Employee’s Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952

Preparation of monthly PF remittance statement. Preparation of PF challan in Quadruplicate in A\c No 1, 10, 2, 21, 22. Preparation of Form No.12A Preparation of Form No.5&10 Obtaining Form No.2 from new entrants joined during the month. Allotment of PF number to new employees on monthly basis. Submission of monthly returns in Form No.12A,Form No.5 &10 and Form.No.2 Along with the triplicate copy of the challan to PF Department before 25th of the month. Maintaining Form No.11 Processing of settlement claim Forms in 19 & 10C and submission to PF department. Processing of Form 13 and submission to PF department. Processing of Form 4A-VPF and submission to PF department. Processing of Form 20,10D & Form 5(IF) in respect of death claim. Submission of Form No.3A & 6A – Annual return before 30th April of every year. Maintenance of Inspection Book. Processing of Form No.31.(PF Loan Forms) Attending to PF related matters/inquiry at PF office. Obtaining Form No.23 (Annual Account Slip) from the PF department. Maintenance of a database of all employees giving the details of their names, PF number, transfer/ withdrawal etc for future reference and also to follow up with RPFC for transfer /withdrawal till process is complete. To check the correctness of withdrawal / transfer before submitting to the RPFC.

The Employee’s State Insurance Act, 1948
Preparation of monthly ESI remittance statement. Preparation of ESI challan in Quadruplicate. Maintenance of Form No.7 Register. Obtaining Form No. 1 from new entrants and submission along with Form No.3 to the ESI local office within 10 days from the date of appointment. Collecting ESI TIC /Permanent Cards from ESI Local Office. Submission of Accident report in Form No.16 to ESI Dispensaries/ESI Local Office. Maintenance of Accident Register. Maintenance of Inspection Book. Attending to ESI related matters/hearing at ESI Local Office /Regional Director’s office. Submission of Form No.5 half yearly returns, before 12th May & 11th November of each year. Processing Form No.53 for change of employment, dispensary, adderss etc. Processing Form No.72 for obtaining duplicate ESI card. Processing Form No. 1A/1B for addition /deletion of members of family. Processing Form No. 105 availing ESI facilities at outstation Processing Form No.86 to avail ESI facilities before getting the ESI TIC/Permanent card. Processing Form No.37 to confirm the Re-employment / continuing employment.

Maintenance of Leave Register. The Payment of Bonus Act. Maintenance of muster-Roll in Form VII Maintenance of Advance Register Maintenance of Deduction Register. The Karnataka Shops & Commercial Establishment Act. The Payment of Wages Act. Maintenance of Salary Register Maintenance of Attendance Register. Maintenance of Wage Slips. Form C Register. Maintenance of Advance Register Maintenance of Deduction Register. 1948 Maintenance of Salary Register in Form V. Preparation of Form No.5 before 30th April. Preparation & Maintenance of Form A. Display of Name Board in local language (KANNADA) Display of working hours and rest interval. Maintenance of Fine Register. 1961 Renewal of License once in 5 years. 1965. Maintenance of OT Register. Calling and Employment’s Act.5-A. Preparation of PT remittance statement. Display of payment date. 1936. Submission of Annual Return in Form No.The Karnataka Tax on Profession. Trades. Submission of Annual Returns in Form No. Submission of monthly returns in Form 5-A to professional Tax office before 15th of every month. Maintenance of Wage Slips. Display of X Abstract. 1976. . Display of Minimum Wages. Maintenance of OT Register. Maintenance of Register of Fines. Form B.D before 30th November. The Minimum Wages Act.

and Kannada Rajyotsava Day.to be made from the employee on rolls of the company as on 31st December every year. The Karnataka Labour Welfare Fund Act Recovery of Rs. Employer contribution at the rate Rs. Display of Abstract on Notice Board. 1971 Obtaining license from Assistant Commissioner of Labour. 30th Oct. The Biennial returns in ER-2 to be submitted to Employment exchange before 30th of September in the alternate year ( this is applicable only in the case the department sends ER-2 ) The Industrial Establishment (National & Festival Holidays) Act. The Employment Exchange (compulsory Notification of vacancies) Act. 1972 Maintenance of Form No F – Nomination. 1959. The Equal Remuneration Act.3/. .6/.to be remitted to “Welfare Commissioner. Submission of Annual Return in Form No. 30th July.The Payment of Gratuity Act.and 30th Jan to the Employment Exchange. Karnataka Labour Welfare Board” before 15th of January. Maintenance of Contractor Register in Form XIII Follow up with contractors to maintain record /register as per the Act. 1965 Selecting a list of minimum 10 holidays for ensuring year in consultation with Employees and display of the same on the notice board within 31st December of every year.3/.per employee along with employees contribution of Rs. Gandhi jayanti. Minimum 10 days of Holiday should include Republic day. Submission of Annual Return in Form XXV before 15th of February. The Contract Labour (Regulation & Abolition) Act. 1976 Maintenance of Form D Register. May Day. Notification of vacancies to be submitted to the Employment Exchange. Processing Gratuity Application Form. Independence Day.5 before 31st of January to Labour Officer. Quarterly return in ER-1 to be submitted on or before 30th April.

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