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Read the text. Mandy Taylor is twelve years old and she’s a student at Stratford High School in New Zealand. She loves her classes. Her favourite subjects are science and physical education. She is very good at 5 sports. She plays ice hockey at the school’s female team. Mandy has a busy life. She always gets up at 6:00 am during the week and she has a shower. She brushes her teeth, dresses up, has breakfast and at 10 7:00 she goes to school with her mother. Mandy’s mother is a teacher at her school but they hardly ever meet there. It’s a big school. On Mondays, Mandy often has lunch at school with her friends, on Tuesdays and Thursdays she practices ice hockey at the school’s gym. On Fridays she goes to the cinema with her 15 friends. Wednesday is Mandy’s favourite day of the week because she has dance classes and sometimes she has dinner with her father. Mandy’s parents are divorced. She lives with her mother and at the weekends she always goes to her father’s house. On Saturdays Mandy wakes up at 7:15 am. After breakfast she goes for a walk with her dog Nikita. She has lunch with her father at 12:30. At 3:20 pm she goes to the city’s library and 20 reads some books. She usually meets some friends at the library. At 4:40 pm Mandy goes home and listens to music in her bedroom. She loves music. At 9:45 she goes to bed. She never goes to bed late.

By: Teacher Ana Catarina Rocha

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True / False a) Mandy Taylor is thirteen years. a) Who is the text about? b) What are Mandy’s favourite subjects? c) Does Mandy go to school with her father? d) What does Mandy do on Tuesdays and Thursdays? e) What time does Mandy wake up on Saturdays? f) What’s Mandy’s dog’s name? g) How often does Mandy meet friends at the library? h) Does Mandy love music? By: Teacher Ana Catarina Rocha Page 2 . Mandy often has lunch with her mother. 2 – Answer the questions about the text. e) Mandy never listens to music in her bedroom. b) She is not very good at sports.1 – Write “True” or “False” according to the text. c) She practices ice hockey at the school’s gym. d) On Mondays.

Follow the example.00 am Meet her mother at school Have lunch at school with her friends Have dinner with her father Meet friends at the library Go to bed late sometimes often Usually Always x 4– Write sentences with the information from the chart. Follow the example. a) b) c) d) e) f) g) 6. a) “Mandy always gets up at six in the morning. By: Teacher Ana Catarina Rocha Page 3 .” b) c) d) e) f) 5– Copy the hours from the text.3– Complete the chart according to the text.00 am It’s six o’clock in the morning. Hardly ever Never Get up at 6.

a) It’s five to five b) c) d) e) f) g) h) i) By: Teacher Ana Catarina Rocha Page 4 . Follow the example.6–Write the time.

e) Mandy’s birthday is _____________ November. f) There are no ice hockey matches _____________ the summer. do your homework. a) The next big ice hockey match is ____________________ Saturday. 8– Write about your Monday’s daily routine.. d) Mandy always goes to bed _______________ a quarter to ten. go to bed.7– Fill in the gaps with the most suitable preposition of time. c) Mandy and her father sometimes have dinner ____________ Wednesdays. g) Mandy goes to the library ______________ twenty past three in the afternoon. have breakfast. Note: Don’t forget to mention what time you: wake up. b) Mandy was born ______________ 1997. On Mondays I By: Teacher Ana Catarina Rocha Page 5 . have dinner.. have lunch.