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675 Riverside Road Roswell, GA 30075 ~ 770/641-9720, Ministerio Hispano 770-649-9392, Fax 770/641-8584
Rev. Michael Kingery, Pastor and Rev. Carlos Vargas, Parochial Vicar Deacons: Rev. Mr. William Keen, Rev. Mr. Tom Gotschall, Rev. Mr. Jos Campos and Rev. Mr. Gary Schantz



OFFICE HOURS: Monday ~ Friday 9:00am to 4:00pm REGULAR MASSES: Monday ~ Thursday 9:00am, and 12:15pm Friday 6:30am, 9:00am &12:15pm Saturday: 9:00am, 5:00pm Family Vigil Sunday: 7:30am, 9:00am, 10:30am, 12:00pm, 5:00pm Life Teen 7:30am & 6:30pm Spanish Civil Holidays: 10:00am NURSERY: Sunday 9:00am and 10:30am Masses ADORATION: Monday ~ Friday 9:30am ~ 9:00pm


CONFESSIONS: Saturdays 9:30am -10:30am in church & on request

VISITATION OF SICK: Please keep us informed so that we can be attentive to those who are ill.

Embracing Change in the Liturgy

come easy. Change F or many people, change does not order to do somethingrequires us to stop doing things a certain way in else. Many people find comfort in familiar routines and known ways of acting. Change interrupts those familiar routines. But change is also an opportunity to stop and react on what we are doing and to come to a better understanding of God, who does not change. Why does the Church change the Liturgy? In its Liturgy, the Church always attempts to follow the norm of the holy Fathers. This effort requires not only the preservation of what our immediate forebears have handed on to us, but also an understanding and a more profound pondering of the Churchs entire past. . . . this broader view allows us to see how the Holy Spirit endows the People of God with a marvelous fidelity in preserving the unalterable deposit of faith, even though there is a very great variety of prayers and rites (General Instruction of the Roman Missal, no. 9). The Liturgy must, therefore, always celebrate and make present the Paschal Sacrifice of Christhis saving Passion, death, Resurrection, and Ascension. However, over time, it may become necessary to make certain changes, such as adding prayers for recently canonized saints and adding texts that reflect the needs that the People of God wish to bring to God in prayer. The third edition of the Roman Missal makes such additions and provides a fresh translation of the Latin texts of the existing content of the Missal. Who decides that the Liturgy should change? Pope John Paul II approved the promulgation of the third edition of the Missale Romanum, the Latin text, on April 20, 2000. The final Latin edition of the revised text was published in March 2002. The Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments was responsible for preparing the text. The Congregation is the Vatican office that the Pope has charged with overseeing all matters related to the Liturgy and the sacraments. Any changes in the words of the sacramental formulasthe essential words in the celebration of each of the sacraments (either in Latin or in vernacular translations) must be approved by the Holy Father personally. In addition, church law also gives to conferences of bishops (such as the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops) as well as individual bishops certain responsibilities with regard to the Liturgy. What exactly is changing? The structure of the Mass (the order of the elements, the actions of the priest celebrant, and so forth) remains unchanged in the new edition of the Roman Missal. However, the translation of the prayer texts will change to more closely reflect the original Latin texts. In some cases, new options for prayers may be available, and some old options may no longer be present. Will the changes be noticeable? In the third edition of the Roman Missal, almost every prayer in the Massthose spoken by the priest and those spoken by the peoplehas been retranslated from the Latin to English. Some prayers now recited by memory will need to be relearned, and the familiar language of many prayers recited by the priest will change. In preparing the new translation, the translators were asked to make the English texts conform more closely to the Latin originals and to retain traditional theological vocabulary that communicates important concepts of the faith. The language that the faithful will hear and pray is more formal and somewhat more complex than the language of ordinary conversation. It conveys rich theological concepts and retains biblical language and images. How can I prepare for the change? There are many ways in which you can prepare for the changes in the Mass: Make a conscious effort to participate more fully in the Mass each Sunday and holy day. Take advantage of any special catechetical sessions. Visit the Roman Missal Web site ( to study the new texts and to learn more about the changes. Read the new texts of the peoples parts at Mass. Begin to study them so that you will be able to pray them well when the new Roman Missal is implemented. Pray for a renewal of love for the Liturgy in your parish and in the Church. What difference will these changes make in my parish? Some of the differences will be obvious immediately. We will have to learn new musical settings for the various parts of the Mass. We will learn new words for common prayers, such as the Creed. Those of us who began saying the Mass prayers by heart long ago will need to rely on printed texts again, at least for a while. In the early months of the transition, we may find it more challenging to pray with one voice as people adjust to the new texts and gradually commit them to their hearts. But these surface differences will give way to deeper and more significant changes. If we use the time of preparation well, we will make the changes with a deeper understanding of the Liturgy and a renewed reverence for and appreciation of the Mass. We will hear the prayers with new ears and with new hearts. Our Liturgy will be filled with new life and new spirit as we celebrate the Paschal Mystery of Christ made present for us. Where can I turn for help in understanding these changes? The first stop for catechesis and formation regarding these changes is your parish and diocese. All the faithful are encouraged to take advantage of parish efforts. You can attend catechetical sessions, read articles in the parish bulletin or newsletter or the diocesan newspaper, listen closely to homilies that help explain the changes, and come early to Mass to practice new musical settings for the prayers. In addition, many dioceses, schools, universities, and retreat centers will offer programs to help people understand and appreciate the new translation. You can take advantage of these programs where possible. The official Web site for the third edition of the Roman Missal is found at A variety of resources will be posted that may help you. Catholic publishers and national organizations will publish many resources, in print and online, to help you negotiate this time of change. What if I dont like the new translation? For most people, the unfamiliar is always uncomfortable, at least at first. The more familiar the old is, the more challenging it may be to accept and embrace the new. It is completely normal to feel uncomfortable as you begin studying and reading the new texts. Taking steps to become more familiar with the texts can help a great deal. At the same time, be open to the possibility that you will find things to appreciate in the rich language of the new texts. The more you read them and study them and pray them, the more familiar and comfortable they will become and the more you will appreciate the theological depth they convey. Taking the time to learn more about your faith, including the Mass and Scripture, can help you appreciate the new texts more fully. Using the catechetical opportunities made available by your parish and diocese can help you overcome concerns about the changes. Finally, you can take your concerns to God in prayer. Pray for a deeper understanding of the meaning of these texts and for an open heart to grow in communion with the Church. What can I do to make the process of change a good one for my parish? Everyone has a role to play in preparing to use the new translations: Study the new texts with an open heart and an open mind so that you will be ready to use them in the Liturgy. Take advantage of opportunities to learn more about the new texts by attending catechetical programs and reading articles about the new texts. Offer to assist your pastor or parish director of religious education in preparing parish catechetical events. If you are a parent, teach your children the new prayers and help them to understand the changes. Encourage them to participate in the Mass fully and to learn more about their faith. Be very intentional about celebrating the Liturgy each Sunday and Holy Day. Arrive on time (or a bit early). Pray and sing with attentiveness. Stay focused on the action of the Liturgy rather than letting your mind wander. Hold the Sacrament of the Eucharist in great reverence. Finally, give thanks to God in your heart for so great a gift. Times of change are always a challenge. But from this challenge can come a deeper appreciation of who we are as the Body of Christ, gathering to celebrate the Paschal Mystery of the Lord.
Excerpts from the English translation of the General Instruction of the Roman Missal 2010, International Commission on English in the Liturgy, Inc. (ICEL). Used with permission. All rights reserved.

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Mass Intentions
Monday, September 5
10:00 a.m. 9:00 a.m. 12:15 p.m.
9:00 a.m. 12:15 p.m. 9:00 a.m. 12:15 p.m. Iris Gotschall Alexander Palami


for the Week


The Adoration Chapel and Church office will closed on Monday September 5th for the Labor Day holiday. We will have only one Mass on that day at 10:00am, we will not have the 9:00am or 12:15pm Masses.

Tuesday, September 6
People of the Parish
Iris Gotschall Andrew Proto John Mkenya & Wilhelmina Mkenya Iris Gotschall Holy Souls W.T. Bud Murphy Floriana & Liloy Medina Floriana & Liloy Medina Louis Reck


Welcome to our new Music Minister Mr. Jack Louden. He is a public middle school music teacher, composer and clinician; and a church music director in PA, DE, FL and GA for more than 20 years. He has an undergraduate Music Education degree from Catholic University of America. He recently graduated from GA State University with a Master of Music in Choral Conducting. He is most happy to be part of the St. Andrew Parish Community and Iooks forward to praising the Lord joyfully in song! He would like to resume rehearsals for the Parish Adult Choir on Wednesday evening, September 7th, at 7:00pm in the music room. New members are welcome! Are you a non-Catholic interested in inquiring about the Catholic Faith? Perhaps you have a friend who is inquiring. We invite you to weekly sessions beginning on Sunday, September 11th at 8:15am. For more information contact Deacon Tom Gotschall, at 770-490-9436 or

Wednesday, September 7 Thursday, September 8 Friday, September 9

6:30 a.m.
9:00 a.m. 12:15 p.m.

Saturday, September 10
9:00 a.m. 5:00 p.m.
Sunday, September 11 7:30 a.m. Spanish Mass in the Family Center 7:30 a.m. Iris Gotschall 9:00 a.m. Deceased Priests of the Archdiocese 10:30 a.m. People of the Parish 12:00 p.m. Charles Pritchard 5:00 p.m. Jennie Sanzone 6:30 p.m. Spanish Mass


There will be an Annual Altar Server Meeting and New Altar Server Training next Sunday, September 11th, after the noon mass, from 1:30 to 4:00pm in the church. Anyone that has completed their First Communion is eligible to train to be an altar server. All ages are needed up to 12th grade. Contact Sheryl Hess at 770-998-6766 or or if you have any questions.

Readings for the week

Monday Labor Day (Col 1:24-2:3, Ps 62, Lk 6:6-11) The Scribes and the Pharisees watched Him closely to see if he would cure on the Sabbath. Tuesday: (Col 2:6-15, Ps 145, Lk 6:12-19) He spent the night in prayer. He chose twelve, whom he also named Apostles. Wednesday: (Col 3:1-11, Ps 145, Lk 6:20-26) Blessed are you who are poor. Woe to you who are rich. Thursday: The Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Mi 5:1-4a, Rom 8:28-30, Ps 13, Mt 1:1-16,18-23) For it is through the Holy Spirit that this Child has been conceived in her. Friday: St. Peter Claver (1 Tim 1:1-2,12-14, Ps 16, Lk 6:39-42) Can a blind person guide a blind person? Saturday: Blessed Virgin Mary (1 Tim 1:15-17, Ps 113, Lk 6:4349) Why do you call me, Lord, Lord but do not do what I command? Sunday: Twenty-Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time (Sir 27:3028:7, Ps 103, Rom 14:7-9, Mt 18:21-35) I say to you, forgive not seven times, but seventy-seven times.

The second collection this week is for the relief of victims for drought and famine in Somalia and in eastern parts of Africa. Catholic Relief Services is already on the ground providing as much aid as they can with the current resources. As an agency of the Church, with our gifts, CRS can help us perform countless acts of charity. Please be generous. Next weeks second collection will be for the Georgia Bulletin. Each family is asked to contribute $18 or more to help cover the expenses from the parish. These funds are tax deductible.


Cub Scout Pack 2006 and Venturing Crew 2006 will be selling Trailsend Popcorn on the weekend of September 10th and 11th after all Masses. Pack 2006 is for boys in the first through fifth grades. Crew 2006 is for all teens that have completed the eighth grade through age 20. Thanks for your continued support of our Scouting programs at St. Andrew.

August 28, 2011 On-Line 8/22 to 8/26 Total:

$17,236.50 $ 746.10 $17,982.60

Light a candle and say a prayer today, For all our workers, our liberty and our freedom to worship.

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Knights of Columbus Blood Drive at St. Andrew Catholic Church Sunday, September 18th 9:00am to 2:00pm
Donors must be 17 or older (16 with written parental consent), weigh 110 pounds or more and show photo I.D.

Living Rosary
Please Join Us We will have a Living Rosary in church on Monday, September 12 at 7:15pm for The Birth of Mary

Remember the Friday Night Bible Study will have their kick-off Pot Luck Dinner next Friday, September 9th at 7:00pm in the RCIA room in Bldg. B. Their study this year will be on The Papacy along with a video called Peter, Keeper of the Keys. For more details contact Elaine at 678-665-1100.

Faith Formation
Registrations are being accepted for the Parish School of Religion (PSR) classes for Pre-K to 8th Grades and also, the Life Teen program. You can register online at and look for Fall 2011 Faith Formation Registration. Classes begin Monday, September 12th for K-8th grades and Sunday, September 18th for Pre-K.
Do you have a child in 4th-8th grade? If so, give your child a chance to get involved with other Catholic youth in our parish! RSVP to any event your child plans to attend at If you would like to be added to my email list and notified of upcoming events (or last minute changes regarding event details), contact Christen Barrett at the email listed above. Many of the events need volunteers for transportation. All volunteers must have a completed volunteer packet and drivers form on file with the Archdiocese.


Calling all creative minds and artists! Champs and Edge need new designs for the youth group t shirts. Submit a design for one or for both! If chosen, your design will be featured on this year's t-shirts. Email the design to Entries due SEPTEMBER 7TH!


The elementary, middle, and high school youth groups of St. Andrews Catholic Church of Roswell will be in your neighborhood on Sunday, October 9 from 1:30 to 3:30 pm to collect canned goods and other non -perishable items for our Food Pantry. We will "trick or treat" door-todoor in hopes to stock our pantry which serves our local community. If you're away from your home on this day, but would still like to contribute, kindly leave your items on your doorstep with a sign marked "St. Andrews." Thank you in advance for your help on this special project.


The 9:00am Contemporary Music Group seeks musicians, pianist, electric guitarist, wind and string instruments. Experienced musicians need to be able to sight read, meet at 8:00am on Sunday mornings and two Thursday night practices per month. Commitment for most Sundays and 6:00pm Christmas Eve Candlelight Mass. You will be off July and part of August. For more information please contact Katie Troline at or 678-350-6441. All parents who wish to have their children baptized in the month of October will need to attend a Baptism Class on Monday, September 19th. Please call the church office to register. Parents will need to be registered and active members of the parish for a minimum of three months prior to taking the class.

Youth Night meetings for Champs and Edge! " Youth Nights" are youth centered meetings for Champs and Edge where we'll discuss topics relating to our Catholic faith. Friends are welcome! We'll meet in the Life Teen room from 6-7pm on the second Wednesday of every month. Sept. 14: "Back to School Blessing" Oct. 12: "Halloween Hot Topics" Events for Champs and Edge: Monday, Sept. 12: Welcome Back party in the Life Teen room. Let's meet for a preview of the Fall events. We'll have prayer, play a few games, and pizza! From 7:20pm to 8:15pm. Sunday, Oct. 9: Collecting canned goods and other non-perishable items for our Food Pantry. We will "trick or treat" door-to-door in hopes to stock our pantry which serves our local community.

ProPro-Life Blue Candle of Life ($10 donation for the Pro-Life Ministry.) Burns in the chapel for the special intentions of Aliah Scoma, daughter of Anthony and Erica Scoma.

This fall, consider signing up for electronic giving. St. Andrews relies on the financial support of the congregation and electronic giving offers an easy way to give on a recurring basis. To give electronically, visit and locate the link to the electronic giving page.

Cradle to Kingdom
Please keep the following in our prayers. Deaths: Charles Haase (Father of Kevin Haase Correction) Tom Rieger (Husband of JoAnn Rieger) Eleanor Simpson (Mother of Debra Currier) Fr. Lawrence Schmuhl, S.M. Retired


The Office of Child and Youth Protection is offering a Trauma Recovery Group for adult survivors of childhood trauma on Tuesday evenings beginning September 20th at Christ the King. For more please contact Sue Stubbs at or 404-920-7554.

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St. Andrews Parish Council Meeting
Date: August 18, 2011 Members Present: Lisa Biagioni, Vice-President, Fran Schroeder, Secretary, Rhett Debuys, Phil Cote, Michael Walsh, Dennis Klein, Bob Oullette, Chuck Langgood, Susan Demaso Excused: John Miles, Margaret Ward Also Present: Father Michael, Jeanne Faas, Deacon Gary Schantz, Deacon Jose Campos, Deacon Tom Gotschall, Ryan Krivanek, Dan Harlin, John Harvey, Mike Kane, Karen Carroll Opening Prayer and Dinner: Father Michael led us in an opening prayer before the meal which was hosted by Jeanne Faas and Susan Demaso. Bob Oullette gave a reflection on Discipleship to begin our meeting. Our meeting was combined with the Finance Committee and Father Michael gave an explanation of the purpose of getting together in our efforts to promote discipleship and evangelization in our parish. Previous to our Parish Council meeting, we all met in early August for a leadership meeting with ministry and finance committees to review our goals and plans for the future of our parish. Father Michael explained the process to all who had not attended the previous meeting. Through these meetings and discussions, a new Mission Statement will be formed. Old Business: The parish directory has not yet arrived . An email will go out seeking volunteers to hand the books out after all Masses, hopefully the last weekend in August and first weekend in September. Kitchen Committee - Phil Cote The committee has done an outstanding job of getting the kitchen cleaned and organized. Susan Demaso took on the task of washing all dishes and equipment in the kitchen and organization of same. Chuck Langgood has written a document which explains the maintenance and use of all equipment in the kitchen which will be given to anyone requesting use of the kitchen facilities. A Parish Council chairman will be named to oversee all kitchen activity and anyone using the facility will be held accountable to leave it in good clean condition after use. Donut Tents Susan Demaso We will begin serving donuts and coffee after the 9am and 10:30am Masses each week if the various ministries will step forward and each take several weeks to be in charge. With the number of ministries at St. Andrews, this would involve only being in charge 2-3 weeks a year. Fall Helping Hands Phil Cote We are scheduled to do our next fall cleanup of the grounds on Saturday, October 1st. Primary concern will be the picnic area and we will be asking for volunteers to show up to help with the clean up. A list of needs will be published in the bulletin. Picnic Fran Schroeder Picnic is Sunday, October 16th, rain or shine. There will be a picnic meeting on Saturday, September 10th at 9:30am in the RCIA room. All committee heads are expected to attend and anyone interested in helping is welcome to come. New Business: Finance Committee Dan Harlin gave a review of their plans and projections for the future. More information will be forthcoming to the parish in the coming weeks. Faith Formation Ryan Krivanek gave a report on the results of our Leadership Meeting. This meeting was an exercise to determine our goals and needs for the future of our parish. Catholic Stewardship Conference- Tom Gottschall reported on the conference which several members attended to learn more about how to incorporate stewardship into our parish. Members of the parish will be given the opportunity to learn more at September Masses. Closing prayer was given by Fran Schroeder and meeting was adjourned at 9pm.



Blessed Trinity will be holding tryouts for all 6th, 7th, and 8th grade basketball players for the BT Junior Titans and Junior Lady Titans on Sunday Sept. 25th and Oct. 2nd at BT Gym from 12:00-2:00 for girls and 2:00-4:00 for boys. Players need to attend both dates and must have a valid physical on the GHSA physical form which is available at

Catholic Therapists
St. Andrew has a couple of professional therapists who provide services in an office area here at church. Each is a licensed and independent practitioner, and a member of the Catholic Therapist Association. You may call them individually for an appointment: Tom Spudic, Ph.D. (7/596-5869), Ann Howe, Ph.D. (6/887-7800)

Mon. Sept. 5 Tues. Sept. 6 No Adoration Church offices closed Adoration 9:30am and 9:00pm Rosary 8:25am and 12:50pm St. Vincent de Paul at 7:00pm Adoration 9:30am to 9:00pm Rosary 8:25am and 12:50 pm Adult Choir Practice at 7:00pm Adoration 9:30 to 9:00pm Rosary 8:25am and 12:50 pm Legion of Mary at 10:00am Mens Fellowship at 7:00am Adoration 9:30am to 9:00pm Rosary 8:25am and 12:50pm Divine Mercy Chaplet at 3:00pm Cub Scouts at 7:00pm Rosary 8:25 Respect Life at 10:00am RCIA at 8:15am Nursery for 9:00 & 10:30am Masses Columbian Squires at 3:45pm Altar Server Training at 1:30

Wed. Sept. 7

Thu. Sept. 8

Fri. Sept. 9

Sat. Sept.10 Sun. Sept.11

Please Pray for the Sick

Oskar Alvarez, Jean Austin, Virginia Baethke, Donna Bateman, Mardy Baugh, Donald Bedell, Raul Beltran, Howard Bennett,, Settembrina Biagioni, Mary Blake, Mary Lou Bornhorst, Boyd, John W. Boyle, Mary Boyle, Lorraine Brown, Graciela Buzeta, Stephen Capano, Joseph Charles, Justin Chekoua, San Juanita Chico, Noel Childs, Lee Cilla, Howie Cowgill, Marijane Cross, Mike Crowley, Cheryl Dabny, Bill Davis, Josh Davis, Isaac del Valle, Jane Demaso, Christopher Denny, Hank Deren, Jeannette Derum, Rita Dusza, Jim Finley, Miriam Flanagan, Marge Fleming, Pam Frost, Nancy Fowler, Lucille Gallagher, Elizabeth Jane Gricus, Brittany Healy, Michael Healy, Kim Henderson, Heidi Hendrichs, Martha Hill, Judy Hodges, Pat Hodges, Will Hodges, David Holland, Fred Isaf, Carol James, Rose James, Jim Jeffcoat, John Johnston, Alice Jones, Jim Jordan, Dolores Lamb, Deacon Mike Landaiche, Jr., Jane Lennon, Arlene Lewandowski, Jackie Lewis, Kelly Lynn, Chip Madren, Lee Means, Nancy Mattox, Jane Mayer, Ernie Mazzari, Marti Mazzari, Don McMillan, Ursula Medlen, David Morsa, Patrick Mowete, Lori Nichols, James Nielsen, Rita Neilson, Aura Oliver, Audrey & Mike Pascual, Christopher Pascual, Erin Patrick, Jesse Phillips, Marilyn Phillps, Eugenia Piedrahita, Peggy Plunkett, Bill Plunkett, Renee Poole, Bill Radtke, Billy Robertson, Elva Saltaformaggio, Helga Schleismann, Edward Schuster, Barbara Sicard, Steve Smith, Sharon Somers, John Staab, Emmett Stallings, IV, Elaine Stephens, Ms. Surangie, Bill Swiger, Maggie Thompson, Sarah Todd, Tom Valentine, Brian & Honor Wynn-Higgins, Frank Zilinskas To add or delete names please contact Carol Meurer at 770-641-9720 or

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Rev. Padre Carlos Vargas. Telf. 678-824-5396

Horario: Martes, Mircoles, Jueves y Viernes de (9:00 am a 5:00) Cerrado los Lunes, Sbados y Domingos CONFESIONES: El Padre Carlos no estar disponible para confesiones los lunes 05 Septiembre


PADRES: -Estar registrado en la iglesia tres meses antes del bautismo.

La matricula para el curso escolar 2011-2012 esta abierta. Es necesario que se inscriba lo antes posible para reservar su lugar ya que el cupo es limitado. Todos los alumnos tienen que registrarse (aunque
hallan asistido el ao anterior) y presentar copia del certificado de bautismo. Despus de Sept. 03 habr una multa de $10. El costo del programa es de $50 por nio y $70 para los nios que hacen la Primera Comunin este ao. Pago completo o un deposito debe acompaar su inscripcin. Horario: Clases comienzan el domingo 11 de Septiembre de 5:00 pm a 6:15 pm seguidas por la Santa Misa que es parte del programa.

Asistir a misa regularmente. - Inscribir al nio/a y traer copia del certificado de nacimiento. El nio/a no debe ser mayor de 7 aos de edad*** (ver explicacin mas abajo.)Padres y padrinos deben asistir a una charla pre-bautismal.
PADRINOS: -Deben ser catlicos. Bautizados y confirmados, presentar

certificado. Mayores de 16 anos. - Si son casados deben serlo por la iglesia y presentar certificado de matrimonio. Casados por lo civil o en unin libre no califican.


-Preparacin pre-bautismal padres y padrinos. El primer martes de mes de 7:00 pm-9:00 pm. No hay guardera. -Entrega de documentos lunes 7:00 pm-9:00 pm y mircoles de 9:00 am5:00 pm -Bautizos. El segundo sbado de mes a las 11:00 am.(En punto)
-Todos los documentos tienen que ser entregados antes del da de la platica. Los bautizos no se hacen bilinges.

Comparte el amor que sientes por Cristo con nuestros nios de la catequesis. Inscrbete de inmediato para guiarte y prepararte. Apntate en el vestbulo.

*** Nios mayores de 7 aos deben atender las clases de RICA

MATRIMONOS: -Cita previa con el padre. Inscritos en la parroquia. -Reservar fecha con seis mese de anticipacin. - Certificado de bautiz mo actualizado. Licencia para matrimonio de Georgia. Atender curso pre-matrimonial LLASU o equivalente. Mas informacin en la oficina del Misterio Hispano.
RICA. Curso para adultos y nios mayores de 7 aos que no han recibido todos los sacramentos: bautismo, comunin y confirmacin. Clases todos los domingos de 5:00-6:30 pm. Inscripcin abierta. Mas informacin llamar al Diacono Jose Campos 404-933-1045.


ULTIMO RETIRO QUE OFICIARA EL PADRE EDUARDO SALAZAR EN ATLANTA. Retiro para parejas, para solteros, jvenes adultos y personas divorciadas o separadas. Sept. 2,3, y 4 en la casa de retiros espirituales San Ignacio. Donacin $50. Informacin 770-557-6373. CONFERENCIA CARISMATICA CON EL EVANGELIZADOR JUAN ALBERTO ECHEVERRIA. Tema Y tu que pides al Seor. -Siete motivos para ser feliz -Cinco piedras que obstaculizan tu sanacin -La brujera no es un juego. -Concluye con Misa de Sanacin Septiembre 20,21 y 22 de 7 pm-10 pm. Donacin $15. RENOCACION CONYUGAL: Amor reflejo de Luz. Sabado 8 de Octubre del 2011. 7:30am-7:00pm. St. Andrew Catholic Church. No hay Guarderia. BODA COMUNITARIA: Octubre 29 2011, 11:00 am St. Andrew Catholic Church. Inscrbete en la oficina.

GRUPO DE ORACION SEMILLAS DE PAZ Y AMOR. Para todos los que deseen conocer al Seor leyendo la palabra y aprendiendo a orar en un ambiente amoroso y relajado. Todos los martes de 7-9 pm. Saln 202. Coordinadora Marina Urrea. EXPOSICION DEL SANTISIMO EN LA CAPILLA. Dedcale una hora a la semana de oracin y silencio al Seor expuesto. Apntate para hacerle guardia. HORARIO de lunes a viernes 9:00 am a 9:00 pm.

ANUNCIOS: Recordemos que durante el verano la iglesia sigue siendo el Templo de Nuestro Seor, por lo tanto vistmonos de acuerdo. Playeras de tiritas, pantalones cortos, ropa apretada tansparente.etc no son apropiados. *Por favor cuando encienda una velita no olvide poner su donacin. *Para la seguridad de sus hijos acompelos cuando salen al bao.

GRUPO DE LA DIVINA MISERICORDIA. Todos los lunes a las 6:00 pm en la capilla. Estudio de los mensajes del Seor a Sta Faustina con el soporte de la Biblia y el Catecismo a las 7:00

RETIRO DE MINISTERIOS; 1o. De Octubre de 9am a 12 pm. Para todas las personas que participan en cualquier ministerio; como ; Lectores, Coro, Ministros extraordinarios de Eucarista, Ungieres, Servidores del Altar. Catequista. Unidos

EL DIEZMO. Una hora de salario a la semana es lo mnimo que debes considerar ofrecerle al Seor. Pon t donacin en los sobres que encontraras en las bancas. Al usarlos con tu numero de registro a cumples con tu responsabilidad de tesoro y asistencia a la misa.

como hermanos al servicio del Seor