dys: dys-

Answer a. painful, abnormal, difficult, labored b. surrounding (outer) c. above d. after 2. within: within Answer a. postb. unic. endod. micro3. per-: perAnswer a. without or absence of b. through c. above, excessive d. slow 4. hemi-: hemiAnswer a. together, joined b. half c. before d. many, much 5. fast: fast, rapid Answer

a. bradyb. sym-, sync. tachyd. hypo6. eu-: euAnswer a. within b. none c. normal, good d. after 7. intra-: intraAnswer a. above b. within c. through, across, beyone d. through 8. all: all, total Answer a. dysb. panc. unid. bi9. peri-: periAnswer a. painful, abnormal, difficult, labored b. new

c. surrounding (outer) d. under, below 10. inter: interAnswer a. between b. surrounding (outer) c. below d. through, across, beyond 11. after: after, beyond, change Answer a. metab. parac. tachyd. peri12. one: one Answer a. polyb. postc. unid. hemi13. before: before Answer a. interb. proc. ante-, pred. both b and c 14. sub:

subAnswer a. around, together, joined b. under, below c. above d. within

15. hypo: hypoAnswer a. all, total b. above, excessive c. below, incomplete, deficient d. after, beyond, change

16. together: together, joined Answer a. multib. metac. sym-, synd. micro-

17. nul: nulliAnswer a. many, much b. none

c. two d. one

18. ante: ante-, preAnswer a. before b. above, excessive c. normal, good d. slow 19. new: new Answer a. metab. transc. neod. hypo20. post: postAnswer a. through, complete b. before c. after d. fast, rapid 21. throu: through, complete Answer a. unib. dysc. polyd. dia-

22. two: two Answer a. unib. multic. bi-, bind. dys23. on: on, upon, over Answer a. epib. ante-, prec. perd. supra-

24. poly: polyAnswer a. above, excessive b. between c. many, much d. none 25. small: small Answer a. microb. unic. anti-, pred. poly26. a-, an-:

a-, anAnswer a. slow b. without or absence of c. fast, rapid d. before 27. para-: paraAnswer a. beside, beyond, around, abnormal b. without or absence of c. slow d. two 28. supra: supraAnswer a. above b. below c. before d. through, complete 29. tran: transAnswer a. half b. two c. through, across, beyond d. before 30. brady: bradyAnswer

a. normal, good b. between c. slow d. above, excessive

31. many: many Answer a. eub. panc. transd. multi32. childbirth: childbirth, labor Answer a. -logist b. -partum c. -malacia d. -schisis 33. hyper: hyperAnswer a. below b. beside, beyond, around, abnormal c. before d. above, excessive

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