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Introduction My Research article is about the effects of energy drinks alone and with alcohol neuropsychological functioning. Many people turn to ³energy´ drinks in their everyday life, regardless if its work, a sporting event, or even just for your enjoyment.People who drink energy drinks are consuming a huge amount of caffeine. Also young adults and recently found they like to mix there energy drink with alcohol, so once word got out about the big idea to mix the two , the energy drink company¶s started to make their own mixed energy drinks with anywhere from 6-10% alcohol by volume. There has been reported injury and alcohol related illnesses in young adults when consuming an energy drink and alcohol.The doctors went into great depth to find out how these drinks function with your brain. Some drinks demonstrated alertness, reaction time, speech, and visual recognition, when others where completely opposite impairing the brain, with not having accuracy, and delayed memory. About 75mg of caffeine is enough to improve your motor skills safely and in your average energy drink there is about 160mg of caffeine. Objective Caffeinated energy drinks are used on a daily bases, along with energy drinks that have alcohol in them. Many people believe that when you mix alcohol and a great amount of caffeine together you would get negative effects, you do. This has been investigated before but now people want to know how it affects your neuropsychological performance.

They did not know what type of drink they received. Experimenter #2 ran the RBANS posttest. The study was limited to females only due to pragmatic reasons. It improved Immediate memory. Your immediate memory. For the energy drink with alcohol in it affects your neuropsychological quite noticeably. and visuospatial. The doctors also asked the participant¶s to try and stay away from caffeine one hour before tests.Methods The doctors used twenty seven healthy females none smokers aged 21 and over. language. . attention. The students met with the experimenter #1 and he recorded blood pressure and then the students where taken into a room and given a beverage and had to drink in in a 15 minute time period. All the participants had to complete a screening procedure and if they passed they went back in 10-14 days. Participants where recruited threw advertisement in the campus newspaper and flyers posted around campus (university of Tampa Florida). It was initially developed to screen for dementia in older adults but the machine is sensitive to mild impairment. attention and delayed memory all went down with alcohol. language. They waited an extra thirty mines to see all the active ingredients kick in. They used 16oz beverages of Green Monster (nonalcoholic) and Orange Sparks with 6% alcohol by volume. They found it a lot easier to use the females because of the different alcohol metabolism rate compared to males. Results In the nonalcoholic energy drink it¶s a hit and miss. visuospatial. but it did not help your delayed memory. To conduct the study they used The Repeatable Battery for the Assessment of Neuropsychological Status (RBANS).

your body. they had all these studies and results in writing and in charts for easy to read access. Not a lot of people look at the big picture and see what they are doing to their bodies. Discussion This article was not too hard to read. Another great thing about this study is hopefully when people read this or find some way to have knowledge about this situation they will think twice of drinking an energy drink with or without alcohol. The results they found could be used for anyone. I do think the author¶s conclusion was valid. They found the neuropsychological functions while intoxicated with anonalcoholic energy drink anda energy drink without alcohol. its well written out and gives you good details and goes in depth with the study¶s. they are both decently bad for you. They were tested on . I had to read threw it a few times to get a better understanding of it but for the most part. Limitations One limitation was they had to use girls and not men due to the female¶s pragmatic functions. and brain. The study and results were presented very well.Strengths The first good this about this study with energy drinks with and without alcohol is you know what you are doing to your brain when you are consuming these products. So they had to count on enough girls to show up and want to do this experiment. Another limitation was they were on a time schedule so they might not of had all the time to figure every little chemical imbalance out. They accomplished just what they were looking for.

I would recommend people to only drink the nonalcoholic drinks only. I don¶t have any questions for the author¶s. I would still drink a regular energy drink but only once in a blue moon.regular people just like you and I and I personally can assure you we would have the same results. but I have heard a lot that supports the results from my friends personally. I support there results 100%. I¶ve never seen anything that contradicts this study. These energy drinks with alcohol have made some of my friends very sick to the point where they throw up blood. I just hope people get more knowledge about these drinks so they know what they are doing to their brain and body. . The drink with alcohol is not good for you. This study is good for a lot of people that drink those. Conclusion After reading this article I will most likely never drink an energy drink with alcohol in it.

2011 .Energy Drink Mayhem Zachary Alvarez FN 40 Willow International Community College center April 7.

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