FUN FACT The world’s longest road is the Pan-American highway between Alaska in North America and Brazil in South America. It’s 15,000 miles long!

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Can you find the words relating to school in the grid? They could be hidden horizontally, vertically or diagonally in any direction.

desk exam Friends homework lessons

maths Playtime table teacher Uniform

YoUr Joke
What do you call two robbers? A pair of knickers! Madeleine McBroom, 8

What am I?

YoU aNd YoUr Pet
Pet: My cat, Panda, who lives with a stick insect and three other cats called Sammy and Lilah and her brother Max. Age: One and a half. Best toy: String and yo-yos, also plays with my cuddly animal toys. Best hobby: Play-fighting with her brother Max and getting my attention and cuddles. Worst habit: Walking on the table where she leaves muddy paw prints. Kitty Tench, 11

Can you name the fruits in all four of these squares?
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NeWs Flash

A micro pig, who was banned from his owner’s shop, is back in store. The porky pet had been barred by the council, which saw him as a health risk, but owner Lee White says his pig is too clean to be dangerous: “He is bathed twice a week in Johnson’s baby shampoo!”

YoUr reVIeW
Haysden Country Park, Tonbridge Haysden country park is a fun place to go. There is a playground, nature trail, history trail, bike route, lakes for fishing and sailing, and picnic tables and benches throughout. Dogs are welcome, apart from in the playground area and bikes have to stick to a certain route. There is a man-made flood barrier, which you can see on the nature and history trail. There are toilet facilities and a burger van, which provides ice cream, hot drinks, hot dogs and burgers. The car park costs 60p. I recommend it as a great family trip! Rachel Burrage, 12
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hoW to... make cat’s cradle
If you love cat’s cradle then try your hand at making a witch’s broom. Just grab a long piece of string, follow the instructions and the sky’s the limit!

What to do

1 Loop the string across both palms, looping it behind the little fingers and thumbs of both hands.

3 Twirl the index finger of your right hand around twice to create a double twist in the loop you made in Step 2.

place the index finger of your left hand under the palm string of your right.

6 Pull hands apart. 2 Place the index finger of your right hand under the palm string of your left but keep your hands close together so that the strings hang loosely. 4 Pull your hands apart to tighten the strings. 5 Reaching through the twisted loop that you’ve made, 7 Carefully drop the loops from the thumb and little finger of your right hand and pull your hands apart again to create the witch’s broom.

PuzzlES by ClaRIty MEdIa

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