How can we keep our connection with the Supreme constant, unbreakable, and unshakeable? I am sure all of us feel the joy of not just knowing God but making that relationship a deep experience, and also experiencing ourselves as peaceful beings. As spiritual beings playing our roles through this corporeal medium, we express our personality and feelings of joy and happiness of what we have understood of the knowledge. I am sure all of us have recognized that which is considered the most difficult thing in the world. It is the topic of great discussion but not many are able to recognize and realize the Supreme Father, our Supreme Parent, and our relationship with Him. We know the soul and the Supreme Soul are eternal, and therefore our relationship with Him is also eternal. However, this is the information we forget the most. On the path of devotion, either in India or elsewhere, people have a lot of faith in God, but we are neither conscious of the fact that we are human souls nor of our relationship with the Supreme Soul. Therefore, we barely experience the benefit we could derive from that relationship. We continually remember and pray to the Supreme and beg from Him on the path of devotion. However, when we learn who we are, who God is, and the deep relationship we have with each other, we begin to communicate with God and stop begging. We become God’s heirs and recognize our right to the inheritance from the Supreme Father, just as we receive an inheritance from our physical parents. In India, very sweet words are used to address the Supreme: Most Beloved Father, Supreme Father. As He is the Father of all souls, He bestows that which only He can bestow. He is the bestower of all the treasures, which the soul aspires to attain: the invaluable treasure of constant peace, constant happiness, constant creativity etc. The moment you realize that you are a spiritual being expressing yourself through the physical costume, a lamp gets lit and dispels the darkness. The soul exists separately from the body and when it inhabits a body it is known as ‘jeev atma’, or ‘soul in life’. We have become more conscious of the physical being and thus forgotten our real self, the spiritual being, When we receive this knowledge, we put little effort into detaching ourselves from the physical body; this effort is not new to us as we do it every day when we go to sleep. When ‘I’ the soul become tired and don’t want to perform actions, I detach myself and that detachment is called going to

We used to hear about religious founders descending to give their message. we are reminded that all humans descended to this world. Shiva. yogis. power. people call Him Shiv Baba. We withdraw from the external.but where was ‘I’ before this? Bearing this in mind.sleep. We celebrate our birthdays . we address God as 'Shiv Baba'. When you get up the next morning. but we never bothered to think whether we too came from somewhere else. and communicate my experience with the Supreme Father. There is a wonderful quote where God is said to be the Supreme Mother and Father. We can establish all relations with the Supreme. In India. we recognize that we inherit these qualities from God being His children. we say ‘Baba’ or ‘Papa’ for Father. loving. This is only possible. as a stone image or Shivalingam. and to know that I am closely related to You. the soul. and blissful as the children of the Ocean of Peace. and peace He bestows. In the temples where God is worshipped as light. although we continue to communicate with each other through vibrations. Here. the Supreme Father . provided we are able to rise above the name and form of the physical costume. O Baba! What a wonderful thing to happen in my life! First of all to understand myself and then You.dwells. Brother. and Guru. and scholars. His qualities are ocean-like and we begin to feel that although we are separate entities. There too you are still present. Peace. I can maintain this consciousness. where God is worshipped in the form of light. We have all come down from the place where our spiritual father. including Benaras and Gujarat. ‘I had a very refreshing sleep’ or ‘I dreamt a lot’. the Ocean of Love.the birthday of the physical form . appreciate it from the heart. We now receive the knowledge that all of us belong to the sweet home of silence. in silence. We experience ourselves as being peaceful. When we wish to communicate with Him He tells us to be soul-conscious again and think of our relationship with Him. There are twelve special places in India. Love.the only one who is always incorporeal . as we practice here. So who was the observer? It was the self. and experience the result of my actions. like Son. Whilst interpreting the Gita scripture in India. you are the observer in sleep. mention our relationship with God. This allows us to help each other when we sit together to experience our closeness to the Supreme and the love. Teacher. and . and it is said with much sweetness: “O Sweet Father. most philosophers. you share your experience. we too have part of that divinity in us as human souls. We are used to calling out to the Supreme Father. and Bliss . In this effort. knowing that we are communicating soul to soul. ‘I’ was observing my own dreams and actions.

If we all experienced this. beautiful. ignorance is darkness. I went into the experience. I had the fortune of meeting Brahma Baba. This is my experience of 50 years as a yogi.” As you think over these words. When we were in that form. This made the whole atmosphere so spirituallycharged that it brought out the best in me. it was paradise for us.and God-realization. I am your heir. On my fourth day as a student. I was totally beyond this world. try to experience them and you will discover that this is your true self and true nature. bliss. It is a process of uncovering that which has been covered by ignorance. There was a complete. Similar experiences happen when we go to a church. It was a very subtle and divine experience of self. and blissful. my heart felt deep peace and bliss. Light the lamp and be conscious. I was able to visualize the presence of the Supreme. Knowledge and wisdom is light. and worthwhile to rediscover. I had the same experience that I had had on my fourth day in this knowledge. If you can maintain this awareness. the intensity of the experience will continue to increase and you become very powerful inside. I had a very deep experience by just having the thought: ‘I am a pure and peaceful soul and I belong to the Supreme Father’. all problems of the world would be solved. think of yourself as a spiritual being.Bliss. It was the most valuable experience of my life. peace. these are the real qualities of the self. The year was 1959. if we could live by this experience. love. During those moments of silence. our own real nature emerges and can have a very deep impact. and I decided to come to Madhuban in the same year. I came to the Brahma Kumaris Raj Yoga centre in Bombay to learn meditation. you belong to the Supreme and you will become the image and embodiment of purity. when we lost it. As your child. He looked like an angel. You begin to appreciate it because it is what we were before and what we lost. I receive these qualities as an inheritance and become very peaceful. I saw a bright glow of light on Brahma Baba’s forehead and I felt I wasn’t a physical being. I decided then that every single human soul needed this experience. we also lost paradise. loving. there would be no conflict or sorrow. No words were spoken initially at that first meeting. I just sat in silence in front of him. . This will be something new. When I came in July. By simply repeating it twice or thrice in my mind. You will want to become this. inner awakening to the realization of my true self as being blissful and positive. and wisdom. it was as though I had a costume of light. or temple or a place where nature is pure.

We communicate through vibrations and have the experience of this direct guidance through intuition or ‘touchings’. God says. Instead of fearing God. spiritual relationship – the eternal relationship . All that we have to use is our mind and intellect. Although we had everything (physically). Rise above the physical and have a very clear communication with the Supreme. This will forge an unbreakable connection between the Supreme and us. and the smile removes the burden of negativity on your head. the recognition of God and benefits received from Him become clear in our minds. How can a child remain absent in the heart and mind of the parent and vice versa? God says. we have to avoid what we were doing in our prayers. as adults we are so body-conscious that we can hardly imagine ourselves as children. we always look up to a person who can help us and give us what we need. Whenever you meditate. other souls. this is the secret of meditation. Everyone says we should not forget the child in us. worthiness comes by following His guidance. This is why we have remained distant from God and have been unable to take the benefits of a close relationship with our Supreme Father. there was no one who could give us what was needed spiritually. you become light and refreshed. if you fear Me you can never come close to Me. Lord of Lords’. love yourself and love everyone. When we maintain an interest in communicating with Him. When you do something good you smile. and then later add the emotional part of our personality. you feel good and the one you are going to meet is God. In meditation. This guides our mind to focus on the positive qualities of the self. first think you are going to do something very pleasant and fruitful for yourself and the world – this will bring a smile to your face. ‘the Highest on High. the Highest and Greatest being. “This relationship can be experienced provided you become my worthy children”. We have to understand that we should not look up to God in fear. we praise God so much. . but refer to the self as ‘the lowest of the low. as we have learned throughout our lives.and emerge the child within us. The easiest way to bring out the child in us is to consider ourselves to be the spiritual child of the Supreme Soul. Only the Supreme Father can fulfill this need.It is not difficult to meditate. Have love for God. Whenever you met someone great. In our worldly interactions. we should be aware of our personal. I don’t know about the rest of the world but when we pray in India. and the Supreme Being. however. sinners’.

He then adds. . There is no feeling of belonging because the outlook is not spiritual. Consequently.” Change takes place in our thoughts. You may even have done bad things but don’t worry. Although we had faith previously. However. and this changes our attitude towards each other. ‘We are all one family of mankind’. you are mine. this develops natural spiritual love and a feeling of belonging to each other. With this objective in mind. A child wants to be close to its parents. and vision. God says. be soul-conscious and remain linked with Me so that you become like Me. Thus. attitude. I had attended the Mass he conducted in Bombay. we now have knowledge along with faith and therefore are not victims of blind faith. they continue to commit wrong acts and then go to church to confess. “My sweet children. However.” Are we ready to do this. Remember God as His child and not as His devotee since devotees never try to improve. we indirectly become instruments of change for the better and have a tremendous effect on the entire global atmosphere. A worthy child would always think: “What can I to do to glorify my parents and not tarnish their name.” He wants to accept us as we are. With a new spiritual outlook everything changes and we begin to feel part of one global family. You are my children and no matter what you are. we will have good experiences in life provided we accept ourselves for who we really are and accept the one to whom we eternally belong. we become worthy children of God and create a better place to live in. This acceptance has to be based on knowledge. Instead of looking at the physical form we begin to see each other as brother souls. would you like to do it? Every parent likes obedience in a child and this is the simplest way to remain linked and in tune with the Supreme. by just changing our consciousness. people barely recognize the fact that we all do belong to one family of God. I remember the Pope said this when he visited India in 1964.Think of Him as your Father and Mother and you will experience both greatness and closeness. whilst playing your roles in this world you might have done good things or not such good things. We have all heard the phrase. “From now on.

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