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Donna Herndon

6112 Lennox Place

Mobile, AL 36693
Home 251-643-7375
Cell 251-751-9535
Assignment: Senior Civil Engineer
Years Experience: ABMB Engineers 1
Thompson: 10
BCM Engineers: 11
Volkert & Assoc: 8
Education: BS/1980/Civil Engineering
Auburn University
rofessional Engineer:
Alabama # 15525
Florida # 37761
Georgia # 29132
Mississippi # 13044
Tennessee # 107868

Experience and Qualifications

Ms. Herndon is a Senior Civil Engineer with over 30 years of experience in preli
minary and final design, permitting, bidding, cost estimating, and preparation o
f technical specifications for various civil engineering projects including indu
strial, residential and commercial site development. She also has experience in
all phases of major highway engineering and storm water management. She would
prefer to relocate to Montgomery, AL, Birmingham, AL or remain in Mobile, if pos
Project Experience
Industrial Facilities
Bredero Price Company, Industrial Site Development and Permitting, Theodore, AL
a" Prepared site preparation and utility plans for Phases 1 through 4 of a 122
acre pipe coating facility adjacent to Mobile Bay. Provided ongoing permitting
assistance as plant expansions were undertaken.
ThyssenKrupp Steel and Stainless Mill, Calvert, Alabama a" Prepared civil/site c
onstruction plans for the landside portion of a new barge unloading wharf on the
Mobile River. The new dock contains two unloading cranes and several entrance
and exit roads with scales. All drainage collected from the dock surface will
be collected and diverted to a detention pond for oil and sediment release prior
to release to the river. The first phase of the project included construction
of a dredge material disposal area.
Austal Building Expansion, Mobile, AL a"
Prepared drainage and utility drawings for construction of a 106,000 sq. ft. shi
pbuilding facility on the riverfront. Included underground drainage and design
of sewage lift station. Prepared City permits.
DuPont Mobile Manufacturing Facility, Sodium Railcar Unloading Spur -
Project Manager. The project included the design of a new rail spur off an exist
ing track for receiving 20,000 gallon railcars containing Sodium Methylate at a
new processing location. Thompsonas responsibilities included the geotechnical a
ssessment and subsurface exploration; survey; construction plans for the new rai
l spur; and relocation plans for sanitary sewer lines and underground drainage p
iping. The design was completed but the project was put on hold due to the econo
mic situation.
Mobile Aerospace Engineering, Hangar Construction, Mobile, AL a" Drainage, Utili
ties and Permitting. Prepared civil construction plans for concrete ramps and u
tility/drainage modifications associated with construction of two new hangars at
Brookley Field that totaled 144,500 square feet. Design and construction were
accomplished within 90 days.
Coflexip Stena Offshore, Industrial Site Development and Permitting, Mobile, AL
a" Prepared civil/site construction plans for a new rigid pipe fabrication facil
ity on a 130 acre site on the north side of the Theodore Industrial Canal. The
plant heats and rolls its pipe onto giant spools and then ships them on their su
b-sea construction vessels to oil and gas operations in the Gulf of Mexico for i
nstallation on the sea bottom.
ASPA Pinto Terminal, Industrial Site Development, Mobile, AL a" Prepared demolit
ion plans (site preparation package under design) for development of a steel sla
b loading/unloading facility on the south end of Pinto Island. The terminal wil
l primarily be used for offloading steel slabs received by ships and loading the
m onto barges for transport to the ThyssenKrupp steel mill being developed in No
rth Mobile County. The landside portion of the site is approximately 50 acres.

ASPA Garrows Bend Intermodal Container Transfer Facility (ICTF) Mobile, AL a" Pr
epared drainage plans to reroute the flow from an upstream 140 acre drainage bas
in to bypass construction of a 75 acre dredge spoil area. Plans are also underw
ay, by a separate consultant, for development of an intermodal yard (truck and r
ail access) on the site. The temporary drainage was configured to take advantag
e of the final drainage system.
Commercial Site Development
Airbus Engineering Facility, Brookley Field, Mobile, AL a" Senior Engineer for d
esign and permitting of site development for new office building, including grad
ing, paving, drainage, utilities, driveway permits, and City permitting.
Beau Rivage Golf Course, Biloxi, MS a" Performed drainage design for 18 hole gol
f course, and divided entrance road and 200 space parking lot. Runoff was route
d to bioretention areas prior to release into wetlands. Mississippi Department
of Transportation turnout permits were required for main entrance and maintenanc
e area.
Harrahas Metropolis Casino, Metropolis, IL a" Prepared civil design plans (utili
ty relocations, grade, drain, base and pave) for new hotel, casino and multiple
parking lots.
City of Mobile/AREH Cruise Terminal a" In January 2004, following the City of Mo
bile formalizing agreements with Carnival Cruise Lines for the regular operation
of the Passenger Ship Holiday from Mobile Landing (a Thompson Engineering proje
ct), Thompson Engineering and its affiliate architectural firm, Watermark Design
, began detailed design of the 600 square foot cruise terminal and 550 car parki
ng garage. Construction was subsequently initiated within two weeks, setting a
new bar for the definition of fast track. The facility was made operational by
the September 30, 2004 deadline and its first official cruise embarked on Octobe
r 15, 2004. Thompson Engineering provided the full range of design services for
this project which was completed within its original budget in just nine months
. Ms. Herndon prepared civil design plans for cruise terminal/parking garage st
ructure. Project included railroad crossing and street modifications.
Samas Club, Site Development, Springdale Mall, Mobile, AL a" Prepared constructi
on plans and specifications for development of a new 135,000 sq. ft. Samas Club
store at an existing mall. Construction of the new store required demolition of
an existing Dillards store and the existing mall entrance. Included grading, dr
ainage, paving, utility relocations, PUD permitting and sign permitting.
Walgreenas, Site Development and Permitting a" Prepared permitting documents and
construction plans for grading, drainage and utilities (including Alabama Depar
tment of Transportation and City of Mobile turnout permits) for the following lo
a- McGregor Ave. at Airport Blvd, Mobile, AL
a- Highway 59 in Foley, AL
a- Highway 59 in Gulf Shores, AL
Regions Bank, Site Development and Permitting a" Prepared permitting documents a
nd civil site/utility construction packages for the following locations:
a- University Boulevard, Mobile, AL
a- Spanish Fort, AL
a- Malbis, AL
Starbucks, Site Development and Permitting a"Prepared permitting documents and c
ivil site/utility construction packages for the following locations:
a- Saraland, AL
a- Hillcrest Road, Mobile, AL
Fedex/Verizon/Kinkos, Site Development, Mobile, AL a" Prepared permitting docume
nts and civil site/utility package including demolition of existing gas station
and construction plans for grading, drainage and utilities.
Klein Retail Center, Site Development, Mobile, AL a" Prepared permitting documen
ts and civil site/utility package for a 220 space parking lot and 10,000 sq. ft.
retail center.
School and Church Site Development
Mobile County School Board, Gilliard Elementary School Site Development, Mobile,
AL a" Prepared site preparation drawings, including design of closed drainage s
ystem and retention pond for the proposed parking lots and driveways. Prepared
utility and storm water permits.
Mobile County School Board, Vigor High School Site Development, Mobile, AL a" Pr
epared civil/site/utility drawings to incorporate new drainage and utility syste
m into existing system.
Washington County Schools, AL a" Prepared civil construction plans for three gym
additions at the Elementary and High Schools within Washington County.

Mobile County School Board, Hollingeras Island Elementary School Grading, Paving
, and Drainage Modifications a" Prepared construction plans and specifications f
or new parking lot and building additions to an existing sixty year old school.
Utilized existing pavement grades and redesigned drainage system to meet curren
t storm water regulations.
Citronelle Baptist Church a" Site Development for new 30,000 sq. ft. church incl
uding site preparation drawings, including design of closed drainage system and
retention pond for the 9.1 acre, 193 space parking lot and driveways. Prepared
utility and storm water permits.
Church on the Eastern Shore a" Site Development for new 13,000 sq. ft. church in
cluding site preparation drawings, including design of closed drainage system an
d retention pond for the 20 acre, 80 space parking lot and driveways. Prepared
utility, storm water, and Alabama Department of Transportation turnout permits.
Roadway Design
Alabama Department of Transportation, US 84 Relocation and US 84 Additional Lane
s, Covington County, AL a" Project Manager and Senior Design Engineer for design
of a new four lane divided highway on a new location (3.1 miles) and addition o
f two lanes to an existing two lane road (4 miles). Projects involved field sur
veying, stream relocation, bridge culverts, county road relocations, and interse
ction improvements.
Alabama Department of Transportation, Ballard Bridge Replacement over Pea River,
Coffee County, AL a" Project Manager and Senior Design Engineer for design of 1
.1 miles of bridge approaches on new location. Project included categorical exc
lusion, surveying, and final design.
Alabama Department of Transportation, US-98 Fish River Bridge Replacement a" Pro
ject Manager for Grade, Drain, Base and Pave design of bridge approaches and mar
ina access roads.
Alabama Department of Transportation, Bridge Replacement Projects and Roadway De
sign a" Project Manager and Senior Design Engineer for bridge approach design of
the following projects:
a- US31 over CSX Railroad, Baldwin County,
a- US31 over AGS Railroad, Sumter County,
a- US98 over Fish River, Baldwin County,
a- SR11 over Coatopa and Mill Creeks,
Drainage Reviews for City of Fairhope a" The Planning Department of the City of
Fairhope relies on Thompson Engineering to perform an independent review of subd
ivision drainage calculations submitted by other engineering consultants.
Government Facilities
Alabama State Military Department a" Thompson Engineering has completed several
design efforts to support new construction and repair and maintenance of facilit
ies in Alabama. Developed plans and specifications for parking lot and drainage
improvements at the following facilities:
a- OMS #27, Dothan, Alabama
a- CSMS#1, Montgomery, Alabama
a- AASF #2, Birmingham, Alabama
Gulf State Park Pier, Gulf Shores, AL a" Provided civil/site/utility constructio
n plans for a new parking lot and bike trail associated with the new Gulf State
Park Pier which was severely damaged from Hurricane Ivan in 2004. The decision
was made to build a new concrete fishing pier in a different location and demoli
sh what was left of the existing pier. The new parking area was designed to all
ow easy access for RV/bus parking.
Residential Site Development
Subdivision Design a" Performed permitting activities and prepared civil constru
ction plans (grade, drain, base, pave and utilities) for site development associ
ated with the following subdivisions projects. Detention ponds were designed wi
th discharge structures which restricted the outflow to predevelopment runoff ra
Cambridge Parke Subdivision, Foley, AL a" Provided civil design plans and specs
for the 100 lot, 68 acre single family development.
Mobile Housing Board, Hampton Park Subdivision, Mobile, AL a" Provided civil des
ign plans and specs for 7.1 acre, 19 lot town home subdivision.
The Colonnades, Mobile, AL a" Services include planning, permitting, surveying,
geotechnical investigations and site/civil design, for the 40 acre, 13 lot singl
e family development. The infrastructure includes curb and gutter, underground
utilities, and sidewalks for the estate sized lots.
Leighton Place Subdivision, Mobile, AL a"Provided civil design plans and specs f
or the initial 15 lots (19 acres) of the single family development. Infrastruct
ure for the remaining 26 lots will be developed in a future phase.
Newcastle Subdivision, Mobile County, AL a" Provided design and construction s
ervices for a subdivision development in west Mobile. Services include planning
, permitting, surveying, geotechnical investigations and site/civil design, for
the initial 33 lots (18 acres) of the single family development. Construction w
as completed in fall of 2005. The subdivision was featured in the 2006 Parade o
f Homes.
The Arbors, Mobile County, AL a" Provided civil construction plans and specifica
tions for the initial 23 lots (9 acres) of the single family development. Const
ruction is complete.
Summer Woods Subdivision, Mobile County, AL a" Provided civil construction plans
and specs for the initial 32 lots (8 acres) of the single family development.
Construction is complete.
Seventh Heaven Residence, Mobile, AL a" Prepared civil/site/utility plans for 7
0 acre residential site. Drainage improvements included the construction of a 1
5 ft. high dam to create a 7.2 acre lake. Concrete spillways were designed to c
onvey a 100 year storm event.
Condominium Design, Mobile and Baldwin County, AL a" Performed permitting activi
ties and prepared civil/site/utility construction plans for site development ass
ociated with the following condominium projects. Storm water detention was acco
mplished through use of aggregate percolation basins.
a- Royal Dauphine a" Dauphin Island, AL
a- Holiday Isle a" Dauphin Island, AL
a- Mustique Condominium a" Gulf Shores, AL
Bel Air Towers, Orange Beach, AL a" Prepared civil/site/utility construction dra
wings for a new four tower, 480 unit condominium complex. Each of the four towe
rs was strategically located on the 14 acre site for maximum views, improved sto
rm water drainage, and greater green space. It is intended that the towers will
be constructed one at a time over a period of several years. The drainage infras
tructure (lake and drainage improvements) will be constructed during the initial
phase to ensure that the proposed construction will not have an adverse impact
on the existing drainage system or adjacent properties.
Mobile County School Board, Spencer Elementary School Site Preparation, Mobile,
AL a" Site preparation package for new elementary school, including design of cl
osed drainage system and retention pond for the proposed parking lot.
NAVFAC Southern Division, Site Development, Mobile, AL a" Project Manager and Le
ad Design Engineer for site preparation and utility package to construct the Nav
y Homeport facility ($10 million), including construction phasing, geometric lay
outs, utilities, grading, paving and drainage.
Mobile County School Board, Alma Bryant High School, Site Preparation, Mobile, A
L a" Site preparation package for 160,000 sq. ft. high school. Responsible for
grading, paving, and storm drainage of 750 space parking area on a 62 acre site.
Mobile Commerce Park, Site Development, Mobile County a" Developed master plan f
or a 300 acre light industrial park. Subsequently prepared construction plans f
or site development of Phase I, including geometric layouts, grading, paving and
enclosed drainage design and utility services.
Roadways and Storm Drainage
Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT), State Route 63 Extension a" Pro
ject Manager and Senior Design Engineer for an MDOT project consisting of a 14 m
ile extension of a new four-lane highway including a diamond interchange.
Alabama Department of Transportation, Highway Corridor Study, Walker and Winston
Counties, AL a" Project Manager for a 17.5 mile corridor study along State Rout
e 13 to assess environmental impacts of building additional lanes adjacent to an
existing two-lane roadway. The study included an evaluation of existing roadway
and geometric deficiencies, development of alternate routes, preliminary design
of additional lane construction, cost evaluations, ROW requirements, traffic ca
pacity analysis and accident analysis.
Alabama Department of Transportation, Cochrane Bridge Roadway Design a" Project
Engineer responsible for the roadway design involved in the replacement of Cochr
ane Bridge, including approach ramps and service roads, utility relocations, tra
ffic control plans and drainage improvements.
Mobile County Pay-as-You-Go Program, Roadway Design a" Project Manager for sever
al grading, drainage and paving projects for existing dirt roads.
Street Reconstruction and Drainage, (CDBG), City of Biloxi, MS a" Performed stor
m drainage calculations (closed system) and quality review for the Iberville Dri
ve reconstruction project in Biloxi, Mississippi. Project involved complete repl
acement of a three-lane deteriorated street including underground utilities, cur
b and gutter, storm drainage system and sidewalk construction.

Constructed Wetlands
Mississippi Gulf Coast Regional Wastewater Authority, Wetland Treatment System,
West Jackson County Land Treatment Facility, Ocean Springs, MS a" Project Manage
r/Engineer for the design of a 53 acre constructed wetland system. Civil site p
ackage included lagoon repair details, ultraviolet disinfection system, nitrific
ation bed, wetland grading plans, and piping details. The wetland system will
provide treatment for 5 MGD of lagoon effluent.
Industrial Facilities
Seaboard Systems Railroad, Intermodal Facility, Mobile, AL a" Railroad intermoda
l facility and track realignment.
Naval Coastal Systems Center, Panama City, FL a" Waterfront improvements, replac
ement of waterfront utilities and fender system.
Alabama State Docks, McDuffie Coal Terminals, Structural Design, Mobile, AL a" I
nvolved in several expansion projects. Participated in the design of structural
steel transfer towers, pile supported foundations, and elevated conveyors suppo
rted on prestressed concrete girders.

Solid Waste
BFI Solid Waste Landfills, Site Characterization Studies, Blount and Walker Coun
ties, AL a" Performed site characterization studies to assess two proposed Subti
tle D landfills. Prepared permit documents and obtained site suitability certif
ication from the Alabama Department of Environmental Management for both 1500 TP
D facilities. Developed bedrock isopacs from extensive soil boring programs and
used as the basis of the bottom composite liner grading plans. Performed slope
stability analyses for bottom liner systems to determine where textured liner w
as required. Prepared construction drawings for initial 35 acre cell at Walker
MacMillan Bloedel, Landfill Modifications, Pine Hill, AL a" Project Manager for
development of permit and construction documents for landfill modifications, inc
luding access roads, drainage improvements, new lined temporary storage area, an
d expansion of the existing leachate collection system. Developed cost estimate
, final grading plan, storm water management plan, and closure plan documentatio
Landfill Closure Plan, Okaloosa County, FL a" Investigated site conditions of Wr
ight Landfill and prepared closure permit application to close a 300 acre munici
pal landfill site. Obtained state agency approval for permit application and pr
epared construction plans and specifications for closure of 26 acres. Prepared
cost estimates to demonstrate financial assurance.
Solid Waste Landfills, Okaloosa, FL a" Prepared design and permit documents to e
xpand an existing 160 acre (Wright Landfill) and 50 acre (Baker Landfill) landfi
ll using high-rise placement over existing waste. Design included installation
of intermediate HDPE liners, leachate and storm water collection systems, and pr
eparation of operation plans. Conducted frequent site inspections during constr
uction and certified to the state agency that the project was completed in confo
rmance with the plans and specifications.
Hazardous Waste
Arlington Blending and Packaging Site, Hazardous Waste Remediation, Arlington, T
N a" Prepared bid package and excavation plan materials handling) associated wi
th thermal treatment of pesticide contaminated soils at this Superfund site.
DuPont Environmental Remediation Services, Basin Remediation, Deepwater, NJ a" D
eveloped conceptual design and cost estimates for remediation of two holding bas
ins at the Chambers Work Facility. Utilized the HELP model to evaluate the effic
acy of several alternative bottom liner and final cover systems for a proposed l
and vault. Presented construction cost estimates and efficiency of each liner s
ystem to the client and state agency.
Ciba Specialty Chemicals Corporation, Hazardous Waste Remediation, McIntosh, AL
a" Project Engineer for eleven hazardous waste remediation sites including desi
gn of bentonite slurry walls, contaminated and storm water management systems, a
nd RCRA caps. Developed conceptual master plan for a 100,000 cubic yard hazardo
us waste landfill. Developed design criteria, typical sections, storm water man
agement plan, leachate system, and leak detection system. Developed grading pla
ns for the bottom liner system and performed airspace calculations to assure suf
ficient storage capacity.
Selected Professional Training Courses
Superpave Design
Expert Witness Testimony
Retention/ Detention Pond Design
How to Write a Comprehensive BMP Plan
Katie Gardner, ABMB Engineers
Fred Swindle, Thompson Engineering
Harold Baker, Volkert Engineers