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Contents What Is Mental Science? The Law of Attraction Your Thoughts Create Your Reality What You Talk About the Most You Will Have, Attract, or End Up With The Law of Attraction and the Senses The Subconscious Mind and How It Works It’s Not Your Job To figure It Out! Jesus and the Law of Attraction The Power of Belief The Power of Faith The Power of Gratitude The Power of Attitude The Power of Optimism The Law of Action How To Think Positive Change Your Frame of Mind and Change Your Life How Not To Worry Doubt – the Subconscious Will To Fail How Not To Fear

How To Play In Your Mind


I dedicate this book to all humanity! Special Thanks I give thanks first and foremost to Almighty God/The Universe, my guardian angels and spirit guides, all the cosmic forces that assisted and protected me along my path on my Soul-journ, my beloved parents, Earnest Cooper Sr. and Bonnie Cooper, my paternal grandmother, Bertha Cooper, my cousin, Kevin Cooper (who told me a year before he died that I could be whatever I wanted to be in life which I believed even back then despite being confused on what I really wanted to be in life); my plethora of dear friends, and last but not least, my wife Andrea Ma’at-Ra, and our five beautiful children, Layla Iman, Azarea, Asim, Ajani, and Anand.
I personally want to thank: Odis Wilson and Danyelle Harris (the Muhammad family) for being the best and most loyal friends I have ever crossed on my path in this present life incarnation; as well as Harold Acey, Forrest Patrick, Ahman Dolpin and Jamelle Dolphin, Katerina Hajkov, Ansel Littlejohn, Jordan Maxwell, Gennifer Anderson, Gail and Michael White, Paris Chatman, Sheldon Staggers, Jaz (Barbara Harris), Darin Henson, Patricia Banks (The Crystal Matrix), Rena Joy (Sooth Your Soul), Martin Casillas, Nadia Haddad, Rev. Phil Valentine, Barbara and Thomas Ashley, Mariam George, Etirsa Coon, Nicole Ari Parker-Kodjo, Maryum Kazemi, Kelli Dillon, Rae Stevens, Boris Kodjo, Rick “Dutch” Cousin, Gina Thomas, Laz Alonso, Ghostface Killah, Bro. Jamaal Goree, Spirit Halima, Shemar Moore, Stevie Wonder, Mitch Richmond, Big Boy (Kurt Alexander), Cathy Simpson, Melinda Loo, Doyle Smith, Aida Rodriguez, Ca-Trece Mas’sey, Warren Ballentine (102.5 F.M., Atlanta, GA), Akua Auset, Craig Pringle, Michelle Wood, Kiana Daniels, Ifeanyi Chijindu, Lisa Nevins, Jason C. Muhammad, Shawntelle Muhammad, Janine Jackson, Melissa Wright, Curtis Duncan, Belinda Chambers, Shiek Mamoud Bey, Aundria Rogers, Brenda and Rev. Michael Capps, Carla Lewis, Kaya Lewis, Coki Tai, Cynthia Sessions, Denika Laurie, Dr. Eve Allen, Eboni Hall, Eric Fletcher (Amen Aua), Esther Futrell, (Mother), Frankie Jordan, Dion Mcintosh, Jamie Owa, Judi Stewart,

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This book is a labor of love and I labored many wee hours of the night to comprise this book for you and others in hopes of helping to improve your life in every aspect and especially in the astrological 12 departments of life: Self (Aries). subservient. occupation. Family (Leo). I truly know and believe deep in my heart that the knowledge and application of mental science is the Key and Great Secret to transforming your life for the better. It is mental science that transforms every person who understands and uses mental science for good into the Christ they ignorantly seek in the heavens above. Regardless of your race. Relationships (Libra). ignorant to Higher Truth. which is a favorite subject of mine. . gender. Business (Capricorn). especially here in the Western world. apathy. The Second Coming of Christ is not in the form of a man.Preface I want to personally thank you for purchasing my first ever written book on mental science. confusion. keeping them enslaved on all levels. Education (Sagittarius). economic status. We are in miserable shape on planet Earth today. anger. powerless. Expression/Communication (Gemini). and ruled and regulated. pain. social status. Universal. religious creed. Health and Occupation (Virgo). sickness and disease. Friendship (Aquarius). frustration. Mental science is the branch of knowledge that the Rulers of the world use and apply daily to keep control over the world and lives of billions of individuals on this planet. ethnicity. Home Life (Cancer). and Personal Karma (Pisces). or political status – you can use mental science to change your life for the better as well as the lives of others. sick. and Cosmic law and the results are poverty. but a consciousness – Christ Consciousness. Money-Finances (Taurus). Dealings (Scorpio). because we are blindly existing in contradiction to established Higher. hurt.

The Law of Attraction is merely one small aspect or ingredient of mental science. Life. You will become free. thank you for this purpose and may you extract pearls of wisdom in which you will apply in every facet of your life and finally begin to “live your making” instead of “making a living. war. victorious. courageous. sovereign. independent. sovereignty. happy. prosperity and every other Divine birthright you have allowed yourself to be tricked and deceived out of. envy. affluence. Djehuty Ma’at-Ra . But NOW is the time for you to become free! I have incarnated here on Earth in this present incarnation to assist you in your reclaiming of personal power. and Light! Your brother in Light. successful.tyranny.” Peace. abundance. But it doesn’t have to be this way. bold. at least for YOU! You can’t do better until you know better! When you learn and understand and begin to apply the dynamics of mental science religiously. bloodshed. You have been made to fear the Occult on purpose by man-made religions. This was done to keep you a slave to man and not liberate you unto the God within self. jealousy and every other negative emotion and thing. I guarantee you that you will do better in life – all aspects and departments of life. optimistic. hatred. It is mental science that is the real Secret that makes all your dreams and desires come true. serfdom. Love. violence. powerlessness. wealth. and every other positive thing that you can think of. empowered. No bad thing can last forever! Your time has come! Again.

“To know the mind. Wallace D. Stuart Wilde. “of or relating to the mind : mental faculties | mental phenomena. Robert Anthony. John Randolph Price. Venice J. Catherine C. Mental science is not a religion or religious concept but it can be found within many of the world’s great religions. Enoch Tan. Judaism. Debbie Frank. noun. Joseph Murphy. Haanel. Bishop E. Mental science can also be said to mean. William Walker Atkins. Ponder. Louise L. Martha Hiatt. Dale C. Michael J. Joel Olsteen. Carnegie. C. Bloodworth. mental science is “the science of the mind. and Islam. Rev.” But nevertheless. Percival. “The intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment. in short term. it is a science and the most important science you could engage yourself in today.” or “New Age philosophy. Lossier. Hay.W. Dr. John Roberts. Wattles.” “metaphysics. Ernest Holmes. Deepak Chopra.” Mental science. Doreen Virtue. Annie Besant.• carried out by or taking place in the mind. Orly Katz. is the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study and structure and function of the mind through observation and experiment. Dr. Joe Vitale. Some teachers of mental science include: Napoleon Hill. Michael Beckwith. Harold W. noun. Esther and Jerry Hicks. Russel H. Sonia Choquette.” Basically.” It can be categorized under “occult. Wayne Dyer. David J.” or “knowledge of the mind. Conwell. Leadbeater. as I define it in technical terms. Charles F.S. Marie Diamond. U. Robert Collier. James Arthur ray. Deanna Davis. Creflo Dollar. Heidi Bare. Bernard. including Christianity. Dr.” Science.” “quantum physics. Buddhism.“What Is Mental Science? Mental. Schwartz. .

to express your true existence. Malachi Z. and Supraconscious Mind. Dr. Mental science helps and allows you to express yourself. Mental science helps us to learn about and to understand NLP (neuro linguistic programming). including Dr. but it has no final or permanent destination. Norman Vincent Peale. York. . John Demartini. Minister Louis Farrakhan. you invest in yourself. the man named and called Jesus. Lisa Love.Anderson. not an objective because mental science is like a journey. existence. memory belief. not a destination. Lynne McTaggert. Clarence 13X. Creflo Dollar. it is the Key! Mental science is a vehicle (a conduit). and your reality. Subconscious Mind. your destiny. prosperity. Carnelia Sage. but a vehicle in the sense and context of expression. Elijah Muhammad. your future. Whether you believe in the actual existence of Jesus or not. It helps us to learn about the Conscious Mind. Mental science helps us and shows us the way to creating our own reality. and even prayer. It is not a vehicle in the sense of transportation. and abundance! It is the key to a successful life! It is the key to personal power! It is the key to sovereignty! It is the key to acquiring all that you desire in life. you will find precious pearls of mental science in the teachings attributed to him. Eric Butterworth. visualization. and/or destiny. Dorren Banaszak. Perhaps the greatest teacher of mental science is someone we all take for granted. Mental science has even found it’s way into rap songs – songs by rappers Ice Cube and KRS-One. and Dr. When you invest in mental science. It can take you on a trip like a motor vehicle (in the mind). It’s a never-ending journey. It is the key to freedom! It is the key to happiness! It is the key to peace! It is the key to love! It is the key to health! It is the key to riches. In essence. Dr. wealth. It helps us to learn about thinking and thought. Joel Olsteen. and Jason Christopher to name a few. your fate. Mental science has been used by prominent religious leaders. the power of concentration. Rhonda Byrne. fate. It never ends because the mind is unlimited.

then give mental science a try! You’ll never become a millionaire by hard work alone. mental science is my religion if I had to claim one. Mental science was the key to my personal success and I’m sure it can be the same for yours as well. and talk about it every chance I get. I live by it daily. Do you want optimal health and wellbeing? If yes. If you want all the good things in life – your divine birthrights of freedom. personal empowerment. Make money come to you as the result of following your heart. many of these latter individuals only used mental science to lead to a predetermined outcome: influence of the minds of their followers. Study and apply mental science as much as you can! It’s the greatest advice I could give you at this particular time in your quest for ultimate development of self. happiness. Mental science is balance to hard work in becoming financially rich. serenity. peace. claim it. then look to mental science! Do you want the love you are destined for? If yes. tranquility. sleep it.Unfortunately. prosperity. and personal sovereignty to name a few. but smart work! . selfconfidence. abundance. Wealth is 50% mental science and 50% work. walk it. give mental science a try! Do you want personal magnetism and charisma? If yes. Not hard work. For me personally. love. wealth (including money). optimal health and wellbeing. I embrace it. then give mental science a try! Tired of working for money? Learn to attract money instead of directly working and hustling for money. personal success.

especially if you’re residing in the United States where use of the mind is imperative and actually mandatory. The Law of Correspondence. is the Law of Attraction. There’s the Law of Cause and Effect (Karma). it is your constant thoughts that create your reality. The Law of Attraction is one of the most powerful of the Universal laws if not the most powerful one. and thank God. whether it is good or bad. but the law most people are working more than any other today. The Law of Vibration. This law is very important. whether the thing is good or bad. YOU created it! No one else! The responsibility for your life and how it turned out is all yours! No one else is to blame! Your mind is a genie. Actually.“The Law of Attraction” The simple secret of the Universe is that your thoughts create your reality. The Law of Regeneration. but you do end up with what you deeply desire and constantly think about. The Law of Reciprocity. The Law of Compensation. There’s a buffer of time involved. This is true whether you believe it or not. . as well as what you constantly dream and fantasize about. The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy. you’re responsible for it. the Law of Polarity. The Law of Rhythm. and the Law of Replenish just to name a few of the various Universal or cosmic laws. So what are you constantly thinking about? Whatever the state of your life and existence at present. This is the great Law of Attraction at work. the Law of Recompense. It is a magic wand that can get you whatever your deepest desires are. The Law of Gender. healthy or unhealthy. What you constantly think about eventually manifests. The Law of Mentalism. What you are constantly thinking about eventually becomes your reality. or so-called right or wrong. and unfortunately to their own sabotage and doom due to ignorance.

thus I send out positive energy to reap the rewards of positive energy!” “Your Thoughts create Your Reality” What you constantly think about you attract. The man who constantly thinks about how poor or broke he is will attract circumstances unto himself that will keep him impoverished and broke. Everything you’re getting in your life today you are attracting in accordance pursuant to vibration.You must learn and understand the Law of Attraction. ignorance of the law is no excuse and no man or woman is immune to the law. The success that is only and initially a figment of her mind or imagination will materially manifest one day according to law. The woman who constantly thinks about success in her particular field will attract that success. By the power of your thoughts. and events that help to keep him impoverished and broke and for the life of himself he’ll swear he’s simply cursed or just has bad luck with money and won’t be able to figure it out that it is only his mind and his thinking that stands in the way of the wealth he wants and is his birthright. persuasion. whether he’s getting it for free (due to charm. . AFFIRMATION: “I attract into my life what I send out through vibration (or energy). you are a co-creator in your existence and worldly fate and destiny. He will attract circumstances to himself that allow him to be in positions and situations in which to have sex with women he chooses to have sex with. He will attract himself to the necessary people. Period! Again. having “Game”) or paying for it (prostitute/whore). places. But ignorance will block him from it and no matter who you are. your thoughts create your reality! The man who constantly thinks about sex will end up having all the sex he can handle or desire.

“Every thought must manifest according to its intensity. I was a living testimony of this myself growing up in South Central Los Angeles in the 1980’s. NOTE: Victim = participant! Every victim participates in his or her life dramas in accordance pursuant to energy (vibration). The slightest thought of Intelligence sets in motion a power in the Law to produce a corresponding thing. Attract. an Ohio Terry stop frisk and search. I only think positive and constructive thoughts!” “What You Talk About The Most You Will Have. Poor fellow! His ignorance weakens and disempowers him. He is getting what he is unconsciously asking for. This particular man may constantly attract getting pulled over and receiving a traffic ticket. the man who constantly talks about being a victim of some sort usually attracts to himself situations and circumstances that make him a victim and/or keeps him a victim. The person who constantly talks about money positively and with good energy usually has it. He is getting what he unconsciously is asking for and desiring. The woman who constantly talks about health is the one who usually has it. The person who constantly talks about creativity usually is expressing it. The Black man in the Hood (inner city) who constantly talks about police brutality usually attracts situations unto himself where he is in a confrontation with police. or worse. Now on the flip side. or End Up With” It is very true that the man who constantly talks about success usually has it. Ignorance is a pity! Poor fellow! .” – Ernest Holmes AFFIRMATION: “As my thoughts create my reality.

By not ordering it you are not constantly thinking about it or feeling emotion about it as well as not talking about it. and bags of marijuana but he won’t invest in knowledge to free himself of certain conditions. He’ll always pick up some newspaper or turn on the television and see news reports of some violation of civil rights of some American citizen (technically. you are broadcasting as well as placing an order. spinning car rims. To not order a thing means to not broadcast it pursuant to energy. you are broadcasting as well as placing an order (desire). You can’t order soup and then be brought a bowl of salad. Again. when you are thinking. If you want to receive soup you have to order soup. don’t order soup! Likewise with other things you don’t want or desire. hundred dollar tennis shoes. you are broadcasting (sending a signal) as well as placing an order into the Universe. When you constantly talk about something.S. Ignorance of the law (of attraction) is no excuse! The person who claims to be an American patriot and sovereign citizen who constantly talks about or complains about the dwindling of American civil liberties usually attracts himself to situations that reflect his dominant thoughts and constant thinking. The Universe will give you more of what you are ordering unless you become aware and start purposely ordering only the things you want to attract and experience. If you don’t want a thing. You usually get or receive what you order. When you are feeling a certain away about something. situations. and circumstances that bond him to all that he constantly complains about or says he does not want to experience. then simply don’t broadcast it or order it. You see.He may invest in gold chains. citizen and not American citizen as there is a lawful difference). Period! If you don’t want to be a victim of the police then don’t broadcast the thought of being victimized by police or even having run-ins (traffic stops) with police. Now if you don’t want soup. U. Simply abstain from this kind of conversation that features talk . He’s attracting what he’s sending out to the Universe.

you’ll usually attract it. you’ll most likely be turned down upon asking because you are getting what you see in your mind and worse. For example. feeling. My words are my magic wand!” “The Law of Attraction and The Senses” “Thinking” . hearing. feelings or emotions. It only helps to disempower you! Only speak and think solutions and you will attract solutions. hearing. If you see yourself failing a test. you usually get or attract just like when you constantly talk about a particular thing. and thinking must all be aligned and harmonize with one another. a guy wants to date a certain girl whom he finds attractive but constantly tells his buddies that “She’s out of my league” or “she’ll probably turn me down cold!” The more he talks like this the more he is programming himself for failure and heartbreak for whatever is expressed is impressed and repetition of a thing constitutes mental programming and all programs are eventually acted out.about victimization by police. What you can see and constantly so.” And what you see is generally what you get. Your observations. This pertains to the mind as well. Guaranteed! If you don’t want your attractive spouse to cheat on you then don’t broadcast the thought of your spouse being unfaithful to you. AFFIRMATION: “I speak that which I desire into existence via my words. Seeing (observing). Always remember the maxim: “Where thought goes. If you see yourself being turned down by an attractive person you’d like to go out with. perhaps how you feel and what you constantly think about as well as talk about. energy flows. Same thing if you are constantly talking about how you know you are going to fail a test. and thinking are very important senses.

Constant negative thinking is like adding additional bricks to a brick wall being built – a brick wall that prevents you from getting on the other side of it where positive thoughts and experiences dominate. Smell is also a sense that records. . You can and will attract certain things that you smell constantly and enjoy as well. only results you do not want). If you think you are inferior because of the color of your skin. class. This is true! If you hold constant thoughts of yourself not succeeding in a thing. In the end.Again. You may stop taking care of yourself and just let yourself go. chances are you are or will end up being a failure in life (despite there really being no such thing as failure. sight. or sex. We record smell just as we do thought. chances are you’ll end up being treated inferior in life by people for people will treat you based upon how you constantly think about yourself. such as life. just like taste. ordering. chances are you’ll end up being unattractive due to feeling unattractive. that is. and feeling. You built a wall to prevent yourself from crossing over or passing through on to the other side of life: the side of all good things in life! When you are constantly thinking about a particular thing. If think you are unattractive. your constant thoughts. you’ve built a brick wall so thick and tall that you can’t get over it or through it and you were the master brick mason who built the wall of your own doom. you won’t! You will simply attract situations and circumstances that will enhance and empower this thought. You are setting into motion the blueprint of a thing to physically and outwardly manifest at a future point in time. you are broadcasting. hearing. your thoughts create your reality. and desiring. You may start overeating to gain weight. “Smelling” Yes. your race. smelling is also involved here. You’ll unconsciously do things to yourself to justify the thoughts. If you think constant thoughts that you are a failure in life.

I will instantly think back to San Francisco and Meisha. I discovered and fell in love with the cologne called “Joop. The manufacturers of certain perfumes and colognes have a certain agenda in mind. Many times I could be walking down the street minding my own business (thoughts) and a woman wearing a lovely scent (though synthetic) could pass by me going in the opposite direction and one whiff of her scent would cause me to either turn around and look at her or turn around and look at her and begin to think of certain things.” I never forgot that scent and anytime I would smell that unique and sweet-smelling fragrance on a woman or in a department store I would instantly think of Leticia. and desiring. this was the only perfume she wore. My mind would race to thoughts of her and I being together. Man was I crazy about Leticia Corzine. especially if the fume or scent was a familiar one. married or in a relationship. you are broadcasting. ordering. Smell arouses certain pictures or symbols in your mind as well as certain feelings or emotions.When you constantly smell a particular thing. I remember a girl I knew in high school named Leticia Corzine.” When I first met an old girlfriend named Meisha. . That girl wore “Obsession For Women” so much I got tired of it and ended up buying her a cornucopia of perfume just so that she would have other options of perfumes and also to give my sense of olfaction a break from the “Obsession For Women. I am one dude who fantasized a lot (and thankfully so as it refined my ability to fantasize and imagine). It was programmed into me. When we used to go out on dates. To this day if I smell this fragrance or one similar to it. I ‘fell’ in love back then (as these days I only ascend in love). If I was at work and smelled it on a patron I’d think of Meisha right there on the spot and soon I’d be on the phone with her scheduling to see her later on that day.” Yes. I had the same effect with “Obsession For Women.” When Meisha and I went to San Francisco in September 1992 for her 22nd birthday. Anytime I smelled “Obsession For Women” I’d instantly think of Meisha. she would always wear a scent called “Ombre Rose. I call perfume “perceptual fumes” as these fumes can alter perception.

start talking about it. fervor. and desiring. I could also dictate my dreams. Always! It never failed. Find a way to bring it up in your daily interactions and conversations with others. You see. Worked like a charm! For me.When I used to enjoy smelling certain brands of perfume or fragrance. Oakmoss. See the thing vividly in your mind (imagination). I could only use it to bring up memories or to induce certain dreams and nothing else. talk about it with passion. all of this creates an energy circuit that physically attracts the thing to you whatever it may be: person. and begin to constantly smell that fragrance. Don’t brow beat people with it. I would always attract women (usually walking by) wearing that particular perfume or fragrance. or circumstance. I didn’t consciously know mental science back then so this was the limit of scope as far as smell was concerned. and Ginger are used for purposes of attracting money due to their earthy aroma. Melissa. event. just as thought and emotion does. . usually adventurous ones. If you want a particular thing. etc. you are broadcasting. Patchouli. Cinnamon. and confidence. And when you talk about it. “Talking” What we talk about the most. faith. which ones I wanted to experience. love. Words too offer up vibration. optimism. NOTE: The essential oils of Mint.e. we usually end up having that. The smell is triggering a picture in your mind and thus induces thought or thinking (of the thing that the smell is associated with. but do bring it up. by simply smelling a fragrance before bed or even applying some to my body before going to bed. And by simply doing this you are attracting to yourself the thing that the smell is associated with. place. When you consciously and intentionally associate a picture or symbol to a particular smell or fragrance. ordering. i. courage. Feel it as though you possess it right now. That’s why I turned this practice into a habit. However.) and eventually overlaps into the realm of feeling which is the most powerful vibration one can emit or broadcast. sweet smelling fragrances worn on my body in bed or sniffed a few times produced good dreams. money. thing. enthusiasm.

she pushed too hard for marriage which eventually ran the man away. I soon discovered why a lot of fine. I discovered that mental and spiritual beauty beats exclusive physical beauty any day. usually has it or will end up with it. one day out of nowhere Mark popped the magic question and greatly surprised Barbara. . At first I didn’t understand this because as a typical Taurus male all you had to be was attractive and I’d fall head over heels. You soon discover that beauty can’t hold a candle to peace – peace of mind! Now back to Barbara Tulis – she would meet various men but the relationships wouldn’t last long and it was because once she got the man and the relationship. I eventually learned that it takes more than beauty to make and keep a relationship. mature. but fine and attractive women out there in the world. and just go with the flow accepting her relationship (with a man named Mark).The man who talks about success constantly. at least compared to men. I soon discovered that the most attractive women were usually always single.” “you’re attractive. I discovered that there are a lot of emotionally unstable. I always thought because a woman was attractive she’d automatically get any man she wanted.” So I figured women had it easy. Taurus is a complete fool for beauty.” and “you possess physical embellishments and an orifice men desire and are crazy about. But as Barbara began to chill out. The latter happened with a good friend and co-worker of mine named Barbara Tulis. Boy was I wrong! As I matured I discovered the truth that every attractive woman is not married or taken (in a relationship). I always looked at things like: “you’re a woman. But with maturity comes reason and wisdom. It’s hard to enjoy beauty when a person is crazy or has a bunch of issues. attractive women were single. The woman who talks about marriage constantly. usually has it or will eventually have it. I didn’t know women had it so hard. I was there on the sidelines for a good 4-5 years as Barbara constantly spoke of marriage.

If you see yourself losing a competition and continuously play this picture in your head. The cause of neck pain for many people is a situation where someone is in their life that is a literal “pain in the neck. chances are you will. “Seeing” What you constantly see is what you’ll usually end up getting. usually has it or will have it. feeling negative. Barbara’s life turned out just like a fairy tale and she eventually got what she desired and could have attained it sooner had she not created and caused blocks for herself. It’s law. chances are that people will respond to the energy or vibration of how you see yourself and give you more to magnify or enhance how you see yourself. If you see yourself failing a test. etc. usually has it or will have it. white heads).” The neck responds with neck pain in an attempt to convey this message to the person who’s usually too . i. acne (black heads. and begin to physically manifest a real-life situation of really looking unattractive. If you see yourself as unattractive. Your body really does believe everything you think and say and responds accordingly. Good People! The Law of Attraction to be exact! What you talk about constantly. They ended up moving away to the San Francisco bay area of Northern California to start a new life there. chances are pretty sure and good that you’ll end up losing the competition. ordering and desiring. And because the human body responds to emotions and also has a way of giving you what you want whether you’re conscious or unconscious. forcing/ pressuring. is broadcasting.e. Mark and Barbara finally wed and had a child. etc.After about a year of dating. The person who talks about victory in life constantly. The person who talks about peace constantly. doubting herself. you’ll start breaking out with zits.

and emotions affect our health positively and negatively. Repetition of a message constitutes mental programming. what is it or who is that you can’t stomach? Ears are constantly ringing? Well. If you want to be full of knowledge or knowledgeable. When I was in my early years as a legal-political sovereign citizen. ordering. Our cells and tissues record the vibrations of our thoughts. Never! All disease is first energetic! What you constantly see (with the eyes and in the mind) is broadcasting. be it positive or negative. You should only or mostly listen to things that support what you desire. then listen mostly to knowledge (audio lectures) or songs that deal with knowledge. I listened to a lot of Yolanda Adams and Fred Hammond. thoughts. Many people have nerve problems from constantly uttering or thinking in regards to someone “getting on their nerves!” Stomach problems? Well. including a lot of gospel songs which I found to be mostly uplifting and positive. What you constantly hear is recorded in the brain and every word is a symbol of something. If you want to be successful in life. what is it that you are not hearing or refuse to hear? Could it be a message from your angels that you are failing to get and/or adhere to? Words. struggle. and desiring. and emotions. . I prevailed in all of my government confrontations and most of my legal proceedings because of what I constantly listened to every single day: songs of overcoming challenge. words. then you need to make sure that what you mostly listen to supports success. “Listening” What you constantly listen to programs you. and difficulty.preoccupied with worldly things to take notice of the subtle message and thus suffers unnecessarily. This is the true origin of disease which is why pharmaceutical drugs will never heal any sickness or disease.

I left the music playing loud with the particular song on repeat mode so as to impregnate the ambience of my home with music that supported my desire and objective. and Myrrh. I knew that I was programming myself. invocations of demonic entities. A brutal murder may have transpired there in the past and no one ever cleared the negative energy from the murder or other tragic event that may have transpired there.e. drug and/or alcohol consumption (which opens up portals that allow certain entities to enter the realm of 3D). before you rented it. law. . It may not feel right. Dragon’s Blood. You’re picking up the energy recorded in the home. Sage. I felt an eerie feeling. and legal matters by just constantly listening to songs by Christian patriot singer Carl Klang. orgies. nefarious. Houses record memory! That’s why many times you can enter a certain home and feel eerie. at least for those of us who know the history of the house. well. playing certain songs of his over and over again. That house is forever tarnished with the energy of the murders of Leno and Rosemary LaBianca on August 9. as I looked at that white Spanish style house. You don’t have a clue of what previous persons or couples did in that particular room.e. and lower plane activity. Again. i. When I visited the LaBianca House (of the Manson family murders of 1969) at 3311 Waverly Drive in Los Angeles. or the bed for that matter. Even when I left my apartment (and for hours). I also recommend clearing all hotel and motel rooms you will spend the night in. This is why you should always clear the energy of any new place you will stay or reside in with certain incense. I attracted becoming very knowledgeable and successful by listening to this music. and/or essential oils. I learned so much about sovereignty. repetition of a message constitutes mental programming. and a host of other insalubrious. It was my intention to program myself. plant bundles. Frankincense.I probably listened to Lauryn Hill’s “I Get Out” and Sly Stone’s “Stand” more than anything else during this pivotal time. i. It may feel as if something bad or tragic happened there. 1969 by members of the Charles Manson family. White Copal. I truly believe and actually know I became a free man again in part due to listening to these songs on repeat mode about 15-20 times per day.

I attracted unto myself victory (freedom) by constantly listening to and hearing the words/lyrics of Lauryn and Sly. serene.” – Catherine Ponder “The Subconscious Mind and How It Works” The Subconscious Mind is the mind lower or under the Conscious Mind. Wah.By constantly listening to the words in these two songs supra by Lauryn and Sly. feelings. and positive person due to constantly listening to beautiful so-called New Age music over and over again. et al. music from the likes of Wayne Perry. Snatam Kaur. you attract into your life. I programmed myself with scenarios of victory. The Conscious Mind may be referred to as the objective mind. Remember. We are what we mostly and continuously listen to! “What you radiate outward in your thoughts. Steven Halpern. you are what you constantly listen to. then listen to inspirational and uplifting music. sometimes referred to as the subjective mind. Aeoliah. Both the Subconscious Mind and the Universe have the same function – they give you what you desire. This kind of music is what I mostly listened to day in and day out (and still do) and my disposition reflected this music and still reflects this music (though I can still get ‘gangsta’ when necessary and in which certain rap music can help to reinforce). mental pictures and words. If you are going through a difficult time in life and you desire uplifting. Deva Premal. or come into physical reality or materialization. Suddha. This would be self-sabotaging! It wouldn’t be intelligent either! Inundate yourself with music that supports what your aim in life is. The Subconscious Mind causes the things of the Conscious Mind to manifest. good and/or bad! . appear. It wouldn’t be wise to listen to the blues. The Subconscious Mind is the microcosm of the macrocosm – which is the Universe. I became a very calm.

You must play with it – see it. it takes time. Whatever you desire. sense it! Your Conscious Mind holds a thought or desire and your Subconscious Mind does the work to manifest or deliver the physical manifestation of the thought. The Subconscious Mind is the servant of the Conscious Mind. . the thought must be constant. You already possess it. You do not need to acquire this power. Remember now. The thought must be framed in your mind and constantly focused upon. think of a genie bottle. or even months (for many people) and with wishful thinking. It doesn’t work like that! You are not going to totally undo 10. They key is: you must hold your desire with great focus and constantly see the desire in your mind. feel it. or 30 years of negative thinking in a few hours.As Joseph Murphy says in his book “The Power of the Subconscious Mind” on page 2: “Once you learn to contact and release the hidden power of your subconscious mind. See your Subconscious Mind as a genie bottle. It must be played over and over again like a track or recording. The Conscious Mind gives the order and the Subconscious Mind obeys that order. But you will have to learn how to use it. You must understand it so that you can apply it in all departments of your life. more happiness. more wealth. days. 20. weeks. 15. more health. People watched the video and thought a few hours or days could undo numerous years of negative self-programming. you can bring into your life more power. One random thought won’t get the job done. and more joy. Many people’s programming runs deep and it’s a real challenge to even think about undoing the programming by doing different things or changing old habits (programs).” To understand how the Subconscious Mind works. Like with natural healing. This is why many people didn’t receive the benefits they though they would receive from the DVD The Secret. the Subconscious Mind gives to you.

The Subconscious Mind works according to the Law of Belief and therefore it is critical that you know what belief is, how it works, and why it works. This is explained later in this manual. When you believe in a thing with great intensity and truly desire it and can constantly see or visualize it in your mind, the Subconscious Mind will bring it into manifestation according to law. This is why visualization exercises are so important. Constant visualization of a thing helps it to become clear. It brings things into focus. It’s easy to focus on anything when things are clear! It’s difficult to focus when you can’t see a thing or see a thing clearly. Whatever you desire, you had better see it in your mind (and clearly) and hold the thought of it. See it visually, and affirm it verbally or vocally. “What you visualize will materialize!” – Napoleon Hill

“It’s Not Your Job To Figure It Out!”
After you cast your desires to the Universe, that’s it! It’s now on the Universe to manifest what you’ve asked for. You don’t have to find a way to make your desires come true after casting them. Remember, that’s not your job! But if you do try to make things happen by forcing things, then you’re only creating a block to your desires. Your only duty is to cast your desire, believe that you’ll receive it (or them), constantly visualize yourself utilizing and enjoying the desire, and remaining open in your daily life to physically or materially receive the desire(s). That’s it! “Anything you desire, the Universe can find a way to let it happen within the context of people’s natural, joyful desires. It must be, for this is a joy-based Universe.” – Esther Hicks (Abraham) Don’t ask the Universe (or even your angels) for money and then try to come up with your own personal plan for getting the money, like looking for a second job or trying to come up on a side hustle. You don’t have to do more than you’re already doing. Just keep doing you but remember to practice your daily exercises (believing that you’ll soon receive your desires, visualizing yourself utilizing and enjoying the desires, and remaining open

to receiving them not knowing how they will come to you or manifest to you). A quick way to allow your desires to manifest is to express your creative side, just for the joy and love of creating and doing what you really desire to do and love to do and not even worrying about money. Your true love and bliss is that which you love to do more than anything else and could do all day and for free, never worrying about receiving compensation for it. This is your bliss! “Never let a day go by not doing what you dream to do!” This is called in the Bible “Seeking first the kingdom of God.” Matthew 6:33 Matthew 6:33 is one of many great Golden Rules in the Bible. In seeking first the Kingdom of God, you’re simply following your heart. For me personally, this is what the Kingdom of God is: my personal bliss! That which makes me happy on all levels! That which brings profound bliss, joy, and ecstasy my way and causes me to want to share it with everyone who crosses my path! I truly believe that God’s will for myself is to do what pleases me. I believe this is what God wants for me and I must tell you it is a very liberating notion indeed! This particular Golden Rule (Matt. 6:33) goes on to say “… and His righteousness” and this merely means to live a righteous life, which is one of Buddha’s noble Eightfold Ways or Pathways to enlightenment: “The Noble Eightfold Path describes the way to the end of suffering, as it was laid out by Siddhartha Gautama. It is a practical guideline to ethical and mental development with the goal of freeing the individual from attachments and delusions; and it finally leads to understanding the truth about all things. Together with the Four Noble Truths it constitutes the gist of Buddhism. Great emphasis is put on the practical aspect, because it is only through practice that one can attain a higher level of existence and finally reach Nirvana. The eight aspects of the path are not to be understood as a sequence of single steps, instead they are highly interdependent principles that have to be seen in relationship with each other.”

By all means people, live righteous! Live righteous in following your heart and expressing your higher creative self all the while pursuing knowledge, understanding, and wisdom. You don’t have to lie, cheat, or steal to get anything you want or desire. Whatever you want or desire is there for the asking. Another person (or persons) does not have to be harmed, or do or be without, in order for you to get what you desire and are worthy of. You don’t have to harm other people in attaining or obtaining anything. You don’t have to prostitute yourself in any capacity, shape, way, or form. You don’t have to scheme and connive! You don’t have to work a job that you know exploits and manipulates people into buying anything especially things they really don’t need. You don’t have to do this. Being conscious, you’d create a block to your desires and wishes. You’d harm your own heart. So when you seek first the Kingdom of God (“follow your heart’) and live righteous (“harm or hurt no person or thing”) while doing so, you receive the last part of this particular Golden Rule which is: “all material things you desire shall be added unto you.” The material things of the world that you desire and those that you require will be ADDED unto you. This means they will come effortlessly to you. They will come without struggle! The happiest people on the planet are the people living every single day of their existence doing what they dream and desire to do; living effortlessly, and enjoying the many simple pleasures life has to offer. “Never let a day go by not doing what you dream to do!” AFFIRMATION: “My only duty is to ask of the Universe all that I desire and leave the rest up to the Universe (God) to manifest the physical/material and outward appearance of my desire(s).”

“Jesus and Universal Law”
One of the most unfortunate things I witness with many of today’s Christians are their gross ignorance of higher, Universal, cosmic law; ignoring it solely

for faith in Jesus who himself clearly understood the importance of Universal law and clearly taught it to his disciples. Many Christians rejected 2006’s The Secret (DVD) because for many of them it conflicted with previous religious programming. Many confused the Law of Attraction as taking the place of God or Jesus, which it didn’t of course, but you see, even if a person doesn’t believe in God they are still subject to Universal law. No man or woman is exempt from the law or laws. No man or woman is above the law or laws and no religious belief can make any person immune to the effects of these laws. The Law of Attraction does not replace God. It was set into motion by God. For example, take an atheist and a believer who both jump into a lake of water – perhaps to save their lives. If the atheist can swim he or she will survive whereas if the believer doesn’t know how to swim, he or she will drown and die. There is no favor received on the believer over the atheist by mere virtue of belief in God. The only thing that matters in this scenario is who can swim. Belief in God will not make up for not knowing how to swim. All the belief in the world cannot alter the Law of Gravity. You can believe in God which is great, but when you jump off the top of the Empire State Building, you’ve jumped into a law that doesn’t care what your religious belief may be; and while under the Law of Gravity you are subject to it and belief can’t or won’t alter it and the proof is when the body hits the ground of the streets surrounding the Empire State Building. This is law, People! The person who believes in angels and knows how to call on them will fare better than the strict believer in God who does not know how to swim or who does not know how to swim and doesn’t call on his or her guardian angels, especially in times of need. We are all born with at least one Guardian angel and one spirit guide who stay with us every single second of our lives. Miracles can and do happen but they are more so the exception to the rule rather than the rule and miracles do not violate law but occur within them. Belief is great, but knowledge strengthens and enhances belief!

prosperity. respect. believe that ye receive them. But as a law. tranquility. You must want something tangible. You also have cases where you have people who cultivate their spiritual self and side and desire and achieve the spiritual values of life but at the expense of the material side and self and the material values of life which also creates an imbalance.e. money. In Mark 11:24. Not at all! Now on the flip side. jewelry. the same kind of imbalance created by the people who achieved material success at the expense of negating their spiritual side or self and the spiritual values of life. using prayer as a vehicle and incorporating belief in the process. when ye pray. and ye shall have them. This happens to a lot of people. or a flat screen television to name just a few things. personal hygiene products. like things pertaining to feelings. be it a house. United States. serenity.You are not strictly upon Earth to simply believe in God. car. peace. What things soever ye desire. a material planet. food. . a person. love. euphoria. a job or position. The foregoing is true especially if you reside in the Western world of the Matrix. furniture. i. especially here in the Western world. clothes. be it tangible or intangible. bliss. It’s the same thing! Two sides of the same coin! Jesus acknowledged that people will desire things and Jesus even explained the way to obtaining the things desired. affluence. You must want or desire something. sexual intercourse.e. etc. All creation begins with desire. as humans in the flesh. we require material things and it’s nothing wrong with it. security. i. Jesus is attributed as saying: “Therefore I say unto. silence or quietude. you must also desire things intangible.” Let’s break Mark 11:24 into elements the same way we would break a statute or code into elements. abundance. The problem we may encounter is if we become linear in our scope and only desire material things and at the expense of our spiritual side or self and the spiritual values of life. Desire is part of the lesson here on Earth.

using. and belief give us or lead us to the result of the fourth thing. Easterners can lose desire because they don’t have to worry about paying mortgages. You really need your mind here in the Western world and for good reason.” Third.” Next we have.” The first three things: desire. credit card bills. medical. or taxes – at least to the degree that we do here in the West. Michael Beckwith stated in The Secret. utility bills. prayer serves as a vehicle for things desired. Desire is totally natural and it must be mastered and perfected before you can even think about giving up or losing desire. we have “Believe that you will receive them. you tend to get those things quicker. learning how to control. which is a precept of certain Eastern philosophies. and especially those Easterners who don’t reside in the cities or developed areas. automobile. It’s part of the soul lesson here. and home). In the Eastern world. dental. whatever the thing or things may be. many of their lessons require giving up desire whereas in the Western world our lessons involve acknowledging. You cannot be here in the material Western world and not desire. Beckwith is correct! So you must first have a desire for something. You see: in order to meditate one must lose desire. which is receiving or reception.First we have “What things so ever you desire. “And you shall have them. health. Basically. rent. . The Universe simply supports positivity more so than negativity. and mastering desire. The mind must become clear and where there is desire the mind is not clear. prayer.” And fourth and lastly we have. Rev. “When you pray. Only after we get here (mastering desire) can we seriously begin to think in terms of giving it up to live a meditative life. various insurances (life. This is why a positive thought is 100 times more powerful than a negative one as Rev. Desire helps us to create! If you want to give up on desire or lose your desire then you’d fare better in the Eastern world where life is different and you don’t have to worry about the daily necessities of life like you do here in the West. Joseph Murphy says prayer itself is desire! I will say this though: if you desire for things that serve you and the greater good of others.

” Well. In fact. where does your state and federal income tax dollars go? What are these taxes supporting? Do the research and then be prepared to become angry and to weep because not one penny of state and federal income tax dollars go on anything other than financing the state and federal government debts that the politicians (legislators) of the state and federal governments themselves created with the voluntary agreement of the ignorant and patriotically blind state and federal citizens. Law is a whole other language in and of itself that controls reality here in the corporate United States. citizens). and security that came from the land that the farmer owned and was dependent upon unlike the city dweller. why are homeowners paying property taxes to the county? You may say: “To support the local schools. You may not think anything of the word ‘deed’ in the ordinary usage of the English language but English is not the language of what rules us here in the United States: which is law. Their respective state does via the county the house is registered or deeded in. This was one reason why the New World Order crushed the farmers and the farm life because it kept people free due to a sense of personal freedom. politicians and judges will never admit it but it’s 100% true and factual! . NOTE: The United States is not a country but a gigantic corporation with 300 million + employees called citizens (U. Many city dwellers think they own their house and the land their house is on but that’s not so. The corporation is headquartered in Washington.S.S. U. D. If owning property is a fundamental right protected and secured by the United States Constitution (which it is).C.This is why the old farmers here in the United States fared better than the city dweller and was actually healthier and happier than the city dweller because the farmer didn’t have all the requirements and responsibilities of the average city dweller. if this is the case. and it is unlawful to tax a fundamental and constitutionally secured right. city dwellers don’t even own their homes. sovereignty.

by which one person conveys land. You cannot tax a right under the Constitution. you still have to pay annual property taxes and any legally astute person knows that you only pay taxes on privileges and not rights. As long as you pay your property taxes the State will allow you to believe you own your house. the property tax is not on the property itself that can’t be taxed according to the Constitution. Government steals our property via the law and makes us think we still own the property. 5th edition. whereby title to realty is transferred from one to another. you unknowingly transferred the property to the State via the county who now owns the house and gives you the privilege of residing in the house and it doesn’t matter if you paid off your mortgage. The mortgage was a contract between you and the mortgage company. The property tax is a tax on the privilege the State via the County gives you by allowing you to reside in a .2d 645. p. a writing signed by grantor. 647. and this includes our property. and delivered. Paterson. 41 P. or hereditaments to another.” National Fire Insurance Company vs. Because the State via the County owns the land your house is on and also the house itself via the deed. it means: “A conveyance of realty.” Black’s law Dictionary. We are losing nearly everything through law – our ignorance of law. tenements. when you deeded your property to the County via the County Recorder’s Office. However. only a privilege. On the surface of things. Don’t pay your property taxes and you will soon discover who really owns your house. These criminals are clever! When we look up the term “deed’ in the legal sense. 373 Basically.When we start studying words in their legal context (which is what we need to start doing) we find out the truth about many things and begin learning why our society is so screwed up and why we constantly don’t have much of the money we work for or the civil liberties and constitutional rights we once had. signed. the State via the County owns your house and this is why you are paying those annual property taxes. “A written instrument.

they’ll lien the property. The revenue from property taxes does. basically. it takes more money from you (via property taxes) and this is why you don’t have as much money as you should because your government is screwing you up the ‘you know what’ with no Vaseline and because most folks remain ignorant deeming law too difficult to learn and study. owning it by forcing you to register it with the State Department of Motor Vehicles which subjects you to the regulations of the State via the Motor Vehicle Code and now the municipal agents of the State can pull you over at random and issue you traffic tickets which is another way of collecting revenue. And God forbid you don’t pay those property taxes. Period! Your federal and state income tax dollars should go towards footing the bill for public education but they don’t. you have to. You may not mind paying the property taxes because of where the money goes but the point is: government is already collecting enough money to pay for public education but it doesn’t and because it doesn’t. back to the subject matter of this booklet. More money siphoned from the purses and pockets of the American people. This is what you are and/or have been paying for. It’s a cold game but somebody has to play it and in every game there’s a winner and a loser. That’s how the game is set up if you want to play it. You are brainwashed into obtaining a deed and filing it with the County Recorder’s Office. You either follow the rules or you can’t play the game. Your masters in government does the same thing with your automobile. In fact. . the scheme goes on and on and on and the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. The State can and will attempt to collect the money via the State collection agency (in California it’s the Franchise Tax Board) and if the State can’t deeded to the State via the County on the State’s land or property. take away their property (that you paid for since you paid all the mortgage notes). Okay. Your Masters in government have you paying federal and state income taxes on top of property taxes.

the hidden things of the mind are made manifest openly. “Address a solemn request or expression of thanks to a deity or other object of worship.manifesting.” Praying to the Father in secret represents your mind. Desire. it’s called “praying twice.” The danger of “praying twice” is that you cancel out the prayer. what you desire. Jesus clearly espoused it according to scripture. Noun. the hidden aspect – the inner (inner world). and when thou hast shut thy door. “A strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen. one must remember that all you have to do is ask (pray) one time. pray to the Father which is in secret. But when ye pray. you must believe: . • wish or hope strongly for a particular outcome or situation. and the Father which seeth in secret shall reward the openly. Just one time only! When you pray twice for the same thing (desire).” You must know what you want. Basically. at least here in the Western world. Being rewarded by the Father openly represents the material or physical. Desire is totally natural and it must be mastered and perfected before you can even think about giving up or losing desire. the outer or outward . Pray. 2. This is first. Law of Attraction taught right in the Bible! Again. In Matthew 6:6-7 it reads: “But thou. verb. What you pray for in secret is rewarded openly. enter into thy closet. Next. use not vain repetition…” When praying and being mindful of Universal law. “Praying twice” or constant praying of the same thing is what Jesus calls “vain repetition. when thou prayest. While praying and after prayer.” It is important to note that there is a correct way of praying and even Jesus’ taught this.So you must first have a desire for something. Law of Attraction does not cancel out Jesus. you must pray.

” “The Power of Belief” Dr. and in order for anything to have substance in the realm of the mind. Here in a few cryptic words is a concise and specific direction for making use of the creative power of thought by impressing upon the subconscious the particular thing that we desire.Believe. you completely eliminate from your mind all consideration of conditions. In following the Bible technique. as doubt is the subconscious will to fail. You must accept this as true and never doubt. Verb. You are planting a seed (concept) in the mind. and that its realization will follow as a thing in the future. or anything that might imply adverse contingencies. or purpose is as real on its own plane as your hand or your heart. Joseph Murphy states the following in relation to belief as mentioned in Mark 11:24: “The inspired writer tells us to believe and accept as true the fact that our desire has already been accomplished and fulfilled. Norman Vincent Peale made famous this line: “If you think you can. however. the thing is already yours. circumstances. it must be thought of as actually existing there. and the picture is already a fact in the mind. Doubt diminishes the intensity of the desire and creates a blockage to your receiving the desire. you can!” Another great line is this: “If you think you can or can’t. you’re right!” . will infallibly germinate into external fruition. It’s just a matter of time. feel sure of the truth of. The success of this technique depends on the confident conviction that the thought. the idea. which if you leave undisturbed. idea. Doubt slows down the arrival of the manifestation of the desire but can also outright prevent the desire from manifesting.” You must accept as true that what you asked for is already yours and it will ultimately physically manifest. plan. Your thought. “Accept (something) as true. that it is already completed.

The more you affirm the more you program your Subconscious Mind. Conceiving and believing are for naught if you don’t become and remain open to receiving. from ad. or 10 times throughout the day. A great daily affirmation to help you stay open to receiving your desire is the following: “I am worthy to receive my desire!” “I am deserving of receiving (or achieving) my desire!” Affirmations are powerful because affirmations affirm your desires. You must stay open to receive. you remain open to receiving the thing in physical manifestation. idea). Lastly.” This is very true! The above statement from Mr. Once you get a clear picture in your mind of the thing or idea. I’ll say an affirmation 3. just as Muslims pray to Allah 5 times a day and the ancient Egyptians (people of Kemet) prayed 33 times a day. believe in a thing. 7.‘to’ + firmus ‘strong. next you believe – believe that you will achieve or receive the thing. The same principle applies and it works! . 5. but do not remain open to receive the thing. ORIGIN Middle English (in the sense [make firm] ): via Old French from Latin affirmare. Muhammad works like this: first you must conceive of a thing (thought.’ Affirming a thought makes the intensity behind the thought stronger! You can affirm throughout the day. Belief is a very powerful tool! Elijah Muhammad used to say: “If you can conceive a thing. especially the Law of Attraction.Belief is a key component in working your magic with use of higher law. then you can achieve a thing. 7’s or 10’s.” Affirm. I usually affirm in sets of 3’s. Many people conceive a thing and believe that they will receive or achieve it. The word “affirm” derives from a Latin word that means: “to make strong. 5’s. They enhance them as well and make the thought of the thing stronger and larger in your mind.

Do this constantly! Play in your mind! The mind is the genie that makes all things desired come true! For years I would visualize that I received two monthly checks in the amount of $2. 24 hours a day and seven days a week!” Health: “I am healed and have homeostasis (balance)!” During and after saying these affirmations.00 each. script.00 per month with my business (Dherbs. You can do this by inquiring on the job or perhaps by reading some available material on the particular job or position. logo. be open to receive the job. See the digits or numbers on the check underneath or next to your name. And of course I was working for myself too in my mind. FEEL THEM! Feel wealthy! Feel loved! Feel protected! Feel healed and healthy! Want a better job? Conceive the job first in your mind. and secondly. I could see myself making this amount of money.000. I saw this amount in my mind constantly and attracted it. I knew I was worthy and deserving of making this amount of money. It wasn’t long before I actually starting making $5. Take action to study about the details of the job.Here are a few affirmations that might be of importance to you: Money: “I have all the money I require for the necessities of life!” Love: “I am worthy and deserving of love because I am love and I freely give love!” Protection: “I am protected where ever I go. colors. I stayed open to receiving . and the amounts. More I believed that I could make this amount of money. Thirdly. Everything on the check was clear too! – The company name. believe that the job is yours and that you are worthy and deserving of the job and qualified for it as well. Visualize your new paycheck (salary). my name (after “Pay to the Order of”). what the job entails. I visualized that I had a check writing company to issue my checks.500. I always played in my mind visualizing how my company check would look.

00 per month and within a few months I was making $7. I get because I believe in Universal law and I know how to work it.000. simply think about money.00 per month and got that too! Whatever I want or desire. I was making more money following my heart than I ever could have made working some corporate job. and mind you. I hire people to work for me! I never listened to any of these individuals and I strongly believed in myself – my abilities and my dream. and take care of basic responsibilities such as rent or mortgage and utility bills. What you project outwardly emanates from you – you inner self or being! To receive money. boy was I ever grateful and happy! I fantasized about having this amount of money in my life and living a certain life. that I wouldn’t make enough money to support myself. And when it came.500.00 on a monthly basis. Today.500. or pay for movie tickets for a large group of friends. Fantasize about having lots of it at your disposal. . See yourself spending money and receiving money. EVEN IF NOBODY ELSE DOES!” Here’s a simple secret of life: When you believe in yourself. I constantly visualized crisp $100 dollar bills in my wallet and how I would go into my wallet and pay for dinner for a large group of friends. There was a day when I first began making herbal products that I was told by many close people to myself at the time – that I wouldn’t make it or be successful in the herb business. others will also believe in you! People give you back what you project outwardly. I was ballin’ and a “Baller.this amount of money. I also believe in my personal magic! Believing in yourself is very important! “ALWAYS BELIVE IN YOURSELF. let alone a woman and family. doing what I wanted to do – following my heart’s passion. I saw myself out on dates and buying all sorts of things with cash. “Never let anyone steal your dreams!” I even upped my salary in my mind to $10.” Living it up! I then begin to raise the amount of money I wanted to make to $7.

Redondo Beach. especially before I was married. Gardena. . Andrea. She was a Libra too which meant there was strong and great sensual passion and intimacy due to double Venus planetary influence as Libra and Taurus are both ruled by this planet of love. “Damn. at a bank. This was a favorite mental science (visualization) exercise of mine. beauty. exciting. fun. I used to have a thing for bank tellers back in the day (1980’s and early 1990’s). California and I worked right across from her at General Cinema Theatres South Bay Galleria Cinemas. my beautiful soul mate). especially in the South Bay area of Los Angeles. I’ll deal more with Andrea in “The Love Manual” and explain why my relationship with her tops every single relationship of my life. and adventurous.e. you’re rich!” and then smiles at me! Hey. Cinnamon. Meisha Atkinson (now AtkinsonSherman). Ginger. Associate money with a scent (i. I used to see and meet some of the finest women who worked at banks. etc. I met my first true love as a mature man. I used to sometimes ask this bank teller out and she always obliged but it was due to a combination of my monetary wealth and charm as well as intelligence after she got to know me a little better. giving me this emphatic and astonishing look and expression that says. and romance. Torrance. She used to work for Bank of America in Redondo Beach.Picture in your mind a bank statement with the amount of money in your account and that appears on your statement or ATM withdrawal receipt. I constantly visualized walking into a bank to make a cash withdrawal before a beautiful and attractive bank teller and as she looks at her screen to see how much I have in my account she looks at me. I met this young lady in 1992.e. or Oakmoss) and throughout the day sniff or smell the scent (straight from the bottle or a few drops on a piece of tissue paper or cotton ball). or Melissa. This was the best physical/mundane relationship I ever experienced in premarital life. Patchouli. just a personal fantasy of mine that worked for me. It was very orgasmic. i. which was one of the two best years of my life (the other being 2005 due to meeting my present wife.

out together on a date. and traits. abundance. See this person telling you how they adore and love you and want to be with you. See this all in your mind! The more you do this exercise the greater the mental picture will become with intensity.There are certain inhalers that exist nowadays that are made from essential oils that enhance the effect of visualization. Feel the excitement and joy of going out on dates – the excitement of the first kiss! The excitement of passionate tongue kissing! The excitement of that moment when you are about to make love. See it in your mind and play the thought out over and over again in your mind. I opted for an astrologically compatible match for the sake of domestic tranquility. I did the above to attract my wife (Andrea). I specifically asked the Universe for a Virgo woman and that’s exactly what I got in my wife. especially for the first time! See everything! See the person unclothing him or herself (or you unclothing them). etc. and harmony and soul growth. Play in your mind with this person. So you too can have the person of your dreams! You just have to believe and learn to work your magic! See yourself and the person kissing. Want the man or woman of your dreams? Conceive him/her in your mind. See it! Feel it! Even though you are playing in your mind your heart . making love. See their qualities. walking and holding hands. peace. Western astrological research and study revealed that Virgo was the best match for Taurus and so when it came time to try romance and love again (after a four year stint with celibacy). taking a bath together. how they want to marry sells an “Abundance Inspirant” (a twist word I created to replace the word “inhaler”) that contains essential oils historically associated with wealth. Dherbs. See the person gazing into your eyes with strong desire for you. attributes. and money. You are sending energy out to this person (whomever he or she may be and regardless of where he or she may be or reside) who is receptive to this subtle energy.

you can now predict your future here on the mundane. Experiencing insecurity with a positive mindset and faith in what we believe helps us to arrive at and appreciate security. You need not worry about how and/or where you will find or meet them. Leave that up to God or the Universe. you must go through that perceived negative situation to arrive at its opposite. If you are going through a phase of life or a certain situation that has you feeling a bit uncertain or fully uncertain. Feel certain (that you will make it through and be victorious) and you will be victorious and successful. “A feeling of uncertainty or lack of conviction. then certainty is the opposite of this and deals with victory and success. just as faith is! Always remember that to truly benefit from a perceived negative situation. You can predict your . Understanding this formula. Next. remember to LET GO and LET GOD! That’s right! Let go. Experiencing inconvenience with a positive mindset and faith in what we believe helps us to arrive at and appreciate convenience.” Remember. Your destiny and fate is always in your hands based upon your thoughts and how you feel. Remain open to receiving them. doubt is the subconscious will to fail. and let God! Know in your heart that God has your best interest! Remind yourself that everything is happening for your greater good – for the best! Uncertainty tests our faith because at the root of uncertainty lies doubt! Doubt.should start beating fast. TRUST God. Experiencing uncertainty with a positive mindset and faith in what we believe helps us to arrive at and appreciate certainty. Just do you! Focus on you! Do your part! That’s your only duty! DO YOU! You can have your dream person if you’re willing to dream with open eyes! Let me tell you: belief is so vitally important in situations of uncertainty. responding to the machinations of the mind because in the mind all of this is real and the physical body should react according to psychosomaticism. believe that you will attract the person into your life as a soul mate. So switch uncertainty to a feeling of certainty because if doubt has to do with failure or failing.

the evidence of things not seen. Belief is defined as: “An acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists. It is belief that influences the flow of desire. Your dreams are what you should go for until they are realized. really want something. just know that one thing is certain – God is with you and God always wants the best for you.future by creating it and you create your future with your thoughts and your feelings – your thoughts and feelings in this PRESENT moment! Remember. Persist at it and it will come into form eventually.” AFFIRMATION: “My belief shapes and creates my reality. you are offering strong desire and attracting power towards it. An uncertain “present” creates an uncertain “future. the most important thing is to work on the belief. an opportunity to fine-tune your faith! When you are experiencing uncertainty in life. I therefore do not seek to force my beliefs on to others! My beliefs are mine and they benefit me in every aspect of my life!” “The Power of Faith Faith is not exactly a synonym for belief. God does not want to see you come up short. so why should you? Think positive and desire the best for yourself and you shall receive it – guaranteed! Enoch Tan states the following pertaining to belief: “When you really.” Faith is defined as: “Complete trust or confidence in someone or something. Many people give up on their dreams because they think they cannot make them come true. You have to choose the right beliefs in order to allow your desires to be felt freely. “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for.” The Bible tells us in Hebrews 1:1. the present creates the future.” .” “The best way to predict the future is to create it!” Uncertainty is an opportunity. In the pursuit of dreams.

D.I.. Faith is required for healing! All diseases can be healed. trust that it is occurring or happening for the best.S. Their problem is that they focus on not having herpes but the Universe cancels out the word “not” as it doesn’t process negative language so instead of not having herpes. they have herpes. even if it looks bad or negative. Trust strengthens belief! Trust that we will receive what we desire strengthens our belief. Instead. Take genital herpes for example: the people who perform the Full Body Detox and Anti-Viral Cleanse who don’t receive healing don’t receive healing due to their own subconscious blocks. Two of the greatest things you could have faith in are that good will come your way and everything (situation or circumstance) will work out for the good. it strengthens our belief in having faith for certain things to occur. It also speeds up the rate at which the desire (or thought or idea) will manifest physically in our life. Many people don’t heal from their pathologies because they are working Universal Law to their own detriment. these people should only focus on what they want or desire: total healing! . They focus on the disease unconsciously.When we have faith in a belief we in fact have complete trust in that which we believe in. Faith strengthens us spiritually. Faith helps us to make it in this life. including so-called incurable diseases such as cancer. regardless of what may be going on in your life at present. Even with disease. See every problem as an opportunity for you to learn something new and to progress and grow in life and amazingly you will get just that! Whatever is happening to you in your life. A. They are getting what they desire because their Conscious Mind is not clear of what’s being desired. occurring or happening for your personal good and greater good! This is how you create positive outcomes for everything that happens in your life. and genital herpes. When we have faith in a thing and it comes to pass. you can use mental science exercises to heal. especially in the Western world.

On some level as well. How can anyone have faith that God is going to heal him or her while simultaneously he or she is uncertain of being healed? They say they believe in healing then turn right around and doubt their healing and a lot of this is the result of deep. This doubt or uncertainty is the cause of the subconscious will to fail at being totally healed from genital herpes. you can follow the raw foods diet and everything else in the Full Body Detox and/or Antiviral Cleanse to the letter. You’re supposed to learn from every experience. deep. It doesn’t hear: “I don’t want herpes!” The Universe hears: “I ‘want’ or desire herpes!” The Universe cancels out the word “don’t” and so the result is “I WANT HERPES” and the Subconscious Minds says: “Okay. psychological programming by the medical establishment in their constant saying (reminder) that a particular disease is . So if you don’t understand this mental dynamic. be it negative or positive. or both. and it still won’t matter! You will not get your healing because healing begins on a much deeper level. responding to its every request. blisters). the Universe and Subconscious Mind responds to the Conscious Mind. these people have a degree of doubt or uncertainty in either that the herbs can really help them to heal or that genital herpes in and of itself is healable. they attract more herpes (outbreaks: lesions. It is your duty to know what to ask for or desire! People are incorrect to think that God alone will heal them while they sit back and do nothing or continue to do the same things that led to their being sick and diseased! Why should God heal a person from something they did while ignorant and yet have not learned their lesson and/or received the message of the Body Intelligence? For God to heal this person would be an injustice and do a great disservice to the person. The Universe does not hear the word “don’t” in the statement. It is your duty to be conscious. These individuals focus on not wanting herpes rather than focusing on having optimal health and wellbeing. Their focus is incorrect! They simply “don’t” want herpes anymore and because of this erroneous thought and feeling. here you go! More herpes!” Remember.

emotions. They don’t feel healed. She admitted this to me and was an emotional wreck when her test for herpes can back positive. She got what she asked for! Her Conscious Mind said “Herpes is incurable!” and her Subconscious Mind gave her the physical manifestation of this desire in the form of outbreaks on her hands. beliefs. diet. and it’s not that simple! It’s not that simple whereby you can perform a couple of Dherbs. This woman feared she wouldn’t be healed and attracted it. They are simply hoping for a “Hail Mary!” They are taking the products believing that it is the products that will heal them and not their minds! This is erroneous thinking on the part of many people. unbeknownst to them. energy flows!” These people do not say: “I want total healing and wellbeing!” They erroneously say: “I don’t want herpes!” “I just want it to go away!” “I’m tired of it!” “I want my life back!” Also. and environment. One young lady told me in a consultation that she really wanted to be healed but consciously believes herpes is incurable. many sufferers of genital herpes ignore the message they need to hear and simply think about one thing: getting rid of genital herpes. because all disease conveys a very important message on the level of lifestyle. They forget the maxim. they are inviting herpes to stay. thoughts. and buttocks. Too many people believe this false statement! This is what many people are dealing with. “where thought cleanses and ignore the deeper messages being conveyed on the subtle body level and get 100% healing! .incurable and you’ll have the incurable disease for life. “What you fear will appear!” Many people are performing the Full Body Detox and Anti-Viral Cleanse and are merely hoping that they are healed or ill be healed. Healing does not come out of a bottle! When people tell me that they just want to get rid of herpes. vagina.

. nor the compassion and nurturance you failed to give yourself.Herpes is a reaction to an action! Folks must deal with that initial action that caused herpes and for many people they can’t or are unable to because it deals with sex and sexuality and usually they’re ashamed of what they did sexually that led to their development of genital herpes. The breasts symbolize: comfort. not showing compassion for herself. and their way of life (the things they do). I explained to her the metaphysical causes of the breast tumor by breaking down what the female breasts symbolize to women. But most people want to address their problems strictly from a physical perspective and not deal with their emotions. It causes the eruption of certain negative emotion in many people so they really don’t want to talk about that moment that led to them attracting or contracting genital herpes. She did all of the above for her partners she was in relationships with but not for herself. If neglect of self was the cause of the tumors. and love. place. But there are no herbs in the world that can heal emotional wounds and scars. She asked if she could take herbs to heal. and particular person they had sex with. and not loving herself. perhaps under absence of discretion or pure lust – that resulted in genital herpes. There is no herb you can take to undo the love you failed to give yourself. She asked me what could she do to heal. Most people are unable or unwilling to freely talk about sex and all sexually transmitted diseases deal with sex and sexuality at the root. then the Law of Opposites would dictate that attention to self was her recourse for healing and mere taking of herbs was only a part of that wholistic healing process. compassion. All healing first takes place on the energy level (the level of the emotions) and the last stage of healing is on the physical level. nurturing. One woman I had a consultation with had a breast tumor. Many people don’t want to travel back down memory lane to the time. I told her the cause of her tumor (which manifested on her left breast and the left side of the body denotes the feminine side) that she neglected herself by not giving herself comfort. It doesn’t work like that. not nurturing herself. thought process and thinking.

they lack the necessary faith to be healed despite their words that they want to be healed. They have weak spirits and thus weak wills. beat down by all of their life’s experiences. their energy tells the truth about themselves. They feel so weak and helpless that they don’t trust in their own power. In the Bible. Having very low self-esteem. anger. and the spirit and will to heal and this is why a lot of people are not getting their healing or are slow to get their healing. There is NO healing absent faith. However. Not feeling successful in life.” Djehuty AFFIRMATION: “My faith is strong and unshakeable therefore I am powerful and I come out successful in all things!” “I am healing and manifesting optimal health and wellbeing in this moment!” “The Power of Gratitude” . Experiencing unhealthy childhoods. Life has whipped them pretty good! They are just beat down on the soul level. They have lost faith or their faith is very weak! Many have such low selfesteem that they don’t even feel worthy of healing. full of sorrow. and pain! Basically. Jesus tells an infirmed woman that because of her faith she is healed. This is why they put their faith in an herbalist to heal them or put their faith in some product on the market to heal them. Having unhealthy relationships with one or both parents.Many people I have talked to are just beaten down on the level of the spirit. Mental science is the BEST medicine for healing! Better than herbs! The mind is the All-Healer! “You can’t heal disease with the same mindset that created disease. They are confused. They just don’t believe they themselves can heal their own self. They are broken down. hurt. Too many hurts and upsets in life! Too many failures! Not feeling loved! Too many failed relationships in life. People are just really depressed whether they know it or not and depression weakens the Spirit.

emotional. readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. When our “more” comes from harming other people. spiritual. Appreciation. and mental. When you are grateful. but . When we get more in life and by ways and means that do not hurt others.Gratitude. The quality of being thankful. Therefore be balanced in both worlds and this is done by acknowledging and living in harmony with the laws of both realms (worlds). and better in life which is healthy and reinforces optimal health and well-being. happy. The recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something. not neglecting one for the other. but as the Holy Qur’an states in effect: “do not neglect your portion of this world’s material possessions and pleasures. you will always lack. Oprah Winfrey said it best pertaining to gratitude when she said to the effect that when you see or focus on what you don’t have. especially about losing what we have attained and attained in unrighteous fashion and harming other people to get our “more” of material things. there is no negative karma created and we really get to enjoy our gifts with unending peace of mind. This is a big ‘No No’ in the Universe! It’s great to be predominantly spiritual. There is nothing wrong with more or having more especially when we are dealing with more of the things we desire and enjoy and thus help us to feel good.” The world is twofold: spiritual and material. NOTE: The human being is fourfold: physical. noun. we create negative karma for ourselves and we lose peace of mind because we always have to worry in the back of our minds. you are showing appreciation and an act of appreciation allows you to receive even more. have an attitude of gratitude. There is much power in gratitude! Therefore.

poor people. in part. . say that I am all about money because I talk about money a lot. it can only attract wealth and more wealth also in accordance pursuant to law. Some individuals. I attract money so as to purchase my spiritual tools and health gadgets so as to live and lead a spiritual and healthy life. 1970) my sign corresponds to the astrological 2nd House of Money and Possessions. The vibration of poverty can and will only attract poverty in accordance pursuant to law: Law of Attraction! Likewise with a wealth consciousness. Poor people always complain about what they don’t have and/or what they can’t afford: “We don’t have jobs or employment in the Hood!” “We don’t have good schools in the Hood!” “We don’t have what the rich folks have!” “We don’t have money!” “We can’t afford medical insurance!” All of the above reinforces a poverty consciousness. Speaking from experience as a former poor person due to poverty consciousness. usually religious-minded individuals and people with a black consciousness. Many of my life’s lessons under the zodiac sign of Taurus deal with money. I am astrologically conscious and as such I know that as a Taurus (born on April 24. This is a very true statement! Based upon the above. Also. you will have more. possessions.when you see or focus on what you do have. I know this is true. and resources. I know that the more I talk about money the more I reinforce a money consciousness and because of this particular consciousness I become a magnet for money and more money which I use to finance my dreams and goals in life. are poor and remain poor because clearly they only see what they are lacking in life and never what they do have. You cannot attract wealth with a poverty consciousness. I use the material to enhance the spiritual. I’m a wise man and know what I’m doing utilizing consciousness and intent pertaining to money.

Alkaline water machines cost money! Things cost money! To be healthy costs money! I no longer condemn capitalism. the Higher Self. Most of these black nationalists and ideologists who condemn me are dirt poor and struggling in life. However. Because they lack financially it is difficult for them to get their points and messages across to the masses. Many Black nationalists and ideologists struggle financially because they don’t understand the above. It is not wise to fight against a system of a nation you reside in and are a citizen of and that happens to be the system of that nation pertaining to money and economics because when you do. talking about “Fight the Power!” while they can barely pay their rent. you’ll miss doing you – the Inner You. This creates stress – which robs these individuals of health and wellbeing. You are not here on earth to fight the System! You are here for your soul’s purpose. Fighting the System (if you choose to do that) may be just one little lesson in a semester of many lessons that helps the cultivation of the Soul. I make it work for me to support my personal interests (which are mostly spiritual) unlike many black nationalists and ideologists who can only be found complaining about and/or condemning capitalism. a system beyond their power to control. . because otherwise if you do. Talking about “Black Power!” while facing eviction or about to get their car repossessed. you create blocks in your personal life pertaining to money and personal economics and you need money to finance your interests and objectives.I reside in a capitalist society and therefore books costs money! Crystals cost money! Essential oils cost money! Herbs cost money! DVD’s and CD’s cost money. regardless of what they may be. you also recognize that the fight is temporary or interlocutory in nature and not permanent like some life long mission. NOTE: An exception to the above is if you feel you must fight or challenge the System in order to learn a valuable life lesson and enhance your inner and spiritual growth.

The ironic thing is. Royal (Solomon). Farrah Gray. or Silis Muhammad. Young Farrah wisely switched gears and focused on wealth. nor does he have to condemn anyone or a specific race or group of people as his father and his father’s organization. No disrespect to the Nation of Islam or New Black Panther Party. did. Muhammad’s funeral. selfempowerment and self-improvement and thus is able to reach large audiences to get his personal message out and across and without struggle. However. Louis Farrakhan. Elijah Muhammad built his financial empire off the backs of loyal but blind religious followers via the Nation of Islam’s No.” NOTE: Strangely. BUSINESS SENSE. who suffered from a few pathologies including high blood pressure and ended up dying of an alleged aneurysm (on the surface). Despite his good contributions. He is the author of the book “Reallionaire. he died broke and dirt poor. 2 Poor Treasury. but actually wisely. after all of Mr. Muhammad’s son evidently learned something his father didn’t learn due to commitment to the Struggle that led to him struggling in life and dying prematurely. Farrah Gray does not publicly claim that Khalid Abdul Muhammad was his biological father. Personally. It is reported that R&B singer Eryka Badu paid for Mr. Young Farrah Gray has done something the entire Nation of Islam or New Black Panther Party has failed to accomplish in all the years of their existence: get his point across (and to all people of the human family) without struggling financially. Muhammad’s son. and MONEY! . Khlaid Abdul Muhammad. is a millionaire and became one at the young age of 14. Farrah Gray did not collect weekly charity from anybody like the likes of Muslim leaders: Elijah Muhammad. Muhammad’s struggle for his people. Mr. success.A perfect example of this is the late militant Black Muslim and Black nationalist leader Dr. I suspect foul play in Khalid’s death. What was the missing link or links that Farrah Gray knew and capitalized on? Answer: INTELLIGENCE. the Nation of Islam.

etc. sophisticated. print professionally prepared books. FOX. how come social militants can’t? Lack of financial resources is the biggest reason why they can’t and don’t! Period! Why was businessman. and Jamil Al-Amin (H. Rap Brown) to name a few. Because Farrah doesn’t struggle. NBC. America is a capitalist country and so basically everything is for sale and has a price tag on it. CNN. DVD’s. etc. and ideologists. mockery. More importantly. with or without so-called Supreme Wisdom and Mathematics. ABC.). i.e. with the majority of intelligent. he consistently attracts new avenues to make more money and thus reaches and helps more people and in very productive and progressive ways unlike his father who spewed venom in the form racial epithets. they would also have enough money for adequate legal defense funds to serve their legal needs and interests within the biased American judicial system which has been used to unjustly incarcerate many socially progressive and grassroots level Black revolutionaries. able to purchase 30-minute commercials during the Presidential election campaigns of 1992 and 1996? . swearing.e. Chicago tribune. Los Angeles Times. a little Black boy from the South side of Chicago did what no Nation of Islam Muslim follower or member has been able to do. and fringe Black people of American society but which met a brick wall. and purchase airtime on certain radio and television stations (i. and socially progressive and accomplished Black people in America. disenfranchised. If you have enough money you can pay the price. ideologists. refined. rightly and understandably so. conduct seminars whenever they wanted to and in big ballrooms.). hatred.Farrah Gray became a millionaire at the age of 14. New York Times. and name calling which went over well with the majority of poor. USA Today. Ross Perot. many of whom were and are falsely imprisoned on trumped up charges and/or faulty evidence.e. If Black nationalists. Mumia Abu Jamal. and revolutionaries had a lot of money they wouldn’t have to unnecessarily struggle and impair their health any more in their missions and causes. for they would have the resources to take out newspaper ads in major newspapers (i. nationalists. Geronimo Pratt. and CD’s. If Freemasons who run this world can purchase and set up major television stations. Yes. CBS.

The more they focus on their poverty. there are no more countries. in today’s world. The United States (military. corporations) is on foreign lands today because of deals and contractual agreements with national leaders. Well. because after all. only corporations! Poor people are always talking about what they don’t have or what they cannot afford. a person must know what to request or ask for pursuant to vibration and frequency. .Why was Barack Obama able to purchase a 30-minute commercial during the 2008 presidential campaign? The answer is obvious: they had the money to do so! These men made millions of dollars without struggle. The Universe does not concern itself with your personal circumstances. and rightfully so. but these people elect leaders that invite Western imperialist powers such as the United States into the country and the strange thing is – most of these people will continue to vote for political leaders who will always have to do what political leaders do: make deals. Now if your contention is that capitalism exploits other people around the world. In most cases. and it does. like was said in the 1976 movie Network. the people of these foreign lands don’t want the United States present on their land. It is time for social activists to take some lessons in business and the Law of Attraction. I would be remiss to fail to mention colonialism also as a reason why the United States and other European nations are in foreign lands. then it is simply because those people allow the exploitation via their corrupt and American bought and paid for political leaders. not the people. It’s damnable because ignorance of the law is no excuse. Therefore. The Universe only knows how to respond to vibration and frequency. every politician is a businessman and the whole planet has become one big business consisting of many corporations fraudulently called countries. the more they attract poverty. They speak themselves into a vacuum of constant poverty. European nations rule these foreign lands (African and so-called Third World nations) via the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF).

all of your knowledge and information won’t help you to attract wealth and become wealthy. going to work for himself – creating. Djehuty Ma’at-Ra woke up and did him. on Monday morning. The rate at which something occurs or is repeated over a particular period of time or in a given sample. but never on the spiritual level – the true level of justice and equality. However.Frequency. if they learn the secrets of the mind and maintain a wealth consciousness. they’ll always have and attract wealth. and social/community activists. producing. if they fail to learn the secrets of the mind (mental science) and maintain a poverty consciousness. You see this evidenced with the many inner city gurus. street corner philosophers. and manufacturing. Kevin and members of the Nation of Islam swore he won the debate based upon his pseudo Supreme Wisdom and Knowledge (which is understandable because all cult members think exactly alike and their beliefs were the subject of the debate) but what these people couldn’t see or was unable to see was that after the debate. Wealthy people evidently see what they do have and thus attract more wealth. This is the hidden mechanism and secret of why the rich always get richer. and the poor always get poorer. inventing. they’ll always have and attract poverty. whether Kevin won or not in the minds of Black Muslism. But on Monday morning. You can get away with crime in the material world. . It’s a law! The Law of Gratitude! Regardless of how the wealthy attained their wealth. And likewise with poor people – regardless of how they became poor. After my debate with North Carolina Nation of Islam minister Kevin Ali in December 2008. if you operate from a dominant poverty consciousness. Minister Kevin Ali and the rest of the Black Muslims woke up and went to work for the very same White man whom he and they believe is the Devil and whom they call the Devil. It all boils down to thoughts and attitude! No matter how much worldly knowledge and information you may have or attained. especially if you have the resources and know the right people. they’ll still have to pay off their negative karma. helping people the world over regardless of race or nationality. so-called poor righteous teachers.

I’d have to agree with Karl Marx that: “Religion is the opiate of the people. Newton. Men who championed the cause of Black liberation and social and civil rights. Jr. You would have thought grateful followers would have set up some kind of trust fund for these great men’s families after their deaths. I witnessed Minister Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam raise millions of dollars from poor people who were under the illusion that they were Arabs and that their religion was Islam – the same thing many mega-church Christian leaders did and do to poor people under the banner of Christianity. they are not free despite their thinking and believing that they are. Medgar Evers. help in the form of book deals or selling memorabilia to colleges. and respect Malcolm X. Kwame Ture. This is a part of their doctrine and dogma. As a registered member of the Nation of Islam myself for a very brief stint (6 months). Sadly. These people profess to be God by mere virtue of having black skin but most of them are employed by the so-called Devil (White man) which shows their first class hypocrisy! NOTE: Members of the Nation of Islam believe that all White or Caucasian people are the Devil and are unredeemable. they all died dirt poor. I witnessed absolute poverty consciousness in that organization. and Huey P.I. Martin Luther King. honor.” Especially poor minority people! Most of the people recruited by C. As much as I love. who had mastered the dynamics of mind control on poor people and knew how to teach or preach to get the money he needed for his personal enterprises and ventures. Louis Farrakhan. agent Jim Jones and who ended up murdered in the 1978 Jonestown Massacre in Guyana were poor people – poor African Americans to be exact! The majority of these people. died broke and their families had to struggle after their deaths.My point is: these people function off a poverty consciousness that keeps them working corporate jobs while secretly concealing their Black Muslim identity and membership and simultaneously struggling in life due to their religious beliefs. poor .A. The only person who had and operated from a wealth consciousness was the leader. their children and wives had to struggle until they came into prominence from outside help.. but no.

Wealthy people are too busy to hustle. We were constantly told to let our phones get turned off and our lights to get turned off – all so we could send money to Louis Farrakhan in Chicago so Farrakhan could live like a King and build his personal enterprise and without struggle.single Black women. Hustlers hustle for money. the unscrupulous ones that is. were on government assistance programs and Jones discovered this information due to his government position over the Housing Administration in San Francisco. but they seldom ever hustle. Poor people hustle. Jones used this position to recruit his mostly poor. and his blind followers will still donate what little money they have to this scheme. then it is in our best interest to have a feeling of being grateful rather than a feeling of being ungrateful. Some wealthy people may scheme. Wealthy people do not. we all have something that we can be grateful about or show appreciation about just as we can have something to be ungrateful about. Hustling also doesn’t help us and is also in the realm of poverty consciousness. However. In conclusion. and usually they never do. In the Nation of Islam’s FOI (Fruit of Islam) class. hustling ranks under poverty consciousness and not wealth consciousness. Farrakhan started his 3-year economic plan in the 1980’s and to this day he still has a 3-year economic plan that has not produced didly squat in over 20 years. since the benefit comes from seeing something to be grateful for or about. . Wealthy people attract it. Poor people may have side hustles just to help ends meets. They focus all of their energy into one direction that allows them to make enough money via that concentrated effort. single Black female followers. including the money they had for rent and utility bills. the poor male followers (FOI) were constantly scolded for not donating their money. Again.

prosperity. and dividends! So remember: if you only focus on what you don’t have. you MUST have a positive attitude. especially in the present moment. Gratitude is an important and integral part in the scheme of abundance. A positive attitude is a must for a successful and healthy life. The experience wasn’t all bad! I had my good and memorable times. typically one that is reflected in a person's behavior. and successful person. you’ll always lack. successful. and I’m grateful for them. A settled way of thinking or feeling about someone or something. “To have more in life. If you desire to live a positive. . you’ll have more. you MUST be grateful for what you have in the Present!” What are you grateful for in this moment? Think about it! AFFIRMATION: “I am grateful for all that I have in my life at this very moment!” The Power of Attitude Attitude. Only benefits in addition to assets. Life leans more towards benefit so we should always be seeking to get benefits out of life and not detriments. but if you begin to see all that you do have. and healthy life and be a positive. Your positive attitude is the greatest indemnity for someone’s negative attitude (which many people ignorantly and unconsciously delight in displaying – it’s that “misery loves company” syndrome).I’m even grateful for all that I learned and experienced in the Nation of Islam. and wealth. healthy.

you can change your life by changing your attitude. This here is another one of those golden nuggets referred to as a “Great Secret. Just look around at all the can't be stopped!" Give it a try for your self and prepare for amazement! – Guaranteed! . a positive attitude is a powerful force . Attitude is a big factor in determining success or failure (in the ordinary usage of the word ‘failure’ in the English language). healthy. and circumstances into your life. These people take a positive and optimistic approach to life and the events that unfold daily. In my seminars that I conduct around the nation. it’s still the Law of Attraction in effect. events.” "The greatest discovery of any generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitude. Negativity is a liability. events.” Well. you’re choosing victory. and circumstances into your life just as a negative outlook in life will cause you to attract negative people. Positivity is stronger than negativity and positivity has stronger attracting powers. Positivity is an asset. You even need and require a positive attitude when it comes to healing. A positive attitude accelerates healing whereas a negative attitude slows it down. I constantly tell and remind my audience that: "Attitude is a little thing that makes a BIG difference!" It really is and does and I wouldn’t say this if I didn’t believe it and mean it. No matter how negative or “bad” your life may be at present.You can always effortlessly counter a negative attitude with a positive one.William James Folks. You may have heard that “your attitude determines your altitude. and successful people in life (whether you know them personally or not) and you’ll see people with a positive and healthy attitude. It will also cause you to attract positive people." . so when you choose positivity. let me tell you: it is very true! Positive thoughts will give you a positive mental outlook on life and this in turn will shape your attitude. Even with attitude.

When we convert pessimism into optimism. Personally.” Optimism is an added incentive just like a positive attitude. in my opinion. We are all alchemists and magicians and have the power to change and redirect energy. and attitude. Like everything else. such as a challenge or trial. we are working our magic. Actually. mental outlook. you will always attract to yourself things that help you to remain optimistic and also to become more optimistic. It is wise to always take an optimistic approach to whatever may befall you. Optimism causes us to attract to ourselves the needed help to make it through all of our challenges and trials in life and to come out of them on the other side victorious and successful. this is the esoteric definition of magic used by many occultist. Optimistic individuals will attract optimism in life and pessimistic individuals will attract pessimism! It’s that simple because it’s all energy! The great thing about an optimist is that if he or she is faced with a situation that appears pessimistic. .AFFIRMATION: “My attitude determines my altitude and I desire to fly high in life in all aspects. Optimism too just like everything else covered herein deals with energy (vibration). Magic is the art and science of causing change to occur in conformity with will. optimism is a choice! When you are optimistic just for the sake of being optimistic. it’s the best definition of magic.” “The Power of Optimism” Optimism is “hopefulness and confidence about the future or the successful outcome of something. Pessimists will always see obstacles because they will always attract them via their pessimistic thought pattern. the optimist knows to transmute pessimism into optimism via choice and deliberate intention.

. and frustrated with Byrne’s DVD ‘The Secret’ which I personally enjoyed. and the Law of Allowing are for naught without the Law of Action. When you consider how “The Secret” failed to cover the Law of Action and how people must act and what they must do after they apply the first 3 components. Opportunity belongs to the optimist. the Law of Deliberate Intent (or Creation). This is why so many people became disenchanted. apathetic. you can now understand why these people felt the way they did. Always look for and take the assets and incentives in life. and Chalcedony. The Law of Attraction.Pessimists can’t see opportunity due to all the obstacles they’ve created and drawn unto themselves. Pessimism is a liability and optimism is an asset and an incentive. AFFIRMATION: “I remain optimistic in life in regards to all things and outcomes!” The Law of Action The one law Rhonda Byrne’s “The Secret” failed to cover was the Law of Action. Beryl. “Leave the obstacles to the pessimist. Meditate with the crystal placed in the palm of your hands or place on your 2nd chakra (belly) or 3rd chakra (solar plexus or abdomen) for 10-15 minutes daily or as needed. Amber. They lead to wealth and ensure wealth. Ametrine.” CRYSTALS: Crystals that enhance optimism include: Citrine. Moss Agate. There was only so much that could be put into a 90-minute DVD! Many people bought the DVD and applied the principles shown in the film but fell short of their goals (manifestation of desires). unlike liabilities and deficits.

. – things that must flow from your heart’s desire.e. there will be no results. thirdly. craft. i. creating. The actions must be in response to a personal plan.e. what type of work are you going to do that will allow millions of dollars to flow unto you? You just can’t sit in a corner all day and just meditate and think you’re going to become a millionaire. to receive your desire(s). manufacturing. and then finally. you must understand the Law of Allowing (allowing others to be and do them. folks! The millions must come through a conduit and that conduit is work. You must plan! “He who fails to plan has planned to fail!” Planning is very necessary in working the Law of Attraction. you must first understand the Law of Attraction (and how the Subconscious Mind works). express! If you desire to be a millionaire. working some job you’re unhappy working or really don’t want to be at. skill. If you’re into astrology as I am. science. It doesn’t work like this.You can desire all day long but if there are no actions. Your Mid-heaven sign (10th House) or the Sign superimposed on the sign Capricorn. etc. This would cause a blockage to the desire. talent) in. the 10th Sign of the Western Zodiac gives you insight into fields of endeavors that harmonize with your astral profile. This does not mean you try and make a way for the thing to happen or be acquired. you must understand the Law of Deliberate Intention (the will to deliberately create or intend something according to desire). You must plan how you will allow yourself to be open. create. inventing. The Law of Action only presupposes that you get up and do you – work. and allowing yourself to be yourself. service. what you will create and how you will create it! So. You must plan how you will express your creativity. your natal chart reveals your present life profile including the best fields for you to express your creativity (art. the Law of Action (putting into effect a plan that will allow you to acquire what you desire). accepting of others as they are and yourself as you are). i. next.

Leo is my Mid-heaven sign.S. and all vocations involving children. foremen. jugglers. managers. athletes. judges. but the problem is the Matrix and its man-made religion which directs us away from these important maps and tools provided for our assistance on the Earth journey. but as metaphysician Harold Acey always told me: “Everything you need to know about yourself is in the Wheel (Zodiac)!” We really don’t have to be so lost and clueless in life as far as living our life and the 12 departments of life (denoted by the 12 zodiac signs) because we were born with an astrological and numerological blueprint to assist us here on Earth. and teachers (good teachers are entertainers)”.For myself. but look at the outcome: Going to school and spending thousands of dollars to learn things in order to get a piece of paper called a degree and a lousy job (which is not the same as living one’s life calling or higher soul purpose) Acquiring debt over this higher education (school/college loans. politicians. dancers. behind income taxes) . the #2 debt in the U.” – Demetra George Leo’s statement is “I shine!” Basically. playwrights. singers. sports figures. entertainers. salespeople. We were taught and told to stay away from these “dark” crafts and sciences. I’m an executive and I’m in the profession of selling things and I also am a promoter (promoting health products as well as inspirational information). government officials. circus performers. promoters. the profession of selling. clowns. heart specialists. movie stars. It was located in the 10th House (which corresponds with Capricorn as the 10th Zodiac sign) when I incarnated back in April 1970. and also includes: “leaders of all types: executives. I will shine in my profession (which I do) if it harmonizes with Leo traits. Leo vocations include: “performers of all types: actors and actresses. I am very much into entertainment and entertaining people (usually mixing entertainment with education for what is called “edu-tainment” a term coined by rapper KRS-One). musicians. These all come so natural to me.

Sex. Life & Death (Scorpio and the 8th House) Travel & Education (Sagittarius and the 9th House) Business & Career (Capricorn and the 10th House) Friends & Social Life (Aquarius and the 11th House) Trouble & Karma (Pisces and the 12th House) . and marriage Poor health (sickness and disease) Astrology deals with the 12 departments of life that allow the Soul to learn valuable lessons. substance abuse.) Confusion about occupations Problems with money Problems with love. affairs. These 12 departments include: Personality/The Self (Aries and the 1st House) Money and Possessions (Taurus and the 2nd House) Relatives & Communication (Gemini and the 3rd House) Home/Family (Cancer and the 4th House) Pleasure/Creativity (Leo and the 5th House) Health & Service/Work (Virgo and the 6th House) Marriage/Relationships (Libra and the 7th House) Inheritance.Boredom in life (which leads to depression. relationships. etc.

I also work (action) and it is through this work (which is my life purpose) that I allow what’s in my mind to manifest. and 10th House (Business/Career) we can tap into our life purpose: what we are here on Earth to do. security. This is my action and I became wealthy through this action. This helps and causes love to go into all that I create.By studying our astrological natal chart in general. Simple as 1. 2. For example. vegan/vegetarian). freedom. 6th House (Work/Service). from working I receive money. I am doing me. love. and our 2nd House (Money). I see all of my personal creations as labors of love. The money would be there but so would so much more: happiness. 3! I got the house through doing work that is based upon following my heart. I am doing what I enjoy! I am following my heart. etc. . joy. and simultaneously SERVE and HELP people.! I’m an herbalist. my bliss! This allows wealth to flow unto me in doing something (making herbs and writing health articles) that many people find hard to believe that one can become wealthy in doing. something I enjoy doing and could do for free if I had to and as I once did and for many years. or from doing. and which allows us to make MONEY and acquire MATERIAL POSSESSIONS! Isn’t this what most people want? To follow their heart and do what they love to do every single day and receive monetary compensation for it? Whatever you really enjoy and love doing and could do all day and every single day and not even receive pay or money for. Well. I thought ‘big family house’ for a while. I don’t even see what I love doing as work. My work is making herbs and creating health articles. peace. in a CAREER or OCCUPATION we enjoy. and not just on the level of money. good health (especially if your diet was healthy – raw foods. It’s more like a favorite hobby that I enjoy doing all the time. comfort. I thought this thought while I worked. tranquility. This money allowed me to purchase the big family house. This action corresponds to allowing because in doing what I do I am allowing. But as I constantly think thoughts of wealth (seeing wealth in my mind). THAT’S WHAT YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE DOING and DOING RIGHT NOW! It is doing this that will free you and make you wealthy beyond your imagination. elation.

For example. switch the thought around and see yourself having money. . ideas. and Jade (all). if you constantly think about something bad. AFFIRMATION: “I continuously put my thoughts. Ametrine. abundance. beliefs. From doing all of the above I received my desire of the big family house for my family. wealth. It’s the Law of Opposites or the game of opposites. and the Law of Action (following my heart’s desire with the ACTION of creating herbal formulas and health articles). many people know how to think negative but they don’t know how to think positive! It’s really so simple in thinking positive because you just think the opposite of negativity. I put the laws into practice (work). what you send out returns). and all things good!” How To Think Positive Strangely. Meditate with the crystal placed in the palm of your hands or place on your 3rd chakra (solar plexus or abdomen) for 10-15 minutes daily or as needed. When you hear “talk is cheap and actions speak!” this is so true! Action is the greatest ingredient in the soup of success! THINK! BELIEVE! ACT! RECEIVE! CRYSTALS: Crystals that facilitate action include: Bloodstone.I understood the Law of Attraction (that which is like unto itself is drawn. you simply start thinking about something good. the Law of Deliberate Intention/Creation (conscious intention or creation of a thing in your mind). If you think about not having any money. the Law of Allowing (letting others be who they are and do what they do while being who I am and doing what I do). power. and knowledge into action to facilitate outward manifestation of success. accomplishment. Tiger Iron.

Everything has an opposite! The opposite of white is black. I decided to invest in positive thinking audios. switch the thought around and see yourself not getting pulled over by police. Norman Vincent Peale. I made up my mind to live a large part of my life in my mind. The opposite of up is down. It’s that simple! It’s all about opposites. Jewel Diamond Taylor. Stedman Graham.If you see yourself getting pulled over by the police. If you see yourself flunking or failing a test. walking. . The opposite of free is enslaved. The opposite of fat is skinny. I simply immersed my self in positivity. The opposite of poor is rich. I would listen to these tapes over and over again and constantly. The opposite of boy is girl. The opposite of sadness is happiness! Just simply start thinking in opposites. Marianne Williamson. or Cheryl Richardson to name a few individuals. This was important to me. I felt important and privileged that I was in attendance at such a wonderful event featuring a great speaker. I was at a seminar or at a lecture and listening to the speaker: Les Brown. Brain Tracy. I visualized the speaker speaking. I constantly pretended and acted like I had positive people in my life. switch the thought around and see yourself passing the test. Writing a thing impresses upon me. I was THERE! In attendance! I felt like a student. impresses upon my mind and is permanently stored there. I would write down key things I heard on the audio. Barbara De Angelis. Since I didn’t have a lot of positive people around me in my life when I first started out on this spiritual journey. I pretended I had many positive friends in my life. ready to learn. In my mind. I felt good! I felt great that I was investing in myself by investing in knowledge –knowledge that I could apply in my daily life. In my mind. Zig Ziegler. If you see yourself being turned down by someone you desire to ask out on a date – switch the thought around and see yourself being granted the date. When I had a chance. and gesticulating. Anthony Robbins. For myself personally. I saw every audio tape/CD as a seminar or lecture I was in attendance at (in the flesh) and in the first row – all in my mind. This actually eventually brought many positive people into my life.

We have a few minutes while on the toilet and if we have something directly in front of us we will read it. I always took advantage of every situation to make sure I at least got in a few minutes for myself. we’ll benefit from it because we’ll feel good about what we just read. When going to the refrigerator I could always get a positive message. Many days I used to park my car near Bixel and Wilshire Boulevard in Downtown Los Angeles. I had good reading material available and would take advantage of the extra time on my hands by reading (or listening to an audio). in my home on the walls (in all rooms). a notepad and a good dictionary (to look up words). and lying in bed. my car was a library on wheels. For many years. to learn something. I made sure to only read material on positive thinking and self improvement. keeping a few books to read in the car so if I was on a job and it required me to wait a few minutes. I bought little refrigerator magnets (quotable magnets) with positive statements and maxims on them to place on my refrigerator so every time I opened the refrigerator I caught a glimpse of a positive statement. in the bathtub. I would sit in my car for a good 30-45 minutes and soak up as much knowledge as I could. I also began purchasing positive framed pictures from a store called “Successories” and placed them at my desk at work. While sitting on the toilet you had no choice but to read what was on the wall. books. The most important place for me to have positive pictures placed or hanging was the bathroom. messages such as: .I would listen to these positive thinking audios in the car traveling to and from work (allowing my subconscious mind to do the steering of the car). I always traveled with audio tapes/CDs. You can’t help but to feel good after reading positive things. even if out of boredom! But if it’s positive. opposite from the toilet. to educate myself.

go into the world and do good!” – Minor Meyers Jr. divinely aware.” – Eleanor Roosevelt “Go into the world and do well. and that has made all the difference. you’ll be amazed at all the people who will be pleased with you and all due to you being pleased with . serenely.” I even bought nice cards that had beautiful sayings and positive statements on them. But more importantly. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity. bathroom. etc.“The aim of life is to live. and to live means to be aware. and stuck them up all over my home – the kitchen. Doing all of the above greatly changed the energy in my home and everybody who came by to visit me at my 204 East Lomita Avenue apartment in Glendale. I removed the back of the card and laminated the card (the front of the card with the words on it). Life is about creating yourself!” – Unknown “Two roads diverged in a wood.” – Henry Miller “Out of clutter find simplicity. drunkenly. Just follow your heart!” – Unknown “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. From discord find harmony. I went overboard with all of the above but that’s how I progressed so quickly.” – Robert Frost “What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us. Just remember to do it for yourself and not to please other people! When you start doing things to please yourself. California also benefited from the good energy due to all the positive words and maxims all over my home. my bedroom. “Life isn’t about finding yourself. I made sure that everywhere I could be in my home I could and would read a positive word or message. joyously. and I – I took the one less traveled by.” – Albert Einstein “There is no set path. It really changed my life and I became a beacon of positivity almost overnight and you too can do the same.

I made up my mind one day to purposely love Black women and all women like never before. When folks would ask. right before I entered through the threshold of the front door of my apartment I declared unto the Universe that I choose love and that I will love like never before despite what previously happened with my failed first marriage. California. I created a new motto for myself in response to people asking me how I’m doing. However. No matter his educational and professional pursuits. during this time. especially the attractive ones whom he felt he could never attract. and actions of my ex-wife. to El Camino College in Torrance. Adham carried deep-seated hatred for Black women (including his own mother and sisters) in his heart and it really tainted his spirit. It really helped me that I had also cut off of the guy who I thought was my best friend for nearly 17 years. That day changed my life and was the beginning of the new me. one day before leaving to go to the local Whole Foods Market in Glendale. “How are you. .yourself. Continuing with my account. and lastly to Howard University. I always knew Adham’s hatred and disrespect of Black women was based upon his own personal inadequacies with Black women. antics. I watched Adham develop from 1983 at Samuel Gompers Jr. this man stayed bitter. Adham Gordon. “I’m on top of the world!” I said this so much that I actually became on top of the world. People give you back what you project outwardly to them. to Locke High School. a dream of mine that came true when I decided to work on myself and to just let go of all negative energy and just go with the flow trusting the natural order of things. flying in airplanes all over the country speaking to large groups of people on various subjects from health to law. angry. This is so true! After a bitter divorce from my ex-wife in January 2002. High School. and hostile at Black women and it was because he didn’t do any work on his inner self. I made up my mind that I was not going to become bitter at all Black females over the behaviors. California. Adham had very low self-esteem and a poor self-image and he blamed it on Black women. Djehuty?” or “How are you doing today?” I would respond.

especially from females. again. Such is the meaning of being bright. mainly women and I knew that a part of is was my Venus nature due to my sign being ruled by Venus – planet of love.The funny and ironic thing is. I worked on my personality. It emitted love. personality helps you to win and attract love. larger existence and more complete living. I attracted so much love from people. kindness. and freedom and people are attracted to these traits or attributes. The essence is that this person expresses live fully. my response was. We are always drawn to someone who is living largely and completely. miserable. boring. not only is somebody . interesting. dreary. Those who give it are the loved. charm. romance. I began to speak with love and address people with love so much so that I attracted so much love. you will be loved whether you have physical beauty or not. I used to constantly envision myself speaking before large groups of people and I never had a clue back then as a little boy that I would get the opportunity to do so from simply following my heart. intelligence. When folks would call me on the telephone and ask me how I was doing. No one is attracted to someone who is dull. exciting and positive. lively. People want more life and not less. However. unhappy and negative. This is very true! Enoch Tan states the following: “What everyone seeks is more of life. and one who has an advancing personality.” Because of my newly expressed personality based upon the traits and attributes supra. excitement. “I’m on top of the world!” This statement uplifted so many people’s spirit upon hearing it. elation. cheerful. Consider the following words from Enoch Tan: “The only thing that wins or causes love is personality. I learned that what you project out. fun. but if you are an advancing soul. carefree-ness. carefree. Your personality may have flaws and not be entirely beautiful from an artistic point of view. will return unto you and usually magnified. positiveness. and beauty. If you have distinctive personality.

When certain people speak in terms of failure. you counter with something positive. Either way. . there are times and certain situations when you may first have to go there with certain individuals to let them know what time it is. that your kindness is not weakness and that by no means you are a pushover. you counter with proclamations of good health. You keep negative people at bay if you remember the above. Every negative statement requires a positive statement in return. In fact. After these individuals are broken down and then respect you. Always speak about healing solutions and recourse to these people whether they adhere to the information or not. Love is the energy of life. Positive conversation is more powerful than negative conversation. the dynamic above can be applied. inspiration. Every problem spoken of requires an answer pertaining to a solution. When a person speaks negative. you win or benefit.going to love you but in time to come everyone will love you. hope.” I became a walking beacon of positivity. vulgar. and ebonics). When certain people speak about despair. love. Love motivates you to become a better person for those you love. NOTE: Just keeping things real. I always made sure I spoke positive in every conversation. and one who has more life in them attracts more love from others. you can dominate a conversation with a negative person or a person constantly speaking on negativity by never feeding into the negative conversation. regardless of the language I used (which included slang. you counter by speaking in terms of hope. you counter by speaking in terms of success. and strength. Just remember the Law of Opposites and you will create a force field of light around yourself that either convert people over to your side of positivity and optimism or cause them to leave your presence at once. When certain people complain of poor health.

. and/or 6rd chakra (between the eyebrows. By changing the frame of a picture. Reframing helped to change my life for the better and was the cause of my initial success as an herbalist. you will become that which is internalized. CRYSTALS: Crystals that enhance positivity include: Carnelian.Because I constantly spoke positive and inspired people during telephone conversations. If you don’t like a certain picture (situation) in your life. Meditate with the crystal placed in the palm of your hands or place on your 2nd chakra (belly). reframing the pictures of your mind pertaining to certain situations in your life. Howlite. AFFIRMATION: “I think positive in all things and matters and therefore am experiencing positivity in all walks of life!” “Change Your Frame of Mind and Change Your Life!” One of the most beneficial and important things you can do in life that ensures guaranteed personal success is to change your frame of mind or mental outlook. I call this “Reframing. they were feeding off of my energy and it was okay because I had such a surplus of good energy to share and I always knew when enough was enough so as not to be drained energetically. you have the power and freedom to reframe it and would be wise to do so. Frames bring out pictures. you can change how a picture looks. and Opal. Iron Pyrite. Likewise with your mind and the pictures you have stored there. Internalize positivity so as to become positive. the more they are impressed upon you and when they become internalized. listen to positive speakers via audio CD every chance you get. I was free from the drama that most people faced from the world (Matrix) so when people usually came around me.” Yes. Take notes of key points that resonate with you. In recapitulation. people loved to stay on the phone with me or even in my physical presence. Dioptase. 3rd eye) for 10-15 minutes daily or as needed. 5th chakra (throat). Speak those key points in conversations with other people whenever you can because the more you express things. Emerald.

1994. who came to my rescue and assisted me.In March of 2001. My ex-wife and I made $17. 2001 was a great year despite it being the last year of my marriage to my first wife and business partner. Money now flows to me based upon my creativity. Danni (Danyelle Harris). I suffered financially in a major way. my first two children. 1948 and my father was born October 19. I remember walking down Broadway (street) in the City of Glendale and saying to myself. March 23rd to be exact (my beloved mother’s birthday) I retired from my last job inside or within the Matrix. Life is very abundant now! “Creativity is the precursor for abundance!” – Judy Hall The first year of being a full-time herbalist went well. only myself. though . Layla and Asim. Stein Investigation Agency. When I resigned from Stein Investigation Agency. especially domestically due to being separated from my children. It was my intention to never work for someone else again. There’s no longer any struggle. 1944. these days I’m not even swimming but just going with the current of the waves (flow of life) because my life has gotten easier over the years with the following of my heart. which kept me afloat. “You have a choice!” “You can either sink or swim!” I wisely chose to swim and never look back and set my intention on this. Actually.000. My mother was born March 23. It is going on eight years since this time and I have never missed paying my rent or any bill (no matter how hard times were and there were many). preparing herbs in our small kitchen in our small apartment. The following year we separated and divorced. no longer having the helper or helpmate in my wife. which I worked for beginning October 19. That was a tough year for me in almost every aspect of my life. I was in fact retiring from working in corporate America ever again and my mind was very made up on this fact. I chose to swim and not sink and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing ever since that day. I remember these dates vividly because they are my parents’ birthdays.00 from herbal sales that year. I only survived due to the assistance of my life long loyal and dear friends – Odis Wilson and his wife.

I had to spend every dollar I made throughout the month at the end of the month and this greatly perturbed and frustrated me. I resumed my large role in preparing herbals. The entire case was dismissed and boy was I happy to have that chapter over with in my life. It was this process in retrieving the car back that I learned the bulk of what I now know pertaining to American law. I worried about money so much during this time that I gave myself headaches. Back to the main point here: in January 2003. This went on for most of 2003. and for months. for exercising my constitutionally protected right of traveling free and unencumbered (no vehicle license plate. Instead of seeing the situation as me working and then losing all my money at the end of the month to rent and bills and thus having nothing left for myself from the fruits of my labor. In early 2003 I was found “not guilty” in my case against the Glendale Police Department that had falsely arrested me on October 4. Basically. I wasn’t preparing herbs as much due to my studying law and legalpolitical sovereignty at the time (which took up most of my time). This change in thought and perception (reframing) changed . I was greatly frustrated. I was now working to be free to stay at home every day and not have to work some job. I had tested the System and came out victoriously though I had great difficulty in retrieving my car back (due to it not being registered with the State and my refusal to get it registered). I was no longer working to lose all my money at the end of the month to bills. Very painful headaches and all due to worrying about money! But my life changed for the better during the latter part of 2003. 2003. Though I was making money from herbal sales. I decided to see my situation in a different light. 2002. no driver’s license). I decided to start seeing the situation as one of preparing herbs all month long to be free to stay at home all the time and be free to do what I wanted to do for my personal bliss. I made up my mind to reframe my situation. The date of the case dismissal was January 7. I changed my perception of this particular situation during this time and changed my reality. because all the money I was making was lost at the end of the month due to rent and bills.barely.

the shift or reframing of the situation caused me to be happy and being happy was the key as it was the key to removing the self-imposed blocks to abundance and prosperity that I had crated for myself due to being constantly angry and frustrated based upon how I initially chose to see or perceive my situation at that time. Seeing myself as being free daily caused a wonderful feeling of excitement and happiness in my life. and success among other things. to take lunch anytime I wanted to. But because I am a lover of freedom. dealing with the madness of society and belligerent and obnoxious customers. When I felt that I was working to pay bills. This shift made all the difference in the world to me. created an influx of extra money. I felt liberated. It stole personal satisfaction from me or I allowed it to. I learned that negative energy created blocks to advancement. I then realized that I had the best of both worlds now. to go for a walk anytime I wanted to. progress. I felt robbed. You see. privileged. It was anger and frustration that prevented me from moving ahead or progressing. It was focusing on my ability to do all these things that changed my energy from negative to positive and as a result. to watch a movie anytime I wanted reality almost over night because in a short while I was able to make enough money from herb preparation and sales to pay all my bills and have a few hundred dollars left over for myself. I was having my cake and eating it too! I was making enough money to pay bills and take care of personal responsibilities and still had enough money left over to do and purchase the things I desired to do and liked to do. A great block was removed and in October 2003 the beginning of my present magical life was conceived. taking orders. fortunate and elated. I was working to be free and not working to pay bills. happiness. . to take a spiritual soak or a hot bath anytime I wanted to. when I saw myself as working to be able to stay at home and do whatever I wanted and whenever I wanted. This created a major opening in my life. and to go anywhere I wanted to go whenever I wanted to. I was free to lie in bed as late as I wanted to. While other people were at work busting their chops.

com had already hit the $1.In October of 2003. After five years of being in business. Dherbs.00 mark. satisfaction.000. decided to be my business partners in Djehuty Herbaceuticals. and his brother. and success – therefore I reframe this picture to one of beauty and benefit!” . peace. Cat’s Eye. Ahman Dolphin. did $118. Meditate with the crystal placed in the palm of your hands or place on your 3rd chakra (solar plexus or abdomen) for 10-15 minutes daily or as needed. In 2006 Dherbs.00 and boy were we excited to generate this much money from our labor of love. Celestite. But after five years of being in business. Reframing an ugly picture created a pretty picture and positively changed my life and it can and will do the same for you – guaranteed! We get what we focus on! Period! Our frame of mind also helps to create our realities and shape our destinies. “Reframing can turn an ugly picture into a beautiful picture!” – Djehuty Ma’at-Ra CRYSTALS: Crystals that help to enhance creativity include: Citrine. Aventurine. My whole world changed in response to a simple change in thought. Dherbs. AFFIRMATION: A positive affirmation to reframe a situation is: “In reframing this present picture (situation) in my life I ensure myself happiness. Dherbs. We all have the power to reframe the pictures in our minds and thus change any situation in our lives. and Chalcedony. we created one of the most successful small businesses and Inter-net businesses in California and the United States. 2007 was even better! In did $250. by the end of spring. doubling what we had done in 2006 and in only one year. had hit the $1 million dollar mark.00. In early 2008. my friend.000.000. The help I had always wondered about (when will it come) came when I least expected it to and from an individual I never would have imagined I would do business with and on this level.

these people are worrying themselves into bad health and for some people.“How Not To Worry” To not worry requires a simple shift in your thoughts. repetitiously playing out the thought in their mind.e. “Be Happy!”).e. the more stressed the person becomes. It’s easy to be happy. on a health note. worrying themselves into death! . Whatever it is that you are worried about or worrying about – let it go and just go with the flow! This is the great secret for allowing the matter to work out on its own. fear. Worry stems from uncertainty. “What man can increase in stature by worrying?” Great question! People worry because they focus in on the thing that is the source of the worry and hold that particular thought. All we have to do is make the choice to bring up the happy thought and keep it as our dominant thought and focus upon it. “Don’t worry!”) and just focus on the last part (i. watch a movie that makes us happy (perhaps because it makes us laugh). and ignorance and all three of these things can be replaced with faith. love. or listen to music that makes us happy. “abstain from worrying” or more appropriately. Happiness is always there in our minds. but rather. read a good book that makes us happy. the more the person worries. which it will (especially if it pertains to a matter beyond your control or power). and knowledge. we don’t want to say: “don’t” worry. Worrying is futile! As singer Bobby McFerrin sang about in a hit song: DON’T WORRY! BE HAPPY! However. Simple as that! Leave the worrying up to God or the Universe. Worrying cannot help you! Jesus asked. Basically. “Be Happy!” We can leave out the first part (i. We can simply think happy thoughts (about our past). And the thing in their mind that is the cause of the worry magnifies and magnifies and ultimately manifests! Also.

Worrying = STRESS! Stress is unhealthy and robs your body of vital nutrients. and Azurite. If we are ignorant about a particular thing. When you're appreciating you are planning. . Therefore. It is futile to let worry live in your mind and for rent-free! Evict worry and allow “happiness” “trust” and “faith” to replace worry as the tenant or tenants of your mind.. When we doubt a thing. When doubt becomes dominant. we can eradicate the doubt by seeking knowledge and understanding about that which we doubt.. Charoite. and ultimate good!” “Doubt – The Subconscious Will To Fail Doubt is simply the subconscious will to fail. 2nd chakra (belly). benefit. benefits. you are planning. and/or 3rd chakra (solar plexus or abdomen) for 10-15 minutes daily or as needed. by all means let us seek knowledge and understanding on the thing so as to remove all doubt surrounding the thing. we are inviting failure. Jasper (all). Ametrine. Worrying offers no incentives.What are you planning?” – Esther Hicks (Abraham) CRYSTALS: Crystals that help banish worry include: Amazonite. the particular thing we are doubting is magnifying – picking up intensity so as to eventually manifest! Doubt eats up the intensity of our beliefs – weakens it. When you're worrying. so let it go! “Whatever you're thinking about is literally like planning a future event. or assets. anytime we doubt a thing. Meditate with the crystal(s) placed in the palm of your hands or place on your 1st chakra (genital region). Doubt in a thing is usually predicated upon ignorance. Worrying is futile! Give up this habit today. AFFIRMATION: “I trust that all things are working out to my advantage.

When this is the case. it’s because you lack knowledge about the thing. Ask the Universe to deliver knowledge to you about a thing . Always remember that: “the will of God will never take you where the grace of God will not protect you!” CRYSTALS: Crystals that help banish doubt include: Topaz. 3rd eye) for 10-15 minutes daily or as needed. We must stand on our faith all the while seeking knowledge which will eventually strengthen our faith and take us through and beyond our experience not only giving us knowledge and understanding in the end. understanding.Sometimes. regardless of what the trial or challenge may be. understanding. let us not doubt our ability to make it through successfully or God’s power to protect us along the way. get understanding. If we have to go through a trial or challenge. Fear is the absence of love! All fear can be replaced with LOVE and KNOWLEDGE! If you are fearful about a thing. AFFIRMATION: “The knowledge. crystals with points (single or double pointed). Meditate with the crystal placed in the palm of your hands or place on your 3rd chakra (solar plexus or abdomen) and/or 6th chakra (between the eyebrows. Let us pursue knowledge. GET KNOWLEDGE and after you get knowledge. it may require actual experience to remove doubt. and wisdom that I require to substantiate my trust in all things are manifesting!” “How Not To Fear” “What you fear will appear!” Fear is the result and the child of ignorance. and wisdom to eradicate any doubt that we may have. and barnacles (crystals with many small clusters covering or partially covering a larger crystal). therefore. faith may be required. but also wisdom.

and always seem to experience the same problems over and over again. fear goes away! – David Schwartz It’s that simple! Just do the thing you fear and the fear will go away! Enoch Tan states the following on fear: “You continually create what you fear. Amethyst. Fear is resistance. It’s that simple! CRYSTALS: Crystals that help banish fear include Fluorite. Black Tourmaline. person. the Akashic Records (called the “Book of Life” in the Bible). Danburite. Fear creates a line of spiritual resonance that evil forces can enter and manipulate your reality therewith. That is why they do not make much progress in life. movie. When we do the thing we fear. Learning how to handle fear makes us invincible…” Conquer fear by doing the things you fear. audio or videotape. and ask the Akashic Gatekeepers to allow you in this great library to attain your much needed answer. Satan had no power to inflict evil upon Job except through the law of attraction by his fears. Job also feared that his sons had been unrighteous and feared evil might come upon them when it was unnecessarily so. The secret of overcoming many of your problems in life and experiencing rapid growth is to face your fears and let them go. or just pop in your head. Many people choose to run away from what they fear instead of facing it head on. The answer may come in the form of a book. Hematite. You can also learn to astral project or travel and visit the Universal Library. Stop fearing and you stop resisting. The character Job in the Bible said that the thing he greatly feared has come upon him. persists. The Universe will deliver the answer to you. and Selenite. and that which he was afraid of has come upon him. You can also hold a crystal or Rune stone in your hand (right hand) and place or direct the question into the crystal or stone and place it under your pillow before bedtime so as to facilitate the process of retrieving your answer via visiting different realms while in sleep mode. .you are ignorant about and thus fearful of. Fearlessness is all about facing what you fear with power. Carnelian. What you resist.

Albert Einstein was 100% correct when he said “Imagination is more important that knowledge. AFFIRMATION: “I release fear at this very moment and replace it with love and trust in God (Universe) that I am protected. This breaks natural brain hemisphere synchronization. We must deaden one side of our brains (right side) in order to execute the other (left side) and really only for purposes of the Matrix.S.” Society deadens our ability to imagine at a very early age. I’ve always been an imaginative person. fantasize. Therefore I have nothing to fear at all. We punish our young people today in the U. Both sides of the brain are important and invaluable but the problem is when we use one side more than the other. and secure. or daydream. I am free!” “Play In Your Mind!” I often tell people that one of the most important keys to my successful life and working my magic in life is that I play in mind and constantly so. safe. because they are bored out of their minds with the current boring academic curriculums created for them . People are trying to get back to natural hemisphere synchronicity. to express their pent up creativity. When we use logic more than creativity we get the world we currently have – a world that punishes us for daring to imagine. being the robotized slaves the Rulers of the Matrix desire. This is why so many people gravitate toward acting nowadays because it allows them to act out.Meditate with the crystal(s) placed in the palm of your hands or place on your 1st chakra (genital region) or 3rd chakra (solar plexus or abdomen) for 10-15 minutes daily or as needed. The right side of the brain deals with creativity and the left side of the brain deals with logic or reasoning.

These children need to be introduced to angel cards. Drugs are not needed to slow these children down. intuition. clairsentience. psychic ability. medically speaking. And the unfortunate thing is. crystal jewelry making. singing bowls. ability to see in between worlds or realms. The above is the activity these so-called ADD and ADHD children need and require but they will not receive them in the public fool (school) older White males who can’t even relate to children (of any race including their own) much less the inner child within themselves. What is needed is this: drugs (speed) to be given to these teachers to speed them up to the level of the school children. crystals. and fantasizing to escape the bullshit curriculums being forced down the throats of their minds. Give the drugs to the adult teachers. Crystal children. chimes. etc. herbal extract making. clairaudience. The students need 6th chakra exercises to help cultivate their 3rd eye gifts of clairvoyance. imagining. sacred geometry cards. etc. they turn to daydreaming. not the little children. soap making. ADD and ADHD are terms created by the Matrix to target the influx of souls incarnating on the planet as Light beings and workers to help raise the vibration of consciousness on the planet. with . Ruby children. So because these schoolchildren are so bored and simply because the curriculums are not mentally stimulating. and Indigo children and the Matrix fears these souls so the Matrix targets these souls early off and with the ignorant parent(s) help. I am so tired of parents seeking me out for help for their children because some school official has deemed the child to be suffering from ADD or ADHD simply because the child is active and alive! In reality. many ignorant parents will really think that something is wrong with the child for being bored and allow toxic Ritalin drug consumption or even seek a natural remedy – both of which are not warranted because in most cases there’s nothing wrong with the child. most of these children are light workers who are not being mentally stimulated. Rainbow children. These souls are known as Komasan.

something you can do nothing about outside of making changes for yourself.the parent(s) going along with what the Matrix (via teachers. and abundance! . wealth. and shopping on 5th Avenue in New York City or Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. California. pretending. Do the silliest things there. prosperity. Fantasize about being rich! If you desire to be a mother. etc. Dance in your mind. your fate. daydreaming. Become a child again! Learn to quiet the rational or logical mind. your destiny. “Play in your mind every chance you get!” “Conclusion” Beloved Reader. Based upon the foregoing and in addition to the 3rd eye opening exercises listed above. and doctors) says. with a wallet or purse full of money (crisp $100 bills). when you invest in mental science. things you’d probably be ashamed to do publicly. Fantasize about being a mom and all the things you will do as a mom! Give up worrying about the state of affairs of the world. Simply PLAYING IN YOUR MIND! Your mind is a canvass to draw the pictures of your life that can manifest outwardly when you apply mental science techniques and principles. nurses. but especially the parent): fantasizing. feeling like they are doing what’s best for the poor child. Be rich in your mind! See yourself driven around in a limousine. you invest in yourself. Be an ardent and sensual lover in your mind – see yourself with any person or persons you desire to be with and experience. and your reality. It is the key to freedom! It is the key to happiness! It is the key to peace! It is the key to love! It is the key to health! It is the key to riches. see yourself pregnant. imagining. your future. I recommend and prescribe (for parent and child. Be a singer in your mind. Play in your mind every chance you get.

fate. but a vehicle in the sense and context of expression. not an objective because mental science is like a journey. Mental science helps and allows you to express yourself. and Supraconscious Mind. Be bold and daring in your journey. to express your true existence. It is not a vehicle in the sense of transportation. and all things good! “The End!” I truly hope that you have enjoyed reading the contents of this manual and will decide to give them a try. Experience the Unknown! Enjoy! Peace. Love.It is the key to a successful life! It is the key to personal power! It is the key to sovereignty! It is the key to acquiring all that you desire in life. It can take you on a trip like a motor vehicle (in the mind). and Light! Additional literature by Djehuty Ma’at-Ra: The Full Body Detox Companion The Alternative Diet and Lifestyle Manual The Money Manual . Happiness. Your life is in your hands and you are the captain of your ship. not a destination. existence. visualization. and even prayer. Mental science helps us and shows us the way to creating our own reality. You have nothing to lose and all to gain. memory belief. It never ends because the mind is unlimited. but it has no final or permanent destination. and/or destiny. Subconscious Mind. A conscious command of mental science is the Secret to Success. It helps us to learn about thinking and thought. the power of concentration. Life. It’s a never-ending journey. Love. it is the Key! Mental science is a vehicle (a conduit). Mental science helps us to learn about the Conscious Mind. In essence. Good Health.

For additional . please call 1-866-434-3727 or visit Dherbs.The Love Manual The Wholistic Health Manual The Job-Career-Occupation Manual The Sex Manual The Parking Ticket Manual The Traffic Ticket Manual The Sovereignty Manual The Astrology Manual Djehuty Ma’at-Ra is available for speaking engagements and workshops.

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