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FOURTH SUNDAY Virgin Mother of Good Counsel St. Monica St. Augustine St.

Martin of Tours
2, Lower Blackhouse Hill, Hythe, CT21 5LS. Tel: 01303-266430 Chapel Road 135 Queen’s Rd 124 High Street
OF THE YEAR Fax: 01303-264773 email Dymchurch, TN29 0TD Littlestone, TN28 8NA Lydd, TN29 9BA
Catholic Parish served by: The Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity (S.O.L.T.) Parish Priest: Fr. Frederick W. Alexander
30TH JANUARY 2011 Assistant Priest: Fr. Paul Johnston Deacon: Rev. Raymond Partridge. Tel: 01303-873835.
St. Augustine’s RC Primary School: St. Johns Road, Hythe, CT21 4BE. Tel: 01303-266578. Head teacher: Mrs. P. Parnell
Confessions: Saturday 11.00-11.45, 6.30pm St. Edmund’s Catholic Secondary School: Old Charlton Road, Dover, CT16 2QB. Tel: 01304-201551. Head of School: Mr A. Reed

SUNDAY M ASS INTENTIONS - HYTHE Abortion Recovery Care Helpline: 0845 603 8501
Sat 6.30pm † Rafaela Morris.
8.00 am † Tom Gimino There will be a meeting at Littlestone Church on Monday 7th February REPOSITORY
9..30am Marie Rodrigues. Birthday Blessings commencing at 7.00pm to discuss the future of Hythe Parish Churches. Open after all Sunday Masses.
11.15 am (Sung) All priests
7.00pm † Maureen Smith & Family
The proposals are intended to seal the future of the parish in the long term,
and the Council agree that it is essential to get the opinions of all DATES FOR YOUR DIARY
before any decisions are made.
Everyone is urged to attend and put forward their views. UCM
Dym 8.30am Well-being of Fr. A Vincent & parish There will be a meeting after the 10.00am Mass
L’stone 10.00am Priests of the Parish
Please collect a ‘Newsletter Extra’ with this bulletin
which outlines the proposals in the Church Hall on Friday 4th February
Lydd 11.30am All Parishioners

P ARISH D AILY M ASS 10.00 AM Exploring Spirituality & Dementia

Last Week’s Second Collection for FRIENDS OF EDEN 12th February at The Gatehouse, Aylesford
Mon † Annie Collins & Patrick Downey
Tue Nicholas Farley Jnr for his health Pax Christi raised £215.09. A very big thank you to all parishioners Priory. Half day commencing 10am -1pm or
and well-being and the priests for your kindness and 2pm - 5pm. For further details and booking
Wed † Mary Sebastian generosity in support of the Eden Project. (essential) contact Ray or Elizabeth Partridge
Thu Well-being of Robert Broughton HYTHE COFFEE SUNDAY The total amount raised to date is
Fri † Paul Benson Coffee & refreshments will be served this Tel: 01303 873835
Sat 12noon £1,713.33 Email:
Sunday after the 9.30am Mass by:
Clare, Claire & Katy
All the money raised goes directly to
SISTERS’ M ASS (Convent) 11.00 AM helping the children at St Michaels home
Sat 5pm in Nepal, which provides essential Covenant of Love Is a chance to socialise with
Mon Well-being of Temisan Okpako ROSARY In St. Martin of Tours Church, Lydd, accommodation and services so they can other married couples and at the same time
Tue Private Intention (c) or opposite at 8, The Green on get the education which they would enrich your marriage through the Church’s
Wed Recovery of Mary Purton Wednesday at 11.30am.
Thu † Paul Benson otherwise not receive. teachings, Join us on Friday 18th February at
Also after weekday Masses in Hythe 7.00pm in the Church hall. This will include a
Fri Private Intention (c) Standing order forms are at the back of
the church, and other donations will be DVD - Communication in Marriage”.
SAT 6.30 pm G Strowbridge accepted at the Presbytery. You will be warmly welcomed
Mon St. John Bosco, priest SUN 8.00 am Eileen Knight If you would like regular updates about For more details see the poster at the back of the
Wed The presentation of Our Lord 9.30 am Simon Fisher the project and news from the children Church or contact Mark and Gill. Tel: 269225
Sat St Agatha, Virgin & Martyr E Partridge
11.15 am Jean Giberson please email Anthony Matthews at this
—————————————————————— address:
7.00 pm Mary Muncer or
EXPOSITION OF THE BLESSED Steven Lagrue THANK YOU Please pray for the sick & those in hospital:
SACRAMENT IN HYTHE Louisa Allwright, Hannah Forse, Dolores Jennings,
Mon - Wed after Mass to 11.30am Mary McArdell, Eileen Russell, Klare Schooling,
Sat 11am - 12 noon PLEASE PRAY FOR THE REPOSE OF THE SOULS RECENTLY DECEASED, PETER (PIP) CONNOLLY Eberhard Stickler, Catherine Riddell, Mary Griffiths,
AND THE SOULS OF THOSE WHOSE ANNIVERSARIES OCCUR AT THIS TIME: Kathleen Newall, Marina Theodora Jones, Christene Burket, Jim Emerson, M
Brown Harding, Penelope Balogh, Esther Finch, Michael Foley, Keith McGuire, Thomas Peter Power-Court, Bro. Duran SOLT, Elizabeth
Kearns, Bob Hart, John Ferguson, Fairey Sabbe, Francis Coughlan, Kathleen Walsh, Conrath, Sr Mary of the Trinity SOLT, Sandra Ward
Last Sunday’s Collection raised £831.54 Samuel Regan, Frederick Goldup, James Lucas, James Furber, Cyril Bull, Pam and Sheila Phelan, Annegret Burford. Jennifer &
Thank You Whitney, Patrick Hunt, Evan Wilkinson, Sr Margaret Barrett, SM and Anne Webster. Barry Sansom. Jim Fields. Lorraine Sharp.