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Report on AIMA workshop on recent advances in Research methods & data analytical tools

The workshop on recent advances in research methods was held at India International center, Max meuller marg, Delhi The proceedings began with the opening session in a state of the art conference hall wherein there was an address to the director corporate people and other participants. Here, importance oh PhD. program was emphasized on by Prof. Gurubandini Kaur. The Session 1 was taken up by Dr. Raj Agarwal, Director, and AIMA in which he talked about the fundamentals of research, which included: 1. 2. 3. 4. Definition of research Importance of research Basic needs for a good research Areas of a research

Next up, i.e. Session 2 was another interesting session taken up by Dr. Jamal A. Farooquie, a well known professor from Aligarh Muslim University. Here the participants became familiar with the most important tool, which helped them to work easily in the workshop, here the participants got to know about the SPSS windows application software, which is a new and vital tool and which would help a person in solving tedious research problems, quickly, correctly, and easily.

He also talked about the tools inside the software which included: 1. 2. 3. 4. Sampling technique Data collection Reliability and validity Hypothesis testing

Session 3 was handled by Dr. Naseem Abidi, Jaypee business school, along with Prof. Gurubandini Kaur, AIMA. They also covered few vital aspects and informed the audience about features of SPSS and threw light upon many things such as:
1. Questionnaire Design

2. 3. 4. 5.

Data Preparation Data Analysis Cross Tabulation Introduction to shortcuts


The day 2 of the conference was held at India international center Annex, which is just 2 mins, by road from the venue of day 1. And proceedings here also took place inside a conference hall. Session 1 was taken up by Dr. Naseem Abidi, Jaypee business school, and he now, took up the common research problems, and solved them by using the SPSS 16.0 software hard and fast.

He also stressed upon: 1. Parametric schedules 2. problem solving methods 3. Filling up survey forms automatically Session 2 was also lectured and interacted upon by Dr. Naseem Abidi, Jaypee business school and he made emphasis on: 1. Relevant Information reqd. for statistical analysis 2. Parametric technique analysis 3. Non- Parametric technique analysis

Session 3 was handled by Prof. Anuja pandey, AIMA and Dr. Ganesh Singh, AIMA. They focused on the next steps after a particular study, which included: 1. Factor Analysis 2. Interpretation of result 3. Report writing With this, the two day workshop ended and it was a great experience to be a part of it and there were lots of new things to learn and the session helped in improving knowledge about research and statistical research. Submitted By: Abhishek Jain Bpibs MBA-I-01311403910