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Solution Brief Nortel Contact Recording and Quality Monitoring

Complete and fully-integrated recording and quality monitoring solutions — from Nortel The role of Contact Recording and Quality Monitoring in today’s contact center
Newer and stricter regulatory environments, changes in customer expectations and behavior, increasing competitiveness and advances in communications technology have forced organizations to take a comprehensive approach to customer care. Organizations in industries such as investing and finance, banking and healthcare are required by law in certain jurisdictions to record and store recordings and maintain a clear audit trail. A few have started recording financial transactions as verbal agreements instead of on paper. While this reduces paperwork, recording for business verification also decreases the number of disputes, substantially improving business efficiency. Companies also use call recording to discourage abuse and protect their employees, greatly improving employee morale. In addition, and at a fundamental level, by recording customer interactions, managers are able to easily identify areas of good agent practice and reinforce them across the contact center. Similarly, they are able to isolate performance shortfalls and remedy them, and also ascertain training required to improve performance. Finally and most importantly, Contact Recording and Quality Monitoring provide early insights into customer expectations and behavioral trends which can be used by business managers to make decisions critical to the continued competitiveness of the enterprise. Many enterprises, across different industries, have deployed Contact Recording and Quality Monitoring solutions as an integral part of contact center operations and an essential tool in delivering exemplary customer care. It is no longer a question of if Contact Recording and Quality Monitoring are required, but one of when and how to deploy them in order to reap their substantial benefits.

Nortel Contact Recording and Quality Monitoring
Nortel has partnered with an industry leader to productize a well-integrated, reliable and comprehensive suite of Contact Recording and Quality Monitoring solutions that meet, and in many cases exceed, the business, technological and operational requirements of contact centers and enterprises.

There are two main components to the solution: • Nortel Contact Recording, which provides the recording, playback and storage of voice interactions • Nortel Quality Monitoring, which leverages the use of these audio recordings by additionally capturing and synchronizing the on-screen activity of the user/agent and providing a number of contact center agent performance enhancement tools This solution brief provides an overview of the features and benefits of each.

Nortel Contact Recording — key features
Nortel Contact Recording delivers the ability to: • Scale from one to many thousands of channels within an enterprise • Leverage existing Ethernet infrastructure for optimized IP recording • Record IP, digital and analog handsets and digital trunks • Make ad-hoc or scheduled recording decisions • Allow user to control recording through keys on the telephone set or desktop PC application • Record inbound and outbound calls, selectively or in bulk • Use encryption to secure call recordings, in transit and while stored • Compliance with the technology requirements of Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard v1.2 • Record, search and replay based upon a wide variety of parameters • Integration into business applications such as CRM using Nortel Custom Adapter • Record calls based on business rules such as Agent ID, Activity Code, DNIS and Agent Skill Set • Access via Nortel Contact Center Manager Administration window

Convenient access via Nortel Contact Center Manager Administration window

Nortel Contact Recording and Quality Monitoring solutions empower the business to optimize the performance of customer-facing resources, in the contact center and across the enterprise.

Nortel Contact Recording — benefits
Convenience and ease of use

Nortel Contact Recording makes it convenient and easy for contact center managers to configure, record, store, protect and replay recordings, including complying with regulations in certain jurisdictions. Nortel Contact Center managers and administrators can use the familiar Contact Center Manager Administration interface to view and access the key Contact Recording and Quality Monitoring administration windows. With recordings that can be scheduled, tagged, searched and viewed based on a wide variety of parameters (i.e., agent skillset, activity code, DNIS, etc.), contact center managers have the flexibility to granularly specify only those recordings they need. For instance, contact center managers can selectively monitor new agents or those who have just completed training to ensure their performance is up to par. And in smaller IP deployments, a single server can be used to record, search, view and store files. The intelligent Archive Manager utility makes it easy to store and manage calls. Rules can be set to archive calls from the local server to any Windows-compatible storage media such as near line storage on a RAID or archived to DVD, HD DVD DAT NAS or SAN. For instance, in a compliance environment, calls could be kept online and after 30 days be automatically cataloged and archived to DVD.
Improved business efficiency and safety

Identifying all areas of the call in which agents need help, including wrap-up, your contact centers can significantly enhance their efficiency.

commitments and any threat or abuse when desired. This significantly reduces paperwork, leads to quicker dispute resolution and addresses safety concerns of customer-facing employees. This enhances the sense of protection and enhances agent morale that results in improved agent performance.
Security and peace of mind

informing them of a condition needing their attention. Compliance officers can view detailed audit trails showing every single event on the system and can rapidly search for specific events such as replayed calls or recorded calls.
Lower Total Cost of Ownership

The importance of guarding confidential customer information cannot be over-emphasized. With the Secure Call Recording application available in IP environments, everyone can rest assured that sensitive information captured in a recording is protected from unauthorized use. Secure voice recordings are protected in transit for archiving and during replay using DTLS/ SRTP encryption. Recordings are also encrypted in storage and periodically audited to ensure their integrity. This solution is compliant with Payment Card Industry (PCI) technology requirements for protecting sensitive customer data such as credit card numbers and passwords. User access rights are strictly controlled by the administrator with passwordprotected hierarchical logins and individual permission-based administrative controls to search and replay calls, allowing a user access to only their calls and supervisors to their group’s calls. Administrators have access to and email notification of system status and detailed alerts, graded by severity, readily

Nortel Contact Recording is a softwareonly solution that runs on industrystandard servers The flexibility offered by recording in IP, TDM or hybrid environments means there is no extensive and expensive retrofit of the IP or telephony infrastructure required — so, this solution can be deployed with substantially lower initial capital outlay. Operational costs are also considerably lower as administrative tasks such as moves, adds and changes can now be securely performed remotely, including configuring additional channels which are license key-based.

Nortel Quality Monitoring — key features
Nortel Quality Monitoring captures the on-screen activity of agents, such as data entry, screen navigation and data retrieval, and synchronizes it with the voice recording captured by Nortel Contact Recording. During replay, this provides a complete and comprehensive view of the customer interaction. Nortel Quality Monitoring also provides several contact center agent performance enhancement tools, such as scorecards and evaluation forms.

With the flexibility to make ad-hoc decisions to start, stop and save recordings from an IP desktop, users can capture and store verbal agreements,


The key features of Nortel Quality Monitoring include: • Audio and screen recordings triggered by business rules specified by the contact center manager • Easily created customized agent evaluation forms tailored to business needs • Powerful historical graphing and reporting capabilities to display trending data • Integration into business applications such as CRM using Nortel Custom Adapter • Organized recorded interactions using categories defined by contact center managers • Rich CTI integration delivering robust and intelligent monitoring of interactions that can be set to be recorded based on specified event triggers • An easy-to-use tool for agents to initiate a Quality Monitoring recording session • Patented data capture technique that significantly reduces network traffic • Ability to share recordings throughout the enterprise • Call Recording Card as an inexpensive option for ‘live monitoring’ in TDM or hybrid IP/TDM configurations • Access via Nortel Contact Center Manager Administration window

Nortel Quality Monitoring — key benefits
Enhanced quality of customer care

Contact center transformation

By providing the information required to objectively and comprehensively evaluate agent performance, Nortel Quality Monitoring is instrumental in helping contact center managers ensure that agents deliver exemplary customer care. This solution makes it easy for contact center managers to selectively record calls based on business rules. Nortel Quality Monitoring allows contact center managers to identify and reinforce good practices and remedy performance shortfalls that undermine competitiveness.
Increased agent efficiency and effectiveness

By consistently using customer profile information to identify high-value customers and upsell opportunities, agents can generate incremental revenues. Nortel Quality Monitoring plays a critical role in transforming the contact center from a cost center into a profit center.
Voice of the customer

Nortel Quality Monitoring can continue to monitor an agent’s screen actions after the customer has hung up, giving supervisors valuable insight into agent productivity. After-call-work recording leverages the strong data capture component of this solution. By identifying all areas of the call in which agents need help, including wrap-up, contact centers significantly enhance their efficiency. Using Nortel Quality Monitoring to ensure that agents access and use customer profiles, databases or other relevant back office processes and information greatly improves agent efficiency and effectiveness. When agents consistently use available information, they are better equipped to resolve customer issues on the first call, improving customer satisfaction rates.

Contact centers today are being asked to provide customer feedback to other areas of the business, such as marketing, sales and service. With Nortel Quality Monitoring, customer recordings and evaluations can be sent via email to others that do not have this application. Nortel Quality Monitoring makes the unfiltered voice of the customer available to line-of-business managers who might otherwise not be aware of the issues heard by contact center agents. This valuable customer insight ensures that business leaders are not only better informed but also better prepared to proactively address customer trends and preferences before they impact competitiveness.
Flexibility and ease of use

Nortel Quality Monitoring can trigger “intelligent” recordings through its rich CTI integration capabilities. Contact center managers can customize events that initiate recording by integrating with third-party applications through a Nortel Custom Adapter. These leading-edge CTI capabilities facilitate random monitoring and monitoring in free-seating environments.

Nortel Contact Recording makes it convenient and easy for contact center managers to configure, record, store, protect and replay recordings.

Call recording and quality monitoring provide early insights into customer expectations and behavioral trends which can be used by business managers to make decisions critical to the continued competitiveness of the enterprise.

Random agent and event-monitoring lets contact center managers automatically monitor a percentage or selected sample of contacts and record them for future playback. Agent data linking supports recording in free-seating environments, i.e., monitoring agents regardless of where they sit. Contact center managers define the type of calls that need to be recorded as the calls come through the Automatic Call Distribution or the predictive outbound dialing application. All this contributes to greater flexibility, ease of use and increased productivity.
Reduced network congestion

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Most importantly, Nortel Quality Monitoring can contribute appreciably to reducing the single largest cost component of a contact center — the agent cost. Nortel Quality Monitoring is the very basis of identifying good agent practice and reinforcing them across the contact center. It helps identify performance and process shortcomings so contact center managers can remedy them before they impact customer satisfaction. Just this contribution to improving agent performance will more than pay for the cost of implementing Nortel Quality Monitoring many times over.

performance helps contact center managers reinforce good performance and take remedial measures to deal with performance shortfalls, With Nortel Contact Recording and Quality Monitoring, enterprises have an integrated, closed-loop system for continuous performance improvement that will increase customer satisfaction and retention and enhance revenue and profitability.

Capturing and transmitting on-screen activity can generate significant data traffic across an enterprise’s network. Encryption further increases network traffic. Nortel Quality Monitoring features a unique, patented data capture technique that captures only changed areas of the screen to minimize network utilization, as opposed to other capture methods that tax network resources, slowing down other production applications.

Nortel Contact Recording and Quality Monitoring solutions empower the business to optimize the performance of customer-facing resources, in the contact center and across the enterprise. Recording customer interactions including on-screen activity and using it to evaluate agent


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