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Born 1964[1] Tamilnadu India



Known for

Founder of Sun Network

Net worth

US $ 4 billion (2010)





KalanithiMaran (Tamil: கலாநிதி மாறன்) is the Chairman and Managing Director of Sun Network, which is the most profitable Television network in Tamil Nadu.[2][3] In June 2010, he acquired Spice Jet which is the most profitable [4] airlines in India.[5][6] While his television channels and newspapers are primarliy concentrated in South India, his FM radio stations, DTH service and Airlines are spread across the country.

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3.1 Dispute with Karunanidhi's family

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edit]Early life

  [ Has an MBA from the University of Scranton. Chennai he became the student’s union chairman and led an agitation on the Sri Lankan Tamils issue [1].[11] Prestigious USA based Forbes magazine named him the "Television king of southern India". Chennai[Madras].[9] He is the highest paid business man in India.Direct to Home broadcasting Service. Egmore. In Loyola College.[10] He has won Young Businessman awards from CNBC.000 from a bank loan. President Bill Clinton.  Schooling at Don Bosco.MultiLingual Indian Radio Sun Pictures . His net worth reached $1 billion by 2005. Returning to India in 1987. he worked for Kungumam Tamil Magazine owned by his family in the late 1980s.Tamil daily news paper Tamil Murasu .[13]  [edit]Business Sun TV was listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange on April 24.South Indian Television Channels Sun Direct DTH . ERNST & Young. 1993 with an investment of US $86.[7][8]    His net worth reached $10 million by 1995. he was the 17th richest Indian with net worth of US$ 4 Billion .[12]      He was among the few representatives at a roundtable with the visiting then U. Spicejet . His net worth reached $100 million by 2000.Airlines Suryan FM .  He founded Sun TV on April 14.Tamil Radio Red FM . 2006 upon raising $133 million.S. edit]Business expansion  In 1990 he started a monthly video (VHS) news magazine in Tamil called Poomaalai which was stopped in 1992 due to piracy.Tamil evening news paper .[14] entities         Sun Network . By 2010.Tamil Movie Production house Dinakaran .

com. Retrieved 2010-08-08.He married Kaveri a Kannadiga in 1991 and has a daughter named Kavya (Born 1992)[2]. Financialexpress.ghallabhansali. 2004-12-31. ^ "From cable TV to aviation biz. ^ The Times Of distribute its channels through cable. Business-standard. Vannathirai. He also emerged as No. ^ "Sun. . 5. 2010-07-13.indiatimes. a criminal case against KalanithiMaran [17] was filed by Azhagiri owned Cable TV distrubiton company Jak communications. ^ "New deal to take SpiceJet higher". Retrieved 2010-08-08.pdf 2. Rediff. KungumaChimizh . His father's mother is the sister of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi. [edit]Dispute with Karunanidhi's family In May 2007 followers of Karunanidhi's son M K Azhagiri attacked Maran's newspaper office after a survey in the newspaper claimed people prefer M K Stalin over Azhagiri. He proved to be successful in spite of his father's political rivals ruling the state for most of the period since he entered the media business. http://economictimes.cms. ^ http://www. HITS and MMDS.[16] However in 2010. His wife is the Joint Managing Director of Sun network. Retrieved 2010-08-08. Forbes [ edit]References 1. 1 in neighboring states where his competitors include politicians and business men from those states. [ edit]Family He is the son of the Former Union Minister of commerce MurasoliMaran and the brother of India's textile minister DayanidhiMaran.[15] Later in Dec 2008 it was claimed that dispute between Maran and Karunanidhi Families was resolved. 4. Zee remain top on profitability charts". Maran’s march continues". Muthaaram.Tamil magazines  Sun 18 . [18] [ edit]External links    Sun TV Network QRZ Ham Radio Callsign Database . IPTV.

Retrieved 2010-08-08.Media Personalities . Forbes. Retrieved 2010-08-08. ^ Rediff India 10. 13. ^ "KalanidhiMaran buys 37. 2006. Retrieved 2010-08-08.html 16. Retrieved 2010-08-08.7 p.6.KalanidhiMaran 14. ^ "Welcome To Sun Network". HansrajSaxena • Sun Cable Vision · Sun Direct DTH · Sun 18 South TamilSun TV · KTV · Sun Music · Sun News · Adithya TV · Chutti TV · Sun News English · Sun Life · Sun Acti TeluguGemini TV · Gemini Movies · Gemini Music · Gemini News · Gemini Comedy · Kushi TV · Gemini Actio Television channels MalayalamSurya TV · Kiran TV · Kochu TV · Surya News · Surya Action KannadaUdaya TV · Udaya Movies · Udaya Music · Udaya News · Udaya Comedy · Chintu TV Radio stations Publications Production Airlines Red FM 93. ^ http://www. ^ Chennai Best . ^ ^ Variety.KalanithiMaran: A 'Sunshine' story. Retrieved 2010-08-08. stake in SpiceJet".asp?newsid=1206 [hide]v · d · eSun Group Key people Telecommunications KalanithiMaran · W. The Hindu. Forbes. Monday. 2009-11-18. April 28.5 · Suryan FM Dinakaran · Tamil Murasu · Kunkumam Sun Pictures SpiceJet . by SanjivShankaran and S. 7. "Strong Signal".com. ^ "Newsmaker: KalanithiMaran". 6:36pm PT ^ http://www. Business-standard. ^ Karmali. Bridget Leena in New Delhi 12. 2006 .hinduonnet. ^ http://ibnlive. 2010-09-29. Naazneen (2009-11-30). ^ "#17 KalanithiMaran".ht m ^ "#20 Kalanithi Mar". 8. Forbes.Sun TV shines on Exchange 11. Sunnetwork.c. 201006-13. April 24.

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Please help improve this article by adding reliable references.S. Singapore. South Africa. film production. Canada.distribution. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. the free encyclopedia This article needs additional citations for verification. telecommunication Founded 1992 Headquarters Chennai. India Area served 27 countries including U.5 Sun Pictures Sun Direct DTH . Europe. Australia and New Zealand Key people KalanidhiMaran Products Sun TV Dinakaran Suryan FM Red FM 93. Srilanka. Tamil Nadu. Malaysia.A. (December 2010) Sun TV Network Type Private Industry Media.• • Sun TV Network From Wikipedia.

1992. Sun Group. The company is owned by KalanidhiMaran.[1] Established on April 14.Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu and head of the DravidaMunnetraKazhagam. Karunanidhi. a joint venture along with Astro. It has been named as Asia Pacific & South Asia's most profitable media corporations and the largest TV network. Tamil Nadu. part of Kal Media Services. is also provides direct-broadcast satellite under the service called Sun Direct DTH. India.1 Televisio n channels ○ 2. Sun Network had recently begun film distribution and production through Sun Pictures. In addition.3 Radio stations • • • [ 3 See also 4 References 5 External Links edit]History and ownership Sun Network was founded by KalanidhiMaran who is related to M. who is the chairman and managing director who was recently awarded the CNBC Business Excellence Award in 2005. [ edit]Products and operations channels [edit]Television .2 Print media ○ 2. it created and owns a variety of television channels and radio stations in multiple languages covering all Indian States. the ex. Contents [hide] • • 1 History and ownership 2 Products and operations ○ 2.Spicejet Website Sun TV Network Web site Sun TV Network is an Indian media company based in Chennai. Its flagship channel is Sun TV which was the first fully privately owned Tamil channel in India when it emerged.

8.(Daily Evening Newspaper) Kungumam Mutharam Vannathirai KumgumaChimizh [edit]Radio stations . Television Channels Category Tamil Telugu Gemini TV Gemini Music Gemini Movies Gemini News Kannada Udaya TV Udaya Music Udaya Movies Udaya News Malayalam Surya TV Kiran TV - Entertainment Channels Sun TV Music Channels Movie Channels News Channels Comedy Channels Kids Channels Sun Music KTV Sun News Adithya TV Gemini Comedy Udaya Comedy Chutti TV Kushi TV Chintu TV Kochu TV Coming soon up coming channels [2] 1. 9.Sun Network offers 20 television channels in four languages. generally targeting southern Indian viewers. SURIYAN TV SUN NEWS ENGLISH SUN TV R1 SUN ACTION GEMINI ACTION SURYA ACTION SUN LIFE GEMINI LIFE SUN TV HD 10. KTV HD 11. GEMINI HD [edit]Print media       Dinakaran . 5. 2. 4. 3.(Daily Morning Newspaper) Tamil Murasu . 6. 7. SUN MUSIC HD 12.

in http://www.5 MHZ State Kerela Andhra pradesh Karnataka Language 1 2 Trissur 3 Kannur Tirupati Mysore Nashik Kanpur 4 Kozhikode 5 Thiruvananthapuram Warangal 6 MALAYALAM Kochi TELUGU KANNADA Rajamundry Hyderabad Bengaluru Mangalore Vijayawada Vishakapatnam Gulbarga Nagpur Allahabad Bhubaneshwar - Maharashtra HINDI /OTHER Aurangabad Pune Uttar pradesh Gujarat Madhya pradesh HINDI /OTHER Lucknow HINDI /OTHER Rajkot HINDI /OTHER Indore HINDI /OTHER Asansol HINDI /OTHER Gangtok with a 48.9% HINDI /OTHER New Delhi stake Varanasi Vadodara Bhopal Ahmedabad Jabalpur Jaipur - Jamshedpur Guwahati Siliguri Mumbai Shillong Kolkata [ edit]See also     Sun Pictures Sun Direct DTH SpiceJet Sun Kudumbam Awards [ edit]References 1. SURYAN FM MHZ Tamilnadu TAMIL Chennai Trichy Coimbatore Madurai Tirunelveli Tuticorin Puducherry RED FM 93.sunnetwork. Sun is one of the largest Radio broadcasters in India. satellite and other specialty television http://www. ^ Sun Networks new set of channels to be launched soon [ edit]External Links [show]v · d · eCable.htm 2. Red FM.tamilmurasu.Sun Network owns two Radio brands: Suryan FM and for other territories than Tamil Nadu. ^ Categories: Indian television networks | Media companies of India • • Log in / create account Article .dinakaran.

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