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DATE: 28/5/2005

FAX NO: 03-341-2817

FAX NO:L~6_6-=-3l8_82-8417 TEL NO: [9_6_6=3J_882-7522

TEL NO: 050.243~26B5 NAME: Prasanth Kumar

NAME: M. S. AI-Suhaim

NUMBER OF PAGES INCLUDING THIS ONE: 8 ~~~~~~~~~~========:===============~~~~~;======= "M ESSAGE"

Enrollment In the subject Course and Test started on March 26[ 2005

Applications in this program will be closed at 30 candidates.
Enrollment details are enclosed. Best Regards

I' Fluor Arabia Building P.O. Box 1485 -Al~Khobar 3'952 -Saudi Arabia

.t .~~ >..- -.


~.,.,...J1 ~r
3 882


\tAo """,.]A

Tel. (966-3) 882-7522- Fax. (966-3) 882-8417 .~5-28-~5 13:25 TO:SABIC EPM JUBAIL

(..1"\-r) AA'I'-AE ~u 'V:

MY-Yo,"" : 1:.,.,:aJ:.


eS-28-eS13:26 TO:SABIC -Saudi Arabia EPM JUBAIL (:.2005 1:29PM 966 3 882 8417 NO.O.AI-Suhaim NDT TechnologyCenter P.Fluor Arabia Building P.SoLa -(\"\-T) I j. Registration Policy: Substitutionof the candidate be doneanytiJ"Ile can before course starts. ~~ 'IfAc.. (966--3) 882-7522 -Fax..CanceJlation be done in writing at least six weeksbeforethe program begins.:aJ::. S.hobar31952 Tel: '+966-50-683-3767 Fax: +966-3~882-8417 Registration: Registrationin any of thesecoursescanbe madeby sendinga letter from companyfor company-sponsored candidates by a personalletter for individual or candidates..2 Weare pleased announce WS-CWI:Preparatory to A Courses Exams and For further InfQrmation~ Enrollmentand Registration pleasecontact: Mr....O.J.The confirmation will be on First Come First Servebasis..The seatcanbe confirmedonly after the receiptof payment.MAY. will one Payment: The fees shallbe paid by demand draft in the naJne ofNDT Technology Center and sendthroughregistered postor courierto the aboveaddress.28.. 346 P. M... Box 1485 -AI-Khobar31952 Tel. P92 M'(-VoY" (966-3) 882-8417 3 882 8417 .o\'~I("-ii-f) M"-A~ 'Iv: FROM:966 ..ONTRACTS ..Henceto avoid disappointment requestyou to we pay before six weeksof the programstart date. : i.-=~f~~I~I-r\. 1 ~~ .:.. Box 1485 AI-K.The joining instructions to is the confirmed candidate be sentto confirmedc3ndidates weekbefore the schedule. No r-an showor no formal cancellation not entitledfor ~y ref'Und..

org 2 -'-~5-28--~-5 13:27 TO: SAB I C EPM JUBA I L 'CONTRACTS FROM:966 3 882 8417 P93 .!calculatorfor courseandexam. The fee includescoursestudymateria]. Howeverwe recommend useAPI 1104(19th to edition). Exam Details: The candidateshall reportat 07.Certificate of Participation. Fundamentals Exam.":"~~: Course ReschedulePolicy: In the eventof circumstances beyondcontrol. Application lonn: Application form canbe downloaded from www. This is a closedbook examination.Certified WeldingEngineer For more details on these.You canselectanyof the codebook as approvedby A WS. For getting CWI candidate must score!Din 72% in eachpart.Walletcard from A WS.00to 17. to Other Exams: On the exam ~YI the following AWS examinations also available: are .Wallet cardand Stampand all CAWI will receive Certificate and .wifu tea/coffeebreakand lunch break in between. There shall not be anyhandwrittennotesor additionalinfonnation addedin code book. If candidatescoresabove 50% but lessthan 72% he will be awardedCAWI (C-ertified AssociateWelding Inspector). haveto appearfor all threeparts of the examination.pleasecontac. Unsuccessful c~ndidates who wishesto reappear CAWI candidates or who wishes to upgrade CWI.For courseoutline refer to page 5 and 6.two coffeebreaksand buffet lunch. tools andbook of specificationssupplied at the time of examination.346 P. Code-book Exam: 46 Questions basedon selected codebook. The sequence examination thesethreepartsfor eachcandidate of of wi]] be announcedon the examday.This is a closedbook examinationexceptthe book of specificationprovided for exam.3 ~~~:-'~'. Candidates scoringlessthan 50% areconsidered be unsuccessful. 2005 1:30PM %6 3 002 8417 NO. eachof two hrs duration. This is open book examination. 28.Certified WeldingEducator . Course Details: The coursetiming will be 08. Candidate mustbring his own copy of code book. Exam Results: Examresultswill be conveyedgenerallywithin eight weeks after exam.00am on examday. PracticalExam: 46 Questions basedon Completed the applicationfonn shall reachto NDTTC office on aboveaddress before 15 days of The exam will be in three parts. Candidatemustbring his own copy of codebook anI. to All CWI will receiveCertificate.MA'f.pdf For detailedinstructionsto complete applicationfonn seepagenumber4. 150 Questions basedon theoretical knowledgeasprescribedby A WS.00hrs daily which is likely to be extendedon somedays.::-.Bridging Examinationfor CSWIP .aws.Senior Certified welding Inspector .t NDTTC or Log-On WWW. NDTTC reserves full right to postponeor alterthe scheduleof the programand candidateswill the be officially infomled immediately.

.."-r) (966-3) 882-8417 EPM JUBAIL . construction...>A A.9S2 Tel. ~5-28-~5 13:27 ( ..Two years ma.ed in at least one of the areas like design.. Engineering. (966-3) 882-7522 -Fax..". Jr ("'-i) CONTRACTS ~~I ~I- "~~Oy~I-(q.~ -II J. Credit is given as follows: (1) Associates or higher degrees. Eligibility Criteria for application for Certified AssociateWelding Inspector: High school graduate with minimum two (2) years of experience in an occupational function that has a direct relationship to weldments fabricated to a code or standard and directly involv.""'-Ai \V . Note: Above eligibility criteria is extracted from A WS QC-I standard. One year maximum. inspection and repairs and familiar with various welding processes.. For reference and further detai]s refer to this standard.O. production. cons1ruction.346 P. of years of the required five ye. 2005 1:30PM 966 3 ffi2 8417 NO. Option B: Eighth grade level schooling with minimum ten (10) years of experience in an occupational function that has a direct relationship to weldments fabricated to a code or standard and directly involved in at least one ofilie '4feaslike design. 28. production. Two years maximum.. Box 1485 -AI4Khobar3. production.ximum if the degree is in Engineering Technology. constrw::tion. (2) Engineering/Technical School Courses.-. I: LL: \fAo '-o'".. inspection and repairs and familiar with various welding processes Note: For candidates having higher education than high school following things apply: A rnaximwn of two years of post high school education may be sub~tllted for an equal nos.arsof experience provided studies are in technical fields related to welding. inspection and repairs and familiar vvith various welding processes.'Ij-Yo'f'l' .'Ri: Eligibility Criteria for application for Certified Welding Inspector: Option A: High schoolgraduate with minimwn fIVe (5) yearsof experiencein an occupationalfunction that hasa direct relationship weldmentsfabricatedto a code or to standardand Qirectlyinvolved in at leastone ofllie areas like design. ~U FROM:966 TO:SABIC 3 882 8417 '~J'1¥" ..s. Physics or Physical Sciences. construction.. and then only for successfully completed courses in a curriculum related to welding that can be ( or could be) applied to (1) above... aIld then only for successfully completed courses in a curriculum that can be (or could be) applied to (1) above (3) TradeNocational Courses./'1AY. 3 Fluor' Ar'sbia Building P.production. . Option C: Less than eighth level of schooling witl1 minimum fifteen (15) years of experience in &1 occupational function that has a direct relationship to weldments fabricated to a code or standard and directly involved in at least one of the areas like design.inspectionand repairsand mmiliar with variouswelding processes.. P94 -Saudi Ar'abia ~.:"jlJ.4 NONDESTRUCTIVE -rESTING TECHNOLOGY CENTER *~~~.

space at provided below QUALIFYING WORK EXPERIENCE. Complete all the information in "EmploymentVerification andNotarization" 3.checkfor Gold pack. 3.). 346 P..~o" ~I\ !. (966-3) 882-7522 -Fax." NO."..:".JI -'~ ~l. 2.~..g examination.i\o "". Check in eitherfor exam only orfor e. Select only one ofCWVCWI & CWE/CWE (only) by checkingor filling the squareblock.:. IfYOil s81ect only examination.compl~e otherrelevantcolumns Block II: Method of paymentand AWS Use only -DO NOT WRITE ANY11nNG BlxkllI: 1.b) YOQr duties and rr-sponsibilities 2. Use black or blue ink pen.Although you are ftee to select any one of the Code Books. we recoJJUl)end you selectAPI 1104 as only this coge book will be 111m discussedduring seminar.. Complete all the infonnation in respectivecolumn I Co!umns for Social SecurityNumber and AWS Certification Number to be filled up only by candidateswho are retaki11. 2005 1:31PM 966 3 882 8417 " . Check in for anyone of the Code Book you like to bt examined.. If you have worked for more than one company. Use only capital letters. 2.THE COMPANYSTAMPIS MANDATRORYAT~S LOCATION.. ~ I. write your old SSNat US Socia] SecurityNumber Block IV:1.:/m seminar asper your requirementand and selection.\Y: ~u -('I'\'~-~) AA"-VO"" . If you are retaking the exam. Write only one letter in Onebox whereverprovided. this Obtain Doctor'sJDispensary stampattlte bottom space. NOTE THAT APPUCANT'S SIGNATUREIS NECESSARY AT " APPLICANTSSIGNAWRE PORTIONAND SUPERVISOR~S MANAGER'S OR SIGNATUREIS REQUIREDAT SIGNA 1'UREAND NOTARY PUBLIC SIGNATUB PORTIONS. Check for a) companyproducts.ot -Saudi Arabia ~. 3. 2. Bloc!. Fill in all the columns ~ 1. check in accordingly. Instruction to complete A WS-CWl/CWE Examination Appticstion: 1.O. 2. 2. 85-28-85 13:28 ~. 28. 4. Keep copy of blank foml and completedfoIn1 for your reference. ~ 1. Complete other colwnns. You can copy the additional pages. Write your name and passportnumber(if available) 2.use separate page for eachcompany. 3.. 3. 4 Fluor Arabia Building P..'""" (~~'\-r) AAr-Af. If you are attendingboth seminarand exam.MAY.. Complete all the relevantinformation. Make your initia]s (small sigll3. For Ie-taking candidates.5 NONDESTRUCTIVE -rESTING TECHNOLOGY CENTER .3) 682-8417 EPM JUBAIL TO:SABIC --- CONTRACTS FROM:966 3 882 .il:.~~"tY.1~1 ~~J ~Ir'.ture) 3. Box 1485 -AI-Khobar31952 Tel.:. 8417 P9S (966. 3..1: ~ 1.

Welding Inspectors Codes.FCAW. API) D. Visual InspectionInstruments 1.~I -'fAg ou. (966-3) 882-7522. NondestructiveTesting Do Visual Inspectionin Quality Control Day Foul" Program Fundamentals Visual Inspection of B.o\. heattreatments Co WeldingProcedures WeldingQualification and (AWS.laland radiographicappearances C. Machinist Scale 2. types. Weld and baseMetal Discontinuities Characteristics. Introductionto WeldingProcesses (SMAW.. DestructiveTesting B. B.O. Butt Weld Gauge 4. Brazing and Cutting Processes (pAW.346 P. D. E.A.Standards Specjfications and Weld Types./'1A'( .j. Magnifier 5.:a~~ '4-:..visl. : Fillet Weld Gauge 7..=o Tel. GTAW. : . GMAW.Weld Joint Geometry and Temlinology Welding and NDT Symbols Mechanicaland ChemicalProperties Metals. residualStress. Weld Gage 5 Fluor Arabia Building P. 8417 P96 3 882 A.~1 ~~I ~I- i'. (966-3) 882-8417 95-28-95 13:28 TO:SABIC EPM JUBAIL CONTRACTS (~11-r) M"-A1 .. C.28.Saudi Arabia ~~ I j"l. Others) B. Box 1485 -AI-Khobar 31952 .. Micrometer 3. OAW. WeldingMetallurgy for Inspectors Metal structures.Effect on Performance of DayTwo Program A.L:. ESW. . AS~. SAW) DayThree Program A.V : ~U FROM:966 -('\'\'\-r) AAr-Yg".6 AWS CER'l'J1!'1ED WELDING INSPECTOR PREPARATORY COURSE Day One PrograDl A. 2005 1:31PM 966 3 882 8417 NO.distortioncontrol. SW. Dial Caliper 6. Fax.Weld Parts.

S1nIctural details. Welders.JI. Tack Welders E.. Desig11 WeldedJoints of Requirements. Box 1485 -AI-Khobar 3' 952 -Saudi Arabia Tel. Inspection Requirements..WeldingOperators. SAW.2005 1:32PM 966 3 882 8417 'h : '.'"..~I ~~I o..r\:.MA'( .fAo . structuraldetails. eS-2B-eS13:29 NO. Design of Staticallyand DynamicallyLoadedStructures RequireJnents. Application of Visual InspectionStandards DayFive Program Discussionon API 1104 A.28..s. Calculation Methods for above Measures 6. FCAW Electroslagand electrogas weldingand slot welds D.O. Porosity 2.ultrasonictesting F.specific application of G.NDT of Grooves Welds H. radiographic testing. 4.'""'" \ -(~"-1") AAr-Vo. TO:SABIC FROM:966 3 882 8417 pe? .? -~~~~~ '~'I. (\'\'\-'\") AA~-A£ \V : ~L:. GeneralProvisionsof the Code B.'( : (. I... 346 P. Qualification Procedures. (966-3) 882-8417 EPM JUBAIL CU>NTRAC"fS ~ ~II I""'" . GMAW....~" C. I'~L..cleWIsof weldedjoints C. (966-3) 882~7522 -Fax...'/ Weld Size (Fillet Welds) .engthening RepairingExisting Structures and 6 Ruor Arabia Building P.. Techniqueand Workmanship SMAW. Visual Inspection Measurements 1. r Guided Bend Test Results '5.. Su. Cross-sectional Areas and Tensile Strength D. ~. Weld Reinforcement (Groove Welds) 3.J. allowable unit stret.L-ll... Stud Welding Requirements Weldingsteelstudsto steel.

2005 1:32PM 966 3 882 8417 NO.MAY.8 SS-28-SS13:29 TO:SABIC EPM JUBAIL CONTRACTS FROM:966 3 882 8417 PS8 . 28. 346 P.

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