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Erie Fresh Why Local?

Co m m u n i t y
It is our mission to increase knowledge and accessibility Why not? Fresh, locally grown foods don’t just
to safe, nutritious, locally-grown food through community
supported agriculture systems and urban agriculture
taste delicious — they are better for you, our com-
munity and our planet.
u p p o r t e d
programs for the inclusive benefit of those who visit,
work and live in Erie County. We believe that local
agriculture plays a key role in the vitality of our
Low Mileage from Farm to Plate
Most food travels over 1,500 miles from farm
g r i c u l t u r e
community and our regional economy.
to plate. Through the Erie Fresh CSA, all your
Our Growers food is grown right here in Erie County.
Fresh Taste, Less Waste
Erie Fresh CSA 2011
Riehm Farms Local food usually arrives in markets within 24
Five generation family farm offering naturally raised meats
and a variety of seasonal produce. A unique and cutting edge hours of being harvested. Fresh foods keep
vegetable and fruit grower. They use nutritionally tested, longer — reducing waste in the kitchen, and
organic practices on rich Black Swamp soils near Fremont. providing better value for our food dollar.
Thayer Family Gardens Safe, Delicious and Nutritious Food
A family farm growing nourished and well-cared for Because locally grown foods are grown for
produce, and pasture-raised beef & eggs near Castalia.
quality instead of quantity, they are more
J.C. Homestead Farms nutritious, containing higher levels of vitamins,
Naturally-grown hay, vegetables and a variety of naturally-
raised meats, eggs, & honey just outside Bellevue.
minerals and other nutrients that healthy
minds and bodies need. Fresh food means less
Rachael’s Homegrown Produce processing, decreasing risks for food-borne
Our youngest farmer! From Willard, Rachael offers naturally
grown fruits & vegetables to raise money for college. illnesses.
Round Rock Farm Prosperous Farmers
Round Rock Farm is operated by Mary & Luke Heyman in Ninety one cents of each dollar spent in
Monroeville. After college, Luke and Mary, 27, decided to conventional food markets goes to A Program from Erie County Coalition for Local Resources
make their mark on organic farming by acquiring land in the processors, middlemen and marketers; while
Support Our Farmers
Ohio valley to cultivate for the production of fruits,vegetables,
herbs and animal husbandry.
only 9 cents goes to the farmer. Our farmers
keep 80-90 cents of each dollar by selling
Healthy Bakes by Catherine direct to our community, farmers can reduce
“My mission is to feed anyone who enjoys good food but to do Locally & Seasonally Available
it in a way that doesn’t compromise the taste of the food or the their costs to offer us fresher, more affordable
health of the person eating it, ” says Catherine Reiter, an organic food. Prosperous farmers keep farming and pasture-raised beef & chicken pasture-raised eggs
grower, baker, artist, plant teacher, mother and lover of real food. operate viable businesses that enhance our (antibiotic & hormone-free) (antibiotic & hormone-free)
Berlekamp Farms communities and strengthen our local food beans melons
Century family farm with certified organic spelts, oats and feed. supply. beets onions
Little Red Truck Farm berries peas
Thriving Communities
Aine & Cory Olson of Norwalk provide a unique variety of bread peppers
Buying local, a greater portion of our food
naturally-grown heirloom tomatoes & seedlings, delicious broccoli potatoes
homemade jams, jellies, sauces & syrups, & refreshing hand-
dollar stays home supporting farms and
cabbage pumpkins
crafted herbal & fruit drinks. businesses that make up our local communities
carrots radishes
Schenk’s Produce and our regional economy. Ohio's largest
cauliflower tomatoes
Another young & talented grower, Derrick Schenk & his family industry is agriculture, with $91 Billion in
celery spinach
offer a wide variety of naturally-grown seasonal produce out of annual profits. But of the food that is
cucumbers squash
Huron. consumed by Ohio families, only 2% is actually
eggplants sunflowers
A.B. Philips & Sons Fruit Farm grown in Ohio. Localizing our food spending
fresh cut flowers sweet corn
With their orchard a historic treasure to Berlin Heights, Brad & would generate billions for our local economy
herbs whole grain flour
Linda Philips provide a variety of apples, cherries, raspberries, and communities.
peaches and plums. garlic zucchini
Eat and Save Shares Available Join Erie Fresh CSA
How would you like to have fresh produce, We offer several types of shares, so you can pick and choose If you are interested in any of our shares for
grown for quality with you in mind, that is what suits your family’s needs. A ‘Family’ Share feeds 4-5 the upcoming season, contact us for more
less expensive than shipped-in, store bought people while an ‘Individual’ Share feeds 1-2 people. Each information by calling 419-290-0442 or
week, your share will be available for pickup at a designated
food - all the while contributing to the vitality dropoff point. If you are unable to pick up your share for any filling out the form below and send with check
of the community? Through a CSA, the reason, we encourage you to share with your friends and or cash to the following address:
Artisans of the region have come together to neighbors. All unclaimed shares week to week will be given
offer you the best they have on a weekly basis. to one of the area homeless shelters.
We live in one of the most desirable climates 22 WEEKS - JUNE — OCTOBER 2011 Erie Fresh
for growing over forty different specialty food fruit and vegetable share 2350 Cleveland Road
crops that the average American purchases This share is the size of one large paper grocery bag filled Sandusky, Ohio 44870
on a weekly basis from the grocery store. By to the top with a variety of freshly picked, naturally-grown
produce. Nutritious and delicious with all the flavors of the 2011 Season
purchasing these needs through a local CSA Lake Erie season! Start: First Week of June
program, you can save up to 30-50% on your FAMILY $770 End: Last Week of October
food costs! INDIVIDUAL $372
What is a CSA? pasture-raised egg share (grass fed)
Raised naturally, happy healthy chickens produce happy
I would like to subscribe to a...
(check all that apply)
The USDA defines a CSA as follows: healthy eggs that are packed with vitamins, minerals and
“CSA consists of a community of individuals omega-3 fatty acids. Individuals receive one dozen per FRUIT & VEGETABLE SHARE
week. Families receive two dozen per week.
who pledge support to a farm operation so PASTURE-RAISED EGG SHARE
that the farmland becomes, either legally or INDIVIDUAL $46 BAKED GOODS SHARE
spiritually, the community’s farm, with the CUT FLOWER SHARE single double
growers and consumers providing mutual baked goods share GRAIN SHARE
Enjoy fresh baked whole specialty loaves of bread, from
support and sharing the risks and benefits homemade recipes handed down for generations.
of food production. Members or shareholders FAMILY $154 I am subscribing on behalf of
of the farm or garden pledge in advance INDIVIDUAL $81
to cover the anticipated costs of the farm
operation and farmer’s salary. In return,
cut flower share A FAMILY
Beautiful seasonal flower arrangements will brighten your
they receive shares in the farm’s bounty home every week! AN INDIVIDUAL
throughout the growing season, as well as SINGLE $66
satisfaction gained from reconnecting to the DOUBLE $110 NAME
land. Members also share in risks, including poor FLEX - SPECIAL ORDER ADDRESS
harvest due to unfavorable weather or pests.” grain share - certified organic spelt flour
Two common types of CSAs are single Spelt nutrients are easily absorbed by the body as a superb
grower and multi-grower. Because our fiber resource with large amounts of B-complex vitamins. PHONE #
Erie county farming community is working Total protein content is 10%-25% greater than common EMAIL
varieties of commercial wheat. Replace this whole grain
collectively to provide your share, risks flour cup for cup in whole wheat recipes. Great for pancakes!
for a poor harvest are minimized. For more information about the Erie Fresh
25 LB BAG $25 CSA, Erie County Coalition for Local Re-
Erie Culture Extras grass-finished beef
At 50% less saturated fat than grain-fed beef, with heart-
sources and the Sandusky Bay Farmers
Market, visit:
With every share, recipes and information on healthy omega-3 EFAs and cancer-fighting CLAs, this beef is
upcoming events, works by local authors, poets hormone and antibiotic-free with a succulent, savory flavor
and artists will be included to make the best of grilling out this summer! Please contact Sponsored by
us for cuts, prices and availability.