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Sanguinius- Rules

Sanguinius- Lord of the Blood Angels 10 6 6 6 5


5 5 10 2+/3+

Independent Character Wargear: The Red Sword, Spear of Telesto, Armor of the Angel, Primarch Iron Halo, Wings of the Sanguinius SPECIAL RULES The Red Sword: The Red Sword is a potent one-handed force blade which is unknown in it's origins. Some whisper it was the Emperors own sword, given to Sanguinius. However, a rumor persists that Magnus himself commissioned the blade, and created the wards and enchantments on it. If Sanguinius is to use the Red Sword, he may not use the Spear of Telesto, and vice versa that same turn. The Red Sword counts as a Master-Crafted Force Weapon that turn, and in subsequent turns as a Nemesis Force Weapon would to a Justicar (power weapon, +2 to bearers strength.) Spear of Telesto: An ancient and powerful artifact, the exact origins of this spear are shrouded in mystery. All is known is that it is a potent weapon that is bane and anathema to daemons, as well as acting as a powerful conduit for Sanguinius psychic prowess. Counts as a One-Handed Thunder Hammer for all close combat purposes. However, if facing a daemon it will strike in initiative order, but counts as being two-handed. Has the ability to make the following ranged attack Str AP Range
4 5 12"

Assault D3

Armor of the Angel: Sanguinius has a suit of incredibly ornate armor, which provides a 2+ save. Some say that when the Imperial Palace was first beign built on Terra during the Crusade, that when Fulgrim and the Angel met, Sanguinus crafted for his brother a statue of stunning size and beauty depicting the Lord of Perfection wreathed in phoenix fire striding from a mountain of Ash, would stood in the Hall of Lords on Chemos until the planets destruction. In return, Fulgrim himself crafted a suit of beautifully ornate and articulate armor for his angelic brother, which he wore into battle thereafter, until his death at Horus' hand. Eye of Blood: Specially carved for Sanguinius by Magnus, this gem is the size of a mortal mans torso, a perfect blood red ruby with a vein of obsidian running through it. It was gifted to the Angel by Magnus when they met each other, both realizing the others latent warp powers, and thus becoming fast friends. In game terms, this is the gem in the chest piece of Sanguinius' armor, and confers a 3+ invulnerable save. Wings of Sanguinius: Incredibly wide, and powerful pinions bear aloft the Blood Angels Primarch. Sanguinius counts as having the Jump Infantry special rule, as well as assaulting 12" rather than the usual 6". Clairovoyance: It is said Sanguinius knew of his fate before ever he boarded Horus' ship,

and was often gifted to see iminent disasters. To represent this, when Sanguinius has half his original wounds (rounded up) remaining, roll a D6 each turn. On a 4+, all Blood Angel units within line of sight from the Primarch see the near frenzied passion that their leader fights with, and benefit from the Furious Assault Special rule. Ill Fated: Before the start of every turn, roll a d6. On a 4+, the foreshadowing of his own doom comes to Sanguinius and he may not assault at all that turn, instead he must stay in place, and may not even use the Spear of Telesto to shoot. He does strike back if assaulted however. Honor Guard: Sanguinius was noted for taking the most skilled and vicious of his Assault Squad sergeants and replacing them in their squads with new leaders. From that day forth, their armor was re-worked into pure gold artifice with the Eye of Terra satring forth from each vambrace, and the winged teardrop on their chests. They were each gifted with the most efficient and well crafted chain weaponry and beautifully artificed bolt pistols. Always leading his honor guard was a Senior Member of the Chaplain Corps (treat this member as Chaplain Lemartes as per the NEW Blood Angles Codex), gifted with a terrifying death mask that some whisper was molded from the features of Sanguinius himself. Treat this unit as a free 5 man honor guard (the chaplain takes one slot) from the updated Codex: Blood Angels. All weapon upgrades or such beyond jump packs must be paid for as per the codex rules.