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Tasty Omega-3 Green food

Organic food have become the daily necessities to many

people, concerning their health and safety. It is wise for
us to choose food carefully before buying. The appearance
of organic food has also increased the awareness of people
on notifying the nutrition value of food rather than the taste.

Anyway, most evidences show that organic food is healthier

and safer to eat. The organic farming skills can also contribute
to the sustainable development and protection of the
environment. Next time when you buy some vegetables,
do not hesitate to buy some organic ones, or at least try to
pick some with holes on them!

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About the pamphlet 2 Arguments on organic function 7
The food production and style of dining has changed a lot since the 19th century. Although lots of researches and information showed that organic product is more
As people started to concern the quality of food, the term “organic food” was first nutritious than inorganic ones, but some still argues on this point with other sound
introduced in the 1950s. Nowadays you can easily find organic agricultural evidence.
products in various shops.  No conclusive evidence shows that organic food is more
The topic of this pamphlet is called “Is organic food more nutritious?”, which is a nutritious than is conventionally grown food. And the USDA
popular doubt among lots of customers worldwide. We will discover and --- even though it certifies organic food — doesn't claim that
introduce “organic food” in-depth in this pamphlet. these products are safer or more nutritious.
 Some experts explain that the dramatic changes in nutrition
Introduction to Organic food
value may due to the improvement in weather and soil
The production of organic food is in a sustainable manner. condition.
They are produced according to certain production standards.  The experiments carried out are not qualified and the results
For crops, it means they were grown without using artificial may be affected or disrupted, thus become inaccurate.
fertilizer. For animals, it means they were reared without
using growing hormones. Also, organic products must not be
We can find organic Buying Tips
products easily. genetically modified.
We have known that dining with organic food can give a hand to sustainable
Origin of Organic Food
development, as well as improving our environment and food quality.
Modern agriculture have large amounts of chemical inputs  Buy fruits and vegetables in season to ensure the highest quality.
and intensive farming methods. Indeed, it is obvious that  Read food labels carefully.
almost the entire history of agriculture consists of what  Don't confuse natural foods with organic foods. Ask if you are not sure.
would be now termed "organic farming", as in previous  If you're concerned about pesticides, peel your fruits and vegetables and trim
Crops were naturally
centuries there was no technology to modify natural food. Produced in the past. outer leaves of leafy vegetables in addition to washing them thoroughly

 Certification bodies are responsible for verifying Enrichment

farmers and manufacturers to meet the standard.

CitySuper --- one of the biggest chain stores in

Hong Kong --- sells different organic products. 
Comparison between organic and inorganic food (II)
Places that plants organic food 3
Vitamin / Minerals
United States
We take in lots of nutrients from our daily meals. It is Austria
useful for metabolism and body activities. Italy
Reported in the Journal of Applied Nutrition, organic fruits The United Kingdom

Some organizations
contains more vitamin and minerals, even a double compared Poland
monitoring organic food
to non-organic ones. Cuba
Organic-produced corn, peaches and pears contain 60%
more ascorbic acid than non-organic ones.
Pros of Organic Food
Monitoring the organic products, the USDA admits that
not enough evidence shows that organic food is more Organic food became more popular as it has lots of advantages compared to
nutritious than non-organic food. inorganic food:
Some experts says the dramatic differences in nutrition Organic farming lowers water pollution and builds soil fertility.
value are not directly caused by organic farming.  You cut down on the chemical load that you take in
 The food reaches you in a natural state with its nutrient content intact.

Other useful chemical compounds

 A research from America found that kiwi foods produced
 Organic food is often fresher than non-organic food

Cons of Organic Food

by organic methods contain more mineral sources, 14 % more
Vitamin C and 17% more polyphenol, which can control the  They are more expensive.
amount of cholesterol inside our bodies.  Organic products must be thoroughly washed because it may be contaminated
 A research in U.K shows that milk produced by organic methods by animal fertilizer.
contains 50% more Vitamin E, 75% more beta carotene, which will  Organic products are also not always available.
be converted to Vitamin A in our body, and higher concentration  Require a longer time to produce fewer products
of omega-3 fatty acid, which is important for brain functioning.  It requires a lot of labour force and raises the production cost heavily.
 Some studies have shown higher nutrient levels in organic fruit
and vegetables compared with conventionally grown products.
Comparison between organic and inorganic food (I)
Further discoveries in organic products

The sale of organic food accounts for only 1% of the total food
Pesticides and artificial fertilizers

Pesticides and artificial fertilizers are harmful to
sales worldwide, and the market is still growing rapidly. The
Human bodies. Researches pointed out that they will
reason is that organic food is classified as more healthy and
cause long-term diseases such as cancer.
safe to eat.
A study published in 2002 claimed that organic foods
Organic food has some advantages as well:
have one-third pesticides of conventionally grown foods.
(1) Organic fruits taste sweeter than non-organic ones
Meat produced organically has more nutrients, and the
(2) they are more fresh as they are delivered locally
meat has lower content in hormone and endocrine.
(3) they cause no harm to the environment.

Classification of Organic food

Taste ??
Actually some people claim they can classify organic
Processed organic food usually contains only organic ingredients, or where there
food. They describe the taste as “fresher” and “sweeter”
are a number of ingredients, at least a minimum percentage of the plant and
for organic ones.
animal ingredients must be organic.
Taste heavily depends on personal feeling. There are
Labels of “organic products” are shown on the packaging on the organic products. Can you classify which
Apple is the organic one? still disputes going on.
Most customers are willing to buy organic products directly in the farm. This can

ensure that they are fresh and organic.

Organic foods meet the same quality and safety standards

The word “organic” becomes the selling point of agricultural
products. It is estimated that 20% of the worldwide food as conventional foods. Both are safe to eat.
consumption will be supplied by organic products in 2050.
You may find that organic fruits and vegetables spoil faster
because they aren't treated with waxes or preservatives
But is organic food so nutritious? Also, expect less-than-perfect appearances in some
Does it bring only advantages to us? Most organic products
organic products, such as smaller in size, with worm may have holes on it.
holes on it, etc. It shows that the vegi
is free from fertilizers.