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Jalan House, Near Old Power House, Torwa,
Dist. : Bilaspur – 495004 ( Chhattisgarh )
Ph. No. : 07752-257285 Tel/Fax : 07752-257385
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( An ancillary unit of SAIL, Bhilai Steel Plant )

Unique Refractory Castable for Sponge Iron Manufacture
Bilaspur Ceramics Pvt. Ltd., is a high performance and technology driven
Company committed to provide value for its products to all its customers.
We are engaged in the manufacture of all types of fireclay and high alumina
bricks, high alumina mortars, all range of conventional dense and insulating
castables and superior performance low cement castables.
We may mention here that we are supplying full range of superior quality
refractory products for use in various sections of furnaces for sponge iron

Rotary kiln sintering zone
Our product brand, BC LC 80 SPL, a special quality 80% alumina low cement
castable, is recommended for use in the discharge and sintering zone of sponge
iron making rotary kilns. The unique raw material base and special technology of
manufacture makes this product an excellent material for use in the burning
zone. The material is fused alumina based in place of high quality bauxite
normally used in LC 80 castable. Thus the iron oxide content is very low and
because of the inertness of fused alumina, the accretion resistance of the product
is excellent. Further, use of fused alumina provides high density, high PCE and
excellent erosion resistance in the material. The accretion mainly occurs due to
the presence of impurities like iron oxide, normally present in high level in
bauxites. The fused alumina is much purer and of lower iron oxide content and
hence accretion resistance of the product is excellent.
We also provide normal grade BC LC 80, which is cost effective and is of
moderate iron oxide content and is also widely used in the sintering zone.

Rotary kiln feed end
We provide both BC LC 45 and BC LC 60 for use in the feed end of the rotary kiln.
The product, BC LC 45 is 45% alumina low cement castable and BC LC 60 is 60%
alumina low cement castable. These are based on very low porosity sintered grog
and high purity low iron bauxites. Thus the products are of superior
refractoriness, high strength and very good abrasion resistance. The products are
of high purity, since iron oxide level is kept below 1 % by suitable choice of
materials. Thus use of these products will provide excellent performance for the
feeding and preheating zones of rotary kiln.

The cement hardens rapidly and provides high strength to withstand mechanical abrasion. Castables for other areas We provide all types of conventional dense and insulating castables for use in ABC & DSC lining materials. and use of excellent quality high flow property binder provides high strength. We are fully dedicated towards quality and use of our products will give utmost satisfaction in end use in sponge iron manufacturing process. Our BC HEAT C and BC INCAST 11 SPL are recommended for these application. . Conclusion Lastly. the high alumina cement used to manufacture all our low cement castables are of very high purity and hence it provides excellent resistance to reducing atmosphere like carbon monoxide and hydrogen. The product is designed in such a manner that it maintains the original lining properties after getting matured by firing in the kiln. The transfer hood can be lined with our BC LC 80. user friendly and of high performance.1 density. abrasion resistance and accretion resistance in all our Low cement castables. our low cement castable of 45% alumina grade. However. Repair of kiln lining We also provide a very high quality patching castable for the repair of the lining in various zones. We can also supply 80% alumina bricks sometimes used in the burning zone. BC HEAT C is a 50% alumina castable and BC INCAST 11 SPL is a high purity low iron insulating castable of 1. we may mention that prudent selection of raw materials and their proper blending. Thus the strength. The flow property is excellent and hence application using vibration technique is quite convenient. erosion resistance and abrasion resistance properties are properly maintained. the normal 80 % alumina low cement castable based on high purity high density bauxite. volume stability. maintaining uniform thickness at the different portions.Binder for LC castables Additionally. castable use is preferred because of long life and ease of application. The product brand BC LC 80 P provides easy patching application. temperature resistance. side-arch as well as complicated hand moulded shapes. The product is cost effective. and hence gives very satisfactory performance during use. This is 80 % alumina low cement patching grade castable. The cooler is lined with BC LC 45. Bricks We are manufacturing all types of fireclay and high alumina bricks ranging from 30 % to 70 % alumina in standard.

2 2 1. 2. min. %. max. min. 1550 1600 1650 1700 Grain Size. 900 900 1000 1100 2 kg/cm . max.5 BD. %. 1 1. max. mm. g/cc. fired at 1400 °C/2 hrs. CCS. fired at 1400 °C/2 hrs. dried at 110 °C/24 hrs. fired at 1400 °C/2 hrs. max. 450 350 350 450 300 2 kg/cm . °C. min.5 2 4 5 3 BD. PCE. 32/1717 36/1804 37/1820 37/1820 Packaging 50 kg bags 50 kg bags 50 kg bags 50 kg bags Shelf Life 3 months 3 months 3 months 3 months TABLE – 2 PROPETIES OF DENSE CASTABLES PROPERTIES BC HEAT BC HEAT BC CAST BC CAST BC CAST C CS 45 70 25 Service Temp. fired at 1400 °C/2 hrs. min.10 2.80 2. min. max. CCS. 45 60 80 80 Fe2O3. max. %. °C. dried at 110 °C/24 hrs. % 11 to 12 11 to 12 11 to 12 11 to 12 11 to 12 Al2O3. 700 700 800 850 2 kg/cm .80 min. ± 1 ± 1 ± 1 ± 1 ± 1 %. min.10 g/cc. mm. PLC. 6 6 6 6 Water For Casting. PCE.60 2. TABLE – 1 PROPETIES OF LOW CEMENT CASTABLES PROPERTIES BC LC 45 BC LC 60 BC LC 80 BC LC 80 SPL Service Temp. %. orton/ °C. max. CCS. min. fired at 800 °C/2 hrs.10 2. 1. 1500 1450 1400 1450 1400 Grain Size. ± 1 ± 1 ± 1 ± 1 max. 48 40 43 68 38 Fe2O3. PLC. min.30 2. 5 5 5 5 20 Water For Casting. dried at 110 °C/24 hrs.10 2. 30/1665 23/1605 20/1564 30/1665 1450°C Packaging 50 kg bags 50 kg bags 50 kg bags 50 kg bags 50 kg bags Shelf Life 6 months 6 months 6 months 6 months 6 months . 350 300 250 350 400 2 kg/cm . %.50 2. 2. min. CCS. dried at 110 °C/24 hrs. % 6 to 7 6 to 7 5 to 6 5 to 6 Al2O3. 600 600 700 750 2 kg/cm . CCS. orton/ °C. min.