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High Plains Modelers

High Plains Gazette

Volume 1, Issue 3 January 2011

Happy New Year: High Plains 2011

January 25, 2011 we We decided to drop the and April a clinic on fig-
kicked off our modeling website in favor of a blog ure painting. Hopefully
year at the Ranch. We page. It is free, so we save the clinic on aircraft an-
had a decent turn out for money right from the tennas will happen as
our first meeting of the start. well.
year. There were some Join Our Club!
noticeable absences, The kit auction is in May, In June we are holding a
hopefully they did not so remember to donate special Group Build con-
accidentally go to Hobby- some unwanted kits and test (not part of our
books and bring cash for monthly contest) and the
town for the meeting.
the auction. theme is Red, White and
Inside this issue:
The meeting was very Blue. Your model must First Meeting of 2011 1
productive for our first We have three clinics contain all three colors.
meeting of the year, and lined up, in February High Plains Contest 2011 1
we took care of a lot of there is a clinic on build- We are also going to have
business. ing bases. March is a a display only event in 1/20 Leyton House 2
clinic on whitewashes, Cheyenne coming soon.
Omaha IPMS Update 2
Monthly Contest 2
High Plains Will Have a 2011 Contest Upcoming Diorama Clinic 3
By a nearly unanimous suggestion for our Febru- which any model with a
Automotive: IPMS Rules 3
vote at the January meet- ary meeting. We will then cat theme is acceptable.
ing we decided to have a vote for what we consider (i.e Tiger, Panther, Wild-
contest this year. By the best them for this cat, Hellcat, Jaguar, Mer-
opening my big mouth I years contest. cury Cougar)
was actually appointed What’s New This
Some interesting anniver- Hopefully we have a good
Contest Chair.
saries this year are the turn out and some good
We have a great club, and 70th of Pearl Harbor, the ideas. Think of something  January’s Meeting Notes
we have a bunch of ex- 70th of Operation Bar- fun that all modeling
 High Plains Contest
perience holding contests barossa, the 100th of Na- categories can be in-
so this should hopefully val Aviation, 150th of the cluded in.  Monthly Contest Winner
be a piece of cake. Battle of Gettysburg, etc  Want Ads and Advertising
etc. There will be a contest
The date we are looking update at our February
at will be October 8th. As We could pick a specific meeting. I hope to see you
of yet we have no theme, decade, or a theme of all there.
but I would like each of Famous Cats (credit for
you to come up with 1 that goes to Paul) in
High Plains Gazette
Tamiya’s 1/20 Leyton House
The model I started build- originally did. Still, the 1990 CG901 that
ing this month is a 1/20 I am working on was con-
scale Leyton House For- A little history of the Ley- sidred one of the most
mula One car. ton House Formula One beautiful looking Formula
team: The Leyton House One cars of the 1990’s.
Having a passion for For- CG901 was a Formula The car driven by Capelli
mula One dating back to One racing car designed took a 2nd place at the
the early 70’s when I by Adrian Newey for the French Grand Prix in
watched Jackie Stewart in 1990 Formula One World 1990 behind the Ferrari
a blue Ford win the Championship. Five chas- of Alain Prost, and fol-
Leyton House CG901 Monaco grand prix , I was sis were built and were lowed in third by the late
hooked and have been a powered by the Judd EV Ayrton Senna in the
fan ever since. 3.5 litre V8 engine. The McLaren Honda. Not a
drivers for 1990 were the bad finish for a car with
This kit is fairly well de- highly rated Ivan Capelli an underpowered engine
tailed, I will be adding and Maurício Gugelmin. and reliability issues.
some photo etched parts
and the aftermarket seat- Leyton House the team Besides, who doesn’t love
belts and decals. was torn apart when a turquoise car!
owner Akira Akagi (no
I am painting on the relation to the aircraft
Goodyear Eagle logos on carrier) was arrested for
my tires just like they bank fraud in Japan.

Omaha IPMS Update

The Vendor bad for our wallets. contest is in 183 days.
Room is That may seem like a long
According to the website
SOLD OUT!! Other than that they have time but it will go by fast,
the Vendor Rooms have
not updated anything on especially if you are
Great news been sold out! In fact they
the site. building something for
for those of are in the process of add-
the contest.
ing a third vendor room.
us attending. Hopefully they get their
stuff together because the
I say again good for us,

Monthly Contest
For the first time I can month’s contest with his second place. (When I
remember we had a 99 Tamiya 1/35 Sherman. say no points I mean bo-
percent turn out for the nus points, we all re-
monthly club contest. We had a three way tie for ceived the 7.5 points for
second between Dave, bringing a model.)
Miss a meet- We had 14 members at Gary and Jerry.
ing and you the meeting and 13 of us Don’t forget the top three
brought a model. However, just like in the finishers at the end of the
fall behind! classic movie “Top Gun”, year win gift certificates!
Tom Menert won this there are no points for

Page 2
Volume 1, Issue 3
Diorama Base Clinic
Dioramas are a favorite $4 each, the smaller line.
category to look at, but items are $3.00 each or
many hate to put them two for $5. I have some great items,
together. This month I and everyone who buys
will show you how easy it I will have wallpapers, them from me on Ebay
is to come up with a nice magazines, posters, play- has actually given me
looking base for your ing cards, and other items praise for how crisp they
model, the rest is up to for sale to enhance your look and how well de-
you. diorama buildings. tailed they are. My Ger-
man papers and notices
For the demonstration I For those interested in even has Hitler’s signa- Diorama Base
am going to have some of my items, shoot me an e- ture on them! Clinic this Month.
my printed material for mail (address on the last
sale. The bigger items are page), and I will e-mail I will even show you how
you a PDF of my product to apply them this month.

Automotive: IPMS Competition Handbook

Basic Construction seats, some engine/drive be opened.
1. Flash, sink marks, components) aligned
mold marks, ejector-pin properly. 3. Additional detailing
marks, and similar mold- added to the vehicle Working
ing flaws eliminated. C. Wheels: All wheels should be as close to scale
touching the ground and as possible. Such items parts, if any
2. Seams filled if not aligned properly when could include door-lock (e.g., opening
found on the actual vehi- viewed from front or rear buttons, tire valve stems,
cle. (This is especially of the vehicle. If turned, dashboard gauge detail, hoods or
important on the car's front wheels should be fabric surfaces on interior doors),
body. Rubberized kit tires aligned in the same direc- components, etc. After-
usually also have a mold tion. market parts (photo- should match
seam that must be re- etched, white metal,
resin, etc.) should inte- the level of
moved.) D. Windshields and
other clear areas: grate well with the basic workmanship
model. Photo-etched
3. Contour errors cor- parts that require forming on the rest of
rected. E. Clear and free of should be precisely
crazing caused by adhe- the model.
shaped, and any surfaces
4. Gaps between body sives or finishing coats. that require building up
and chassis eliminated as to a thicker cross-section
applicable. F. Gaps between wind- should be smooth and
shield, windows, or other uniform.
5. Detailing removed clear parts eliminated
while accomplishing the where applicable. 4. Engine and chassis
above steps restored to a detailing should be done
level consistent with the All clear areas scratch-, to a level consistent with
rest of the model. blemish-, and paint-free. detailing on the rest of the
Detailing model.
6. Alignment: 1. Parts that are thick,
over-scale, or coarse Working parts, if any
should be thinned, modi- (e.g., opening hoods or
A. Where applicable, fied, or replaced. doors), should match the
external items (e.g., mir- level of workmanship on
rors, exhaust pipes) the rest of the model.
aligned symmetrically. 2. Exhausts, intakes,
vents, and other objects Such parts should operate
that have openings should realistically, and the oper-
B. Internal items (e.g., ating mechanism(s)

Page 3
The Workbench From Hell
There comes a time in every much attention to detail to number 4 I see something
modelers life when he says have ADD. on TV that inspires me to
to himself, “From now on I start Model 5.
am only going to build 1 kit In my case, I buy a new
at a time.” Ha ha ha ha!!! model. I want to build it, I Then the paint I ordered
start building it, and then a from Hobbytown finally ar-
Why am I laughing? Because newer model comes out. rives. Model 6 gets started.
I have said this to myself Model 1 then goes to the
dozens of times, and cur- dreaded “workbench shelf”, Then, I want to build a car.
rently I have seven projects and I start on Model 2. Then So now I am up to Model 7.
The Workbench in the works. Oh sure, tech- I notice at the contest there
Why do we do it? Why can’t
from HELL! nically three of these are is a special award for XYZ,
we build one at a time?
nearly finished and just and I start building an XYZ,
waiting on a minor detail or Model 3. I also let my son Don’t answer that. Just re-
two, but the others I might choose a model for me to member the fact that hob-
never finish. build. He draws a name out bies are supposed to be for
of a hat and I begin building fun. Fun that is until you
So what is our problem? Do that model too. (Model 4) enter a contest and everyone
all model builders suffer All the while I am neglecting else built a freaking Fokker
from some form of ADD? models 1-3 and working on too. Happy modeling!
No, if anything we pay too

Automotive: Continued
should be in scale if visible. in sheen of finish caused by sidered a "show" car or re-
misapplication of final clear stored car, and because of
Painting and finishing coats. this, weathering will be the
exception rather than the
1. The model's surface, D. Paint edges that are rule. If present, however,
once painted, should show supposed to be sharp should weathering should show
no signs of the construction be sharp (no ragged edges concern for scale, be in ac-
process (glue, file, or sand- caused by poor masking). cordance with the conditions
ing marks; fingerprints; ob- Edges that are supposed to in which the real vehicle was
vious discontinuities be- be soft or feathered should operating, and be consistent
tween kit plastic and filler be in scale and without over- throughout the model.
Cars: All about materials; etc.). spray.
the paint job! Decals
2. Finish should be even E. Chrome parts should be
and smooth, unless irregu- correctly represented and A. Decals should be
larities in the actual vehicle's should be just as free of sur- aligned properly. This is es-
finish are being duplicated. face blemishes and evi- pecially important for racing
Such irregularities should be dences of the construction subjects.
documented. process as the painted com-
ponents. Water-slide decals should
A. No brush marks, lint, show no evidence of silver-
brush hairs, etc. F. Weathering: Although ing or bubbling of decal film.
weathering is gaining more Decal film should be elimi-
B. No "orange-peel" or acceptance in the automo- nated or hidden to make the
"eggshell" effect; no tive ranks, especially with
markings appear painted on.
"powdering" in recessed ar- some trucks and certain
eas. types of racing cars (such as
the Rally types), it is not
standard practice. Most auto
C. No random differences modelers build what is con-
Our club has plastic modelers from Northern Colo-
rado, mainly from the Fort Collins, Loveland, Long-
High Plains Modelers mont area. We also have a few members from Wyo-

Meetings are the last Tuesday of the month We build scale and plastic models of armor, airplanes,
at The Ranch in Loveland. They start at 7pm vehicles, ships and anything else that we feel like is
and end around 9pm. worth a try.
Editor: Jeffrey Brown Check out our meeting schedule and feel free to drop
by our next meeting!

Check out the website for club information.


Next Meeting February 22,

2011. 7pm at The Ranch.

For Sale or Trade:
Kahuna Designs Inc. 1/32 Trumpeter F4F-3 Early ($50)

1/35 Cyber Hobby T-34 Factory 112 ($50)

1/48 Tamiya Focke Wulf FW190-A8/A8-R2 ($30)

1/48 Alpine German Tank Figures ($30)

Tigers In Combat I—Paperback ($20)

Tigers In Combat II—Paperback ($20)

What do you
want to build 1/43 Tameo Ferrari Michael Schumacher Monaco GP Winner ($70)
For trade I am looking for the following:

Achtung Panzer Vol 7 Covering the Panzer I and II

1/32 Tamiya Japanese Zero A6M2B

1/32 Trumpeter F4F-4 Wildcat

E-mail me at if you want anything from the list. Thanks! I accept
cash and Paypal. (Where you can use a credit card if needed.)

*** Posting Ads are free for High Plains Modelers Members to post items for sale or trade. If
you are not a member of the club it cost $2 to post an ad which goes towards our annual club