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Johnson-Gerendas BUA 3301 Positive Business Spring
Memos & Letters 2010


Positive Memos & Letters

You will write a total of two [Positive] business
letters/memos (to audiences Inside or Outside
the Organization) for this project. Each letter is
addressed to a different audience, and each
addresses a different issue that very possibly
might come up during your professional career
experience. You should carefully consider the rhetorical situation for each. Please
refer to the schedule for due dates.

You should carefully consider the rhetorical situation for each. Remember to
identify audience, context, and message---also remember the appropriate
protocol and form for the medium (memo or letter) that you are using.
Please refer to the schedule for due dates.

Although particular instructions are given below for each DOCUMENT, please note
that all DOCUMENTS should follow the following guidelines:

• Write each memo or letter as a
separate document—turn in with
a cover memo
•Submit a cover memo with
completed work (letter/memo
Cover memo should address what
you learned from the assignment,
what you would do to improve the
assignment, and whether I should
keep the assignment in the course
the next time I teach it.
•Use block left margins; 1”
• Use 12-point Times New Roman

These assignments are taken or adapted from your textbook, Excellence in Business
Communications, eighth edition, by Thill and Bovee (2008), 268-278. Pearson. Page 1

and she has caught your attention. Jennifer Ramirez is a salesclerk in the designer sportswear boutique of your main store in Miami. For farmers like Ruestman. Once Ruestman retrofits your GreenStar precision package on his old combine and learns all its These assignments are taken or adapted from your textbook. Today. 2. you’re mainly interested in conveying your positive impression of Jennifer’s potential for advancement. Illinois: saying yes to a farmer. She is looking for a smart. it’s Arlen Ruestman in Toluca. in Moline. at recent department meetings. Illinois. Johnson-Gerendas BUA 3301 Positive Business Spring Memos & Letters 2010 Select TWO of the following writing tasks. using the GreenStar system. and good at sizing up a customer’s preferences. Pearson.Dr. aggressive employee to become assistant buyer for the women’s sportswear division. You have just the person she is looking for. farmers can analyze why crops are performing well in some areas and not so well in others. that’s $100. they know exactly how much herbicide or fertilizer to spread over precisely which spot—eliminating waste and achieving better results. Moreover. Clovine’s likes to promote from within. Using this information. You especially enjoy being able to recommend someone for a promotion. head buyer. head buyer for women’s apparel. 1. Page 2 . 268-278. For instance. Your task: Write a memo to Rachel Cohen. Your company’s GreenStar system uses GPS satellite technology to let farmers know exactly where they are as they drive equipment across their fields. You enjoy your duties as manager of the women’s sportswear department at Clovine’s—a growing chain of moderate to upscale department stores in south Florida. by Thill and Bovee (2008). she has shared some insightful observations about fashion trends in south Florida. farmers can map and analyze characteristics such as acidity. With cross-referencing and accumulated data. eighth edition. recommending Jennifer Ramirez and evaluating her qualifications for the promotion. Excellence in Business Communications. For 10. Memo [use MS template].000 a year. Then they can program farm equipment to treat only the problem area—for example. soil type. friendly. Satellite farming: Letter granting credit from Deere & Company This is the best part of your job with Deere & Co. Ruestman wants to take advantage of new farming technology. you received an e-mail message from Rachel Cohen. spraying a new insect infestation 2 yards wide. that means a new ability to micromanage even as many as 10. 300 yards down the row. or crop yields from a given area. Shopping for Talent: Memo at Clovine’s recommending a promotion. Rachel can check with the human resources department about Jennifer’s educational and employment history. and Rachel is asking all managers and supervisors for likely candidates. In this case. women’s sportswear.000 acres.000 acres of corn or soybeans. She asks they send their recommendations via memo to the main office. Some farms have already saved as much as $10 an acre on fertilizers alone. She’s quick.

” explained Alberta.350 credit account you’re about to grant him. You pull the new issue of Fortune magazine out of the stack of mail and are quite pleased to see Indra Nooyi on the cover. Alberta met with the Schwinn sales representative. Princeton.. Congrats on that: Letter Complimenting a former business acquaintance for national recognition. Inc. Page 3 . Tom Beeker. “It seems funny that manufacturers will pay hard cash to put their names where customers are going to track dirt all over them! But if Tom’s telling the truth. but you have followed her accomplishments in the business media. and Alberta laughs. These assignments are taken or adapted from your textbook. 2006. PepsiCo. 268-278. Pearson. but Fortune has just named her the most powerful woman in American business.Dr. in 2001. You can learn more about Nooyi’s career and accomplishments in the news release “PepsiCo’s Board of Directors Appoints Indra K. www. Make up any details you need to create a credible message. Step on it: Letter to Floorgraphics requesting information about underfoot advertising You work for Alberta Greenwood.” on the PeopsiCo website. Address the letter to Indra Nooyi. “He says the ads increase sales from 25 to 75 percent.O. 3. as well as a percentage for every ad it sells. Nooyi as Chief Executive Officer Effective October 1. we could profit three ways: from the leasing fee. owner of Better Bike and Ski Shop. You haven’t spoken to her since then.” Your task: Alberta Green wood asks you to write a letter for her signature to CEO Richard Rebh at Floor graphics. Your task: Write a brief letter (no more than one page) congratulating Nooyi on her promotion to CEO and on being recognized by Fortune. Excellence in Business Communications. NY 10577. Floor graphics will pay Alberta a fee for leasing the floor space. Box 4067. Alberta was definitely interested and turned to you after Beeker left. (5 Vaughn Drive. who urged her to sign a contract with Floorgraphics. IL 61369). Yesterday. informing him of the good news. 2006). Purchase. Your task: Write a letter to Ruestman (P. That’s not so funny. by Thill and Bovee (2008). You got to know her briefly when PepsiCo acquired your previous employer. he should have no problem saving enough to pay off the $7. 4.” You both look down at the dusty floor. Quaker Oats. and the share in ad revenues. NJ 08540) asking for financial details and practical information about the ads. CEO. eighth edition. the increased sales of products being (look under News. Johnson-Gerendas BUA 3301 Positive Business Spring Memos & Letters 2010 applications.pepsico. Not only was Nooyi recently appointed CEO of PepsiCo. Inc. “Tom says that advertising decals on the floor in front of the product reach consumers right where they’re standing when making a decision. That company leases floor space from retail stores and creates and sells floor ads to manufacturers such as Schwinn. PeopsiCo Releases. Toluca. 700 Anderson Hill Road.

how will you clean your floors? Who installs and removes the ads? Can you terminate the lease if you don’t like the ads? These assignments are taken or adapted from your textbook. Johnson-Gerendas BUA 3301 Positive Business Spring Memos & Letters 2010 For example. Page 4 . 268-278. by Thill and Bovee (2008). Excellence in Business Communications.Dr. eighth edition. Pearson.