RPM7100 series

Photo Link Module

IR Receiver Module
RPM7100 series
RPM7100 series are remote control receiver modules. Small-sized, light-weight, and low current consumption modules have been achieved by using resin mold.

!Applications All household electric appliances such as TV, DVD, air conditioner and audio equipment.

!Features 1) Low current consumption. (0.95mA Typ.) 2) High ripple rejection. 3) 5 types of holders available for each set.

!RPM7100 series
Sub carrier frequency Height to lens 36.0kHz 36.7kHz 37.9kHz 40.0kHz Straight type RSIP-A3 5.5mm RPM7136 RPM7137 RPM7138 RPM7140 L forming RSIP-A3 V4 4.8mm RPM7136-V4 RPM7137-V4 RPM7138-V4 RPM7140-V4 with holders Horizontal board RSIP-A3 (H13) 15.0mm Horizontal board RSIP-A3 (H5) 9.6mm RPM7136-H5 RPM7137-H5 RPM7138-H5 RPM7140-H5 Vertical board RSIP-A3 (H4) 15.9mm RPM7136-H4 RPM7137-H4 RPM7138-H4 RPM7140-H4 Vertical board RSIP-A3 (H8) 7.2mm RPM7136-H8 RPM7137-H8 RPM7138-H8 RPM7140-H8 Vertical board RSIP-A3 (H9) 12.0mm RPM7136-H9 RPM7137-H9 RPM7138-H9 RPM7140-H9

∗RPM7136-H13 ∗RPM7137-H13 ∗RPM7138-H13 ∗RPM7140-H13

∗Under development

!Absolute maximum ratings (Ta = 25°C)
Parameter Supply Voltage Storage temperature Operating temperature Output Current Symbol VCC Tstg Topr Io Limits 6.3 −30 to +100 −10 to +75 2.0 Unit V ˚C ˚C mA

!Recommended operating conditions (Ta = 25°C)
Parameter Supply Voltage Symbol VCC Min. 4.5 Typ. 5.0 Max. 5.5 Unit V


5 800 800 − − − Unit mA m V V µs µs kHz deg deg ∗2 ∗2 Isink < 200µA = Outer light condition Ee < 10 (Ix) Outer light condition Ee < 10 (Ix) Conditions No outside light. Optical characteristics (Unless otherwise noted.5 − 400 400 − − − Typ. 0. 36.9. 1 2 3 Pin name ROUT GND VCC Function OUTPUT TERMINAL GROUND POWER SUPPLY !Electrical. 1.7. 40kHz.5 − − 0. it must be measured after the initial transmission pulse is 10 pulse.RPM7100 series Photo Link Module !Block diagram VCC 22k AMP LIMITER Comparator ROUT I/V BPF Detector !Terminal description Pin No. 37. ∗2 It is an angle when the linear arrival distance become half.95 15 − − 600 600 ∗3 45 35 Max. − 8 4.1 Transmit signal 2/7 . Duty=50% Fig. ! Measurement Conditions (1) Transmit signal 600µs 600µs Carrier frequency=fo. However. Ta = 25°C VCC=5V) Parameter Consumption Current Effective Distance High Level Output Voltage Low Level Output Voltage ON Pulse Width OFF Pulse Width Center frequency Horizontal half angle Vertical half angle Symbol ICC L VH VL TON TOFF fo θ 1/2 θ 1/2 Min. ∗3 Four types of frequencies : 36. No signal input Outer light condition Ee < 10 (Ix) ∗1 ∗1 ∗1 ∗1 ∗1 ∗1 600/600µs burst wave is transmitted by standard transmitter.

(The radiant intensity of standard transmitter : 50mW / sr) RPM-302B : standard photodiode has short current Isc=27µA at E=1000(lx) (using CIE standard light source A) (3) Measurement effective distance. 3/7 . horizontal & vertical half angle RPM7100 series θ θ Standard transmitter Light detector face illuminance : Ee Effective distance : L (θ .2.RPM7100 series Photo Link Module (2) Standard transmitter λ peak=940nm λ ∆=40nm 20cm io=VOUT / R RPM-302B Standard transmitter R VOUT Fig. Indicates horizontal and vertical directions) Fig.1 standard photodiode output become io=5µAp-p under the measurement condition Fig.3 Measurement condition for effective distance Effective distance L Horizontal & vertical half angle θ : Effective distance at θ=0° Fig.3 : The angle which effective distance became 50% of L.2 Measurement of standard transmitter proofreading When standard transmitter output the signal at Fig.

VL VCC Fig.RPM7100 series Photo Link Module (4) Output signal 600µs 600µs Transmit signal Carrier frequency=f0 Carrier Duty=50% VCC Output signal VH 1/2 VCC VL GND TON TOFF Fig.4 (5) Measurement circuit for the output voltage and the consumption current VCC ICC A ROUT RPM7100 GND V VH.5 4/7 .

Therefore. (ex: signal format which not including the leader signal) the receiver might have chances to miss-function. To prevent such misjudgement. (8) Emitting unit (remote control transmitter) has to be considered about its emitting device function.2 ). Power ripple. (6) Noise environment (Light noise from inverter Lamp. (Published July 1987 by Association of Electric Home Appliances) If using other signal method. signal format. in case of using it out-door. (3) Please set up transmitter’s carrier frequency as same as the receiver’s f0 frequency. electromagnetic noise from power circuit. (4) If transmission signal has non-continues carrier. If the holder is not connected to the GND. please use the signal method the signal format which refer to “Measures to prevent mulfunctioning of IR remote-controlled electric home appliances”. are required to be grounded. error might be occurred. Continuous carrier is necessary. (7) The receiver may not work properly if receiving signal judgement is done by single pulse due to the surrounding / environmental noises. please understand that the receiver cannot cover all characteristics. If in case of other burst wave form will be used. characteristics and characteristics of the receiver. T1 T1≠T2 T2 (5) The receiver was designed to use as in-door use only. there is a possibility of worsening the characteristics of product. Carefully under the evaluations.1) with ROHM standard transmitter (Fig. etc. (9) Please connect ‘Holder’ on to the ‘Ground (GND)’ of PCB. (10) Do not supply unnecessary stress to lead. please make sure that the receiver is set up to work only when receiving series of coded signal. please check these spec. and etc) may cause a reduced effective distance. human body and solder iron. (2) When the receiver will be used as the wire-less remote controller. (12) In order to prevent products from ESD.RPM7100 series Photo Link Module !Notes (1) All characteristics of the receiver in this specification are specified by supplying burst wave form (Fig. And also please do not touch the lens. It might have a chance to miss-function when the lens get dust or dirty. Otherwise error might be occurred. (11) Please pay careful attention to the lens. 5/7 . and other kind of Lamps.

00 7.00 36.7kH 6.00 0 700 750 800 850 900 950 1000 1050 1100 1150 1200 Frequency : (kHz) Wave length : λ (nm) Fig.00 80 Gain : (dB) 60 z z 6.9kH z fo=3 fo=3 −8.00 fo=3 40 20 −10.00 40.6 BPF characteristic Fig.0kH −6.9 Direction characteristic (Vertical direction) 6/7 .00 34.00 0.0kH z 100 −2.00 42.7 Relative spectral sensitivity of photo diode 100 100 Relative effective distance : (%) 60 Relative effective distance : (%) −80 −60 −40 −20 80 80 60 40 40 20 20 0 0 20 40 60 80 0 −80 −60 −40 −20 0 20 40 60 80 Angle : (˚) Angle : (˚) Fig.00 120 0.00 fo=4 −4.RPM7100 series Photo Link Module !Electrical and optical characteristics curves 1.8 Direction characteristic (Horizontal direction) Fig.00 Relative sensitivity : (%) 38.

8 0.80 0.95 2.5 4.6 1.30 7.60 6.8 3.4 1.4 2.54 2.95 0.0 9.60 0.54 RSIP-A3 (H5) 0.65 7.54 0.4 0.5 1.5 0.4 1.25 1.0 1.95 3.5 4.60 12.65 7. 6.35 0.54 2.6 7.5 1.6 6.5 1.4 2.30 RSIP-A3 (H13) RSIP-A3 (H8) 0.40 0.0Max.4 4.40 1.6 9.8 3.6 6.54 1 22Min.40 2.6 1.60 RSIP-A3 2.5 0.00 3.6 3.0 6.0 9.00 3.3 2.35 6.54 2.95 12.54 0.0 6.0 0.80 2.40 1 2 3 0.5 0.54 2.54 2.8 7.0 17.6 0.3 0.3 0.3 1.50 2.0min 7/7 .0 1.RPM7100 series Photo Link Module !External dimensions (Unit : mm) 9.2 0.30 0.30 7.65 2.20 3.00 12.6 1.54 2.4 4.50 1 2 3 0.60 12 3 2. 2 3 3.55 3.6 0.9 7.54 2.5 0.4 1.4 20.4 2.95 12.8 7.0 4.6 0.40 1.54 2.0 2.95 7.35 15.60 RSIP-A3 (H4) RSIP-A3 (H9) RSIP-A3 V4 9.54 2.6 Pin No.60 0.5 0.0 4.65 2.60 1.4 4.6 0.8 7.40 2.65 1.0Max.5 0. 6.8 3.2 0.3 15.2 0.54 3. Rout GND VCC 2.5 1.

The products listed in this document are designed to be used with ordinary electronic equipment or devices (such as audio visual equipment. nuclear-reactor controllers. Upon the sale of any such devices. and further.. Products listed in this document use silicon as a basic material. no express or implied right or license to practice or commercially exploit any intellectual property rights or other proprietary rights owned or controlled by ROHM CO. described herein are intended only as illustrations of such devices and not as the specifications for such devices. disclaims any warranty that any use of such devices shall be free from infringement of any third party's intellectual property rights or other proprietary rights. please confirm if it applies to "objective" criteria or an "informed" (by MITI clause) on the basis of "catch all controls for Non-Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction.0 . Appendix1-Rev1..LTD. office-automation equipment. communications devices. Should you intend to use these products with equipment or devices which require an extremely high level of reliability and the malfunction of with would directly endanger human life (such as medical instruments.. please be sure to consult with our sales representative in advance. transportation equipment. assumes no liability of whatsoever nature in the event of any such infringement. is granted to any such buyer. please request that specifications to be separately delivered. but not limited to application circuit diagrams information. In case of export from Japan. fuel controllers and other safety devices). therefore. Upon actual use. aerospace machinery. Products listed in this document are no antiradiation design. Application circuit diagrams and circuit constants contained herein are shown as examples of standard use and operation. other than for buyer's right to use such devices itself. or arising from or connected with or related to the use of such devices. The contents described herein are subject to change without notice. About Export Control Order in Japan Products described herein are the objects of controlled goods in Annex 1 (Item 16) of Export Trade Control Order in Japan. including. electrical appliances and electronic toys). ROHM CO. Please pay careful attention to the peripheral conditions when designing circuits and deciding upon circuit constants in the set. resell or otherwise dispose of the same. Any data.Appendix Notes No technical content pages of this document may be reproduced in any form or transmitted by any means without prior permission of ROHM CO.LTD. LTD. The specifications for the product described in this document are for reference only.

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