1001 DOCUMENTARY FILM FESTIVAL Since its inception, the Festival has hosted hundreds of films from Turkey and around the world and each year, documentary filmmakers and documentary cinema theoreticians have the opportunity to meet with the audience. Festival start date: 29/10-2010 Festival end date: 04/11-2010 Festival deadline: 25/06-2010 Themes: General Address: Kuloglu Mah. Istiklal Cad. Gazeteci, Erol Dernek Sok. No: 6 Kat: 4 34433 Beyoglu - ISTANBUL Turkey Telephone: +90 212 245 90 96 Fax: +90 212 245 89 58 Web:

AFRICA WORLD DOCUMENTARY FILM FESTIVAL The AWDFF is committed to the promotion of knowledge and culture of Pan African people through cinema. Public viewings of selected AWDFF films shall occur in the US, Africa, Europe, and the Caribbean. Festival start date: 04/02-2010 Festival end date: 07/02-2010 Festival deadline: 31/12-2009 Address: University of Missouri - St. Louis, One University Blvd, GSB237 MO 63121 St. Louis USA Telephone: 1 314 516-4852 Fax: 1 314 516-4851 Web:


AL JAZEERA INTERNATIONAL DOCUMENTARY FILM FESTIVAL Aljazeera Channel is hosting the Aljazeera Int. Documentary Film Festival with the intent of promoting the best documentary and news programmes. Its aim is to promote better cooperation and understanding among peoples and cultures. Exact dates tba. Festival start date: 01/04-2010 Festival end date: 30/04-2010 Festival deadline: 15/01-2010 Themes: General Address: PO Box 24123 Doha Qatar Telephone: 974 - 4670049 Fax: 974 - 4651454 Web:

ASTRA FILM FESTIVAL ASTRA is an int. biannual documentary film festival based in Sibiu, Romania, with a strong focus on Eastern European production approaching contemporary issues with anthropological sensibility. It is the only national showcase for Romanian documentary films Festival start date: 26/10-2009 Festival end date: 01/11-2009 Festival deadline: 01/05-2009 Themes: Anthropological/Ethnographical Address: Piata Huet 12 550182 Sibiu Romania Telephone: +40 269 210 134, 213 44 Fax: +40 269 210 134 Web:


BANGKOK INDIEFEST The goal is to bring the most compelling independent movies from around the world to screen alongside the best new independent Thai cinema. Festival start date: 04/06-2010 Festival end date: 06/06-2010 Festival deadline: 15/01-2010 Address: PO BOX 680 Bangrak Post Office 10500 Bangkok Thailand Email: Web:

BEELD VOOR BEELD FESTIVAL ON CULTURE AND REPRESENTATION Rooted in visual anthropology, the festival screens documentaries on various cultures in a format combining screenings, discussions and seminars on different themes. Takes place in both Amsterdam and Antwerp. Festival start date: 01/06-2010 Festival end date: 06/06-2010 Festival deadline: 11/01-2010 Themes: Anthropological/Ethnographical Address: Postbus 95001 1090 HA Amsterdam Netherlands Telephone: +31 205688520 Fax: +31 205688384


3 BELGRADE DOCUMENTARY & SHORT FILM FESTIVAL Festival start date: 30/03-2010 Festival end date: 03/04-2010 Festival deadline: 30/12-2009 Themes: General Address: Direkcija Festivala.Box 440 11 000 Belgrade Serbia and Montenegro Telephone: +381 11 3248 873 Web: www.O.shortfilmfest.beldocs. Please note the following submission dedlines:1th January 2010 for films finished before 2009. Serbia. 1th February 2010 .for films finished 2009. Majke Jevrosime 20 11000 Belgrade Serbia and Montenegro Telephone: 381 11 3346 946 Fax: 381 11 3346 837 Web: www.Beldocs is an Interantional Feauture Documentary Film Festival held in Belgrade. Festival start date: 13/04-2010 Festival end date: 20/04-2010 Festival deadline: 01/01-2010 Themes: General Address: Nusiceva 6/ BELO HORIZONTE DOCUMENTARY AND ETHNOGRAPHIC FILM FESTIVAL Festival start date: 11/11-2010 Festival end date: 28/11-2010 Festival deadline: 14/08-2010 Themes: Anthropological/Ethnographical 
 . BIRDS EYE VIEW Birds Eye View is accepting films of any subject matter directed or co-directed by BIG SKY DOCUMENTARY FILM FEST Festival start date: 11/02-2011 Festival end date: 20/02-2011 Festival deadline: 15/10-2010 Themes: General Address: 131 South Higgins Ave. Festival start date: 04/03-2010 Festival end date: 10/03-2010 Festival deadline: 06/11-2009 Themes: General Address: Unit 310A Aberdeen Centre. Bairro Santa Efigênia 30140-001 Belo Horizonte. sl 6 . Suite 307 Montana 59802 Missoula USA Telephone: 406 541-3456 Web: www.birds-eye-view.bigskyfilmfest.Address: Avenida Brasil nº 
 .co. Minas Gerais Brazil Web: www. 22-24 Highbury Grove N5 2EA London UK Telephone: +44 20 7288 7444 Web: www. Documentaries of any length can be entered.

org/caldocfest/ CINESTRAT CINESTRAT is a documentary film competition with a yearly CALIFORNIA DOCUMENTARY FESTIVAL CalDocFest is California Central Valley's first international focus on nonfiction cinema.Valencia).BRUXELLES FICTION & DOCUMENTARY FESTIVAL Festival start date: 30/09-2010 Festival end date: 30/09-2010 Festival deadline: 30/04-2010 Telephone: +17345386155 Fax: +17345386155 Email: belgium@festivalinfo.sjiff. Among others.O. P. Perú (Lima) and Argentina (Mendoza) Festival start date: 05/05-2010 Festival end date: 09/05-2010 Festival deadline: 05/03-2010 Themes: General Address: 
 . Festival start date: 02/10-2009 Festival end date: 04/10-2009 Themes: General Address: San Joaquin Film Society. It is dedicated to promoting gifted documentary filmmakers and sharing knowledge and understanding of our Web: http://www. Screenings in Spain (Alicante. Box 690341 Stockton CA 95269-0341 USA Web: www. Issue for 2010 is the 21st Century.mamut. best of the fest for feature documentaries is 7000 eur.

Jazmín 2 6B (62).biz CPH:DOX With an annual admission number about CITTÀ DEL SOLE DOCUMENTARY FILM FESTIVAL The Festival is organized by the Casa del Documentario Città del Sole which brings together film-makers and production companies who have found their genius loci in this region of the Appennines where Continental Europe becomes Mediterranean Europe. Festival start date: 30/07-2008 Festival end date: 02/08-2008 Festival deadline: 10/07-2008 Themes: The Mediterranean Address: Italy Telephone: +39 051-3399157 Web: www.cinestrat. Alicante Spain Fax: +34 966830491 Web: www.000 cph:dox has by now established itself as one of the most important documentary events in Scandinavia.cittadelsole. Festival start date: 04/11-2010 Festival end date: 14/11-2010 Festival deadline: 15/05-2010 Themes: General Address: Tagensvej 85 F DK-2200 Copenhagen N Denmark 
 . Edificio España 03501 Benidorm.

Cinéma du Réel CHICAGO INTERNATIONAL DOC FILM FESTIVAL CHICAGO INTERNATIONAL DOCUMENTARY FESTIVAL (CIDF) is a premier festival of documentary films in the U. Festival start date: 26/03-2009 Festival end date: 05/04-2009 Festival deadline: 20/12-2008 Themes: General Address: 1112 Milwaukee Avenue IL 60622 Chicago USA Telephone: 1 773 486 9612 Fax: 1 773 486 9613 Web: www. Festival start date: 18/03-2010 Festival end date: 30/03-2010 Festival deadline: 15/11-2009 Themes: General Address: BPI. the history of documentary cinema as well as contemporary works. documentary film festival has been a meeting point. 25 rue du Renard 75197 Paris Cedex 04 France Telephone: +33 1 44 78 45 16 
 .Telephone: +45 3393 0734 Web: www. where the public and professionals discover films of experienced authors as well as new talents.chicagodocfestival. The 10-day film event established in 2003 is dedicated to the celebration and cultivation of the documentary CINÉMA DU RÉEL Since 1978.cphdox. Centre George Pompidou.S.

Fax: +33 1 44 78 12 24 Web: Web: CORSICA. it was aiming to cultivate an interest for this genre among the local public. Festival start date: 11/05-2010 Festival end date: 16/05-2010 Festival deadline: 01/02-2010 Themes: General Address: DIALËKTUS . Veronica Micle Str MD-2012 Chishinau Republic of Moldova Telephone: 373-2-232771 Fax: 373-2-225409 Web: www. as well as to discover new horizons in the field of documentary film making. At the same time.AUROPEAN DOCUMENTARY AND ANTHROPOLOGICAL FILM FESTIVAL 
 .DOC Festival start date: 16/11-2010 Festival end date: 21/11-2010 Address: Cadi Faracciolu 20140 Moca-Croce France Email: Web 2: CRONOGRAF This festival was created to animate the cinema life in Moldova.

Festival start date: 03/03-2010 Festival end date: 09/03-2010 Festival deadline: 25/09-2009 Themes: Anthropological/Ethnographical Address: Katóka u.dialektusfesztival. which aims to make documentary and anthropological film accessible to a wider audience. Festival start date: 04/09-2009 Festival end date: 30/09-2009 
 .net Email: raphaela@docnyc. 46 H-1163 Budapest Hungary Web: www. thom@docnyc. DOCBOAT The DOCBOAT/WARSAW NONFICTION E-FEST is an on-line documentary film festival where viewers can watch documentary films from all over the world either on the barge tansFORM in Warsaw or through the internet.Dialektus is a European documentary DOC NYC DOC NYC is a new festival celebrating documentary storytelling in film." the programming will range from world premiers to retrospectives to panels.docnyc. Curated by the team behind "Stranger Than Festival start date: 03/11-2010 Festival end date: 07/11-2010 Address: 1710 First Ave #345 NY 10128 New York USA Web: www. inspiration and incubation of ideas. assembling the world's leading creators for dialogue. prose and other media.

pt Web: DOCLISBOA . Bzowa 15 02-708 Warszawa Poland Web: www. A marketplace for the industry and a point of encounter for the public. Festival start date: 02/02-2010 Festival end date: 07/02-2010 Festival deadline: 04/12-2009 Themes: General 
 .docboat. nº 1.Festival deadline: 30/11-1999 Themes: General Address: ul.SISBON INTERNATIONAL DOCUMENTARY FILM FESTIVAL Doclisboa is the only film festival in Portugal that is exclusively dedicated to documentary films. where viewers come into contact with films and DOCSBARCELONA DocsBarcelona has been an international meeting place for the documentary field for the past 10 years.doclisboa. Festival start date: 14/10-2010 Festival end date: 24/10-2010 Festival deadline: 30/06-2010 Themes: General Address: Largo da Madalena. 1º 1100-317 Lisboa Portugal Telephone: +351 21 887 1639 Fax: +351 21 887 1639 Email: apordoc@clix.

pral. DOCUFEST ATLANTA The Atlanta International Documentary Festival (DocuFest Atlanta) brings independent documentary film and video from across the globe. Col Hipódromo Condesa CP 06100 México DF Mexico Telephone: +5255 5515 1420 Fax: +5255 5515 1440 Web: www. Topic and length of the works presented are free.Address: c/o Planeta S. school.docsdf. student. 2ª 08036 Barcelona Spain Telephone: +34 93 453 00 25 Fax: +34 93 323 93 30 Web: www. Festival start date: 20/08-2010 Festival end date: 22/08-2010 Festival deadline: 01/03-2010 Themes: General Address: 
 . DocuFest Atlanta showcases life stories which educate and entertain audiences of every demographic. broadcasting or production company are able to participate.L c/ Mallorca 209. Festival start date: 21/10-2010 Festival end date: 31/10-2010 Festival deadline: 30/04-2010 Themes: General Address: Etla # 3.docsbarcelona. INTERNATIONAL DOCUMENTARY FILM FESTIVAL OF MEXICO CITY Any professional.

documfest. 2/1. eviction. Suite 19 30306 Atlanta GA USA Telephone: 1 4043473564 Web: www.TVR Timisoara Studio. asylum. addressing issues such as: Immigration.INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS DOCUMENTARY FILM FESTIVAL Document understands human rights in its broadest terms to include a wide range of subjects. Pollokshields 
 . an International Festival. NE. It will promote the diversity of documentary films and it will contribute to a better knowledge of new ways to approach reality.docufest. etc. regional public studio for South-West Romania.1132 Virginia Ave. 14A 300115 Timisoara Romania Telephone: +40 256 49 95 60 Fax: +40 256 22 13 10 Web: DOCUMFEST TVR Timisoara. Pestalozzi nr. organizes this DOCUMENT . poverty. HIV/AIDS. and a representative selection of documentaries from home and abroad. Festival start date: 15/12-2009 Festival end date: 17/12-2009 Festival deadline: 16/11-2009 Themes: General Address: SRTV . racism. Str. Festival start date: 26/10-2010 Festival end date: 31/10-2010 Festival deadline: 17/05-2010 Themes: Human Rights Address: 268 Albert Drive.

Great Documentaries and Parallels Festival start date: 02/11-2009 Festival end date: 08/11-2009 Festival deadline: 30/07-2009 Themes: General Address: Glavarjeva ulica 49 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia Telephone: +386 2 300 78 70 Fax: +386 2 300 78 71 Web: www.ROKMA Documentaries in Maribor . There are five categories: Main Programme. Interregional socially critical works. films about myths and icons of the present and the past. Festival start date: 24/03-2010 Festival end date: 31/03-2010 Themes: General Presernova cesta 10 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia Telephone: +386 1 24 17 100 
 . as well as retrospectives of prominent Slovene and foreign documentarists. Scotland UK Telephone: +44 7963 476 204 Web: DOCUMENTARY FILM FESTIVAL SLOVENIA Different programme sections will present the so-called DOCUMENTARIES IN MARIBOR .docfilmfest.G41-2RJ Glasgow.dokma. intimate portraits. Slovenian Special.DokMa is the only film festival with international and national documentary film competition in Slovenia.

that open new Masters class seminars for students and attendees. Festival start date: 16/09-2010 Festival end date: 25/09-2010 Festival deadline: 18/05-2010 Themes: General Address: 84770 UT. Festival start date: 01/05-2010 Festival end date: 08/05-2010 Festival deadline: 30/03-2010 Themes: General Address: Naamsestraat 96 3000 Leuven Belgium Web: www. George USA Email: tuckett@dixie. as well as round table discussions of all facets of documentary production will be held on campus throughout the 9 day DOCUTAH DOCUTAH is an international documentary festival with film and filmmakers from throughout the world. films that DOCVILLE DOCVILLE stands for documentaries with character: films in which the director shows his vision toward the medium. St. Additionally DOCUTAH has an academic component in keeping with the college atmosphere as the hub of all festival activities.Web: DOKUFEST 

Kosovo Telephone: +381 29 633 718 Fax: +381 29 633 718 Web: www. Vondelpark 3. Postbus 74782 1070 BT Amsterdam Netherlands Telephone: +31 205891469 Fax: +31 206833401 Web: www. The International Documentary and Short Film DOKUBAZAAR . Festival start date: 09/06-2010 Festival end date: 13/06-2010 Festival deadline: 15/03-2010 Themes: Art Address: Filmmuseum Amsterdam.DOKUFEST.ARTS INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL FOR FILMS ON ART The festival accepts creative documentaries in all fields of the arts and of any length. The Festival is organized in August in the picturesque and historical town of Prizren which attracts numerous international and regional artists. Festival start date: 21/09-2009 
 .com DOKU. In Festival start date: 31/07-2010 Festival end date: 07/08-2010 Festival deadline: 01/04-2010 Themes: General Address: Mimar Sinan 12 20000 Prizren . is the largest film event in Kosova.TJUBLJANA INDEPENDENT DOCUMENTARY FILM FESTIVAL DOKUBAZAAR LJUBLJANA is aiming to promote creative and social documentary works of all lengths from young and independent filmmakers.dokufest.

Screenings of films from around the world and in addition seminars and Master classes with some of the world's leading documentary film professionals. Festival start date: 03/03-2010 Festival end date: 11/03-2010 Festival deadline: 20/12-2009 Themes: General Address: 1340 M. East Dumma Damascus Syria Telephone: 963 (11) 2320252 Fax: 963 (11) 2320373 Email: DOXA DOCUMENTARY FILM AND VIDEO FESTIVAL DOXA consists of critical programs that examine the history of documentary film and video as well as present new works that expand our thinking about the documentary genre. Only NTSC cassettes are accepted.blogspot. Held in Web: DOX BOX DOX BOX is an event dedicated to creative documentary cinema.Ghnayem St.S. 
 .Festival end date: 24/09-2009 Festival deadline: 01/08-2009 Types: Emerging Filmmakers. Tartous and Homs. Documentary Festival Themes: General Address: C/O SASO NISKAC BRATOVSEVA PLOSCAD 19 Ljubljana Slovenia Web: www.

The festival is presented by the Detroit Film Center.doxafestival. El Omrane 1005 Tunis Tunisia 
 .com DOC À TUNIS Festival start date: 01/04-2010 Festival end date: 04/04-2010 Festival deadline: 15/02-2010 Address: Maison du Documentaire. 17 rue Larbi DOCS INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL Detroit Docs was founded in 2000 to promote the best in non-fiction filmmaking.detroitdocs. Themes: General Address: 5200 Lannoo MI 48236 Detroit USA Telephone: 1 313 417 9784 Web: www.Festival start date: 07/05-2010 Festival end date: 17/05-2010 Festival deadline: 18/12-2009 Themes: General Address: 113 207 West hastings Street V6B 1H7 Vancouver Canada Telephone: 1 604 646 3200 Fax: 1 604 602 9790 Web: www.

Box 720487 Florida 33172 Doral 
 . All submissions must reach DocAviv three (3) months prior to the opening of the Festival. Youth. 20370 61203 Tel Aviv Israel Telephone: 972 3 6060817 Fax: 972 3 6956485 Email: info@docaviv. Festival start date: 28/05-2010 Festival end date: 30/05-2010 Festival deadline: 15/02-2010 Address: Web: www. Competition categories are: International. 2 Shprinzak Street.O. Israeli. awards gala and three evening benefit concerts to raise much needed funds to build schools in Tanzania. Israeli Student DOCAVIV INTERNATIONAL DOCUMENTARY FILM FESTIVAL The DocAviv Festival includes competitive and non-competitive programs.docaviv. expert DOCMIAMI INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL DocMiami's signature events include: a competitive international film +216 71 287 203 Fax: +216 71 842 551 Web: http://docatunis. Festival start date: 06/05-2010 Festival end date: 15/05-2010 Festival deadline: 30/11-2009 Address: The Tel-Aviv Cinemateque. special youth screenings.

Documentary Festival is still the premiere festival in the Arab world totally dedicated to documentaries.Helsinki Documentary Film Festival has no official selection procedure for non-national DOCPOINT HELSINKI DOCUMENTARY FILM FESTIVAL (Although DocPoint . Beirut DOCUDAYS .USA Email: info@docmiami. it will then request the filmmaker/producer to send a screener. Festival start date: 22/09-2009 Festival end date: 27/09-2009 Festival deadline: 30/06-2009 Themes: General Address: PO BOX 113-7222 Hamra. If the film fits one of the categories and interests the festival.) Festival start date: 26/01-2010 Festival end date: 31/01-2010 Festival deadline: 26/01-2010 Address: Fredrikinkatu 23 00120 Helsinki Finland Telephone: 358 9 672 472 Fax: 358 9 673 998 Web: www.docpoint.CEIRUT INTERNATIONAL DOCUMENTARY FESTIVAL DocuDays was founded in 1999 with the aim of raising public awareness for the nonfiction genre as an entertaining and informative tool. Beirut Lebanon Telephone: 961 3 771 880 
 . it urges filmmakers to send an email with a short synopsis of their Web: http://docmiami.

docudays.Fax: 961 1 352 256 Email: docudays@docudays. Geared towards the new generation of filmmakers and film students as well as the DOCUMENTA MADRID Documenta Madrid is an international film festival dedicated exclusively to documentary filmmaking. festivals and contemporary arts events. The Collective has succesfully carried out the programming and organization of the Bodrum Film Festival for the last five years. the event is created mainly to support creative documentary filmmaking and to bring the best example of the genre to 
 . Seraskerci cikm. Eurasia Art Collective (ASK) is a non-governmental organization dedicated to the task of creating intercultural and interdisciplinary platforms through the organization of cultural studies. educational artistic practice. Festival start date: 22/06-2010 Festival end date: 27/06-2010 Themes: Human Rights Address: Sahkulu Web: www. Festival start date: 07/05-2010 Festival end date: 16/05-2010 Festival deadline: 31/12-2009 Themes: General Address: C/ Gran Via 24. 4/ Galata.documentamadrid. 6 planta 28013 Madrid Spain Web: DOCUMENTARIST DOCUMENTARIST – Istanbul Documentary Days is an independent initiative run by a group of young documentary filmmakers. 34420 Istanbul Turkey Email: info@documentarist.

A diversity of ideas transits/traverses the cosmos of DOCUPOLIS INT'L DOCUMENTARY FILM FESTIVAL Docupolis invites all voices around the world to converge into the annual geographical latitud.documentarist.documentaryedge.Web: DOCUMENTARY EDGE FESTIVAL Festival start date: 13/03-2011 Festival end date: 28/03-2011 Festival deadline: 15/09-2010 Address: PO Box 90943 1142 Auckland New Zealand Telephone: +64 9 360 0329 Email: DUISBURG FILM WEEK The Duisburger Film festival is a festival for German-language Address: Barcelona Spain Telephone: +34 93 3064100 Fax: +34 93 3018251 Web: www. Austria or Switzerland or be otherwise connected to these countries. The filmmaker must live in Germany. an independent steadily growing and established as an indispensable encounter point. Min length: 60 Address: 
 .nz Web: www.

Am König Heinrich Platz 47049 Duisburg Germany Telephone: +49 203 283 41 87 Fax: +49 203 283 41 30 Web: www. Republic of Telephone: 82-2-526-2122-3 Fax: 82-2-526-2170 Web: www. Festival start date: 23/09-2010 Festival end date: 29/09-2010 Festival deadline: 30/05-2010 Address: EBS INTERNATIONAL DOCUMENTARY FESTIVAL Over 100 non-fiction films from around the world will meet the audience on the EBS-TV channel for 15 hours a day in addition to public screenings.eidf. photo exhibitions and a special focus on five Asian countries. Dogok2-Dong Gangnam-Gu 134-854 Seoul Korea.duisburger-filmwoche. forums. seminars. ENCUENTROS DEL OTRO CINE INTERNATIONAL DOCUMENTARY FILM FESTIVAL EDOC runs in the three Ecuadorian cities of Quito. Festival start date: 13/05-2010 Festival end date: 30/10-2010 Festival deadline: 31/12-2009 Address: Corporación EDOC. Veintimilla E8-125 Quito 
 . Guayaquil and Manta. performances.

at EXTREMA'DOC The Documentary Film Festival of Extremadura EXTREMA'doc is a cultural event organized by the association DOCUS Extremadura with the aim to promote and disseminate the documentary ETHNOCINECA .Ecuador Web: www. Documentaries of all genres with a socia-cultural focus are ENCOUNTERS SA DOC FEST South African International Documentary Festival Festival start date: 01/07-2010 Festival end date: 31/07-2010 Festival deadline: 03/03-2010 Address: PO Box 16191 8018 Cape Town/Johannesburg South Africa Telephone: 27 21 465 4686 Fax: 27 21 461 6964 Web: www.ethnocineca.encounters.STHNOGRAPHIC AND DOCUMENTARY FILMFEST VIENNA Ethnocineca is an audio-visual media exhibition in Vienna dedicated to anthropological themes and subjects.festivaledoc. Address: 
 . Themes: Anthropological/Ethnographical Address: Schottengasse 3a/1/59 1010 Wien Austria Web: www.

com FIDA DOC'SOUSS 5 days programming to watch and learn from productions coming from different geographical. Web: www. Festival start date: 08/07-2010 Festival end date: 13/07-2010 Festival deadline: 19/03-2010 Themes: General 
 .fidadoc.Apartado de correos nº 687 10080 CÁCERES Spain Telephone: +34 927 24 67 51 Email: info@extremadoc. the media and the public. NB! Filmmakers outside Morocco please send films to this address: Mr Laurent BOCAHUT. Environmental. Latin America. Sport and Arts & Music. FIDMARSEILLE The Marseille International Documentary Film Festival is organised to promote cinema by presenting films to broadcasters. linguistic and cultural areas: Maghreb. Art Min length: 26 Address: BP 200061 8000 Agadir Morocco Telephone: +212 70 14 33 69 Web: www.extremadoc. With focus on 4 main issues: Environment.75018 Paris Festival start date: 09/11-2010 Festival end date: 13/11-2010 Festival deadline: 15/07-2010 Themes: Sport.(FIDA DOC). 5 Rue Pierre Lermitte. Asia and Europe.

BP 103 13701 La Ciotat Cedex 
 .com FIGRA International current affairs and social documentary film festival.Address: 14 allée Léon Gambetta 13001 Marseilles France Telephone: +33 4 95 04 44 90 Fax: +33 4 95 04 44 91 Web: FIFA . Fiction. Short Film Festival .fidmarseille. Festival start date: 24/03-2010 Festival end date: 28/03-2010 Festival deadline: 30/10-2009 Address: CesArts Evénements-FIGRA. knowledge and appreciation of the arts by promoting works by artists and professionals from the fields of film. Saint-Paul Street West. suite 406 H3C 1L9 Montreal. Quebec Canada Telephone: 1 514-874-1637 Fax: 1 514-874-9929 Web: www.artfifa. Animation Address: 640.INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF FILMS ON ART FIFA's primary mission is to increase public awareness. Festival start date: 18/03-2010 Festival end date: 28/03-2010 Festival deadline: 10/10-2009 Types: Documentary Festival. television and video.

anthropological. Anthropological/Ethnographical. particularly the cinema d´auteur. films dealing with social. Art. Festival start date: 24/01-2011 Festival end date: 30/01-2011 Festival deadline: 01/10-2010 Themes: The Pacific Address: Association FIFO. Tahiti French Polynesia Telephone: [689] 544 536 Fax: (689) 561 238 Web: www. BP 1709 98713 FESTIVAL OF VISUAL CULTURE 
 . Films produced after April 30. historical and political issues as well as the world of the Arts. deadline. History/Archaeology Address: Borgo Pinto 82 Rosso 50121 Firenze Italy Telephone: +39 055 244 778 Fax: +39 055 241 364 Web: www. have a August FESTIVAL DEI POPOLI Aims to promote documentary film.filmfestivaloceanie.France Telephone: +33 4 4208 5234 Fax: +33 4 4283 4887 FESTIVAL INTERNATIONAL DU FILM DOCUMENTAIRE OCÉANIEN Any documentary that talks about the Pacific can be registered and participate. Themes: General.

org FLAHERTIANA INTERNATIONAL DOCUMENTARY FILM FESTIVAL The festival includes documentaries that develop the aesthetics introduced by Robert Flaherty in his masterpiece Nanook of the North. Festival start date: 14/10-2010 Festival end date: 20/10-2010 Festival deadline: 01/06-2010 Address: 
 . Alongside with the festival has been arranged a lecture series of visual festival of ethnographic. Address: Via G. portraying human character's real life on film.was established in FESTIVAL OF THE DOCUMENTARY PRIZE LIBERO BIZZARRI The Libero Bizzarri Foundation organize this annual documentary festival. Gronchi 11 63039 San Benedetto del Tronto Italy Telephone: +39 735 753334 Fax: +39 735 763132 Web: www. anthropological and documentary film . Festival start date: 30/09-2010 Festival end date: 03/10-2010 Festival deadline: 01/06-2010 Themes: Anthropological/Ethnographical Address: Länsikatu 15 80110 Joensuu Finland Telephone: 358 40 7236413 Web: www.The Festival of Visual Culture .

Anthropological/Ethnographical. etc.fullframefest.fx subcultures. rural life. Urbanity Address: 
 . Festival start date: 08/04-2010 Festival end date: 11/04-2010 Festival deadline: 30/11-2009 Themes: General Address: 212 West Main Street. human GLOBIANS FILM FESTIVAL Globians Film Festival is an international documentary film festival focusing on world cultures . the globalization process. urban issues. Suite 104 NC 27701 Durham USA Telephone: 1 919 687 4100 Fax: 1 919 687 4200 Web: www. Environmental.flahertiana. traditional cultures. stimulating conversation and community between filmmakers. industry executives and the general public. religions. Festival start date: 13/08-2010 Festival end date: 18/08-2010 Festival deadline: 17/02-2010 Themes: General. regional FULL FRAME FESTIVAL Full Frame celebrates the power and artistry of documentaries. Its mission is to provide filmmakers opportunities to showcase their work theatrically. environment.17 Pionerskaya Street 614039 Perm Russia Telephone: 7 342 245 9056 Fax: 7 342 241 3802 Web: www.perm.

gieff. Box 60 13 61 14413 Potsdam Germany Telephone: +49 700 765 937 63 Fax: +49 700 765 937 32 Web: www. China Web: GUANGZHOU INTERNATIONAL DOCUMENTARY FILM FESTIVAL The festival held in Guangzhou annually includes the following major activities: A thematic GÖTTINGEN INTERNATIONAL ETHNOGRAPHIC FILM FESTIVAL Göttingen IFF is a biennial event with an aim to promote documentaries in the context of intra. Public Screenings and Seminars. videos or interactive media dealing with anthropology. sociology and cultural studies. O. Tower 
 .and intercultural communication and give credit to new films. P. Dongjun Plaza 836 East Dongfeng Road Guangzhou 510080 Guangdong Province. Address: Room 1201-12-02. Festival start date: 12/05-2010 Festival end date: 16/05-2010 Festival deadline: 16/11-2009 Themes: Anthropological/Ethnographical Address: Nonnenstieg 72 37075 Göttingen Germany Telephone: +49 551 5024-170 Fax: +49 551 5024-322 Web: www. Documentary Market. C.

Each year. Festival start date: 15/10-2010 Festival end date: 24/10-2010 Festival deadline: 24/05-2010 Address: 819 Central Avenue. Festival start date: 29/04-2011 Festival end date: 09/05-2011 Address: 110 Spadina Ave. Hot Springs National Park 71901 Arkansas USA Telephone: 1 501 321 4747 Fax: 1 501 321 0211 Web: HOT SPRINGS DOCUMENTARY FILM FESTIVAL It is a goal of the Hot Springs Documentary Film Institute to provide a venue for new and established documentarians from across the nation and abroad and on a variety of topics and particular the violations of human rights . are selected for their ability to document reality .HOT DOCS Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival is North America's largest documentary festival. the festival presents a selection of more than 100 cutting-edge documentaries from Canada and around the globe. courage and independence of HUMAN RIGHTS NIGHTS FILM FESTIVAL The films.. Suite 333 ON M5V 2K4 Toronto Canada Telephone: 1 416 203 2155 Fax: 1 416 203 0446 Web: www. coming from all over the world.with investigative scruple.hotdocs. 

org. Via Riva di Reno. 72 40122 Bologna Italy Telephone: +39 051 2194208 Web: www. 6 Saksaganski St Kiev Ukraine Telephone: 38 057 714 0103 Fax: 38 057 714 96 03 Web: www.Festival start date: 10/04-2010 Festival end date: 18/04-2010 Festival deadline: 15/12-2009 Themes: Human Rights Address: c/o Cineteca di IDFA Creative documentary films or videos of any length.docudays. No previous screenings/broadcast in the Netherlands.humanrightsnights.YKRAINE Documentary films of any genre without any limits as to the year of the film production and release are accepted. provided the film has not been screened in Ukraine earlier. deadline for productions finished after April 1st. Note the August 1. Earlier screenings in other festivals will not exclude HUMAN RIGHTS DOCUMENTARY FILM DAYS . Festival start date: 18/11-2010 Festival end date: 28/11-2010 
 . Festival start date: 26/03-2010 Festival end date: 02/04-2010 Festival deadline: 30/11-2009 Themes: Human Rights Address: House of Cinema.

 . 2010 Festival start date: 18/10-2010 Festival end date: 24/10-2010 Festival deadline: 10/07-2010 Types: Animation. with a special interest in Eastern Europe. Submission Deadlines 2010: May 31. 2010 for films completed before May 1. Documentary Festival Themes: General Address: Grosse Fleischergasse 11 04109 Leipzig Germany Telephone: +49 341 30864 0 Fax: +49 341 30864 15 Web: www. It is also open to works from outside Europe which make a valuable contribution to the festival programme. LEIPZIG FESTIVAL FOR DOCUMENTARY AND ANIMATION FILM The Leipzig DOKfestival is an annual festival for long and short documentary films and videos.Festival deadline: 01/08-2010 Themes: General Address: Frederiksplein 52 1017 XN Amsterdam Netherlands Telephone: +31 20 627 33 29 Fax: +31 20 638 53 88 Web: www. 2010 for films completed after May 1. as well as animated INTERNATIONAL DOCUMENTARY FILM FESTIVAL DOKUMENTART DokumentART is a forum for the European documentary INT. The festival looks for recently produced films. 2010 July 10.

Große Krauthöfer Straße 16 17033 Neubrandenburg Germany Telephone: +49 39 55 66 61 09 Fax: +49 395 5 66 66 12 Web: INTERNATIONAL DOCUMENTARY FILM ENCOUNTER Festival start date: 25/10-2010 Festival end date: 31/10-2010 Festival deadline: 30/05-2010 Address: Ministerio de 
 .Dirección de Comunicaciones-Calle 11 # 5 16 Bogotá Colombia Telephone: 571 350 0403 Fax: 571 281 8840 Web: INTERNATIONAL DOCUMENTARY FILM FESTIVAL JIHLAVA Festival start date: 26/10-2010 Festival end date: 31/10-2010 Festival deadline: 30/06-2010 Themes: General Address: Na Kopci 23 586 01 Jihlava Czech Republic Telephone: 420 776 012 369 Fax: 420 567 333 812 Web: www.

mercier@alliance-cine. Festival start date: 10/11-2010 Festival end date: 13/11-2010 Festival deadline: 11/05-2010 Themes: Nature/Adventure Address: Am Klammbach 1 A 8044 Graz Austria Telephone: 43/316/814223-0 Fax: 43/316/814223-4 
 . alpine & foreign INTERNATIONAL MOUNTAIN & ADVENTURE FILMFESTIVAL GRAZ The Festival was founded in 1986 by the mountaineer and filmmaker Robert Schauer. nature and Email 2: vincent. The Festival is opened to filmmakers from all over the world. The variety of films developed equally.). Starting out as a gathering of professional producers and alpinists it grew larger and expanded to an annual happening that attracts a multitude of people. Every year a varied program is composed from the vast number of submissions represented in the categories: alpine documentation. Festival start date: 09/03-2011 Festival end date: 16/03-2011 Festival deadline: 01/08-2010 Themes: Human Rights Address: 115 rue Saint Dominique 75007 Paris France Email: contact@alliance-cine.festival-droitsdelhomme. etc.INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS FILM FESTIVAL OF PARIS [A]LLIANCE organises the Paris International Human Rights Film Festival. investigative Web: www. The selection is made up of documentary films (creative documentaries. adventure. climbing on rock & ice.

Montana USA Telephone: 1 406 728 9380 Web: www. cinematography and wildlife production as well as to participate in seminars and workshops that focus on Environmental Address: 5. Festival start date: 26/11-2010 Festival end date: 05/12-2010 Festival deadline: 28/02-2010 Themes: Wildlife.Email: mountainfilm@mountainfilm. place Bir-Hakeim 38000 Grenoble France Telephone: +33 4 76 42 64 08 Fax: +33 76 44 63 36 Web: 
 .com/en/ INTERNATIONAL NATURE AND ENVIRONMENT FILM FESTIVAL OF GRENOBLE The Festival aims at showing beautiful wildlife and environmental films coming from all over the world in order to raise public awareness of ecological issues. to learn about trends in filmmaking .org INTERNATIONAL WILDLIFE FILM FESTIVAL IWFF is an opportunity to engage public audiences. Festival start date: 08/05-2010 Festival end date: 15/05-2010 Festival deadline: 30/01-2010 Themes: Wildlife Address: 718 S. conservation and the natural Web: http://www. Higgins 59801 Missoula.

The festival tries to express the relationship betweeen reality and truth through documentary films.Box 10008 IA 52240 Iowa City USA Telephone: 1 319 335 3258 Web: http://icdocs.irandocfest. Ghandi Sq. Festival start date: 15/04-2010 Festival end date: 11/04-2009 Festival deadline: 06/03-2010 Types: Short Film Festival .ir Ismaïlia International Festival for Documentary & Short Films * Ismailia International Film Festival takes place to promote an intercultural dialogue for a deeper understanding of others by presenting their creative works to the audience and to encourage filmmakers of documentary and and short films.O.17.IOWA CITY INTERNATIONAL DOCUMENTARY FESTIVAL Short documentaries . Address: No. Shariati ave 15569 Tehran Iran Telephone: 98 21 88511326 Fax: 98 21 88511242 Web: www.duration less than 30 min. Address: 
 .Iran International Documentary Film IRAN INTERNATIONAL DOCUMENTARY FILM FESTIVAL DEFC (Documentary and Experimental Film Center)organizes Cinema Verite. Documentary Festival Max length: 30min Address: P.

org.Pinheiros 05417-010 São Paulo Brazil Telephone: 55 11 3868 3277 Fax: 55 11 3873 7296 Email: info@itsalltrue. The festival is biennial. Pyramids Ave 12111 Giza Egypt Telephone: 202 358 51 613 Fax: 202 358 51 613 Web: Web: JACKSON HOLE WILDLIFE FILM FESTIVAL This event allows television and film industry professionals from around the world to network with their peers and engage in lively discussions. The festival has taken place since 1996 simultaneously in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Festival start date: 08/04-2010 Festival end date: 18/04-2010 Festival deadline: 04/12-2009 Address: Rua Mourato IT'S ALL TRUE Egyptian Film Center. 325 . and forums. seminars. all devoted to the world of natural history filmmaking. DOCUMENTARY FESTIVAL It's All True International documentary festival is the most important event dedicated exclusively to the non-fictional production of cinema and video in Brazil. City of Arts. Festival start date: 10/10-2011 Festival end date: 07/10-2011 Festival deadline: 01/06-2011 Themes: Wildlife Address: 

Suite 112.JWFF Office. and is focusing on formal and thematic innovations.240 S JAPAN WILDLIFE FILM FESTIVAL The festival hopes to increase understanding and awareness of the urgent need to protect and care for the natural JEAN ROUCH INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL Jean Rouch IFF (formerly known as Bilan du film Ethnographic) is dedicated to the professionals in the fields of cinema and anthropology.naturechannel. Akagishita-machi 11-1 162-0803 Shinjuku-ku. and is held biennially. PO Box 3940 WY 83001 Jackson USA Web: www. Themes: Wildlife Address: Nature Film Network . It was established in 1993. Place du Trocadéro 75116 Paris France Telephone: +33 1 47 04 38 20 Fax: +33 1 45 53 52 82 
 . Tokyo Japan Telephone: 81(0)3 5261 9908 Fax: 81(0)3 5261 9760 Web: www. The next edition of the JWFF will find place 2011. Festival start date: 27/03-2010 Festival end date: 05/04-2010 Festival deadline: 30/11-2009 Themes: Anthropological/Ethnographical Address: Musée de l'Homme.

Festival start date: 09/11-2010 Festival end date: 14/11-2010 Festival deadline: 19/07-2010 Themes: General Address: Goethestrasse 31 34119 Kassel Germany Telephone: +49 561 188 44 Fax: +49 561 188 34 Email: Web: www.Web: www.comite-film-ethno.filmladen. whatever the theme and the length LES ESCALES DOCUMENTAIRES Documentaries from all over the world may join the competition.und Videofest is a LES ETATS GÉNÉRAUX DU FILM DOCUMENTAIRE 
 . which aims at providing insight into current international documentary filming and video work. ambitious and entertaining documentary films and videos. Address: 21 rue Ampère 17000 La Rochelle France Telephone: +33 5 4642 3416 Fax: +33 5 5 46 34 29 24 Web: www. The festival intends to present KASSELER DOKUMENTARFILM UND VIDEO FEST The Kasseler Dokumentarfilm. LONDON INTERNATIONAL DOCUMENTARY FESTIVAL The LIDF is particularly. Ethnography/anthropology. although not twenty years aesthetic. screening and reflection that have distinguished this event since its creation. political and economic issues in documentary films have guided the editorial choices of the Etats géné MIDA 
 .uk Web: www. professionals and spectators to participate in the dynamics of training. Other social and development issues Festival start date: 29/04-2010 Festival end date: 08/05-2010 Festival deadline: 01/12-2009 Themes: Anthropological/Ethnographical. The 21st edition will bring together all those passionately interested in documentary cinema. Memory/history.lussasdoc. Human Rights. General Min length: 10min Max length: 120min Address: UK Email: jessieteggin@pocketvisions. interested in films in the categories:Environment. Human Rights. Politics/Philosophy/Economics. Festival start date: 22/08-2010 Festival end date: 28/08-2010 Festival deadline: 21/05-2010 Address: Ardèche Images. Le Village 07170 Lussas France Telephone: +33 4 7594 2806 Fax: +33 4 75 94 28 81 Web: www. Heritage and the Arts.

Short Film Festival . Short and Animation Films is a biannual competitive festival.DeshmukhMarg. Festival start date: 07/06-2010 Festival end date: 10/06-2010 Festival deadline: 10/04-2010 Address: 11 F. 400026 Mumbai India Telephone: 91 22 386 4633 Fax: 91 22 380 0308 Web: www.MIDA is a festival dedicated to documentary Web: www. Festival start date: 11/11-2010 
 . The substance of this event is about "contemporary history". MIFF. Govenm. STV Mansion B 200041 Shanghai China Telephone: +86-21-62565899 Email: mida@midadoc. Films can be any length.midadoc. FILM FESTIVAL Mumbai International Film Festival for Documentary. Animation Address: Ministry of Information and Broadcting. of MARGARET MEAD FILM & VIDEO FESTIVAL The festival accepts documentary or experimental non-fiction films (including animation and new media). Types: Documentary Festival.G. MUMBAI Web 2: www.miffindia. to reflect and present the profound changes of human history and the most imminent social topics.

ba Web: www. mercy and compassion.mff. hope. Festival start date: 15/06-2010 Festival end date: 22/06-2010 Festival deadline: 01/05-2010 Types: Short Film Festival . Documentary Festival. MEDITERRANEAN FILM FESTIVAL Festival start date: 01/09-2010 Festival end date: 04/09-2010 Festival deadline: 15/06-2010 Address: Trg Gojka Šuška 5 88220 Široki Brijeg Bosnia and Herzegovina Telephone: +387 39 704 631 Email: topic@mff. FILM FESTIVAL The purpose for the filmmakers is to create their own world and reflect the reality meeting with. Animation Max length: 120min Address: 
 . love. PETERSBURG INT. 79th Street Central Park West NY 10024 New York USA Telephone: 1 212 769 53 05 Fax: 1 212 769 53 29 Web: www.amnh. MESSAGE TO MAN.Festival end date: 14/11-2010 Festival deadline: 03/05-2010 Address: American Museum of Natural History.

The access of women to the social. political and sexual rights.miradasdoc. MUJERDOC II FESTIVAL INTERNACIONAL DE CINE DOCUMENTAL SOBRE GÉNERO MUJERDOC . the defense of the different cultures between people. national and Canarian. the equality of opportunities. Human Rights 
 .spb. Festival start date: 29/10-2010 Festival end date: 06/11-2010 Festival deadline: 10/06-2010 Address: Ayuntamiento de Guía de Isora. first work.message-to-man.II INTERNACIONAL DOCUMENTARY FESTIVAL ON GENDER aims to be a platform for the exhibition of documentaries that contribute to the promotion of the equal possibilities of men and women. C/ El Ayuntamiento n 4 38690 Guía de isora. Canarias Spain Telephone: +34 647470722 Fax: +34922850354 Web: MIRADAS-DOC Miradas-Doc (formerly Docusur).Karavannaya 12 191011 St Petersburg Russia Telephone: 7 812 230 2200 Fax: 7 812 235 3995 Web: www. the oppression practiced by some religions against the freedom to choose and the freedom of sexual identity…these are the topics that Festival's first edition brought up. Festival start date: 19/10-2010 Festival end date: 23/10-2010 Festival deadline: 30/06-2010 Themes: General. the stereotypes and roles associated to women in the sexist social model. the International Documentary Film Festival of Guía de Isora is accepting registrations of documentaries for the official section for competition in the categories of full-length. short.

New Films from Web: www. with films from developing countries and countries in transition. 59. Retrospective.mujerdoc. International NATURVISION Documentaries from around the world focusing on nature and wildlife are welcomed for the fourth edition of this festival.dokfest-muenchen. Special Programmes Festival start date: 05/05-2010 Festival end date: 12/05-2010 Festival deadline: 08/01-2010 Address: Landwehrstraße 79 80336 München Germany Telephone: +49 89 5139 9788 Fax: +49 89 5156 3936 Web: MUNICH INTERNATIONAL DOCUMENTARY FILM FESTIVAL The Festival programme consists of: International Competition.Address: C/ Camino Viejo de Leganés.mujeresdelmundo. Wildlife Address: Forstwaldstraße 6 
 . Festival start date: 15/07-2010 Festival end date: 18/07-2010 Festival deadline: 30/04-2010 Themes: Nature/Adventure. Horizons. B 28019 Madrid Spain Email: Web 2: www.

docfest.nododocfest. .P. Address: 159 Maiden Lane NY 10038 New York USA Telephone: 1 212 668 1100 Fax: 1 212 943 6396 Web: www. C. Selection is by invitation NORDISK PANORAMA FILM FESTIVAL 
 .de NEW YORK INTERNATIONAL DOCUMENTARY FESTIVAL The New York international Documentary Festival presents new and classic international documentaries to New York NODODOCFEST Nododocfest is organized by Il Nodo Cultural Association as a festival solely dedicated to the movie of the real productions. Festival start date: 05/05-2010 Festival end date: 10/05-2010 Festival deadline: 28/02-2010 Address: Associazione Culturale Il Nodo.PO Box 270 34132 Trieste Italy Telephone: +39 347 6273390 Web: www.natur-vision. or non-fictions.94556 Neuschönau Germany Telephone: +49 8558 9739 0 Fax: +49 8558 9739 26 Web: www.

Boks 500 6101 Volda Norway Telephone: Fax: +47 7007 5051 Web: www. Festival start date: 24/09-2010 Festival end date: 29/09-2010 Festival deadline: 15/02-2010 Types: Fiction. It is organised by Filmkontakt Nord. and to inspire a broader production. General Address: HVO. Short Film Festival . Documentary Festival.Nordic film festival with competition. Festival start date: 28/04-2010 Festival end date: 02/05-2010 Festival deadline: 15/01-2010 Themes: The OXDOX 
 .com NORWEGIAN DOCUMENTARY FILM FESTIVAL The aim of the festival is to strengthen the status of documentaries in Norway.dokfilm. Århus. The festival travels each year among the five Nordic cities Oulu.nordiskpanorama. Bergen. Focus is on Norway and the Nordic countries but documentaries from other countries are also welcome. Reykjavik and Malmö.Please notice the 2 deadlines: The first deadline is 15 February for films made in 2009 and the second deadline is on 15 May for films completed after 1 January 2010. Animation Address: Bergen Norway Telephone: +45 33 11 51 52 Fax: +45 33 11 21 52 Web: www.

Postboks 1169 5100 Odense C Denmark Telephone: +45 65 51 28 21 Fax: +45 65 91 43 18 Web: www.oxdox. Fiction. 27 Park End Street OX1 1HU Oxford UK Web: www. ODENSE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL The International Odense Film Festival is a short and documentary film festival. The festival screens international short fiction and short documentaries as well as Danish short fiction and Danish short and feature length ONE WORLD INT'L HUMAN RIGHTS FILM FESTIVAL One World is one of the leading festivals dealing with the issue of human rights in Europe and belongs among the founding members of the Association of Human Rights Festivals.filmfestival.Oxdox International Film Festival brings 100 of the best documentary films from around the world to Oxford. 4. which joins together 17 festivals from throughout the entire world. Festival start date: 21/04-2010 Festival end date: 26/04-2010 Address: The Jam Factory. A 'work in progress' workshop is organised at the festival as well. Festival start date: 10/03-2010 Festival end date: 18/03-2010 Festival deadline: 30/11-2009 
 . Documentary Festival Address: Farvergården 7. Animation. Festival start date: 23/08-2010 Festival end date: 28/08-2010 Festival deadline: 01/04-2010 Types: Short Film Festival .

Types: Fiction, Documentary Festival Themes: Human Rights Address: Sokolská 18 120 00 Prague 4 Czech Republic Telephone: 420 226 200 400 Fax: 420 2 6113 4137 Web:

OROBIE FILM FESTIVAL International Festival of Mountain Documentary and Fictional Film. Festival start date: 05/02-2010 Festival end date: 13/02-2010 Festival deadline: 30/10-2009 Themes: Nature/Adventure Address: Via Zelasco,1 24122 Bergamo Italy Telephone: +39 035 237323 Fax: +39 035 224686 Web:

PLANETE DOC REVIEW Planete Doc Review presents films awarded at the most prominent festivals which talk about the world we live in through the language of cinema of the highest merit. Festival start date: 07/05-2010 Festival end date: 16/05-2010 Festival deadline: 26/02-2010 Address:


Palace of Culture, Pl. Defilad 1 Warsaw Poland Web: Web 2:

PLAY-DOC, TUI INTERNATIONAL DOCUMENTARY FESTIVAL Play-Doc will focus on author and creative documentaries. It includes an Official Competition Section for the best Feature-length and Short Documentary. Exact festival dates tba. Festival start date: 01/03-2010 Festival end date: 30/03-2010 Festival deadline: 15/11-2009 Address: Rua Colon nº2- Edificio Area Panoramica 2º piso 36700 TUI, Pontevedra Spain Telephone: +34 986 607161 Web:

PORTLAND INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL This non-competitive festival focuses primarily on work from outside the United States, but American features, documentaries and shorts are included. The festival has a rolling deadline until the end of December. Festival start date: 11/02-2010 Festival end date: 28/02-2010 Festival deadline: 31/12-2009 Types: Short Film Festival , Fiction, Documentary Festival Address: NW Film Centre, 1219 SW Park Avenue OR 97205 Portland USA


Telephone: 1 503 221 1156 Fax: 1 503 226 4842 Web:

PUNTO DE VISTA - NNTL DOCUMENTARY FILM FESTIVAL OF NAVARRA The Festival is open to all non-fiction audiovisual forms, such as author's documentaries, creation documentaries, experimental essays, diary films or works created using home, orphan or recycled materials. There are no limits with regard to subject matte Festival start date: 22/02-2011 Festival end date: 27/02-2011 Festival deadline: 30/09-2010 Address: Fundación INAAC. C/ Navarrería 39 31001 Pamplona Spain Telephone: +34 848 42 46 84 Fax: +34 848 42 46 24 Web:

PÄRNU INTERNATIONAL DOCUMENTARY AND ANTHROPOLOGY FESTIVAL Worldwide festival for the best documentaries. Two grand prices. One is given by an international jury the other one by votes of the audience of Estonian TV. Festival start date: 11/07-2010 Festival end date: 25/07-2010 Festival deadline: 01/04-2010 Themes: Anthropological/Ethnographical Address: Box A 3600 Pärnu Estonia Telephone: 372 44 43 869


It is an itinerant event. Documentary Festival Address: Fríkirkjuvegur 1 101 Reykjavík Iceland Telephone: +354 411 7055 Web: www.Fax: 372 44 30 774 Web: Fitzroy Street W1T 5BT London UK Telephone: +44 20 7387 0455 Fax: +44 20 7383 4235 Web: www. Festival of Ethnographic Film is sponsored by the Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain & Ireland (RAI).riff. Festival start date: 01/07-2011 Festival end date: 04/07-2011 Festival deadline: 15/01-2010 Themes: Anthropological/Ethnographical Address: REYKJAVÍK INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL Features and full-length RAI INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF ETHNOGRAPHIC FILM The 
 . moving from one university host to another on a biennial basis.chaplin. Festival start date: 23/09-2010 Festival end date: 03/10-2010 Festival deadline: 15/07-2010 Types: Fiction.

Moreover. Pakistan and Sri Lanka Festival start date: 03/12-2010 Festival end date: 09/12-2010 Festival deadline: 30/09-2009 Types: Documentary Festival. Nepal.ridm.qc. de Gaspé. bureau 1104 H2T 3B3 Montré RIVER TO RIVER . Fiction Address: Piazza Santo Spirito.RENCONTRES INTERNATIONALES DU DOCUMENTAIRE DE MONTRÉAL Festival start date: 10/11-2010 Festival end date: 21/11-2010 Festival deadline: 15/06-2010 Address: 5455. Short Film Festival . Québec Canada Email: info@ridm. pedagogical and scientific films. 1 50125 Florence Italy Telephone: +39 055 286929 Fax: +39 055 284983 Web: www. the festival is also open to films coming from ROSHD INT'L FILM FESTIVAL The main goal is to support producing educational.VLORENCE INDIAN FILM FESTIVAL River to River is the first festival in the world entirely devoted to films from and about Web: www. to give our audience a greater vision of India and around. av. paving the way for introducing such films into education system and support and encourage (young) filmmakers to produce more and better educational and pedagogical films Address: 

Bahar Ave. Emerging Filmmakers Address: Piazza Buenos Aires 5 00198 Roma Italy Telephone: +39 6 45425050 Fax: +39 6 23319206 Web: www. Short Film Festival . Animation. Festival start date: 11/03-2010 Festival end date: 19/03-2010 Festival deadline: 15/11-2009 Types: Documentary Festival. Its aim is to unite enthusiasm for films and filmmaking among young filmmakers with the realities of film production and distribution.SINGAPORE INDIE DOC FEST The Singapore Indie Doc Fest is ROMA INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL The Roma Independent Film Festival (RIFF) is Rome 's first independent and international film festival. Edition 4 returns in 2011. Address: The Substation Ltd. 1561711135 Teheran Iran Telephone: +982177501097 Fax: +982177522921 Email: riff@roshd. Fiction.Semnan St. 45 Armenian St 179936 Singapore Singapore 
 .No SIDF Web: http://festival.riff.

seefestival.substation. seminars and special events with some of the leading persons in the SIEFF .org SEE . Festival start date: 20/09-2010 Festival end date: 25/09-2010 Festival deadline: 31/05-2010 Themes: Anthropological/Ethnographical Address: Istituto Superiore Etnografico della Sardegna. via Papandrea 6 08100 Nuoro Italy Telephone: +39 0784 242900 Fax: +39 0784 37484 Web: 
 . special attention is given to works concerned with themes that bring us back representation of contemporary life. Festival start date: 19/02-2010 Festival end date: 21/02-2010 Address: 10 Boyces Street BN1 1AN Brighton.isresardegna.SARDINIA INTERNATIONAL ETHNOGRAPHIC FILM FESTIVAL SIEFF concentrates on a selection of recently made documentaries with an ethnoanthropological prospective.Web: www.THE BRIGHTON DOCUMENTARY FILM FESTIVAL SEE is an event packed full of screenings. East Sussex UK Telephone: +44 (0) 1273 227700 Fax: +44 (0) 1273 227777 Web: www. The festival is biannual.

2011 in June! Festival start date: 03/11-2010 
 .SOUTH BY SOUTHWEST FILM FESTIVAL & CONFERENCE Independent fiction and docs. industry session programme and market SAVANNAH FILM FESTIVAL Featuring independent and innovative film from around the world. Festival start date: 30/10-2010 Festival end date: 06/11-2010 Festival deadline: 01/07-2010 Address: Savannah USA Web: http://filmfest.sxsw. the annual festival presents a full range of cinematic creativity from both award-winning professionals and emerging student filmmakers.SXSW . The conference portion is a five-day crash course on guerilla filmmaking and marketing. Short Film Festival . as well as inspirational documentary films from across the SHEFFIELD INTERNATIONAL DOCUMENTARY FESTIVAL Doc/Fest is a film festival. Hosted by the Savannah College of Art and Design. Festival start date: 12/03-2010 Festival end date: 20/03-2010 Festival deadline: 03/12-2009 Types: Animation.40 TH Street 78751 Austin Texas USA Telephone: 1 512 467 7979 Web: www.scad. Fiction. discussion panels and filmmaker masterclasses. Documentary Festival Address: 100 E. offering pitching opportunities.

15 Paternoster Row S1 2BX Sheffield UK Telephone: +44 114 276 5141 Fax: +44 114 272 1849 Web: www.LVERDISCOVERY CHANNEL DOCUMENTARY FILM FESTIVAL The eight-day program presents contemporary documentary filmmaking from across the globe. Festival start date: 23/07-2010 Festival end date: 01/08-2010 Festival deadline: 01/03-2010 
 .com SILVERDOCS . which is being held annually since 2004 with its theme being Digital Cinema (D-Cinema).com SKIP CITY INT'L D-CINEMA FESTIVAL The SKIP CITY INTERNATIONAL D-Cinema FESTIVAL is an international competitive festival. including numerous world and international premieres and works by master and emerging filmmakers alike.silverdocs.sheffdocfest. Festival start date: 22/06-2010 Festival end date: 27/06-2010 Festival deadline: 19/03-2010 Address: 8633 Colesville Road MD 20910 Silver Spring USA Telephone: 1 301 495 6776 Fax: 1 301 495 6798 Web: www.Festival end date: 07/11-2010 Festival deadline: 30/06-2010 Address: The Workstation.

or non-fiction avoiding commercial dramaturgy. Festival start date: 24/07-2010 Festival end date: 31/07-2010 Festival deadline: 31/05-2010 Types: Documentary Festival. Short Film Festival . Animation.slowfilmfest. Short Film Festival . journeys to the middle East and to the East. Fiction Themes: Nature/Adventure. Islam.Types: Animation. The Mediterranean. The Middle East 
 . Fiction Address: Széchenyi út 14 3300 Eger Hungary Web: SLOW FILM FESTIVAL The festival calls for films both fiction. Documentary Festival. focusing on real life conditions and make viewers use their mind. scratching only the surface of the artistic expression. nature. Festival start date: 06/07-2010 Festival end date: 13/07-2010 Festival deadline: 15/04-2010 Types: Documentary Festival. SOLE E LUNA DOCFEST Mediterranean and Islamic International Documentary Festival presenting and rewarding most beautiful films and documentaries about the Mediterranean sea. Fiction Address: 3-12-63 3F. Short Film Festival . Films holding a mirror to humankind. Kawaguchi 333-0844 Saitama Japan Telephone: +81 48 263 0818 Fax: +81 48 262 5635 Web: www. Animation. adventures.skipcity-dcf.

com SPANISH FILM FESTIVAL OF MALAGA Spanish feature films. 6 Eustace St. 
 .com STRANGER THAN FICTION FESTIVAL & MARKET Stranger Than Fiction is dedicated to celebrating the best of factual film and television.festivaldemalaga. Congress on Spanish and Latin American Documentaries. Festival start date: 17/04-2010 Festival end date: 24/04-2010 Festival deadline: 30/11-2009 Types: Fiction.solelunaunpontetraleculture. Festival start date: 15/04-2010 Festival end date: 18/04-2010 Festival deadline: 26/03-2010 Address: Irish Film Institute. Documentaries with Spanish or Latin American themes or backing. Documentary Festival Themes: Latin America Address: C/ Cárcer . nº 6 29012 Malaga Spain Telephone: +34 95 222 8242 Fax: +34 95 222 7760 Web: www.Address: Via Libertà 161 90144 Palermo Italy Telephone: +39 091 6268404 Fax: +39 091 6268404 Web: www.

irishfilm. Documentary Festival Themes: Anthropological/Ethnographical Address: Estonian National Museum.Dublin 2. Films from different regions of the world are most welcome. Ireland Email: THE ART OF THE DOCUMENT The Art of the Document Festival is a meeting with the most interesting docs from Eastern Europe.worldfilm. Festival start date: 22/03-2010 Festival end date: 28/03-2010 Festival deadline: 15/10-2010 Types: Short Film Festival .LORLDFILM The focus of the WorldFilm is upon all film production that is not part of mainstream commercial film-making and has some kind of anthropological component.htm TARTU FESTIVAL OF VISUAL CULTURE .ie Web: http://www. Festival start date: 05/11-2010 Festival end date: 14/11-2010 Festival deadline: 07/06-2010 Address: ul. Chelmska 21 00-724 Warszawa Poland 
 . Veski 32 51014 Tartu Estonia Telephone: 372 735 0447 Web: www. Fiction. It is a new place of exchange of ideas in the old centre of the Poland's capital city.

Festival start date: 15/02-2010 Festival end date: 15/02-2010 Festival deadline: 31/12-2009 Address: Carrer Jacint Verdaguer. The goal is to defend the rights of individuals and democratic values such as tolerance and respect for minorities. 3 Jen-ai Road 6F-1 Taipei Taiwan Telephone: 886 2 27 72 38 37 Fax: 886 2 27 72 43 70 Email: info@tidf. aims to encourage the making of documentaries and to enhance the interaction between international and local TV3 INTERNATIONAL AWARDS The TV3 International Award has become a platform for all productions that raise a voice against the violation of human rights. s/n 08970 Sant Joan Despí Barcelona Spain Web: Email 2: Web: www. sec. held once every two 
 . Festival start date: 22/10-2010 Festival end date: 31/10-2010 Festival deadline: 15/06-2010 Address: No 25.html TAIWAN INTERNATIONAL DOCUMENTARY FESTIVAL The Taiwan International Documentary Festival.Telephone: +48 22 8402745 Email:

Amazon Drive. discussion. Institute of Ethnology.archaeologychannel. The festival is biennial. Academia Sinica Taipei 115 Nankang Taiwan Telephone: 886 2 2652 3452 Fax: 886 2 2785 5836 Web: Eugene 97405 Oregon USA Telephone: Web: www. and exchange. Room 2610.tmoa. To promote the genre and the makers of film and video productions about archaeology and indigenous peoples.Web: http://tidf. Festival start date: 18/05-2010 Festival end date: 22/05-2010 Festival deadline: 15/10-2009 Themes: History/Archaeology Address: 4147 THE ARCHAEOLOGY CHANNEL INTERNATIONAL FILM AND VIDEO FESTIVAL The festival mission is to exhibit the diversity of human cultures past and present in the exploration of our place in history and in our TAIWAN INTERNATIONAL ETHNOGRAPHIC FILM FESTIVAL TIEFF is more than a venue for screening films and videos. Themes: Anthropological/Ethnographical Address: Taiwan Association of Visual it is also a forum for education.shtml THE GLOBAL VISIONS FILM FESTIVAL – GVFF 

globalvisionsfestival. Wilcza 12C Str 00-532 Warszawa Poland Telephone: +48 22 627 28 31 Fax: +48 22 622 60 13 Web: www. Documentary Festival Themes: Anthropological/Ethnographical.Global Visions continues to champion alternative media through the art of documentary film and search for the best in the documentary art THE JEWISH MOTIFS FILM FESTIVAL The festival is focused on the Jewish nation. as a nexus between people who know their strength. Alberta Canada Web: www. Address: 31221-10405 Jasper Avenue. It aims to show films from post-soviet countries as well as from Western THE RIVER FESTIVAL/EL FESTIVIL DEL RIU The River Festival is born with the intention to be the compulsory meeting and reference point for all the people who consider the rivers as a source of richness and culture. Documentary Festival Themes: Jewish Culture Address: Jewish Motifs Association. Types: Fiction. Fiction. its tradition. Animation. Nature/Adventure Address: 
 . The Festival screens new films on current issues or on issues that continue to be relevant. Festival start date: 20/04-2010 Festival end date: 25/04-2010 Festival deadline: 31/01-2010 Types: Animation. identity and history. Standard Life Building T5J 3S2 Edmonton. Short Film Festival . Short Film Festival . both past and present.jewishmotifs.

the TDF focuses on filmmakers internationally renowned for their contribution to the documentary genre. 
 .uk THESSALONIKI DOCUMENTARY FESTIVAL The TDF is carried out every March in Thessaloniki since its inception in 1999. histories.Avinguda Príncep d'Astú THE UK JEWISH FILM FESTIVAL The UKJFF exhibits films that engage with Jewish experiences. and explores their relationship and place within a multicultural society. cultures and areas of concern worldwide. Through tributes and retrospectives. Festival start date: 12/03-2010 Festival end date: 21/03-2010 Festival deadline: 30/11-2009 Themes: Human Rights Address: Web: www. Short Film Festival Themes: Jewish Culture Address: 27-31 Clerkenwell Close EC1R 0AT London UK Telephone: +44(0)20 3176 0048 Email: info@ukjff. Festival start date: 06/11-2010 Festival end date: 18/11-2010 Festival deadline: 29/06-2010 Types: Documentary Festival. 13 08012 Barcelona Spain Web: Alexandras Av. Fiction. Animation.ukjewishfilmfestival.

gr TIRANA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL The first International Festival in Albania for short film.filmfestival. Festival start date: 25/04-2011 Festival end date: 29/04-2011 Festival deadline: 01/03-2009 Types: Documentary Festival. Types: Animation.o.. fiction. Kosmova 651/16 
 . Short Film Festival Themes: Environmental Address: FABEX MEDIA TUR OSTRAVA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL The festival involves short films and documentaries aimed at all branches of industrial. Documentary Festival Max length: 30 Address: P. agricultural. economic and civic pursuits of people and their connection with living environments and long-term sustainable development.O. Short Film Festival . animation and experimental.tiranafilmfest. documentaries. Box 8361 Tirana Albania Telephone: +355 4 250840 Fax: +355 69 2026703 Web: www. Fiction.11473 Athens Greece Telephone: +30 210 8706000 Fax: +30 210 6456251 Web: www.r. U. Educational.A. S. 2 28012 Madrid Spain Telephone: +34 91 506 38 83 Fax: +34 91 506 38 76 Web: www.S NTERNATIONAL TELEVISION FESTIVAL ON URBAN LIFE AND ECOLOGY The competition is open to documentaries. C/ Ronda de Valencia.INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS DOCUMENTARY FILM FESTIVAL 
 . reports and other productions about any topic related to life in the cities.urbantvfestival. Awards are presented each June during an Awards Gala in L. Entertainment. VERZIO . Industrial and Informational productions. Short Film Festival .filmfestawards. Suite A CA 90277-4233 Redondo Beach USA Web: www. Festival start date: 15/11-2010 Festival end date: 19/11-2010 Festival deadline: 06/09-2010 Types: URBAN-TV . Fiction Themes: Urbanity Address: La Casa Encendida. Documentary Festival. Address: 713 South Pacific Coast Highway. INTERNATIONAL FILM AND VIDEO FESTIVAL US Int Film And Video Festival was founded in 1967 and is devoted to recognition of outstanding Business.702 00 Ostrava Czech Republic Web: www. TV.

Documentary Festival Max length: 60 Address: Praca de Republica 4480-715 Vila Do Conde Portugal Telephone: +351 252 64 65 16 Fax: +351 252 24 84 16 Web: www. Festival start date: 03/07-2010 Festival end date: 11/07-2010 Festival deadline: 06/04-2010 Types: Animation.The aim of Verzio is to highlight human rights issues and create greater global awareness in the public through documentaries that go beyond the usual media coverage of current social and political VILA DO CONDE INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM FESTIVAL International competition for fiction. documentary and animation. Festival start date: 02/11-2010 Festival end date: 07/11-2010 Festival deadline: 31/08-2010 Themes: Human Rights Address: arany jános u. Short film market. Please note that the deadline for the national competion is May 25. Short Film Festival 
 . Fiction. Web: www.curtasmetragens.verzio. 1051 Budapest Hungary Telephone: +36 1 327 3250 Fax: +36 1 327 3260 Email: verziofilmfest@ceu.

Festival start date: 22/05-2010 Festival end date: 30/05-2010 Festival deadline: 30/01-2010 Types: Short Film Festival . VIDEOEX The purpose of Videoex is to promote video and experimental film works. Festival start date: 15/04-2010 Festival end date: 21/04-2010 Festival deadline: 15/10-2009 Themes: General Address: 18. innovative animations and music videos. Note that deadline for films completed after September is January 
 .visionsdureel.VISIONS DU RÉEL Visions du Réel is presenting a great diversity of themes and a wide range of approaches as well as covering everything from fundraising to distribution and sales. Rue Juste-Olivier 1260 Nyon Switzerland Telephone: +41 22 365 4455 Fax: +41 22 365 4450 Web: www. 2010. Documentary Festival Max length: 60 Address: Kanonengasse 20 8004 Zürich Switzerland Web: www. Fiction. videos. experimental digital and graphic productions and experimental documentaries. The festival is looking for experimental films.

Festival start date: 01/10-2010 Festival end date: 30/10-2010 Festival deadline: 26/03-2010 Themes: Wildlife.yidff. Environmental Address: Ground ZIFF-FESTIVAL OF THE DHOW COUNTRIES 
 . 2010. Festival start date: 08/10-2011 Festival end date: 15/10-2011 Address: 201 9-52 Kinomi-cho. The Rackhay. Yamagata-shi 990-0044 Yamagata-ken Japan Telephone: +81 23-666-4480 Fax: +81 23-625-4550 Web: www. Queen Charlotte Street BS1 4HJ Bristol UK Telephone: +44 117 328 5950 Fax: +44 117 328 5955 Web: www.WILDSCREEN FESTIVAL For 25 years the Wildscreen Festival has been celebrating and promoting the wildlife media industry. The next Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival will take place in 2011. It has grown to become the world's largest wildlife and environmental film YAMAGATA INTERNATIONAL DOCUMENTARY FILM FESTIVAL The festival is bi-annual. The next festival will take place in October.

Animation. Africa Address: Ngome Kongwe.Promote and develop the shared heritage of the Dhow countries. Cultural diversity. Contemporary trends in global culture. Stone Town.ziff. FESTIVAL OF DOCUMENTARY FILMS 
 . children. women. Festival start date: 22/11-2010 Festival end date: 27/11-2010 Festival deadline: 01/09-2010 Address: Colón de Larreategui 37 . Short Film Festival Themes: General.FESTIVAL DE CINE DE BILBAO Zinebi is an international festival for documentary and short ZAGREBDOX ZINEBI .com Web: www. Cultural Centre Zanzibar Tanzania Telephone: 255 (0) 777 411499 Fax: 255 (0) 777 419955 Web: www. social justice.zinebi. diaspora culture and conservation.4° dcha 48009 Bilbao Spain Telephone: +34 94 424 86 98 Fax: +34 94 424 56 24 Email: info@zinebi. individual integrity. Fiction. PO Box 3032. Festival start date: 10/07-2010 Festival end date: 18/07-2010 Festival deadline: 15/05-2010 Types: Documentary Festival.

topics.Documentary films of all running times.zagrebdox. Festival start date: 28/02-2010 Festival end date: 07/03-2010 Festival deadline: 01/12-2009 Address: Nova Ves 18 10 000 Zagreb Croatia Telephone: +385 1 4838 215 Fax: +385 1 4854 823 Web: 
 . style and production technologies can be submitted.

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