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Dell PowerEdge 6950 Sets Record for 4-

socket Price/Performance in TPC-H Data

Warehousing Performance Benchmark
In October of 2006, the Dell™ PowerEdge™ 6950 set Record Setting Database Price/Performance
a new 4-socket record for database price/ In October 2006, a single Dell PowerEdge 6950 running Microsoft Windows Server 2003
performance in the TPC-H benchmark. and Microsoft SQL Server 2005 achieved record-setting database 4-socket price/performance in
the TPC-H Benchmark. This configuration is designed for high performance as well as
• Dell delivers a record-setting 4-socket price/ high availability with the use of PowerEdge servers and PowerVault™ storage. The TPC-H
performance result for high performance databases benchmark is one of the indicators of how well database applications may perform in real world
running Microsoft® Windows Server™ 2003 Enter- environments.
prise x64 Edition and Microsoft SQL Server 2005
Enterprise x64 Edition. QphH@
Rank System Processor 100GB
• The Dell/Microsoft partnership enables high perform-
ance, record setting results. 1 Dell PowerEdge 6950 AMD Opteron 8220SE 14,923 $6.04 12/4/2006
2 Dell PowerEdge 6800 Intel Xeon processor 7041 9,202 $7.40 5/18/2006
• A new record in 4-socket price/performance was set
3 HP Proliant DL585 G1 AMD Opteron 880 12,600 $7.67 11/7/2005
with a result of $6.04/QphH@100GB.
4 HP Proliant DL580 G4 Intel Xeon processor 7140 17,120 $7.91 11/22/2006
• This result also demonstrates Dell's new high per- 5 Dell PowerEdge 6800 Intel Xeon processor 7040 8,793 $8.17 1/12/2006
formance storage solution, the Dell PowerVault
Source: Competitive TPC-H benchmark results stated above reflect results for 4-socket non-
MD1000. It uses Serial Attached SCSI (SAS), which clustered configurations using a 100GB database and published on as of October 26,
delivers high performance for today's mainstream 2006. For the latest TPC-H benchmark results visit
business applications such as Microsoft SQL Server
Built for the Uncompromising Performance Needs of Business Critical Workloads
• Dell provides high performance platforms, for data- The Dell PowerEdge 6950 delivers exceptional performance for Microsoft SQL Server 2005, as
base applications, that also offer high availability and well as other high performance virtualization and database applications, by utilizing the latest
reliability for business critical workloads. high performance server technologies including 4 dual-core 64-bit AMD OpteronTM
processors, DDR-2 memory, and PCI-Express. In addition to the latest high performance
server features, the Dell PowerEdge 6950 also delivers high availability features including
redundant hot-plug power supplies, cooling fans, and hard drives. By combining the latest high
performance technologies, management tools, and storage features with a robust
services portfolio, Dell offers a complete solution that is perfect for the most business critical

About the TPC-H Benchmark

The TPC-H Benchmark™ (TPC-H) is a decision support benchmark. It consists of a suite of
business oriented ad-hoc queries and concurrent data modifications. The queries and the data
populating the database have been chosen to have broad industry-wide relevance. This
benchmark illustrates decision support systems that examine large volumes of data, execute
queries with a high degree of complexity, and give answers to critical business questions.

The performance metric reported by TPC-H is called the TPC-H Composite Query-per-Hour
Performance Metric (QphH@Size), and reflects multiple aspects of the capability of the system
to process queries. These aspects include the selected database size against which the
queries are executed, the query processing power when queries are submitted by a single
stream, and the query throughput when queries are submitted by multiple concurrent users.
The TPC-H Price/Performance metric is expressed as $/QphH@Size.

Results are based on the TPC-H benchmark results posted at, and are accurate as of October 26, 2006. Consult the TPC-H website for the most current results.
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