Procurement Strategy Development

Programme Aim • To provide participants with a clear understanding of corporate procurement strategy development and tools to implement strategies in business units Enable participants to implement procurement strategies aligned to the procurement spend and risk profile of the organisation, with a strong focus on high risk/high spending accounts Course Topics • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • The principles of procurement strategy development Understanding the procurement portfolio Supply positioning and supply risk analysis Procurement profiling and spend analysis Understanding the organisation's market impact Demand and supply market analysis Developing corporate procurement objectives Detailed corporate procurement strategies Significant procurement strategies (high risk/spend) Strategies for routine, leverage, critical and strategic procurement Aligning procurement function to strategic objectives Procurement systems, capacities and management Implementation of procurement strategy Procurement scheduling and planning Measurement of results and outcomes

Learning Objectives By the end of the programme participants will be able to: • Describe the issues that need to be considered when developing a corporate/organisational procurement strategy for a business unit Articulate the objectives of a procurement activity for a Ministry or Business Unit of an international development organisation Conduct procurement spend analysis, supply risk assessments, demand and supply market analysis Model and implement strategies for significant procurement Align systems, capacities and administrative processes to the procurement portfolio and strategy Structure strategies for routine, leverage, critical and strategic procurement portfolio Measure performance, outcomes and results

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Duration 3 days (check the website for locations and dates) Cost US$ 1,475 UNDP Bureau of Management Procurement Support Office United Nations House Midtermolen 3 2100 Copenhagen Denmark Telephone: +45 3546 7000 E-mail: For more information and to register on-line:

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Target Group This course is designed for procurement practitioners at all levels and is also recommended for programme and project staff and other procurement stakeholders involved in the planning, monitoring or oversight of procurement. The course will particularly benefit those who wish to take a more proactive and strategic approach to their procurement activities by developing and implementing an integrated corporate procurement strategy. About UNDP Procurement Training

United Nations Development Programme offers specialized procurement training courses to the UN system, non-governmental organizations, charities and development financing institutions. Courses are scheduled regularly in New York, Bangkok, Dubai, Vienna and Copenhagen. In addition to scheduled courses, UNDP can arrange tailor-made courses at your location on a cost-recovery basis. UNDP’s procurement training courses offer the opportunity for practitioners to improve their knowledge and skills in various aspects of public procurement. All workshops employ modern participatory adult learning methods. Each training module commences with an overview of the rules, procedures and/or theory of the subject in question, and is then followed by case studies, group discussions or exercises. This creates a forum for the participants to apply theory and methods to real cases and to foster productive discussion. The courses are organized by the Quality Assurance and Professionalisation unit, which is responsible for the design, development and implementation of procurement professionalisation, training and quality assurance initiatives at individual and organizational level in UNDP. Course tutors are drawn from both UNDP's own staff as well as its roster of external experts.

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