Changing to the New Needle used in your Tin Lizzie 18

These instructions will assist you in changing your Tin Lizzie 18 from the long needle system number 135x17 to the new short needle system number 134RSAN. Let’s first talk about the reason for the change of the needle. The old needle is a longer needle and has lots of deflection when sewing. This deflection affects the stitches and can lead to the breaking of needles. After much testing of this new needle there is less deflection and it is a stronger needle. Another thing you will notice is the new needle has a gold color and the scarf on the back of the needle allows the hook to pass closer for better thread pick up. Tools you will need for this change; a standard screwdriver, a flashlight, and a cloth to wipe things down. First make sure the power is off. Unplug your machine to ensure that your machine is safe for you to work on. On the front of your machine you will need to remove the needle plate and the front cover. See pic 1 front of machine, pic 2 front cover removed, pic 3 needle plate removed. Front cover 2 Screws

Needle plate 2 Screws Pic 1 Pic 2

Pic 3

Tip: Removal of the front cover and needle plate can be useful for general cleaning of your machine. See pic 1, 2, 3. Remove the bobbin case and bobbin from your machine. Now you can turn the hand wheel on the back of your machine in the direction of the arrow on the belt guard (counterclockwise) to move the needle up and down. The hook is what catches the thread as the needle passes. See pic 4 for point of hook

This is the point of your hook

Pic 4 It is important to see this hook and know where it passes the needle as you rotate the hand wheel, to move the needle to the down position. Then you will see how the hook will pass above the eye of the needle and with in the scarf area of the needle. See Pic 4 or Pic 8 for example of correct alignment. Now remove your old needle and replace with one of the new shorter needles. If you need help refer to your October Hand book page 11. Below is a photo (See pic 5) of the tip of using the old needle to seat and adjust your new needle. Front of needle long groove facing front

Back of needle with scarf showing

Pic 5

Once you have your needle in place rotate the hand wheel until the needle is in the down position and the hook is just approaching your needle. It is best viewed from the back looking forward. As you look you will see that the hook will pass below the eye of the needle and this is not good as it will not be able to pick up the top thread. You will need to make an adjustment. See pic 6 for misalignment. This is with the rotation at the bottom see how the hook is below the eye of the new needle. This is why you must adjust the needle bar. Leave needle in this position. Eye of the needle

Point of the hook Pic 6 Next step is adjusting the needle position. Going back to the front of the machine where you removed the front cover there is a screw that will need to be loosened to allow you to move the needle bar up and down. See pic 7 for front. Pic 7a is close up of screw, indicated by the blue box in pic 7.

Pic 7

Pic 7a The screw is here

This screw is back behind a bar you can see there is a cut out in the bar for getting to this screw. While holding on to the screw you used to change the needle, loosen the screw in the photo. See pic 7a It just needs to be loose enough to move the needle position up and down. This is the recommended place to hold the needle bar when making adjustments.

Move the needle down so that the eye of the needle passes below the hook and is passing the scarf area of the needle. It just needs to be slightly above the needles’ eye. Tighten enough to hold in place and rotate the hand wheel on the back of the machine and watch as the needle passes the hook to ensure that the hook is passing above the needles’ eye. See pic 8 for correct alignment

This is the correct needle position. Point of hook Eye of the Needle Pic 8

Now you can go back to the screw under the front cover and double check to make sure it is tight. Once this is done replace the Front Cover and needle plates. Refer to pic 1. Thread and enjoy.

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