The Allegory of the Wheat Field A Tract Book Essay By Anthony J. Fejfar © Copyright 2006 by Anthony J.


One day a young brave of the Yanqui Indian tribe was out fishing with his grandfather in a stream in the Niobrara country in northern Nebraska. The young brave’s name was “Shoots Straight,” because he

was a very good shot with a rifle. “Granfather, how is it that reality exists?” asked Shoots Straight. “Well, my son, our tribe has a story that explains that, if you want to listen.” “Alright,” said Shoots Straight, “I’ll listen.” “Well,” said Granfather, if you look out and see the grass blowing in the wind, you can imagine that on the real earth, something similar is happening. What is really happening is that this whole area of the world is planted in wheat.” “Wheat?” asked Shoots Straight. “Yes, Shoots Straight, wheat.” Said Grandfather. “For as far as the eye can see, the real nature of reality is a wheat field, without beginning, without end.” “Now, each wheat stalk and head is

known as a Quanta, and all of reality is made up of the Quanta Field or


Quantum Field, that is, the wheat field. The Quanta Field, or wheat field is nurtured by the Substance of the good black dirt, the earth, out of which the Quanta Field grows, and is grounded. The Sun and the Sky is the Being which also nurtures the Quanta Field, the wheat field. “Which came first?” asked Shoots Straight, “the Sky, or the Earth, or the Wheat Field?” “They all manifest each other simultaneously,” said Grandfather, “without the wheat and earth, then no sky, without the sky and earth, then no wheat, without the wheat and earth, no sky.” “Does this have anything to do with God?” asked Shoots Straight. “Our Father in Heaven, the Sky is Being; Jesus the Son, the Quanta Field, the Christic, is the wheat field and the eucharist of wheat bread; while the black dirt is the Holy Spirit of Substance.” “Thanks, Grandfather,” said Shoots Straight, “you have helped me to understand reality.” “Your welcome.” Said Grandfather.