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Innovative flavours-

It was 'M.K.Shah' - the Brand who pioneered the introduction of pure

Indian CTC teas in 100 grams consumer packets in the Russian Federation. And today it is one of the leading tea producing companies from India, making available pure and reach Indian teas to Russian house holds under its own brand name. 1. CTC Brand supreme and classic Shahi Chai, Golden Assam. 2. Orthodox Brand-Yellow Rajah, 3. Flavoured tea, Royal, Shahi Chai, Golden Assam. 4. Tea bags- Yellow Rajah. Supreme, Classique, Shahi Chai. 5. Pillow Bags, MK Supreme,MK Classique 6. Metal caddies MK Royal. Yellow Rajah.

Quality Product- Right from the plucking of tea leaves to the packing of the finished product,

a lot of hard work goes into making a perfect cup of tea. The Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP), is an organization, which checks health and safety procedures and equipment and also crches on estates are visited to see that standards are maintained. The HACCP certification by SGS- we can assure our clients that the best quality tea is being produced, and recognized by the industry.

Distribution Channel- Today the company has its presence in Japan, Iran, Dubai,
Kazakhstan, Russia, Germany,India and the European Union. The company has set up its wholly owned packaging unit in St.Petersberg, Russia and introduced tea bags and premium bags for its consumers abroad.

Market Leader- Highest producer of premium quality Indian tea.

Biggest exporter marketing under its own brand.

Strong Management Team- They are enlightened and are aware of the behavior of the
market and the need for a strategic response to changing marketing conditions in an era of liberalization and globalization. All our professionals are geared to meet the new challenges thrown up in the current scenario. We encourage effective management, enlightened leadership and enhanced communication and motivational skills.

Eye Catching Advertising Cost Advantage-

WEAKNESS Declining labor problems Demand at home OPPORTUNITIES

1. It is setting up a new state of the art packing unit in Dubai for bulk supplies first and consumer packs later. 2.

Acquisition of the Jokai Group- The plantations under the Jokai group are
acquired from their erstwhile owners M/s Hindustan Lever Ltd. With this new acquisition along with the existing plantations of Koilamari, Majhulighur, Gingia, Seajuli and Nangdala, the group now manufactures over 12 million kgs of tea on an annual basis, and controls over 5000 hectares of land in the Assam with a permanent work force of over 11,000 people.

3. Launch of new BrandsThe three new brands are the MK Shahi Chai, the MK Golden Assam, and the MK Royal. Each of these three brands comprise of a high quality blend and are now available in the market, and are targeted to cater to the higher middle class income populace .

4. Capacity Expansion of St. Petersburg Plant (October,2006)In line with consistent progressive demand, especially in the Tea bag and Pillow bag sector, we have added 2 new machines of Italian make to our Tea bag segment and one machine of polish make in the Pillow bagging segment. This has increased our tea and pillow bagging production capacity to over 75mt per month. 5. Labour accounts for the biggest expense quotient for the company, which has launched several welfare schemes, including free medical facilities for the work force. Labourers are provided free protective clothing, gloves, footwears, blankets and mosquito nets. Special teams maintain hygiene at labour accomodations.

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