of Bob crouched behind Laura’s
o After dark (ca. 5:40pm or 6:40pm—hospital wall clock; contradictorily, in
Episode 2, Hawk says he saw the One-Armed Man “this afternoon”). Hawk
speaks to Janek & Suburbis Pulaski outside Ronette’s rm. @ Calhoun. They
mention Ronette working @ the perfume counter @ Horne’s. Hawk spots the
One-Armed Man getting out of an elevator & follows him into a staff-only area
where he walks toward Oxygen Storage (203) & the morgue (205).
o [Act 4] 6:05pm (Audrey’s watch). Audrey dances in Ben’s office. He confronts
her about the Norwegians leaving & she freely admits her role.
o The Briggses sit down to dinner; Briggs says grace. Briggs tries to get Bobby
to open up. Bobby sticks a cigarette in his mouth & Briggs slaps him.
o Cooper & Truman stop @ the Double R; Cooper meets Shelly & Norma, &
requests the names of the Meals on Wheels recipients from Norma. Coop
orders 2 more pieces of cherry pie following his 1st. The Log Lady tells Cooper
that her log saw something that nt., but Coop doesn’t take advantage of the
offer to ask it what it saw.
o 7pm. @ the Double R: Cooper says this must be where pies go when they die (note
that he says this line on the show in Episode 3, but it is not part of a tape to
Diane). Cooper resolves to take Harry & the gang on a rock-throwing trip to Tibet
o Leo slices a football open. Shelly arrives home & Leo hides the football on top
of the cupboard & puts a bar of soap in a sock to beat Shelly for losing his
o James has dinner @ the Haywards’. He explains to Will that his dad died when
he was 10 & his mother “travels a lot…she writes for the paper sometimes.”
Mike & Bobby pull up outside, lamenting that they can’t kill James 2ce—once
for each stolen girlfriend.
o Jacoby dances while sorting his mail. He receives a tape in an envelope, & listens
to Laura’s final tape while holding the heart necklace, which he had hidden in
a coconut. (Jacoby’s stereo clock says 5:20, but this is probably inaccurate.)
o Jerry arrives home from Paris as the Hornes have a silent family dinner. Jerry
brings brie & butter sandwiches (which remind Ben of “Ginny & Jenny down
by the river”). Ben & Jerry head to One-Eyed Jack’s.
o 11pm (Hayward clock). Donna’s parents retire (Will reminds Donna that
church is @ 9am, confirming again that this is Sat. nt.). James experiences the
nightly Hayward light show (which Will set up one cold Christmas vacation).
o @ OEJ, Ben gets to be the New Girl’s 1st thanks to a coin flip.
• Wk. of 2/26/1989—Shelly takes in a pair of Leo’s boots for repair. (Episode 14, “last
• 2/26/1989—
o Midnight (Hayward clock). James & Donna talk.
o 12:30am (Cooper’s clock). Coop arrives back in his rm. Hawk calls. Hawk says
Ronette recently quit her job @ the perfume counter of Horne’s Dept. Store
(oddly, he says this in response to Coop asking what Hawk learned from
Ronette’s parents, seemingly contradicting Episode 1—when Hawk talked to
the Pulaskis, they were under the impression that Ronette went to work @
Horne’s on 2/23). Hawk tells Coop about a one-armed man snooping around
intensive care. Audrey slips a note under Coop’s door: “Jack with One Eye.”
Coop smells the letter & smiles. The Diane… tape has an entry apparently made
just after Cooper gets Audrey’s note, timestamped 11:30pm. This contradicts the
clocks shown in the episode.
o Bobby & Mike drive into the woods to pick up coke from the football. Leo
approaches unexpectedly (w/ a shotgun &, seemingly, backup wearing a ski
mask, coat & gloves). Leo demands cash on delivery. Bobby objects that the
coke barely covers what they already paid for. Leo demands the other $10K.
They explain the Laura situation. Leo ominously reveals that Shelly has been
cheating on him in his own bedroom, then forces them @ gunpoint to “go out
for a pass.” (Note: This scene was scripted to take place the following night,
but moved up in the edit.)
o 6am. Coop asks Diane to add the following sound to his master tape labeled,
“Sounds”: Canadian Geese!
o [Act 2] Day. Ed stumbles into the house w/ grease on his hands, trips on the
drape runners & drips grease on them.
o [8:17am (Cooper to Diane in the script)] Coop & the sheriff’s station crew set up
to throw rocks.
o Bobby drops in on Shelly (he just passed Leo starting to diesel up out in North
Bend); he sees her bruise & vows to kill Leo if he ever beats Shelly again.
o Ed stops into the Double R & tells Norma he’s in the doghouse; she’s playful.
o Coop lectures on Tibet & “concentrate[s] on the ‘J’s.” It appears that Leo is
the prime suspect.
o [Act 3] After church, the Haywards go to the Double R. Audrey (who had also
ben @ church) walks in. She tells Donna she went to church because of Laura.
She gets coffee & talks about Cooper in a salacious tone. Audrey asks if Laura
ever talked about Ben; she says Ben used to sing to Laura. Audrey then dances
to the “dreamy” music.
o Afternoon (per Albert: “Are we going to have to stand here all afternoon?”
“…we’ve wasted half the day traveling out here…”). In the conference rm.,
Coop & Truman look @ a bloody towel Hawk found ½ a mi. down the tracks
from the crime site. Albert & his team of 2 agents arrive (in Episode 3, Albert
says he traveled 1000s of miles to get to Twin Peaks). Lucy is reading a book
on Tibet. Truman says he’ll have one of his men escort Albert to the morgue
(although Albert & his team exit the station alone after Truman tells him off).
o 9:42pm (Hurleys’ wall clock). Someone (Sparky?) says goodnight to Ed as the
Gas Farm closes down. Ed cautiously goes home. Nadine is elated that Ed’s
dripped grease was the perfect ingredient for her silent drape runners.
o Pete cleans his boots in Catherine’s rm.; she asks what “that FBI man” wanted
“up here today.” (Note: This continuity glitch is the result of the scene
originally being scripted to take place on Sat. nt., but being moved to Sun. nt.
in the final edit. It’s possible that Coop returned to Blue Pine Lodge on Sun.,
but Pete specifically references a fish taking a liking to his percolator.) While
Catherine is in the next rm., Pete steals a key from a jar & hands it out the
door to Josie. Catherine sends Pete to his rm. Josie opens a secret safe &
discovers two ledgers.
o Leland dances w/ Laura’s photo to “Pennsylvania 6-5000”; Sarah asks what is
going on in this house. (Note: Like the preceding Pete/Catherine scene, this
was scripted to be the prior night, but was moved down in the edit.)
• 2/27/1989—[Act 4]
o 1:18am (Cooper’s clock; also, Cooper to Diane in the script—dialogue which was
adapted & included on the Diane… tape). Cooper goes to bed. He sets his alarm
for 6:15. He dreams…
§ Cooper is 25 yrs. older, seated in the Red Room as MfAP shakes
violently w/ his back to Coop. Sarah runs downstairs in the Palmer
house shouting in a muffled fashion for Laura as electric lights flicker.
Bob crouching behind the bed—same image Sarah saw in Episode 1.
More flickering w/ quick shots of the bloody towel in the train car &
Laura’s corpse in the morgue. Flashing lights over Coop’s sleeping
§ (Per Coop’s synopsis of his dream in Episode 3, it seems like he dreamed
most or all of the “Pilot closed ending,” although the audience only saw
glimpses. A description of the full Pilot closed ending follows)
§ Sarah, lying on the couch, remembers/sees herself in slow-mo searching
for Laura, then has a flash of scanning Laura’s rm. & seeing Bob
crouching behind the foot of the bed (wider shot than the Episode 1 shot).
She screams for Leland, saying she saw “him.”
§ @ Lucy’s, Lucy practices paddleball while Andy poorly plays the trumpet
(they’re “getting ready for bed,” according to Lucy). Leland calls & says
Sarah has just remembered seeing the killer in Laura’s bedroom that
morning. Lucy says Tommy “the Hawk” Hill is their sketch artist. She
calls Truman in his cruiser saying the Palmers want him & Hawk to come
over. Truman says he’ll be there in ten minutes.
§ A sleeping Cooper receives a call from the One-Armed Man: “It’s a
strange night. There’s something in the air. Can you feel it?” He mentions
Teresa & says he knows the man that “did her,” and knows about the
stitches w/ the red thread (a mysterious detail that was never actually
mentioned on the series—possibly related to Mike telling Leland “The
thread will be torn” in FWWM?). He says there’s more that Cooper would
enjoy hearing, & says he’s @ the hospital. Coop says he’s coming. Almost
as soon as Coop hangs up, Lucy calls & tells Coop about Sarah’s
recollection and says Truman & Hawk are @ the Palmer place now. Coop
says to tell Harry to meet him @ the hospital when they’re done.
§ 2:24am. Coop records a tape to Diane synopsizing the phone calls. “When
two separate events happen simultaneously pertaining to the same subject
of inquiry, we must always pay strict attention.”
§ @ the hospital, Andy guards the door of the morgue while Mike waits in
darkness. Coop & Truman arrive. Andy says the One-Armed Man wants
to see them in this particular rm.; Mike says not to turn on the
overheads—there’s a bad transformer. Mike, in the darkened hospital
morgue, recites: “Through the darkness of future past / The magician
longs to see / One chants out between two worlds / Fire walk with me.”
He says, “We lived among the people. Think you say…convenience
store. We lived above it. I mean it like it is. Like it sounds. I too have
been touched by the devilish one. Tattoo on the left shoulder. But when
I saw the face of God, I was changed. Took the entire arm off. My name
is Mike. His name is Bob.” Coop points out that Mike was in an elevator
there “this afternoon.” Mike says he was looking for Bob: “He sometimes
works among the infirm, the injured of the species.” Mike says he has
been watching for over a yr. for Bob to come out again. He knows of
Cooper’s interest in the results of Bob’s endeavors. (Note: In the “closed
ending” cut, the lines about being touched by the devilish one & removing
his arm occurred here, but were spliced in earlier in the Episode 2 cut.)
Truman shows Mike 2 sketches; he IDs Bob. He says Bob is right here,
in the hospital basement.
§ Bob is in the hospital basement boiler rm. He crouches by a dirt mound
(with what might be a half-heart on top) surrounded by 12 burning
candles. Coop & Truman enter, guns drawn. Bob welcomes them to the
killer’s lair & says he won’t hurt them. He asks if Mike is with them; when
they say no, he says, “I so wanted to sing with him again. Mike! Mike!
Can you hear me? (singing) Heads up, tails up / Running to you,
scallywag / Night falls, morning calls / Catch you with my death bag!”
Mike sneaks in behind Coop & Truman. Truman asks what the letters
were going to spell; Bob says his proper name, Robert. “You may think
I’ve gone insane, but I promise: I will kill again!” Mike screams, “Like
hell!” and shoots Bob to death. Mike seems to suddenly be in enormous
pain & collapses slowly. (“Have you got a nickel? I—ah! It hurts
something terrible. Wait ’til your turn, Bob! Bob! Wait ’til it’s your time!”
(According to the script, Mike dies.) Coop says to make a wish. The 12
candles in a circle around the mound of dirt blow out.
§ 25 yrs. later (per Coop in Episode 3, and the caption in the “Pilot closed
ending” cut): The Red Rm. A well-dressed Beautiful Woman who looks
exactly like Laura is seated across from older Coop. MfAP: “Let’s
rock!” He sits down & rubs his hands. The Beautiful Woman touches
her nose @ Coop. MfAP stops rubbing his hands together and he and the
Beautiful Woman hold hands. He then returns to rubbing his hands
together. An object floats by outside the curtain [a bird, according to the
script]. MfAP stops rubbing his hands: “I’ve got good news. That gum
you like is going to come back in style. She’s my cousin. But doesn’t she
look almost exactly like Laura Palmer?” Coop asks the Beautiful
Woman if she is Laura. Beautiful Woman: “I feel like I know her, but
sometimes my arms bend back.” MfAP: “She’s filled w/ secrets. Where
we’re from, the birds sing a pretty song & there’s always music in the
air.” MfAP dances; the Beautiful Woman kisses Coop on the lips &
whispers in his ear.
o Coop wakes up & calls Harry: Harry is to meet him for breakfast @ 7am.
Cooper says he knows who killed Laura, and “it can wait until morning.” Coop
hangs up & snaps in time w/ the Red Rm. music. (The time is still 1:18
according to the clock, implying that Cooper’s entire dream occurred within
the span of a minute.)
o (“This morning,” per Truman): Bernard Renault (janitor @ the Roadhouse)
comes across the border w/ an ounce of coke in his kit bag.
o Margaret expects Coop & co. on this day (Episode 5: “You’re two days late”).
o 7:15am (Cooper to Diane). (Note: This very brief tape is not on the Diane…
release.) Audrey & Coop speak over breakfast. Coop confronts Audrey about
the note she slipped under his door. Coop asks if Laura worked @ OEJ;
Audrey doesn’t know, but says Laura worked @ Ben’s department store
perfume counter. Coop tells Audrey Ronette also worked @ the perfume
counter. Truman & Lucy arrive; Coop tells them about his dream (recounting
details from the “closed ending” Pilot that weren’t seen in Episode 2: Sarah
having a vision, Hawk sketching the killer, Coop getting a call from Mike.
“Mike couldn’t stand the killing anymore, so he cut off his arm. [note: This
line is interesting because Coop seems to be making an assumption based on
Mike’s vague ranting] Bob vowed to kill again so Mike shot him.”). Coop
describes the Red Rm. portion of the dream (being careful to refer to the
Laura-figure as “the Beautiful Woman,” not as Laura). She whispered the
name of her killer to him, but he doesn’t remember. If they crack the code of
his dream, however, they’ll solve the crime.
o Truman gets a call to respond to a fight @ the morgue, where Albert & Will
are having it out as Andy watches & Ben attempts to facilitate. Coop &
Truman arrive, Truman slugs Albert. Coop tells Albert to release Laura’s
body & have his test results to Coop by noon.
o 10:25am. Cooper records a tape to Diane in the Twin Peaks County Morgue. He
asks Diane to prepare paperwork for “action unbecoming a field officer,” as he
suspects Albert will attempt to file charges against Truman, & Coop intends to
defend Harry to utmost of his ability. He says Laura’s burial is in 3 hrs.
o A nurse sedates Leland as he watches Invitation to Love. Maddy arrives.
§ ItL: Jared Lancaster is writing his suicide note, due to financial
difficulties. Jade barges in.
o [Act 2] Hank’s parole officer meets w/ Norma & hits on her.
o Coop assures Harry that the Bureau will kick Harry’s butt only over Coop’s dead
body. Coop & Truman question Leo. He says he didn’t know Laura (he knew
who she was, everyone did), & he called his wife from Butte the night Laura
was murdered around midnight.
o Garland tries to talk to Bobby before the funeral.
o Albert briefs Coop & Truman on his findings: the diary substance is coke
(toxicology also shows coke in Laura’s system); there were 2 types of twine
(she was bound 2ce—Coop: “sometimes my arms bend back”—the wrist twine
matches Ronette’s as well as samples found near the railroad car); pumice was
found in standing water near the train car (industrial strength soap; traces
were also found on the back of Laura’s neck—Albert thinks the killer washed
his hands then held Laura’s head to kiss her); there were claw marks/bites on
Laura’s neck & shoulders; & there was a small plastic partially dissolved
fragment from her stomach w/ the letter “J.” They begin to depart for Laura’s
funeral. Cooper refuses to sign Albert’s report on Truman’s assault. He
praises the town, & tells Albert w/ the way he has behaved, he should be glad
Coop doesn’t file a report that would bury Albert.
o 12:27pm. Albert storms out. Coop asks Diane to look into his pension plan
options regarding real estate investment. (Oddly, the Diane… tape doesn’t have
the recording from the episode, but has a completely different recording with the
exact same timestamp, in which Coop discusses Albert’s behavior & his findings.
He somehow already knows the shoulder wounds were made by “possibly a bird,”
despite Albert not having specified this.)
o [Act 3] Nadine tells Ed last nt. was wonderful—he came back to her & now
she feels like they’re really together again. She recalls seeing him w/ Norma in
H.S. @ football games. She always knew if Ed got to know her, they’d be
together forever. James shows up to say he can’t go to the funeral, & leaves.
o Audrey spies on her parents fighting as Jacoby tries to coax Johnny out of his
Indian headdress (this is the 1st appearance of the 3D glasses in the series
proper, following two deleted scenes from Episode 1).
o ~1:30pm (per Coop saying the funeral was in 3 hrs. as of 10:25am). Father
Clarence presides @ Laura’s funeral (the majority of the established main &
supporting cast is present. Exceptions: Lucy, Leo, Jacoby, Eileen, & Sylvia are
not seen). James shows up. Bobby snaps, shouting that everyone knew Laura
was in trouble—they all killed her. Bobby & James try to fight. Leland casket
o Night. Traffic lights changing. @ the Double R, Coop meets w/ Truman, Ed &
Hawk. Over Ed’s initial objection (he acquiesces after Coop guesses Ed is in
love w/ Norma), they tell Coop about the drug investigation. Truman says he
calls on Ed when he needs him—and Ed isn’t the only one. Truman then
explains what he really wants to tell Coop: “Twin Peaks is different. A long
way from the world … That’s exactly the way we like it, but there’s a back end
to that that’s kind of different too. Maybe that’s the price we pay for all the
good things … There’s a sort of evil out there. Something very very strange in
these old woods. Call it what you want. A darkness, a presence. It takes many
forms, but it’s been out there for as long as anyone can remember and we’ve
always been here to fight it. Men before us, men before them, more after we’re
gone.” (“A secret society,” Coop notes.) They go to the Bookhouse, where
James & Joey have Bernard Renault gagged & tied. They ask why Jacques
hasn’t come into work for the past few days; Bernie says he had personal
business, but he’ll be in tonight. Outside, Jacques sees the warning “bust light”
on top of the Roadhouse & bolts, calling Leo from a payphone outside the Cash
& Carry, demanding a “border run.”
o ~8:40pm (wall clock). Leo storms out as Shelly enters from work; she hides a
gun behind a kitchen cabinet slat w/ the blood-stained shirt.
o [Act 4] Josie & Harry rendezvous. Pete serves pan-fried rainbow trout;
Catherine eavesdrops via intercom. Josie says Catherine & Ben want to hurt
her—she heard Catherine on the phone saying Josie will never suspect, just
like Andrew. She shows Harry the secret safe, but now there is only one
ledger—Catherine removed & hid the other one. Catherine tells Pete off.
o Coop sees Jacoby in the cemetery.
o Josie says she thinks Ben & Catherine want the Mill land for Ben. Truman
promises nothing will happen to Josie while he’s around.
o Coop & Hawk have beers in the Timber Rm. Hawk says he believes in several
souls: “Blackfoot legend. Waking souls that give life to the mind & body. A
dream soul that wanders. … Faraway places. The Land of the Dead.” Cooper
asks if that’s where Laura is. “Laura’s in the ground, Agent Cooper. That’s
the only thing I’m sure of.” On the dance floor, Leland begs people to dance
with him; Coop & Hawk escort him out. Red traffic light.
o Lucy does not let Andy spend the nt. (“last night,” Episode 4)
• 2/28/1989—
o 12:01am. Coop speaks to Diane from Black Lake Cemetery (as owls hoot in the
b.g.). “In the recorded history of man’s organized attempts to civilize this planet,
and more specifically their communities, men have always formed groups, clubs or
societies, often cloaked in secrecy, to protect and preserve certain elements within
their social structure.” He notes that Truman, Hawk, Ed, James & others unknown
to him have taken up this mantle, “defenders in what appears to be an age-old fight
against a kind of darkness in the woods surrounding this town.
o Sunrise. Cooper slept badly. The face of a young girl seemed to haunt him all nt.
He’s not sure who it was, living or dead. He discusses Audrey.
o Andy sketches Bob per Sarah’s description from her vision. Donna & Doc
Hayward are there, as well as Maddy & Truman. A disheveled Leland enters
in his robe, & seems annoyed/condescending about Sarah’s visions. He goads
her to tell them about the 2nd vision w/ the necklace. Donna gets worried.
o 9:25am (Cooper’s watch). @ the sheriff’s station, Lucy watches ItL. She is cold
to Andy.
§ Itl: Emerald tries to seduce Chet. (Per Lucy, Jade convinced Jared not
to kill himself & he revised his will to leave the Towers to Jade, but
Emerald is trying to seduce Chet into stealing the will so she can destroy
it, & Montana is planning to kill Jared so the Towers will belong to
Emerald & Montana @ midnight, but Lucy thinks Emerald is planning
to double-cross Montana.)
o Cooper interrogates Jacoby in the conference rm. Jacoby says he considers
himself an abject failure for not helping Laura, & his personal investigation
into Laura’s death will be ongoing for the rest of his life. He says on the night
after Laura died, he followed a man in a red Corvette that Laura had talked
about. Truman asks if Jacoby is leaving town; he says he has a pilgrimage to
Pebble Beach planned for the end of the month.
o Truman has an APB on Jacques; Bernard made bail on cocaine possession
charges this morning and Truman says he has an all points on him too (this is
odd—on what basis would the police be able to track a charged criminal who
is free on bail?). Gordon Cole calls: the upper-arm twine is Finley’s Fine Twine
(a common household variety), the bites are bird bites, Albert will fax a
reconstruction of the plastic object. Coop IDs Andy’s sketch as Bob from his
dream. Hawk calls; he’s found the One-Armed Man.
o Coop, Truman & Andy go east on Hwy. 12 to the Timber Falls Motel, as Ben
& Catherine rendezvous in Rm. 102 of the same motel (rm. number seen in
photos in Episode 6). Josie is outside in a car taking photos of Ben & Catherine.
Catherine is eager to set fire to the Mill.
§ ItL plays in the b.g. in Ben & Catherine’s rm.: Montana talks about
dodging blow darts in the Amazon.
o Hawk says the One-Armed Man’s last name is Gerard & he’s in Rm. 101.
Andy drops his gun as they prepare to burst in, alerting Ben to their presence.
Catherine finds a OEJ chip that Ben drops on his way to the bath. Coop &
Truman burst into Gerard’s rm.
o [Act 2] Gerard looks @ the Bob sketch & denies knowing him (he adds, “But
you know something, he kinda looks like someone, don’t he?”). He says his
best friend is Bob Lydecker. Coop asks why he’s been @ the hospital “the past
2 days” (this is odd since he was actually seen there 3 & 4 days ago). Gerard
says Lydecker is in a coma; Harry confirms that a Lydecker was assaulted
outside a bar in Lowtown 3 days ago. (Again, note that this doesn’t explain
Gerard’s presence @ the hospital on Fri., 4 days ago). Coop asks if Bob is a
doctor (it’s unclear why he asks this [in the script, Coop says Bob was a dr. in his
dream!]). Gerard says Bob is a vet. Coop notes Gerard’s middle name is
Michael (after his uncle, says Gerard). Gerard says he lost his arm in a car
accident from Memphis to someplace, on the rd. selling pharmaceuticals.
These days, he sells shoes. The arm he lost had a “Mom” tattoo.
o 1pm. In PMG’s motel rm. Coop makes note of the fact that Lydecker works above
a convenience store (this is not technically accurate, as seen in the episode).
o Hawk shows Harry where Josie’s car was staked out.
o Ed & Sparky come into the house to fix Nadine’s rowing machine, & are stumped
how she bent it. Nadine is rummaging in the garage; Sparky plays lookout while
Ed tries to call Norma, but Nadine comes in (Ed, covering, says to tell Mrs.
Milford [!] not to drive without an extra set of lug nuts. Nadine has brought a
tray w/ breakfast & the sports section. She’s excited: she found a great patent
attorney in Fairvale.
o Audrey approaches Donna in the H.S. bathroom: she wants Cooper to take
her away, & so plans to seduce him by solving Laura’s murder. She enlists
Donna’s help: Audrey suspects Laura was seeing James (Donna’s reaction
confirms it) & she had a sweet tooth for nose candy. Audrey tells Donna she
overheard Jacoby preparing Johnny for the funeral—he told Johnny Laura
was his patient (note: seemingly, Audrey spied on Jacoby & Johnny at another
point before what was shown in Episode 3). Donna is surprised. Audrey then
implies that Laura may have been working @ OEJ. Donna agrees to help as
long as whatever they find out stays secret b/w them. Audrey notes that Laura
& Ronette both worked @ the perfume counter @ Horne’s.
o Norma attends Hank’s parole hearing; the board promises a decision by 5pm.
o Coop & co. pull up to One Stop, a convenience store; adjacent (slightly raised
from the ground, but not above) is the Lydecker Clinic. Coop sends Andy to
buy twine. Coop & Harry go into the clinic & confiscate their patient files.
Andy enters w/ Finley’s Fine Twine.
o [Act 3] Bobby makes out w/ Shelly @ the Johnson home during her break (she
has to be back in ½ an hr.). She says Leo is w/ his creepy friend, that Canuck
Jacques who works @ the Roadhouse. Bobby feigns surprise; he says he’s been
onto this for awhile & he believes Leo & Jacques are running coke across the
border & giving it to H.S. kids, possibly even Laura. Shelly shows him the
bloody shirt (which she knows is Leo’s because she sewed his initials into it).
Bobby he’s going to do something with the shirt & Leo won’t be a problem
o @ the sheriff’s station, Harry assigns Lucy to look through the Lydecker files
for birds. The 4 cops go to the gun range; Coop vocalizes Andy’s issues w/
Lucy. Coop alludes to a woman who helped him understand “commitment, the
responsibilities & the risks, who taught [him] the pain of a broken heart.”
Hawk recites a poem he wrote for his girlfriend, Diane Shapiro, PhD.
Brandeis: “ Lucy calls: the files are alphabetical by pet name.
o 3pm. Cooper is “just back” from Lydecker Clinic. Cooper discusses several things
that he should not yet have knowledge about, per the series timeline: Waldo, the
OEJ chip, & the fact that Jacques Renault works @ OEJ.
o 4:55pm (Double R wall clock). Shelly storms into the Double R upset about
Leo. (This scene is the 1st appearance of the “Say No to Ghostwood” signs.)
Norma comforts Shelly & promises her a Day of Beauty tomorrow. James
comes in & calls Donna from the payphone (@ the Hayward house, Will is
panicked trying to cook for a church potluck). James agrees to come over, only
after Donna tells him Audrey told her some things & Sarah saw something.
James meets Maddy who is picking up food for her aunt & uncle (Sarah can’t
cook right now & Leland is up half the nt. listening to old music & crying).
Maddy says she lives in Missoula, and she & Laura hadn’t seen each other
much recently. She says her family used to visit Twin Peaks when she was a
kid, & she & Laura would d pretend they were sisters; she wishes she’d known
Laura better. Norma gets the call: Hank is paroled.
o [Act 4] Ben is on the phone w/ Jerry, who is shepherding the Icelandic investors
to Wa.; Ben has the plane gassed up in Seattle. (Ben has an unframed photo of
Laura &Audrey on his desk.) Audrey comes in; she wants to get involved in
the family business (i.e., cosmetics @ the Dept. Store). Ben agrees, then shoos
her out when he gets a call from Leo: Ben says to meet by the river in a ½ hr.
o Night. @ the sheriff station, the guys tediously sort the Lydecker files. Gordon
calls: Albert is faxing the plastic object reconstruction, and the bites were a
mynah or a parrot. Harry recognizes the plastic object as a OEJ poker chip;
Andy finds that Jacques has a mynah named Waldo. Coop (repeating his line
from the Pilot “closed ending”): “Gentlemen, when two separate events occur
simultaneously pertaining to the same object of inquiry, we must always pay
strict attention.”
o Night. Coop & co. bust into Jacques’s apt. where Bobby is planting Leo’s shirt.
Bobby bolts & Hawk loses him (they don’t know who it was). Coop finds the
shirt & makes the connection to Leo.
o Ben meets Leo; he says Hank recommended Leo to Ben. Leo reveals that he
killed Bernie, & has the corpse with him. Jacques is staying in Canada after a
“long talk” w/ Leo. Ben hands over cash for the Mill arson (the rest on
delivery), & tells Leo to do it in 3 nights.
o Donna & James dig for the heart necklace in the woods & find it gone. James
asks how Sarah could know; Donna says Laura used to say her mom was “kind
of spooky. She used to see things. She’d have these dreams. Laura did too.” An
owl hoots and scares them.
o 11:19pm. In Jacques’s apt. Coop suspects that Jacques & Leo are two of the men
Laura had sex with, but has a hunch the blood on Leo’s shirt isn’t Laura’s.
o Truman calls Josie from Jacques’s, saying he can’t get away. He asks if Josie
was @ Timber Falls Motel today; Pete comes in from his shift & Josie ends the
call. Pete asks Josie to join him (the defending champion) in the Fishing
Association’s new mixed doubles division; she agrees.
o 10:02pm (wall clock). Pete goes to bed; Josie opens a letter containing a sketch
of Hank’s domino.
o 10:05pm (clock). Hank calls Josie from jail & says, “Catch ya later.”
• ~Late Feb. 1989—Windom Earle engineers his escape & retreats to a hideout he’d
previously established in the abandoned Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia (the
nation’s oldest prison for the criminally insane). He then heads to Twin Peaks (Preston says
Earle had been in Twin Peaks for more than a month before Norma convinced Annie to
enter Miss Twin Peaks).
• 3/1989—The County Museum (owner Elsa Eisenbuch, curator Milford Mertz) has an
exhibition of Robert Mapplethorpe photos.
• 3/01/1989—(Coop notes that Weds. was a school day when he was Audrey’s age, again
confirming that the day of the wk. matches the date on the 1989 calendar).
o 3am. Jerry & the Icelandic investors arrive @ the Great Northern (Trudy to
o 4:28am. Coop (Great Expectations on his bedside) is awakened by singing
Icelanders. He asks Diane to overnight two pairs of the Ear Pillow silicone
earplugs he used on his last trip to NY.
o At breakfast, the Icelanders continue singing in the Smoke Room as Coop—
running late—blows Audrey off, not learning where her new job is. [The
American Indian Movement convention is @ the table behind Coop, per
director Lesli Linka Glatter on the audio commentary.]
o ~9:35am (Ben’s watch). Jerry rendezvouses w/ Ben; there’s a gala reception
tonight for the Icelanders, as well as potentially a trip to OEJ. Leland shows
up crying.
o Lucy is out sick (Episode 6—Coop to Lucy, he heard she was out sick
o The cops continue investigating Jacques’s apt. Truman tells Coop Jacques was
a Canadian nat’l & worked the lumber fields this side of the border until he
put on a little excess tonnage a couple of seasons ago & started bartending @
the Roadhouse. Will says the blood on Leo’s shirt is AB negative—not Laura’s.
Coop surmises it’s Jacques’s—and this is borne out when Will calls for
Jacques’s blood type. Coop finds a Flesh World in the lighting fixture; it has
an envelope (w/ Ronette’s P.O. box no. & a photo of a bearded Ga. man in
lingerie). Coop notes a photo of Leo’s truck (different from the Pilot) in the
o Bobby & Shelly fool around;. Andy comes by & Shelly says Leo & Jacques
were arguing about Laura before Leo left. Leo calls; Shelly says no one was
looking for him & he should come home. (The Johnson wall clock appears to
read ~2:45, probably incorrect; it reads the same during the later night scene
in the Johnson house, perhaps indicating the clock had stopped.)
o Norma comes to the Gas Farm to tell Ed Hank got parole (Ed says Nadine is
seeing a patent attorney in Fairvale & won’t be back for a couple of hrs.). Ed
is hesitant to leave Nadine because she’s not well; Norma tells him not to call
her for awhile.
o [Act 2] Audrey extorts Emory Battis into giving her a job @ the perfume
o James & Donna meet @ the gazebo; James confesses that his father didn’t
die—he was a musician & they were living on the west coast when his dad ran
out on them. He tells Donna it is true that his mom was out of town this wk.
…she’s an alcoholic & shacks up in hotels & picks up men. She is a writer: she
“was” really good, writing poems & short stories. They agree to keep no secrets
& to find out what happened to Laura (“She’s out there wandering like a
restless spirit”).
o Hawk brings the letters he retrieved from Jacques’s P.O. box: some are
addressed to a different ad number. Coop finds it in the magazine: he assumes
the picture is Laura, & sees red drapes matching the cabin photo in Jacques’s
cabinet. Hawk says Bernie mentioned a place up near the state line.
o @ the Double R, James introduces Donna to Maddy: Maddy agrees to help
find the secret hiding place Laura had told Donna about. Hank is listening
from the next booth. Norma & Shelly come in from their day of beauty; Hank
surprises Norma & she puts him to work washing dishes. Shelly watches ItL
in the kitchen.
§ ItL: Episode-ending cliffhanger: Montana knocks Chet to the floor &
o [Act 3] The Briggses attend family therapy w/ Jacoby. Bobby’s attendance @
school is erratic @ best. Jacoby asks to see Bobby alone; he reveals that he
knows Bobby cried the 1st time he & Laura made love, & Laura laughed @
him. Bobby says Laura told him that she wanted to die. Jacoby asks if she told
him there was no goodness in the world; Bobby says she told him people try to
be good, but they’re really sick & rotten, her most of all, and every time she
tried to make the world a better place, something terrible came up inside her
& pulled her back into hell, deeper & deeper into the blackest nightmare, &
every time it got harder to go back up to the light. Bobby agrees with Jacoby
that Laura was harboring an awful secret that made her want to die, & that
caused her to find people’s weaknesses & prey on them, tempt them, break
them down, make them do terrible degrading things—that she wanted to
corrupt people because that’s how she felt about herself. Bobby cries: “She
wanted so much. She made me sell drugs so she could have ’em.”
o A crow watches as Coop, Hawk Harry & Will trek through the woods.
o 2:32pm (Margaret’s clock). They come upon Margaret’s cabin; she says
they’re 2 days late. She says the owls won’t see them in here. “Shut your eyes
and you’ll burst into flames.” She says her husband was a logging man who
met the devil: “Fire is the devil hiding like a coward in the smoke.” Will knows
that it was the day after the wedding; Hawk says, “The wood holds many
spirits. Doesn’t it, Margaret.? Coop asks the log what it saw the nt. Laura died:
“Dark. Laughing. The owls were flying. Many things were blocked. Laughing.
Two men, two girls. Flashlights pass by in the woods over the ridge. The owls
were near. The dark was pressing in on her. Quiet then. Later, footsteps. One
man passed by. Screams far away. Terrible, terrible. One voice. … Girl.
Further up, over the ridge. The owls were silent.”
o 4pm (clock in Jacques’s cabin). Coop & co. move on & find Jacques’s cabin
(the crow still watching them). They find a camera w/ film in it, Waldo, twine,
a blood stain, & the broken poker chip (in a cuckoo clock containing several
o 5pm. Cooper records a tape deep in the woods near the Pearl Lakes. He says the
Log Lady directed them to Renault’s cabin further up the ridge (this is not clear in
the episode). He lists the evidence they found in the cabin, & signs off oddly:
“Diane, it’s Agent Cooper here. A believer in facts.”
o [Act 4] Night. Josie waits in Ben’s office as the gala for the Icelanders goes on
in the Timber Rm. (This is seemingly a continuity error resulting from a piece
of this scene being moved up in the cut: Ben & Catherine later go in the office
& Josie isn’t there.)
o Pete & Catherine attend the gala (Catherine drinks heavily). Briggs talks to a
disinterested Einar about Icelandic folklore. Catherine confronts Ben about
the OEJ chip; in his office, she says she called Ben five times this afternoon. She
mocks his earlier promises to drive the mill into the ground and leave his wife &
marry Catherine; they discuss burning the mill as Audrey watches in secret.
(Ben says they’ll give Josie one last chance to sell tomorrow.)
o Maddy calls Donna: she checked Laura’s bed post (where Laura used to hide
cigarettes) & found a cassette tape (which Maddy has in a shoebox); they’ll
meet tomorrow.
o Ben meets w/ Josie in his office: she found the other ledger in Catherine’s
drawer where Ben told her. They’ll proceed tomorrow nt., says Ben.
o Leo pulls up in his truck (odd, since earlier Shelly said he left in his Corvette
& the truck was seen outside the house—presumably he came back somewhere
in between). He loads gas tanks into the truck; Hank sneaks up & beats him
up for opening his own store. Leo stumbles inside & hits Shelly when she
doesn’t immediately get him a beer. She shoots him & he flees.
• 3/02/1989—
o 1am (“2 hrs. ago”). Coop returns to his room. Audrey is naked in the bed; she
begs him not to make her leave.
o Cooper goes to get fries & malted. Audrey says she can’t tell him all her
secrets; he says secrets are dangerous thing & that he doesn’t have any. They
talk for over an hr.
o 3am. Coop recounts the “disrobed” Audrey experience to Diane (notably, he
mentions that Diane is a member of the Bureau, something never specified on the
original series).
o Morning. Sheriff’s station. Lucy gets a call from Dr. Stanicek confirming the
worst. Coop enters (playing the 1st three notes of the Close Encounters of the
Third Kind note sequence on his whistle). Harry & Will try to get Waldo back
to health so he’ll talk. Coop sets up his tape recorder on sound-activated mode
in case Waldo speaks. He says forensics confirmed 3 guests in Jacques’s cabin:
Laura, Ronette & Leo. The only exposed photo was Waldo on Laura’s
shoulder. Albert confirmed the poker chip is a match for the fragment from
Laura’s stomach. Hawk says Jacques is dealing in the OEJ casino: Coop
proposes a Bookhouse Boys excursion. (Note that the hospital paperwork
attached to the OEJ chip has a “date admitted” of 9/01/1989, presumably a
prop error.)
o 1pm. (Typewriter sounds in the b.g.) Coop asks Diane to run a check on Josie. Coop
is fond of Harry & is troubled that he may be in over his head. He deduces that
Lucy is pregnant.
o Leo in the cabin of his truck spies on his house & screws a lightbulb into a piece
of metal, places a rag/towel over it & smashes it w/ the handle of a screwdriver.
The towel either catches fire or he sets it on fire, then he shakes it out. (He might
be testing ideas for his arson device.) He hears Bobby pull up. Bobby visits
Shelly. She says she called his house but Garland answered. She is hysterical
after shooting Leo. Bobby promises to take care of Leo…and James. Leo is
watching from his truck w/ a sniper rifle, but hears Lucy talking about Waldo
on his police band radio & takes off.
o James, Donna & Maddy listen to Laura’s tape in the Hayward home. (The
date of the tape isn’t revealed; James implies that Jacoby returned the tapes
to Laura after listening to them.) On the tape, Laura says she knows Jacoby
likes her, but that will be her little secret, like his coconut. James shuts it off
when Laura talks about making men like her. Maddy finds an empty case for
2/23 in the shoebox—Jacoby did not return the most recent tape. (It’s unclear
if the implication is that Laura hid multiple tapes or the entire shoebox in the
bedpost!) James comes up with a plan to steal the tape from Jacoby’s office.
o [Act 2] Audrey & Jenny work @ the perfume counter; Battis asks Jenny to go
to his office in 5 minutes. Audrey sneaks into Battis’s office in advance & hides
in the closet. Battis says Jenny did a good job & asks if she had fun @ the club
last wk. “They’d” like her to continue. After they leave, Audrey looks @
Battis’s little black book & sees Ronette’s name. (Note: The dates in the book
seem to indicate that at this point, the timeline is being retconned to 1990, the
year that the show was airing. For the rest of the original series, the show will
be inconsistent—sometimes sticking diligently to the timeline set in motion by
the Pilot, sometimes featuring 1990 dates. The dates in Battis’s book are listed
below in this timeline, under 1990. It is worth noting that the notebook says
Jenny was @ OEJ on 2/25/1990, which is consistent with the month-and-date
of the Pilot timeline, if not the yr.)
o ~2:37pm (Double R clock). @ the Double R, Hank cons Shelly into giving him
Ed’s name. Coop & Harry stop in to remind Hank to see his parole officer
every Fri.
o Nadine watches ItL (Chet shoots Montana) & mopes about the patent attny.
rejecting her, Ed comforts her.
o Harry visits Josie; she’s late for the Mill. He asks what she was doing @ the
Timber Falls Motel Tues. She shows him her photos—she says she was getting
proof like Harry asked for, & says she heard Catherine saying something on
the phone about a fire @ the Mill.
o [Act 3] ~6:25pm (Audrey’s watch). Coop, Ed & Harry meet @ the Great
Northern for their trip to OEJ. Ed says he went to Reno once but never felt
too lucky. Coop has $10K in Bureau money (he says he likes to bring back a
10-15% return; he gives Ed $300 to start). Harry tells Coop about Josie’s fears
(he says Ben & Catherine’s tryst has been going on for yrs., but Josie just
found out). Harry believes Josie; Coop says that’s enough for him, they’ll look
into it. Audrey just misses them & leaves “another message” for Coop.
o Audrey, spying outside Ben’s office, hears Johnny howling while Jacoby &
Sylvia struggle with him. Audrey enters & pulls Sylvia off, telling her Sylvia never
loved Johnny and that’s why he’s like this. Sylvia says, “You little bitch,” then
says it’s Audrey’s fault, telling the Thanksgiving story. Audrey runs out; Jacoby
tells Sylvia Johnny’s condition isn’t from a fall: his faculties are completely
intact. He’s chosen to be a child to escape some early emotional trauma. If they
can unearth his secret, maybe they can bring Johnny back. (Note: by 9/06/2017,
per Preston, Johnny has apparently been diagnosed w/ severe autism.)
o Insurance man Neff meets w/ Catherine & apologizes for doing it this late—
her life insurance policy takes effect @ midnight, so it couldn’t wait. (The
policy does actually say it will be executed on the 3 of March, 19__ [the yr. isn’t
filled in]—good prop work!) Josie is the beneficiary. Neff explains that Ben
offered to collect Catherine’s signature; Neff, thinking this a bit odd,
intentionally withheld a page. Catherine finds the secret ledger gone.
o Audrey slips a note under Coop’s door on her way out, and sees Tojamura’s
assistant being checked in to Rm. 312 (implying that Catherine at this point
has already set her plans in motion to fake her death!).
o Leo sniper shoots Waldo through the sheriff station window. Coop, Ed &
Hawk—getting costumed & wired for the OEJ trip—and Harry, Andy & Lucy
dash in. Coop rewinds the tape: after saying Laura’s name, Waldo says,
“Don’t go there,” “Hurting me,” “Stop it,” “Leo, no.” Coop recounts Waldo’s
demise to Diane.
o [Act 4] Coop & Ed, as “Barney” & “Fred,” meet Blackie. They head to the
casino. Hawk listens from a van.
o Maddy sneaks out as Leland lurks in the shadows. Donna drives Maddy to
Easter Park, where she (in a blonde wig) & Donna join James.
o An annoyed, ice cream-chomping Ben kicks the rowdy Icelanders out of his
office. Jerry raves about how much they loved the trees on the tour of the site.
Ben wants them to sign; Jerry has let slip about OEJ & now they want a
signing party there. Jerry herds everyone back into the van. Ben, alone, calls
Josie (who is with Hank). Josie just came back; Catherine’s gone. Ben says it’s
set for tonight & they need Catherine at the Mill. Josie says she’ll get her there
& tells Ben not to call for awhile; he says he knows the drill.
o Audrey, as “Hester Prynne,” meets Blackie & gets the job.
o Ed loses all the money Coop gave him @ craps (Coop says they’ll take it out of
his winnings); Jacques comes out to deal blackjack.
o 9pm. Coop speaks to Diane, referring to Blackie as a “spider woman.” He admits
to a strong attraction to the vice of gambling. He says his techniques of
concentration have never failed to yield a 10% profit. He says this will cover Big
Ed’s losses @ what Coop suspects is a loaded roulette table. “Roulette, Diane, is a
sucker’s game.” (This contradicts the episode, where Ed loses at craps, not
roulette.) He says the receipts & paperwork will be returned after a full accounting
of losses/gains (rather odd since this is an off-the-books Bookhouse Boys venture).
“As is usual,” any profits will be forwarded to some worthy charity. Coop spots a
“large fleshy dirigible-shaped card dealer” taking his seat: Jacques. (This doesn’t
quite gel with the events of the episode—when Jacques sits down, Coop is not
speaking to Diane. Furthermore, in the episode, Coop already knows—rather than
merely suspects—that Ed lost.)
o Jacoby watches ItL (Montana tries to seduce Jade). He gets a call from Maddy
posing as Laura; they’ve left him a videotape of “Laura” holding today’s
newspaper (the Valley Register? [second word partially obscured by Maddy’s
hand]). She says to meet her @ Sparkwood & 21 in 10 minutes; however,
Jacoby notes the gazebo in the video. James & Donna drive off as Bobby lurks,
watching Maddy; someone else watches from further back (Leland).
o Donna & James sneak into Jacoby’s. Bobby hides coke in James’s gas tank.
o James & Donna find Laura’s tape & the necklace in Jacoby’s coconut.
o Jacoby lurks in Easter Park, watching “Laura” by the gazebo. Leland (in a ski
mask & gloves) beats Jacoby up; Jacoby has a heart attack. James & Donna
return, Donna drives off w/ Maddy.
o Coop slides Jacques the chip Laura bit & says he’s a friend of Leo’s.
o Audrey, all dressed for work, is presented to Blackie. Audrey spots Coop on
the surveillance monitor; she picks the Queen of Diamonds as her symbol.
She’s told to wait in her room until she hears the bell.
o As Hawk & Ed listen remotely, Coop tells Jacques he’s the bank: Leo financed
the buy w/ Coop’s money & the Renaults muled the drugs across the border
(Jacques oddly denies knowing who sold the drugs stateside: “some high
school kid, that’s all I know”—despite him knowing Bobby in FWWM). Coop
says he has a job for Jacques, no middle man: $5K now, $5K on completion.
He says to meet @ the water processing plant on Black Lake in 2 hrs.
o 11pm. Coop is leaving OEJ. He talks to Diane about something “dark & primitive
in these ancient woods.”
o [Act 2] A bored Audrey waits for the boss to show in her room.
o Shelly washes her hair; Leo sneaks in & kidnaps her.
o @ the water processing plant, the cops surround Jacques. He beats up Deputy
Fred & grabs his gun; Andy shoots Jacques. (Coop is said to be 10 minutes
o @ the Hayward house, Will gets a call about an emergency @ the hospital
(presumably Jacoby and/or Jacques). Donna, James & Maddy listen to
Laura’s tape (a rerecorded version from that heard in Episode 2—the line
about getting lost in the woods is gone, & there’s more @ the end.) She implies
that her “mystery man” (Leo) would kill Jacoby if she told Jacoby his name,
& says she thinks he has tried to kill her a few times but she got off on it: “Isn’t
sex weird?” She says he can really light her fire & mentions his red Corvette.
James believes Jacoby was trying to help Laura & didn’t kill her, but Donna
wonders how he got the necklace.
o Leo ties Shelly up in Drying Shed 3 @ the Mill & sets the explosion timer. He
says Shelly has “about one hr.” to think about what she did.
o Nadine swallows a lot of pills.
o Josie pays Hank $90K as agreed for killing Andrew; Hank ominously
pontificates upon the value of time, & agrees w/ Josie that they had a deal—
and still do. She wants a lot for her $, he wants a lot for his time. He shares a
saying from the joint: once you’re in business w/ someone, you’re in business
for life, like a marriage. He cuts their thumbs & forms a blood bond.
o [Act 3] Catherine @ the Mill searches desperately for the ledger; she & Pete
reconcile and she enlists his help.
o Lucy hears about Andy’s bravery & they nearly reconcile; she tells Andy she’s
pregnant & he becomes sullen. Bobby calls, pretending to be Leo, & tells Lucy
the sheriff should check James out: “he’s an easy rider.”
o @ the hospital, Jacques tells Coop & Harry that Laura talked Ronette into the
Flesh World shoot. He says on the nt. Laura died Leo hit him with a bottle (he
doesn’t know why), they fought, he used Leo’s shirt to stop the bleeding—he
got sick, went outside, & passed out. (Note that this doesn’t gel w/ FWWM,
where Leland hits him w/ the bottle as he steps out the door. Even if he thinks
it was Leo [he didn’t see Leland] and his memory was fuzzy due to the head
wound, it’s unclear how Jacques’s blood got on Leo’s shirt.) Jacques says he
had to walk 15 mi. back to his house. Coop believes Jacques is too stupid to lie
& believes Leo killed Laura. Will tells them Jacoby says he got a phone call
from Laura & saw her by the gazebo.
o Hank (now @ the Double R) anonymously calls Catherine & lets her know
that what she’s looking for is in Drying Shed 3 near the North Gate of the Mill.
She asks what he wants & he says they’ll let her know. She brings a gun.
o ~11:47pm (Double R clock). Hank tells an encouraging Norma that he has big
dreams of his future w/ her & the diner.
o Ed comes home, finds Nadine unconscious & calls 911. (~4:17am, per the
Hurleys’ wall clock. Note: Assuming the scenes are in sequential order, as they
generally seem to be on the original series, this time is inconsistent w/ the
Double R clock in the prior scene, which probably makes more sense for the
timeline—i.e., Leo kidnaps Shelly @ an hr. when she is still up & washing her
hair, & only approx. 1 hr. goes by from Leo setting the timer to the fire. On
the other hand, note that Coop later gets home @ 4:37am—and apparently
hasn’t heard of the Mill fire.)
o [Act 4] Coop & Harry arrive @ the sheriff’s station; Lucy hands Coop the
message from “Leo”—she says he called 10 minutes ago & she heard the
Easter Park clock striking. Coop tells Hawk to pull surveillance off Leo’s
house & send them to Easter Park. Leland asks Harry if it’s true they arrested
a suspect; Will tells Leland to go home (as Will is doing). James arrives w/ the
tape; Coop has Harry check James’s motorcycle & he finds the coke. Coop
sees the tape is addressed to Jacoby & immediately suspects James was
involved in Jacoby seeing Laura by the gazebo.
o Jerry plays roulette, philosophizing to Heba while flirting with a OEJ girl.
o Ben & Einar review the contract & sign @ OEJ. (Note that the contract is
dated March 1990 [day left blank], continuing the retcon of the series to 1990
that began in Episode 6.) Hank calls & says (in so many words) that he’s about
to kill Leo; Ben says to proceed.
o Jerry & Heba argue about a woman who knew the name of his boat.
o Bobby looks for Shelly @ the Johnsons’; Leo tries to kill Bobby with an ax.
Hank shoots Leo from outside (Bobby sees Hank), & Leo sits blankly watching
ItL (presumably taped from earlier).
§ ItL: A disheveled Jared comforts Chet; Jared shoots Montana dead.
o Catherine finds Shelly, the fire starts. Catherine frees Shelly.
• 3/03/1989—
o “Past midnight.” Calhoun: Coop briefs Diane on Jacques & Jacoby. He says James
was arrested for coke in his gas tank. (Note that this doesn’t gel with the episode:
James isn’t arrested until after Coop leaves Calhoun.)
o Leland sets off a fire alarm in the hospital & smothers Jacques to death (Fri.
morning 3/03 per Harry to Leland, Episode 11). (On the Diane… tape, Cooper
says Leo checks in to Calhoun @ 5am, & Jacques “checks out” a short time later.)
o Pete responds to the Mill fire, sees Catherine’s car, & goes inside.
o Ben & Einar finish signing; Einar goes off to gamble. Ben asks Blackie for a
look @ the new girl. He walks into Audrey’s rm. (as the hunchback finishes
sewing her card on & scurries out).
o 4:37am. Coop returns to his rm. He received his earplugs from Diane today &
may employ them as a precautionary measure. He gets Audrey’s note (“My
Special Agent”), but is interrupted by a phone call before he opens it. [Although
he appears to respond to the caller, asking if it can wait until morning, we don’t
hear anything on the other end until after he’s interrupted by a knock on the door;
Mark Frost read the caller’s replies on set: “Agent Cooper. I need to speak to you,”
and, “Meet me downstairs in 20 minutes”—in the episode itself, it’s unclear if
anyone is actually saying anything on the other end.] After Coop puts down the
phone to answer the door, Andy frantically identifies himself & says they
found Leo shot. Coop opens the door & Josie shoots him three times.
o Briggs’s deep space monitoring equipment prints out, “The owls are not what
they seem.” Later in the morning, the printout reads: “Cooper Cooper
Cooper.” (Episode 9: Briggs to Coop, “Thurs. night. Fri. morning to be
exact”—Coop: “around the time I was shot”)
§ In the dossier, Briggs oddly says this message was received “one night soon
afterward”—it’s unclear what the preceding event he’s referring to is. The
prior paragraph talks about he & Coop forming a friendship through the
ordeal of Laura’s murder and Leland’s suicide and its aftermath; assuming
that he means the transmission came through after Leland’s suicide, which
seems like the most grammatical interpretation, this clearly doesn’t gibe w/
the show. Briggs also notably only mentions the
“Cooper…Cooper…Cooper” portion of the message in the dossier, not the
§ When Briggs, conflicted, consults Doug about revealing the message to
Coop, Doug wholeheartedly agrees. He then tells Garland LPA is his
responsibility alone now, until his new control arrives: Doug is retiring to
spend his remaining time w/ Lana.
EPISODE 8 (This episode firmly reinstates the 1989 setting, after a couple of props in
Episodes 6 and 7 featured 1990 dates: Ronette’s hospital chart shows 2/24/1989 as her
admittance date, & a 1988 date is stated for Teresa’s murder.)
o {Times in squiggly brackets are taken from the “One Line Continuity”
production document seen on the DVD/Blu Ray—this document is based on
the script, not the episode as shot/edited, so the sequence & content of some
scenes does not precisely line up.}
o {5am} The room service Waiter, then the Giant, visit Coop. The Giant tells
Coop three things: “There’s a man in a smiling bag.” “The owls are not what
they seem.” “W/o chemicals, he points.” He says this is all he’s permitted to
say & takes Coop’s ring. He adds, “We want to help you,” & provides a bonus
clue/riddle (“Leo locked inside hungry horse”), also adding that there’s a clue
@ Leo’s house.
o Ben chases “Prudence” (Audrey) around the Little Flower Room @ OEJ.
Jerry taunts Blackie (she says Ben is holding out on her), then gives her a small
amt. of heroin. Ben catches “Prudence,” but Jerry intercedes w/ a SNAG.
o {6:45am} Coop records a message to Diane & realizes his ring is really gone.
He has never been shot before. The cavalry arrives.
o 7:45am (Will to Coop). @ Calhoun, Lucy briefs Coop. Cyril Pons reports that
a “massive log storage area” of the Mill has burned to the ground. Shelly, in
the hospital, cries for Bobby. Coop (w/ two broken ribs & torn cartilage) walks
out w/ Harry & Lucy, sees Jacques in a body bag.
o {9am} Ronette stirs restlessly, murmurs Laura’s name.
o 9:15am. Calhoun. Cooper synopsizes the wounded & missing for Diane & asks if
Diane has ever known any really tall men.
o [Act 2] Sarah asks Maddy if she misses her mother Beth. Maddy is distracted
& recounts a dream about the rug. Leland comes in, hair turned stark white,
singing “Mairzy Dotes.” Maddy sees a depression spread across the carpet,
then disappear; she screams.
o In his office, Ben tells Jerry he wants a location on Catherine, & a complete
medical on Leo’s prospects and an explanation from Hank why Leo isn’t dead.
Leland arrives, singing “Mairzy Dotes.”
o {9:30am} @ Leo’s house, Coop surmises that Leo was attacking someone w/
an ax—someone heavier than Shelly since their body mass moved the TV.
Hawk finds Flesh World & a duster reeking of gas in the truck. Albert & his
crew arrive (he was working the Seattle lab & Gordon ordered him back);
Andy runs into a plank, revealing new Circle Brand boots & coke.
o Maddy & Donna meet @ the Double R. Maddy gives Donna Laura’s
sunglasses as requested. Maddy breaks her glasses. Norma gives Donna mail
that came for her @ the diner (!): “Look into the Meals on Wheels.” Log Lady
spits pitch gum.
o [Act 3] {1pm} Albert does forensics on Coop. Andy provides the answer to the
Giant’s bonus riddle: Leo was in jail in Hungry Horse, Mt.—Coop & Albert
recognize this as the date Teresa was killed, giving Leo an alibi. PMG drops
by—apparently his 1st convenient moment—to sell some shoes. Harry listens
to Laura’s tape & interrogates James. James insists Bobby & Mike must have
put the 3 oz. of coke in his tank & Harry agrees. James believes Laura was
talking about someone else, not Leo, when she mentioned Fire, & recounts the
time she mentioned Bob. Coop enters & asks James for the necklace
(“Sometimes ya just get lucky”). Hawk takes James back to his cell. Donna,
trying to be Laura-like, visits James.
o [Act 4] Coop gives Andy & Lucy every issue of Flesh World publ. for the last
3 yrs. (Diane got them directly from the publisher) & a photo of Teresa Banks.
o {3pm} @ Calhoun, Jacoby (loopy after taking some of his food) is interviewed
by Coop & Harry. Jacoby explains how he came to have the half-heart. He
says when he saw Laura last she seemed to have reached a kind of peace which
he now believes was a decision to allow herself to be killed. He recalls smelling
scorched engine oil when Jacques was murdered.
o {2:30pm} Bobby visits Shelly; they profess their love for the 1st time. Coop,
Harry & Albert spot Bobby; Coop talks to Ed about his marriage. Hawk
brings James by to see Ed, then returns him to jail. Coop sees the Smiling Bag.
A doctor tells the nurse to speak to the kitchen. Pete sniffs the hospital food &
gags. Coop tells Harry once Albert checks in @ the Great Northern, he’s ready
to lay it all out. Norma leaves Shelly, promising to return w/ chocolate PB pie;
she sees Ed by Nadine’s side.
o [Act 5] Bobby runs into Garland @ the Double R. Garland shares …
§ “A vision I had in my sleep last night. As distinguished from a dream,
which is mere sorting and cataloguing of the day's events by the
subconscious. This was a vision. Fresh and clear as a mountain stream.
The mind revealing itself to itself. In my vision, I was on the veranda of
a vast estate, a palazzo of some fantastic proportion. There seemed to
emanate from it a light from within this gleaming, radiant marble. I'd
known this place. I had, in fact, been born and raised there. This was
my first return. A reunion with the deepest well springs of my being.
Wandering about, I noticed happily that the house had been
immaculately maintained. There had been added a number of
additional rooms, but in a way that blended so seamlessly with the
original construction, one would never detect any difference. Returning
to the house's grand foyer, there came a knock at the door. My son was
standing there. He was happy and carefree. Clearly living a life of deep
harmony and joy. We embraced. A warm and loving embrace, nothing
withheld. We were, in this moment, one. My vision ended and I awoke
with a tremendous feeling of optimism and confidence in you and your
future. That was my vision of you. […] I'm so glad to have had this
opportunity to share it with you. I wish you nothing but the very best
in all things.”
o ~3:28pm (Double R wall clock). Norma enters, tearful, & doesn’t want to talk
to Hank.
o Coop & Albert, in the conference rm., recount everything they know about the
murders to date. They believe Laura’s appointment w/ James (“J”) was pre-
arranged & her one phone call was from Leo (contrary to what we see in
FWWM—James called & Leo was prearranged. Presumably, the “J” actually
referred to Jacques.). They now believe Leo hiked down to his Corvette,
leaving the girls behind; Hawk found evidence of a 3rd man outside the cabin
window. They believe this man took the girls to the train car, tying Laura up
for the 2nd time & Ronette for the 1st (all the twine evidence stated in the series
contradicts FWWM, where Ronette is indeed tied up @ the cabin along w/
Laura). The first reference in the actual series is made to the “T” under
Teresa’s fingernail (it was previously mentioned in the script for Episode 2
and cut, although “T” is still seen written on Coop’s chalkboard during the
rock-throwing scene). The blood on the “FWWM” note is the rare type AB
negative—it doesn’t belong to Laura, Ronette, Leo or Jacques (this contradicts
the AB negative blood on Leo’s shirt being a match for Jacques in Episode 5).
Hawk is now said to have found the bloody towel 5 mi. from the train car
(contradicting the ½ mi. in Episode 2); the blood type is also AB-. He also found
scraps of faded paper near the towel. The scraps will be sent to D.C. for testing.
Andy tells off Albert.
o Coops lays out the events of the nt. of Laura’s murder for Diane (mostly a
rerecording of the same dialogue from the Episode 8 “donut pan”). Add’l info: He
says the third man was heard passing by the Log Lady’s (curiously, in this version,
he doesn’t mention Hawk finding evidence of the third man outside Jacques’s
cabin). He says the “process” of killing Laura took over an hr.
o [Act 6] Dusk. Harry drops Pete home. Pete finds a letter from Josie: she
headed to Seattle on an “emergency of business.” Pete says she does this every
3 mos. or so & returns w/ half a department store. Jonathan calls asking for
Josie; when Harry asks who’s calling, Jonathan hangs up & calls Hong Kong.
o Ben & Jerry find Hank waiting in Ben’s office. Josie has taken a prearranged
trip to put distance b/w herself & the fire.
o Audrey is escorted to be scolded by Blackie about disappointing the owner..
o [Act 7] Night. Donna calls Norma about taking over Laura’s Meals on Wheels
route; she’ll be by @ 9 tomorrow. The Palmers join the Haywards for the
Hayward Supper Club: Harriet recites a poem about Laura. Gersten (wearing
her fairy princess dress for the upcoming school play—and having gotten the
best grades in math & English “this midseason term” like her sisters before
her) plays Mendelssohn’s Rondo Capriccioso, Op. 14. Will probes Leland on
the fire conveniently opening the Mill land to Ben’s development plans &
comments on Leland’s hair. Leland says seeing the hair felt like he’d turned a
corner, as if a great weight was lifted from his heart. He sings “Get Happy” &
passes out. When Will revives him, Leland says he feels so happy & yells,
“Begin the Beguine!”
o 11:55pm. Coop goes to bed, dog tired after “a 3-day jag” (he was kept up the
prior 3 nts. by the singing Icelanders, Audrey in his bed, & the shooting,
respectively). He believes the Giant was a delusion/dream.
o Audrey prays to Coop; her note is under his bed, forgotten.
o The Giant appears to Coop & he realizes he's not dreaming. Giant: “Don’t
search for all the clues @ once. A path is laid one stone @ a time.” The Giant
says three saw the 3rd man, but not his body; one known to Coop, ready to talk,
saw him. He adds that Coop forgot something & seems to send a ball of golden
light into him. Coop lies back down.
o @ Calhoun Ronette’s arms raise as if something is lifting them. She has a
vision of the train car on that nt. & wakes up, yelling Laura’s name. More
visions: Bob on the floor building the mound by Laura’s corpse. Bob running
through a doorway, his teeth clamping shut very close to our POV. Laura
screaming, Bob beating her with the hammer. Laura dead, Bob above her
howling madly. (Note: Ronette seeing Laura dead seems to contradict the
version of events we see in FWWM, unless this is more vision/imagining than
• 3/04/1989—
o Coop tells Albert about the Happy Generations over breakfast. (A barbershop
quartet smokes & warms up behind them.) Coop tells Albert Ronette is awake
but silent. They discuss Albert’s findings on Jacques’s murder & the mill fire.
Coop wants a statement from Shelly. Albert reveals part of the reason he’s
here: Windom Earle. Coop says, “Agent Earle? He’s retired.” Albert: “Yeah,
to a nice comfy chair complete w/ wrist restraints @ the local laughing
academy.” Coop: “What happened?” Albert: “Nobody knows. Your former
partner flew the coop, Coop. He escaped, vanished into thin air.” Coop:
“That’s not good.” Jonathan watches from another table.
o Donna delivers Meals on Wheels to apt. 1—Mrs. Tremond. Her grandson says,
“Sometimes things can happen just like this,” & snaps his fingers. Mrs.
Tremond is very disturbed about receiving creamed corn that she did not
request. Mrs. Tremond’s grandson is studying magic. He teleports the
creamed corn from the plate to his hand. Mrs. Tremond says she didn’t know
Laura well. Donna says she will be back tomorrow to pick the tray up & bring
lunch. Mrs. Tremond: “They used to bring me hospital food. Imagine that.”
She suggests that Donna ask Mr. Smith next door: he was Laura’s friend. The
grandson says, “J’ai une ame solitaire.” Donna leaves Mr. Smith (apt. 2) a note
& catches him peering out @ her.
o @ Calhoun, Coop & Harry show Ronette a sketch of Leo; he’s not the man
who hurt her. A sketch of Bob causes her to flail wildly, trying to yell “train.”
o ,~10:02am (Ben’s watch). Ben & Jerry debate burning one of the ledgers (but
not Jerry’s smoked cheese pig). Ben notes that Josie’s sale of the Mill & land
requires Pete’s signature, since Andrew’s will requires Catherine or her heirs
to approve of any sale. (Oddly, Ben toys with keeping the fake ledger showing
a healthy operation so they can get a better price for the Mill, seemingly
implying that he plans to sell the Mill as an ongoing operation—when his whole
agenda throughout the series has been to use the Mill land to build Ghostwood
o [Act 2] ~12:25pm (Garland’s watch). The Double R. Andy puts up a “Have
You Seen This Man?” poster of Bob. Log Lady enters; Norma gently
reprimands her to use an ashtray for her pitch gum. The Log tells Garland to
“Deliver the message.”
o A fly bugs Lucy. Andy tells her that when the Tacoma Sperm Bank was
looking for donors, he applied & learned he’s sterile. Hank signs in for parole;
Harry tells him to keep his nose clean for another wk. (This seems at odds with
Harry telling Hank to check in w/ his parole officer—not Harry—every Fri. in
Episode 6. Note that this is a Sat.) Coop asks how long Harry & Hank were
friends; Harry says they grew up together. Hank was a Bookhouse Boy & the
best of them.
o ~5:43pm (Ben’s watch). Ben calls Harry: Audrey’s been missing for as long as
2 days.
o [Act 3] Jerry brings Ben Catherine’s unsigned insurance policy. They call
Einar; Leland enters. Ben learns Leland told Einar about the fire. Ben assures
Einar it in no way affects their plans. Leland sees the Bob poster. He says Bob
lived next door to Leland’s grandfather’s summer home on Pearl Lakes when
Leland was just a little boy. He goes to tell Harry.
o Will tells Shelly Leo is suffering from oxygen deprivation & may never wake
up. He says Norma is waiting to take Shelly home. Leo opens his eyes slightly
after they leave.
o Someone calls the sheriff’s station refusing to give a name; Lucy refuses to
transfer the call & eventually hangs up.
o Audrey interrupts Battis’s playtime to get some answers: he admits he
recruited Laura & Ronette; Laura only worked one weekend @ OEJ, they
threw her out for using drugs. Ben knew she was there, & she probably knew
Ben was the owner.
o [Act 4] Night. Shelly & Bobby scheme in Garland’s Continental; Bobby
convinces Shelly to take Leo in so they can collect the $5K /mo. insurance
o Garland visits Coop & explains that among his many confidential tasks is the
maintenance of deep space monitors aimed @ galaxies far beyond our own.
They routinely receive space garbage—radio waves & gibberish. He reveals
the printout from around the time Coop was shot: “The owls are not what they
seem,” then later in the morning: “Cooper Cooper Cooper.”
o James, Maddy & Donna sing “Just You.” Donna gets jealous. Maddy sees Bob.
Harold Smith calls Donna.
o The Giant’s hand waves over a sleeping Coop (reused footage from Episode
8—but presumably meant to be “real,” since when Coop wakes up, he has his
arm over his face to match this shot). Coop’s dream:
§ Flashback to Ronette frantically flailing in her hospital bed.
§ Bob walking toward the camera in blackness, out of focus (particularly
his face, which seems featureless).
§ Giant VO: “The owls are not what they seem.” Coop in PJs in his rm.
(from the Briggs scene) w/ flare-like optical effects; bright white light,
the picture phases to grainy B&W.
§ Coop sleeping w/ bright light coming up (reused footage from Episode
8). Briggs VO: “The owls are not what they seem.”
§ Back to grainy B&W Coop.
§ POV looking up on the Giant (from Episode 8); electricity sounds &
subtle optical flares.
§ Bob from Sarah’s vision (Episode 1) crouching behind Laura’s bed; an
owl appears superimposed over his face. It blinks. Bob’s face partially
comes back underneath.
§ Sarah running down the stairs in slo-mo yelling for Laura (reused
footage from Pilot, as altered for Coop’s Episode 2 dream).
§ Bob walking toward camera comes into focus.
o Coop is awakened by a phone call: Audrey says she is in trouble. Blackie
presses the receiver down; she & Battis were listening.
• 3/05/1989—
o Morning. Sarah calls the sheriff’s station to say Maddy has seen Bob 2ce the
past 2 days in visions. (The 2nd instance presumably refers to a scene in the Episode
8 script, where Donna & Maddy discuss Meals on Wheels, & Maddy sees Bob.
This scene probably was not shot; the spirit of this scene was instead incorporated
into the Sarah/Maddy scene, where Lynch added the unscripted moment where
Maddy sees a depression move across the carpet.)
o Andy calls in sick because Lucy has a lunch date w/ Dick Tremayne.
o Someone (presumably Bob) taints Ronette’s IV & places a “B” under her
fingernail; she pulls out her IV.
o 11:37am (wall clock). Doctors sedate a manic Ronette; Harry is on scene. Coop
& Albert arrive. Coop tells them about the Giant.
o ~12:25pm/12:05pm/12:15pm/12:50pm (Harold’s watch—jumps around
throughout the scene; presumably it was running while they were shooting).
Donna visits Harold (a former horticulturist). He gives her a hybrid Lady’s
Slipper for Laura’s grave.
o Albert presents his findings: the coke in James’s gas tank was a match to that
in Jacques’s car & Leo’s house. The “B” was cut from Flesh World. No agency
from NASA to the DEA has a match for the Bob sketch. He’s off to the lab w/
fibers he hoovered from the corridor outside Coop’s rm. Cooper tells James
he won’t be charged. Lucy is trying find words w/ T, R & B on a Scrabble
board. Dick Tremayne shows up for the lunch date. Leland shows up: he tells
Harry he went to his grandfather’s summer house every yr. when he was a
boy. The Chalberts were his neighbors on one side; on the other side was a
vacant lot, then a white house where he (Bob) lived. His name was Robertson.
Coop realizes the letters are spelling “Robert”; he sends Hawk to look into that
house. Leland says Bob flicked matches @ him & asked if he wanted to play
w/ fire.
o [Act 2] @ the Double R, Dick prattles; Lucy tells him she’s preggers. James &
Maddy talk about Donna & hold hands; Donna arrives, tells them about
Harold, tells them off & storms out.
o Blackie & Battis film Audrey & inject her w/ heroin—just as Ben got Blackie
addicted, apparently. They plan to ransom her to Ben, & Blackie plans to use
the money to buy Ben’s share of OEJ out.
o PMG shows up @ the sheriff station. Andy buys a pair of Circle Brand boots
from PMG while he waits (Episode 11, Andy to Coop).
o PMG shows Harry a selection of shoes & becomes “disoriented.” He goes to
the restroom to take his medication. Coop & Harry talk to Shelly, who refuses
to cooperate; Coop smells insurance fraud & doesn’t think Shelly cooked it up
on her own. PMG drops his needle, Mike takes over: “Bob? I know you’re
near. I’m after you now.”
o [Act 3] (Another of Lesli Linka Glatter’s “conventions” is @ the Great
Northern: a tuba player, drum player, & young cheerleaders.)
o Jonathan watches Coop @ the Great Northern. Coop confronts Ben & says
Audrey called him last nt. Ben is unconcerned: Audrey has gone missing on a
semi-regular basis. He calls Coop out on being attracted to Audrey. Jonathan
follows Coop. (A book called Owls is on a coffee table in the lobby.)
o Jean Renault feeds Audrey candy. He & Blackie’s sister Nancy inject her w/
heroin. Blackie shows Battis surveillance video of Coop; Battis recognizes him.
Blackie introduces Battis to Jean: he’s going to be their go-between w/ Ben, &
in exchange he wants 30% & Coop (because “this business” cost him both his
bros.). Blackie says that Nancy goes back north or this deal goes south, but
Jean says Nancy stays.
o ~3:15pm (Coop’s watch). Pete calls Harry; Josie will be back tomorrow
o Hawk says the county is running a title check on the “Robertson” house (as
well as power & lights)—they won’t hear ’til morning @ the earliest. Coop
hears that PMG had been @ the station; he finds the syringe & connects it w/
the Giant’s clue.
o 4:15pm (wall clock). Will has chained wrist restraints placed on Nadine after
she tore apart 2 leather restraints last nt.: she’s pumping out adrenaline like
Will has never seen. He leaves Ed to sing to her; she tears the restraints & is
ready for Steeplejacks tryouts, believing she is an 18-yr.-old senior.
o [Act 4] Jacoby’s wife Eolani (who lives @ their place in Hanalei) cares for
Jacoby. Coop hypnotizes Jacoby. He clarifies that he didn’t smell engine oil
when Jacques was killed, he smelled it in the park when he was attacked. As
to Jacques’s murder: after the cops left, Jacoby dreamt he was @ a luau in
Hanuma Bay, juggling coconuts—the guests were all Nigerians. He
remembers who killed Jacques…
o Night. An owl watches. Donna leaves the orchid on Laura’s grave. (The grave
confirms the 2/24 date of Laura’s death, yr. not visible.)
o James visits Maddy; his mom came home, loaded & all screwed up. He
couldn’t find Donna. They kiss, then embrace. Donna wanders in to the
Palmers’ house (!), sees them & drives off. James breaks the Palmers’ stuff,
then goes outside & yells “WHY?!” in the street. The traffic light turns to red.
Maddy vents to Leland about people thinking she’s Laura. Coop & Harry
arrive to arrest Leland for murdering Jacques.
o A distraught Donna goes to Harold’s; he goes to get something to drink. She
finds Laura’s secret diary.
• 3/06/1989—
o Circa this date: PMG is last seen @ his motel, the Robin’s Nest (Hawk, Episode
12: he hasn’t been seen for “at least” 1-1.5 days).
o Extreme closeup on a hole in the wall of the sheriff’s station interrogation rm.
Screams, electric sizzling noise, beeping (like that of a hospital monitor), a
muffled voice calling out (almost like a baby crying)—the beeping flatlines, an
eerie child/female voices says “Daddy.” (The screams and “Daddy” are
Laura/Sheryl Lee, per a production document.)
o Leland confesses to killing Jacques. Andy gives Doc Hayward a sperm sample.
Harry tells Coop no Robertson ever lived in the white house @ Pearl Lakes,
but they have a current address on the last occupants (now in Kalispell). Coop
spots Andy’s boots: the same as the one @ Leo’s (Albert called this brand rare
in Episode 10). Coop resolves to find PMG.
o @ the Great Northern, the Tri-County Lumber Queen Semifinals are going
o “Not even” 9:30am (Ben to Louie). Louie “Birdsong” Budway tells Ben a
college friend of her sister’s who works @ the Seattle Post-Dispatch told her
M. T. Wentz, the famed anonymous travel writer wo works @ that paper, is
visiting TP. (In The Final Dossier, Preston says Vivian published an anonymous
tip in the local newspaper about Wentz planning to visit the Double R. This seems
@ odds with the show, where no “tip” is published, & Wentz is said to be visiting
Twin Peaks generally, not the Double R specifically.) Jean Renault is in Ben’s
office: Ben doesn’t instantly recognize him. Jean reminds him that they’ve
met: he sells insurance to small businesses like OEJ. Ben immediately knows
him by name & asks if his premiums are going up. Jean shows him the tape of
Audrey. He says he’s just the middle man: he says the kidnappers want $, but
he also wants two things: to be Ben’s new partner because his current partners
@ OEJ are stealing, & for Coop to deliver the cash. Jean says Ben can expect
a call tomorrow @ noon.
o [Act 2] 11:44am. Donna picks up Meals on Wheels (apparently flagrantly not
in school on a Mon.). Louie calls to tell Norma about Wentz (he’s supposed to
arrive today). Hank runs out to buy stuff to trick the diner out.
o The traffic light turns from yellow to red; a storm is brewing. Donna & Harold
have a picnic lunch. He reads from Laura’s secret diary (the 10/03/1985 entry
in Jennifer Lynch’s book) & tells Donna about his living novel.
o Ben enlists Coop to deliver the $125K.
o Josie comes home.
o Jean shoots Battis dead for hitting Audrey.
o [Act 3] Coop tries to resolve Lucy’s Andy issues w/o success. He asks for
Harry’s best Bookhouse Boy for an undisclosed mission.
o 7:03pm (wall clock). Daryl Lodwick arrives in the Double R; Norma & Hank
assume he’s Wentz, but Hank learns otherwise steals his ID.
o Donna enlists Maddy to help steal Laura’s diary.
o Josie models her new purchases & allays Harry’s suspicions.
o [Act 4] Judge Sternwood shows up (late—earlier, Harry said he was due in the
afternoon. The judge says he & Sid have been on the rd. for 8 hrs.). Dick comes
& offers Lucy $650 for an abortion; she throws him out. Sternwood talks w/
o “Mr. Tojamura” checks into the Great Northern. Louie calls the Double R,
thinking Tojamura is Wentz.
o Pete meets Josie’s “cousin” Jonathan. Jonathan tells Josie her work is “nearly
finished”: she should have Pete’s signature in 2 days. Josie says there might be
a problem w/ Hank; Jonathan says he will deal w/ him.
§ (Note: In The Secret History, Coop says Josie sold the Mill & land behind
Eckhardt’s back, prompting Andrew’s return—he tells her there’s no sale
since he’s alive & the Mill is his, then outs her to Eckhardt. The series
seemingly contradicts this: Jonathan seems fine w/ Josie selling the Mill, as
if it was always part of the plan, & is also fine w/ Josie keeping whatever
money she can get. Eckhardt never mentions it at all once he arrives. Also,
once Andrew unveils himself, he never mentions the Mill sale to Josie.
Finally, in the show, Eckhardt’s arrival isn’t precipitated by any tip from
Andrew—indeed, Eckhardt doesn’t know Andrew is alive until after he
arrives in town. In the series, Josie’s departure seems to be a preset date
following the Mill sale, & Eckhardt only comes because Josie refuses to
return to him & kills Jonathan.)
o 9:30pm (“right on the tick,” Harry to Coop). Harry meets Coop @ the
o Jonathan arrives @ the Double R (where Hank apparently lives and sleeps!);
Jonathan beats the crap out of Hank & exchanges an unwilling blood oath w/
• 3/07/1989—(Cooper to Sternwood: he has been here 12 days; Tojamura’s check to
Ben has this date; Harold states Tues., 3/07 as the date when writing Donna’s second
“session.” Notably, this is the last firm date we get in the show; the rest after this is
conjecture, & reliance on the show’s day-an-episode format, w/ a stray mention of the
day of the wk.)
o 6:42am. Coop awakes munching on an Ear Pillow earplug. He does a
headstand & finds Audrey’s note.
o Hawk returns from Kalispell (after being sent 2 days ago). He tells Harry 2
retired female schoolteachers live in the house next to the Palmers’; they have
no memory of a grey-haired man. Harry tells Hawk to find PMG. Lucy heads
off to visit sister her Gwen & brother-in-law Larry in Tacoma for 2 days; they
had a baby son last wk. Coop arrives & says he knows where Audrey is.
o Tim Pinkle shows Bobby & Shelly the Port-O-Patient (unclear what his job
is—he mentions working at “the machine shop” & also offers to build a ramp
@ Shelly’s request. He & Bobby are each taking cuts from Leo’s insurance
o Sternwood presides over Leland’s bail hearing @ the Roadhouse. (Oddly,
Preston later claims that Leland was arrested but never formally charged w/
Jacques’s killing, whereas on the series, he is clearly charged by this point.) Harry
speaks on Leland’s behalf. Sternwood releases him on his own recognizance.
(Notably, Lodwick’s diatribe—wherein he mentions representing the People
of Wa.—is the 1st overt mention of Wa. in dialogue on the show. In the prior
episode, the prop crew went so far as whiting out the state name on Lodwick’s
ID, & license plates all simply say “The Timber State.” A Wa. state flag was
visible in the Pilot behind Coop @ the town hall meeting, & again in this
episode’s courthouse scenes.)
o ~12:37pm (Harold’s watch). Donna delivers Harold’s meal (again apparently
skipping school); she starts giving him her story in exchange for a reading
from Laura’s diary. Harold reveals that he grew up in Boston. Donna lures
him outside & he panics. His right arm shoots out like it has a life of its own;
he collapses.
o [Act 2] Sternwood shares Black Yukon Sucker Punches w/ Harry & Coop
(Coop appears not to drink). Sternwood decides Leo is incompetent to stand
trial & may go home when medically able. He tells Coop to keep his eye on the
woods: “The woods are wondrous here. But strange.”
o Ed brings Nadine home; James is confused, Nadine rips the fridge door off.
Jacoby is in Hi. recovering from his heart attack (Ed to James).
o Tojamura comes to Ben’s office to offer a $5 mil check as a taste for his people
buying into Ghostwood. Hank sneaks in the back way to Ben’s office, Bobby
is lurking in the hall (following Hank?). (A group of guests clad in turbans
checks in.)
o Noon (per Episode 11). Coop arrives @ Ben’s office just in time for Jean’s
phone call. Coop is to leave the money @ midnight by the horse w/ no head on
a merry-go-round in a failed amusement park behind a bar called the
Columbian, which is across the border 5 mi. east of Grand Forks, off the rd.
to Castlegar. Ben sends Hank to follow Coop & bring back Audrey (and the $
if possible).
o [Act 3] Night. Maddy & Donna plot stealing Laura’s diary from Harold.
o Jean & Blackie scheme to kill Coop (via a spring-loaded knife rigged to Jean’s
arm) and Audrey (via OD) and take control of OEJ for Blackie. Nancy enters.
Blackie covertly sneaks a twist of heroin & leaves them alone.
o Andy learns that he’s a whole damn town. Coop & Harry plot their entry to
OEJ. Hawk says PMG has now been staying in the Robin’s Nest Motel on Hwy.
9; no one has seen him in 1-1.5 days. Hawk found more of the same drug in the
rm. Harry & Coop head out. Andy calls Lucy’s # for Gwen & Larry…it’s
Adam’s Abortion Clinic.
o The traffic light by the Double R turns yellow. Maddy gets coffee & can’t stop
to talk to James.
o [Act 4] ~9:50pm (Harold’s watch). Maddy stakes outside Harold’s. Donna tells
Harold about night swimming & Tim, her 1st love.
o Coop & Harry infiltrate OEJ. An owl watches & hoots; Coop notices. A
bouncer is outside smoking. Harry grabs him by the balls, puts a rubber ball
in his mouth & tapes over it & slams his head into the doors, opening them &
knocking the guy unconscious. Harry spies on Jean & Blackie, Coop moves on.
o ~10:20pm (Harold’s watch). Harold shows Donna orchids, they kiss. Harold
excuses himself, Donna signals to Maddy.
o Jean seduces Blackie then stabs her. Jean spots Harry & gunplay breaks out.
Jean disappears; Coop rejoins Harry. Hawk arrives & saves their asses;
exeunt. Hank is watching. He is on a cell phone w/ Ben; Jean takes Hank
o Harold catches Maddy snooping & scratches his face w/ a gardening tool.
o Harold yells @ Donna that she is unclean & has contaminated him. James
bursts in, they escape sans diary.
o An owl in the woods.
o The Bookhouse: Coop brings Audrey in w/ Hawk (Cappy & Joey were waiting
for them).
o James & Donna recommit to each other after Maddy drives off.
o Harry IDs Jean in an old book of mugshots—he says he knew he’d seen him
before. Jean runs the Northern Territories: gambling, drugs, & extortion.
Harry tells Coop about seeing Coop on Blackie’s TV; Coop realizes Audrey
suffered because he stepped out of his jurisdiction & violated his oaths.
o Ben meets w/ Coop in the Great Northern dining rm., susses out that Blackie
is dead & Jean got away. He gets his $ back.
• 3/08/1989—
o [Act 2] ~10:01am (Johnsons’ wall clock). Bobby & Shelly meet w/ insurance
rep Tom Brockman & get their check for $700 (which is way below the $5K
they expected). Shelly says she has to quit her job.
o Afternoon (Cole to Coop: he has been waiting the whole afternoon). Donna
tells an exasperated Harry about Harold & the second diary. Cole arrives; he
tells Harry the fibers outside Coop’s rm. were from a Vicuna coat; PMG’s
drug is “a combo. Really weird stuff”—Albert’s never seen anything like it;
the pages are from a diary. Just then, Hawk brings in a distraught PMG.
o Ben reunites w/ Audrey @ the Bookhouse; she asks for Coop to take her home,
Ben proposes they all go together.
o Nadine comes home w/ a new wardrobe from Horne’s Junior Miss.
o ~3:05pm (Jonathan’s watch). Jonathan & Josie have apparently just finished
having sex in the main rm. of the Blue Pine Lodge! Josie seems distraught &
at one point has tearmarks. Jonathan tells Josie she has 1 more day: she’s
going w/ him on a Seattle-Hong Kong flt. leaving @ midnight. Josie is adamant
that she won’t leave w/o the $ Ben owes her & the insurance $. Jonathan
surmises Truman means something to her & threatens to kill Harry if she
doesn’t comply.
o [Act 3] James apologizes to Maddy. Maddy says when she & Laura were
growing up, they were so close it was scary. She could feel Laura’s thoughts,
like their brains were connected. She encourages James to be w/ Donna & says
it’s time for her to leave Twin Peaks.
o Josie pressures Ben to give her all the money he owes, cash. He says he has a
“fascinating dossier” in his hotel safe on Josie & Andrew’s boat that went
boom. She retaliates: she has a safety deposit in another st. w/ evidence to put
Ben away. Ben, amused, gives Josie Tojamura’s $5 mil cashier’s check.
o Night. Shelly & Bobby have a party to humiliate Leo, but get spooked.
o Coop arrives at the sheriff’s station for seemingly the 1st time all day. Cole
gives Coop a communication from Earle: an opening chess gambit, P to K4.
o [Act 4] Ben brings Leland in: Jerry is on the rd. to Tokyo to check out
Tojamura’s people, & Ben needs Leland back to fill the gap. He says they’ve
taken a payment from the Icelanders, but a grp. from the Orient wants in on
Ghostwood. Leland seems to briefly lapse mentally, plucking fur from Ben’s
stuffed albino fox & pocketing it, but then comes up w/ a brilliant plan to stall
for time.
o Harry visits Blue Pine Lodge & sees Josie & Jonathan (whom she now
introduces as her assistant Mr. Lee) heading out w/ luggage. She says she sold
the Mill & is going home.
o Ben has after-dinner pie w/ Tojamura; Tojamura threatens to withdraw
because Ben has his check & Tojamura has nothing. Leland sings “Getting to
Know You.”
o In the sheriff’s station conference rm., Coop, Harry, Hawk & Cole try to sweat
PMG. Cole holds the drug @ the ready, but Coop refuses to give it to him.
PMG says it’s too late, he can feel the change. Coop questions PMG on whether
he suffers from schizophrenia & why he lied about not knowing Bob. PMG:
“It wasn’t me. Don’t you understand?” Harry presses Cole to give him the
drug; Coop tells him not to. Cole (seemingly deferring to Coop) advises that if
they give him the drug, they’ll never see the other side. PMG transforms. Mike
says there’s no need for medicine, he’s not in pain. He says he’s an inhabiting
spirit; PMG is host to him. Bob was his familiar. It can’t be revealed where
Bob comes from. “He is Bob, eager for fun. He wears a smile, everybody run.
Do you understand the parasite? It attaches itself to a form & feeds. Bob
requires a human host. He feeds on fear & the pleasures. These are his
children. I am similar to Bob. We once were partners.” He recites the FWWM
poem & recounts again seeing the face of God & being purified. “I took off the
Arm but remained close to this vessel, inhabiting from time to time for one
single purpose.” Coop surmises it was to find Bob. Mike: “To stop him. This
[the sketch] is his true face. But few can see it. The gifted & the damned.” He
reveals that Bob has been near here for nearly 40 yrs. & is in the Great
• 3/09/1989--
o The lawmen split up: Hawk goes to Harold Smith’s w/ a warrant, Cole is off
to Bend, Or. (“official business, real hush-hush”), everyone else goes to the
Great Northern w/ Mike.
o 7:24am. The Great Northern. (There is a convention of sailors bouncing
rubber balls!) Mike goes through the guests one by one. When Ben approaches
to yell @ them, Mike yells, “My Arm!” and has some sort of attack.
o Hawk finds Harold Smith hanged. (Harold’s watch appears to say 11:25, likely
either a prop error or it wound down overnight.)
o The “real” Mrs. Tremond finds an envelope addressed to Donna (in Harold’s
handwriting) in her mail. (the morning after Harold died, Episode 16. The
envelope has no postage, implying that Harold may have left his house to place
it in Mrs. Tremond’s mailbox!)
o 9:04am (Palmers’ clock). Maddy tells Leland & Sarah she’s driving home
tomorrow to her job & her apt. Coop retrieves a note from Harold: “Je suis
une ame solitaire” (Coop translates easily: “I am a lonely soul”). Hawk finds
Laura’s diary.
o [Act 2] Shelly & Bobby look @ finances—Shelly has $1014 in bills & $42 left
to last her the month. Bobby is missing Economics. Leo speaks: “New shoes.”
Shelly recalls taking in a pair of boots for him last wk.; Bobby tells her to get
the receipt.
o Audrey questions Ben: she reveals she was Prudence. She learns that he had
sex w/ Laura, but he says he didn’t kill her: he loved her.
o [Act 3] Shelly gives notice @ the Diner. Nadine & Ed come in; Nadine says she
was in Europe w/ her parents, & they liked it so much they’re staying longer.
o Mike & Bobby enter the Johnsons’ w/ the boots Bobby got from the shoe shop
(it’s the 1st time Mike has seen comatose Leo). They check the soles & find a
cassette tape (incidentally the same type Coop uses, Microcassette MC-60).
o 2:47pm. Coop is trying to piece together Laura’s diary. Bob “was a
threatening presence in her life from early adolescence. There are intimations
of abuse and molestation on a regular basis. He is referred to, on more than
one occasion, as a friend of her father’s.” He reads the “tell the world about
Ben Horne” entry. Audrey shows up & tells Coop Ben told her he was sleeping
w/ Laura, he owns OEJ & Laura worked there. Coop sends her off as Harry
comes in; Coop recalls that Mike reached for his Arm & fainted just as Ben
walked in earlier. They get a warrant for Ben’s arrest.
• 3/10/1989—
o “After midnight” (Harry claims in Episode 16 that they didn’t take Ben in
until after midnight, although this seems somewhat incongruous with Ben &
Tojamura’s meeting, as well as Donna & James being out well after midnight
on a Thurs. nt./Fri. morning). [Act 4] Ben tells Tojamura Jerry talked to
Tojamura’s people in Osaka & checked his references @ Tokyo Bank—
thumbs up. Before Ben can sign the contract, Coop, Harry & the deputies
enter, & arrest Ben for Laura’s murder.
o A drugged Sarah crawls downstairs in the Palmer house.
o @ the sheriff’s station, the Log Lady tells Coop, “We don’t know what will
happen or when, but there are Owls in the Roadhouse.”
o Tojamura sneaks from the shadows in the Blue Pine Lodge to smooch Pete
while he gets late-night milk & cookies; she reveals herself as Catherine.
o Sarah sees the Pale Horse & passes out. Leland, nearby, fixes his tie in the
o Donna & James meet @ the Roadhouse to discuss Harold’s death. The
Roadhouse singer (Julee Cruise) sings “Rockin’ Back Inside My Heart.” Coop,
Harry & the Log Lady enter the Roadhouse & sit, drinking beer & eating
peanuts. James says Maddy is leaving & Donna says it’s weird that Maddy
didn’t tell Donna. The Giant appears to Coop (the Log Lady may also see him,
but no one else does): “It is happening again. It is happening again.”
o Leland smiles & sees Bob in the mirror; Leland’s own face briefly morphs into
a laughing Bob. He puts on surgical gloves. Maddy comes running downstairs;
it smells like something’s burning. She runs in to a hot white spotlight. She sees
Bob (wearing the gloves) morph into Leland; he runs @ her. She runs upstairs;
he grabs her & drags her back down by the throat. He punches her repeatedly,
switching back & forth from Leland to Bob. Leland then spins her, sobbing:
“Laura. Laura. My baby,” as Bob sucks her chin & neck. Bob rears his head
back; Leland seems to suddenly assume Bob’s personality: “Leland says
you’re going back to Missoula, Montana!” He kills Maddy. Leland puts an
“O” under her nail.
o Coop feels for his ring as the Giant fades; it’s not there. The Waiter
approaches Coop: “I’m so sorry.” Bobby looks forlorn. Donna weeps; James
seems confused but comforts her.
o (In Episode 16, Albert says Maddy died b/w 10pm and midnight,
acknowledging that this might not be precise: “That’s as close as I can cut it.”
If Ben was apparently arrested @ midnight, either Albert is wrong or Maddy’s
murder occurs earlier than the Roadhouse scenes with which it is intercut.)
o Morning. Donna & James come by to say goodbye to Maddy (presumably
before school?). Leland says he dropped her @ the bus station 20 minutes ago,
& Maddy had expected them the nt. before (odd that Donna buys this,
considering that as of the nt. before, Donna said Maddy hadn’t even told her
she was leaving…and last we saw, Maddy told James she was leaving
“tomorrow” [i.e., 3/09], but ended up staying an extra day!). Leland gets rid
of them,. He sees Bob in the mirror briefly, shakes it off, & heads out w/
Maddy’s body in his golf bag; as he leaves, Sarah reminds him to sign them up
for Glenn Miller night @ the club.
o Jerry arrives fresh from Japan to represent Ben; Ben has no alibi, as he was
w/ Catherine the nt. Laura died. Jerry reminiscences about their childhood
bunk beds & Louise Dombrowski.
o Lucy arrives @ the sheriff’s station w/ Gwen & the baby, as Gwen yaks about
her maladies.
o 10:03am (Coop to Diane). (Great Northern convention: young cheerleaders)
Coop & Harry, having just left the PMG/Mike, see Leland in the Great
Northern lobby dancing for the guests & staff. They tell him about Ben’s
arrest; as soon as Leland turns his back on them, he giggles malevolently. Coop
senses something off & tells Leland to let them know if he can recall anything
unusual about Ben’s behavior the nt. Laura died. After the lawmen leave,
Leland shuffles off.
o [Act 2] ~11:25am (Jerry’s watch). Will takes Ben’s blood; Coop & Harry
confront Ben w/ Laura’s secret diary.
o Bobby makes a duplicate tape of Leo’s recording of Leo’s meeting w/ Ben. He
writes Ben a note saying they should talk, & tells Shelly he plans to pursue a
career as a business exec.
o Norma’s mom Vivian & her new husband Ernie “The Professor” Niles stop in
to the Double R, honeymooning (Norma says she got Vivian’s message, but is
surprised she’s married). (Preston in The Final Dossier reveals that Vivian is
actually Norma’s ex-stepmother, but the “ever polite & fiercely private” Norma
introduces her as her mother. Contradictorily, Ernie comments that Vivian’s
good looks didn’t isolate themselves to one generation, implying a blood
relation b/w Vivian & Norma. It is possible that Ernie is unaware of the
history, but it would be rather odd to marry someone w/o knowing who their
blood descendants are! Also, in Episode 17, Norma refers to herself as Vivian’s
daughter repeatedly even when the two are speaking in private.) Norma
mentions the food critic & says she’s short-staffed. Ernie is a “financial
analyst”; they head out because Ernie has a Tokyo fax @ the hotel desk—
although he leaves a newspaper on which he’s written “$1000 Houston by 3
points!” (This is written on a real-world copy of the Los Angeles Daily News
sports section—only the latter part of the paper’s title is visible, but the
credited author of the article, Eric Noland, was a real-world sports writer on
the paper. Note also the 1990 copyright date visible on the paper, as well the
briefly-glimpsed article “A Guide to Fun This Fall”—appropriate for the
filming period but not for the March setting of the episode.)
o Mike awakens in a rm. in the Great Northern, his arm twitching. He sends his
nurse off for water, apologetically clobbers the deputy on the door, & escapes
through the window.
o [Act 3] ~1:26pm (Double R clock). Hank comes in after being missing for 48
hrs. (Since he went up to OEJ the nt. of 3/07; it’s actually a day & a half, but
presumably Norma doesn’t know exactly when he disappeared.) Vivian,
wearing an apron, is helping make a pie! Hank sweet-talks Norma & makes
an 8:30pm dinner appointment w/ Vivian @ the Great Northern.
o Pete tells Harry Josie is gone, & confesses that he loved her. They compare
notes on Jonathan / Mr. Lee; both have a bad feeling. Coop comes running in:
Mike is gone Coop & Harry run out. Andy comes in, sees Lucy w/ a baby, &
passes out.
o ~12:37pm (Ben’s watch). Pete sneaks into the cells to play Ben a tape of
Catherine: she’ll offer her testimony to give Ben his alibi if he signs the Mill &
the Ghostwood Estates “back over” to her—she’ll even consider letting him
keep his hotel. A representative of hers will be in touch w/i 24 hrs.
o Leland nearly swerves into Harry & Coop; they stop him. He says he’s going
to play golf. He adds that he did remember something about the nt. Laura
died: he & Ben were working late. Around 10pm, Ben left the rm. to make a
call; he heard Ben mention a dairy (Coop surmises it was actually diary).
Leland seems ready to bean Coop w/ a golf club when Hawk calls: they found
Mike near the waterfall. Leland sees Bob in the rearview mirror.
o A shot of the falls.
o [Act 4] Hawk walks Mike into the station while Lucy nurses Andy back to
consciousness. Andy & Lucy tell Gwen to shut up, Andy explains about his
o The cops have Mike circle Ben: he says Bob has been close, but he’s not here
now. Jerry unwittingly pushes Harry into charging Ben. Coop now feels Ben
isn’t the killer, but Harry says he’s had enough of the mumbo jumbo. Coop
defers to Harry.
o ~8:30pm (per the earlier appointment). Norma & Hank have dinner w/ Vivian
& Ernie. The ladies head to the restroom, Hank implicitly blackmails Ernie.
o 11:05pm (Coop to Diane). Audrey knocks on Coop’s door & they discuss Ben.
She tells him when she was @ OEJ she didn’t let anyone— Coop cuts her off
& says he knows. A phone call interrupts them. Coop tells Audrey to go to her
room & lock her door. He & Harry respond to the scene (Hawk is already
there) as deputies haul Maddy out of the water @ the base of the falls, wrapped
in plastic.
o Donna & James have sex for the 1st time (implied by their conversation in
Episode 16).
• 3/11/1989—(Albert says Maddy was murdered “night before last” b/w 10pm &
midnight, although Coop confusingly states @ the Roadhouse that a young woman
was “found murdered” 2 days ago [in the script, this line more clearly referred to the
time of her murder & not the time she was found; the line as shot is misleading]).
o In the morning, Will performs an autopsy on Josie @ Calhoun (note: this date
obviously contradicts the series timeline, where Josie doesn’t die until 3/21). She
has no visible or internal injuries; her body weighs 25 lbs. less than her physical
appearance would indicate.
o Albert is now on scene. He presents his findings: the “O” from the fingernail
(“more fan mail”) & the fur from a stuffed white fox. Coop asks Harry not to
tell anyone about Maddy’s death—he needs 24 hrs. to finish this (although he
admits he doesn’t know where to start).
o James takes a motorcycle ride, then meets Donna in a peculiarly dark section
of the Double R. Donna references “last night”; James gives her a ring as a
pledge to always be together. @ the counter, Vivian criticizes Norma’s omelet.
Andy sits @ the counter reciting Harold’s French suicide note over & over;
Donna overhears & runs to find Coop.
o Coop, Donna & Andy go to Mrs. Tremond’s. They meet the “real” Mrs.
Tremond, who gives them the envelope addressed to Donna, containing a page
from Laura’s Secret Diary. Donna reads the entries from 2/22 & 2/23. Coop
realizes Laura had the same dream he did. He goes to see Mike.
o [Act 2] Coop visits Mike in his rm. (Will is tending to him & protests that he’s
dehydrated & having difficulty breathing; he needs his drug). Coop tells Mike
Bob has killed again & says he needs help unlocking the answer inside him.
Mike: “Bob and I, when we were killing together, there was this perfect
relationship: appetite, satisfaction. A golden circle.” Mike makes an “OK”
sign. Coop recalls giving his ring to the Giant. Mike, re: the Giant: “He is
known to us here.” Mike says the Giant is as real as he, that the Giant can help
Coop find Bob, but he must ask him 1st. Mike tells Coop he has all the clues he
needs, but the answer is not “here” (head) but “here” (chest). “So much
responsibility.” In the hallway, Coop sees the Waiter carrying milk: “I know
about you. That milk’ll cool down on you, but it’s getting warmer now.” Coop
seems to take this as an omen.
o In Ben’s office, Harry finds Ben’s phone records w/ the call to Laura; Coop
notes the white fox. Albert surmises Maddy’s death time & presents Ben’s
blood test results… (later in the episode, it’s revealed that he’s not a match).
o 12:44pm. As Mr. Zipper gets the sheriff’s station sprinklers up to code (&
eavesdrops), Andy & Lucy discuss the baby. Andy commandingly calls Dick.
o “Tojamura” visits Ben in jail, & Catherine reveals her true identity. Ben signs
Ghostwood & the Mill over to her in exchange for her testimony…which she
then says she’ll consider giving. (Notably, Catherine says they’ve spent their
“entire adult lives” lying to each other, implying that their affair started very
o Donna, in Laura’s sunglasses, visits Leland to give him the “Just You” tape to
send Maddy. Leland recognizes the glasses. Donna tells Leland about Laura’s
secret diary. Beth calls; Maddy never made it home. Leland adjusts his tie in
the mirror, Bob gazes back.
o [Act 3] (Note that the Palmer clock appears to read ~7:05, but this can’t be
right.) Leland creepily sneaks up on Donna as she looks @ photos of Laura, &
touches her hair. He gives her some weirdly orange-colored “lemonade.”
Donna feels guilty because she knew Maddy was expecting them, but figured
she could visit Missoula anytime (this is consistent w/ Leland saying Maddy
expected them in Episode 15, but contradicts Donna in Episode 14 not even
knowing Maddy was leaving until James told her). Leland says he’s sure
Maddy’s fine: he puts on some music (a twitchy Bob stands by the record
machine as it starts, screaming as a bolt of lightning strikes). Back in the sunny
“real” world, Leland asks Donna to dance. They dance for a bit, then Leland
grabs Donna in a tight embrace. She tries to pull away but he holds her. Harry
interrupts; he says there’s been another murder, & they need Leland’s help.
o Donna senses that it’s Maddy. She meets James by a lake & tells him. James
throws an existential hissy-fit & says he has to go.
o A storm descends. @ the Roadhouse, Coop & Albert wait w/ a handcuffed nut-
munching Ben. Leland & Harry arrive; Coop says someone is meeting them,
but he’s not sure if it’s the killer. Ed arrives; Coop asks everyone to clear a
large space in the center of the rm. Hawk arrives w/ Bobby & Leo. Coop says
he believes the killer is in this rm. Having employed Bureau guidelines,
deductive technique, Tibetan method, instinct & luck, he will now turn to
something new, which for lack of a better word, he’ll call magic. Coop isn’t
exactly sure what’s next; someone is missing.
o 3pm. The clock strikes. Maj. Briggs enters w/ the Waiter: Briggs was driving
home & the Waiter flagged him down, asking him for a ride to the Roadhouse.
The Waiter gives Coop a stick of gum; Leland says it’s his favorite gum in the
world & he used to chew it as a kid. The Waiter echoes MfAP’s “gum” line
from Coop’s dream. Everyone but Coop literally freezes as lightning
illuminates their faces; Coop sees his Red Room dream again, but this time
hears what Laura whispers: “My father killed me.” Lightning. The Giant
materializes & holds out Coop’s ring. The Giant disappears & the ring falls to
the floor. Coop eats the gum & picks up his ring. They bring Ben back to the
station; Coop suggests Leland come as Ben’s attorney. He gives the Waiter a
thumbs-up as he leaves; the Waiter salutes.
o [Act 4] 3:56pm (sheriff’s station wall clock). On the way downstairs, Coop
whispers to Harry. Just as Hawk is about to put Ben in the interrogation rm.,
Coop & Harry throw Leland in instead. He howls madly & runs into walls.
Coop tells Hawk to release Ben. They interrogate Leland (Bob appears to be
firmly in control, referring to Leland in the 3rd person). He confesses to killing
Laura & Maddy, oddly adding that he has “this thing for knives,” then
references what happened to Coop in Pittsburgh.
§ Leland/Bob: “Oh Leland, Leland – Leland. You’ve been a good vehicle
and I’ve enjoyed the ride. But now he’s weak and full of holes. It’s
almost nearly time to shuffle off to Buffalo!”
§ Coop: “Does Leland know what you’ve done?”
§ Leland/Bob: “Leland’s a babe in the woods ... with a large hole where
his conscience used to be. And when I go, children, I will pull that rip
cord and you watch Leland remember. Watch him! But not for long.”
o Leland slumps down. Everyone leaves him.
o Lucy sits Andy & Dick down in the conference rm., says she’s keeping the baby
& expects complete cooperation from both until the paternity test can be done
after the baby is born. Dick smokes.
o Albert also smokes, as Coop says Ben was the wrong blood type & rattles off
“clues” he missed: Leland dancing like MfAP, the grey hair, “Robert son”
(Mike said the people Bob inhabits are his children), the letters R O B T—“a
signature on a demon self-portrait.” He says Leland found Laura’s secret
diary & ripped out the missing pages because he knew she was on to him.
Leland recites the poem & stock Bob dialogue from Coop’s dream. The
sprinklers go off. A drenched Leland screams metallically (similar to Mike’s
voice at times). A drenched Bob also screams. Leland runs into the metal door
repeatedly, giving himself a fatal injury before they can run in & stop him.
§ Leland: “Oh god, Laura! I killed her. Oh my god, I killed my daughter!
I didn’t know! Forgive me, forgive me. Oh god. I was just a boy. I
sawhim in my dreams. He said – he – he wanted to play. He opened me
and I invited him and he came inside me. … When he was inside, I
didn’t know and when he was gone I couldn’t remember. He made me
do things, terrible things. He said he wanted lives, he wanted others.
Others that they could use like they used me.”
§ Coop: “Like Laura?”
§ Leland: “They wanted her. They wanted Laura ... but she was strong.
She fought ’em. She wouldn’t let ’em in. Oh god, they had me kill that
girl Teresa. And they ... and they said ... and if I didn’t give them Laura
they’d have me kill her too.”
§ Coop: “But she wouldn’t let them in?”
§ Leland: “They said she’d die ... before she let ’em. And then they made
me kill her. Oh god have mercy on me. What have I done? What have
I done? Oh god, I love her. I love her with all my heart. My angel forgive
o Coop shepherds Leland to the afterlife, reciting from the Tibetan Book of the
Dead; Leland sees Laura in the light.
o ~4:20pm (Albert’s watch). (Note: Some viewers propose that this scene
actually takes place the following morning, given that the prior scenes took
place in late afternoon, & it’s unlikely that it would still be light out,
particularly if the guys took the time to dry off & to at least begin dealing w/
the cleanup & paperwork of Leland’s messy suicide—they’re remarkably
calm & non-urgent in this scene. This approach also fixes the Episode 25
“Thurs.” dilemma [see below]. Notably, Albert & Coop are wearing different
shirts & ties from the prior scenes, implying that they changed…but these are
the same outfits they wore in the OPENING scene of Episode 16, presumably
because they shot both scenes @ the same location. However, per the script, this
is “[a] short time later” following Leland’s death.) Walking in the woods, Harry
says he still thinks Leland was insane. Albert is a little more open-minded,
noting that Laura, Maddy & Sarah saw Bob in visions. Briggs greets them &
quotes Hamlet. Despite having seen some strange things in these woods, Harry
is having trouble believing. Coop asks if it’s easier to believe a man would rape
& murder his own daughter; Harry says no. Briggs wonders if it even matters
what the cause is, if an evil that great exists in this beautiful world. Coop says
it matters because it’s their job to stop it. Albert pontificates that maybe Bob
is the evil that men do, & it doesn’t matter what you call it. Harry wonders, if
Bob does exist, where he is now.
o A weird sequence of a pinkish-purple-tinted distorted sped-up zoom through
a long ditch—a crashed car, drainage pipes, & @ the end a bright white light
from which a negative-image owl flies—becoming positive-image & freezing.
• 3/12/1989—Night. Doug dies “peacefully, in his sleep, of natural causes” a few scant hrs.
after his wedding to Lana. (date calculated by counting from the issue number of the Post
which announced his death the next day—Vol. 67, No. 72—to Vol. 67, No. 87, which was
publ. 3/28/1989) (Note: This date contradicts the series; the wedding is 3/16.)
• 3/13/1989—Post article on Doug’s death (see above for date rationale). Another partially-
seen article: Storms led to flooding & power loss on Weds. (Note: 3/13/1989 was a Mon.,
making the timing of this article rather odd.) Twin Peaks has had 5” of rain, as much as all
of December last yr. There are record-breaking sinkholes, rivers spilling & closed rds.
• 3/15/1989—
o 3/15/1989 is the date on Cooper’s document “The Andrew Packard Case,” typed &
stored in the Bookhouse. (This date seems to contradict the series in several
respects. Coop has access to Josie’s Interpol files, which he appears to only get
on the series on 3/22, after her death. He also knows Josie is not her real name
& is fully aware of her backstory w/ Eckhardt and betrayal of Andrew, even
though in the series Coop doesn’t seem to become fully suspicious of her until
the notice about Jonathan’s murder on 3/19 [another contradiction: Coop
already knows Josie killed Jonathan in this text]. He also is aware that Andrew
is alive, a fact Coop never appears to learn on the show—and which only
Catherine knows @ this point on the series. Coop is also already aware that
Josie shot him, which he doesn’t learn—or seemingly suspect—until 3/20 on
the show. He also incorrectly says Josie shot him after she killed Jonathan,
when it was in fact well before. Coop is also aware of the Packards treating
Josie as a maid—which begins on 3/16—and recounts Andrew’s deceptively
sympathetic speech to Josie about knowing Eckhardt forced her to betray him
& about the law closing in, which occurred on 3/20.)
§ (Note: In The Final Dossier, Preston claims that Briggs attributed this
document to Cooper in his dossier. In fact, Briggs did no such thing…it was
Preston herself who surmised that Cooper authored it, in her margin notes!)
o Chyron: “Three Days Later.” (Note that 3 days from 3/11 is 3/14, which is
where some timelines place this episode. However, given that Episode 16
seemingly ended somewhere in the late afternoon & this episode starts in the
morning, 3/14 would be somewhat under 3 days; skipping to 3/15 probably
puts it at a little over 3.5 days. While placing this episode on 3/14 is probably
the more rational interpretation, Coop in Episode 25 problematically says that
that episode takes place on a Thurs., implying an extra lost day somewhere if
Episode 17 is 3/14. Assuming that the “Three Days Later” rounds down rather
than up fixes this dilemma. Also note the above alternate theory that the final
scene of Episode 16 occurred 3/12, the morning following the rest of the
episode. This allows the “Three Days Later” to be interpreted more
logically/literally, as occurring three days after that “morning” scene.)
o Sarah refuses Will’s drugs; Coop comforts her before Leland’s wake, saying
the Leland she knew didn’t do these things. Ominous shot of the ceiling fan.
o The wake, @ the Haywards’. Sarah talks to Eileen & Audrey (Hank brings
Sarah food, gives stinkeye to Norma & Ed chatting). Eileen recalls her mom’s
wake. Ed reassures Donna (smoking in the Hayward home!) that James will
be back. Coop & Harry talk to Jacoby (recently returned from the restorative
powers of Hanalei Bay). Briggs enters & joins them, & invites Coop (who has
stockpiled a few wks. of vacation time) night fishing (“Aces!”). Nadine worries
about boys looking up her dress via her shiny shoes. Sarah recalls one time
when Donna came over late—they made popcorn, & Laura & Donna made “a
very serious promise” to be best friends forever…Sarah interprets this as a
bond against—“dying,” Eileen finishes. Sarah: “I need to remember all this.”
Doug announces his & Lana’s engagement @ the wake! Dwayne & Dougie
Milford fight. Dougie is about to be married for the 5th time (Pete: “She’s in
her teens. He’s 110”).
§ (Doug has had three failed marriages between his return to Twin Peaks in
1969 and his final marriage to Lana. His 1st marriage was mysteriously
before this period—Doug listed himself as married on his 1941 enlistment
form, & said he was married but not a fanatic about it in his 1947 Roswell
debriefing; Preston found no recorded marriage from this period & believed
he may have been referring to his common law wife Pauline Cuyo. His most
recent marriage before Lana was to a Bolivian flight attendant & ended in
annulment after 3 wks.)
o [Act 2] Ed & Jacoby convince Asst. Principal Greege to admit Nadine;
cheerleading tryouts are today, & “class is starting.”
o ~12:26pm (clock in Coop’s rm.). Audrey checks in on Coop to say goodbye; he
tells her the basics of the Earle/Caroline story (leaving out that Earle was the
murderer and that Caroline was Earle’s wife).
o ~12:35pm (Johnson clock). Bobby heads out for his interview w/ Ben.
o Catherine drops by Harry’s office; Harry asks where she’s been for 2 wks. She
recounts getting a call that lured her to the drying shed, a bomb going off &
walls of fire; she found herself in the woods. She says she believes a guardian
angel saved her. She holed up in “our old summer cabin in the wood” by Pearl
Lakes, eating tuna fish & waiting w/ a loaded gun by her side. She came back
because she ran out of tuna fish.
o Dick shows up & tells Lucy that he’s interested in parenthood & has signed up
for the Happy Helping Hand big brother program. Andy, eavesdropping,
approaches & says they should all be friends (he tells Hawk he knows morals
& manly behavior will win Lucy). Coop drops in on Harry to say goodbye.
He’s off to catch steelhead trout w/ Briggs; Harry gives him a green butt skunk
(his dad taught him to tie them, & his dad’s dad before him), & a Bookhouse
Boy patch. Coop examines the troops. Special Agent Roger Hardy & Canadian
Mountie King enter: Coop is suspended w/o pay.
o [Act 3] In Harry’s office, Coop explains that Roger is Internal Affairs. Roger
says they’ll reconvene in one hr.—alone.
o Audrey gets Bobby in to see Ben (they both note that they should be in school—
this was a Weds. in 1989). Ben quickly calls for a fly swatter & Bobby is
ejected. Audrey & Bobby go off for ice cream (“I like to lick”).
o Hardy strips Coop of his badge & gun: the deaths of Jacques (whom Coop
lured across the border), Blackie & Battis, as well as missing coke from a sting
King had set up, place Coop under suspicion. The DEA is being brought in; he
has 24 hrs. to assemble a defense. Harry refuses to cooperate w/ Hardy.
o Nadine tries out for Steeplejacks cheerleading.
o ~6:18pm (Johnson wall clock). Shelly brushes Leo’s teeth. She hasn’t heard
from Bobby “all day”; he finally calls. She says she wants to put Leo in a home;
Leo’s chair moves.
o [Act 4] ~6:40pm (Norma’s watch). Norma gets rid of the tablecloths; M. T.
Wentz has published an unfavorable review. Vivian reveals herself as Wentz.
Norma tells Vivian to get out of her life. (The Final Dossier seems to imply that
“M. T. Wentz” was a persona Vivian made up as an elaborate prank to screw w/
Norma, While the book talks extensively about Vivian’s biographical details, it
never once mentions her working as a critic or using the Wentz identity before her
visit to Twin Peaks. According to the book, she places an anonymous tip in the
local paper prior to her arrival saying that the “secretive & prominent travel writer
& food critic” Wentz will be visiting—impliedly, Norma simply reads this tip &
takes it @ face value. This seems to contradict the show, where Ben has heard of
Wentz, & Norma knows “him” as the most powerful restaurant critic in the state,
and Vivian seems to actually have a thriving career as a travel writer.) Norma and
Vivian never speak again.
o @ OEJ, Hank & Ernie (in hunting gear) give piggyback rides to prostitutes.
Once alone, Hank wrestles Ernie & forcefully persuades him to use his
computer skills to steal Vivian’s money. Jean enters & explains that a recent
investment opportunity left them in need of $125,000 immediately. Ernie says
he’s been associated w/ some of the most prestigious financial institutions in
“this country” (Canada?)—he’s laundered massive amts. of $ & brokered
tremendous deals for the “Colombian & Bolivian industries” [the script says
this is “inspired lying”]. Jean fetches Mountie King, in a tux; he carries a
briefcase containing 5 large bags of coke & Jean asks Ernie to sell it. After
getting rid of Hank & Ernie, Jean & King conspire to use one of the bags to
plant traces in Coop’s car.
o Harry awakens to a noise: Josie stumbles into his cabin.
o Coop & Briggs camp & roast marshmallows. They have both been pondering
whether Bob truly exists. Briggs: “There are powerful forces of evil. It is some
men’s fate to face great darkness. We each choose how to react. If the choice
is fear, then we become vulnerable to darkness. There are ways to resist. You,
sir, were blessed with certain gifts. In this respect, you're not alone. Have you
ever heard of the White Lodge?” Coop hasn’t; something approaches. Coop
heeds the call of nature. An owl hoots (both men hear it) & watches Coop pee.
A bright white light engulfs the campsite; a hooded figure (later referred to by
Garland as a Guardian) looms. By the time Coop runs back to the campsite,
Briggs & the Guardian are gone, although the light lingers. Coop runs toward
what appears to be the source of the light (where the Guardian had stood); it
fades as he gets there.
§ (In the dossier, in the same paragraph as he discusses sharing the
“Cooper/Cooper/Cooper” message w/ Coop, Briggs says, w/o transition,
that he invited Coop on the fishing trip as a bond of friendship, & they “left
that very afternoon,” seemingly implying that the fishing trip occurred the
same day as Briggs delivered the message, contradicting the show. This
could be read, however, as referring to 2 separate dates [i.e., they left the
very afternoon Garland invited him].)
§ In the dossier; Briggs recounts his abduction: “My memories of the event,
to this day, remain a hazy jumble: blinding white light issuing from a
suggestion of some mass or object above me, a silent dark-robed figure
beckoning. Paralyzed w/ terror, I seemed to move w/o volition to some other
space. Alone but in the presence of some immense, overwhelming force, as
if gravity had increased a thousandfold. A flood of words sluiced through
my mind, words not my own, nor in any language known to me, a voice
metallic, ringing & bitter. This was knowledge, I sensed through my terror,
from some unknown order, of a higher vibrational quality beyond my ability
to process, uncanny, perhaps electromagnetic in nature and not in the
remotest way human. … Whatever this presence might be, it possessed
nothing benign or benevolent in form or content, only a cold, crushing,
calculating pressure. Time itself stood still, as if whatever place they’d
brought me stood outside it.” He feared for the annihilation of his soul. “I
saw many things I don’t remember. I heard other voices I can’t recall. All
around me colors constantly phased through the spectrum, blue to green,
red to violet, black to white. I felt alternately like a ragged empty doll, then
nothing but searing pain that rent my flesh w/ sadistic ease. I saw eyes,
watching, felt pressure on my mind, as if thoughts were being forcibly
inserted. I’m fairly certain I journeyed back & forth through time, watching
it unspool like some immense, omniscient recording.”
• 3/16/1989—
o 9:50am. Doug Milford sends an encrypted message to Garland’s LPA computer.
(Per Briggs, Doug sent it the “night” Briggs disappeared, which contradicts the
9:50am timestamp on the document—unless that was the time when Briggs printed
it out.) Doug says he counts Garland as his only friend. He says he owes Garland
the full truth as he’s come to view it: Portions of the gov’t they served have withheld
secrets out of selfishness. He’s convinced that whatever he’s spent his life tracking
has been w/ humankind since we came down out of the trees. They may once have
been neighbors from some distant star, but Doug believes they were here before we
were: observing, helping, haunting, tormenting & teasing us since the beginning of
time for reasons entirely their own. He believes that they are a multitude, that their
true nature is singular & energetic, not physical, evolved in some way light-years
beyond our ability to understand, & as a consequence, our limited, linear sense of
time means nothing to them. A few of “us” were chosen to learn more about them—
or perhaps for other reasons. He believes they lie @ the root of every extranormal
& paranormal experience in human history, & if we were ever able to set our eyes
on its ultimate nature, “we would find it as foreign, incomprehensible & indifferent
to us as ours would be to bacterial microbes swimming in a drop of water.” By our
meager moral definitions, they may be neither good nor evil; he then contradictorily
says there may be a good & evil side @ play w/ the human race as the game. He
advises Garland not to make his next move alone, but to wait for his control.
o Windom Earle kills vagrant and former Merchant Marine Erik Powell by
stabbing him (Albert says Earle waited for rigor mortis to leave the body,
which occurs 2 days after death, so he could pose his hand—Episode 22)
o James rides his motorcycle (passing an “Entering Snoqualmie” sign!).
o Betty tells Coop & Harry Garland has disappeared before: it’s always been
work-related. She says the fact that they were in the woods is very significant:
“Confidentially, he talks about them constantly.” When Coop asks if Garland
has been trying to contact some element in the woods as part of his top-secret
work, she says that’s confidential. After she leaves, Coop tells Harry the flash
of light he saw is a powerful source that exists in those woods. Andy & Hawk
enter w/ Dougie & Lana’s wedding gift. A temp (Lucy is out helping w/ the
Milford wedding) puts Gordon’s call through from Bend, Or. Gordon says
Coop has his full support; the DEA is sending Dennis Bryson. “Let a smile be
your umbrella.”
o The Debriefing Testimony session w/ Roger (note that the word processor on
the Apple Mac has the date as 10/22/1990—abandoning not just the year but
the month setting of the Pilot—and seemingly lining up w/ the shooting dates
for this episode). Coop refuses to present a defense, saying he’ll pay the price
for going outside Bureau guidelines & will defend himself against any criminal
charges in a court of law. He says he knows the moves he’s supposed to make,
but lately he’s been starting to focus out beyond the board on a bigger game:
“The sound the wind makes through the pines. The sentience of animals. What
we fear in the dark and what lies beyond the darkness. … I'm talking about
seeing beyond fear, Roger. About looking at the world with love.”
o @ school, Nadine gets Donna’s all-clear to date Mike.
o James stops into Hideout Wallies. He meets Evelyn Marsh, who lives right up
the rd. He agrees to a look @ her husband’s Jaguar: someone squeezed her on
the hwy. & she drove into a ditch; she wants it fixed before her husband gets
home. (Note: In The Final Dossier, Preston claims Evelyn lived “outside Portland,
Or.” This seems to contradict the series, wherein James says in this episode that
Twin Peaks is “nearby,” & Ed says in Episode 21 that Hideout Wallies is a couple
of hrs. west of Twin Peaks (considering that Twin Peaks is very close to the
Canadian border, either of these statements would be rather liberal if Hideout
Wallies were near Portland—and the latter statement would be flat-out odd for not
saying “south” in addition to “west.”)
o [Act 2] 12:18pm (sheriff’s station wall clock). Dick stops by w/ Little Nicky;
he’s just had him fitted for a new wardrobe @ Horne’s. He tries to bail on
malteds when he learns Lucy isn’t around, but Andy says it’s close to his lunch
hr. & he'll join them.
o Coop asks Harry & Hawk about the White Lodge. Hawk: “Cooper, you may
be fearless in this world. But there are other worlds. … My people believe that
the White Lodge is a place where the spirits that rule man and nature here
reside.” (Harry: “Local legend. Goes way back.”) Hawk: “There is also a
legend of a place called the Black Lodge, the shadow self of the White Lodge.
Legend says that every spirit must pass through there on the way to perfection.
There, you will meet your own shadow self. My people call it ‘the Dweller on
the Threshold.’ … But it is said, if you confront the Black Lodge with
imperfect courage, it will utterly annihilate your soul.” Denise arrives—Coop
tells Harry he worked w/ Bryson in Oakland.
o Nadine leg-lifts 600 lbs. next to Mike; Coach Wingate asks if she’s given any
thought to going out for the wrestling team.
o Josie, pressed by Harry, tells a tall tale about Eckhardt taking her off the street
when she was 16. She was afraid for her life when she met Andrew; Eckhardt
thinks she’s his property. She says she escaped Mr. Lee @ the airport in
Seattle; she tells Harry she believes Eckhardt was responsible for Andrew’s
o [Act 3] ~1pm? (Double R clock). Roger reads the Twin Peaks Post (not Gazette!)
in the Double R (headlines: “Leland Palmer Laid to Rest,” “Milford Marries
a Fifth Time”; other pages: “City Bond Issue Nears Approval,” “Senate Votes
to Extend Registration Deadline,” “Compromise Housing [Budget?] Sent to
President for…”). Hank & Ernie return from their “hunting expedition”;
Norma tells Ernie Vivian is back in Seattle, Hank reminds him they have 4
kilos to unload. Nicky pranks Dick & Andy over a Super Snow Frost Chocolate
o In the Marsh garage: Evelyn doesn’t know where Jeffrey is this wk.; he travels
extensively on business. James accepts her offer to stay above the garage while
he fixes the 1948 Jaguar.
o Ben watches old 16mm film of the groundbreaking for the Great Northern
when he was a kid (it was due to open in Oct., yr. unknown). Hank arrives &
tells Ben that Ben is out @ OEJ. Ben is concerned w/ furniture arrangement,
makes shadow puppets.
o Coop gets Earle’s next chess move, P to Q4. There is also a tape; Earle
criticizes Cooper’s predictability & says Earle will sacrifice even his Queen—
his goal must be attained @ any cost: “The king must die.”
o [Act 4] Rev. Clarence marries Dougie & Lana over Dwayne’s objection in the
Great Northern. Coop, seemingly fresh out of the shower (& with a suitcase
open on the bed), gets a call from Denise to come downstairs. Denise caught
the bouquet; she tells Coop they found coke in his car. Log Lady sits w/ Pete
& Dwayne; Dwayne kvetches to Pete. Denise explains her lifestyle change to
Coop. Harry joins them. Dougie & Lana drop by; Lana knows Coop solved
the Laura Palmer case. Coop dances w/ Audrey, Denise dances w/ Andy.
Doug’s last words to Briggs before retiring upstairs: “Good thing I kept the minister
on speed dial.”
o ~8:05pm (clock on Catherine’s desk). Josie begs w/ Catherine to help her
against Eckhardt. Catherine enlists Josie as her new maid & tells her to move
to the servants’ quarters: breakfast will be @ 7am. Josie leaves, Andrew enters
& notes that everything is going according to plan: when Eckhardt comes
looking for his one true love, they’ll be waiting for him.
• 3/17/1989—
o Ben (unshaven & wearing the same dressing gown, shirt & tie as the prior two
days) meets w/ Bobby, & enlists him to follow Hank w/ a camera. As Bobby
leaves, Lana runs screaming down the hall.
o Irene Littlehorse shows a (flannel-clad) Coop properties; he wants to see Dead
Dog Farm. She says “It’s a puzzle; no one ever really says there long.”
o ~11:29am (sheriff’s station table clock). Judy Swain from Happy Helping
Hand meets w/ Lucy, Andy & Dick regarding Nicky’s “persistent random
misfortune.” She reveals that Nicky’s parents were killed, but the orphanage
hasn’t revealed how.
o Harry grabs Andy to go to the Great Northern, where Dougie is dead
(surrounded by sexy books—incl. My Secret Life by Chris Gerrity—& a box
of sex toys). He appears to be wearing a ring w/ a green stone. (Oddly, Preston
later claims that an addendum to the autopsy lists a jade green ring being on his
bedside table, not his finger.) Will says it looks like a heart attack. Dwayne
arrives and accuses Lana of being cursed & murdering Dougie. Hawk is
infatuated w/ Lana; she believes she’s cursed & says it all started on her prom
o Nadine proves herself @ wrestling by kicking Mike’s ass while asking him out.
o [Act 2] Mike unsuccessfully begs Donna to pretend she’s still his girlfriend.
o Evelyn’s “brother” Malcolm Sloan (who doubles as Jeffrey Marsh’s drunken
chauffeur) wanders into James’s rm., rattles off his backstory & reveals that
Jeffrey beats Evelyn.
o Irene shows Coop Dead Dog Farm (explaining that the name references an old
legend: “Of all the people in the world, only the best & are drawn to a dead
dog. Most turn away. Only those w/ the purest of heart can feel its pain…and
somewhere in between the rest of us struggle”). Coop sees fresh tire tracks
(Irene says no one has asked to see Dead Dog the last yr.). He finds baby
laxative in the sink drain & traces of coke on a seat.
o Dick changes a tire as Little Nicky honks the horn. The car mysteriously falls
off the jack, almost injuring Dick.
o Col. Reilly, in Harry’s office, questions Coop about whether Coop noticed any
wildlife (specifically mentioning birds & owls) @ the site where Briggs
disappeared. Coop heard an owl (“No visual contact?” asks Reilly). Coop says
he knows about the monitors; Reilly clarifies that while the monitors are
pointed @ deep space, the messages they intercepted were sent from “right
here in these woods” (oddly, he points @ a map of Cachuma Recreation area
in Ca.). He adds, “where they were sent to is another question.” Coop asks if
this has to do w/ the White Lodge & Reilly says that’s classified. He tells them
Garland is the best pilot he’s ever known; he was born w/ hardware most of
us only dream about. His disappearance has implications that go so far beyond
nat’l security the Cold War seems like a case of the sniffles.
o James fixes the Jag engine & confronts Evelyn about her situation. Jeffrey gets
o [Act 3] @ the Great Northern, Audrey runs into Bobby; she hides in her
crawlspace. Ben is wearing a Confederate coat over the same clothes he’s been
wearing for days, & is reenacting the Battle of Gettysburg w/ figurines (Day
1: The South is winning). Bobby gives him the photos.
o ~10:30 (Packard wall clock, presumably inaccurate). Pete toasts Catherine;
Josie serves.
o Coop tells Diane his response to Earle’s opening move (P to Q4) was printed
in the Personal columns of “a nationally distributed newspaper,” but he
already received Earle’s response yesterday! Earle anticipated Coop’s
response & is toying w/ him. Coop says in spite of his past, he still hopes he can
make a home & raise a family. Audrey knocks & gives Coop the photos she
stole from Ben: Hank, Jean, Ernie & Mountie King meeting @ Dead Dog.
Denise interrupts. Coop shows Denise the photos.
o Night. Ed & Norma reconnect and they hold hands; Hank is watching.
o [Act 4] Thunderstorm. Dick goes to the sheriff’s station & ignores Lucy; he
tells Andy he thinks Nicky is the devil, or @ the least homicidal in the 1st
o Will confirms that Dougie died of a heart attack, but Dwayne isn’t having it.
Hawk comforts Lana; Harry, Andy, Will & Dick fall under her spell. Lucy
fumes as the guys raptly listen to Lana’s story about her rodeo clown cousin
being forced to take his clown costume completely off.
o ~Post-3/17/1989—Dougie’s jade green ring is returned to his widow Lana. (More
accurately, Preston is told it “would have been” returned to her, per department
• 3/18/1989—
o ~1:08am (Ernie’s watch). Ernie eats @ the Double R; Denise confronts him w/
the photos.
o In Coop’s rm., Coop & Denise get a confession (laced w/ plentiful excuses)
from Ernie. They coerce him to tell his cohorts he found a major buyer
arriving tomorrow from Seattle (to be played by Denise).
o James wakes up to the sound of Jeffrey screaming @ Evelyn, & breaking glass.
Malcolm wanders in, says one day he’ll kill Jeffrey.
o Bobby comes home; Betty is sitting in the dark. Bobby tells her about the
dream Garland recounted to him. Suddenly, the lights go out & Garland
appears wearing a WWI fighter pilot uniform, seemingly having lost track of
time. Betty asks if everything is alright & he says no. (Although he seems to
materialize instantly in the house, his comments in the next episode, as well as
the dossier, indicate he returned to our world near the dead campfire in the
woods & trekked home.)
§ The dossier doesn’t mention the fighter pilot uniform, & Briggs claims
Betty told him he was gone 3 days, not 2. In the dossier, Briggs says he
arrived home as night fell, the hike down the mtn. having taken all day. He
then says he slept 16 hrs. after returning home—since we see Briggs @ the
sheriff’s station the following morning in Episode 20, a 16-hr. sleep
would indeed require him to have gotten home early in the evening.
However, in the episode, Ernie’s watch, and the several night scenes
that precede Briggs’s return—incl. James in bed—make it seem
unlikely that his return happens @ nightfall.
o After Garland wakes up, Betty notices the symbol “carved, burned or branded” on
his neck. Garland says he had seen the symbol before on the 3 abducted kids, as
well as on Doug. (This doesn’t mesh w/ the show: Garland doesn’t appear
aware of Margaret’s mark until she approaches him in the diner days later.)
Upon learning of the mark, he wants to tell Doug he’s been chosen, but learns Doug
died 3 days earlier. (Per the show, it was actually one day earlier—a day & a
half, tops, if Doug died early in the nt. Elsewhere in the dossier, Briggs is
consistent w/ the show timeline, as noted below.)
o After learning of Doug’s death, Garland goes to the LPA later that day & finds
Doug’s encrypted message on his computer.
o Garland finds a tape of his 5/17/1985 conversation w/ Doug Milford on his desk
where Doug had left it for him (he finds it the day after Doug died, per Briggs…this
contradicts Briggs elsewhere saying that, upon his return, & following a 16-hr.
sleep, he learned that Doug had died three days earlier, putting the day after Doug’s
death firmly in the middle of Garland’s disappearance).
o Garland’s vision/memory: Darkness filled w/ star-like pinpoints of varied and
shifting colors. A whisper: “Cooper…” The 3-triangle “fallout” symbol spins
into view, bursting into flames. Behind the flames as they disappear is Garland
Briggs, sitting on a stone throne, seemingly in the middle of a jungle. In VO,
he recounts stepping from the flames, a vague shape in the dark, then nothing
until he stood by the cold remains of their campfire 2 days later. Will & Coop’s
voices intrude, w/ a metallic ring (and weird demonic voices seemingly
speaking beneath them). Garland says he can feel his memories palpably;
everything is known to him but beyond his reach. The only other thing is one
disturbing image: a giant Owl, pervasive, big enough to cloud his mind &
memory. (Apparently he remembered more later, as his account in the dossier is
much more detailed—and notably doesn’t mention the owl!)
o The flash of a camera brings Garland back to the sheriff’s station conference
rm. He behaves erratically (looking @ the wooden table & asking, “Oh God.
Is this meant for the soul? For my soul?”) He explains that since Project Blue
Book disbanded in 1969, there are those who continue in an unofficial capacity
to examine the heavens as before—or, in the case of Twin Peaks, the Earth
below, searching for the White Lodge. Two M.P.s arrive on Reilly’s orders to
escort Briggs; he goes willingly.
o Denise pressures Ernie into calling Jean to arrange the buy.
o Andy (fresh from saving a cat from a tree) meets w/ Dick; they sneak off to
burglarize the orphanage.
o Coop has Lucy checking every nationally distributed newspaper; she hasn’t
found anything that looks like a chess deal or a reference to Earle.
o Ed passes Norma a note in the Double R w/ his check, saying they need to talk.
o An exasperated Shelly feeds Leo. (Invitation to Love audio plays throughout
the scene: [presumably a rerun, it’s the same scene of Chet & Emerald
discussing Jade originally seen in Episode 4.) Bobby has baseball practice; he
says he’s not coming back & leaves.
o James calls Ed asking him to send all the money from his savings account
(apparently $12!) to Wallies. A bruised Evelyn (in sunglasses) enters the
garage; James tells her about Laura. They hear Jeffrey leaving; she asks for
James’s help, then leaves.
o Red traffic light.
o Nadine approaches Mike @ the Double R & smooches him; he’s bowled over.
o ~9:25am. Norma leaves the diner to run “errands”; Hank protests that they
still have most of the breakfast crowd.
o [Act 2] Harry comes by to see Josie; she was supposed to move into his place.
She says Blue Pine Lodge is her home.
o Lucille (presumably a Great Northern employee) runs from Ben’s office in
tears, carrying an old marching drum & wearing a ketchup-“bloodied” head
bandage. Audrey peers in on Ben’s escalating Gettysburg mania (he has finally
changed into fresh clothes under his Confederate tunic!)
§ As Gen. Lee, Ben commands Longstreet to lead the charge on Little
Round Top. He asks for Gen. Jeb Stuart & his cavalry; Longstreet says
he’s coming. (“Damn his eyes!”) Audrey tries to reason w/ Ben & says
they’re going to save the business, but he points out that she’s standing
(kneeling, technically) on Gen. Stuart. Longstreet brings Stuart to Lee;
Lee has an outburst about not needing more wagons & says to ready
the men of the Alabama 15th. Audrey calls Jerry.
o Norma comes over to Ed’s. They hook up.
o Hawk wires a sweaty Ernie (Ernie rambles about fighting in Korea). Harry
deputizes Coop (badge no. 13); Denise enters, in drag as Dennis, saying
“somehow it seemed more appropriate.”
o Lunchtime. Andy & Dick break into the Dorritt Home for Boys while the staff
is out, searching for Little Nicky’s records. (An anachronistic copy of the Dec.
1990 Bart Simpson cover Mad Magazine issue is on the table.) The Brunstons
enter, early & eager to see Donnie; Dick says Donnie’s dead…tired.
o Donna visits Ed, he gives her to money to bring to James. Norma says goodbye;
Hank is in the house & beats Ed up, but Nadine arrives from school & kicks
Hank’s ass, throwing him through her china figure display shelves. (Note: This
day was a Sat. in 1989, creating an issue w/ Nadine coming home from school.
This can perhaps be explained away as Nadine attending weekend school to
get caught up.)
o [Act 3] Ben briefs Bobby on the battle:
§ Col. Chamberlain & the 20th Maine were trapped @ the summit of
Little Round Top. Chamberlain’s only chance was to maneuver his left
flank down the hillside like a swinging gate, but the Confederates were
waiting for him. Now in control of Little Round Top, Lee was able to
roll back the Federal Line, setting the stage for Pickett’s Charge.
§ Audrey peers in. Ben hands Bobby a sword; he’s to play a surrendering
Gen. Meade, but Bobby leaves to talk to Lincoln (Audrey). Audrey says
Jerry is coming home on the next plane & Jacoby is seeing Ben
§ Catherine comes over to gloat, but decides she still wants him; they
begin to have sex.
o James unveils the repaired Jag for Evelyn. Jeffrey is due home @ midnight.
They have sex on the car; Malcolm watches from down the driveway.
o Coop, Harry & Hawk stake out Dead Dog as the buy goes down. Ernie’s sweat
causes the wire to smoke, revealing him as an informant. Jean & King hold
Dennis & Ernie hostage; Coop exchanges himself for them. Hawk calls for
state police.
o [Act 4] Night. Evelyn leaves a sleeping James; Malcolm waits outside the rm.
& they kiss.
o Jean, King & Coop are still holed up in Dead Dog. Jean seems to accept Coop’s
advice that surrender is the only option, but he needs to decide if he’s going to
kill Coop 1st. He explains that he blames Coop for the deaths of both his
brothers: Twin Peaks was a simple place where he & his brothers could do
business until Laura died and Coop showed up, turning the simple dream into
a nightmare. “So if you die, maybe you will be the last to die. Maybe you
brought the nightmare with you and maybe the nightmare will die with you.”
Denise approaches in a Double R uniform w/ a tray. They let her in; she raises
her skirt, Coop grabs a gun from her thigh holster & shoots Jean in cold blood.
Denise throws King against the wall.
o Shelly wakes up on the couch, the electricity cycling on & off. She finds a weird
wind-up clown toy in Leo’s bed; his chair is empty. He greets her malevolently,
wearing a birthday party hat & with cake smeared all over his face.
o Meanwhile, there is a fire @ the power station.
o Someone calls the sheriff’s station about a bomb planted in the woods. The
transformer on the pole behind the sheriff’s station explodes; Lucy calls the
fire dept. & they evacuate. (There is also a fire @ the sheriff’s station—
presumably related to the transformer, but this is never specified.)
o Coop, Harry & Hawk return to the station. Coop goes into the still-blacked-
out sheriff’s station & finds a corpse in Harry’s office, its hand wired to point
@ a chess board, showing Earle’s next move. (Note that this board has little
relation to the game that has been being played. For instance, Cooper’s Queen
is in play, and Earle’s King’s Pawn is in its starting position, contradicting his
opening move. Many other pieces are also inappropriately placed. The piece
the corpse is pointing at appears to indicate that Earle’s move was to take a
piece on space e5, which does not make sense in light of the stated gameplay;
boards seen in subsequent scenes indicate that Cooper’s first move was P to
K4 (contradicting the personals ad from Episode 19); however, the board in
Episode 20 still shows Cooper’s King’s Pawn in its initial position. The board
seen in the beginning of Episode 21, supposedly the same board, is quite
different from both the one seen in Episode 20 and once again from the actual
gameplay. The forensic photo of the board in Episode 22 is even further afield
from the board seen in Episode 20, and absurdly shows the corpse pointing at
the White King’s Knight’s Pawn in its starting position!
o Coop accurately predicts the victim’s cause of death: a stab wound 1” below
the sternum, penetrating upwards, severing the aorta. Coop surmises the
victim was a vagrant who was befriended & offered a lift, driven to a location
up beyond the ridge & stabbed once.
o @ the Great Northern, by candlelight, Audrey proposes to Bobby that he can
get rich by helping bring Ben’s mind back.
o Leo stalks Shelly around the house; she can’t get out the front door. Outside,
an owl hoots, its throat pulsating. Leo comes at Shelly with an ax. Bobby gets
home. Leo nearly strangles Bobby with the ax handle; Shelly stabs Leo in the
leg. He limps away.
• Post-3/18/1989—Ernie returns home to Seattle & finds all his belongings piled in the
driveway in the rain. A process server gives him divorce papers from Vivian. (Preston
theorizes that Vivian was playing a “secondary angle” in her visit to Twin Peaks by
bringing Ernie and Hank together, to “neatly shed a suddenly inconvenient husband.” It’s
not clear why Preston believes Ernie had become “inconvenient” to Vivian, or why Vivian
would need Ernie to become involved in a criminal enterprise in order to divorce him.)
• ~3/18-3/19/1989—On either 3/18 or 3/19, Nadine & Mike have sex “all night” while
on the wrestling trip to Knife River. (Nadine to Ed, Episode 23)
• 3/19/1989—
o Jacoby is in Princeville, Kauai, on a porch overlooking Hanalei Bay (where he
scattered his mother’s ashes & intends to scatter some of Robert’s). He seems to
believe Leland was possessed, & seems much more deeply affected by Laura’s
death than the later series episodes indicate, calling himself “broken.” The Wa. St.
Board of Review is deciding whether to suspend his license. He plans to turn to
native practitioners on the islands w/ whom he grew up to begin healing himself.
(Note: this date contradicts the series, where Jacoby returns from Hi. by 3/15).
o [Act 2] Morning. Donna takes the van to go find James (Will to Ed).
o The corpse is moved out of Harry’s office. Coop tells Harry Denise told him
all criminal charges against Coop have been dropped, but his suspension
stands until he hears from Gordon. Hawk found Earle’s car out on the logging
rd. like Coop said, no prints. He adds that Hank is in the hospital (Hawk cuffed
him for violating parole by consorting w/ drug dealers & crossing the border
into Canada), & Shelly called about Leo.
o Andy tells Lucy his & Dick’s suspicions about Little Nicky; she’s furious.
o James meets Jeffrey Marsh; Jeffrey takes the car for a spin.
o @ the Double R, Ed talks to Will about Nadine: she wants to start dating boys.
Will credits her enhanced strength & sexual prowess to extra adrenaline. Will
leaves, Ed & Norma talk. They plan a cabin getaway.
o Evelyn enters James’s room as James is getting out of the shower; he says he’s
leaving, she begs him not to.
o Coop tells Harry he’ll publish his responding move to Earle in the Twin Peaks
Gazette (his last move was apparently N-QB3, per the board). He tells Harry
the Earle backstory. (Note that this board is much more accurate than the one
in the Erik Powell scenes, but still contradicts the stated gameplay in one way:
it appears that Earle’s move was to take Cooper’s King’s Pawn, contradicting
Cooper’s opening move in Episode 19.)
o @ Wallies, Donna asks after James. Evelyn approaches her & says James left
yesterday, saying something about the ocean & Mexico.
o @ the Marsh house, James agonizes next to his bike.
o [Act 3] Audrey escorts Jerry into Ben’s office; Ben thinks Jerry is Gen. Jeb
§ Ben says they’re crossing the Md. Border. By dawn, the troops will be
on the outskirts of Washington; by midday, it will fall.
§ Jacoby explains that by reversing the outcome of the Civil War, Ben
will also reverse his own emotional setback.
o Briggs stumbles into the sheriff’s station & passes out. He is worried: “When
my superiors questioned me about my disappearance, they exhibited a degree
of suspicion and intolerance bordering on the paranoid. I must now admit that
their motivation in the search for the White Lodge is not ideologically pure. I
believe that during my disappearance, I was taken to the White Lodge. I can
remember virtually nothing. But I have the clear intuitive sense that there is
much trouble ahead.” He says that he will be in the shadows if they need him.
o Andy brings Coop & Harry in to see Jacoby & Lana in the conference rm.
(Hawk is already there): Jacoby, having spent almost the past 24 hrs. w/ Lana,
has decided any accusations of a curse are nonsense. Lana makes all the men
feel hot. Jacoby & Lana head to go bowling, but as soon as the pair exit into
the hall, Dwayne holds them @ gunpoint. Coop persuades Dwayne to go into
the conference rm. to talk things over w/ Lana (bringing the gun!).
o [Act 4] After waiting, the guys go in to find Dwayne seduced & ready to adopt
a child w/ Lana.
o Dusk. Josie is out shopping. Pete realizes they forgot the hot dogs. Catherine
reveals Andrew to Pete—they tell him the Eckhardt backstory & say Eckhardt
will come for Josie like a rat for cheese.
o @ the Great Northern, Jones & Eckhardt check in.
o Night. Harry, worried, shows Coop an article that just came over the wire
from Seattle: “Asian Man Killed!!” w/ a picture of Jonathan. He wants Coop
to find out if Josie had anything to do with it.
o Will (who called the orphanage & cut through the red tape) chides Andy &
Dick and tells them Little Nicky’s backstory.
o Evelyn comes into James’s rm.; he’s leaving. She professes her love for him.
The cops pull up; she says there’s been an accident & Jeffrey is dead. James
correctly guesses it was the car & that she set James up. She says it was
Malcolm’s idea & confesses that he’s not her brother. She sends James off to
find Donna…which he conveniently does, hiding behind a tree on the Marsh’s
property. They run off as Evelyn begins speaking to the troopers.
o Leo wanders through the woods; an owl screeches as it flies by overhead. He
comes across a cabin & strange flute music (“Earle’s Theme”). He stumbles
inside & meets Windom Earle. (Earle’s chessboard has several pieces out of
place, but also seems to show Cooper’s second move as N-QB3, and Earle
taking Cooper’s King’s Pawn.)
o A Hwy. State Patrolman interviews Malcolm as Evelyn (already in mourning
gear!) sulks. Evelyn tells them James said he was from Twin Peaks & she met
him @ Wallies.
• 3/20/1989—
o 2:50am (Wallies wall clock). @ Wallies, Donna calls Ed while James eludes
highway patrolman Frank w/ minimal effort.
o Morning. Coop & Harry interview Bobby & Shelly (the latter in a sling).
(Oddly, Harry asks Bobby what he was doing at Shelly’s house last night, even
though Leo’s attack was two nights ago.) Bobby reveals their relationship, &
tells the deputies that Hank shot Leo. Albert returns (“another trip on the
Seattle-to-Twin Peaks shuttle”) on direct orders from Gordon. Earle has been
sending faux mail bombs to police depts. & major law enforcement agencies
in Springfield (Il.), Kansas City (Mo.), Lawton (Ok.), Dallas (Tx.), & Jackson
(Ms.). The packages each contain a piece of Caroline’s wedding apparel.
Albert says Il., Ok. & Ms. Police are looking for Earle as well as the DEA (?!)
& FBI. The U.S. map showing the trail of Earle’s packages was found taped to
the bottom of a table @ the Twin Peaks power station after the fire.
o ~12:16pm (Earle’s watch). Leo wakes up; Earle prances in his long johns &
plays flute (“Audrey’s Prayer”). He has obtained Leo’s record: the police want
to see him for drug trafficking, arson, attempted murder & domestic violence
(Earle says he’s partial to the latter, implying that he was abusive to Caroline;
Tamara Preston later writes that Caroline suffered “severe mental & emotional
distress” during the course of her marriage to Windom). Earle beats Leo w/ the
flute when he tries to escape, puts him in a shock collar & feeds him gruel.
o [Act 2] Ed & Norma lie in bed. Nadine arrives home: she got 2nd place in the
district finals @ Knife River because she was disqualified for using an illegal
airplane slam. She apologizes to Norma for pounding Hank & says she’s cool
w/ Ed & Norma because she’s seeing Mike.
o Coop & Harry question Josie on Jonathan: he was shot 3 times in the back of
the head & Seattle police know Josie was connected w/ him. Coop helps a
struggling Pete w/ Josie’s dry cleaning & takes a vicuna sample from a coat &
also takes the accompanying gloves. Eckhardt calls for Josie: he ominously
asks if she heard what happened to Jonathan. Catherine listens on another
o Eckhardt tells Jones he’s disappointed Josie has run back to Catherine. In
Afrikaans, he says she’s become predictable, & Jones replies she warned him
not to trust her.
o Jacoby experiments w/ letting Ben out to mingle w/ the public; it doesn’t help.
As Ben reminiscences about Stonewall Jackson (& Johnny rocks nearby),
Jerry tries to persuade Audrey that Ben is fun this way, & leaving him insane
would allow Jerry to develop some projects, “both domestic and
international.” Audrey threatens Jerry & he falls into line. Jacoby says it’s
time to implement to Appomattox Scenario.
o @ Wallies, Donna begs Evelyn to stop; Malcolm arrives, forces Evelyn out to
the car, & threatens to kill Donna if he sees her around again.
o [Act 3] Albert tells Coop the vicuna fibers are a match—Josie shot Coop.
They’re testing the gloves for gunpowder & will have the results in the
morning. Seattle homicide has a sketch of Josie from a witness description; she
is wanted in the murder of Jonathan Kumaguy (who has a long Interpol sheet).
Albert bets the bullets from Jonathan will match those that hit Coop. Coop
goes in to Harry, who reveals that the vagrant was Erik Powell, a former
merchant marine. Coop says Powell was Caroline’s maiden name.
o Harry introduces Coop to the local chess expert: Pete, who checkmates Toad,
Coop & Will @ the Double R simultaneously. (He attributes his success to José
Raúl Capablanca.) Coop enlists him to stalemate a game losing as few pieces
as possible. Norma cleans the ice cream cone; Shelly comes & gets her job
back. Harry tells Norma Hank is ready to leave the hospital & they’re putting
him away for the attempted murder of Leo, & parole violation.
o Catherine has Eckhardt over; they bargain over Josie as she serves.
o Evelyn drinks at home (setting her drink on the George Searing Quintet &
Orchestra’s 1957 album Black Satin and running her finger over records, incl.
Waldo de los Riós’s 1957 album Kiss of Fire). James storms in, demanding an
explanation. She says she did it “for the money, out of fear, because I wanted
to do it.” Malcolm knocks James out w/ the butt of a gun; despite Evelyn’s
protests, Malcolm holds her down & rehearses their story: James came back
to kill Evelyn, she shot him.
o [Act 4] Audrey as Scarlett McLean welcomes “Gen. Lee” to the home of her
father, Jerry as Wilmer McLean, for the signing of the articles. Jacoby is Gen.
Grant, surrendering to the Confederate States. Ben passes out & suddenly
comes back to himself.
o Earle puts on a disguise as Leo writes out the poem “Love’s Philosophy” by
Percy Bysshe Shelley very shakily. Earle has photos of Donna, Shelly &
Audrey (“Which one will be my queen?”). He rips the poem in three & puts
one piece into an envelope.
o Malcolm tries to get a reluctant Evelyn’s prints on the gun; Donna runs in
screaming that she’s called the police. Evelyn shoots Malcolm, then near-
catatonically rehearses the story as he taught it to her.
• Pre-3/21/1989—Per Preston, Annie leaves the convent “a few yrs. down the rd.” from
entering, before taking full vows, now in her early 20s. (Per her 1973 birthdate listed in
The Final Dossier, this would place Annie leaving the convent in the mid-1990s,
inconsistent w/ the TV series. In the show, Annie calls Norma on 3/21/1989, impliedly
very shortly after leaving the convent.)
• 3/21/1989—
o Early morning. (Randy tells Audrey Earle’s note came “this morning,”
Episode 23) Coop returns to the Great Northern (looking @ a photo of
Caroline in his wallet as he waits for the elevator); Earle in disguise exits the
elevator past Coop, coming down. He leaves a note for Audrey @ the front
desk & comments on the Owl postcards. In his rm., Coop straightens his
hanging suit…and finds a Caroline death mask on his bed. As he picks it up, a
tape recording begins: Earle says he still loves Caroline, & knows Coop does
too. He says it’s Coop’s move.
o Morning. Coop & Harry listen to Earle’s tape. Earle demands that Coop print
his move in tomorrow’s paper or Earle will make it for him. They have Lucy
contact Pete.
Pete serves Catherine & Andrew breakfast, then leaves. Andrew & Catherine
discuss Ghostwood: Andrew talked to the investors: the meeting is set & he
leaves for Paris tomorrow. Josie walks in w/ kindling, sees Andrew for the 1st
time, & faints.
o Harry agonizes over a newspaper article about Jonathan (“No Clues to
Killer”; another article: “City Bond Issue Near Approval”). Hawk brings
Hank in on crutches; Harry arrests him for breaking parole & charges him w/
the attempted murder of Leo Johnson. Hank proposes to testify against the
murderer of Andrew Packard, but Harry isn’t having it. Twisting the knife,
Hank says Harry is sleeping w/ her; Hawk trips Hank & escorts him out.
o Albert tells Coop the bullets pulled from Jonathan match those that shot Coop;
Coop pledges to go talk to Josie, hoping to get her to turn herself in.
o The Great Northern is hosting the Tri-County Rodeo Association 1989 Annual
Convention (this is the last time the 1989 setting is explicitly mentioned on the
original series).
o Audrey is learning the hotel business from the bottom-up, a different position
every week; this week is concierge. Randy St. Croix is more than a bit
resentful. Randy leaves Audrey Earle’s note. John Justice Wheeler checks in
to Rm. 215. He meets Audrey, recalls seeing her as Heidi.
o [Act 2] Nadine comes home early from school as Ed is repairing her shelves;
she confesses she is seeing Mike & breaks up w/ Ed.
o @ Blue Pine Lodge, Coop questions Josie. She refuses to confess; Coop tells
her to come to the stationhouse by 9:00 or he’ll come find her. Catherine
eavesdrops. She enters once Coop is gone, cheerfully saying that Eckhardt
insists on seeing Josie alone tonight & wondering what Eckhardt will think if
he learns Andrew is alive. Catherine “finds” her keys on the bookshelf behind
a book (between Antonia Fraser’s Mary Queen of Scots and Lawrence
Sanders’s The First Deadly Sin; War and Peace is also glimpsed). Catherine
deliberately reveals a gun which Josie takes gratefully.
o A celery-munching Ben presides over a “board meeting” for Horne Industries
Inc. w/ his “executive assistant” Bob Briggs, Audrey, Jerry (w/ an unexplained
band-aid between his eyebrows), & John Justice Wheeler. (Ben explains that
JJW used to be in construction & came up the hard way. Yrs. ago Ben made
an investment in JWW which JJW turned into an empire. Ben is asking him
to return the favor.) Although the company has fallen on hard times, he wants
to refocus: fight the Ghostwood development to keep Twin Peaks unspoiled in
an era of vast environmental carnage, & particularly to save the pine weasel
(which exists only in their tri-county area & would be wiped out by the
development). After that, Ben is considering a run for the Senate.
o ~1:16pm (Double R clock). Norma talks to Annie on the phone; she tells her to
get on the next bus, & tells Shelly Annie arrives tomorrow. Earle, disguised as
a truck driver, leaves Shelly a note. Ed comes in & proposes to Norma.
o [Act 3] Leo whittles a stick to a point in the woods. Earle, still as a trucker,
takes it & fits an arrowhead on it.
o Norma visits Hank in jail to say she wants a divorce. Hank begs Norma to give
him an alibi for the night Leo was shot. She refuses & leaves.
o Pete makes his chess move (seen as P to QN3, with Cooper’s opening move
seemingly retconned to P to K4, contradicting Coop’s published deal in the
nat’l newspaper ca. Episode 19). They have Lucy call the Gazette—Earle won’t
be able to take a piece for 5 or 6 moves. Albert takes Coop to the side: the
gunpowder on Josie’s gloves matches the gun that shot Coop & Seattle P.D.
have a witness who positively IDs Josie leaving the car where Jonathan was
found. Harry sees them talking & knows.
o Josie does her make-up (echoing the opening scene of the Pilot). Andrew comes
in w/ champagne. He claims that he did love her a great deal. He says the police
are closing in & her only chance is to go to Eckhardt to get out of the country
(“I’m sure he truly loves you”). He says they won’t speak again & exits.
§ (Oddly, Harry’s drunken handwritten note in The Secret History claims “I
was there, Coop”: he claims Andrew told Josie he still loved her & forgave
her because he couldn’t help himself—which isn’t what he said in the
scene—then accurately describes Andrew telling her to go to Eckhardt to
escape the law. On the series, Harry doesn’t even appear to know Andrew
is alive at this point, or indeed at any point. The “I was there” opens the
note, and may possibly refer to Josie’s death—i.e., him reminding Coop that
he witnessed it too—but it’s still not clear how Harry would claim to know
the contents of this private conversation.)
o James meets Donna for a picnic. He says he’s going to be a witness against
Evelyn. He says he can’t go home now, & Donna says she can’t go with him.
They kiss & fall onto the blanket.
o [Act 4] Night. Catherine reads Great Expectations as Pete works w/ his fishing
gear. Harry comes looking for Josie; Catherine says Josie took Catherine’s car
w/o asking. Pete says she mentioned the Great Northern & seeing an old friend.
Catherine feeds Harry Eckhardt’s name.
o Eckhardt, heading down to the Great Northern lobby, runs into Andrew.
Andrew lies, saying Josie tipped him off allowing him to live, & warns
Eckhardt: Josie is coming to him & Thomas should be careful. Andrew takes
the elevator down to the garage: he says his resurrection is still a well-kept
§ (Again, Harry’s omniscient drunken note recounts this conversation, as if it
occurred right after the Andrew/Josie scene: “Then Eckhardt showed
o Ben dines w/ Audrey & Jack. Jack says he buys bankrupt, failing business,
streamlines them, & brings them up to speed—incl. making significant
environmental concessions—then resells them @ a substantial profit. Ben has
to leave the table; the chef tried to stab Jerry. Audrey & Jack bond, she excuses
herself for an appointment.
o 9:30pm (Gathering of the Angels @ the Roadhouse, per Earle’s note). Shelly,
Donna & Audrey run into each other @ the Roadhouse, realize they all have
pieces of the note. Earle (still dressed as a truck driver) watches.
o Coop, practicing his fishing cast on his bed, gets a call from Catherine. He says
he was just on his way over; Catherine tells him Josie went to Eckhardt’s suite.
Coop gets his gun & heads to Eckhardt’s rm. He hears yelling: Eckhardt
saying he loves Josie, Josie yelling not to touch her and not to hurt her.
(Eckhardt faintly seems to query, “Don’t hurt me?” as if confused) A gunshot.
Coop breaks the door in. Eckhardt dies of a gunshot wound. Josie holds her
gun on Coop. She says she shot Coop “because [he] came here”; she knew this
day would come & she can’t go to jail. Harry enters, gun drawn. Josie suddenly
seems to gasp for breath & trembles; she clasps the gun to her chest. Her left
arm falls, seemingly numb; she collapses on the bed, dead. Harry holds her.
Coop sees a bright white light on the bed; Harry & Josie disappear. Bob crawls
onto the bed, asking, “Coop, what happened to Josie?” then the MfAP dances
on the bed; then Harry & Josie reappear. In the drawer pull on the nightstand,
Josie is seen screaming and trapped; her face morphs into a wooden face,
straining to pull free.
§ (Harry recounts these in his drunken note, handwritten on Coop’s “Andrew
Packard Case” document. Given his inebriated state, it’s tough to know
exactly what he means by much of it. It appears to be addressed to Coop [It
begins “I was there, Coop” and ends w/ him thanking Coop], although
Preston speculates Coop had probably already left town when Harry wrote
it [implying that Harry may have fallen back into his Episode 24-style
drunken decline]. The “I was there” immediately precedes a recounting of
Andrew & Josie speaking, but perhaps it refers to Josie’s death, & Harry’s
mind is wandering as he writes. He also oddly recounts Josie’s death as if
Coop wasn’t there—“Josie sleeps with Eckhardt, then shoots him in his
room at the Great Northern. I got there moments later. Josie swore she shot
him in self-defense. And like always, I believed her. Then she just died.
Like her heart failed, broken to pieces by all the lies she’d kept living for so
long. Right there in my arms. Most of her died a long time ago. She already
felt like a ghost.”) (Interestingly, upon reading that Josie shot Coop, Preston
says it was a “previously unidentified assailant,” implying that Coop &
Albert kept Josie’s responsibility to themselves!)
• 3/22/1989—(Note: In the script, Coop makes reference to Harry almost being out of
vacation days, seemingly implying that he took a bunch of time off to binge drink; these
references are dropped from the episode, & the show appears to continue following its
episode-a-day structure.)
o Harry drinks Jack Daniel’s in the Bookhouse & thinks about Josie. Hawk
drops off breakfast from Norma, & gives the Bookhouse Boys salute as he
o 11:17am (Double R wall clock). Annie arrives at Double R (Norma asks how
Annie & “mom” got along, implying that Annie saw Vivian after she left the
convent). Briggs (decidedly not “in the shadows”) eats a “compelling” pie; the
Log Lady approaches & touches the mark on his neck, then sits down &
touches the Log.
o Coop reviews int’l files on Josie & Eckhardt (the Twin Peaks Post on the
desk)—he tells Hawk Will was unable to determine Josie’s cause of death, &
her body weighed only 65 lbs.
o Leo brings Earle the Post; upon seeing Coop’s chess deal, Earle immediately
knows Coop is getting help & flies off the handle, then plays his flute (“Earle’s
Theme (Audrey’s Walk)”).
o Audrey sets up for the Stop Ghostwood fashion show. She bumps into JJW
and they apologize & plan a picnic.
o Coop tells Harry they got Josie’s Interpol dossier: she’s wanted on a variety of
felonies in Hong Kong & had two prostitution arrests. Harry doesn’t want to
hear it.
o [Act 2] Jones visits Catherine. She says she’s leaving tonight to transport
Eckhardt’s body back to Hong Kong; he & Josie are to be buried side by side.
She gives Catherine “a gift” from Eckhardt: a mysterious black box.
§ (Note: Briggs in The Secret History says Eckhardt’s “associate” showed up
“days after” his death to make arrangements, & dropped the box off w/
Catherine. This is the only piece of “canon” to bear out the script’s
implication that some time passes b/w Episode 23 & 24.)
o 2pm. Jacoby Calhoun patient file on Ben. Jacoby says he has been making daily
house calls for a wk.; Ben is a “Southern general” (not specified as Lee) trying to
rewrite history. Preston says according to Jacoby’s subsequent patient files, Ben
surrenders @ Appomattox & finds his way back to health. (The dating contradicts
the series: on the show, Ben’s Civil War phase lasts from 3/17-3/20, far from a wk.,
and is over by this date. Furthermore, Ben surrendering runs counter to the series,
where Jacoby’s Gen. Grant surrenders to Ben, thus allowing Ben to return to some
version of himself.) (Note also that Jacoby being in active practice in Wa. on this
date seems to contradict Jacoby waiting in Hi. as of 3/19 for the Board’s decision
on suspending his license to practice--with the Board ultimately indefinitely
suspending his license on 3/26.)
o Earle drops by the Haywards’ in the guise of Dr. Gerald Craig & leaves Donna
the number where he’s staying & a gift.
o Pete struggles to find a stalemate losing as few pieces as possible (the entire
sheriff’s station is set up w/ chessboards). Garland & the Log Lady enter. Log
Lady reveals the mark on the back of her leg. Both, along w/ Coop, remember
a bright light & the call of an owl from their abductions. When Coop writes
the two symbols side by side on the board, Briggs & the Log Lady “connect[]
with” something.
o Audrey & JJW have their picnic; he serenades her w/ “Bury Me Not on the
Lone Prairie.”
o [Act 3] Donna’s parents return home from shopping. Donna tells them about
Dr. Craig. Will says Gerry Craig drowned on a rafting trip on Snake River:
Will tried to save him. The phone number Earle left is a cemetery. The package
has a chess piece & deal: KN to KB3. Will takes it to Coop.
o Ed & Jacoby try unsuccessfully to talk Nadine through the divorce; she
realizes she’s gone blind in her left eye.
o Donna, coming downstairs, pauses & sees Ben talking to Eileen.
o ~6:07pm (Double R wall clock). Norma gets a flier for the Miss Twin Peaks
Contest (announced by the Twin Peaks Chamber of Commerce—prize $2K &
tuition @ Wa. St. College for 2 yrs.). Norma encourages Shelly to enter (she
mocks the idea). Shelly serves Earle, disguised as a biker. Earle watches Coop
meet Annie. Hawk enters to take Coop to the Bookhouse.
o Night. Harry tore the Bookhouse apart & is waving his gun around. Coop
calms him & they hug it out.
o [Act 4] Coop & Hawk put Harry to bed. Mike & Nadine check into the Great
Northern as Mr. & Mrs. Hinkle of Bozeman (Mt.).
o Ben presents the Stop Ghostwood fashion show: Dick hosts, Lucy & Andy
model. Catherine drops in to try to assess a seemingly sincere, cookie-dunking
milk-drinking Ben. Tim Pinkle presents the pine weasel & chaos ensues. JJW
catches Audrey & they kiss.
o Jones drops by the Bookhouse, knocks out a Bookhouse Boy & gets into bed
w/ Harry.
o Jones seduces Harry (seemingly using Josie’s perfume to make him think it is
Josie, in his drunken haze), then tries to choke him w/ a watch garrote. He
slams her against the wall, elbows her in the stomach multiple times & punches
her, knocking her out (he even grabs a trophy as a weapon to bludgeon her, in
case she comes at him again!).
• 3/23/1989—(Coop tells Diane it’s Thurs., which this date was in 1989)
o Per the contract: Catherine sells the Packard Mill to Ben for $33 million on this
date. (This is inconsistent w/ the series timeline, where Catherine & Andrew
are still scheming about Ghostwood 2 days later, & Ben is actively opposing
Ghostwood. It is also noteworthy that this contract is mostly reused from the
Episode 7 prop land sale contract from Ben & the Icelanders’ transaction:
same judge, same amt. of money, Timber Lull county listed as the place of
§ Mary Jo Plutnik is the notary who notarizes the contract, & her commission
expires this same day!
o ~6:05am (clock). Audrey drops by JJW’s rm. (as he works w/ a model
irrigation system). They flirt, he quotes her grandfather: “If you’re gonna
bring a hammer, you better bring nails.” They plan a sunset flt. & a dinner for
o Jones, in jail, refuses to speak: she wants the South African consulate. Coop
theorizes that Eckhardt wanted Harry dead out of sexual jealousy. Coop
proposes a hangover cure, Harry throws up. Will is in Harry’s office admiring
a bonsai tree: it was delivered this morning & the card says it’s from Josie, but
it was actually sent by Earle w/ a bug. Will shows Harry the chess piece & says
Windom Earle was @ his house yesterday. Gordon Cole arrives (“Whole lot
of shakin’ goin’ on down in Bend!”). Earle (in long johns & a sweater) listens
in on a fancy device inside a suitcase as Leo serves him beer. Cole reveals the
classified portion of the Earle dossier: when Earle went boi-oi-oing, the drs.
discovered he was on haloperidol, the same drug PMG was on, but they figured
he was using the drug to fake his illness, as Coop suspected (“Definite schizoid
maneuvering”). Coop learns that Earle worked for Project Blue Book. Cole
reinstates Coop to the FBI & gives him a brand-new issue Smith & Wesson
10mm Model 1076. They head to breakfast.
o Earle, mixing his table game metaphors, has Leo flip three cards: Queens
Donna (Clubs), Audrey (Diamonds—the same card she picked @ OEJ) &
Shelly (Spades). Coop is the King (of Spades); Earle needs a Queen of Hearts,
& decides the winner of Miss Twin Peaks gets to die. He places a Joker over
the blank-faced Queen of Hearts.
o [Act 2] ~7:45am? (Eileen’s watch). Donna follows Eileen to the Great
Northern. She sees Nadine & Mike checking out, & asks Randy for Audrey.
Audrey takes Donna to her crawlspace & they spy as Eileen tries to give back
Ben’s letters, saying she won’t have them in her house anymore (this was
apparently brought on by Ben “trying make up for it”). Ben says she should
have been the best thing that ever happened to him, adding that he hasn’t held
her since “that night” & that he wants to go back. She says she’ll never tell
“her” [Donna] & warns Ben to stay away from “her” & not to come over. She
leaves him forlorn w/ the letters.
o ~2pm (Gordon’s watch). The lawmen stop into the Double R. Cole proposes a
hangover remedy, Harry vomits. Log Lady builds a matchstick house w/ pitch
gum. Cole falls for Shelly (referencing Venus de Milo) & realizes he can hear
her w/o his hearing aid. Coop sketches on a napkin (he claims he combined
Maj. Briggs’s “tattoo” w/ the Log Lady’s—although the sketch actually
depicts Log Lady’s mark w/ three vertical diamonds intersecting it, whereas
Briggs’ mark was three triangles, not diamonds). Coop tells Annie a joke; she
notes that the design he’s drawing looks like the one @ Owl Cave. Harry
verifies this: Coop wants to see.
o [Act 3] Donna gets a Miss Twin Peaks flyer in the mail, & a San Francisco
postcard from James. He says his next stop is Mexico, but he’ll be back. Donna
questions Will about Eileen & Ben. He dodges, but then flowers arrive for
o Audrey is @ the library researching civil disobedience (she pulls a book called
On Politics by John someone). She runs into poetry teacher Edward Perkins
(Earle in disguise) & asks him about the poem: he tells her it’s Shelley, &
proceeds to act like a creep.
o ~6:05pm (Double R wall clock). Shelly & Annie discuss Miss Twin Peaks and
Annie’s feeling about Cooper.
o Lucy thanks Andy (spelunking in the sheriff’s station reception area) for
helping @ the pine weasel riot yesterday. Harry tells Coop (wearing
spelunking gear, and glasses!) that Pete called in their next move (seen as on
the board P-QR3). Coop notes that although they’re exposing a pawn, Earle
won’t forfeit his bishop & lose his initial advantage. Gordon isn’t coming
spelunking—Shelly took him to Doc Hayward to see about his hearing.
o Ben says he expects Audrey to be his RFK & tell him the unvarnished truth.
Her plane leaves in an hr.: she’s off to a Seattle breakfast confab w/ the
environmentalists to take the pine weasel national. JJW arrives just in time to
say goodbye. JJW advises Ben to always tell the hardest truth first, then
confesses that he’s falling in love w/ Audrey.
o [Act 4] Coop, Harry, Hawk & Andy descend into Owl Cave (Hawk says “we”
used to play there as kids, pretending it was haunted by fearsome ghosts;
Harry notes a beer bottle). They lead Coop to the symbol, carved into the cave
wall (it resembles Coop’s drawing, but seems to have an additional diamond
on top, w/ a flame above it). An owl comes screeching overhead. Andy tries to
hit the owl & embeds his pickax in the cave wall, directly in the middle of the
flame drawing. A burst of white light is followed by a small flame, then a
glowing gold light which eventually fades w/ a tiny burst of smoke. The center
diamond in the petroglyph (in between the “mountains”) then falls out as a
dowel pokes through (w/ the “ring” petroglyph on the front end of the dowel).
Behind the outer wall, a drawing of a flame is visible, from which the dowel
protrudes. The owl flies out of the Cave, screeching.
o 9:05pm (Coop to Diane). @ the Great Northern bar, Annie gets a rum & tonic.
Coop joins her. She accepts his offer to help her readjust to the world.
o Earle sneaks around Owl Cave & finds the dowel—and an upside-down
carving of the Owl Cave logo. “The symbol inverted”: he twists the dowel
counterclockwise. Dust/rocks fall from above & spurts from the hole where
Andy’s pickax had been, pushing the pickax out to the ground.
• 3/24/1989—
o The lawmen discover someone did their work for them in Owl Cave. A
petroglyph behind the wall is now revealed. Hawk recognizes Earle’s footprint
from the power station. Coop has Andy draw the petroglyph & tells Harry to
call Garland.
§ (Various astrological symbols are seen in the petroglyph: Neptune, by
a drawing of a giant & a small person; Mercury, northeast of Blue Pine
Mtn.; what might be Venus to the extreme east; an unknown symbol @
the Giant’s foot; Mars west of a symbol depicting a flame; Jupiter east
of the flame; what might be Pluto near White Tail Falls; Saturn east of
Glastonbury Grove; and another unknown symbol to the southeast.)
o Earle recounts a tale of the Lodges to Leo & new captive Rusty Tomaski (who
was promised beer & a party): “Once upon a time, there was a place of great
goodness called the White Lodge. Gentle fawns gamboled there amidst happy,
laughing spirits. The sounds of innocence and joy filled the air. And when it
rained, it rained sweet nectar that infused one’s heart with a desire to live life
in truth and beauty. Generally speaking, a ghastly place, reeking of virtue’s
sour smell. Engorged with the whispered prayers of kneeling mothers,
mewling newborns, and fools, young and old, compelled to do good without
reason. But l am happy to point out that our story does not end in this
wretched place of saccharine excess. For there’s another place. Its opposite. A
place of almost unimaginable power, chock-full of dark forces and vicious
secrets. No prayers dare enter this frightful maw. Spirits there care not for
good deeds or priestly invocations. They are as like to rip the flesh from your
bone as greet you with a happy good day. And if harnessed, these spirits in
this hidden land of unmuffled screams and broken hearts will offer up a power
so vast that its bearer might reorder the earth itself to his liking. Now, this
place l speak of is known as the Black Lodge. And l intend to find it.” He has
a monitor displaying the Owl Cave drawing. He plays flute: “Earle’s Theme
(Audrey’s Walk).”
o Pete mopes over a chess board while composing poems to Josie. Catherine
shows him the mystery box.
o @ the Double R, Bobby pressures Shelly to enter Miss Twin Peaks; he says
they have to enlist by this afternoon. Lana pressures Dwayne to “guarantee”
that she wins Miss Twin Peaks. Coop enters the diner & books a 4pm nature
study w/ Annie. He overhears Shelly mutter as Bobby leaves, & learns her
piece of the poem.
o [Act 2] Coop reveals to Harry that he once sent the Shelley poem to Caroline.
Hawk brings Donna’s piece of the poem; Audrey won’t be back from Seattle
until tomorrow. Coop asks Hawk for Leo’s arrest report. He goes to the
conference rm., where Andy recreates the petroglyph & Garland corrects,
realizing that he has dreamt or seen it somehow. Coop asks Garland to help
Coop access Earle’s Blue Book records to prevent further loss of life (Garland
seems confident he can do this despite Garland’s security clearance having
been revoked shortly after his disappearance).
§ As Garland looks @ the chalkboard, a silhouette of the Guardian is
seen—against a white b.g., the silhouette filled w/ the petroglyph, white
on black, w/ the stars from the opening of Episode 21 fading in over the
black. Close on the Guardian’s head; an owl flies in; fire bursts. Pan in
on the flame drawn on the chalkboard.
§ Coop verifies that the poem was transcribed by Leo from a prior
sample (where Leo had written, “merchandise […] Meet me at the
depot and we will […] ”).
o A nose-bandage-wearing Dick confronts Ben (who doesn’t know his name).
o Earle finishes encasing Rusty in a human-sized papier maché pawn (Rusty
asks if it’s for the Lilac Parade) & shoots him w/ an arrow.
o [Act 3] ~3:36pm (Roadhouse wall clock). The Miss Twin Peaks Judging &
Rules Committee (Will, Dwayne & Pete) convenes in the Roadhouse. Ben
addresses them proposing a “save our forests” theme. Shelly (w/ Bobby
pushing her), Nadine & Donna are entering. Bobby & Mike catch up.
o Odd cut to reused footage of flashlights playing over the Owl Cave glyph, then
Earle wearing his bandana grinning.
o ~3:36pm (Blue Pine grandfather clock). Harry seeks answers from Catherine.
She shows Harry the mystery box. Pete gets home from judging & drops the
box, revealing an inner box. Its surface depicts the phases of the moon in a
circle w/ corresponding zodiac symbols (clockwise: full moon / Libra, waning
gibbous / Pisces, last quarter / Cancer, waning crescent / unknown symbol
(looks like a bear paw), new moon / Aries, waxing crescent / Sagittarius, first
quarter / Taurus, and waxing gibbous / Gemini).
o Coop & Annie paddle out on the lake near the gazebo. She mentions a
boyfriend she had senior yr. which led to her cutting herself. Earle, dressed as
a fisherman, watches as they kiss for the 1st time.
o [Act 4] Dick hosts another Horne Industries event in support of Stop
Ghostwood, a wine-tasting. Andy attends, Lana & Lucy serve. Ben lurks in the
b.g. eating grapes.
o Night. @ the Double R, Gordon (about to leave, w/ his rental car fired up
outside) regales Shelly w/ a tale of him shooting a man who was stepping away
from a dead girl toward Gordon. Coop & Annie just catch him. Gordon kisses
Shelly as Bobby walks in.
o The wine tasting continues; Lana & Andy excel. Lucy spits in Dick’s face.
o Elsewhere in the Great Northern, Coop sits by the fire drinking milk; JJW
joins him w/ a drink. They discuss love. Bellman Jeff Moore gives JJW a
telegram; he rushes to check out.
o Over dinner, Donna pressures Eileen on Ben; when her parents are evasive,
Donna mentions spending the Miss Twin Peaks money to study overseas.
o Half-moon inside the Guardian’s silhouette; owl flying against a black b.g.
o Coop arrives @ Easter Park; Harry & the other cops are already there. The
gazebo contains a giant box w/ a “Pull Me” ring. Inside, they find Rusty’s
corpse inside a papier maché black pawn.
o Rusty’s friend (a roadie for Rusty’s band who got the gig thanks to Rusty) says
they were on their way to a gig in Knife River when the van crapped out, & a
guy came out of the woods wearing a “weird suit” & lured Rusty off w/ some
brew. Coop says Earle took a pawn but didn’t tell them his move.
• 3/25/1989—
o Lucy tells Andy tomorrow is D-Day: she’s choosing the daddy because she
can’t stand the suspense. She’s also entering Miss Twin Peaks for the cash, and
she & Andy brainstorm “save the planet” ideas.
o JJW checks w/ Randy; Audrey still isn’t back.
o Will gives Ben a heart exam, he’s fine. Will begs him to stay away from Eileen,
but Ben says he can’t as long as the lie endures. JJW arrives (Will remembers
him; JJW says he has met Donna). JJW tells Ben his partner who worked w/
the rain forests has been murdered in Brazil; JJW has to go take his place.
o In the Hayward attic, Donna finds her birth certificate with no father listed.
(Production note: the prop blacks out the county & state name for Calhoun
Hospital w/ partial success: “Ohio County” & “West Virginia” are barely
legible.) In a photo album, she sees old photos: Will & Eileen (the latter
standing w/o her wheelchair) wearing hobo costumes, the couple eating pie
while a (mustachioed) Ben holds two fingers up on each hand like Nixon, a
couple more shots of mustachioed Ben chatting happily w/ Eileen (again
seemingly standing) against a log background (possibly in the Great
Northern?), a shot of someone’s hand feeding a VERY excited Eileen a roasted
marshmallow on a stick while Ben holds a sparkler, w/ American flags in the
b.g. (presumably 4th of July).
o Hawk waits in the Great Northern lobby reading the Owls book; Audrey
arrives & Hawk hustles her off to see Coop.
o JJW leaves a note for Audrey w/ Ben & departs.
o Garland, in the sheriff’s station conference rm., gives Cappy a notepad w/
symbols drawn on it & instructs him to see if any of the symbols have to do w/
harvest schedules or ancient calendars. Other symbols hang around the office
on a clothesline-type setup (one says “Magic of Devils from the Lemegeton” [a
real-life grimoire/spellbook of demons]—it depicts the symbol for Belial
[Goetia #68], who was created next after Lucifer; another is the symbol for
Asmoday [#32], demon of lust). Briggs, having reviewed the files, explains that
Earle became obsessive & was removed from Blue Book. He shows Coop &
Harry the video of Earle rambling about dugpas. Coop now believes
everything else Earle has done was a red herring; he tells Cappy to dig up info
on the dugpas. Garland leaves to go for a walk in the woods. Earle listens via
the bonsai. He knocks the chess pieces off the board to set down printouts of
the petroglyph detail; the game is over. Leo steals the shock collar button.
o A woman in the Diner eats cherry pie; her right hand begins shaking
uncontrollably. Bobby recommits to Shelly as she practices the speech he
wrote for her; someone yells to tell Shelly Coop is on the phone for her. (An
alternate version of this scene plays out in a Deleted Scene, where it occurs @ the
Roadhouse during setup for the pageant—Shelly’s speech is different, with an
inexplicable focus on American sports car sales, but Bobby’s apology is pretty
much identical.)
o ~8:54am(?) (Roadhouse clock). Dwayne meets w/ Lana @ the Roadhouse
during setup for the pageant; he reveals that Norma & Dick are the other
judges. She refuses to marry Dwayne until she wins.
o Coop debriefs Donna, Audrey & Shelly re: the poem fragments & their strange
contacts over the past 3 days (Shelly doesn’t mention Biker Earle, but merely
notes the $10 tip for a cup of coffee he left her w/ the note). Shelly also IDs
Leo’s handwriting. Coop tells them to check in w/ the sheriff @ 9am & 9pm
every day & not to go anywhere alone.
o [Act 2] Leo gets pissed when Earle talks about killing Shelly &
electrocutes…himself. Earle cackles, & shackles Leo.
o Audrey greets Pete as she enters the Great Northern lobby (he seems to be
looking at the wooden shelves/wall as she walks up). She tells Ben she got back
in the morning but Coop needed to see her. Ben wants Audrey to enter & win
Miss Twin Peaks & become the face of Stop Ghostwood, but she only cares
about catching JJW before he leaves. Ben kneels down after she abandons
him…then whirls around as if seeing/sensing something behind him. In the
lobby, Pete seems to recite a soliloquy to the wooden mantel above the
fireplace: “Josie, I see your face.” Audrey grabs Randy, then thinks better of
it & grabs Pete to drive her. Pete waves to the mantelpiece as she drags him
o Coop tells Harry the symbols on the glyph suggest a time: 1st he thought it was
a signpost, but it might be an invitation—or both. As Coop holds the window
blinds open, his right hand shakes uncontrollably.
o Briggs strolls in the woods & touches a particular tree contemplatively, then
touches the mark behind his ear. Earle & Leo approach in a horse costume;
Earle tranquilizes Garland. (While Garland seems to glean most of his intel on
Earle from files, & never explicitly says the two even met on Blue Book, Earle
greets him, “Long time no see, Briggsie!”)
o [Act 4] JJW boards his jet.
o ~10:35am (Double R clock—this time seems to be far too early in light of the
surrounding scenes, esp. since the Audrey/JJW hookup ends at dusk, & in a
scene preceding this one, Audrey told Ben she got back “this morning,”
implying that it is no longer morning. This might be because the Coop/Annie
diner scene was scripted—and perhaps shot—to occur much earlier in the
episode). Coop visits Annie @ work; he gently encourages her to try out for
Miss Twin Peaks. Ominously, they knock over some dishes as they kiss.
o Pete drives Audrey down the runway; they just catch JJW. The two profess
their love; Audrey says she’s a virgin, & they head to have sex in JJW’s plane.
Pete watches weepy-eyed as they board…then his right hand shakes.
o Earle interrogates Garland @ arrow point; Garland refuses to divulge
classified info. Earle gives him a shot of a chemical (haloperidol—per Coop,
Episode 28), & he reveals his greatest fear (the possibility that love is not
enough), his wife’s wt. (115 lbs.), & that he 1st saw the Owl Cave petroglyph in
dreams when he was taken. Finally, he reveals what the signs mean: “There’s
a time…if Jupiter & Saturn meet, they will receive you.” He then begins
muttering (“Taht mug uoy (unintelligible) gnimoc ni (gasps, passes out)”).
o Catherine shows Andrew the box. He says their foreign Ghostwood investors
are chomping @ the bit from Paris to Beijing. He tries some simple
combinations on the box relating to dates (it is unclear what the symbols’
correlation to dates is): Eckhardt’s b’day (he presses one unseen button, the
waxing crescent / Sagittarius, & the waning crescent / bear claw); Andrew’s
b’day (waning gibbous / Pisces, waxing crescent / Sagittarius); the day the gift
arrived (he’s suddenly holding the box the opposite way! New moon / Aries,
Full Moon / Libra, last quarter / Cancer). This last opens a drawer on the box.
They find a smaller box, which Andrew smashes w/ a rolling pin. This one
contains a small metal box.
o @ the Roadhouse, during pageant setup, Coop & Annie dance (she says it’s
genetic memory: mom & dad danced the Lindy). While they start to discuss
physical intimacy, Mayor Milford interrupts, attempting to make an
announcement. Annie decides maybe she will enter the pageant. Coop kisses
Annie, but after he tells her she’s “the Queen” in the fairy tale, the lights go
dark…the Giant, waving his arms & mouthing “no” in slow-mo, takes
Dwayne’s place onstage.
o Early evening. Pete wakes up from sleeping in his car; a jet takes off & he fears
Audrey is gone, but she stayed behind. He takes her fishing.
o Night. Leo wails holding his hand to his head; Garland, hands tied & mostly
unconscious, murmurs. Earle has what look like charts and/or types of
calendars on the wall. He says the cave painting is a clock to “when the revels
begin” & also a map to the Black Lodge.
o Back @ the Roadhouse, the Giant fades & Dwayne returns. Coop kisses Annie
again. Dwayne: “This isn’t right. There’s something wrong here.”
o Roadhouse exterior. Green traffic light. The Double R. The empty H.S.
hallway. A corridor in the Great Northern. The sheriff’s station lobby & the
chalkboard drawing of the petroglyph in the conference rm. w/ a phone
ringing. Trees blowing. Glastonbury Grove: a spotlight appears. Bob’s arm
materializes inside, the hand making odd clawing motions. Bob appears in full:
“I’m out!” A reflection of the Red Room appears in the oil pool.
• 3/26/1989—(It’s been a day since JJW left, per Audrey to Ben; @ the pageant, Will
says he hopes everyone had a good weekend, which makes sense w/ this date placing
the pageant on a Sun. night. Note that this was Easter Sunday in 1989, which feels
like bizarre placement for the Miss Twin Peaks contest, and the observant
Christians—Annie and the Haywards—never reference the sacred day, nor does
anyone else. However, the script does have Will, in his introductory speech at the
pageant, saying, “Hope you’ve had a good holiday.” The line appears to have been
changed to “good weekend” in ADR.)
o The Wa. St. Medical Association indefinitely suspends Jacoby’s license to practice
psychiatry. (Date on letter.) (This contradicts the series, where Jacoby is still in
active practice on this date.)
o A manacled Leo frees Garland, telling him to save Shelly.
o Earle comes home w/ a bag full of tarantulas—and a white face & black teeth!
o ~7:03am (Double R wall clock). Norma preps pies for the Miss Twin Peaks
buffet; Shelly & Annie tease her about her vote.
o Ben is reading up on the philosophy of good (the Quran, the Bhagavad-Gita,
the Talmud, the Bible, the Tao Te Ching). Audrey, mooning over JJW,
updates Ben on her trip: the Packards are using Twin Peaks Savings & Loan
to funnel money into Ghostwood (note: unclear who she is referring to by using
the plural “Packards.” Catherine obviously…Josie? She presumably does not
know Andrew is alive). Ben pressures Audrey to try out for Miss Twin Peaks
& become a face for the cause; she resists.
o @ the sheriff’s station, Andy remains glued to his recreation of the petroglyph.
Harry has men out combing the woods for Garland. Coop recounts his
experience of Josie’s death to Harry; he mentions Bob appearing (“As if he
had slipped through some crevice in time”) & guesses that the fear might have
killed Josie, & that Bob was drawn to her fear. He also thinks Bob comes from
the Black Lodge.
o Earle, listening in, realizes that fear is the key, calling it a perfect symbiosis
that “these night creatures that hover on the edge of our nightmares” are
drawn to fear. He heads off to get his Queen for their dark honeymoon (“I
haven’t been this excited since I punctured Caroline’s aorta”). He leaves Leo
biting a rope suspending a cage of tarantulas.
o [Act 2] Pinkle choreographs the contestants (Shelly, Donna, Lucy, Nadine,
Annie, Lana & 6 others). The judges settle on scoresheet qualifications. On
break from choreography, Lana lures Dick into the storage room & finds what
she was looking for.
o 1:17pm (Coop to Diane). Coop concludes his 2nd meditation of the day in lieu
of sleep. Annie shows up, terrified of making her speech. They trade ideas &
banter, then have sex for the 1st time.
o Nadine shows slides of her wrestling career to Mike, Ed, Norma & Jacoby.
Jacoby has called them together for Ed to announce his intention to marry
Norma; Nadine says she & Mike are also going to be married, to Mike’s shock.
o Garland stumbles out of the woods in front of Hawk’s car, disheveled & barely
conscious: “Which way is the castle?”
o [Act 3] Coop smells haloperidol on Garland (Will’s blood tests confirm).
Briggs is out of it. He mutters, “Garland? Odd name. Judy Garland?” When
asked whether it was Earle who took him, he replies, “It was God, I suppose.”
He adds that his kidnapper took him to “the woods … They were lovely. Dark.
The King of Romania was unable to attend.” His left hand also appears to be
shaking a bit as he worries it on his face. Coop thinks the door to the Black
Lodge probably exists @ a point in time.
o (Unknown date—Gordon in Part 17 simply says this occurred before Briggs’s
25-yr. disappearance) Garland shares w/ Gordon & Cooper his discovery of
an entity, an extreme negative force called in olden times “Jowday.” (Over
time, it’s become “Judy.”) (Note: Gordon also indicates that Jeffries had
already made him aware of this entity a long time ago.) The three put together
a plan that could lead them to Judy. Gordon keeps this plan from Albert. (Part
17) (Note: No timeframe is given for this whatsoever. Notably, Gordon is never
even seen meeting Garland in the series. It seems most likely that his occurs
between the preceding conference room scene in this episode and the
subsequent one, as in the prior scene Garland seems to be potentially
remembering learning about Judy during his trip to the White Lodge (“Judy
Garland?”). Presumably, Cooper called Gordon on the phone and the three
hatched this plan.
§ However, Garland’s 3/27 dossier entry indicates that Garland believes
Cooper might not be aware of why Gordon sent him to Twin Peaks, or that
he is to be Garland’s new control, strongly implying that the three had not
as of that late date had a meeting of the minds, re: Judy. From that
perspective, it seems possible that this plan was formed not w/ the real
Cooper at all, but during DoppelCoop & Garland’s fated 3/28 meeting.
o (Unknown date) The last thing Cooper says to Gordon before his
disappearance is, “If I disappear like the others, do everything you can to try
to find me. I’m trying to kill two birds w/ one stone.” (per Gordon to Albert &
Tammy, Part 17)
o Andrew, fed up, shoots the hell out of the stainless steel box. They find a key,
which Catherine puts in the cake saver.
o Donna, on her way to the pageant, gives her parents a last chance to come clean
before she talks to Ben; they remain silent.
o Coop spots the symbols for Jupiter & Saturn on the drawing. He says that
when Jupiter & Saturn are conjunct, there are enormous shifts in power &
fortune, Jupiter being expansive in its influence & Saturn contractive.
Conjunction suggests a state of intensification & concentration. There is
potential for explosive change, good & bad. The next conjunction (per the
ephemeris) is due January to June [note: in actuality, conjunctions occur on
one day—as the script for the episode properly indicates—not over a span of
6 mos. Furthermore, there was no Jupiter-Saturn conjunction between 1981
and 2000]. He realizes it’s telling them when the door will open. Garland tells
them fear & love open the doors (Coop thinks fear is for the Black Lodge &
love is for the White) & says to protect the Queen. Coop puts the pieces
together; Andy, desperate to tell Coop something, knocks over the bonsai &
they realize they’ve been working for Earle all along. Noting that Miss Twin
Peaks starts “any minute”; they rush out.
o [Act 4] Night (note: @1:17, Annie said she had to give her speech in 6 hrs.
placing her speech approx. around 7pm). The Miss Twin Peaks ceremony.
(The Access Guide contradictorily says Miss Twin Peaks is crowned @ the Yellow
Lupine Festival in April.)
§ The ceremony opens w/ a group dance, followed by emcee Will’s
welcome. (Tim Pinkle paws at the horrified Log Lady.)
§ Commencing the talent section, Lucy dances. Bobby, backstage
checking out the ladies, sees another Log Lady backstage…it’s Earle in
disguise. He knocks Bobby out.
§ Coop & Harry arrive; Lana does a dance of contortionistic jazz exotica.
Andy arrives looking for Coop but gets distracted.
§ Audrey gives a speech on saving the forests; a brief musical interlude
ensues. Backstage, Donna confronts Ben; she guesses that he’s her
father & runs off.
§ Annie gives her speech, quoting Chief Seattle of the Suquamish tribe as
Earle watches from the catwalk. Will says balloting will now
commence. Lucy wrangles Andy & Dick together backstage & says
she’s chosen Andy as the father. A not-displeased Dick scampers off to
cast his vote; Andy goes off to find Coop.
§ Will announces Annie as the winner. The lights go out. A strobe effect
kicks in; smoke bombs & a few small explosions go off. A sandbag
drops on Nadine’s head. A tree from the set hits Mike (Mike to Nadine,
Episode 29). Coop spots Earle heading toward Annie. Earle pushes a
remote control button & an explosion goes off right in front of Coop.
Earle drugs Annie. The lights come back up, Annie & Earle are gone.
Andy finally finds Coop & tells him the cave painting is a map.
o Back @ the sheriff’s station, Andy & Lucy affirm their love. Harry has
deputies from 3 counties looking for Earle. Pete storms in; “the Log Lady”
stole his truck (& 12 rainbow trout!). Coop says it wasn’t the Log Lady &
predicts that Margaret will be there in 1 minute. Harry recognizes the 12
sycamores on the map—Glastonbury Grove. Hawk says that’s where he found
the bloody towel & the diary pages. Margaret brings the oil her husband gave
her; Hawk brings Ronette in & she recognizes the scorched oil smell from the
night Laura died.
o Earle brings Annie to the Grove; she prays Psalms 141:7-9: “Our bones are
scattered at the grave’s mouth, as when one cutteth and cleaveth wood upon
the earth. But mine eyes are unto thee, O God the Lord: in thee is my trust;
leave not my soul [destitute] {Annie doesn’t say “destitute,” trailing off out of
breath, but this word is in the actual prayer}. Keep me from the snares which
they have laid for me, and the gins of the workers of iniquity. Let the wicked
fall into their own nets, whist that I with all escape.” In the circle, Earle recites:
“I tell you, they have not died. Their hands clasp yours & mine.” [Oddly, this
is from a poem written by early 20th century American military lieutenant
Joseph Sweeney under the pen name Gordon Johnstone.] Annie seems to go
into a paralyzed trance state. Red curtains appear; Earle enters w/ Annie &
the curtains fade into the night.
o ~8:30pm (Ed’s watch). Will tends to Nadine & Mike’s head wounds. Mike
professes his love for her, but Nadine is back to herself & has no idea who
Mike is. She freaks about Norma being there (“It’s not fair!”) & demands her
drape runners. Mike apologizes to Ed for letting things get out of hand.
o [Act 2] Ben is @ the Haywards’ w/ Eileen. Donna storms down w/ a suitcase,
about to leave. Will comes home & is furious to see Ben. Sylvia arrives, asking
what Ben is doing to this family. Donna tearfully insists that Will is her daddy.
Will slugs Ben; Ben hits his head on the fireplace & falls to the ground,
bleeding from the forehead.
o Andrew swaps his own safety deposit box key for the one in the cake saver;
Pete arrives home just in time to catch him.
o Coop & Harry arrive @ Glastonbury Grove. Coop senses that he has to go on
alone. An owl hoots & watches from above. Coop sees the oil in the center: “An
opening to a gateway.” He walks through the curtains into the Red Room
Venus De Milo hallway…then up to the “waiting room.” MfAP enters while a
man sings “Under the Sycamore Trees”…then fades from view.
o Andy runs up & joins Harry.
• 3/27/1989—(Note on dating: The Post front page in The Secret History places the events
of the bank explosion on 3/28 [“this morning” according to the 3/28 article]. However, it
seems unlikely that the Miss Twin Peaks pageant would be held on the night of 3/27 [a
Mon.]. The Sun. 3/26 date of the pageant feels much more correct, as Will says he hopes
everyone had a good weekend in his opening, and as this date is consistent with Episode
25 being a Thurs. and the series’ typical one-episode-one-day structure. For further issues
with the Post’s dating of the bank explosion, see below under 3/28.)
o Per Doug’s will, his remains are scattered near the old campsite by Pearl Lakes, not
far from the entrance to Ghostwood Forest & Glastonbury Grove, where he saw the
giant. (Elsewhere, Briggs contradicts this, saying Doug left no instructions & it was
Dwayne’s idea to scatter the ashes @ Pearl Lakes). Briggs says Lana wasn’t in
attendance. (Note on dating: The dossier seems to imply that Doug’s funeral
occurred the day before Coop’s return from Glastonbury Grove—Garland talks
about securing to the LPA “afterward” to secure the dossier, then says “the next
morning” was Coop’s return. Possibly when Garland says “afterward,” he is
speaking of a span of days, but the phrasing overall is odd.)
o Garland awakens before dawn: information “downloaded” into his mind during his
abduction tells him that Coop is his new control, even if Coop himself isn’t yet fully
aware of why Cole had sent him there. Garland is unable to reach Coop & has Lucy
patch him through to Harry in the woods: Harry won’t reveal the nature of their
mission over the air but says Coop has vanished. Briggs is alarmed: He sets to work
preparing Mayday protocols @ LPA.
o Garland secures the dossier, preparing a hiding place. (He says the date of Coop’s
return from Glastonbury Grove is “the next morning”). (See below for potential
conflicts regarding The Secret History’s dating of the events of Episode 29.)
o Morning. [Act 3] The woods. Ronette’s bridge.
o It has been about 10 hrs. since Coop went in; Harry & Andy wait patiently.
o Twin Peaks Savings & Loan. As the New Accounts woman snoozes, loan
manager Dell Mibbler welcomes Audrey…who chains herself to the vault. She
tells Dell to call the Gazette & ask to speak to the editor, Dwayne Milford Jr.,
saying she’ll stay chained to the vault until a town meeting is held to discuss
the environment & Ghostwood’s effect on it. Andrew & Pete arrive; Dell is
stunned to see Andrew alive. Audrey lets them through (ironically, apparently
unaware of who Andrew is & his involvement with the cause she is
protesting!). The bank guard gets a call: it’s a boy!
o ~7:22am (Andrew’s watch). Andrew opens the safety deposit box—and finds
a bomb with a cheeky letter from Eckhardt. The bomb goes off.
§ (See 3/28 for an alternate telling of this event from the Twin Peaks Post in
the novel The Secret History of Twin Peaks.)
o @ the Double R, Garland & Betty sip coffee & smooch. Bobby & Shelly
contemplate marriage & tease Heidi, reprising dialogue from the Pilot.
o Brief cutaway to Leo still holding the tarantula string in his teeth.
§ @ some point b/w this moment and 4/01, Leo is bitten by the tarantulas, &
killed by 5 gunshot wounds to the thoracic area by “someone w/ a low pulse
& nifty marksmanship skills” who used a Bureau stance (Albert suspects
Earle, but this seems unlikely given the timeline.) The leasing agency
subsequently repossesses his truck cab, & the bank repos the Johnson house.
o Jacoby enters the Double R w/ Sarah, who has a message for Garland (in an
odd deep—possibly possessed-sounding—voice): “I’m in the Black Lodge w/
Dale Cooper.” Cut to the Red Room. MfAP adds, “I’m waiting for you.”
o [Act 4] Cooper in the Red Room.
§ MfAP: “When you see me again, it won’t be me.” He stands, does a
strange little step, & sits. “This is the waiting room. Would you like
some coffee? Some of your friends are here.”
§ Laura walks in & sits. “Hello, Agent Cooper.” She snaps & points her
index & middle fingers downward. “I’ll see you again in 25 years.
Meanwhile.” She puts her hands up, almost as if displaying something.
She’s gone.
§ The Waiter appears in the chair w/ a cup of coffee. He makes a
whooping noise & says, “Hallelujah.” MfAP echoes: “Hallelujah.”
Waiter serves Coop coffee (“Coffee. Coffee.”).
§ The Giant takes the Waiter’s place. He sits. Giant: “One and the same.”
Giant is gone.
§ MfAP rubs his hands. Coop tries to drink; the coffee is solid. MfAP
smiles & continues rubbing his hands. Coop tilts the cup—liquid. He
tilts it again—viscous. MfAP: “Wow, Bob, wow. Fire walk with me.”
§ An explosion of fire; the lights turn to strobe, a woman screams. Coop
gets up. MfAP is gone. Coop enters the hallway. He goes to the other
end & re-enters the waiting room, then exits back to the hallway—
seemingly returning to where he started. MfAP, pointing, says, “Wrong
§ Coop walks back up the hallway…and enters an empty “waiting
room.” MfAP (or his doppel?) appears, laughing hysterically; he sits &
says, “Another friend.” He laughs more, then disappears behind the
§ Maddy (or her doppel?) enters, wearing the Laura Red Room dress:
“I’m Maddy. Watch out for my cousin.” She fades.
§ Coop goes down the hallway. At the other end, he re-enters the empty
waiting room. The MfAP doppel appears & says, “Doppelganger.” The
Laura doppel appears, her hands still up as if displaying something.
“Meanwhile.” The lights flash. Laura’s doppel screams, crawls across
a love seat, & runs @ Coop. Windom is briefly seen. Coop runs out.
Laura continues screaming.
§ Coop re-enters the “waiting room” @ the top of the hallway; he notices
he’s bleeding from the chest. He goes back to the hallway (now sans
Venus de Milo statute!) & notes his trail of blood. He returns to the
room at the other end of the hall.
§ Coop sees himself & Caroline, stabbed, on the floor. Caroline becomes
Annie wearing Caroline’s dress. The lights flash & she disappears.
§ Back in the hallway, Coop enters the room again. Annie is there in a
black dress & says, “Dale. I saw the face of the man who killed me.”
• Coop: “Annie. The face of the man who killed you?”
• Annie: “It was my husband.”
• Coop: “Annie.”
• Annie: “Who’s Annie?”
• Annie becomes Caroline. Caroline: “It’s me. It’s me. It’s me.”
Coop: “Caroline.”
• She is Annie again. Annie: “You must be mistaken. I’m alive.”
§ Annie/Caroline now becomes Doppel-Laura in her Red Room dress,
screaming; Coop flinches. Now it’s Earle. Annie fades in @ Earle’s side
in her black dress, then fades out. Earle laughs, then stops abruptly.
(Notably, the two are now in front of the Ring table—sans ring!)
• Earle: “If you give me your soul, I’ll let Annie live.”
• Coop: “I will.”
• Earle stabs him. There is an explosion of fire. Earle stabbing
Coop reverses. Bob appears. Earle screams.
o Bob: “Be quiet.” Earle obeys. Bob makes a weird manic
o Bob: “You go. He is wrong. He can’t ask for your soul. I
will take his.”
o Earle screams again. Fire erupts from his head, then
recedes @ Bob’s beckoning. Bob laughs. Coop exits.
§ Coop’s doppel struggles through the curtains & enters from the far end
of the room. He laughs w/ Bob.
§ Coop walks down the hallway; Leland’s doppel enters, cheerfully
grinning. “I did not kill anybody.”
§ Coop spots his doppel stalking him. DoppelCoop & DoppelLeland
giggle; DoppelCoop breaks the 4th wall & grins at the camera.
§ Coop desperately runs down another hallway into an empty Red Room,
lights strobing. Doppel-Coop follows. Coop makes it down another
hallway into the main Red Room (w/ chairs). Doppel-Coop catches
Coop as he tries to exit. They disappear in strobes. Doppel-Bob pops
up, laughing.
o Night. The curtain appears above Glastonbury Grove; “Coop” (actually the
doppel) & a bloody-nosed Annie are on the ground. (Note: The Final Dossier
says Coop disappeared for 12 hrs., and he & Annie were found near dawn.
Similarly, Tammy elsewhere says “Cooper” was found “the next morning”
following the nt. of his disappearance. This is clearly inconsistent w/ the length of
time Cooper is gone in the show—seemingly @ least around 24 hrs. This could be
Preston’s misunderstanding due to how “tight-lipped” Harry is about the incident.)
o Still @ nt. (Frank later references “the night” Harry called Doc Hayward in
to examine Cooper @ the Great Northern, & Will does not correct him): Doc
Hayward & Harry take “Cooper” to the Great Northern (per Hawk to Frank,
Part 7).
o Battis’s notebook: Stevee (spelling?) is presumably @ OEJ. (Episode 6) (Note:
The Battis’s notebook prop seems to set the show in Feb./Mar. 1990. It’s likely
that this date should be 1988 to fit the 1989 timeline.)
o Laura finally spends “a few moments” w/ Harold after promising to do so for mos.
She tells him about her experiences @ OEJ. (Note: The dates in The Secret Diary
from here on contradict the show, because the Secret Diary places Laura’s death in
either late 1989 or in 1990.)
• 3/28/1989—(Note: The dating in the books is a mess when it comes to this period. The
Post article in The Secret History places the bank explosion on 3/28, and the dossier also
places Garland’s disappearance on 3/28. However, in Episode 29, the doppelganger is
recuperating @ the Great Northern the morning after the bank explosion, not the
same day. The Final Dossier reaffirms 3/28 as the date of Garland’s disappearance, and
also presents a series of events implying that Garland’s disappearance occurs two days after
the bank explosion (possibly 3)! As it stands, the continuity of the books seems to place at
least three days’ worth of events all on 3/28. I have chosen to simply outline this full
sequence of events below, all under this date.)
o Audrey sends word to several news organizations that something big is going to
happen @ the bank. (See note above on 3/27, re: this dating.)
o 9:15am. Audrey enters the bank.
§ Her letter to Ben in The Secret History (left @ the front desk of the Great
Northern) implies a series of events very different from the show: Ben is
apparently still in control of Ghostwood & plans to close the Mill & turn
the forests into neighborhoods, shopping centers—and maybe a prison. (Per
Briggs, Audrey had been reading about social protest & civil disobedience
in the wks. leading up the explosion—this at least is consistent w/ the
show!) Audrey (rather mysteriously) says she won’t tell Ben how she found
out what he’s planning, & says she will try to stop him by calling public
attention to his secret plans (unclear what part of his plan is secret: the
prison? Closing the Mill?). (Note the subtle difference in Audrey’s plan in
the book vs. the series: in the show, she plans to stop Ghostwood by using
peaceful protest to call attention to the bank’s participation in the project;
in the book, she plans to give the press some secret materials relating to the
project. Briggs simply says Audrey selected the bank as the venue because
her father kept a lot of his money there, not because of any direct link to
o 9:20am. Andrew & Pete enter the bank. (per a witness—who does not recognize
o 9:25am. An explosion goes off in the basement of the bank. Pete dies, apparently
intentionally shielding Audrey from the blast by lying on top of her (the vault door
also shields her at least partially). Andrew seemingly dies; he is never officially
ID’ed & Preston believes (since Coop & Harry knew about his resurrection, even
though we never saw this in the show) that “somewhere in the corridors of power
the decision was made that some truths are too inconvenient to reveal.” (Andrew’s
resurrection never becoming public knowledge seems to contradict the 1991 Access
Guide publicly listing his lifespan as “1926-1987; and 1926-”) Dell dies; his body
is found on the stairs to the 1st floor (he was believed to be less than a wk. from
retirement). Audrey is found unconscious. The cashier on duty upstairs, Dorothy
Doak, is not injured (curiously, Preston calls Audrey “the incident’s only living
survivor,” ignoring Dorothy…and the New Accounts woman and the security
guard seen in Episode 29 are curiously not tallied among either the fatalities nor
survivors in the news report).
o The Twin Peaks Post publ. Cyril Pons’s article about the explosion; @ time of
press, Audrey is in ICU @ Calhoun listed as critical condition. The Post plans to
publ. a 2nd special edition this evening w/ more details.
o Ben spends most of the day @ Audrey’s hospital bedside. He leaves sometime after
dark & apparently heads to the Hayward home where (according to his hospital
admittance form) he “seeks counsel” from Will regarding Audrey’s chances for
recovery, rapidly consumes a couple of drinks served by Will, & collapses or slips,
hitting his head on the granite mantle. Will says they had been speaking privately
& there were no other witnesses. Will drives Ben back to the hospital just a little
over an hr. after Ben had left Calhoun. (This account contradicts Episode 29 in
several respects—many are impliedly Will telling a self-serving lie which
Preston finds suspicious. However, the sequence of events also seemingly
changes, with Ben’s head injury occurring later the same day of the bank
explosion, rather than the night before.)
o The brief medical file Will prepares on Ben indicates that Will takes X-rays—
although Preston later can’t find any—which indicate no skull fractures. The file
doesn’t offer any specific symptoms to support Will’s finding that Ben has a grade
2 concussion & should be held for observation overnight.
o Harry calls Briggs @ LPA to say they found Coop & are taking him back to the
Great Northern. Garland asks Harry to have Coop contact him @ his home; he
wants to share the dossier & his discoveries w/ Coop and take Coop to LPA. (Note:
By this point, per Ben’s Final Dossier chronology, we are into the day following
the bank explosion.)
o Annie is brought into the hospital, now wearing the “Caroline” dress. (Note: The
chyron in The Missing Pieces says this sequence is “Some Months Later”
following Laura’s death—per the series timeline, it’s actually just over a month.)
o Morning. In his room @ the Great Northern, DoppelCoop wakes up, w/ Will
& Harry at his bedside.
§ DoppelCoop: “I wasn’t sleeping. Annie. How’s Annie?”
§ Harry: “She’s gonna be just fine. She’s in the hospital.”
§ DoppelCoop: “I need to brush my teeth.” He gets up. “I need to brush
my teeth.”
§ Harry: “Good idea.”
§ DoppelCoop goes into the bathroom; Will & Harry look at each other,
uncomfortable. DoppelCoop squeezes the whole toothpaste tube out
into the sink, then smashes his head into the mirror. The grinning
reflection is Bob.
§ Harry: “Coop? Coop!”
§ DoppelCoop: “How’s Annie? How’s Annie? How’s Annie?”
• Note: The doppel likely asks this question @ 8:38am, given the later
events involving Annie.
o Harry & Will, upon hearing the mirror break, yell out; Doppel Coop lies down
on the floor before they can break in. They help him up.
§ DoppelCoop: “I slipped & hit my head on the mirror. The glass broke
when my head struck it. It struck me as funny, Harry. Do you understand
me? It struck me as funny.”
§ Will: “You’re going right back to bed.”
§ DoppelCoop: “But I haven’t brushed my teeth yet.” (The Missing Pieces)
o In the Red Rm., Coop & MfAP replay the “ring pedestal” scene from Laura’s
dream. The ring is gone. Coop asks where it is, & MfAP says someone else has it
now. Coop says, “Annie.” Coop asks where he is & how he can leave. MfAP:
“You are here…now there is no place to go BUT HOME!” He laughs & dances.
o (Per Will in Part 7) Morning. “Coop” is acting mighty strange, so Will takes
him to the hospital (Harry drives) & has him checked out while Will makes his
rounds. Will’s report claims “Cooper” slipped in the bathroom & hit his head,
giving him a grade 2 concussion. While they are @ the hospital, Ben is discharged
by the on-call doctor & taken home by Jerry. About an hr. later (presumably
meaning an hr. after “Coop”’s arrival @ the hospital), Will sees “Coop”
sneaking out of intensive care (where Audrey is in a coma) fully dressed. He
turns & looks @ Will, & Will sees the strange face again. Will calls out, but
“Cooper” just turns & walks out w/o a word. (Preston later claims that Will saw
“Cooper” leaving Audrey’s rm. specifically, not the ICU generally as Will tells
o 2:30pm. Annie lies in a hospital bed as Nurse Roundtree tends to her; Annie
recites her “Good Dale” monologue from Laura’s waking dream, then falls
silent. The nurse spots the ring on Annie’s finger & takes it, putting it on. (The
Missing Pieces) (This scene is presented in The Missing Pieces before the
Cooper/Will/Harry scene, but is presumably later, per the clock time.)
o After spending a day & nt. in the hospital, the DoppelCoop checks out of Calhoun
w/o medical clearance “the following morning” after he checked in. (Tammy
elsewhere again refers to his check-out as being “the next day.”) (Perhaps
contradictorily, Will’s account in Part 7 seems to imply—but does not directly
state—that “Cooper” left the hospital the same day as he checked in, after
being there for only an hr.)
§ Also note that “Cooper”’s checkout seems to now begin a second day
following the bank explosion. Furthermore, in one account in The Final
Dossier, Preston implies that on his 1st day out of the Lodge, “Cooper” spent
the “remainder of the day” recovering @ the Great Northern before even
going to the hospital, possibly implying a 4th day crammed into this
oversized 3/28 timeline!
§ (Note: Garland refers in the dossier to Cooper contacting him on 3/28, & on
that date Garland refers to Coop’s return to Glastonbury Grove as being
“that morning”—not “this morning”—possibly indicating that the doppel’s
emergence occurred on a day prior to Garland’s writing—i.e., a date before
3/28. This at least is consistent w/ “Cooper” spending a day in the hospital
before contacting Briggs, as indicated in The Final Dossier.)
o While Garland writes what ends up being the last dossier passage, Doppel Coop
calls: he’s on his way to the Briggs house right now. He arrives…
o “Cooper” comes by the Briggs house & talks to Garland (per Bobby—Bobby
heard about it from Betty—Part 4). Right after “Cooper” leaves, Garland
pulls Betty aside & says one day, Bobby, Hawk & Sheriff Truman will come
by & ask her about Agent Cooper. When they do, he tells her to give them a
metal tube concealed in a hidden compartment in a chair (Betty, Part 9).
§ (Note that Garland speaking to Betty after “Cooper” leaves seemingly
contradicts Betty saying that Cooper was the last person to see Briggs
alive, per Bobby in Part 4.)
§ (Note: No particular date is specified for this event in the show. The
novels, with their temporally-impossible 3/28 timeline, implicitly place this
on the same day Cooper checks out of the hospital, and explicitly place it
on 3/28. The show, meanwhile, implies that Cooper checks out the same
day he checked in—i.e., 3/28—but doesn’t specify that he immediately
goes to see Briggs.)
o 12:05pm. Garland’s last dossier entry: “He just left. Something’s wrong. The
message holds the answer, just as I thought, but I’ve misinterpreted it. Protocols are
in place. I must act quickly. I’m heading to the LPA alone. *M*A*Y*D*A*Y*”
o Shortly after the doppel leaves the house, Garland heads to the LPA (per Betty).
Briggs either successfully enacts the Mayday protocol & then stages a scene to
make it look like the station has been ransacked & that he has been attacked, or
DoppelCoop arrives during the staging and actually sacks the station & assaults
Briggs. (Briggs’s fingerprints, blood & tissue are later found @ the scene.) Preston
believes the former: that Briggs stages the scene & escapes w/ whatever classified
material he can carry, which she believes later becomes the basis for the dossier. A
few miles from the outpost, he stages the crash of his vehicle, leaving a severely
burned corpse inside. Preston later speculates that Garland then makes the ultimate
escape by slipping into some kind of “portal” near Twin Peaks where time stands
§ (Note: This contradicts Parts 4, 9 and 14 of the series, as well as
elsewhere in The Final Dossier, where it is stated that Garland was
believed to have died in a fire @ the facility, not in a car crash.
Furthermore, Bobby in Part 4 says his father died the day after
“Cooper”’s visit to the Briggs home, not the same day.)
o Preston later surmises that the Doppel arrives @ LPA after Briggs is gone (or, less
likely, while Briggs is still there, but security measures alert Briggs to the doppel’s
presence & allow him to escape). The doppel likely searches the post, takes
whatever pertinent info Briggs might have left in his haste, & sets a fire to cover
his tracks.
o Annie spends 1 day in the hospital, relatively unaffected & claiming to have no
memory of the events of her “ordeal.” The next morning, she is in an “abject
catatonic state.”
o Wagon Wheel Bakery opens a 2nd location (article in 3/28 Post).
o “Mystery Objects Seen in Air Over[…]” (article in Post).
• Post-3/28/1989—
o Per Briggs, the bank explosion is later publicly explained as a gas leak from an
antiquated boiler meeting an opportunistic spark.
o Audrey’s documents are destroyed: Ben is the only person who knows what she
was doing @ the bank. “Ben Horne never revealed the existence of that note or
commented on it to anyone.” (Unclear how or when Briggs gets a copy!)
o After Pete’s death, Catherine becomes a recluse @ Blue Pine Lodge (per Briggs—
the inclusion of this info in the dossier is seemingly inconsistent w/ Briggs “dying”
on 3/28, since qualifying as a recluse requires some time; this may indicate that
Briggs continued to work on the dossier during his “hibernation” period, even
though the vast majority of the information contained in the dossier predates his
o The last of the old-growth forests have been harvested & the lumber industry
around Twin Peaks has been declining for yrs. “Soon after,” Catherine abruptly
closes the Packard Mill after a fire, strangely, guts its central facilities.
§ (It’s unclear if Preston is saying a second fire occurred, or if Preston is
referring to the fire Leo set on 3/02. If the latter, this appears to contradict
Cyril Pons’s news report on the show saying the fire burned a “massive log
storage area,” not the central facilities. The wording also seems to imply
that the Mill fire happened after the bank explosion, but it could be awkward
phrasing. The “soon after” is vague—soon after what? “Soon after the
industry had been declining for yrs.” is the most straightforward textual
reading, but is grammatically nonsensical. Preston might mean Catherine
closed the Mill “soon after” the bank explosion, w/ the earlier fire as a
contributing factor.)
o The mill’s closing deals a devastating blow to the local economy. A few weeks
after the fire, Catherine sells the mill and its associated properties to Ben & his
investors in the Ghostwood Development, “the plan he’d been pursuing for years.”
§ (It’s unclear how or why Ben would be back in control of Ghostwood—he
had signed the project over to Catherine, who was still seemingly in control
as of the end of the series. Also note that the land sale contract for the Mill
is dated 3/23, which contradicts the series timeline as well as Preston saying
Catherine sold the mill “soon after” the bank explosion—if that is indeed
what Preston meant. If Catherine sold the Mill on 3/23, it was 5 days before
the bank explosion, when Andrew & Pete were alive & well!)
o After the Mill is shuttered, Norma extends credit & reduced prices to “hurting”
families & gives excess food to the homeless.
o Briggs notes that after Audrey was injured @ the bank, Ben is a “man broken in
half with grief, and, we can now also surmise, personal guilt” @ Audrey’s hospital
bedside. Despite this, he goes ahead with the purchase of the mill and Ghostwood
from Catherine.
§ (Note: saying that Ben purchased Ghostwood from Catherine is consistent
w/ Catherine’s ownership of the Ghostwood project as of the end of the
show—but inconsistent with every other reference to Ghostwood in The
Secret History, which indicate that Ben owned the development all along!).
(Briggs also oddly uses the phrase “as noted” when he says Ben went ahead
w/ the land sale contract. Briggs hadn’t actually noted this previously—
Preston’s commentary mentioned the Mill sale; the dossier itself did not—
but Briggs apparently did include the land sale contract in the dossier
without commentary.)
§ Briggs notes that, despite the lack of an immediate reformation, “something
did change in [Ben]” after Audrey’s injury. Briggs then says Ben had a
mental break in the aftermath of Laura’s death—i.e., the Civil War stuff
(this can potentially be read as saying that the Civil War breakdown
occurred after Audrey’s injury, contradicting the series, but the text is vague
about the order of events and seems to primarily paint the Civil War fantasy
as a result of Laura’s death, not the bank explosion. Jacoby’s report on
Ben’s Appomattox surrender is dated 3/22, before the bank explosion,
supporting this reading; however, immediately after the report, Briggs says,
“But the larger question remained: Would the injury to Ben’s daughter serve
as a further wake-up call […]?” seemingly implying that Audrey’s
condition was an immediate question upon Ben’s recovery from his
§ Briggs’s awareness of Ben’s actions at least shortly after the explosion is
another clue that he may have added to the dossier after his “death.” In
response to this entry (ending w/ “Only time would tell if [Ben] listened [to
Audrey’s note trying to get him to be better man],” Preston notes:
“Chronologically speaking, this is one of the latest events that the Archivist
references in the dossier. One possibility is that something may have
happened to our ‘correspondent’ soon after this point. Making efforts to
discover what that might have been.” However, in The Final Dossier,
Preston assumes that the “Mayday” entry which Briggs wrote on 3/28 was
his final entry, leaving unexplained how some of the details about Ben,
Catherine & Lana’s later actions could have been chronicled. Elsewhere,
though, Tammy seems to imply that the classified data Briggs managed to
save from LPA after his faked death became the basis for much of the
dossier, implying that the majority of it was written after his faked death! In
yet another portion of The Final Dossier, she seems convinced that Briggs
took the dossier w/ him wherever he’d “been” for the last quarter of a
century before seemingly giving it to Ruth Davenport.)
o Hank pleads guilty & begins serving a 25-yr. stretch @ Walla Walla.
o Per Preston, Jacoby, “no longer a doctor,” decides to settle in Hi. & begin work on
his memoirs.
o James narrowly avoids being charged w/ a crime in Jeffrey’s death, & appears as a
witness for the prosecution, but when the defense attorney shreds James’s
testimony, he fears perjury charges & flees before finishing his testimony. A bench
warrant is issued for him. Preston later says the jury still found “the defendants”—
Evelyn & the paramour who had been posing as his (sic) brother—guilty, implying
that Malcolm survives & stands trial! James flees to Baja, Mexico, working as a
mechanic under an assumed name.
§ (The “his,” presumably a typo, potentially makes this convoluted scenario
even more perplexing—was Evelyn actually a man?)
o Harry “remains tight-lipped” about Cooper’s overnight disappearance—as of 2017,
the only info Preston can find is that Harry said Coop “went in alone” &
“disappeared.” Apparently, the sheriff’s station crew haven’t even revealed the
location of the disappearance to the FBI as Glastonbury Grove!
o In the altered or alternate timeline: According to police records, Harry pays @ least
3 visits to Leland over the next yr. Sarah is treated for bouts of severe depression.
In subsequent yrs., Sarah battles alcoholism, addiction to prescription pills & social
• ~3/29/1989— Garland dies in a fire @ his station (the day after Cooper’s visit to the
Briggs house, per Bobby, Part 4; Albert also says they believed Briggs died in a fire
in “that gov’t facility” outside Twin Peaks 25 yrs. ago in Part 9, & again says Briggs
died in a fire @ his gov’t facility 25 yrs. ago in Part 14).
o (Note: This dating assumes that DoppelCoop’s visit to the Briggs house is 3/28,
as stated above.)
• ~3/30/1989—
o Albert returns to Twin Peaks (on 4/01, he says he is having chicken pot pie @ the
Double R for the 3rd nt. in a row).
o “Cooper” vanishes from Twin Peaks & disappears (“Within two days” of leaving
Calhoun), & Garland Briggs is declared dead after a fire of unknown causes at
Listening Post Alpha. Somewhat contradictorily, Preston elsewhere says that “a
few days later” (after the sacking & burning of LPA), the charred corpse is found
in the wreckage of Briggs’s car @ the bottom of a nearby canyon. In both accounts,
Preston references a few of Briggs’s teeth located nearby the corpse leading to the
conclusion that the corpse is Briggs, although the body is too damaged to ID
through nascent DNA technology. Death by accident is the official conclusion;
reports of the attack are suppressed by FBI internal investigators.
§ In the altered or alternate timeline, Cooper still disappears from Twin Peaks
@ some point (Preston says he had come to town “a few mos. earlier,”
contradicting the series timeline where only a little over a month passes b/w
his arrival & his disappearance; elsewhere she says he “didn’t stay long”).
A month in, the Laura Palmer investigation has gone cold.
• ~Post-3/30/1989—
o If Preston’s assumption is right that Harry’s drunken note is written after Coop
leaves town, Harry seemingly falls back into heavy drinking. (If this is the case,
this appears to be another instance of Garland adding to the dossier after his
“death.”) From a study of Harry’s files, Preston believes that Cooper’s
disappearance haunts Harry even more than Josie’s betrayal; apparently, he never
gives up on his investigation into what happened to Cooper for the next 20+ yrs.
Some of the details he discovers later end up being pertinent to Preston’s 2017
o Every maximum-alert all-points bulletin issued around the world by the Bureau
fails to turn up a trace of Cooper, except a surveillance photo of him from a South
American sting operation, although analysis reveals hints of digital manipulation in
that photo.
o Cooper’s Double establishes & runs an int’l crime syndicate to rival any cartel or
crime family in recent memory, involved in gambling, drugs, cybercrime, human
trafficking, prostitution, murder for hire, illegal banking, stock manipulation,
extortion, blackmail, insurance fraud & bribes made to foreign officials. The
proceeds of the “baroque, elaborate spiderweb” go to the Double, through a
complicated network of shell corps., LLCs, offshore banking & the “complicit,
well-compensated participation of a number of corrupt regimes & broken states.”
(In 2017, Tammy conservatively estimates that the Double was making in the
billions before his death.) He appears to travel freely throughout the world,
establishing residences & businesses in Las Vegas, Berlin, Amsterdam, Buenos
Aires, the island of Cyprus & Istanbul. He appears to employ this growing fortune
for “research”: per Tammy, he is hunting something, & maybe more than just one
thing. He pursues Briggs across a quarter century to get the coordinates (per
Tammy, seemingly trying to gain entrance to the “place” where Briggs had been
hiding, a location or dimension where time appears to stand still; she also speculates
that the Double may have been looking for the coordinates to the most important
location in a “mysterious network or web that could be accessed from many
different places,” “a Grand Central Station, if you will, on the other side”…she also
speculates on what the Double wanted if he ever got to this place…“some kind or
form of even greater power than it already appeared to possess? What would that
be? Immortality?”). He also @ some point sets up the “glass box” operation in NY
through a series of cutouts, seemingly as a trap to catch “some kind of entity that
moved, as Briggs appeared to be able to do, free from the constraints of time &
• 3/31/1989—Battis’s notebook: Someone Sara is presumably @ OEJ. (Episode 6)
(Note: The Battis’s notebook prop seems to set the show in Feb./Mar. 1990. It’s likely
that this date should be 1988 to fit the series timeline.)
• ~Late March/early April 1989—A few days after Garland dies, Betty tells Bobby that
“Cooper” had come by the house & talked to Garland. “Cooper” leaves town pretty
soon after that (Part 4, Bobby). Frank says “Cooper” “left town soon after” emerging
from the Lodge (Part 6). (The series’ timeline is more general than The Final Dossier,
which says DoppelCoop left town w/i two days of leaving Calhoun.)
• 4/01/1989—
o Battis’s notebook: Barb is presumably @ OEJ. (Episode 6) (Note: The Battis’s
notebook prop seems to set the show in Feb./Mar. 1990. It’s likely that this
date should be 1988 to fit the series timeline.)
o Albert performs an autopsy on Leo.
• ~4/07/1989—Annie remains in a catatonic state, despite strong vitals for ten days. Her
condition slowly improves until she can get up & walk around w/ assistance, but remains
“passive & compliant,” allowing others to bathe, dress & feed her, and not seeming to see
or hear anything around her.
• 4/08/1989—Battis’s notebook: Sandra is presumably @ OEJ. (Episode 6) (Note: The
Battis’s notebook prop seems to set the show in Feb./Mar. 1990. It’s likely that this
date should be 1988 to fit the series timeline.)
• ~4/22/1989—Audrey awakens from her coma (3.5 wks. after the bank explosion) & has
no memory of the actual event. She seems to be on the way to a complete recovery.
• Post-~4/22/1989—Ben sells the Horne family’s 350-acre parcel of Ghostwood to a
“secretive investment capital grp.” that immediately begins construction of a privately
owned & operated state prison. (This seems to reference a shady prison development plan
1st mentioned in the Access Guide: apparently the firm of DLMF Creations has submitted
5 concepts for a maximum security prison which have been shot down annually. “…but
Ben Horne recognizes a business opportunity when he sees one.”)
• ~4-5/1989— W/i a few wks. of Leo’s passing, Bobby & Shelly begin to appear in public,
“clearly a couple again.” They are considered & subsequently cleared as suspects in Leo’s
murder, w/ Earle viewed as a more likely suspect.
• ~5-6/1989—
o “2 mos on,” Norma takes Annie home & cares for her personally full-time (putting
her relationship w/ Ed on hold again). Vivian never returns Norma’s calls about
Annie, having moved on to her next husband. (Preston oddly refers to Vivian as
“their” mother here, referring to both Annie & Norma!)
o (“After observing a respectable 60-day interval”) The Miss Twin Peaks organizers
announce that Annie cannot fulfill the appointed functions of her office. The town
council votes that the runner-up, Lana, assume the title.
• 6/04/1989—Laura feels Josie is making little effort to improve her English & mostly just
tries to seduce Laura. Laura seems to know about Josie & Truman (believing that Josie has
a darker side, Laura says, “Poor Sheriff Truman.”)
• 6/10/1989—Battis’s notebook: Lora is presumably @ OEJ. (Episode 6) (Note: The
Battis’s notebook prop seems to set the show in Feb./Mar. 1990. It’s likely that this
date should be 1988 to fit the series timeline.)
• 6/11/1989—Battis’s notebook: Rhonda is presumably @ OEJ. (Episode 6) (Note: The
Battis’s notebook prop seems to set the show in Feb./Mar. 1990. It’s likely that this
date should be 1988 to fit the series timeline.)
• 6/21/1989—Battis’s notebook: Denise is presumably @ OEJ. (Episode 6) (Note: The
Battis’s notebook prop seems to set the show in Feb./Mar. 1990. It’s likely that this
date should be 1988 to fit the series timeline.)
• 6/25/1989—Battis’s notebook: Blanche is presumably @ OEJ. (Episode 6) (Note: The
Battis’s notebook prop seems to set the show in Feb./Mar. 1990. It’s likely that this
date should be 1988 to fit the series timeline.)
• 6/29/1989—Battis’s notebook: Ashley is presumably @ OEJ. (Episode 6) (Note: The
Battis’s notebook prop seems to set the show in Feb./Mar. 1990. It’s likely that this
date should be 1988 to fit the series timeline.)
• 6/30/1989—Catherine’s life insurance policy is maintained through this date by the
1st payment of $900. (The year is left blank as “19__.”) (Episode 6)
• ~6-7/1989—
o (“2 mos. after her release from the hospital”) Audrey discovers she is pregnant. She
refuses all offers of help from her parents & moves into a small apt.
o "W/i 3 mos.” of the events of Episode 29, Will Hayward abruptly shutters his
practice & moves to Middlebury, Vt., after a lifetime in Wa. The same month, an
offshore account in the Cayman Islands from a shell LLC corp. registered to the
Horne Foundation begins making monthly direct-deposit wire transfers to Eileen’s
bank account in the amt. of $7500. “Shortly thereafter,” Will & Eileen file for an
uncontested divorce. “That same month,” Donna—just after graduating w/ honors
from Twin Peaks H.S.—moves to NYC. (Contradictorily, Preston elsewhere says
Donna arrived in NYC in 1992.) Eileen, Harriet & Gersten remain in the family’s
Twin Peaks home.
• 7/01/1989—
o 2nd payment of $900 due on Catherine’s life insurance policy (further
payments due every 7/01 until 20 yrs. or her death). (Again, the year is left
blank as “19__.”) (Episode 6)
o Battis’s notebook: Robin is presumably @ OEJ. (Episode 6) (Note: The
Battis’s notebook prop seems to set the show in Feb./Mar. 1990. It’s likely that
this date should be 1988 to fit the series timeline.)
• ~8/1989—(8/06/1989 diary entry:) Norma is taking care of all the deliveries “that week”
(unclear what wk. Laura is referring to), but asks Laura to handle Mr. Penderghast so
Norma can visit Hank in prison. Laura (who has keys to 16 houses for Meals on Wheels)
finds Mr. Penderghast dead, his hand clutching the doorknob he was using for support. She
sits for almost an hr. before calling the ambulance, feeling comforted that @ least there are
no wars after death. Laura believes she is living her life in order to die. (Donna mentioned
the death of Mr. Penderghast in the Episode 8 script, but it didn’t make the show.)
• 9/01/1989—“Date admitted” on hospital paperwork attached to the One-Eyed Jack’s
chip when Albert sends Coop his forensics. (Episode 6; probably a prop error not
meant to be legible onscreen.)
• Prior to late 9/1989—Lana stays in town the better part of 6 mos. after Dougie’s death—
until probate closes on Doug’s estate, his will granting her multiple millions of dollars.
• Post-9/1989—Once the check clears, Lana flees to the Hamptons, dating an “ascending
line of decorative male escorts.” She briefly dates “a bizarrely coiffed real estate mogul,”
“a notorious resident of a certain eponymous tower on 5th Ave.” @ a charity gala, the man
apparently is photographed @ Lana’s side wearing “an unusual green ring” on his left ring
finger. The relationship is short-lived, as “the man” was near the nadir of his financial
exploits (rife w/ bankruptcies & litigation).
o (This is Clue #3 that Briggs continued editing the dossier well after his “death.”)
o Rather oddly, Briggs says, w/o any support whatsoever, that he has an “intuitive
suspicion” that “Lana” may have been a paid assassin sent by unknown figures
from Doug’s past to silence a voice that knew too much.
• 10/04/1989—(“Last nt.” on 10/05) Laura does some lines in the OEJ office bathroom, then
exits through the other door into Blackie’s rm. & sees Blackie shooting heroin (which
Laura calls an idiot’s drug). Laura demands her money & says Blackie promised it to her
the nt. before. They snipe @ each other about drug use & who is a better lay, & ultimately
they have sex, w/ Laura taking control & showing Blackie a dark erotic place she never
thought possible, then leaving Blackie alone & humiliated (according to Laura). As Laura
leaves, Blackie threatens that Laura’s cocaine use could get her fired, & Laura knows it is
her last nt. @ One-Eyed Jack’s. (Laura’s experience @ OEJ in the book seems to
contradict Battis telling Audrey in Episode 9 that Laura was only there for 1 wk.) In
a P.S., Laura says, “I’m going to have to tell the world about Benjamin.” (This entry is
approximated by Coop reading from the diary in Episode 14, but he says it was made
less than 2 wks. before her death, & the wording is different: “Someday I’m going to
tell the world about Ben Horne. I’m going to tell them who Ben Horne really is.”)
• ~10/1989—(diary entry dated 10/10/1989) Laura tells Josie she will be unable to make the
lesson “that night” (unclear what nt. Laura is referring to) until 10pm. When she gets there,
Laura “takes advantage of Josie’s desire” for her, but feels empty & angry afterward. On
the way home, she has a vision of Danielle telling Laura that BOB has been visiting
Danielle, @ Laura’s request according to BOB. Laura realizes BOB has not visited her in
over a wk.
• 10/31/1989—Nancy brings Laura’s clothes & the money she is owed in a plastic pumpkin,
& asks to speak to Laura outside because… (The entry ends abruptly, as the next page is
ripped out.) (Note: The implication that Laura left OEJ fairly recently means she was
there for over a yr. in The Secret Diary timeline. This contradicts Battis in Episode 9
telling Audrey Laura only worked there one weekend.)
o This entry continues on one of the diary pages found by Hawk in Part 6, viewed
fully in Part 7: “there I was with a plastic pumpkin full of money and the
clothes that Nancy brought. She’s bending my ear with all sorts of nonsense. I
can’t make out what she’s trying to say but I take it all in as best I can. I sure
didn’t need a mask today. Some Halloween!”
• Post-10/1989—
o In an undated entry, Laura recounts spending the afternoon @ Jacoby’s office
because he wants to go over what she has said on the tapes, particularly about going
sober because of James Hurley.
§ She says she has known James for a long time, but not so well until recently,
when they started a secret relationship.
§ Laura tells Jacoby what a fake she felt like smiling as Homecoming Queen:
she says could still feel the hands & mouths she had been w/ hrs. before the
photo was taken, & she had worn the same panties just in case BOB came.
Bobby was a hero @ the game.
§ She has been having awful nightmares about “the woods, the paths, the tree,
footprints, the sounds of an owl.” Her worst dream was of her standing @
the water’s edge under a very dark sky, but reflected in the water was a clear
blue sky. She thought if she swam far enough she would come up in a world
w/o so much hatred, but when she swam about half the lake, a hand grabbed
her wrists & dragged her down. She thinks it was BOB.
§ The last time Laura saw Leo & Jacques, they had tied her to a chair, & she
suddenly felt claustrophobia & restriction. They thought Laura’s pleas were
part of the game; Leo got crazy & hit Laura “too hard.” Laura cried & they
untied her, & she ran home w/o a word.
§ Laura tells Jacoby she misses Donna.
§ Laura tells Jacoby she went to Harold’s last wk. “really fucked up” & forced
him to have sex w/ her. On the way out of Harold’s, Pierre Tremond came
up, plucked a gold coin from behind Laura’s ear & walked away. (Note:
This is the only appearance of Pierre’s name in the book, and the only time
the name has been used besides the subsequent trading card release, which
presumably took it from here.)
§ Laura tells Jacoby BOB is getting very close, & Laura has been trying very
hard to write about him, to find out what & who he is. Each time she writes
about him, she sees him outside her window or feels him getting close.
§ Laura had gone to look @ the drug money in her safety deposit box &
thought about running away, but she believes she deserves to stay here
because she has done something wrong.
§ Laura had taken the responses to her Fleshworld ad home & stayed up all
nt. putting her panties in envelopes.
§ (The beginning portion of this entry, talking about Jacoby and James,
and the ending portion, talking about shoving her panties into
envelopes & getting higher so as not to cry, are glimpsed in Laura’s
diary in Fire Walk with Me.)
§ (The end of this entry appears in Parts 6 and 7 on the flip-side of the
entry wherein Laura realizes the identity of her abuser. Note that this
was a torn-out page in the show, despite being presented as an intact
part of the diary in Jennifer Lynch’s book.)
o The next two diary pages are ripped out.
o A final undated diary entry (apparently written days before Laura’s death,
according to an editorial interjection by an unknown source). Laura says she knows
exactly who & what BOB is, & she has to make someone believe. Someone has
torn out pages of her diary, “pages that help [her] realize maybe.” Laura gives her
diary to Harold for safekeeping. She says she cannot stay sober anymore; she has
to be numb. (This is similar to a torn-out diary entry seen in Part 7, wherein
Laura realizes Bob’s identity, but the wording is entirely different. Also, Laura
giving the diary to Harold after she realizes Bob’s identity contradicts the
FWWM timeline.)
• 11/1989—James’s motorcycle registration expires. (Fire Walk with Me)
• ~12/28/1989—Audrey gives birth to Richard Horne, father listed as “unknown” on the
birth certificate. (“9 mos. later, almost to the day” from when “Cooper” was seen exiting
her ICU rm.) (Audrey is said to have “just turned 19” when Richard is born, contradicting
her August b’day from the trading cards and Diane… tape.)
• ~Late 1980s—Dave Macklay & William Hastings meet (per Macklay in Part 1, they
have known each other since H.S.; this dating is based on the 1973 DoB from
Hastings’s driver’s license, & assuming that he attended H.S. at the typical age)
• ~1989-90—Lucy gives birth to Wally Brando. (24 yrs. old as of Part 1; born the same
day as Marlon Brando. Sheriff Harry S. Truman becomes his godfather. (Part 4)
o [In reality, Marlon Brando’s b’day is 4/03. Assuming that Wally is the same child
Lucy was pregnant with on the original series (never explicitly stated but implied—
particularly when Lucy says in Part 2 that Cooper has never even seen Wally, which
would be an odd statement to make about someone she only knew for a month,
unless the baby’s birth was relatively close in proximity to that period), the 4/03
date would seem to either make Wally extremely premature or give Lucy an
impossibly long pregnancy. Assuming that he was conceived sometime around
1/19/1989 when Lucy and Dick had sex, since Lucy believes Dick a viable
possibility as the father, if he was born 4/03/1989, it would have been @ around
11-12 wks. after conception. In reality, the youngest premature baby on record to
survive was 21 wks. 4 days. If he was born 4/03/1990, this would give Lucy a
pregnancy of over 14 mos.! In reality, the longest pregnancy on record is 375
days—i.e., a year and 10 days. So, if Wally is the same child Lucy was carrying in
3/1989, either application of the 4/03 date seems completely fantastical. Given that
Twin Peaks has played fast and loose with real world figures’ timelines, as
discussed elsewhere in this document, it seems likely that the “Brando” gag was
something the writers felt was funny without giving much thought/research to when
Marlon’s real-world b’day is and the implications that has on the show’s timeline.]
• ~Early 1990s— James lays low for close to a yr. in Mexico, until he repairs a Lamborghini
Diablo engine block for a Sinaloa Cartel capo (after it suffered bullet damage). An
apparently oblivious James takes a full-time position @ the capo’s hillside Jalisco estate,
maintaining his 17 exotic luxury vehicles. About 6 mos. later, a rival gang shows up to
execute the capo (in league w/ an undercover sting, crooked cops & a rogue DEA agent
who had been turned)—James is one of the only survivors, hiding in the trunk of a Rolls.
He is “swept up by the federales.” Word of his “indefinite detention” “eventually” finds its
way to the Twin Peaks Sheriff’s Dept. Harry apparently goes to Mexico, & Gordon Cole
impliedly places “a few helpful calls.” A Mexican judge clears James of wrongdoing &
has him escorted to the border, where he is instructed never to return.
• ~1990s—
o Harriet Hayward studies @ U. of Wash., eventually becoming a pediatrician in the
Seattle suburb of Bellevue.
o Gersten plays as a piano soloist in venues across the Northwest while still in her
early teens. She takes college-level courses while she is a H.S. freshman (she is
particularly proficient in math), & graduates H.S. @ 16, entering Stanford @ the
same age. In the middle of her 2nd semester, she suffers a severe nervous collapse
& emotional breakdown. She is treated for 6 wks. in a Bay Area psychiatric
hospital, & upon release withdraws from Stanford & returns to Twin Peaks to live
w/ Eileen, undergoing ongoing psychiatric care. She is prescribed antidepressants,
but also turns to “stronger street drugs” for comfort (“concurrent w/ the nationwide
trend in dependence on opioids & designer synthetics”).
• 1990—
o A census reveals Twin Peaks pop. is 5120.1, not 51,201.
o Dwayne Milford apparently stops serving as mayor (Preston says he served 14
consecutive two-yr. terms beginning in 1962). (This contradicts the Access Guide
intro, wherein he is still serving as of 1991.)
o Shelly’s estranged mother dies of cirrhosis of the liver (the same yr. as Becky is
• ~1990—
o (“Last yr.” on 1991 trading card) Pete catches a 10’ 9” 364 lb. sturgeon in Black
Lake. It makes the cover story of the Gazette; Pete believes it’s a record.
o (“Within a yr.” of divorcing Ernie) Vivian Smythe Lindstrom Blackburn Niles
marries Simon Halliwell, a retired insurance executive from Bellevue.
• 1/26/1990—Battis’s notebook: Lori is presumably @ OEJ. (Episode 6) (Note: The
Battis’s notebook prop seems to set the show in Feb./Mar. 1990. It’s likely that this
date should be 1989 to fit the series timeline.)
• 2/03/1990—Battis’s notebook: Ronette is presumably @ OEJ. (Episode 6) (Note: The
Battis’s notebook prop seems to set the show in Feb./Mar. 1990. It’s likely that this
date should be 1989 to fit the series timeline.) 2/11/1990—Battis’s notebook: Deborah
is presumably @ OEJ. (Note: The Battis’s notebook prop seems to set the show in
Feb./Mar. 1990. It’s likely that this date should be 1989 to fit the series timeline.)
• 2/16/1990—Battis’s notebook: Jemma is presumably @ OEJ. (Episode 6) (Note: The
Battis’s notebook prop seems to set the show in Feb./Mar. 1990. It’s likely that this
date should be 1989 to fit the series timeline.)
• 2/24/1990—In the altered or alternate timeline, Leland parks near the waterfall by the hotel
& commits suicide in his car w/ a licensed handgun.
• 2/25/1990—Battis’s notebook: Jenny is presumably @ OEJ. (Note: The Battis’s
notebook prop seems to set the show in Feb./Mar. 1990. It’s likely that this date should
be 1989 to fit the series timeline.)
• ~3-4/1990—1 yr. from Leo’s passing, almost to the day, Bobby & Shelly are married in
• ~3/28/1990—(“1 yr. to the day” after Annie was found in the woods) Norma comes home
to find Annie having slit her wrists in bed w/ shattered glass. While awake & alert, Annie
remains unresponsive to her surroundings & seemingly unaware of what she has done.
Norma rushes her to the hospital.
• ~3/29/1990—(“The next morning”) 8:38am. In the hospital, Annie speaks the 1st words
anyone can remember her saying since she was found in the woods (this seemingly
contradicts her reciting her speech from Laura’s dream when she is brought to the
hospital in The Missing Pieces, although it’s certainly possible that the thieving Nurse
Roundtree simply didn’t tell anyone). Seemingly in response to nothing: “I’m fine.” She
then lapses back into impenetrable isolation. The drs. attribute this anomaly to auditory
• ~April-May 1990—(“Within a few wks.”) Norma holds a community fundraiser—Ben is
a major contributor—allowing her to put Annie in care @ a private psychiatric hospital
near Spokane. As of 2017, Annie has been there ever since.
o Every yr., on the anniversary of the day she was found in the woods, @ 8:38am,
Annie says, “I’m fine.” (Note: The initial instance of her saying this, in 1990, was
notably the day after the anniversary of her being found in the woods.)
• ~Mid-1990—(“No sooner” than Annie’s worsening condition requires permanent round-
the-clock care) Nadine suffers a “serious setback” to her “delicate state of mind,” pulling
Ed back into his guilted caretaker role.
• ~10-11/1990—Rebecca “Becky” McCauley Briggs born to Shelly & Bobby Briggs (w/i 7
mos. of their marriage). Betty Briggs & Norma cosign a loan to allow Bobby & Shelly to
buy a house.
• ~1990-91—Freddie Sykes born (23 in Part 14).
• ~Late 3/1989-1991—Jacoby spends the 2 yrs. after his license is revoked “gone to ground,”
searching for a way to reinvent himself.
• 1991—
o Oliver Stone’s JFK, based on the Garrison JFK assassination investigation, is
o A crime/crimes occur which the FBI still classifies as unsolved in 2016 (per
Gordon, the dossier may have relevance to this/these case[s]).
• ~1991—
o Ben & Sylvia Horne divorce (w/i 2 yrs. of the Haywards’ dissolution). Sylvia
assumes sole custody of Johnny.
o (Presumably after the 2 yrs. he spends gone to ground) Jacoby studies w/ Hawaiian
shamans & alternative medicines, chronicled in an early version of an online blog,
with much content focused on the menehune. (He claims to have made contact on
multiple occasions—they told him they’re not of earthly origin & their mission here
is to steer the “newer root race of human beings” away from its genetic propensity
for violence & self-destruction. He also mentions UFOs & the grays.)
• 4/01/1991—Mayor Milford writes the introduction to the Access Guide.
• ~Mid-1991—(“A yr. after” Nadine suffers a mental setback) Nadine appears to be on the
mend & Ed is ready to break away.
• ~Late 1989-1992—Audrey never returns to H.S. after Richard’s birth, completing her GED
through independent study (“over the next 2 yrs.”).
• ~1991-92—(“3 yrs. later” [following Hank’s guilty plea], per Preston in her notes on the
dossier…contradictorily, Preston claims in The Final Dossier that Hank died after 2 yrs. in
the pen). Hank is knifed in a prison weight rm. by a “hard-core lifer who turned out to be
a distant cousin of the Renault family.” He issues a deathbed confession to all his crimes,
incl. the football fix & his role in the attempted murder of Andrew Packard and ending w/
a note apologizing to Norma & his former friends for the hurt he caused them. Preston says
after signing the note Hank drew his last breath (according to prison sources). (Preston also
says “the Archivist” had stopped writing at this time, so it’s not clear how Hank’s note
ended up in the dossier; did Preston add it?)
• April 1992—The Passion Play was scheduled to take place in Glastonbury Grove (as of
o The Passion Play is held every 5 yrs. or so in April in Glastonberry (sic) Grove,
allegedly sponsored by the Bookhouse Boys. Shortly after dark, half a dozen
cassocked figures emerge from the shadows carrying a sword, a chrysanthemum, a
crucifix & a chalice, and the mysterious guardian at the gate appears. It lasts all
night until good obliterates evil w/ the rising sun. Precise day & time are never
announced. (The Bookhouse Boys having some long-held knowledge of the
secrets of Glastonbury Grove seems inconsistent w/ the series.)
• ~1992—
o Donna arrives in NYC & begins taking undergrad classes @ Hunter College (this
dating contradicts The Final Dossier elsewhere saying Donna moved to NYC just
after graduating Twin Peaks H.S. Also, Donna is stated to have just turned 18 in
1992—this contradicts her birthdate on the trading cards, and seems unlikely given
that she is in the same grade as 17-yr.-old Laura in 1989, and is also inconsistent
w/ Preston later saying Donna is in her late 20s near the end of the 1990s). She
supports herself working as a model eventually, signing w/ Ford modeling agency.
She cuts off all contact w/ her parents & former friends in Twin Peaks, only
corresponding by letter & occasional phone call w/ her sisters.
• ~1992 or later—Audrey enrolls in community college classes, studying economics &
business administration. (After her 2-yr. GED study.)
• Post-1992—
o Donna drops out of Hunter after her freshman yr.; her modeling career takes her to
Paris, Milan & Monaco. She is considered a “fresh face” of the ’90s in the industry.
In gossip & society columns of NY newspapers, she is romantically linked to a soap
opera star, a professional tennis player, a night club magnate & “a minor &
somewhat dissolute scion of a European royal family.”
o After obtaining her degree, Audrey opens a hair & beauty salon in the Twin Peaks
area. She has a framed photo of Cooper on the wall of her office.
• ~1992-93—(3-4 yrs. after Diane stopped hearing from Cooper) Diane is still working
@ the Bureau. One nt., she is standing in her living rm. & “Cooper” (DoppelCoop)
enters—“no knock, no doorbell.” Diane holds him close, then they sit on her sofa. He
grills her on what has been going on @ the Bureau. He then kisses her (Diane says it
had only happened once before). As soon as his lips touch hers, something goes wrong
& she feels afraid. He sees the fear in her & smiles, then he rapes her. Then he takes
her “somewhere like an old gas station.” @ some point, he mentions Garland Briggs.
(Diane to Gordon, Part 16)
o (Note that, “after an independent survey of the available facts,” Preston in 2017
concludes that Diane’s transcripts of Cooper’s daily tapes “have been heavily
redacted & modified” & cannot be considered a consistently reliable source. She
makes this comment in the context of the chapter about Earle killing Caroline, but
appears to be speaking generally about all of Cooper’s tapes, not specifically the
ones pertaining to that incident. She adds that “it’s safe to say that ‘Diane’’s
motivations for doing so, at this point, are well known to us,” presumably indicating
that she believes it was the tulpa who altered the transcripts, not the “real” Diane.
She also implies that Gordon had access to the transcripts, but seemingly not the
original recordings. If the alterations were made after the tulpa was created, one
wonders why Gordon wouldn’t have noticed the changes, if he had access to the
transcripts previously? Also, it is unclear whether or not the transcript in My Life,
My Tapes is the unfiltered original or the modified version, so any information in
that text is suspect.)
• Pre-1994—The Great Northern replaces rm. keys w/ key cards (“over 20 yrs. ago,”
Ben to Beverly, Part 7; “we haven’t used a key like this in over 20 yrs.,” Ben to Frank,
Part 12).
• ~1993-94—The Or. court sentences James to 6 mos. in minimum security prison followed
by 2 yrs. probation for fleeing the bench warrant. Ed rents an apt. in Portland to spend
alternate weekends w/ James. (Probation ends ~1996, per Preston saying a decade passed
from that point to James’s return to Twin Peaks in 2006.)
• 1994—Bill Hastings gets a misdemeanor speeding conviction (or arrest?). (Dave’s
notepad, Part 1)
• 1994-95—Dr. Jacoby, having reclaimed some fraction of his 1960s notoriety due to his
blog & the expanding Internet, tours w/ the Grateful Dead for the better part of these 2 yrs.,
serving as “senior spiritual advisor” (impliedly, drug dealer), ending in Jerry Garcia’s death
(in reality, Garcia died 8/09/1995).
• “A few yrs.” after 1992—Donna exchanges two letters w/ Audrey Horne.
• Mid-1990s—Lana marries a hedge fund manager “well on his way to his 1st billion.” (Note:
The rough date comes from Preston, but Briggs mentions the marriage in his dossier,
seemingly by far the latest event mentioned in his dossier & long after his supposed death
on 3/28/1989!)
• 1996—A Tn. grand jury is convened to determine Meriwether Lewis’s cause of death. It
recommends exhumation. The Nat’l Park Service refuses.
• ~1996—
o Jacoby is a “resident fellow” w/ a progressive think tank in Amsterdam, the
Zonderkop Institute. (A 2-yr. stay ending in 1998)
o (A decade passes before James’s return to Twin Peaks in 2006) After completing
his parole, James takes off on another Harley. Nadine has just opened her drapery
store. It is an immediate if modest success, & Ed feels obliged to support her, again
putting off his & Norma’s happiness.
• 12/11/1996—“Anton David Walbrook”’s U.S. passport expires. (It was issued 12/10 and
his b’day is 5/01, but those yrs. are blanked out.)
• 1997—
o Bill Hastings gets a misdemeanor jaywalking conviction (or arrest?). (Dave’s
notepad, Part 1)
o Dougie Jones is manufactured (possibly)—no records for him exist before this
yr. (no driver’s license, passport, social security, class records, tax records or
birth certificate) (per Det. T. Fusco, Part 9).
o A layer of new wallpaper is added to Jeffries’s former hotel rm., covering up his
“Joudy” carving.
• 1998—Dr. Poepjes decides the impending Y2K crisis represents the end of civilization &,
along w/ a few die-hard followers, repairs to a “secure & unspecified ecological biosphere
in the far north of Sweden.” Poepjes then “vanishes from the radar screen of history.”
Jacoby does not follow, & returns stateside, heading directly for Fl.
• Late 1990s—“Near the end of the decade,” Donna’s modeling career slows & she marries
the cofounder of a successful dot-com startup & a prominent figure in the NY venture
capital community (said to be nearly 2 decades her senior—Donna is said to be in her late
20s). They entertain frequently @ their Sutton Place brownstone & Southampton beach
house, raising Donna’s social profile even further.
• “Just before the turn of the century”—@ a weekend charity event, Donna encounters Lana.
Their photo runs on the society page of the New York Post. Lana beams; “Donna’s
expression appears fraught w/ tension & dismay.”
• 2000—Jacoby is a volunteer in the Fl. “hanging chad” election recount. He spends his free
time offering “lay counsel” to distraught/defensive Ralph Nader supporters, releasing a lay
paper on “defiant liberal denial syndrome.” The article gets some play in a few progressive
media outlets—Jacoby considers political activism.
• ~2000—
o Renzo begins recruiting a gang via arm wrestling competitions (per Muddy:
“In 14 yrs., no one’s ever even come close,” Part 13).
o After Richard’s 10th b’day, Audrey marries her “longtime” accountant in a private
civil ceremony. (It is apparently a marriage of financial convenience, marked by
“public scenes,” heavy drinking, verbal abuse & sexual infidelity on Audrey’s part.
Audrey consults a mental health care professional @ some point during the
• ~Early 2000s—(4 yrs. into her marriage & “shortly” after the photo w/ Lana)—Donna
discreetly & voluntarily enters rehab for drug & alcohol dependence.
• 2001—The Ghostwood Correctional Facility, a privately held & run prison, opens on the
Ghostwood land, owned through a shell corp. through a consortium of “conservative”
investors from the Midwest. It provides some “low-wage low-skill” employment to those
displaced by the closing of the Mill, but when workers threaten to unionize “in the early
part of this century,” the corp. shuts them down by threatening to bring in out-of-state
workers. Dwight Murphy is chief administrator of the prison @ this time. Alcoholism,
depression, prescription opioid addiction & trafficking, domestic violence & suicide all
• 9/11/2001—Jacoby is in NYC participating in an anthropological conference on
shamanism @ the Museum of Natural History.
• Post-9/11/2001—After the terrorist attack, Jacoby volunteers, comforting the wounded &
traumatized. (True to his prediction, the US gov’t lashes out @ the wrong targets, invading
Iraq, allegedly searching for weapons of mass destruction. He believes the US & perhaps
the world might be entering “Kali Yuga,” an ancient Hindu term for a dark age.)
• Prior to ~2002—Dougie Jones has a car accident & “every once in awhile” shows
some lingering effects. (shortly before he came to work for Bushnell; Bushnell to the
Fuscos, Part 9).
• ~2002—Dougie Jones starts working @ Lucky 7 Insurance (12 yrs., per Bushnell,
Part 9).

• 2003—Jacoby decides it is time to head home to Twin Peaks. He buys a used mobile home
& moves it to an acre he buys “for peanuts” near the peak of White Tail Mtn. He makes
supply runs in town @ most once a wk. after dark, & seemingly reaches out to no one but
Jerry Horne (the 1st & only contributor to Jacoby’s new enterprise).
• ~2003-04—Jacoby spends “the next yr.” educating himself about the Internet’s distribution
advantages for his “idiosyncratic messianic vision,” & crafting the Dr. Amp character.
• 2005—After a decline involving “arrests, convictions, time served, bankruptcy, poverty,
alcoholism, [&] homelessness,” Ernie Niles dies in the waiting rm. of a Pierce County
hospital. His ashes are spread over Puget Sound by a prison charity organization.
• ~2005-06—James totals his Harley in an accident involving a runaway coal truck in WV
(“some mos. before” his return to Twin Peaks in 2006). He suffers a compound fracture of
his leg & ends up broke in a county rehab facility.
• 2006—
o Jacoby launches The Dr. Amp Blast streaming live, 1 hr. a nt., 5 nts. /wk. After the
live stream, they are available as some of the first “podcasts.” He soon garners a
small but intensely loyal Internet following; most of his local listeners from eastern
Wa. have no idea who Dr. Amp truly is.
o James returns home on a Trailways Bus & goes to work for Ed @ the Gas Farm. A
few yrs. later, James takes a second job working night security @ the Great
Northern. He lives alone modestly, drives a used Ford Focus, & sometimes
performs his songs locally.
• ~2007—
o On the day of a big storm, Jacoby sees Nadine in the supermarket on her hands
& knees looking for a potato after dropping it. (About 7 yrs. ago, Jacoby, Part
§ (This dating is contradicted by Tammy in The Final Dossier claiming that
Jacoby was laying eyes on his former patient for the 1st time in over 2
o (“Over the past 10 yrs.”) Jerry Horne acts as one of the major donors & behind-the-
scenes organizers for the legalization of marijuana in Wa. (Oddly, Preston
elsewhere says Jerry “has chosen a distinctly different path” from Ben “in the past
2 decades”—unclear what she is referring to if not the cannabis business.)
• 2008—
o The Nat’l Park Service reverses its ruling, saying Lewis’s body may be exhumed.
o Lana’s hedge fund mgr. husband dies of a heart attack during his morning jog in
Antigua, where their “winter palace” is. Lana “ma[k]e[s] out like a bandit” &
“drift[s] toward” the South of France.
• 2009—
o FBI Agent Tamara Preston is adjudicated for Top Secret security clearance.
o Eileen dies of pneumonia (elsewhere stated to be heart failure). The payments from
the Horne Foundation’s shell LLC to her bank account stop. Gersten’s life spirals
even further as a result, leading to “a series of reckless & chaotic relationships w/
a number of men & women.”
o Simon Halliwell chokes on filet mignon on a cruise b/w Athens & Positano. He is
buried in the family mausoleum outside Seattle.
o The economic bubble bursts & the big banks nearly go under, plunging the nat’l &
global economy into the abyss. Jacoby’s message is even more resonant.
• ~2009—Donna is reported missing by her husband & found 2 days later in a Lower East
Side crack house—an episode apparently triggered by Eileen’s death “from heart failure”
(Donna apparently had not spoken to Eileen in the “17 yrs.” since her departure from Twin
Peaks—supporting the 1992 date for her move to NYC—nor did she attend the funeral).
As the result of an intervention, she has an involuntary stay @ McLean psychiatric hospital
in Ma. This is said to be her 4th stint in rehab over the course of 5 yrs. (Note: It seems
contradictory to place Donna’s 4th rehab stint after Eileen’s 2009 death, but say that it takes
place w/i 5 yrs. of her 1st rehab check-in—which occurred “shortly” after the Lana
encounter, which in turn was “just before the turn of the century.”)
• 2009 or later—
o After Donna’s release from McLean, her husband initiates divorce proceedings.
Due to her prenup, Donna get s a low-6-figure sum & a modest monthly stipend.
She moves into an apt. in a suburb of New Haven, Ct., attending 12-step meetings.
“Approaching 40,” she reaches out to Will for the 1st time in “more than 20 yrs.”
W/i a yr., she moves to Middlebury, Vt., where Will—“now well into his 70s”—is
still practicing medicine. Donna moves in & acts as his assistant.
o Gersten begins an “off-again, on-again” relationship w/ low-level drug dealer
Steven Burnett, her primary source for narcotics. This relationship precedes &
overlaps his marriage to Becky Briggs.
• 2010—The Nat’l Park Service again reverses its ruling, refusing to allow Lewis’s body to
be exhumed.
• ~Early 2010s—(“In the past few yrs.”) Buckhorn, SD H.S. principal William Hastings &
his girlfriend Ruth Davenport dabble in speculative esoteric/occult research & author an
amateur blog on their work, The Search for the Zone.
• Pre-2011—Wilkinson’s forged letter from “Russell” to Jefferson becomes available to the
public (“almost 200 yrs.” from 1811).
• 2012—
o Legislation legalizing marijuana in Wa. passes.
o The mystery of Dr. Amp’s identity has become part of his mystique, his reputation
spreading from regional to nat’l. Jacoby refuses offers from mainstream media
outlets. Somewhat contradictorily, however, he begins video streaming Dr. Amp
this same yr., revealing his identity.
• 8/15/2012—William Hastings’s SD operator’s license is issued. (Part 1)
• Sometime pre-~2013—(per Albert, ca. 2014: “This was yrs. ago”) Phillip Jeffries calls
Albert, saying Cooper is in urgent trouble. Albert never talks to Cooper, but tells
Phillip who “our man” in Colombia is, & authorizes Phillip to give this info to Cooper.
A wk. later, that man is killed. Albert does not tell Gordon. (Albert to Gordon, Part
4; this impliedly occurs after both Jeffries & Cooper have disappeared, i.e. 1989 or
later, but Albert never explicitly says this)
• 2013—After a brief, unspecified illness, Vivian Smythe Lindstrom Blackburn Niles
Halliwell dies, & is buried in the mausoleum w/ her last husband Simon Halliwell.
• ~2013—
o Mickey quits smoking (quit about a yr. ago, Mickey to Carl, Part 6).
o (“4 yrs. ago” as of 9/06/2017) Audrey closes her salon (note: this appears to
contradict the prior paragraph, which says Audrey has “successfully owned &
operated” the salon “ever since” opening it). “Not long after,” she seems to vanish
from public life—into agoraphobic seclusion or a rumored private care facility.
o 10/21/2013—An event occurs which later requires Lucky 7 to pay out $35K to
Eric Amundsen on David Eubank’s product liability claim, on which Dougie
Jones is the case agent. (insurance claim form, Part 6) (yr. not specified)
o 12/25/2013—Scott Cameron’s business suffers a loss due to a windstorm
(insurance claim form, Part 6) (yr. not specified)
• Sometime between 1989-2013—Andy & Lucy go to Bora Bora (Lucy to Gordon, Part
• ~Early-to-mid 2010s—When the economy recovers, Norma franchises the Double R, &
even briefly dates a “big-city slicker from a ‘comfort food’ corporation” who wants to
make “Norma’s” a household name in a number of locations throughout the Pacific
• Notes on dating the series
o Any attempt to date this series is inevitably going to be controversial, and there is
unlikely to ever be widespread agreement from all corners of the fandom. Unlike
the original series, the writers seem to have consciously avoided references to
specific dates in the dialogue. However, the mini-scroll inside the tube Garland
leaves for Bobby in Part 9 features the dates 10/1 and 10/2, firmly placing the sheriff
crew’s finding of Naido on 10/01 and Cooper’s arrival in Twin Peaks on 10/02, and
placing the Part 9 Frank/Bobby/Hawk scenes two days beforehand (per Frank)—
i.e., 9/29. Since the dates themselves are actually a plot point and the prop is shot
in close-up, it seems that the audience was certainly meant to see these dates. Most
other dates seen on props also reflect a period of late September: Garland’s date of
death is seen as 9/19 in the Buckhorn morgue, the date on DoppelCoop’s fingerprint
response after his arrest is 9/22, Hastings writes 9/29 (and also says the date out
loud) next to his ID of “the Major.” Even a small detail like Shelly in Part 6 asking
regular customer Miriam how her students are this yr. is consistent w/ the series
taking place early in the school yr.
o In terms of determining the year, I have chosen to place the series in 2014, which
some will no doubt find controversial. Gordon in The Secret History says the
dossier was recovered by the FBI in 7/2016, and according to Tammy, it was
recovered from the basement of Ruth’s apt. wks. after the events of the series. As
always, I choose to reason off the information within the show itself first and
foremost, due to the frequent conflicts between sources—such as, in this instance,
the books seemingly contradicting the September-October dating of the series by
placing the recovery of the dossier in July. My reasoning admittedly comes, to some
extent, from a sentimental desire for the series to fulfill Laura’s prophecy by
actually taking place 25 yrs. after the events of the original, but I also think this date
makes the most logical sense w/ the evidence we’re given. For me the strongest
argument for placing the series in 2014 is, of all things, Wally Brando. Assuming
that Wally is the same child Lucy was carrying in early 1989 (see above under
“~1989-90” for the reason I consider this a fairly sound assumption), the Limited
Event Series almost certainly takes place in 2014 (possibly 2013—but certainly no
later than 2014). There are many other references to the passage of 25 yrs., which
admittedly could be instances of characters rounding: Col. Davis says there have
been 16 hits on Garlands Briggs’s prints in “what, 25 yrs.?” in Part 5; Albert says
the photo is the only known one of Cooper in 25 yrs. in Part 7; Ben says Cooper
was @ the Great Northern “I don’t know, maybe 25 yrs. ago” in Part 7; Albert says
they believed Briggs died in a fire in that gov’t facility 25 yrs. ago, & also says
Cooper was around Briggs 25 yrs. ago in Part 9; Albert again notes that Briggs died
in a fire @ his gov’t facility 25 yrs. ago in Part 14. However, in contradiction of
this dating, note that Bill Hastings states he is 43 in Part 9—given the 8/15/1973
birthday on his driver’s license, this would place the series b/w 8/15/16 and 8/15/17.
Perhaps hypocritically, given my reliance on props elsewhere for dating this series,
as noted above, I have chosen to honor the dialogue written by the writers (stating
that Wally is 24) over what may be a random date chosen by a prop artist on
Hastings’s license (although, as always, I note all contradictory information
viewed/heard onscreen so that readers can reach their own conclusions separate
from my own).
§ As a sidebar, it is worth noting that The Final Dossier also throws around
references to 25 yrs. having passed since the events of 3/1989, which again,
could be attributed to characters rounding…but nowhere does anyone refer
to 27 yrs. having passed. Tammy says “Cooper” “disappears from view for
the next quarter of a century”; she elsewhere impliedly says he was in the
Lodge for 25 yrs.: “‘you can check in, but you can never leave,’ at least not
for 25 yrs.”; says Cooper disappeared into Ghostwood in pursuit of Earle
“more than 25 yrs. ago”; speaks of the Double’s 25 yrs. on the loose; &
again says Cooper disappeared from Twin Peaks 25 yrs. ago. Briggs also is
said to “vanish from sight for the next 25 yrs..” & Tammy elsewhere says
his disappearance was 25 yrs. ago, wonders where he had been
hiding/hibernating for 25 yrs., & says he hadn’t aged a day in 25 yrs.
o Specific dating is fairly impossible, as the 9/29 date given by Hastings in Part 9 is
seemingly inconsistent with the other, earlier dates given. Most of the dates
generally work tantalizingly well together (Hastings says in Part 9 that Briggs’s
beheading occurred “last Thursday”; Garland’s loosely estimated date of death seen
in Part 7 is 9/19, which was a Friday in 2014; given Hastings’s description of his
past few days’ activities in Part 1, he is impliedly arrested on a Saturday—i.e.,
9/20—and DoppelCoop being printed on 9/22 is consistent with the passage of time
in the series from Hastings’s arrest to DoppelCoop’s two days later). However,
there is simply no way that these dates can be reconciled with Hastings saying the
date is 9/29 in Part 9. Hastings’s interrogation almost certainly occurs the day after
Constance tells Lt. Knox that Garland has been dead for 5-6 days in Part 7 (with
the 9/19 date of death for Garland visible in the same scene!)—which should place
the Constance/Knox scene on 9/24 and the Hastings interrogation on 9/25.
Likewise, the 9/29 date given by Hastings does not gibe with DoppelCoop being
arrested on 9/22, based on the tight four-day timeline we see from the time the Blue
Rose crew hears about DoppelCoop’s arrest to their arrival in Buckhorn. (It is also
worth noting that, while the 9/22 date for DoppelCoop’s arrest works nicely with
some of the other provided dates, the Cooper fingerprint card also contains some
blatantly inaccurate information, including Cooper sharing Hastings’s 1973
birthdate, and is therefore suspect.) Because of the impossibility of reconciling the
few dates we are given onscreen, I have elected to simply list the days as “Day 1,”
“Day 2,” &c., noting in parentheses specific dates that are provided.
o Also, far from the original series’ “one-day-one-episode” structure, this series
seems to skip around in time, with a Part sometimes toggling back & forth between
storylines in different locations seemingly taking place on different days, and
sometimes even jumping around within a single character’s timeline from Part to
Part or even within a Part (examples: the random cutaway to DougieCoop & Sonny
Jim playing catch in Part 12, seemingly in the middle of DougieCoop’s all-night
party with the Mitchums which plays out b/w Parts 11 & 13, during which he never
comes home; Bobby in Part 13 referring to the events of Part 9 as having happened
“today” despite Bobby seeming to live out another day & night in the interim in
Part 11; Lucy and Diane switching back and forth between two different outfits
from scene to scene in, respectively, Parts 9 and 12). Generally, I found it best to
anchor most of the major storylines around Part 17 (wherein many of them
converge), which we know takes place on 10/02 (thanks to the Part 9 sheriff’s
station scenes, as noted above). Working backwards from there, it becomes
somewhat straightforward to work out likely timelines for each of the major
continuing storylines (with costume changes acting as a helpful guide to knowing
when one day ends and the next begins in some cases, as well as seeing where
certain scenes were moved around in editing within a storyline). As a rule, I tried
to focus first on working out the internal timeline of each individual storyline (the
Blue Rose crew, Dougie, etc.), and once I had that, I attempted to see how closely
I could honor the structure/sequence of the edited series while remaining loyal to
the internal logic of each separate storyline. The less serialized storylines (e.g.,
many of the individual Twin Peaks-based characters who only have a few scenes
scattered throughout the season) are tougher to place with any specificity, and in
most of those instances, I simply honored the series’ sequencing, generally placing
those scenes on the same day as surrounding scenes, except where there was a good
reason to move them elsewhere. In general, I have attempted to note anytime I
departed from the series editing/placing of scenes, along with my rationale.
o One of my most overarching departures from the series’ sequencing was to move
the Blue Rose storyline and corresponding related scenes (DoppelCoop, &c.)
forward a day in relation to the surrounding scenes in the (seemingly mostly-linear)
early Parts. My rationale is as follows: The strongest backbone to the season is the
“DougieCoop” storyline, which pretty definitively takes place over at least 8 days,
7 of which are almost indisputably back-to-back. Using 10/02 as the endpoint of
the Dougie storyline (the day that Cooper awakens in the hospital & heads to Twin
Peaks) and counting backwards means that Dougie’s events of Part 11 take place
on 9/29—i.e., the same date that Hastings says his interrogation is taking place in
Part 9. This means that all of the Blue Rose/DoppelCoop scenes leading up to that
date need to be time-shifted forward a day from most of the surrounding material.
• ~2014 or earlier—Sam Colby takes a job watching a mysterious glass box in an NYC
penthouse, to help w/ school. He hears the space containing the box belongs to “some
anonymous billionaire.” The guy he replaces says he saw something in the box once,
but won’t or can’t tell Sam what. The person watching the box is not supposed to
speak about the box or the space containing it. (Sam to Tracey, Part 1)
• ~Late 2013-2014—
o Anthony Sinclair begins selling Bushnell and Lucky 7 Insurance down the
river for Duncan Todd, manipulating claims for money, w/ the help of Las
Vegas P.D. officers (“for mos. & mos.,” per Anthony, Part 13). Dougie Jones
also seems to be part of this operation—Bushnell later notes that “Dougie”
implicated himself when he exposed the coverup (Part 13).
o Twin Peaks sheriff’s dept. begins “watching” Chad (for mos., Frank, Part 14).
• ~Early-to-mid 2014— The Mitchums’ new hotel burns to the ground (a few mos.
back, Part 10).
• 1/14/2014—The report on Scott Cameron’s inland marine loss claim is filed w/ Lucky
7. (insurance form, Part 6; yr. not specified)
• ~3/2014—
o Linda (who apparently was injured in a war) begins applying for gov’t
agencies to give her an electric wheelchair (“took us about 6 mos.,” Mickey to
Carl, Part 6)
o Dougie & Janey-E begin planning Sonny Jim’s b’day party (“we’d been
planning for 6 mos.,” Janey-E to Dr. Ben, Part 10).
o (“about 6 mos. ago, Freddie to James) In the East End of London, after a nt.
@ the pub w/ his mates, Freddie Sykes turns into an alley he uses as a shortcut
& gets a peculiar feeling that he is wasting his life hitting the pub every nt.
when he should be helping people. He sees a stack of high boxes & jumps on
top of it for fun, & is sucked up into a massive vortex in the air. He is then
floating “in thin air, way up somewhere, like a void,” & the Fireman tells him
to go to the hardware store near his flat & find a package of green rubber
gardening gloves that is already open w/ only a right-handed glove inside.
Freddie is to purchase it, put it on, & his right hand will possess the power of
an enormous piledriver. Freddie asks the Fireman “Why me?” and t