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1. In the next future, Sunnydale industries will be adopting a new quality control system. 2.

Graphic design plays a vital role in the success of many businesses because they can help project the
proper image of those businesses. 3. Mr. Omura has been a member of that athletic for over ten years ago. 4. Some researches use photography as an investigate tools in their work. 5. The business association registered a complaining against the major employer in the area. 6. The use of the paper money is believed to have begun in China about twelve hundred years ago. 7. All employees are given at less two weeks of vacation every year. 8. Communication satellites can be either launched by rockets and carried into space by space shuttles. 9. The weather prediction in the East indicates worsen conditions by the weekend. 10. Cable television companies recently announced that it will increase service charges next year. 11. Thanks new canning techniques, canned goods now have a much longer shelf life. 12. Infinity Sportswear is offering substantial savings on athletic footwear this month, but not all types are available in all shoes sizes. 13. The legend of an atlas explains all the symbolizes that appear on the maps. 14. Maitland Industries manufactures this line of womens clothing in Canada using materials that are entirely almost made in other countries. 15. The signing of this treaty makes the informal agreement among the two countries legally binding. 16. Most countries prohibit the sell of certain strategic industries to foreign companies. 17. Spreadsheet programs are used to compile data and performing numerical comparisons. 18. Technology satellite has rapidly transformed the communication industry. 19. Solar cells convert sunlights directly into electrical energy. 20. The spokesperson for the company reported that sales increased and that production did so. 21. The security detail is in duty from nine at night until six in the morning. 22. Advertisers have many difference ways of communicating their messages. 23. Orders increased dramatic during the past quarter, reflecting the growing popularity of the product. 24. Not single company has a monopoly in the long-distance communication industry. 25. Discussion of current trends in technology stocks can be founded in the second section of the report. 26. The board will go out to a restaurant right afterwards the last meeting. 27. Copper is valuable in making microchips that are powerful and very relatively expensive. 28. Some markets have potential for a growth but over time do not perform as expected. 29. Rattan, a close relative of bamboo, is often used to make tables, chairs, and other furnitures. 30. This new product will lighten your work load and enable you to spend fewer time in the office. 31. These computers are much more faster than the ones that were previously being used. 32. Today it is unusual for any company to introduce a new product without first making extensive market research. 33. Ms. Bailys visiting clients said that they would rather to get some rest than go out to dinner tonight. 34. A videotape can be used to analysis a golfers swing and help identify problems. 35. Typically, members of a board of directors are not actively participants in the day-to-day management of a corporation. 36. Exponential Smoothing is a method of short-term forecasting which in past data is used to predict future trends. 37. After a workers first year of employment, he or she is entitled to a three-weeks vacation. 38. We are reluctant to order more equipment from that firm because the last shipment was received so lately. 39. Weather satellites have made it possible predicting the weather with much greater accuracy. 40. Despite the training manual was recently revised, some trainees still find it hard to understand. 41. These photographs were taking when we were on vacation in Hawaii. 42. Cement is an important, significant ingredient in all forms of concrete. 43. Katherine Ross, who has many years of experience as both a designer and a manager, was recently put in charge the art department. 44. A companys cash reserves are not always an accurate measurement of their financial success. 45. Marketing experts must thoroughly understand the society, cultural, and lifestyles of their potential customers. 46. The computer is infected in an unusual virus that came from the manufacturer. 47. The employing rate has been steady for the last three months. 48. Black-and-white film are easier to develop in a home darkroom than color film. 49. Since the time this meeting is over, the board will have made several important decisions. 50. The most rapidly expanding segment of the food industry is the freezing food segment.

51. Before about 1980, most businesses have used carbon paper to make multiple copies of typed

52. Reserves for the next event can be made by phone or in person. 53. Portland will have most sunny skies over the weekend, but rain is expected on Monday. 54. Many executives believe that staff meetings are scheduled too much often. 55. Robert Covello, the current chairman of the board, he will soon be moving to another position. 56. The science and technology industries have grown steadily over last decade. 57. It is not clear why this items were not listed on the cargo manifest. 58. A small percents of people are allergic to perfumes and other scents. 59. No one may entry that section of the plant without an identification badge. 60. A price quote can be obtain from either the retailer or the manufacturer.