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Gemology - HYMNS OF MERCURY 1) OM BRAAM BREEM BRAUM SAH BUDDHAI NAMAH 2) OM HVAM HLEEM BUM GREHANAATH BUDDHAI NAMAH 3) OM BUDDHAI NAMAH Topaz: Topaz is the stone of Jupiter. Hence it should be worn on Thursday. On any Thursday at about 11 a.m. give a topaz-bearing ring a bath in Panchamrit or in raw milk and wash it in holy water of the Ganges. Put the ring then in the place of your worship and carry out usual worship rituals. Then pray Brihaspati and Lord Vishnu and wear the ring on the index finger of your right hand. Under some circumstances, it can be worn on the ring finger

also. Topaz must necessarily be worn in gold. If you cannot afford gold, you can opt for silver as well. If it is Pushya Nakshatra on Thursday, it will be extremely auspicious conjugation for wearing Topaz. Topaz remains effective for more than four years. HYMNS OF JUPITER (BRIHASPATI) 1) OM GRAM GREEM GRAUM SAH GURUVE NAMAH 2) OM AEM SHRI BRIHASPATYE NAMAH 3) OM BRIHASPATEY\GURUVE NAMAH Diamond: Diamond is the main stone from Navratna category. It's a stone of Venus. Hence it is worn on any Friday. Time of 11 a.m. on any Friday during the darker phase of the month is the most auspicious moment for wearing diamond. First of all, wash the diamond ring with Panchamrit or raw milk, then with holy Ganges water. Worship the ring properly thereafter and recite the hymn of Venus (Shukra) 16,000 or 108 times. Then praying and begging pardon for any shortcoming in the rituals wear the ring on the ring or middle finger of your right hand. Diamond is specially beneficial in silver ring. It can also be worn in platinum ring but never in gold or other metals. Diamond remains effective for about seven years. If diamond is worn during Bharani, Purva Phalguni or Purva Sharh Nakshatra, it gives extremely beneficial results. HYMNS OF VENUS 1) OM DRAM DREEM DRAUM SAH SHUKRAYA NAMAH 2) OM AEM JUM GEEM SHUKRAYA NAMAH 3) OM BRIGHU PUTRAYA NAMAH 4) OM SHUKRAYA NAMAH

Blue Sapphire: This is the stone of Saturn, hence it should be worn on Saturday. On any Saturday, during the darker phase at the time of 12 p.m. is the most auspicious for wearing blue sapphire. Wash the sapphire ring in Panchamrit or raw milk and then in holy water. Put it in the place of worship and carry out worship rituals properly. Recite the hymn of Saturn 23,000 or 108 times. Then praying and begging pardon for shortcomings committed, wear it on the middle finger of your right hand. Sapphire can be worn in gold, silver or steel but it is especially beneficial in an alloy of five metals. HYMNS OF SATURN 1) OM PRAM PREEM PRAUM SAH SHANAYE NAMAH 2) OM HREEM AEM SHRI SHANAISHCHARAY NAMAH 3) OM NEELAANJANAY NAMAH 4) OM SHANAYE NAMAH Gomed (Agate): This is the stone of Rahu. In astrology, Rahu is considered similar to Saturn in virtues, hence Agate is worn on any Saturday. Alternatively, it can also be worn on Wednesday or Friday. Time of 12 p.m. on any Saturday during the darker phase is considered as the most auspicious moment. Wash the ring in Panchamrit or raw milk and then in holy water and worship it properly. Thereafter, recite the hymn of Rahu 18,000 or 108 times. Praying and begging pardon then for any shortcomings committed, wear the ring on the middle finger of your right hand. Agate is specially beneficial in an alloy of five or eight metals. It can be worn in silver also. Agate remains effective for about three years. Swati, Shatabhisha or Aardra Nakshatras on Saturdays or

Wednesdays are considered specially auspicious for wearing Agate. HYMNS OF RAHU 1) OM BHRAAM BHREEM BHRAUM SAH RAHAVE NAMAH 2) OM KROM KREEM HUM HUM TUM TANK DHAARINE RAHAVE NAMAH 3) OM MAHA VEERYAY NAMAH 4) OM RAHAVE NAMAH Cat's eye: This inexpensive but extremely effective stone is worn to please Ketu. It can be worn on Wednesday, Friday or Saturday. On any of these days during the darker phase of a month, evening time is the most auspicious moment for wearing Cat's eye. Wash it in Panchamrit or raw milk and then in holy water and worship it properly. Recite the hymn of Ketu 17,000 or 108 times. Then with devotional feelings, wear it on the little finger of your right hand. Cat's eye is beneficial only if worn in silver or an alloy of five metals. It remains effective for about three years. If it is worn during Ashwini Magha or Moola Nakshatra cat's eye proves especially beneficial. HYMNS OF KETU 1) OM STRAAM STREEM STRAUM SAH KETUVE NAMAH 2) OM HREEM KREEM KROOM KRURRUPINYE KETUVE NAMAH 3) OM RAUDRA DEHAY NAMAH\OM KETUVE NAMAH SOME OTHER CONDITIONS TO WEAR GEMSTONES

Taurus. fifth. 3) If Mars is positioned with Rahu. 6) If Venus is present in sixth. If it is present in the sixth. Capricorn. 8) If Rahu is present in the ascendant house or in the third. one should wear diamond. weak. twelfth house one should wear coral. eleventh or twelfth house or in Sagittarius seen by Sun. Saturn and Mars or is seen by them one should wear emerald. one should immediately wear sapphire. ninth. fourth. seventh. eleventh or twelfth house. Ketu. one should wear coral. 4) If Mercury is in sixth. 2) If the position of Moon is in the ascendant house or in the sixth. fourth. eighth or twelfth house or in Aries. one should wear pearl.1) If the position of Sun is in the ascendant house or in the second. twelfth or in the Scorpio. one should wear Agate. 5) If Jupiter is present in fifth. seventh. Libra. tenth. eighth or twelfth house or in the Pisces with Rahu. If Moon is positioned with Rahu and Ketu or is retrograde or in setting position one should necessarily wear pearl. . tenth or twelfth house with Sun or in the Aries or is retrograde or weak. ruby must be worn. Leo. Aquarius and Scorpio. eighth house or is retrograde. or seen by some sinister planet. twelfth or eighth house with Moon or Sun. fourth. third. 7) If Saturn is present in fourth. sixth. Ketu or Saturn in the ascendant house or in the third. one should at once wear topaz. eighth.

Scriptural evidences however show that concept of gemmology is as old as the creation itself. tenth. Gemmology or the scientific and ethnic study of gemstones is an important and integral part of applied astrology. Some people believe that it is one or two thousand years old science while others maintain that science and art of gemmology originated about five or ten thousand years ago. As such astrology has witnessed continuous development and proliferated into many branches and divisions. NAMAMI VISHNUM SIRASA CHATURBHUJAM || Apart from many kinds of weapons. ninth. A very famous hymn says: SASHANKH CHAKRAM SAKIRIT KUNDALAM. Jupiter or Venus. It is so popular among the Indian public that no one is certain as to when it had actually come into practice. fourth. Apart from these situations. Lord Vishnu bears Kaustubha Mani (a gem named Kaustubh) on his chest. Sun. eleventh or twelfth house or in Sagittarius in conjugation with Mars. SAPEET VASTRAM SARASI RUNEKSHANAM || SAHAR VAKSH STHAL KAUSTUBHASHRIYAM. This gem is most dear to Him. all of which are equal in importance.GEMOLOGY : THE MYSTERY HIDDEN IN STONES Our great sages and polymaths perfected the art and the science of astrology in ancient times. This hymn shows that even . stones of a particular planet are especially beneficial during Mahadasha\Antardasha period of that planet. Gemology .9) If Ketu is present in the ascendant house or in the third. one should wear cat's eye. Use of precious gems and stones has been an ancient practice in India.

Among Puranas. Some experts say that jewels have brilliant hues than the gems. Researchers tell that many kinds of jewels are manufactured within the body of living organisms from the various actions and reactions of their blood. flesh etc. plants and rocks.before the whole universe came into being. Ratnadhyay devoted to the comprehensive description of the gemstones. lets learn something more about it. various scholars shed light on the science of gemmology. Thank Practically. marrow. Lord Vishnu did have an existence and the gem Kaustubh also existed along with Him. It has a whole chapter. there is no basic difference between a gem and a jewel. In modern era also. But since the word jewel has achieved an independent existence. A scripture Vrihat Samhita written by Varahmihir still has a wide recognition among the gemologists. Agnipurana contains exhaustive description about gemmology. . Still some jewels are obtained from specific vegetation. Acharya Varahmihir was the most prominent of those great scholars. The only difference is between their hues and the special effects because of them. ORIGIN OF JEWELS: Experts have a difference of opinion regarding the origin of jewels. They authored many great scriptures as well. During medieval period also. But many believe that gems and jewels belong to the same categories. Some of the jewels are produced in nature through the reactions and combinations of different chemical compounds. countless scholars are continuously working with dedication in the field of gemmology.

Besides. superior gems are found and the excellent among them are known as jewels. jewels found in heaven are1) Kaustubh Mani. Thus. 2) Chinta Mani. effects and the compounds present within them. 1) Kaustubh Mani: It has a deep blue colour like a blue lotus and a radiance equal to the sun. 4) Rudra Mani. Through the origin of jewels as given in Indian mythology appears more like fantasies in the present scientific age. Hymns and other descriptions of Indian religious scriptures are more cryptic in nature and need proper deciphering for who knows what is hidden in them. But before going through their physical classification. lets be familiar with the classification of jewels as has been mentioned in Indian scriptures. it is relevant here to learn about the origin of jewels as described in mythology for various reasons. but it may have some degree of truth. According the great astrologer Varahmihir. 3) Syamantak Mani. Gemmology is no exception in this context. According to mythology. It was obtained .Like gems. in all the three worlds. 2) Jewels of the earth. 3) Jewels of the nether world. jewels too can be classified into different categories according to their appearances. jewels are of three kinds 1) Jewels of the sky or heaven.

the ursine aid of Lord Rama. According to Hindu mythology. Jambvant took the jewel to his cave and gave it to his children. Later on.during the churning of the sea. Following the footmarks of Prasanjit. 3) Syamantak Mani: It is a common belief that this jewel adorns the necklace of Lord Surya (the sun god). So. It gives its wearer all kinds of wealth and comforts. it fills the ambience with day-like light. the lion and . so he should present it to none other than Lord Krishna. But Prasanjit could present the jewel to Lord Krishna and stealthily left the court. There is an interesting tale related to this jewel. The wearer is freed from all the worries and fretting. The lion took the jewel with it but was killed by Jambvant. It is white in colour and has a brilliant hue. 2) Chinta Mani: Name of this jewel is self-explicit. This is said to be a powerful jewel and bestows fortune. when Prasanjit did not return for many days. Prasanjit visited the court of Lord Krishna wearing the jewel. luxuries as well as invincibility on to its wearer besides extremely beautiful and imposing. Lord Vishnu wears Kaustubh Mani in a garland on his chest. Back there in the kingdom. It is said to have a brilliant blue hue that instantaneously blinds the onlooker. If it is taken in darkness. Lord Surya had presented the Syamantak Mani to his devotee Prasanjit as he was pleased by his devotion. suspicious fingers began to point at Lord Krishna. In the Dwapar Yuga. Lord Krishna set out to search Prasanjit. Prasanjit went to the forests on a hunting excursion and was killed by a lion. All the courtiers were amazed by the brilliance of this jewel and said to Prasanjit that he did not deserve the jewel.

Lord Krishna returned to Dwarka and washed the blemish. Thus recovering the jewel Syamantak. But different scholars interpret the word Naga differently.Jambvant. According to them. The jewel has a brilliant. The gods presented Lord Shiva with a jewel that came to be known as Rudra Mani. Lord Krishna reached the den of Jambvant and saw Jambvant's children playing with the jewel. It is believed now that Lord Krishna himself wears the jewel Syamantak. But others identify a specific caste of human race with the word Naga. Bhils. Lord Shiva threatened the jewel among the beads of His rosary. Now. According to some Naga does mean snake. His costumes as well as ornaments are strange. Nagas of India and Eskimos of Greenland are prominent among these creeds. According to mythology. Jambvant also arrived there and a fierce duel followed between them. golden hue and three stripes on it. At last Jambvant recognized Lord and presented Him with his daughter Jambvati and also the jewel. according to Hindu mythology. the hell is inhabited not by humans but by great snakes as its name Naga loka shows. only four jewels come in the category of heavenly jewels. such creeds are still present in different parts of the world. Rudra Mani: Nobody will be unaware of the bounty of Lord Shiva. the jewel Rudra Mani is also benevolent in virtues. Thus. lets understand something about the jewels that belong to the nether world. Many of them are well civilized while some are still in the . As soon as Lord Krishna took the jewel in this possession. Bhugarbh loka etc. Rasatala. Like Lord Shiva. He wears only tiger's skin and formidable black snakes around his shoulder. Paatal of Hindu mythology is known by different names such as Nagaloka.

though Naga was a human creed that inhabited the surface of the earth and has a distinct existence.wild. the snake naturally feels perplexed and in a way 'commits suicide' by beating its hood on the ground. But this whole venture is very risky. those who wish to possess Naga Mani first of all locate the right kind of snake that actually has the jewel. he has to face lot of dangers. Some of the prominent and popular jewels of Naga Loka or are the following. Now. Thus. barbarian stage. Only nine kinds of snakes are regarded as the wearer of this mysterious jewel called Naga Mani. It is said that the colour of the jewel exactly matches the colour of the snake and the jewel emits light of the same colour.Naga Mani: It is said that this jewel is present on the head of a snake. Only a few. When the snake senses some danger. Thus. They also differ from one another in attires and food habits. Not seeing the light of the jewel. it at once swallows the jewel. as soon as the snake puts the jewel out. Similarly humans and demons which existed long ago were in fact human creeds but were different in many aspects. privileged ones have it on their hoods. Then they chase the snake day and night continuously. Nagas are regarded as the inhabitants of the hell and Vasuki was their monarch. These nine kinds of the snake are: 1) Black snake. . It is said that the followers of Lord Manu became humans while the followers of Lord Danu developed as demons. If someone wishes to get it. But it is said that all the snakes do not have this jewel. Naga Mani is said to be extremely expensive. Its light shows the snake its way even in pitch darkness. it is covered with a blanket. But while discussing about the jewels of the nether worlds.

4) Gray snake. According to the scriptures all of these snakes wear jewels that exactly match their body colour. Though. 9) Milky snake. 5) Red snake. 3) Yellow snake.2) Blue snake. Now is the time to take a detailed look at the gems and jewels found on the earth. 7) Green snake. not innumerable kinds of gems and jewels are found on earth but according to Puranas and other authentic sources following kinds of gems and jewels are prominent:1) Manikya (Ruby). 4) Panna (Emerald). 2) Moti (Pearl). . 3) Mungaa (Coral). whose colour exactly matches with that of the planet came into being. It is also a coincidence that the number of planets in the solar system is also nine. 8) Copper-coloured snake. The colours of these planets more or less match with the colours of these jewels. 6) White snake. That is why. But these jewels (Naga Manis) are not easily available. That is why practice of wearing gems and stones in place of the jewels became popular. the practice of wearing a jewel.

9) Lahsumiya (Cat's eye). According to Vishnu Purana and Shrimad Bhagwat Mahapurana. Lets first understand the scriptural basis of classification of the gems and jewels.5) Pukhraj (Yellow Sapphire). 6) Neelam (Blue Sapphire). Lord Vishnu decided to stop the hundredth Ashwamedha Yagya of Bali . 11) Chandrakant (Moon stone). 8) Gomed (Hassonite). 13) Tail Mani. With a resolution of dethroning Indra as the king of heaven. 15) Upalak Mani. 10) Phiroza (Turquoise). the grandson of Prahlad was a great king of the demons. Bali. (Lapis Mani) 20) Masar Mani. 19) Larvart. 7) Heera (Diamond). 12) Ghrit Mani. 21) Ishiv. On the appeal of Indra. (Opal) 16) Sphatic Mani. (Rock Crystal) 17) Paras Mani. 18) Ulook Mani. 14) Bheeshmak. Bali organized a hundred Ashwamedha Yagyas.

hence it has red or pink colour. Then. . according to another version of the lore. Blue Sapphire: It originated from the eyes of the demon King Bali. a fierce battle followed between Lord Vishnu and Bali. Since there was not room then to put the third step. Cat's Eye: This jewel originated from the Yagyopavit (sacred thread) of Bali. Bali's body converted into gems and stones. origin of different gems and jewels is as follows: Ruby: It originated from the blood drops of Bali. Coral: That part of Bali's blood which flowed down to the sea formed the coral. Lord measures entire earth and heaven. Thus. Lord Vishnu sent Bali direct to the hell. Lord Vishnu broke Bali's body into pieces. But with the touch of the Lord's foot.and arrived there in the guise of Vamana (a dwarf Brahmin) and begged him to donate land measuring three steps. Pearl: It is believed to have originated from the mind of Bali. In two steps. Thus. Thus different pieces of Bali's body fell at different places and took the shape of gems and jewels. Yellow Sapphire: It originated from the flesh of Bali. During the battle. Bali offered his head for the Lord to put his third step. Diamond: It originated from the pieces of Bali's brain. Hassonite: This gem originated from the fat of the demon king.

Tail Mani: Skin of the king Bali formed this jewel. only twenty-one are described as gems or jewels due to peculiar brilliance they possess. Thus in all. only nine are most famous for their radiance and are hence known as Navaratna. Bheeshmak: This gem was produced from the head pieces of Bali. Lapis Lazuli: Bali's hair formed this jewel. Moonstone: It originated from the radiance of the eye's pupils. Paras Mani: Pieces of Bali's heart formed Paras Mani. . Of these twenty-one gems. Of them. Ulook Mani: This jewel was formed from the pieces of Bali's tongue. eighty four different parts and constituents of the demon king Bali. Ishiv Mani: This jewel is believed to have from the semen of King Bali. Sphatik Mani (Rock Crystal): This jewel was formed from the sweat of Bali. Masar Mani: This jewel was produced from the faeces of Bali. Upalak Mani: Cough or phlegm of Bali produced this jewel. Ghrit Mani: This jewel originated from the pieces of the waist.Turquoise: It originated from the nervous system of the demon king Bali.

there are nine main gems or jewels.Thus. twelve common gems and sixty-three ordinary gems which are also known .

.as sub-gems.



1) Friction 2) Heat 3) Pressure 1) Electricity produced by friction or Frictional Electricity: When a gemstone is rubbed with a cotton or woolen cloth. In some stones the charge is so intense that it can even burn the cloth that causes it to appear. Besides diamond. some electric charge is produced in the gem. topaz. Shobha Mani. Trinakant Mani etc are some other jewels that produce intense electric charge. Diamond is such a stone that produces intense electric charge on rubbing. .

paper etc. Kaharava is also a fossilized resin of pine that has metamorphosed into stone. Hence it is also known as colour changing stone. Alexandrite: It is an extremely beautiful gem and like Opal it is also very sensitive to light. white. It is mostly found in Thailand. Brazil and some parts of . It may be found in many colours like yellow. Due to its property to attract grass. It is opaque like amber. it begins to act like a battery cell and produces electric charge. camphor-like smell. Kaharava is also known as Trinakant Mani or Trinakarsh. Iran. Kaharava: It is mostly found in brown colour. Rock crystal is again an efficient gemstone to produce electric charge under pressure. It is used as a substitute for blue sapphire. Romania. It glows like a rainbow of colours. 3) Piezo Electricity or charge due to pressure: If a certain amount of pressure is applied on a crystal. the crystal regains its original state. red and green. Balkan countries. It also changes its colour when heated in fire. But there is a threshold limit below which heating does not produce any charge in the stone. With the removal of pressure. blue. Mexico and some parts of India. It is regarded as a potential substitute for blue sapphire. when charged. Germany. Madagascar.2) Thermal Electricity: Heating a gemstone also produces some electric charge in it. In common parlance and the jewellers terms it is called as Jamuniya (amethyst). Mostly. It has a sweet. It is found in Sri Lanka and Africa. Myanmar. Katiala: It belongs to crystal category and is found in deep and light voilet colours. It is mostly found in Hampshire (England). Rock crystal is the prominent gemstone that produces intense charge upon heating. Alexandrites with deep indigo colour are available with the jewellers.

Myanmar. utensils and mortar etc. It is indeed effective but not as much as blue sapphire. Calamine: Some crafty jewellers sell it as a substitute for blue sapphire but in fact it cannot replace blue sapphire. Gomed Mani. But there is no guarantee that you get genuine Kakarnili in the market because most jewellers sell synthetic stone instead. many astrologers prescribe it as a substitute for blue sapphire. Kurund: This stone is found in many colours like violet. Madagascar and Peru are the regions where Kaharava is found aplenty. white. It is mostly used to please the shadow planet Rahu. It is known as Gomed in Hindi. green. It is cheaper and appears attractive due to yellow-black spots on it. It radiates green light. Peet Sphatic in Sanskrit. Peet Mani. Agate: It belongs to the Navaratna category of the gemstones. Tapo Mani. Kakarnili is mostly found in Kashmir.India. It is also mostly used in medicines. blue. red. It is mostly used to make the grinding stone that the jewellers use to scourge gemstones. Kakarnili: Due to its deep blue colour. Australia and India. It is known as black star and presents a complete rainbow of colours in flood light. But it has more medicinal uses than astrological. . Gomedak. It is mostly used in making crockery. Srilanka. Canada. It is mostly found in Thailand. Kasoti (Touch stone): Jewellers use this stone to test the purity of gold. brown. Khara: It is an ordinary stone available in black colour. black and pink. lower regions of Russia. Kudaratta: It is black stone that has mote decorative uses than astrological ones.

Agate is prescribed by the astrologers for the people to get rid of many kinds of problems. It gives mental peace besides riches and repute. yellow and slaty colours. it is called zircon. But the correct term for it is Hassonite or Agate. But one should imperatively get his horoscope scrutinized by an able astrologer. In Marathi it is known as 'Gomed Mani'. China. Siduri etc. Despite being cheap. It is found in red. It is found in the Orissa province of India besides Myanmar. India. It is prescribed as a substitute for pearl.In Arabian and Persian it is known as Zargun. ordinary stone mostly worn by the ascetics. It can be worn on any auspicious day. it is an extremely effective gemstone. Muslims etc. In colloquial terms. Florida. Great Indian mathematician and astrologer of the yore. Varahmihir has written profusely about the gemstones in his famous treatize Vrihatsamhita. Streaks of many colours are present on it. reddish brown. . North America and Sri Lanka. Hazarya Mani. It resembles with the teeth of a cow in appearance. Best Agates come from Sri Lanka. red. South Africa and Sri Lanka. Moonstone: It is an inexpensive stone. A transparent Agate is regarded as the best. but it is a misnomer. Gudari: It is a cheap. It has profound effect on the diseases also. But it is available in many colours: black. Hence it is also known as rainbow stone. orange and occasionally green. It is found in small bits in Myanmar. Even in common English its often referred to as Zircon. specially wear big Gudari. It is also found in Brazil and Switzerland. Gauri: It is brown or green coloured stone that belongs to Akeek category. Arab.

TRANSLUCENT GEMSTONES These fall between the transparent and opaque categories. These stones are not as clear as the transparent stones nor as filthy as the opaque ones. Akik and Phiroza (turquoise) are the famous example of opaque gemstones.Thus. Hence. Many important gemstones come under the category of translucent stones. Though presence of these impurities does not affect the utility of the stone. You may ask: Why? It can only be said about it that during the period of Varahmihir only these twenty-two gemstones could have been in fashion. only twenty-two gemstones have been described in Vrihatsamhita. . OPAQUE GEMSTONES Many elemental impurities that are present in the crystal lattice of a gemstone not only increases its density but also makes it opaque to light. the translucent gemstones can aptly be described as dim gemstones. These two stones are regarded particularly miraculous.

Hardness is the main property of a gemstone. Since the chemical composition varies from stones to stones hence each and every gemstone has its unique hardness which commonly does not match with that of the other. crystal lattice etc. HARDNESS OF THE GEMSTONES Composition of the chemical compounds. In fact. Besides it. gemstones have more importance than the ordinary stones and are hence more in demand despite their high value. it is the hardest substance in the world. relative density. To be valuable a gemstone should fulfill some conditions like smoothness.Regardless of the category. better cut. brilliance etc. their mixture. It is in fact a fossil and organic in origin. Coral is also hard but interestingly it is not a true stone. Next to hardness it is specific density that differentiates one gemstone from another. Apart from these hardness is another condition that a gemstone should comply to be designated as a jewel. Diamond is the hardest gemstone. blue and yellow sapphires and ruby are also hard. . together determine the hardness of a gemstone. emerald. Gemstones are invariably harder than the ordinary stones.

Its surface is commonly brown. But here we are talking about a stone and not about a metal.Tiger's Eye: It is a yellow stone that closely resembles the eye of a tiger. The stone does have some magnetic properties and is beneficial in correcting bodily disorders caused by wind. Magnet: This term conjures up a figure of metallic magnet. Jahar Mohara (Soap stone): This yellow coloured stone has green radiance. It is said that this stone is particularly present in huge quantities in certain regions like Bermuda Triangle and causes Shipwrecks and plane accidents there. It is a . yellow or white. It is actually an Akeek with prominent streaks. It is also known as cat's eye and proves specially beneficial for the fearful people. It is mostly used to make utensils. black or brown streaks. It is mostly found on the banks of Narmada and Indus. Jaje Mani: The same stone is called as Yaje Mani. It has miraculous virtues.

smooth stone mostly used in utensil making due to its high density and opaque appearance. John. Jarahat (Milk stone): It is an ordinary stone not commonly used for astrological purposes. In Sanskrit it is known as 'Tamra Mani'. Dur: It is a strong. Garnet: It is mostly used as a substitute for ruby. black in colour and mostly used in making utensils. It is found in Tibet. It has a peculiar smoothness.strange kind of stone that destroys the effects of poison. Myanmar and the island of St. Many experts do not regard it as a true gemstone. Peridot: This parrot-green coloured stone is prescribed as a substitute for emerald. Tourmaline: This semi-stone is available in many colours. Water kept in the utensil made of Jharana doe not stay in it but finds a way out and seeps out. India and Iran. . Arizona (USA). Tursava: This pink coloured stone is mostly used in making utensils. Jharana (Fountain): It is a pastel coloured stone not frequently used for astrological purposes. It is found in Norway. It is mostly used in cosmetics and to make utensils and idols. It is bright red or pink in colour. Thedi: It is also an ordinary stone. but white tourmaline is most common and used as a substitute for diamond though it has less density than diamond. Mexico.

Thailand. It is regarded as the most respected as well as the most dangerous stone. orange. Smoky Quartz: This transparent stone is mostly available in smoky colours besides black. Blue Sapphire: This highly famous stone is composed of aluminum oxide. Inside it. but the sapphire found in Kashmir province of India is the most beautiful and expensive. It has white or brown streaks on the surface. It is highly beneficial in the diseases of kidney and urinary bladder. Sri Lanka. Java. It has no astrological use. It is mostly used in toy making. It is found in Myanmar. yellow. Australia. Sapphire is often compared with notorious anti-biotic . It is used as a substitute for ruby. Brazil. ordinary stone mostly available in white or light yellow shades. It is mostly found in Switzerland and North Carolina (USA) and is mostly used in making idols. Dantala: It is an inexpensive.Kidney stone: Mostly found in green colour and resembles pistachio. blue and violet are also common. Hence it is known as kidney stone. Sardonyx: This brown stone appears to have a dual structure. Its positive as well as negative effects are manifested from within hours to days. toys and goggles. there appears a grain like structure and that is why. Sri Lanka etc. Dur-E-Nazaf: It is an ordinary stone available in raw paddy-like green colour. perhaps it is known as Darchana. Thailand. yellow and brown. Though found in many countries like USA. USA and India. almond or slaty colours. Spinel Ruby: This stone is mostly found in pink colour though shades like green. Darchana: This stone is mostly found in pastel. It is an inexpensive stone.

transparent stone with brilliant green colour and is very expensive. In Arabic and Persian it is Jard Yakoot and Asper. in Gujarati it is known as Peeluraj. The best type of topaz has a brilliant yellow colour like the flowers of mustard or amaltas (Cassia fistula) and is transparent. topaz is known as Pushparaj. Indraneel Mani. beautiful and expensive jewel is one of the Navratna. black and green colours. It appears to contain water inside it and hence looks very attractive. Emerald: This green coloured stone is used to please mercury. Pushparag. This stone is worn to please Jupiter. In Sanskrit. It is available both in transparent and opaque forms and is used in making utensils also. transparent stone is universally available and appears like an ice crystal. It is found in India and Siberian region of Russia. The best grade of emerald comes from South American countries. Kabood. Blood stone: This opaque. It is used as a substitute for the pearl and the diamond and is worn for an increment in fortune and knowledge. in Urdu it is known as Yakoob. Columbia and Brazil. Pukhraj (Topaz or Yellow Sapphire): This rare. Panghat: This translucent stone is found in white. Sang-e-panni: This green coloured stone is a potential substitute for emerald. Blue Sapphire is one of the Navratna. .penicillin because of its accelerated effects. Rock Crystal: This white coloured hard. green stone has a number of small red dots on it hence its named as blood stone. It is bright. In Sanskrit it is known as Neel Mani. It is mostly used in making ornaments and toys. Peet Mani.

Siberia and New Zealand. White marble is mostly used in the construction of buildings and statues. It is also available in violet. It is the main stone of the sun. black or pastel flint stones produces sparks. And indeed aquamarine is believed to enhance fortune. In Sanskrit ruby is known as Padmaraag and Kuruvind while in Urdu it is Surkh Yakoot. In Sanskrit it is known as 'Agni Paashaan'. Baansi: This opaque and soft stone has a colour like under-sea vegetation. Flint stone: This seemingly ordinary stone had sustained human life in primitive era when people used this stone to make fire. It is mostly used in making utensils. Margaz: This stone is regarded as a potential substitute for emerald because of its bright green colour. Marium: This stone also resembles marble closely and is used in the manufacture of household items. Besides white. Marble: Hardly anybody will be unaware of this famous stone. Though found in many countries like Thailand. This highly expensive and transparent stone is available in red and pink colours. . white and black shades.Aquamarine: This transparent stone is available in blue and green colours. Myanmar. Greece. . Ruby: This jewel also belongs to Navratna category. People who undertake frequent voyages mostly wear it for good fortune. marble is available in slaty. Margaz is found aplenty in Tibet. green and black colours also. Rubbing of brown. Sri Lanka and China but the best type of rubies come from Myanmar.

black and pink are also common. Muktaa. blue. Often. It is mostly red in colour though white and pink corals are also common. Mritangaar: It is a solid isotrophe of carbon that begins to glow like fire when rubbed or polished and appears like cinder. Coral: Coral is infact fossilized rocks formed from the sedimentation of dead tiny organisms named coral. white. Egypt. The best type of coral comes from Italy. . In Sanskrit. It is mostly used in making the floor of houses. Jasper: This opaque stone is available in red. Muve Nazaf: This ordinary and opaque stone has omnipresence and is mostly used in the construction of buildings. Excellent pearls come from Basra. In Urdu. Mauktik while in Arabian and Urdu it is known as Gauhar. China and North America. it is known as 'Mirjaan' or 'Marjaan'.Jet: This black coloured smooth and shining stone has both astrological as well as construction uses. In Sanskrit. a traditional centre of pearl trade in Iraq. 'Angaarak Mani'. yellow and green colours. It is white in colour with distinct streaks. Iran. pearl is known as Muktak. 'Vidram'. Pearl is worn to please the moon and correct mental disturbances and abdominal diseases. Coral is known as 'Pravaal'. Pearl: Pearls also have an organic origin counted among stones because of their miraculous properties. this stone is also called as black marble. Mostly pearls are in white in colour though shades of yellow. Now a days culturing of pearls is a popular business. It is mostly found in Myanmar. blue.

Jew stone: This stone has more medicinal than astrological uses. brown. In Sanskrit it is known as Vadurya Mani and Vidalaaksh while in Gujarati it is Lassuniyo and in Bangla it is known as Sutra Mani. Lapis Lazuli: This blue coloured. Ludhia: This red coloured opaque stone is universally available and is used in construction purposes mostly. This also belongs to Navratna category and is worn to please the shadow planet Ketu. green and white shades also. It is mostly mined in Brazil. Carnelian: This red coloured stone is mostly used in the treatment of fevers. transparent stone has brilliant golden spots on it. . It is mainly quarried near Chitrakoot on the border of Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. black and green colours and appears like the eyes of a cat. India and Australia. Seezari: Being green in colour. Chile and Siberia. asthama and renal diseases. Even today it is used as a potential substitute for the true Sapphire. Spinel: This pink stone is powerful substitute for ruby. It is mostly found in Afghanistan. It has distinct streaks known as cosmic threads that appear to move when the stone is seen from different angles in flood light. It is effective in the treatment of respiratory disorders. Occasionally it is found in black. In ancient times Lapis Lazuli was regarded as Sapphire. Cat's eye: This stone is available in white. Myanmar. this stone is used as a substitute for emerald. Romani: This is a red coloured ordinary stone mostly used in making utensils.

Often known as golden quartz. It is mostly found in Norway and Siberia. . Simac: This white spotted and dull stone is mostly used in making mortars and tumblers. Sargahi: Naturally this stone is found in triangular shape and white and brown colours carried mostly in the Persian Gulf. this stone sometimes appears more beautiful than true topaz. But you can hardly find a genuine twinkle stone in the market and as long as it is not genuine it cannot produce its effects. It is mostly available in pink colour. And mostly found in the rivers of Himalayas. this ochre colour stone has a number of twinkling dots. Gold fly: This white coloured stone has a tinge of red and is used more as medicine than for pleasing the planets. It is mostly used to make decorative items and utensils. Singli: This opaque stone is available in red and pink colours and regarded as a substitute for ruby.Twinkling stone: Known as Sang-E-Sitara in Persian. lime coloured stone is regarded as a substitute for topaz. Sun stone: This strange stone is available in orange. Mostly quarried in Mysore region of Karnataka. Citrine: This transparent. Sangi: This beautiful stone is available in almost all colours. red and yellow colours and appears like a cinder. Vermilion stone: Though ordinary in appearance this stone has tremendous astrological importance. In Sanskrit it is known as Angar Mani in Persian as Sand-e-atash.

It is the hardest substance known to man. Hadeed: This inexpensive. Hazarat-e-Ud: This oridnary. . this stone has almond-coloured streaks. It is mostly used in making the rosaries. Hence. describing its physical properties is very difficult job. Halan Larza: This pink stone has strange brilliance. attractive and transparent stone has white. Philosopher's stone: Real existence of this stone is doubtful except in folklore. ordinary stone is universally available in slaty and pastel colours. It is a precious stone very dear to Venus.Cibar: This opaque stone belongs to the jewel category. It has miraculous. It is a common belief that any metal can be turned into gold by a mere touch of philosopher's stone. Diamond: Hardly anybody will be unaware of this famous jewel. Available in green. When moved in flood-light waves appear to rise in this stone. Latent powers which are both constructive as well as destructive. Hawas: This ordinary stone is available in golden colours. unattractive stone is mostly used as medicine to treat urinary disorders. blue and reddish hues. This brilliant.

SCIENTIFIC BASIS OF WEARING GEMSTONES Questions related to importance of gemstones and their effects on the well being of the wearers have always stirred the thoughts of human beings. Of these topics.Gemology . dead ancestors. influence of planets on human life and wearing of stones to do away with the fears of ghosts or adverse influence of the planets are some of the topics about which confusion reigns supreme. Existence of ghosts. Does the wearing of gemstones have any scientific basis or is it mere superstition? There are great confusions prevalent in the world regarding many topics. wearing of stones perhaps has the maximum confusion for it is .

Miraculous change is. There are also known incidents when some beggar finds a stone in the path and becomes the lord of many palace-like houses and inassessible wealth. But at this juncture. who works hard eight or ten hours a day. Only working together action and fate can give synergic results. As soon as they wear stones. Neither of them is complete alone. If everything is possible by wearing a simple stone what is the use of action then. it is also seen that poor people or labourers work very hard from dawn to dusk but could earn their daily bread only with difficulty. In reality. however seen in the position of such poor people when they consult learned astrologers and begin to wear gem or stones prescribed by them. everybody wants to reap maximum profits in minimum labour. In the present materialistic society.directly related to increase in fortune. both fate and action are two sides of the same coin and have their own importance. we see that most of the rich people do not work so hard. should give up his efforts and come to depend upon the fortune entirely. On the other hand. they ask. their fate takes the lead and raises them to the great heights wealthwise. Gemmology is an important part of astrology and it has never been mentioned in it that one. In fact. but they skilfully make the others to work for them. Gemologist prescribes him/her to wear a particular stone and the official makes . Often some official who deserves promotion does not get it for many unknown reasons. Then he/she consults a gemologist. who wants good fortune. would be a millionaire. If only action were enough everybody. their ignorant but logical conscience puts a question: "Is it really fruitful to wear stones?" Most of them then begin to believe that stones and confusions related to them are means of livelihood for the astrologers and jewellers. Hence people are inspired to wear stones.

Since the very moment such a person wears a stone. As for example. Red or pink ruby similarly represents the sun and yellow sapphire represents Jupiter. Besides unless and until you have tested a theory yourself. every gem represents a planet of the matching colour. his fortune begins to wane. HOW DO THE GEMSTONES EXERT THEIR EFFECTS? We have so far clarified that every gemstone has some kind of miraculous powers which is often referred to as divine powers. Isn't it a miracle? There are scores of incidents to corroborate the miraculous property of gemstones. . Often a rich and well to do person wears just any stone out of curiosity or suggested by an imposter astrologer. hence wearing of the stones cannot be rejected as mere superstition. Thus on the basis of these and other related incidents.unprecedented progress since then. Still some people may reject such incidents as mere coincidences. According to its colour. This property of a gemstone is helpful in exerting its influence in miraculous ways. But when the sufferer removes the stone. Venus has white colour hence it is represented by diamond. Every gemstone has the power to draw energy or beams from its respective planet and channelise it into the wearer's body. we can say that wearing of stones is not a superstition only. Negative influence of the gemstones also support their miraculous properties. Stones do have a capacity to remove the hurdles caused by faulty positioning of planets in one's horoscope. He loses his wealth and lives in a beggar like condition or faces other kinds of problems. he begins to regain his fortune. you should not reject it on the basis of rumours only.

Thumb represents Venus. Similarly stones are suggested to remove the deficiencies in the influence of particular planet. neck or arm. Suppose a particular planet is not strong enough in the horoscope of a person and a person was hence suggested to wear the stone that represents that planet. The planet. Effects of the stones can be compared with the way modern medicine employs to remove the deficiency of vitamins in body. ring finger represents the sun and little finger represents Mercury. the luck still gives him strong support. index finger represents Jupiter. In astrology. Now even if the person doesn't make fervent efforts. In fact they cannot do so. millions of people to live a healthy life and reap good fortune especially when they . It is also important here to know that stone of a particular planet must be worn on the finger that represents it. we wear the stone representing that planet on our fingers. As for example green vegetables are prescribed to remove the deficiency of vitamin A and iron and basking is suggested to correct the disturbances in the level of vitamin D. reaps great benefits and enjoys good food. they have no moral right to reject the science that had helped since millenia. since then. every finger is believed to represent a particular planet viz. middle finger represents Saturn. When we wish to enjoy the favourable effects of a particular planet. The stone draws positive energy from the planet and channelises it into the body of the wearer. Thus. begins to bestow its good effect on the person who then climbs the ladder of success quickly.Each gem of the Navratna category represents a planet of the solar system. People blinded by the dazzles of modernity do not reject the prescription of modern medicine.

you are prone to reject whole science of gemmology as mere superstition. For such happenings. Such cases are exceptional but not truth entirely. It is possible that such people or their relatives might have worn some stone and did not receive expected results. You might have seen yourself that often after receiving treatment. these were not taken properly by the patient. Such cases also cause suspicion to arise in people's mind. there are many more instances in nature that can compel these ignorant people to change their opinion about the use and influence of the gemstones. In support of the gemmology. It is a common experience that sea water remains calm during the day time but since evening high tides begin to appear in it and in full moon night these tides rise very high. the patient dies despite receiving so called best treatment. But such petty instances are not enough to prove the whole science of gemmology wrong. condition of a patient continues to deteriorate. Most of us blame fate for the patient's death. Science says that it is the . millions of people get rid of the disease and regain their strength. If you have worn a wrong stone at a wrong time for a wrong planet and could not get expected results or suffered adversely. But think a little bit deeply and you will find many more reasons for death: failure of a doctor to diagnose the disease correctly. Often people fail to get real gemstones or they get underweight gemstones which do not exert full influence. nobody tries to prove the doctor or the whole medical science wrong because from the same medicines.have not tested the validity of it themselves. Sometimes. unavailability of the medicines prescribed by the doctor or if the medicines were available.

such people lose control on the mind and become short tempered and violent. Ups and downs of mental condition of the lunatics continue in cycle according to the motion of the moon. During the darker phase of the month. such people usually remain calm and peaceful. Scientists here again blame the gravitational pull of the moon for the mental condition of the lunatics. In fact. gravitational pull of the moon is so strong that it draws even solid land surface up to one or two metres high. There are many more reasons behind the gemstones being effective to channelise the influence of a particular planet. But as the full moon day approaches. Then there are people of lunatic nature whose mental derangement is at peak on the full moon nights.gravitational pull of the moon that causes these high tides to appear in the sea on full moon nights. The person ultimately consults his astrologer. . Each of the nine planets represents many fields of activity. The astrologer studies the horoscope of the patient and finds out the planet responsible for the disease and prescribes him a particular gemstone. things and human conditions as well as diseases. Suppose a person is suffering from a disease which is proving incurable even to the best of the treatments. The patient follows the advice and wears the gemstone and his disease miraculously disappears within a few days.

Usually. Only a learned astrologer can diagnose the necessity of a particular gemstone. Astrologers also caution that no gemstone should be . They have to be very selective in the choice of gemstones.Now the question arises as to under which circumstances a gemstone should be worn and why? Gemstones are so beautiful. a person requires to wear a particular gemstone when in his horoscope. some planet is suffering from the influence of some sinister planet or some particular provision is weak in the horoscope. so attractive that rich people begin to wear them just to show their wealth or just for the sake of hobby. This is totally different condition because hobby is invaluable and there is no prohibition on the ways to pursue one's hobbies. They should purchase only those gemstones that are prescribed by a learned gemologist. But ordinary people cannot squander money on mindless purchase of gemstones.

mantra. MANTRE. Gemstones are nothing but medicines prescribed to correct the adverse influences of the planets. the probability is that it will manifest more negative influences than positive.taken for granted and worn just for fun or as a decorative piece. Such practice could lead to disastrous consequences. If a person has more negative thoughts. Brahmin. pilgrimage. Such a condition is recognised as a mental disorder described as 'inferiority complex'. Secondly. IN WHICH CIRCUMSTANCES GEMSTONE SHOULD NOT BE WORN ? When your astrologer forbids you from wearing a stone. DWIJW. if your whole thinking about the gemstones and their influence is negative and still you decide to wear the gemstone. Similarly. TIRTHE. you should follow his advice by all means. you should not go for them. . This point is more psychological than astrological. medicines and teacher give the same result as one has feelings about them. AUSHADHE. Any of these two types of thoughts. BHESHAJE GURAU | YADRISHI BHAWANA YASYA TADRISHI PHALAM LABHET || That means. his whole outlook for life becomes highly pessimistic. when developed beyond a certain limit. if you are not having full faith in the gems and their powers. comes to dominate the life of a person. This condition is similar to cautious intake of medicines: when you take medicines without any reason. gemstones. It is therefore highly imperative to cultivate positive attitude for the gemstones before deciding to wear one. it may cause serious harm to you instead of benefiting you. We are all aware of the positive and negative thoughts and their consequences.

you should not wear it in any circumstance because such a gemstone may prove lethal for you. WEARING OF A STONE AS PER THE ASCENDANT HOUSE . you should not go for just any substitute for the right kind of gemstone and avoid the trap of jewellers. We have already discussed about the first two questions. if you are unable to get pure gemstone of the correct weight as prescribed by your astrologer. In different communities. there are different religious reasons for wearing the stones. Many of these provisions are universally accepted and there is no difference of opinion about them. These two stones are particularly notorious for ruining the life of even a person of kingly status. experts express different opinions regarding wearing of stones. This fact particularly applies to diamond and blue sapphire. Astrologers and experts from ancient as well as modern ages seem to have similar opinions about these provisions. Let us now consider the third question How? How should a gemstone be worn? There is no single basis for wearing a gemstone. DIFFERENT BASIS OF WEARING GEMSTONE Three questions are naturally linked with everything we do : Why? When? And How? These questions also arise in the case of gemstones. if a particular gemstone is specially forbidden for you. According to their experience and knowledge.Thirdly. Our learned sages and savants have proposed different provisions to wear a particular gemstone. Such a faulty substitute may cause serious harm no matter how beautiful and attractive it might appear. Besides.

fifth house is ascendant. In the horoscope given here. We have already discussed that ruby is the stone for the Sun. In such a horoscope. The most important logic behind this provision is that. In other words. the person who has Leo as his ascendant house in his horoscope must wear ruby. Hence. It actually represents the soul of the person in question.Deep scrutiny of your horoscope may reveal more than one reason why you should wear a gemstone. It represents the zodiac sign Leo. Almost all the astrologers therefore suggest to wear the stone that is related to the ruling planet of the ascendant house. Sun is the lord of this house. there are twelve houses that represent all the twelve zodiac signs. If the ascendant house is weak in a horoscope. In a horoscope. But the most important and fool-proof reason is the position of ascendant house in your horoscope and position of its ruling planet. If the ruling planet of the ascendant house is in a weak position. the whole horoscope can be safely designated as weak. Its position is akin to that of heart. If the heart is weak. other planets too cannot show their full influence no matter how powerful they are. Leo is the ascendant house. wearing of gemstones are related to planets other than the ruler of the ascendant house proves fruitless. the ascendant house is the most important factor in one's horoscope. Let us see now which gem is related to which of the ascendant houses. the whole body suffers from many kinds of ailments and other parts appear quite helpless. . All the experts therefore unanimously opine in favour of a strong ascendant house even if reaping of benefits from other well placed planets is desirable. in the given horoscope.

. those with Scorpio must wear coral. Ascendant house Taurus: Venus is the ruling planet of this house. topaz and pearl. those with Leo should wear ruby. pearl or topaz and reap rich benefits. those with Capricorn and Aquarius must wear blue sapphire and people with ascendant house Pisces must wear topaz. They may also wear diamond or both of the gems together. Ascendant house Cancer: Moon is the lord of this house. It will be beneficial for the people with Aries as the ascendant house to wear coral but such people may also wear ruby. It will be beneficial for the people with Taurus as their ascendant house to wear diamond. Ascendant house Aries: Mars is the ruling planet of this house. those with ascendant house Taurus should wear diamond. These combinations prove extremely beneficial for such people. They may also go for the various combinations of these gemstones. those with Libra must wear diamond. those with Gemini must wear emerald. Hence the people who have Gemini as the ascendant house must wear emerald. Such people may also go for the following combinations of the gemstones: coral. pearl and ruby. those with Cancer must wear pearl. ruby and topaz or coral. such people may also wear ruby and topaz. But such people may also wear blue sapphire for Saturn and emerald for Mercury. those with Sagittarius must wear topaz. They may also wear coral. Hence the people with Cancer as the ascendant house must wear pearl.Similarly. coral. people with ascendant house Aries should wear coral. In the opinion of some experts. Ascendant house Gemini: Mercury is the ruling planet of this house. those with Virgo should wear emerald.

they may also wear coral. Hence the people with Aquarius as the . Besides it. Ascendant house Scorpio: Mars is the ruling planet of this house. Hence the people with Sagittarius as the ascendant house must wear topaz. Apart from it. coral will yield highest benefit while pearl and topaz may exert somewhat weaker influence. Ascendant house Capricorn: Saturn is the ruling planet of this house. pearl and topaz as well either alone or in combination. among these stones. However. Ascendant house Libra: Venus is the ruling planet of this house. They may also wear ruby because the position of sun in their horoscope is usually strong. Hence the people with Virgo as ascendant house must wear emerald. they may also wear and reap benefits from blue sapphire and emerald. They may also wear diamond and pearl. Some experts however believe that such people may also be benefited from pearl. They may also wear ruby. Hence the people with Libra as the ascendant house must wear diamond. Hence. Hence the people with Capricorn as the ascendant house must wear blue sapphire. pearl and topaz. Hence the people with Scorpio as the ascendant house must wear coral. Ascendant house Virgo: Mercury is the ruling planet of this house. Ascendant house Sagittarius: Jupiter is the ruling planet of this house. the people with Leo as the ascendant house must wear ruby. if the position of moon is strong in their horoscope.Ascendant house Leo: Sun is the lord of this house. Ascendant house Aquarius: Saturn is the ruling planet of this house.

Some experts forbid even blue sapphire for such people but allow it in combination with emerald. Hence the people with Pisces as the ascendant house must wear topaz. Taurus: Due to mutual hostility between Venus. WHICH STONE IS FORBIDDEN FOR WHICH ASCENDANT HOUSE People with a particular zodiac sign as ascendant house in their horoscope may wear different gemstones in combination. Wearing of such stones may lead to relegation and the wearer may have to suffer serious losses instead of reaping rich benefits. . topaz is forbidden for people with Taurus as the ascendant house. and Jupiter. such people can safely wear blue sapphire. They may also wear pearl. Gemini: People with Gemini as the ascendant house must not wear coral. Aries: People with ascendant house Aries should not wear diamond and emerald. But they believe that if the position of Saturn is strong in horoscope. Ascendant house Pisces: Jupiter is the ruling planet of this house. pearl.ascendant house must wear blue sapphire. Some experts suggest that such people may also wear ruby and emerald but the beneficial influence of these two gems is doubtful. They may also wear diamond. ruby and topaz. similarly there is a complete list of gemstones that are forbidden for the people with a particular ascendant house. Some experts even forbid coral and ruby for such people. lord of Taurus. Many experts forbid even blue sapphire for these people.

Coral however proves beneficial. Capricorn: Wearing ruby. At this moment. ruby and blue sapphire is forbidden for such people. Virgo: Coral. blue sapphire. Leo: Diamond. blue sapphire and emerald. coral and topaz may prove harmful for the people with Libra as the ascendant house. . Sagittarius: Diamond. pearl and emerald prove extremely harmful for the people with Sagittarius as the ascendant house. Aquarius: Ruby. Hence it should be worn on Sunday. diamond and blue sapphire. RITUALS OF WEARING GEMSTONES Ruby: This is a gemstone of the Sun. emerald. coral. Libra: Wearing of ruby. blue sapphire and pearl are strictly forbidden for the people with Leo as the ascendant house. Pisces: Ruby. The time before 8 a. Scorpio: People with Scorpio as the ascendant house must not wear diamond. in the morning on any Sunday during the brighter phase is the most auspicious moment for wearing ruby. pearl and topaz may prove to be torturous for the people with Capricorn as the ascendant house. They may wear pearl only when suggested by some expert astrologer to channelise the influence of moon. pearl.Cancer: People with Cancer as the ascendant house must not wear emerald. emerald and topaz are particularly harmful for the people with Aquarius as the ascendant house. diamond and blue sapphire are forbidden for the people with Pisces as the ascendant house.m.

Pearl: Pearl is the gem for the Moon. Recite the hymn of Moon 11.ruby must be given a bath in Panchamrit or raw milk. sugar and honey) or raw milk.000 times. recite it 108 times. Monday falling during brighter phase of the moon is also auspicious. incense sticks etc. Before wearing the pearl. Carry out usual worship rituals and recite the hymn of Sun 7. the effect of the gem increases manifold due to the blessings of the Brahmin. Thereafter wash it with holy water. Then with full faith and devotion. and carry out usual worship rituals. place it before the idol of tutelary God in your place of worship. If it is not possible. Alternatively. Full moon night on any Monday is the most auspicious day to wear pearl. Offer then unbroken rice.000 or 108 times. wear the ruby-containing ring on the ring finger of your right hand. HYMNS OF THE SUN 1) OM HRAM HREEM HRAUM SURYAY NAMAH | 2) OM SURYAY NAMAH | 3) OM JAPAKUSUMASANKASHAM KASHPEYAM MAHADYUTIM TAMOARI SARV PAPADHNAM PRANATOASMI DIVAKARAM | If a learned Brahmin carries out the whole ritual and he is given proper donations. Then wash it with holy water and put it before the Moon yantra. wear pearl on the . give it a bath in Panchamrit (Milk. curd. In the absence of Moon yantra. Then with full faith and devotion. Hence it should be worn on Monday. Now put it before the Sun yantra or the idol of your tutelary deity in the place of your worship. Ruby remains effective for up to 4 years from the day of wearing it. ghee. Ruby is especially beneficial if worn in gold. sandal paste.

Coral remains effective for three years. It can also be worn in silver. Pearl remains effective for a period of 4 years from the day of wearing it. Time of 11 a. wear coral in the ring finger of your right hand.ring finger of your right hand. HYMNS OF THE MOON 1) OM SHRAM SHREEM SHRAUM SAH CHANDRAMASE NAMAH| 2) OM CHANDRAY NAMAH| 3) OM DADHISHANKHTUSHARABHAM KSHEERODARNAN SAMBAHVAM NAMAMI SHASHIM SOMAM SHABHOMUNKUT BHUSHANAM | Coral: This is the stone of Mars. is the most auspicious moment for sanctifying this stone. Now carry on as usual rituals of worship. recite it one hundred and eight times. Select any Tuesday in the darker phase of the month. Hence it should be worn on Tuesday. wearing of coral gives specially beneficial results. Pearl should be worn in silver for maximum benefits. Then with devotional feelings. Wearing of it in an alloy of all these three metals gives quick results. The hymns for Mars are as follows: 1) OM KRAM KREEM KRAUM BHAUMAYA NAMAH . Chitra. Coral should be worn in copper or gold ring. If it is not possible.m. If possible recite the hymn of Mars ten thousand times. Dhanishta Nakshatras during that moment. wash it in 'Panchamrit' or raw milk and put it before Mangal Yantra or the idol of your tutelary deity or in the place of worship in your house. If it is Mrigshira. First of all.

. It should be worn in gold or silver but wearing of it in bronze or an alloy of two metals gives quick results. Emerald remains effective for three years. it proves specially beneficial. Worship the ring then properly. Put it then before yantra or picture of Mercury or before the idol of deity at the place of worship. Then recite the hymn of Mercury four thousand times or one hundred and eight times and ultimately wear the stone. Emerald should be worn on the little finger of the right hand. If it is worn during Ashlesha. First of all give the emerald-bearing ring a bath in Panchamrit or raw milk and wash it with the holy water of the Ganges. Jyeshtha or Revati Nakshatras on Wednesday after proper worship at about 11 a.2) OM BHUMISUTAY NAMAH 3) OM MANGALAAY\BHAUMAYA NAMAH Emerald: It is the stone of Mercury.. Hence it is worn on Wednesday.m.